Sucker Bet

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Sucker Bet

AN: The following is a one-shot based on a scene of Children of the Atom #1. Specifically, it’s the scene in the Summers House where Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Wolverine, and Storm are shooting pool.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men or any affiliated Marvel characters. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean inner thoughts or psychic communication.’

Warning: This story contains graphic sexual content. If you’re not comfortable with that, I don’t recommend reading this. As always, I welcome feedback or comments. Please post them on the fanfiction website or send them to me via email. Now, without further ado, enjoy!

The Moon – The Summer House

There were a number of unwritten rules for those who joined the X-Men. Anyone who’d been part of the team for an extended period came to respect those rules quickly. Most were common sense.

Never take one of Logan’s beers or whiskey bottles.

Never look through Gambit’s sock drawer.

Never touch Emma Frost’s hair conditioner or makeup.

Never mess with Storm’s plants during harvest.

Never answer a phone call or text message from Deadpool.

Some rules, however, didn’t become clear until it was too late. It often led to situations that were both awkward and hilarious. Even after the entire mutant race set up their own nation on Krakoa, many of those rules still held true. Ororo “Storm” Munroe knew them better than most. That brought her motivations into question when she willingly broke a rule most people respected.

Never play pool with Scott and Jean-Grey Summers. More importantly, never play pool with them and gamble. It was the ultimate losing bet.

“Six ball, back pocket,” said Scott with casual confidence.

Krakoa’s Captain Commander carried out the shot with ease, hitting the cue ball at the perfect angle to strike the nine-ball so that it ricocheted several times before landing. It was an impressive feat, but one that came easy for him. He’d most of his life mastering angles with his optic blasts. Shooting expert-level shots in a game of billiards was practically second nature.

“Nice shot, hun!” Jean complimented. “I’ll take the three-ball in the side-pocket.”

She announced her shot with equal confidence. Leaning over the table with her husband watching on, the beautiful redhead pulled off an equally skilled shot. Like the previous shot, it went in with ease. She didn’t even need telekinesis. Jean’s mastery of angles was just as strong, a byproduct of telekinetic training and being married to Scott Summers.

Ororo just watched on in bemusement as Logan stood next to her, casually drinking a beer. He just kept shaking his head as he glanced between the pool table and the former weather goddess.

“You must love losing, Ro,” Logan commented. “Shootin’ a friendly game of pool with the Summers is one thing. But betting on it…”

“I was feeling lucky today,” Ororo said with a casual shrug. “I thought I had a chance.”

“Darlin’, even Domino won’t play these two. And luck is the only reason she wins anything.”

“Then, it’s a good thing I’m not a sore loser when it comes to games of skill.”

“That, or you have other motives.”

“Oh Logan. What possible motives could I have for making such foolish bets?” Ororo said with phony innocence.

“I have my share of guesses,” he said, “but something tells me you can’t hide ‘em for much longer.”

Ororo just snickered, her curt grin never waning. She knew what she was doing. That was hard to hide at this point. After the discussing some serious issues relating to Krakoa, including the emergence of a new team of young mutants near New York City, they settled into some friendly games.

Then, Ororo decided to make things interesting. She started making bets. That was when Nightcrawler left, claiming he had no interest in seeing her making terrible wagers. Logan stuck around, but only because Jean brought out some fresh beer. He knew better than most where this was going. It was just a matter of how bold it would get.

“With that shot, you’re down even more, Ororo,” Jean said while Scott lined up his next shot. “You’ve already agreed to clean the water filters, take my shift at the Healing Gardens, and wash the X-jet. I appreciate the stakes, but let’s be real. These aren’t arduous tasks for someone like you.”

“I don’t mind,” Ororo said, still pretending to be dense. “Besides, I leave the bigger bets for the Gambits and Dominoes of the world.”

“That’s still hardly big, in the grand scheme of things,” Jean pointed out. “And if memory serves me right, you did say you wanted to make things interesting.”

“I haven’t forgotten, either. What do you propose for this next shot?”

Jean’s coy grin widened. Scott didn’t hide his, either. He already has his shot lined up and he had every intention of making it. The only details left was his incentive for making it. Jean, being a powerful psychic and knowing her friend’s various subtleties, picked up on Ororo’s undertones. Having come to appreciate those undertones more than most, she chose to stop beating around the bush.

“How about this,” Jean said, “for this next ball, and the rest in the rack, you take off a piece of clothing for every shot we make.”

The weather goddess blushed at the request, but her grin didn’t wane. It was a lurid request. Prior to Krakoa, Jean Grey-Summers never would’ve entertained it. A lot had changed recently, both with the X-Men and their personal lives. This change just happened to be more personal than most.

“So, now we’re playing strip billiards? That even a thing?” Logan joked.

“It is now, I suppose,” Ororo sighed.

“Is that a yes or no?” Jean said with a cock-eyed look.

She glanced towards Logan, who was already sipping a fresh beer. He kept shaking his head in amusement, but made no effort to stop her. She also glanced towards Scott, as if to put more pressure on his next shot.

“Yes,” Ororo said. “I’ll take that bet. And if you miss, you must do the same.”

“You’re on!” said Jean, shaking her friend’s hand to make it official.

“Ha! Don’t tell me you’re still feeling lucky, Ro,” Logan laughed.

“Relatively speaking,” Ororo quipped.

“Relative…right,” said the former living weapon.

Ororo just leaned on her pool cue, still under Jean’s lurid gaze. She knew what was coming. Jean, Scott, and Logan knew it too. It was just a formality at this point.

“Two ball, corner pocket,” said Scott, calling the shot.

