Small Smut - Marvel's Avengers

BY : Redfields
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Kamala Khan thought she was being surreptitious, stealing glances at Black Widow. Or more accurately, her impressive cleavage, since the spy never seemed to have the zipper all the way up. A sizable yawn at the end of a debriefing pushed it even further down, nearly sending the teen sprinting to her room for some much-needed sexual relief.


She left as soon as she could, walking quickly back to room, when she was abruptly pushed into a nearby supply closet. She stumbled, managing to catch her balance right as the door slammed. A moment later, the light flicked on, revealing Black Widow, her zipper pushed all the way down, her breasts nearly popping out of her jumpsuit.


“You just can’t stop looking at ‘em, can you?” Natasha smirked at her.


“I – I – I…” Kamala stuttered.


“That’s alright. Take a good look.” With that, Natasha pulled her Spy-suit open, displaying her bra-covered bust. A quick yank and the bra was pulled up, revealing her tits to the astounded teen. Kamala’s eyes widened, taking in the beautiful vision before her. Her lips parted, nearly panting, her eyes fixed on those luscious globes. Then they got even closer as Natasha stepped towards her.


Her view was blocked as the spy took advantage of her spread lips to French kiss her, slipping a tongue inside the surprised teen’s mouth. Kamala quickly melted, her knees weakening, but Natasha kept her upright, pressing her against the closet wall. This was not Kamala’s first kiss, but it was certainly a lot more forceful than anything she’d had before.


Natasha guided the teen’s hand inside her spy-suit, past the bottom of the zipper to the redhead’s wet pussy. Kamala found herself fingering her beautiful crush, a surreal experience made even better by the intense lip-lock happening at the same time.


The spy broke the kiss for a moment. “Make your fingers bigger inside me.” She commanded the younger woman. Nervously, Kamala did as she was told, rapidly expanding the size of her fingers until they hit Natasha’s cervix. The spy threw her head back in pleasure with a loud groan. “Oh yeah!” She exclaimed before driving her tongue back into Kamala’s mouth.


She kept one hand clamped around Kamala’s wrist, holding the Inhuman’s hand in place while she grinded on the over-sized fingers. Her other arm snaked around the teen’s neck, pulling her in tight even as she pressed their bodies against the wall.


Natasha started to moan into Kamala’s mouth as the pleasure in her pussy built. Her hips moved more and more, swivelling on the fingers inside her, grinding more forcefully with the pleasure the teen was providing. Kamala’s palm rubbed against her clit, and her nipples pressed against the teen’s body.


Soon the pleasure was overwhelming, and Natasha climaxed hard, her pussy clenching around the massive intrusion. Through it all, she kept her lips pressed against Kamala’s, moaning her desire into the teen’s mouth the entire time.


Once Natasha had returned from her min-blowing orgasm, she broke the kiss. “Your turn.” She told the teen.


Kamala found herself spun around, facing the wall as her burkini-uniform was pulled up and her panties pulled down. Hands on her hips pulled her a step back, then a hand on her lower back bent her over slightly. She felt hot breath on her rear end for a moment before her cheeks were split open and the spy’s tongue delved into her brown pucker.


Kamala squeaked and clenched her entire body, nearly squeezing the limber tongue from her ass. But Natasha’s prodigious oral skills kept her tongue inside the teen’s tight hole.


Kamala tried to relax and let the spy work, slowly realizing just how much pleasure skilled anal penetration could bring. But Natasha didn’t merely stop at analingus, slipping fingers into her dripping slit as well, and capping it off by playing with her emerging clit.


The teen could not last long against the spy’s ministrations. She felt intense pleasure build, almost a pressure in her loins, radiating out from the tongue in her ass, from the fingers in her slit, from her clit being pinched and pulled. Her breathing got faster and deeper, and then her whole body tensed as her orgasm washed over her.


Her body vibrated, every muscle spasming as the pleasure coursed through her small frame. Natasha kept her face buried between her butt cheeks, tongue whirling in the teen’s tight tushy. Her fingers were nearly crushed by Kamala’s clenching pussy, but she worked them deep while pinching and pulling the teen’s orgasmically-engorged clit.


Eventually Kamala’s pleasure gradually faded to a pleasant afterglow. With occasional shivers still wracking her body, Natasha gently lowered her body to the floor, letting the teen recover while she put on her clothes.


The room brightened as Natasha opened the door. Kate Bishop, walking by, peeked in. “Nice.” She commented.


“Mhm.” The spy replied. “She’s got a cute, tight ass.”


“Not for long. Strapons tomorrow?” Kate asked.


“Oh yeah. Can’t wait.” Natasha walked off.


Kate leaned into the closet, looking at the dazed teen before giving her a grin and a wink, then closed the door to let her recover.

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