Lost Connection: Nightwing and Black Widow

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Lost Connections
Nightwing and Black Widow

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, DC Comics, Black Widow, or Nightwing. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel, Disney, and Warner Brothers. Please don’t sue.

Warning: This story contains sexual content. If you’re not comfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

The Nexus Outworld

The number of universes were incalculable. The number of beings in those universes and the way in which they varied was every bit as immeasurable. Different individuals from different universes rarely knew of each other’s existence, let alone hope to encounter one another.

But in the Nexus Outworld, the possibilities converged. Unique connections from wildly different universes could be made. That was what Superman discovered after having been exiled from Universe DC-201252, as he called it. Knowing its value to the multiverse, he made sure it was a peaceful, serene setting for whoever ended up there.

How they got there varied, but the Nexus Outworld had a knack for picking just the right beings from just the right universes. For reasons none could hope to comprehend, it saw fit to select Natasha “Black Widow” Romanov and Richard “Nightwing” Grayson for a very special encounter.

From Natasha’s world, Reed Richards had indicated that the portal he’d created had locked onto her biosignature. It would only work for her now. She’d been reluctant at first, but ultimately decided to venture into this mysterious convergence of realms.

At that same time, Dick Grayson had been called to the Watchtower by Batman. A similar portal had opened within Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Again, it was specifically tuned to his biosignature. Only he could go through. Batman tried to dissuade him against going into something with so many unknowns. While he was usually inclined to listen to his mentor, Dick decided to take that bold leap.

After meeting Natasha, he was glad he took that chance. Meeting her and exploring this incredible world had proven fruitful in unexpected ways.

“This place is incredible!” said Dick as he walked alongside Natasha, taking in the unique cosmic spectacles. “It’s like the best parts of every universe are brought here and blended together.”

“Yes, it is quite awe-inspiring,” said Natasha distantly. “And I am not one who is easily awed.”

“I’m almost afraid to admire it too much,” Dick added. “I keep expecting there to be a catch…some dark secret that’s bound to lash out at us at any second.”

“That has often been the case in my world, too. Anything of beauty tends to be tainted somehow. The idea of something this grand being so genuine is just…”

Her words trailed off. Through her Russian accent, Dick heard the same reservations he often heard in Bruce, Hal, or Barry. Encountering anything that seemed this good only ever seemed to be a precursor for something awful. But something about the Nexus Outworld felt different.

“I know, Ms. Romanov,” Dick said. “I grew up in Gotham City. Believe me, I know.”

“From what you described, Gotham has much in common with the Red Room,” said Natasha.

“You sure about that? Did the Red Room have killer clowns, homicidal plant ladies, or man-bat creatures?” he quipped with a cocked eyebrow.

“Perhaps there aren’t that many similarities,” she conceded. “But the effects are the same. They hardened us…made us reluctant to accept anything good at face value. That cannot be healthy.”

“It’s not,” Dick said definitively. “Maybe that’s why we’re here. This world sensed something in us and needed to bring us here.”

“That would fit nicely with what that man – Superman, as you called him – told us when we first arrived. But how certain can we be of this?”

“Ms. Romanov, I know you don’t have a Superman in your universe. But trust me. Where I come from, if Superman says it…you can be very certain it’s the truth.”

That still seemed so foreign to Natasha, even in a place like the Nexus Outworld. She came from a world of lies, deceit, and half-truth. Encountering any person or place that was as true as it seemed was outrageous. But the more time she spent in this realm with this man, the more she entertained this once unfathomable thought.

They were in a place of true beauty and serenity. There was no ulterior motive or agenda. What they were seeing was as real as it felt.

“Maybe that’s what it sensed in us,” Natasha said distantly. “It saw in us this inability to just appreciate something true and beautiful. We’ve trained so hard to only see lies, secrets, and crimes that…”

“We’ve forgotten what it feels like to just be in the moment,” Dick said as Natasha’s worlds trailed off again.

“I don’t think we’ve forgotten. We just…don’t let ourselves appreciate it anymore. We’re always onto the next mission.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve tried to point that out to Bruce.”

“And more than one person has pointed it out to me…including friends, enemies, and even lovers.”

“Then, I won’t belabor it. I promise,” said Dick with a half-grin.

Natasha cast him a look, but her usually cold glare couldn’t last in the Nexus Outworld. This domain was just too peaceful and beautiful. She even cracked a smile, walking a bit closer to Dick Grayson as they made their way towards their destination.

