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“Tell us how it all started, Max.” Professor Xavier leaned forward in his chair, hands clasped together. Jean Grey sat to his right, her piercing gaze unwavering.

I suppressed a grin. It had been several weeks since Psylocke’s descent into the world of pornography. Now a worldwide star among all men over the age of adolescence, her progressive depravity had become a social and cultural crisis.

Six months ago, I was a nobody. I was an average 19-year old white geek who grew up in a foster home, who had no knowledge of my parents. I was always an outcast, even to the caregivers at the foster home. But when I was 13, I discovered that I was special.

I do not recall how it first happened. All I know is that I have a unique ability to influence others by comforting-pacifying their emotions. And so far, my ability is the only one of its kind in the world as far as I know.

My ability is not well understood, perhaps not understood at all. I was welcomed into the Xavier Institute after my stint in the foster home. I think the staff were all relieved to be rid of me, although they couldn’t place any particular crime on my head. I think they were simply confused on how I was able to seduce their young, charming psychiatrist seemingly out of the blue. After all, I didn’t have particular good looks or charms, and had no friends as I always kept to myself.

Professor Xavier had accepted me into the institute like he did with all the other gifted students, with open arms and no judgment of my past. Even still, I couldn’t bring myself to reveal my true capabilities, as I knew powers like mine would pose an immediate threat. Instead, I had only pretended to be a novice with psychic abilities, one who like the other children had a hard time controlling my latent superpowers.

I did treasure my time at the Institute, as I knew it was the best chance I had in life. I did my best to try and fit in, to be normal. Well, that lasted for a week anyway.

It was a struggle to keep my thoughts suppressed as I passed by the several gorgeous mutants in the hallways. I had known the likes of Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, and Jubilee before I came to the institute, they were like celebrities in the mutant world. But there was one particular woman that I longed to meet even before I joined.

I still remember the first time I walked into the aerobics class. The purple haired assassin was standing there, in her full blue ninja outfit, cool, confident, and distant. I’ve masturbated to photos of Psylocke on countless occasions, but seeing her in person was even more incredible than I had ever imagined. At just shy of six feet, she was even taller than I had envisioned in my mind. Her lean, athletic frame made her appear like a model Olympian, and all of her assets were finely detailed. The trademark dark blue, strappy ninja suit she wore added to her sex appeal, giving off the suggestion to me that she was into bondage. The tight leotard accentuated her perfectly tight body, showing off her curves and leaving little to the imagination. Her muscles were perfectly sculpted as the result of obvious hard work in the gym. The long, silky purple hair complemented her exotic Asian facial features, giving her a dark, mysterious look that melted my heart instantly. She was the sexiest female specimen I could ever dream of. I struggled to contain myself as I stared at her perfectly firm ass, perky lush breasts, and long, incredibly toned legs all class long.

I thought about her all night when I returned to my room. And then, upon realizing that I only had one life to live, I resolved to make the most of my opportunity.

I doubt even Professor Xavier knew the full potential of my abilities. I didn’t just have the ability to soothe emotions. I could soothe certain emotions and enhance others. This was how I was able to seduce Britney, the young blonde psychiatrist, who had just graduated from Johns Hopkins before arriving at our foster home. I pressed against her feelings of rejection, of disgust towards me. And I pulled on her feelings of lust and desire. It was difficult of course, she had virtually no desire towards me at first. But I’ve learned that certain feelings develop involuntarily due to familiarity. I guess as all creatures, our animalistic desires all have a way of creeping into our mind eventually.

My first few encounters with Psylocke did not end well, to say the least. She was already cold towards others by nature, probably resulting from traumatic events earlier in her life. She was always so serious and to the point, and would leave immediately following every class. She hardly even glanced at me the first few ties I tried to make conversation. Perfecting her body and mind was the only thing she seemed to be obsessed with, as she spent many hours in the gym or otherwise exercising every day.

After two whole months, I was only able to achieve non-hostility with her. She saw me as someone who wasn’t a threat, but not anywhere close to actual intimacy. Not willing to give up so easily, I started doing heavy research into Psylocke’s past. There, I was able to make my breakthrough.

