Peter and Mary Jane Role Playing: Casting Couch

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Role Playing With Peter And Mary Jane
The Casting Couch

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, Spider-Man, or Mary Jane Watson. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Warning: This story contains sexual content. If you’re not comfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

New York, City – The Apartment of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

“I think we should spice things up a bit, Peter. If we’re gonna take our relationship to the next level, we should put in the extra effort. And that should extend to our sex life.”

Those had been Mary Jane Watson’s exact words earlier that morning. Peter had been sitting with her at the breakfast table, planning how they were going to spend their evening together. Between his life as Spider-Man and her life as an up-and-coming actress, they didn’t get many of those evenings. So, they always tried to make them count.

However, Peter didn’t expect her to bring their sex life into the equation. That led to another, more elaborate discussion that made them both late for work. The nature of that conversation went in many different directions. Ultimately, it led them to the unique situation they had before them.

For Peter, it was uncharted territory. But for Mary Jane, he was willing to take that chance. Already, he was seeing the appeal.

“Thank you for finally meeting with me, Mr. Parker,” said Mary Jane in a sweet, but serious tone. “You’re a hard man to reach in this town.”

“Well, that is to be expected, Ms. Watson. I am one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood,” Peter replied, trying to sound confident. “The list of aspiring actors seeking my services is long and openings fill fast. I hope you appreciate how fortunate you are, just to be sitting on that couch.”

“Oh, I certainly do!” she replied. “I’m treading this appointment as the most important of my career to date. That’s why I’ve prepared, worked, and even dressed for the occasion.”

The beautiful redhead leaned back on the couch she was sitting in, showing off her confident demeanor, as well as her professional attire. It consisted of a tight-fitting white blouse with the top button undone, an exceedingly short black skirt, and stiletto heels that showed off her shapely legs the moment she entered. When she shifted her legs, Peter even caught a glimpse of her panties. It was a thong. He would recognize Mary Jane’s favorite black thong anywhere.

It certainly wasn’t the attire she usually wore to a professional meeting. But it was perfect for the role they were both playing. Peter still didn’t recall how Mary Jane convinced him to try incorporating role playing into their sex life. He also didn’t recall how they settled on a “Hollywood Casting Couch” scenario. But so far, he was pleased with the results.

‘Keep it together, Parker. Stay in the role. Remember, you’re not a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man tonight. You’re some sleazy Hollywood agent who likes to use his influence to get frisky with pretty actresses. Forget for a moment that these are the kinds of people you’d punch in the jaw. Just be in the moment. Do this for you and Mary Jane…and a better sex life.’

It had already been challenging. Just converting their living room to a makeshift Hollywood office took some doing. They didn’t have a lot of space and their couch wasn’t exactly ideal, but they managed to put something together.

Peter moved his desk from their bedroom to the living room and Mary Jane reoriented to couch to the corner, which she claimed was a frequent tactic of unscrupulous agents who tried to put gullible actresses in vulnerable positions. Having been in the acting business, he had no reason to doubt her.

He still had problems getting into the right headspace for this. Acting was Mary Jane’s superpower and web-slinging was his. But that was kind of the point. Role playing was supposed to help them understand each other, trust each other, and live out certain fantasies. Apparently, this was a fantasy they’d both shared at one point and never dared to act out. It was stressful, but exciting.

“Yes, I uh…certainly appreciate your fashion sense, Ms. Watson,” Peter said, stammering a bit through his character.

“Glad to hear,” Mary Jane said, not flinching at all in embodying her character. “But I’m less concerned about fashion these days. I’m much more interested in the lead female role in the new Sam Raimi movie. I heard Kirstin Dunst and Emma Watson both had to drop out. And he needs a fresh, up-and-coming face to fill that role.”

“Word travels fast in this town. And we try to accommodate Mr. Raimi just as quickly. I’m supposed to bring him someone who can help build a franchise.”

“And I’m here to convince you I can be that someone,” she said strongly. “I can be the face of an entire cinematic universe…as well as the ass, legs, and tits.”