They had been exploring the real for the past few hours. After Superman greeted them and explained the odd nature of this realm, he directed them towards a central area in the distance. He called it the Nexus Guesthouse. He’d built it himself atop a large hill that overlooked a vast alien landscape. It offered the best view of both the skies and the land. But just getting to it gave her and Dick plenty to admire.

As they followed the smooth, crystal-like paths, they took in the sights that seemed to vary with every step. They could see clouds of colorful cosmic mist swirling amongst the stars. They could see lush and diverse lands, each populated by countless plants and animals taken from various universes. Somehow, they all converged to create a perfectly blended ecosystem. It was like a work of art brought to life, every system functioning in harmony.

Even someone hardened by Gotham City or the Red Room felt the impact of such beauty. When they arrived at the guesthouse, the sheer extent of that beauty came into view. As Natasha and Dick stood in silence, the open door to the room just behind them, a new feeling came over them. In a gesture that went against all her Red Room training, Natasha reached over and took Dick’s hand in hers.

“I want to appreciate this,” Natasha said, her voice faltering under the impact of the Nexus Outworld. “I want so badly for this to be one mission where there is no agenda…no target…no objective.”

“In that case, it wouldn’t be a mission, would it?” Dick pointed out.

“Call it whatever you want. We’re here in this world. We have time to take it all in.”

“And this guesthouse is fully stocked, according to Superman. We can stay here as long as the Nexus will allow.”

He made it seem so appealing. Looking back into the room briefly, Natasha saw a suite fitting of a four-star hotel. There was a large bed, a kitchen area, bathrooms with large showers, and even a fireplace. It looked so comfortable and inviting. She had to stop herself from thinking it was a trap.

Natasha turned towards Dick, who was still admiring the landscape. She soon found herself admiring him. He was indeed a handsome man. That skin-tight Nightwing suit, as he called it, didn’t hide that. She knew many men who looked good in such outfits. She’d both befriended and seduced them. But it was always because of or in spite of a conflict unfolding around her.

In the Nexus Outworld, there was no such conflict. There was no sordid history or hidden connection. She and Dick Grayson came from entirely different worlds with entirely different conflicts. In that sense, Natasha began contemplating how they would spend their time here.

“Mr. Grayson,” Natasha said, still fixated on him. “We both know we won’t be here for long. Superman didn’t give us a set time, but I know my world too well. Some conflict will emerge. And I will be drawn back to it.”

“I know how that feels,” said Dick distantly. “I’m bracing for it too.”

“That’s just it. I think we need to stop bracing for the inevitable,” she said strongly. “Nothing can change where our worlds will take us. But here…we can step back from it all. We can just be here and…be ourselves, for lack of a better word. Not Black Widow. Not Nightwing. Just Natasha and Dick.”

Dick turned from the vast landscape before him and focused on Natasha. Her words struck a chord. Coming from her, through her Russian accent, they seemed so enticing. It also helped that she was a beautiful redheaded woman and he had a history of falling for such women. He quickly found himself drawn closer to her, the beauty of the Nexus Outworld converging with that of this woman.

“Be ourselves,” Dick repeated. “Why does that feel so daunting?”

“That is usually a sign that it’s right, is it not?” Natasha pointed out.

“Heh. Guess our worlds have that in common,” he said. “But how do we go about just being ourselves?”

It was a reasonable question. They could’ve spent hours debating it. But that would’ve squandered what precious time they had.

Natasha, daring to be bolder than any super spy would dare, moved in closer. She stood so close to Dick that she could feel his body heat mixing with hers. In a place like this, it had an added effect. She even felt some of it between her legs. That might have just been her body reminding her that she hadn’t been laid in a while. And while Natasha’s first inclination was to restrain herself in the presence of a handsome man in a strange world, she made a choice.

“I have a few ideas,” Natasha said as the sexual tension between them escalated rapidly.

“Oh? Care to share?” said Dick, quickly picking up on the sultry subtext.

“I’d love to. But you’ll have to kiss me to find out, Mr. Grayson,” she said intently.

The sexual tension boiled over. Their lips touched, coming together in a soft, but determined kiss. Natasha willingly slipped deeper into his powerful arms, pawing his chest while twirling her tongue with his. He responded in kind, feeling up her womanly curves, not hiding his appreciation of her skin-tight attire.