I found out what I needed to know about Psylocke’s state of mind through her past conditioning with the Mandarin. I now understood that it wasn’t solitude she was after, it was the reverse. Deep down inside, she needed, craved a master in her life. But she consciously pushed against it, overcompensating to the point where she trusted no one. She was a damaged soul, her will once broken and never completely healed.

I stayed up night after night, entering into her dreams as she slept. I explored her mind, relentlessly haunting her with nightmares of her past. There, I planted myself into her subconscious as the one she was to submit to, the one to call master. She didn’t know it was me, of course, only that she needed someone.

She resisted fiercely. At first, her mental training was able to repel and suppress her inner secrets. But it was a long, arduous struggle as I found new angles of attack, new entries into the deep recesses of her mind. As she slowly lost the mental willpower, however, she turned to resisting sleep altogether.

Hours upon hours were spent in the gym every night. Her physical training kept her sane for the short term, providing her a distraction from the memories that plagued her. She pushed her body to the point of breaking. Even still, she was able to maintain her composure throughout the day, hardly allowing anyone to suspect her inner struggles.

It was quickly becoming a losing battle, of course. As physical fatigue began to set in, it overwhelmed her mental willpower as well. Taking advantage of this, I raped her mind during the few hours of sleep that she was forced to accept. After a couple of days, it was over for her.

It was the perfect night. There was a storm outside, and I found Psylocke in the gym again, sitting cross-legged in deep meditation. I searched her mind for that subconscious craving and found the faint trace easily enough. I pulled the emotion out to the forefront of her mind, enhancing it to the point where she could no longer bear its weight. Before that night, I was just a harmless friend to her. But right there and then, she saw me as a familiar warmth in her life, one who could provide what she desperately needed.

I mentally watched as she strolled from the gym towards my room, almost unable to contain my anticipation. She hesitated briefly, and then knocked.

“Ms. Braddock!” I exclaimed as I opened the door, pretending to be surprised.

Psylocke looked directly into my eyes. Up close, I could now tell that she wore makeup to likely conceal the dark circles around her eyes from extreme lack of sleep.

“Can I come in?” she asked bluntly.

“Y-yes, of course,” I replied, genuinely surprised. I could not predict what the exact effects of my efforts would take on Psylocke, of course. I had assumed that her psychic abilities would naturally provide her with stronger resistance than normal people have, so I had to be careful. However, I soon learned that precautions were unnecessary.

I led Psylocke into my room, and due to the lack of furniture, she immediately took a seat on my bed. Trying to act as calm and natural as I could be, I took a seat beside her.

She slowly let down her guard as I comforted her, making her feel at ease through natural conversation. I pulled on her subconscious lust inch by inch while suppressing my own lust.

I was already semi hard just by seeing her flawless figure in her blue ninja outfit casually sitting on my bed. It was a struggle to contain my emotions while influencing hers at the same time. I put an arm around her shoulder after gaining enough confidence, and she instinctively recoiled, but then relaxed again slowly.

Our first kiss was like a dream. Her soft lips pressed against mine as we explored each other’s mouths. My mind raced as I couldn’t believe who I was really kissing. Controlling myself, I continued to work on driving her lustful emotions, drawing them out. I ran my hands down her skin, physically exploring her impossibly athletic figure through the special spandex fabric that covered her. The scent of her sweaty body made everything all the more real.

The next sequence of events were entirely surreal. She placed her hands on my thighs as she leaned into me, looking deep into my eyes. Her hands moved to the waistband of my shorts, tugging it down suggestively.

Then time seemed to slow to a complete stop, as Psylocke went down on her knees before me.

Holy shit. My heart raced with anticipation as the purple haired assassin took my shorts and underwear with both hands and pulled them down to my feet. My cock was already rock hard as she took it with her right hand. She looked up at me seductively with acknowledgement of what was to come. I could not help but gape as she leaned forward and teasingly licked the base of my cock.

Psylocke was frustratingly thorough with her oral foreplay. She started by bathing my testes with her tongue, taking them one at a time into her mouth briefly before giving them a kiss. Her warm, wet tongue felt incredible on my balls as she sucked them meticulously. I took long, deep breaths as I tried to contain myself, not wanting to rush through the impossible experience of getting blown by arguably the sexiest female in the universe.