Her voice grew more flirtatious. Mary Jane didn’t have to do much acting for that part. She was always a skilled flirt. It might as well have been another superpower. But she took it to another level in this role.

She did a little pose, shifting her legs and flashing her that flirtatious glance. Peter could only do so much to match it, especially since he wasn’t nearly as dressed for the role. He only wore a dress shirt and blue jeans. It was hardly the look of a high-end agent, but that was all he had. Mary Jane encouraged him to work with it. He did his best, leaning forward on the desk and pretending to scrutinize her more than any rational-minded man would’ve.

“I don’t deny you have the body,” he told her, pretending to sound skeptical, “but many actresses make that same claim. Some of them have even sat on that same couch.”

“I thought I smelled Julia Roberts’ perfume in here,” Mary Jane quipped.

“And they were talented too. They had the looks, the skills, and the work ethic. They all claimed they could be Hollywood’s next big star. Most of them couldn’t back it up.”

“I assure you, Mr. Parker. I can succeed where they failed.”

“I’ve heard that before too…and from women who spent more on plastic surgery than acting classes,” Peter retorted. “I’ve sat across from them in this very office. I can usually tell before they sit down whether they have what it takes.”

“And you think I have it?” she asked.

“You wouldn’t be here if I thought you didn’t. But I’m not entirely convinced.”

Mary Jane’s gaze on him narrowed, her flirtatious leer becoming more serious. Again, Peter shifted somewhat, especially when she uncrossed her legs briefly to reveal her thong again. He was clearly not the trained actor in this scenario. They had agreed on a script and he had followed it closely, for the most part.

Now, they were at the point where just remembering the lines wasn’t enough. He’d have to do a little improvising. He could do that easily in a battle against Shocker. Doing it in sexy role playing was a different kind of challenge.

“I uh…I’ve seen your work, Ms. Watson,” Peter said, regaining his composure. “It is impressive. You can act. You can look good in front of a camera.”

“And that’s not enough?” she questioned.

“For a role like this? No, it’s not,” Peter said, the words flowing a bit easier now. “These are the big leagues, Ms. Watson. This isn’t the regular season, either. This is the World Series of Hollywood. Not just anyone can slide in and hit a home run.”

“All I need is a chance,” Mary Jane retorted. “I can step up my game.”

“You’re confident. I don’t doubt you believe that. But I’m not sure I do. For this role, I need to be convinced that I should take a chance on you. And right now, I’m not. The question is…what are you willing to do to convince me?”

That last line was the trigger word. It took Peter a while to get to it. But as soon as he said it, Mary Jane’s demeanor shifted. This was the part where the fantasy became very real.

Mary Jane pretended to contemplate his words. She then briefly looked down at her breasts, which were only slightly exposed by her blouse. From there, she followed the more lurid parts of the script. She looked back at him with a suggestive grin while unbuttoning the rest of her blouse.

“Well then, Mr. Parker…maybe this will change your mind,” she said in a deep, sultry tone.

Her eyes locked on him with that amazingly seductive glance, Mary Jane grasped the hem of her blouse and slid it off over her head. Her voluptuous breasts came tumbling out, unencumbered by any bra or undergarment. Even though Peter had seen them many times before, the sight of her fleshy mounds still took his breath away. His mouth went dry and his pants felt noticeably tighter. It took great restraint to stay in character.

He tried to look unimpressed, as any sleezy agent would’ve in his position. But Mary Jane didn’t make it easy for him. She just tossed her shirt aside, leaned back on the couch, and let him admire her exposed breasts in all their glory. She had the poise of a confident, seductive woman who knew what she was doing and eager to do more.

“Well?” Mary Jane said after a brief silence. “Are you convinced?”

“I’m…intrigued,” said Peter, stammering briefly before getting back into character. “But let’s not lie to ourselves, Ms. Watson. This town has plenty of pretty faces. And a lot of those faces come with nice tits.”