It was intoxicating and even a little dangerous. Dick got his first taste of the Black Widow’s lips. In her world, it often came with danger. Dick had known enough dangerous women to know the signs. He could sense that many unwitting men had given into Natasha’s seductive skills. Any good spy knew to hone those skills well. Many of those men likely regretted it. He would not be one of them.

“Natasha…” he gasped softly as she nibbled on his lower lip.

“Mr. Grayson…Dick,” Natasha said.

Saying his name like that sealed it. They might have been strangers from two very different worlds, but a connection had been made. From it, a tentative trust evolved into powerful desire.

Still standing within Dick’s arms, the Russian woman guided her into the guest house and towards the bed. Along the way, she subtly unzipped the top part of her black, skin-tight attire. She did it slowly and sensually, revealing her ample cleavage and the black lace bra she’d worn underneath. It got Dick’s attention and Natasha used it wisely, taking him by the wrists and leading his hands to the hems. From there, she guided him in sensually sliding it down her womanly body.

Dick savored every inch of her newly exposed skin. He watched in awe as the Black Widow willingly slipped hear arms out of the sleeves, discarding her wrist-blasters in the process, and stepped out of her boots. It rendered her in nothing but her bra and panties. She was still plenty dangerous. She struck him as a woman who could take down a man or several wearing nothing.

“You’re beautiful,” Dick told her as he took in her exposed form.

“And you are now overdressed,” Natasha replied.

He must have been distracted because the former Robin hadn’t noticed her pushing up the top part of his uniform, exposing his upper body in the process. He offered no resistance, raising his arms and letting her remove it entirely. Once exposed, the tension turned to a less subtle form of lust.

Dick and Natasha kissed again, this time with more vigor and passion. Natasha hungrily pawed his chest while guiding him towards the nearby bed. Dick followed her lead, shifting his strong hands to her butt. As soon as she felt his lustful squeeze, she jumped up into his arms and threw her legs around his waist. Like any skilled acrobat, he caught her. He then laid her atop the bed where the rest of their clothes came off.

“Get it off! Get it all off!” Natasha said, reaching down to undo his pants.

“On point and direct,” Dick said curtly, “I like that!”

“I rarely get to be so forward.”

“I understand. Believe me, I understand.”

That added to the urgency. Natasha already had his pants halfway down his thighs, underwear and all. His manhood was already very erect. Her soft lips and skilled touch got his blood flowing in all the right directions. The way she rubbed her thigh against the underside of his shaft only made it harder. But he desired more.

Mirroring her very forward nature, Dick swiftly unclasped her bra and slipped it off. Her large breasts tumbled out. They were another sight to behold, but he refused to get distracted. Batman had trained him to be disciplined, especially when it came to beautiful women.

Without skipping a beat, Dick grasped the sides of her panties and slid them off her shapely legs. It was just in time, too. Natasha had already gotten his pants down to his ankles. As soon as he kicked them across the room, he lifted her hips so that he could get her panties completely off.

Now completely naked, Dick hovered over the beautiful redhead with breathless awe. Natasha just looked up at him with a rare intensity, conveying through her eyes the extent of her desire. There was nothing elaborate, cunning, or complicated about it. It was just an honest, true want for sex.

“Dick…take me,” Natasha told him.

Her voice left no room for subtlety. She was done with foreplay. She had no patience for elaborate schemes of seduction. She had enough of that in her line of work. This woman wanted sex. And she wanted it hard, raw, and direct. It was so simple and blunt. It was also exactly what they needed.

“Lie back and enjoy it, Natasha,” Dick said to her. “Trust me.”

That was a big ask for a skilled spy. It was a big ask for anyone who’d lived life behind a mask and in the shadows. Dick understood its value and so did Natasha. When she laid back and spread her legs, he understood importance of this act.

Armed with this woman’s trust, Dick Grayson focused the full force of his desire and drive on the beautiful redhead. He grabbed hold of her hips, dug his knees into the bed, and drove his pelvis forward to enter her.

“Dick!” Natasha exclaimed.

The penetration was smooth and seamless. His hard, masculine flesh slithered effortlessly into her wet, womanly folds. She’d been even more aroused than he thought. How long had it been since Natasha Romanov trusted someone with her body like this? Dick couldn’t begin to imagine. He was already entranced by her intoxicating sex.

“So wet and tight,” he grunted.

As soon as her moist sheath adjusted to his member, Dick began moving his hips. Natasha tightened her grasp on his shoulders, hitching her legs back further to maximize the penetration. Once he got a feel for her womanly depths, he began working the toned ass that so many women had complimented to establish a sexual rhythm.