She then worked slowly around the undershaft of my cock, licking and massaging my bulging urethra with her lips. Seconds seemed like hours as she worked, my knuckles turning white as I watched with anticipation. I could take it no longer, and perhaps this was what she wanted all along. I took my cock and guided its head to her lips. In true submission, she closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around my cockhead, taking my cock fully into her mouth.

“Ohhh god…” I uttered as I felt Psylocke’s full, luscious lips completely engulf my manhood. I could feel her soft tongue as it caressed the bulging vein of my undershaft. My wildest fantasies were being realized in that moment. I looked up into the full height mirror and saw our reflection, which exposed the reality of the scene. There was something incredibly erotic about the proud and mysterious Psylocke, fully suited in her ninja outfit, orally servicing me on her knees.

Oh fuck yes, I thought as I reclined my head back, feeling the purple haired ninja’s heavenly soft lips slide slowly down my shaft. I was having tremendous difficulty savoring the moment though because she was a truly amazing cocksucker. She used her right hand only to grip the base of my shaft, all her work came directly from her red lips tightly enveloping my manhood, sliding up and down in a slow, methodical manner. Her cheeks puckered as she soundly sucked my cock, eager to draw out my cum. I enjoyed the feel of her silky purple hair grazing my thighs as she took me in.

“Ohhh my God!” I uttered as I rolled my head back in bliss. I closed my eyes, taking it all in…the slick sucking sounds of her wet lips…the warmth of her mouth enveloping my full manhood…the feel of her soft tongue pressing against my undershaft. Was it even real? I opened my eyes slowly, just to make sure.

There, in the mirror, my doubts were eased. Psylocke was well trained in the art of sexual submission. She positioned herself so that her thighs were perfectly spaced apart, with her calves parallel and the soles of her feet facing upwards. Her perfectly submissive form no doubt resulted from years of conditioning at the hands of the Mandarin.

Then it dawned on me. I was to be her new Mandarin. My mind was spinning, I suddenly felt…alive.

The slow, deliberate way in which she sucked me off was more than just a blowjob. Down on her knees, the female Asian assassin surrendered herself in the purest, most intimate way. We were like animals, no words needed to be spoken. It was a communication of trust as much as it was for physical pleasure. She seemingly acknowledged the status between us, and, by going down on me, was offering herself in deep submission.

I reached into her mind again, seeing if I could coax her to enjoy it as much as I did. I didn’t have to try very hard. I pleasantly found her mind already filled with intense passion and pleasure as she worked. Submission and masochism were not simply tolerable for Psylocke, it was a boiling desire that was deep rooted within her soul. She was loving it as much as I was.

With each cycle, I felt Psylocke swallowing my shaft deeper and deeper. I grunted with pleasure as I felt the tip of my member graze against the back of her throat. With a smooth transition, she relaxed her throat and went down on my manhood. Rolling my head back, I closed my eyes and felt a wave of euphoria as Psylocke deepthroated me.

We were entering the next level now. She leaned in, allowing her purple hair to cascade down to my thighs. I braced myself as she took me in all the way down her throat, feeling the full length of my cock being swallowed. It was an incredible experience. Trained by the Mandarin, her feminine submission was so unabashedly dirty, yet so perfectly raw and passionately intimate. She gradually picked up pace and began to hit her stride.

Soon, Psylocke’s prior controlled, submissive form became an afterthought as she virtually balanced herself on the tips of her knees, her purple hair flying wildly as she passionately degraded herself to my pleasure. I watched, mesmerized, as she bobbed her head up and down furiously, keeping her luscious lips tightly wrapped around my manhood as she used it for leverage.

Reactively, I placed my hand on her head and ran my fingers through her flowing purple hair. She shifted her position, placing both hands on her laps and leaning further forward so that her head was directly over my crotch. Understandingly, I placed both of my hands around the back of her head and forced her down on my shaft.

My excitement grew considerably as Psylocke gave me free control of her body, allowing me to pleasure myself as I so wished. She offered no resistance as I pushed and pulled on her hair, bobbing her head up and down on my manhood. With one savage motion I forced her down all the way until her nostrils were buried in my pubic hair, her chin pressed against my ballsack. I held her there for a good moment, enjoying the feeling of my cock deeply buried in her throat.

She gasped for air as I finally released her, her eyes now watery and red as she looked into mine. She didn’t budge at all from her position though, her hands still firmly on her laps. I took this as sign that she wanted more, so I obliged.