“I’m sure you’ve seen plenty,” she said curtly.

“I may or may have seen my share,” he quipped, pretending to sound smug.

“At least tell me how mine stack up,” the beautiful redhead said.

“Oh they’re definitely top ten!”

“Really? Only top ten?”

In another blatant attempt to divert more blood form his brain, Mary Jane stood up from the couch and approached the desk. While holding onto the edge, she leaned forward to give him a close-up view of her cleavage. That sultry grin never left her face. She was practically daring him to bury his face between her breasts. But that involved him breaking character, which he promised he wouldn’t do.

‘Damn! She’s better at acting and she has great tits. She has all the advantages and she knows it. Come on, Parker! Keep it together! You can do this. If you can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, you can handle sexy role playing…with Mary Jane…topless.’

He tried to maintain his composure, but didn’t hide his fondness for the presence of a topless Mary Jane. She knew how to turn him on and test his resolve. He had to keep acting like this was no big deal. He had to dig deeper to channel his inner Hollywood dirtbag.

“Did I say top ten?” Peter said through his character. “I meant top five…potentially top three.”

“Potentially?” Mary Jane said with a cocked eyebrow.

“Like I said…lots of pretty faces with nice tits,” he said while still eyeing her cleavage. “You think you’re the first beautiful woman to flash her tits in this office? Hoping that’s all it would take?”

“Well, I didn’t expect it to be that easy,” she laughed. “I figured this was part of the negotiations.”

“Spoken like someone who knows how things work in this town…and someone who has done her share of negotiating.”

“Except, I’m very selective in who I deal with,” Mary Jane said sternly, her gaze narrowing on him. “There are countless wannabe agents who prey on gullible bimbos…promising them stardom in exchange for a blowjob or a quickie. They’re just horny conmen. And I have nothing good to say about them.”

“Me neither! They give us honest, horny agents a bad name,” Peter said jokingly.

“Which is why I never give them the time of day,” she continued. “But you’re different, Mr. Parker. You’re not a fraud. You’re connections are real, legit, and lucrative. Every time you take on a new client…especially an attractive, female client…her star rises. And it rises fast.”

“What can I say? I’m good at what I do,” he said with a confident grin.

“That, you are. But that also tells me that you’re a man of your word.”

“Guess that means I’m also selective,” Peter said with a casual shrug.

“It’s more than that. In this town, a powerful, well-connected man who keeps his promises…even to beautiful women willing to show her tits…that’s a rare and beautiful thing. And I’m here to let you know I’m more willing than most.”

Her gaze became more predatory as she leaned over the desk even more, her cleavage now within inches of his face. Peter kept exercising restraint, despite a raging hard-on forming in his pants. Some of that restraint finally faltered when Mary Jane reached across the desk, grabbed him by the collar, and pulled him into a deep, sensuous kiss.

It was not the kind of kiss a man would expect from his loving girlfriend. There was a lot of extra tongue, as well as some sensual moaning to communicate her lurid intentions. She made those intentions even clearer by climbing onto the desk, crawling across like the sexy minx, and pushing him back in his chair so she could slip onto his lap. At that point, there was no hiding the growing bulge in his pants.

“Mmm…looks like part of you is also willing,” Mary Jane whispered seductively.

Peter could only stammer briefly in response. Thankfully, she re-captured his lips before he could do anything to break character. He was content to just follow her lead, kissing back while she straddled his waist and pawed his chest. He showed his share of willingness, trailing his hand up her thighs and up to the hem of her skirt. But Mary Jane continued to show more by intently grinding her pelvis against his, causing the growing bulge in his pants to harden even more.

It left no room for ambiguity. These were the gestures of a very determined, very sexual, and undeniably horny woman seeking to get what she wanted by any means necessary. It was a testament to both Mary Jane’s sex appeal and her acting skills.

“Now that we’re on the same page,” she said upon breaking the kiss, “Let me show you want I can do for you. It might convince you to take a chance on me.”

“I’m uh…open to being convinced,” said Peter.