A flood of wonderous sensations followed, coupled with the gasps and moans of ecstasy. Their sex intensified quickly. Dick buried his face between Natasha’s neck and shoulders, rhythmically thrusting his hips with focused passion. His chiseled masculine form pressed down against her feminine frame, sinews becoming entwined with every movement.

Together, their naked bodies rocked in a chaotic mesh of flesh. Natasha let her face contort with glee as she eagerly raked her nails down his back, paying special attention to that toned ass of his. Dick seemed to like that. He rewarded her by lightly nibbling on her neck, squeezing her hips, and thrusting into her extra deep, hitting those sensitive spots that only a skilled lover could reach.

It was such a simple act, a man and a woman from two different worlds having sex. Such simplicity stood in stark contrast to the complexities of the problems they’d face. It was so liberating, just being able to get intimate with someone. It made achieving that special sensual peak seem effortless. And for once, Natasha didn’t try to complicate it.

“Yes! Yes! Ooh I’m close, Dick! I’m getting…so close!” Natasha moaned, her breath becoming increasingly labored.

“Oh Natasha…me too!” Dick said, his face still partially buried in her neck.

“Please…just do it! Come with me. Come!”

Dick took her at her word, another gesture that neither of them took lightly. In a push to meet her at this sexual peak, he adjusted their bodies slightly so he could step up his efforts.

He shifted his grip to her thighs, held her legs apart at just the right angle, and rose slightly for greater leverage. His focus never waning, Dick pumped his cock harder and faster into Natasha’s pussy. She remained on her back, her breasts bouncing as she clung to his arms, an orgasm fast approaching. He watched with admiring awe as she closed her eyes as they took one another past the point of no return.

“Oohhh Dick!” Natasha cried out.

“Natasha!” Dick exclaimed.

Their orgasmic cries echoed throughout the Nexus Outworld. They really did it. They came together from two different worlds and achieved this feeling, devoid of complication or agendas.

Natasha climaxed first. For once, she just surrendered control and let her body go wild. She closed her eyes, curled her toes, and bit her lower lip as the feeling washed over her. It was incredible, warm ripples of pleasure flowing over her body. For once, she didn’t have to be Black Widow. She could just be Natasha, a complicated woman enjoying the simple pleasures of sex.

Dick appreciated those pleasures just as much. As Natasha’s inner muscles tightened around his manhood, he slowed his movements to savor his release. He clung hard to her thighs, letting out a long and content moan as he climaxed inside her. Hot surges of pleasure followed as his cock tensed inside her depths, spraying a thick load of seminal fluid into her womb. It was both satisfying and refreshing, sharing an intimate moment with a woman who needed this as much as him.

As they each took in the ecstasy, they lingered briefly in their intimate entwinement. A light sweat had formed on their naked bodies as they worked to catch their breath. Still dazed by the feeling, Dick and Natasha opened their eyes to match one another’s gaze. In another moment of shared understanding, they cast one another a warm smile.

“I take back what I said earlier,” Natasha said, breaking the silence. “I did not know how much I needed this.”

“Yeah…that makes two of us,” said Dick.

“I only wish I didn’t have to cross universes to realize that.”

“Sometimes, it takes just that much,” Dick said in a humored tone.

“It’s still a lot,” she said with an amused chuckle.

Natasha pulled him back down onto her for another kiss. Dick accepted the invitation, withdrawing from her and enjoying the hot touch of her naked skin against his. It was indeed a rare feeling, sharing in this simple need with someone. Like her, he chose not to complicate it. He just followed the same whims as her.

Not much more needed to be said. The affectionate kissing quickly evolved into post-coital foreplay. Dick rolled onto his side and Natasha did the same. She even took advantage of the extra leverage, hitching a leg over his waist and exploring more of his naked body with her skilled hands. They were still short of breath, but plenty of desire remained.

“Dick,” Natasha said, breaking the kiss as she laid next to him, “I don’t know how much time we have left in this place. But I want to use it wisely.”

“Me too,” he said. “I worry I’ll just wake up in the middle of a fight against Penguin, Joker, and Darkseid.”

“And for all I know, I’ll wake up in one of Hydra’s torture chambers and have to fight my way out. That’s what always happens to people like us. We find ourselves fighting for our lives…and the lives of others.”

“So…we should give ourselves something extra to fight for?” said Dick, following her train of thought.