Holding the top of her head steady with both hands, I stood up from my seat and assumed a dominant stance. Now able to lean back to a more vertical position, she placed her hands on my thighs and engulfed my cock again. Keeping her head steady, I rocked my hips back and forth and began to skull fuck her slowly.

I was in a dreamlike trance as I stared into the mirror again and saw Psylocke down on her knees servicing me. Fully clad in her tight blue ninja outfit, her red ninja sash rested on floor as she fully accepted her submission. Feeling in control and powerful, I spread my feet apart for maximum leverage. I grasped her hair tightly and picked up the pace, slamming my hips forward. She took it like a slut as my balls rammed against her heavenly lips. A trail of her saliva mixed with my pre-cum oozed out of the corner of her mouth. The pleasant formalities were over; it was now a sloppy facefuck.

I continued to fuck the purple haired ninja slut’s throat raw, my shaft completely soaked with her saliva. She kept her eyes shut in complete submission the entire time as she accepted it, matching my savagery with silent resilience. I skull fucked her for what seemed like an eternity. Then, I could finally hold it no longer, so I came.

With a loud grunt, I clutched Psylocke’s hair tightly as I pushed her head against my crotch, ejaculating my thick, white sperm directly into the back of her throat. Her body lurched reflexively as it suddenly hit her, but she controlled her gag reflex perfectly. The tight, athletic Asian beauty swallowed wave after wave of my salty cum in gulps as I climaxed down her throat. I held her head steady as I came and came unrelentingly, having saved up a full week’s worth of nectar in my balls.

A tremendous feeling of euphoria swept over me as I emptied my balls and emotion deep down Psylocke’s throat. I felt...alive. I looked down at her as she cleaned me off with her tongue, milking every last drop of my jism. As my cock finally deflated, I realized then that she had entirely submitted to me both physically and psychologically. I was now her master.


Not even a full day had passed before she was ready for more.

Psylocke pushed through the door as soon as I turned the knob. Apparently having come straight from the gym after her morning workout, she was wearing a black sports bra and yoga tights.

Well, not for long.

Looking at my eyes with intent, she pulled the sports bra off over her head. My mouth gaped as she step out of her shoes and peeled off her leggings as well, stepping out of them. Psylocke was completely nude before me, exposing her perfect, tight body. She looked into my eyes with desire and then down at my bulging pants.

I gazed at the full frontal nudity of the purple haired assassin standing before me. Impossibly fit in every regard, her slender athletic body practically exuded sex.

I had actually wanted to take my time and enjoy the moment, but what could I do? I disrobed quickly, my cock already rock hard. I continued to influence her emotions as she kissed me, then pushed me onto my back on the bed. Climbing over and straddling me, she positioned herself over my shaft, using her strong toned thighs as leverage. My heart pounded as I felt the tip of my manhood against her wet vaginal lips. She moaned softly as she descended upon me. My own breaths were short and fast as I felt myself penetrate into her tight vessel.

All my focus was spent on suppressing my own urge to release as the exotic oriental beauty rode me. She tossed her sleek purple hair back as she moaned in ecstasy, her sexual desires finally being fulfilled for the first time in the years. After a while, I was able to gain a slight hold on my own lust, so I began working on hers again.

I marveled at the sight of Psylocke riding my cock, her hands placed on my chest. Her body was so incredibly fit. I ran my hands along her tight torso, enjoying the feel of her well toned core muscles working to stabilize her wildly gyrating body. Her luscious breasts moved in mesmerizing synchronization as she bounced up and down on my shaft. Her breathing pace quickened as she increases her pace, grinding her ass against my testes.

“Oh Max...oh God...OH MY GOD!!” Psylocke screamed as she was pushed to her first orgasm. She threw her head back wildly as her back arched uncontrollably. I came as well, fueled by the sudden release of my sex mate, releasing my semen deep into her body in several waves. She collapsed on top of me as we gasped for breath. We lay there for some time as I worked into her mind again, drawing out her emotion of comfort. Building on my strong foothold into her mind, I was determined to make her mine.

After I was ready to go again, I again isolated and drew out her pleasure emotions. This time, she wanted to try a different position.