Mary Jane snickered coyly before kissing him again, drawing him further into her seductive whims. While their lips wrestled, she sneakily unbuttoned his dress shirt. She was so subtle that Peter didn’t notice until she trailed her lips down his neck, making her way down the sinews of his chest and undoing more buttons along the way. He just signed and leaned back further on his chair, letting Mary Jane do what she did best with her role.

As she made her way down his upper body, she somehow undid his belt buckle and slipped it off. She then undid his pants and pulled down his underwear, freeing his eager member from its confines. As soon as it popped out, Mary Jane’s face lit up with delight. Now fully emersed in her role, she dropped to her knees, positioned herself between his legs, and narrowed her gaze on his cock.

“Hmm…seems your reputation matches your endowment, Mr. Parker,” Mary Jane said. “That’s also rare in this town.”

“I like to stand out,” Peter said, getting back into character.

“Well, you say you’ve seen me act. You admit I’m talented. But rest assured, that’s not my only talent.”

The beautiful redhead let his dirty mind fill in the blanks. She remained intently focused on the erect penis before her. Licking her lips in anticipation, she firmly gripped the base and gave it a stroke. That earned her an approving moan from Peter. Then, like a true pro, she parted her hair behind her ear and took his full length into her mouth.

From there, she unleashed the full force of her oral sex skills. That evoked more than a moan from Peter. Now dazed by the warm feeling around his member, her gripped the handles of his chair and leaned back to enjoy the feeling.

“Oohhh Ms. Watson!” Peter gasped. “You’re talented at this too!”

Encouraged, Mary Jane proceeded to suck his cock as only an ambitious actress. She was so intense and thorough, working her tongue along the full length of his shaft while gliding her soft lips along the veiny contours. She also had an impressive gag reflex, taking nearly his entire length.

Hot, sensual sensations followed. Peter remained in his chair, taking in the full extent of this wonderful feeling. Role or no role, Mary Jane Watson knew how to give great blowjobs. He loved the soft noises she made as she worked her magic. He also loved watching her head bob up and down as she went through the motions, occasionally looking up at him with that intensely erotic gaze.

As the feeling escalated under her talented sucking, Peter placed a hand on her head and ran his fingers through her beautiful red hair. She kept sucking harder and faster, working that tongue of hers in all the right ways. He soon felt himself nearing his peak. Mary Jane sensed it too, not that his moans and grunts weren’t obvious enough.

As his release drew near, she swiftly transitioned from hot oral sex to equally hot tit fucking. She took full advantage of her ample cleavage, shoving his hardened cock between her fleshy mounds and really working it between them at a vigorous pace.

“Mmm…such a big, powerful cock,” Mary Jane purred. “Fitting for such a big, powerful man.”

“Powerful…yes!” Peter gasped, the feeling complementing his chosen role.

“Then, use that power! Tell me what you wanna do with me! Tell me now!”

Peter’s mind was fogged by the approaching pleasure. His body ached for a good, hard climax. But the added context of his role provided new opportunities. Using power and using it responsibly were a big deal to him. Mary Jane knew that. He often needed a nudge to use power a certain way.

Mary Jane had done plenty to give him that nudge. In that moment, he let this sleezy persona he’d embraced do the rest.

“I wanna…come…on your tits!” he gasped.

“Yes! I can do that,” she replied, pushing her breasts together even harder.

“I also want you to lick it up!” Peter added. “I want you to lick up every…last…drop!”

The tone in which he made that request surprised him. It surprised Mary Jane too, but in a good way. It confirmed to her that he had truly embraced his role, just as much as she’d embraced hers. In that shared spirit, she finished the job.

It didn’t take long. After a few more thorough motions, sliding his dick between her breasts with just the right amount of tightness, she sent him beyond the brink. At that moment, Peter tightened his hold on her head with one hand, gripped the arm of his chair with the other, and closed his eyes as he sprayed his load of seminal fluid all over her chest.

“Wow! That’s a lot of cum,” said Mary Jane in amazement.