She flashed a seductive smile. His playful tone confirmed that his desire matched hers.

“I may not need it as Black Widow. And you may not need it as Nightwing,” she said. “But here…in this unique nexus between universes…let’s focus on more personal needs. That way, we can return to our respective worlds stronger and more resolute.”

“Among other things,” Dick quipped.

Natasha laughed again. She didn’t laugh often. Then again, she let herself just enjoy intimate moments. She’d made many exceptions already with Dick Grayson. Why not make a few more?

With that in mind, she kissed him again and their foreplay resumed. But this time, the Russian beauty escalated their intimacy. Over the course of their heated kissing and groping, she pinned Dick on his back and got on top of him. He enjoyed that. It gave him a chance to fondle her ass as much as she’d fondled his. Natasha let him enjoy that briefly before breaking the kiss, leaning in, and whispering seductively into his ear.

“Relax,” she told him. “Trust me.”

Dick Grayson answered with a content moan, the feeling of her naked body against his offering more than enough incentive. In the past, gaining the trust of a horny man had always been a means to an end. That was how Natasha been trained to use sex in the Red Room. She was still getting used to pursuing sex without an agenda. This was her best opportunity to date to further distance herself from her unscrupulous past.

Following those same skills that had once been used to exploit, Natasha trailed her lips down her partner’s neck and chest. With skill and precision befitting of the Black Widow, she followed his masculine contours, tasting and teasing every inch of his flesh along the way. Dick was such a fit, toned man. As she worked her way down, she found herself getting very aroused again. The Red Room had conditioned her to control and channel her passions. Just letting an attractive man make her wet was an act of defiance to her former handlers.

“Mmm…such a fine, handsome man,” Natasha purred, sounding like a woman drunk on sex. “You make me so…hungry.”

“Well then…bon apptite,” Dick replied.

He sounded so playful as he watched with a beaming grin, his anticipation growing as she neared his half-erect penis. It was still wet with sexual fluids. That did nothing to dissuade Natasha.

Once her lips made it past his lower abdomen, she focused her attention, as well as her lust, on his member. The Russian super-spy grabbed the base with both hands, stroked it lightly to get the blood flowing again, and gave the tip a soft lick. It earned a light reaction from Dick. But that was just an appetizer. Upon parting her long red hair behind her ears, Natasha hungrily enveloped his manly flesh between her lips.

“Oh God!” Dick gasped, his reaction much stronger.

Abandoning the usual technique and subtlety, she began giving this man the kind of oral sex she rarely got to give anyone outside a mission. Up and down, her head bobbed, licking and sucking along the length of his shaft. She felt it harden quickly between her lips, testing her jaw and her gag reflex. A lifetime of spy craft and seduction had given her plenty of sex skills. It felt so liberating, just using them for fun.

The Russian even beauty dared to be a little playful, shooting Dick a seductive glance while she blew him. He just smiled back, leaning back on one arm while running his fingers through her hair as she went through the motions. Natasha also let herself be a little greedy, reaching between her legs and fondling her pussy to help further her arousal. She wanted more sex, as well. And once Dick was adequately erect, she went for it.

“Mmm…delicious,” Natasha said, giving the underside of his cock an extra-long lick.

“Damn! You’re really skilled, Natasha,” said Dick, his voice now thick with lust.

“And I rarely get to use those skills for personal enjoyment. I get the sense you don’t, either.”

“What gave that away?”

“But that does not matter here. We’re here, we’re horny, and we’re going to enjoy these skills, damn it!”

Natasha sounded more determined than she’d intended. Dick offered no complaints. He just kept grinning while she followed their shared lust.

With both their bodies now ready for another round of sex, she got back on top of him, straddling his pelvis and hovering over him. That gave him a full, unobstructed view of her naked body, which Dick appreciated a great deal.

“Wow! I’m already enjoying this,” said Dick.

Natasha shot him another seductive grin and helped him appreciate it even more. She grabbed his wrists and guiding them to her breasts. While he fondled them, she aligned the tip of his cock with the moist folds of her pussy. Since neither one of them was feeling patient in the moment, she made the first move. She thrust her hips downward, driving his member up into her vagina.

“Yes!” Natasha gasped upon feeling their sex. “Enjoy it, Dick! Enjoy it with me!”

The Russian beauty began riding his cock, skillfully gliding the folds of her pussy along the length of his rigid flesh. She tightened her grip on his wrists, quickly building up to the same sexual rhythm that he had used so effectively during their first round of sex. It felt every bit as pleasurable.