After we kissed, she turned and climbed to the edge of the bed, going down on all fours. She looked into my eyes with penetrating lust as I walked around to the other side, facing behind her.

The view of Psylocke’s beautifully sculpted backside was truly a marvel to behold. Her amazing ass was breathlessly perfect in every way, firm and supple resulting from countless hours working out. Her impossibly tight, slender waist accentuated it even further, giving it an inviting allure. I placed my hand on the small of her back and used my other hand to position my rock-hard member at her already wet snatch. I wasn’t even halfway in when her body began to shudder with anticipation.

A soft gasp escaped from her lips as I pushed my cock all the way into her tight wet vessel, my ballsack pressed against her ass. Gripping her tight waist with both hands, I began a slow, deep rhythmic pumping motion. She tried to relax as much as she could too, obviously savoring the experience as much as I did. Her body matched my beat, thrusting back against my crotch as I came forward.

I marveled at the incredible view before me. Once thought to be untouchable, the female Asian ninja was now on her hands and knees, her trademark lush purple hair swaying back and forth against my bedsheets as I penetrated her, my balls slamming against her ass repeatedly. The view of her shoulder blades protruding against her perfectly sculpted, powerful muscle-toned back aroused me further.

Psylocke arched her lower back even further as her strong, agile body submitted to mine. We eventually built up a good rhythm, her hips meeting up with mine with each thrust seemingly more desperate than the last. The bedroom filled with sounds of thwap, thwap as my pelvis met her ass repeatedly. She gasped softly in ecstasy with each thrust as I pumped her again and again, sliding my cock in and out of her tight, wet vessel.

It suddenly occurred to me again that I was fucking Psylocke on my own bed. I had to fuck her brains out. I pushed down firmly against her back, and she relented, resting her head against the bed. With my manhood still fully embedded in her, I raised my left foot and planted it on the bed next to her body. This gave me much more leverage as I mounted her, continuing my thrusts with more force. I gripped her firm right ass cheek and gave a good squeeze, then I gave her a hard spank.

“Aaahhh!” Psylocke cried out in surprise. I came down hard again on the left side, slapping the side of her ass. SMACK! SMACK! I continued assaulting Psylocke’s beautiful, flawless ass as I fucked her unrelentingly.

With every ounce of mental strength, I held my orgasm in check while searching into her mind. I smiled as I found her deriving a bit of depraving pleasure out of getting spanked. I kindled this pleasure like a little flame, soothing it and making it grow in her mind. I wanted it to be her dominant reflex, her comforting response.

I rode and spanked Psylocke like a tight Asian whore. Her hard body glistened with sweat as her mind descended into pure chaos, unable to control herself. Her carnal cries filled the room as I stroked my cock faster and harder into her, heightened by her vaginal muscles gripping my manhood like a tight glove.

We came in unison, the entire length of my shaft buried into her, ramming against her cervix. She screamed in pure ecstasy as her feet curled tightly, her cunt milking my cock for everything it has. My vision turned white as I finally released all my pent up orgasm and anger, manifesting in the form of semen, deep into my conquered superheroine. She was now mine.


“What happened in the weeks following your first intimacy, Max?” The professor studied me thoughtfully, his calm gaze unwavering.

Jean Grey’s demeanor was much different. She could hardly hide her scowl as she looked at the professor and then back to me impatiently. I knew a part of her wanted to tear me apart, to banish me into oblivion. But she restrained herself on behalf of the professor, her knuckles white as she gripped her armrest.

I took a slow deep breath before I continued.

“Ms. Braddock and I became increasingly engaged in intimate acts. I was like an addiction to her, a drug. Moreover...” I paused deliberately, continuing my pretentious act.

“Please continue,” stated the professor.

I cleared my throat, then proceeded. “Her acts became increasingly depraving over time. She was naturally submissive, you see, and there was a part of her that craved punishment. We delved into stuff like rope bondage and spanking. She really enjoyed anal, and would have me screw her in various sex positions. She has an incredibly flexible body. Did you know she can pull her legs all the way back and cross her ankles behind her hea...”

“Okay, stop.” Jean snapped, her brows furled. “We don’t need the details. Just get to the point, how and why did you force her to do porn?”

I did my best to suppress a smile. “Well, a few weeks ago, something happened.”