It was hard to tell how much of that was her acting. But even Peter knew that this was above average for him, in terms of volume. Thick globs of fluid shot out from his cock, covering much of her cleavage. Some even got onto her chin. She still made sure to milk him for every drop, keeping his dick between her breasts until the full extent of his release had passed.

While he savored the hot pleasure that came with such a messy release, Mary Jane proceeded to oblige his request. After giving the tip of his member one last lick, she pulled back and gathered up the thick fluid with her right hand. She then proceeded to sensually lick it off her fingers, as though it were her favorite treat.

“Mmm…delicious!” she said playfully. “I love the test of fresh cum…especially from such a handsome, powerful man.”

“Bon appetit…Ms. Watson,” Peter said, still catching his breath.

He watched with added satisfaction as the beautiful redhead lapped up every last drop of his jizz. Even after she finished, she kept licking her fingers, as if to tell him she was still very much in character and still very much in the mood. She clearly wasn’t done with this little fantasy of theirs. And since his penis was still half-erect, he wasn’t either.

“What say you, Mr. Parker?” she asked curtly, still on her knees looking up at him.

“I’m impressed…very impressed, Ms. Watson,” Peter replied, maintaining his composure, despite the post-orgasmic bliss. “You’ve once again proven your talents. I’m more than happy to take you on as a client.”

“And I’m certainly happy to accept that offer. But that’s still only half the reason I’m here. What about the big role? The one you still need to fill before the week is out?”

Mary Jane was really drawing out the scene. It was a true to her style. She was as thorough in fleshing out her role as she was in giving oral sex. Peter had always respected that aspect of her acting skills. Now, he respected them even more.

Still buzzing from his orgasm, as well as his role in this scene, he let himself get more creative. They hadn’t agreed on a detailed script, but Mary Jane did encourage him to improvise. That meant letting his naughty side guide him.

“That, I’m afraid, is a bit trickier,” he told her, pretending to sound reluctant. “You see, getting you that role isn’t as simple as signing some papers and making some phone calls. For a movie this big, it requires more effort…for everyone involved.”

“How much effort? I am very willing to do the extra work, Mr. Parker,” Mary Jane said, her voice still overtly sensual.

“Are you sure about that?” he said with a raised eyebrow. “Because, to get you this role, I’ll have to cash in a few favors…make a few deals…maybe even bend a few rules. It’s not nearly as easy as just getting on your knees and sucking a dick. But I am willing to put in that work if…”

Peter let his words trail off. This time, it was Mary Jane’s turn to fill in the blanks with her lurid thoughts. She was silent for a moment, still looking up at him with that erotic gaze. She was in character, but he sensed her a mix of curiosity and intrigue.

“Please, Mr. Parker,” said Mary Jane with that flirtatious glint in her eyes. “Tell me what I need to do.”

“I’d like to,” he said, reaching down and cupping her chin, “but are you sure you can handle it?”

“I’m sure! I’m completely, totally sure!” she said intently. “I’ll do anything for this role!”

“Anything, eh?”

A wicked grin formed on his face. The line between his role and his desires blurred. He was now looking down at this beautiful topless woman with a lustful, lecherous glance. Emboldened by both his role and the energy that came with it, his dick began to stiffen once more. As it hardened, Peter continued to improvise.

“Stand up,” he told her in a stern, demanding voice.

Mary Jane did so obediently. She still maintained her seductive demeanor. But this time, Peter was the one guiding the mood.

“Strip,” Peter told her. “You’re already halfway there. Might as well finish the job.”

“Can’t argue with that logic,” she said curtly.

Mary Jane did as he asked, but did some improvising of her own. She turned around to show off her perfect ass, unzipped the back of her mini-skirt, and sensually wiggled her hips as she slid it down her legs. In doing so, she revealed the very revealing thong she had underneath.

“Mmm…nice ass, Ms. Watson,” Peter said while lightly stroking his cock to get it harder.