A fresh chorus of moans, gasps, and grunts filled the area. Their echoes carried throughout the Nexus Outworld. Natasha Romanov and Dick Grayson, two people who’d spent much of their lives in the shadows, were purposefully loud. They didn’t have to hide. They didn’t have to be careful, tactful, or vigilant. They could just let loose and enjoy this, a fun-filled romp with an attractive stranger from another universe.

Together, they shared in both the fun and the ecstasy. Natasha rode him hard and fast, leaning back at times so he could better rub her breasts. Dick admired her flexibility more than most, kneading her breasts as they bounced to the rhythm. He also discovered that she liked having her nipples pinched in a certain way. That got her to squeal in ways unbefitting of a Russian superspy. But she didn’t care and neither did he.

They let themselves be raunchy and playful every step of the way. Unlike the first round, Dick and Natasha really dragged this sex out. Not knowing how much longer they had in the Nexus Outworld, they made an effort to vent as much pent-up passions as they could. That made their sex a bit chaotic at some points, their naked bodies rocking erratically to the constant flow of sensations. It added some laughter in between their moans, but their focus never waned. They kept going at it, pushing their bodies and desires towards a shared goal.

“Enjoy it…cherish it…savor it…with me!” Natasha panted.

“I am! Oh God, I am!” Dick gasped.

As their sex played out, they shared plenty of affectionate touching and messy kisses. It ultimately led them to that shared goal once more as another orgasm fast approached. But, as it drew near, Natasha took a chance at being even more playful.

In a sudden shift that perfectly demonstrated her nimbleness and agility, she rose off his cock briefly, turned her body around completely, and drove her hips downward to reunite their flesh. Now in a perfect reverse cowgirl position, she began riding him again. She also made sure she bounced her ass in such a way to give Dick the best view.

“Oohhh I’m close again, Dick!” Natasha said. “Here! Watch my ass…as I ride you!”

“Oh Natasha…you have…a great ass!” Dick said through his sexual daze. “Ooh it feels good to say that for once!”

“It’s about to feel…even better!”

Taking full advantage of their position, Natasha leaned forward a bit and grabbed onto his thighs for leverage. Dick made use of it too, reaching forward and eagerly fondling her heart-shaped butt as it bounced up and down in accord with their sex. His strong touch and hard grunts hinted he was close. She just had to guide him the rest of the way.

Determined, the Russian woman intensified the pace of her riding. She really worked the folds of her pussy along the full length of his cock. Her hot, tight flesh squeezed him with every motion, guiding him closer to the same peak. Natasha helped herself ascend as well, rubbing her clit and building up the feeling to a crescendo.

Finally, in a sexual feat that only those with skill and drive could hope to achieve, Natasha and Dick climaxed together.

“Dick!” Natasha cried out.

“Ohhh Natasha!” Dick gasped.

It was even more satisfying than their first. Their bodies were so in synch that it was hard to tell who came first. It ultimately didn’t matter. The ecstasy was just as great.

Dick squeezed her ass extra firmly, closing his eyes and letting out a long grunt as he released another seminal load into this beautiful woman’s depths. Natasha’s eagerly took in every drop, her pussy throbbing in accord with a blissful release. As their juices mixed, ripples of pleasure coursed through them. Their naked flesh burned as their minds became soaked in a sexual bliss. There was no agenda or second guessing the feeling. It was just good, enjoyable sex between two people who needed it. The fact they were from different universes might as well have been an afterthought.

“Boshe Moi…I really enjoyed that,” Natasha said in her euphoric daze.

“Yeah…me too,” said Dick in a similar daze.

“I almost forgot what that’s like…to just enjoy a feeling.”

“Sometimes…we need a reminder. Some just need it more than others.”

In an act that further set him apart from any man in any universe, Dick rose from the bed and wrapped his arms around her naked body from behind. Natasha sank into his embrace once again, allowing herself to smile wider as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

She kept smiling as she withdrew his member from her pussy. She wasn’t usually one to enjoy the afterglow. She rarely got the chance. Knowing she would probably never see this man again, Natasha just sank further into his arms, leaning back with him so they could appreciate the peace of the Nexus Outworld together.

“So that’s what it feels like…to let my guard down,” Natasha said.

“I know,” said Dick distantly. “It’s strange, but…not something I can get used to.”

“For those such as us…that’s what makes it important.”

The End

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