“I found Psylocke at the swimming pool one night. She had just finished her swim, and was just climbing out of the pool. Seeing her in a one-piece swimsuit like that, wet, I just couldn’t...resist. So I lured her into the men’s bathroom and had her give me a quickie in one of the toilet stalls.” I paused again as my mind returned to the moment, feeling a stirring in my balls. Psylocke could have easily been a swimsuit model, the tight navy blue Speedo that she wore accentuated her athletic figure perfectly.

“So there I was in the toilet stall, with Ms. Braddock down on her knees giving oral...then Scott Summers came in. He recognized the act because he could see our legs, well, mostly hers, so there wasn’t any time to hide. His expression was...an interesting mix of shock, disbelief, fury, and arousal if I may. He to fulfill his due diligence as a leader of course, so he told us that he was going to turn us in.” I cast a sideways glance at Jean. Her eyes narrowed threateningly.

I continued with my story. “You could understand the predicament we were in. So I, we, did what we could to escape punishment. She tempted him and he caved.”

Professor Xavier frowned for the first time. “Did you tell Ms. Braddock to tempt him?” He asked.

“I...” I did, of course. The truth was that I had already developed almost full control of Psylocke’s brain stimuli by this point, and with it pretty much complete control of her mind. “I think she wanted to escape the consequences too, and she may have been partially stimulated by the whole situation already,” I lied.

“Anyway, she went down on Mr. Summers and he took it willingly. He enjoyed it,” I said, casting a glance at Jean who glared at me, “but he didn’t last very long.

Jean stood up and slammed her hands on the table. “NO! You penetrated Scott’s mind too! You tempted him and forced him to enjoy it!” She shouted furiously.

That was, in fact, not true.

“Please sit down, Jean.” Professor Xavier stated firmly. “Allow Max to explain his side of the story.”

“I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, Ms. Grey. I promise you that I didn’t interfere at all with Mr. Summers. Please excuse for being too blunt, but I think a good portion of males over the age of adolescence would find Ms. Braddock to be...sexually appealing.” I looked into Jean’s furious eyes and found a hint of jealousy.

“Anyway, I was watching the whole time, and I actually found the scene to be...fulfilling. There was just something erotic and powerful about my sex partner giving love to another man in front of me. Afterwards, I brought her up to my room and bent her over my lap, and I gave her a hard spanking. Punishing her was incredibly fulfilling, for both of us.”

My mind again raced with memories of that glorious night. I used her savagely, like a cheap Asian whore. She loved every bit of it too, surrendering to me her entire will. I lost count of the number of times she came.

“I wanted more, and so did she. So I had her do the same to various random guys. It started with random classmates, then it was strangers I didn’t really know. But it was never enough. One time I manipulated her into seducing an older business man in the city. I had her record it for me on video so I could watch it. Seeing the fat, bald old man pile drive her wearing dark makeup and high heels on a dirty motel bed was a huge turn on for me.” I glanced at both the Professor’s and Jean’s dumbfounded expressions, suppressing a smile.

“Eventually, I came up with the idea to have Psylocke enter the porn industry. Since there’s an infinite supply of sex available, she was instantly hooked. She started with the normal stuff first, the one on one sex. But you see, she actually enjoys the hardcore degrading stuff more. So it got out of hand pretty quick, she descended into gangbangs and BDSM within the first week.” My mind wandered off again, seeing images of the tight, athletic Asian beauty surrounded by a group of huge black men, engaged in nonstop vigorous depravation as they ravaged her.

Then my mind went to a completely different scene.

It was a disturbing scene, to say the least. Clad in her blue ninja outfit, Psylocke was suspended a few inches above the floor, her powerful agile body tightly bound with barbed wire. Blindfolded, her wrists were shackled above her head. The female ninja’s taut muscles glistened with sweat in the hot and muggy old basement.

Then it began.


Two thick-set white men dressed in overalls took turns as they remorselessly whipped the fully bound Asian mutant, her feet dangling a few feet from the ground.

Multiple cameras captured the torture of Psylocke in bondage, who was now perhaps the top pornstar in the world.

With her legs tightly wrapped together with barbed wire, her body swung helplessly like a pendulum. Well disciplined, she was able to take her punishment silently for almost an hour.