“Thank you,” Mary Jane said playfully while kicking off her heels. “I take great pride in my ass and how I show it off.”

“Less talking. More stripping,” he said impatiently. “Take it all off.”

She eagerly obliged, skillfully shaking her ass at him again while she slipped off her panties. She even bent over a bit so that he had a better view of her ass, as well as a nice glimpse of her exposed pussy. He could even see some hints of arousal between her thighs.

It only became clearer when Mary Jane turned around, spun her now-discarded panties around her finger, and stood before him in all her naked glory. Even though Peter had seen her naked many times before, the way she carried herself in this unique fantasy was nothing short of breath-taking. He had never wanted her more than he did at that moment.

“Nice!” Peter said, his voice frothing with lust. “The famous Mary Jane Watson…totally butt naked.”

“It is what you asked, isn’t it?” she quipped as she proudly showed off her nude form.

“Indeed,” he said, “and unless my eyes are playing tricks on me…this is making you wet.”

She snickered playfully, leaning back on the desk and giving him a better view of her lower body. She even spread her legs slightly, revealing just how moist her folds were. It was more than enough to get his dick back to fully erect.

“What can I say?” Mary Jane shrugged. “The thought of our new partnership gets me hot.”

“Well, that’ll make this next part easier,” Peter told her. “But make no mistake, Ms. Watson. I’m about to test you in a big way!”

With a new intensity in his eyes, Peter finally got up from his chair. In the process, he took off his shirt and slid off his pants, rendering him as naked as her. Then, with a bravado that he rarely exercised when he wasn’t in costume, he grabbed the sexy redhead by the waist, effortlessly lifted her up off her feet, and set her down on his desk.

“Whoa! Mr. Parker…you’re stronger than you look,” Mary Jane said, pretending to be shocked.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Peter said with a rare confidence.

Following that confidence, he grabbed hold of her thighs and pushed her legs apart. He then aligned his cock with her pussy while leering over her with predatory lust. Mary Jane, still in character, yet still taken by his boldness, leaned back in her arms in anticipation.

“I’m gonna fuck you now, Ms. Watson. I’m gonna fuck you hard and raw,” he told her. “And you’re gonna take it! You’re gonna take it like the couch-casting slut you are!”

“And…will that get me the role?” she asked intently.

“If you can take it…well, let’s just say we’ll both be plenty motivated.”

Peter didn’t wait for Mary Jane to ask more questions. No sleazy Hollywood agent would in the presence of a naked woman, spread-eagle on his desk. True to his role, he just went right for the ultimate prize.

With an eager grin, Peter thrust his hips forward and drove his hardened dick into her pussy. He was quickly taken by the intoxicating feeling that followed. Hot, moist flesh surrounded his rigid member. His elaborate role gave way to basic desire and he began humping her, rocking her naked body with every movement and watching her react to every lurid act.

“Oh! Ooh! Oh fuck! Oohhh fuck!” Mary Jane panted. “Mr. Parker, you’re….so strong!”

“Yeah! Ooh yeah! You like that, Ms. Watson?” Peter said with lecherous glee. “You like…getting fucked…like a casting couch slut?”

“Ohhh yes! I…I love it!”

She surprised him as much as he surprised her. Mary Jane wasn’t usually this submissive during sex. And Peter wasn’t usually this domineering. They had really embraced the full spirit of their roles. He was fucking her like a sleezy agent would and she was taking it like any big-breasted bimbo seeking stardom. It made for a different kind of intimate experience, but one that was every bit as enjoyable.

‘I may still suck at acting. But damn it! I might have a knack for role playing. Just when I thought this woman couldn’t amaze me more than she already has.’

Role or no role, sex with Mary Jane was incredible. Their naked bodies rocked and writhed to a rough sexual rhythm. Their sex was more lewd than usual. This was not the tender lovemaking they often did on date nights. This was lascivious and raw, an act of hedonism rather than affection. The only goal was pleasure and domination.