But as the barbs cut deep into her skin and flesh, she eventually began to succumb to the pain. I was truly impressed, however, as she held out for as long as she could. Each stroke drew out a sharp, brief cry as the bewildered men continued the assault. “No more, please,” she finally commanded quietly.

Covered with dried blood, Psylocke’s skintight ninja suit was completely torn and tattered as she was finally released from her shackles. Her hands were then cuffed behind her back as she gratefully dropped down on her knees in respite. The men began to unbuckle their overalls.

Still blindfolded, Psylocke opened her mouth reflexively as the first pulsating, dirty cock was presented to her lips. On her knees, she proceeded to suck him off using only her mouth. The man lolled his head back in pure bliss as he allowed himself to be blown by the fallen femme fatale.

Her proud, exotic face was almost unrecognizable at the end, her dark makeup ruined by her tears as the men brutally skull fucked her. They finished by relieving themselves over her face and into her mouth. It was actually the first time I’ve witnessed her choke, albeit on something that wasn’t cum.

“Psylocke whipped” and “Psylocke urination” were the number one online searches for days, as people worldwide craved to see the video of the mutant celebrity’s depraved punishment.

My daydream was sharply interrupted as Jean Grey stood up, her eyes flashing with anger.

“You MONSTER!! Turn her back, now!” Jean screamed as she raised her hands. I was instantaneously thrown back, flying across the room and slamming against the wall.

“Jean, no!” Professor Xavier shouted, raising a hand. I smiled to myself. Jean was oblivious to the fact that I had been manipulating the Professor before the meeting had even started. My powers had grown exponentially since I joined the Institute, I was awakened. I was no longer the weak, pitiful white nerd at the foster home, I was now Mindmaster.

“Professor, he’s a vicious monster. We have to stop him!” Jean cried desperately. She tightened her grip, lifting me up against the wall. Her face was filled with indescribable rage.

“He’s just a misunderstood, confused young man, Jean. I order you to stop, NOW!” The Professor touched his temples, and a mental wave instantly hit Jean. I dropped to the floor as I was released, and I glanced up to see her yellow and blue X-Men uniform flash across the room as she crashed into a bookshelf.

“...Why...Professor...” Jean groaned as she collected herself, holding her head gingerly. The Dark Phoenix looked back over me threateningly. But there was now something else too, a slight hint of fear as Professor Xavier’s mental forcefield surrounded her in a bubble.

“Violence is not the way, Jean.” The Professor stated sternly. “I’m disappointed in you. You’re placed on mandatory leave immediately.”

He wheeled over to me, smiling as he extended a hand. “Max, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Please allow me to apologize for Ms. Grey’s actions today. We are a loving family here, and we will work together to overcome any problem, big or small. I want you to know that you are free here, and will always have our support.”

I thanked the Professor and stood up, dusting myself off. I was free alright, free to fulfill my destiny to the max.


Snow fell steadily outside the bedroom window. In the distance, sounds of a chorus singing Silent Night could be heard. I glanced around, admiring the well decorated room. Silky red tapestry hung around the four corners of the king sized bed. A few candles lit the room, presenting a floral aroma and soft, comforting ambience.

Good thing Scott was sent away on an urgent mission, I thought to myself. Kitty Pryde’s tiny pink panties were still on my own bed, her virgin blood staining my bedsheets from her deflowering last night. She was a bit clumsy, but her innocence proved to be a good fuck nevertheless. It was quite an eventful first semester at the institute, I thought to myself, smiling. I looked down at the sight before me, my cock hardening.

Jean Grey lay spread eagle on her back before me, completely nude. The senior X-Men leader’s curly orange-reddish hair splayed across the silken bed sheets like a wildfire. She clutched her ankles, spreading her long, slender legs apart in a wide V, shaped like the wings of a Phoenix. Her eyes looked into mine with sex crazed desperation as I ran my hands along her inner thighs and soft stomach, feeling the tenderness of her soft, creamy white flesh. There was still a hint of defiance in those eyes, a resilience deep within her soul.

I guided my member between Jean’s pink, supple cunt and pressed the throbbing tip against her inner labia. She gasped sharply, her heartbeat pounding with anticipation. I paused, smiling at the powerful Dark Phoenix as she surrendered her body to me. Then, with a hard thrust, I penetrated deeply into her soul.

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