That didn’t keep them from enjoying it. Mary Jane gasped and squealed with delight, making noises usually reserved for low-budget porno movies. She leaned back further on the desk, her breasts bouncing in conjunction with the heated humping motion. Peter kept grunting and seething like a man possessed, leaning over at times to bury his face between her breasts. He even occasionally licked her nipple, causing Mary Jane to squeal even louder.

They went at it like this hard and fast. The desk rocked and their naked bodies broke out in a light sweat. At some point, Peter knocked over the chair he’d been sitting in. And anything they had left on the desk as a prop got knocked off. It got so rough and noisy that parts of the desk were sure to get damaged. But neither of them cared. They were enjoying their roles and the fruits of their lurid fantasy.

“Oohhh Mr. Parker!” Mary Jane exclaimed. “That’s it! That’s it! Give it to me! Give it to me hard!”

She was close to climaxing. Peter knew that orgasmic undertone well and Mary Jane had never been good at hiding it. He was somewhat surprised that she’d gotten there so quickly. It might have just been because they hadn’t made love in a while, but he didn’t doubt the nature of the role had an impact. And since he still had all the leverage, he went with it.

“You…horny…slut!” Peter grunted. “You gonna come? You gonna come like a bitch in heat?”

“Oohhh yes! I’m coming, Mr. Parker!” Mary Jane exclaimed.

Peter humped harder and faster, as if to dare her to come harder than she thought possible in this role. He hitched her legs up over his shoulders, pushed her back so that she was flat on his desk, and grabbed her by the wrists. From there, he pinned her hands up next to her head and hammered into her with domineering lust. Whether by effort or the spirit of their roles, it got Mary Jane up to that special threshold and beyond.

“Oohhh God, I’m coming!” the beautiful redhead cried out.

A sleazy grin never left his face as he watched her face contort to the orgasmic ecstasy. The rest of her body followed, her toes curling and her lower back arching to the onslaught. He also felt it as her vaginal muscles tightened around his cock, squeezing his flesh hard as ripples of pleasure washed over her. Mary Jane had always been animated during sex, but this was on another level. And Peter loved every second of it.

‘Even when she’s playing a dirty role, she’s spectacular. Mary Jane Watson…a woman who can make any man feel like a superhero.’

He was tempted to break character and admire the spectacle before him. Watching a naked Mary Jane Watson climax while their bodies remained entwined had so much appeal. At this point, they had both achieved what they’d sought in this elaborate fantasy. They had fun playing their roles. They each achieved an orgasm with one another. This was as good a moment as any to call it a scene.

Then, another lurid idea came to Peter. It required that they continue with their roles for a bit longer. It also required them to dig deeper into their naughty side. With Mary Jane still soaking in her orgasm, he chose to see it through. After all, she had encouraged him to go the extra mile in this role. This was just him taking her advice.

“You’re gonna be a star, Ms. Watson. I can already feel it!” Peter said, leering over her naked form with his sleazy gaze. “You can act. And you’re willing to suck dick and get fucked by the right people.”

“So…that’s it? We have…a deal?” said Mary Jane, still breathless and dazed.

“Almost! Just gotta do one more thing to make it official,” he said sneakily.

Then, before Mary Jane had fully recovered from her peak, he pulled out from her pussy. From there, he firmly grasped her hips, turned her over, and bent her over the desk so that her perfectly shaped butt was pointed right at his still-erect penis.

It left Mary Jane surprised, despite her dazed state. This was an assertiveness Peter rarely wielded during sex. She still remained in her role, but looked back at him with a curious glance. He just kept grinning back at her with the sleaziest look he could offer. As she leaned over the desk, her breasts now pressing up against the wood, he guided the tip of his cock to her asshole.

“In this town, you gotta use every hole to get ahead,” he told her.

Then, in the spirit of a truly unscrupulous agent, Peter thrust his dick into Mary Jane’s ass and resumed his reckless humping. The penetration wasn’t quite as smooth. While he and Mary Jane had done anal sex before, they were usually careful. In this unique role, he couldn’t be too careful.

“Ahhh fuck!” Mary Jane gasped. “My…my ass!”

“Yeah! And what an ass it is!” said Peter with perverse elation. “It’s so…damn…tight!”

That extra tightness sent Peter into a frenzy. Keeping a firm grasp on her hips, he hammered away, pumping his dick into her ass and rocking her naked body with each thrust. The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt filled the room. Peter always loved that sound, but this was extra satisfying.

As their bodies rocked, Mary Jane’s gasps turned to fresh moans. He could see her face tensing and contorting at first, the initial penetration causing some brief discomfort. But she quickly adjusted and soon got into it.

“Yes! Ohhh yes! Give it to me, Mr. Parker! Fuck my ass!” Mary Jane moaned.

“That’s it, Ms. Watson! Take it!” Peter seethed.

He loved it when she talked dirty. Mary Jane had a knack for getting vulgar during sex, but she was even more vocal during anal sex. She had always been fond of it, but only as a sexual treat, as she called it. They didn’t do it often. But when they did, they made it count. It motivated Peter even more to follow his role to a fitting conclusion.

“Yeah! Oohhh fuck, I’m gonna cum again!” Peter grunted. “I’m gonna…fill…your ass…with cum!”

“Do it, Mr. Parker! I can take it! I can take it like a good casting couch slut!” Mary Jane said.

Peter made the final push, unleashing one last onslaught of lust in pursuit of his release. He reached out and grabbed Mary Jane by her long red hair, pulling it back to get her moaning even louder. He also gave her butt a hard swat, as it to prime her for his coming release.

Harder and faster, he worked his hips. He could feel the heat in their flesh building as his orgasmic release approached. As soon as he went beyond the brink, Peter pushed his cock in extra deep and braced for his release.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” he exclaimed.

Peter wasn’t usually the one to get vulgar, even during climax. But he made an exception this time and it was definitely worth making.

His member burned with orgasmic heat in Mary Jane’s tight ass as he released another load of seminal fluid into her depths. Shots of hot, intense pleasure followed. It was even more intense than he expected. His legs almost gave out as he trembled under the weight of the feeling. Even if Spider-Man powers could only do so much to keep his balance. That was a testament to just how much this lurid fantasy had affected them.

While taking in all the ecstasy, Peter still held onto his role briefly. It was just long enough to lean in and whisper one last line into Mary Jane’s ear.

“You got the part, Ms. Watson,” he said to her.

Hearing that, even while catching her breath, got Mary Jane laughing with glee. At that point, she finally broke from her role.

“And scene!” she said. “Don’t think we’ll get a better take than that, Tiger.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” said Peter, laughing as well as he caught his breath.

The fantasy faded, but the blissful feelings lingered. As post-orgasmic clarity settled in, Peter carefully withdrew from Mary Jane’s ass. They both needed a moment to reorient themselves. His legs were still a big weak and Mary Jane now had sexual fluids dripping down her inner thighs. That didn’t keep her from turning around, drawing him into a loving embrace, and giving him an affectionate kiss for his dedication to their role.

“That…was a hell of an experience,” Peter said.

“It sure was! You almost performed your role too well,” Mary Jane teased.

“Speak for yourself. You’re the trained actress,” Peter quipped.

“Very true. But I must really love you to use those skills like this .”

“Then, it’s a good thing I really love you too. And finding creative and kinky new ways to express that love…well, that just makes it more amazing.”

That earned him another loving kiss. Despite being sweaty, disheveled, and reeking of sex, he and Mary Jane didn’t hesitate to share a tender moment. It was a testament to how much their love had grown. Even when things got messy and chaotic, they still found a way to love each other. That growth now extended to their sex lives. And that opened the door to so many possibilities.

“So…” Mary Jane said with that distinctly lurid undertone, “what role should we do next?”

The End

AN: Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed that. Please remember to leave a review or feedback. And if you have any other ideas for roles that Peter and Mary Jane could play, please share that as well. Thanks again. Until next time, take care and stay safe!


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