Not missing a beat or showing any signs of pressure, the X-Leader did his shot. It wasn’t as elaborate as the last one he did, but the result was the same. The two ball landed right in the corner pocket. That meant the stripping had to commence.

“Darn,” Ororo sighed, pretending to be upset.

“A bet’s a bet. You accepted it,” said Jean. “Now, take off your shirt.”

“That include the cape?” Logan asked.

“The cape is part of the shirt, Logan. She knows that as well as you,” Ororo pointed out.

The African woman set her cue aside and proceeded to hold up her end of the bet. With little hesitation, she slid the top part of her black uniform off over her head. That included the matching black cape, as well. It revealed a matching black bra underneath, much to the chagrin and intrigue of the men.

Ororo didn’t mind their gaze as she folded her attire and set it on a nearby table. She had never expressed discomfort in undressing around others, be they male or female. She expressed even less discomfort around close friends, especially those she’d been intimate with.

“Nice choice of bra, Ro,” Logan commented.

“Thank you, Logan,” Ororo said, rolling her eyes under his gaze. “You’re just disappointed I chose to wear one today.”

“I ain’t arguing that,” he scoffed. “Besides, I bet that thing costs a tenth of whatever Emma’s wearing.”

“That assumes she even bothered with a bra today,” said Scott as he moved to the other side of the table.

“Like you’d have to assume, Summers,” Logan quipped.

“Judge a woman’s choice of underwear later, boys,” said Jean. “We’re still playing pool, are we not?”

“And it’s your shot, last I checked,” said Scott.

“It is,” Jean affirmed, “which means you’d better think fast about what you want Ororo to take off next.”

The redheaded psychic spoke with both confidence and eagerness. She was in control now and she knew how to make use of it. Neither she nor Scott were hiding their intentions, either. They knew what was going on before Ororo made that bet. The only unknown was how far they would take it.

“Six ball, back pocket,” Jean said as she lined up her shot.

She took her time, as if to build the tension. She then hit the cue ball and the angles did the rest. It wasn’t as smooth as the first, but the result was the same. The six ball still went in. Scott, now eying Ororo more intently, carried out his part.

“Take off your bra,” he told her.

“Goin’ right for the goods,” Logan said. “I’m rubbin’ off on you, Cyke.”

“Heavens help us all,” Ororo said in bemusement.

Just as before, she did her part. Ororo slid the straps off her shoulders, reached behind her back, and unclasped her bra. She just let it fall too the floor, revealing to them her round, mocha-colored breasts.

Naturally, the men stared and Ororo made no effort to hide their beauty from them. She might have been best known for wielding the power of a weather goddess, but she was also a beautiful woman. No straight man would’ve denied that. Seeing her naked from the waist up was still a divine sight to behold.

Laughing at the men’s reactions, Jean playfully swatted her husband from behind. They were still in the middle of a game and that game had real stakes.

“I get it. There’s a topless woman in front of you. And she has nice tits,” Jean said, rolling her eyes. “Hope you won’t be too distracted for your next shot, hun.”

“Don’t worry, Jean. I know how to stay focused,” Scott said confidently. “And in case you need proof, I’ll make your next choice even more enticing.”

Jean cast her husband a curious glance. He was already on the other end of the table. He showed no signs that a topless Ororo Munroe would throw off his game. As he lined up his next shot, both Jean and Ororo waited in anticipation.

“I’m going for a double,” Scott said, “four and five ball in the corner pockets.”

“Two at once? That mean double the stripping?” Logan asked.

“Do you really wanna argue the rules at this point, Logan?” Jean asked.

“Hell no!”

The air grew tense. A heavy silence fell over the room. All eyes were on Scott now as he lined up the shot, his tactical brain working out all the angles. Logan even set his beer aside. It was that serious. Storm just leaned back against a nearby table, her breast still on full display and in plain view from where Scott was standing. She refused to make it too easy for him.

With steady hands and a deep breath, Krakoa’s Captain Commander made his shot. The crack of the billiard balls echoed louder than usual. The cue ball hit the four and five ball at a very specific angle. The margin for error was very small. However, the end result was the same.

Both billiard balls went in.

It was another perfect shot.

Jean cast her husband an approving glance. He’d once again done his part amidst higher stakes. With such stakes came higher awards.

“That was a tough shot,” Jean commented, “but he made it. You know what that means!”

“I’m not sure I do, but I can make an educated guess,” quipped Storm.

Jean’s gaze narrowed on her female friend, as if to project her thoughts towards her. Ororo knew her well enough to not require telepathy. She didn’t need to guess what came next.

“Take everything else off,” Jean said intently, “pants, panties, boots…everything.”

“All that for an extra ball?” laughed Logan.

“I made the bed, Logan. She accepted it,” Ororo sighed. “I suppose that’s as fair as it’s gonna be.”

All eyes were back on the former weather goddess as she finished undressing completely. She’d started undoing her pants before Logan made his comment. She showed little reservation as she slid them down her shapely this, panties and all. She was just as blasé when stepping out of her boots, not showing the slightest hint of discomfort at being completely naked in front of other people.

The two men certainly appreciated it. They did not hide their approving gazes as they glanced over her naked features. Like her breasts, Ororo had the hips, thighs, butt, and pussy of a goddess. It wasn’t the first time they’d seen her naked, but it still left an impression.

However, Jean’s reaction was more pronounced. The way she looked at Ororo’s nude figure stood out. It even triggered a more intimate reaction.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Ororo. No wonder people used to worship you,” Jean commented.

“Thank you, Jean,” said Ororo as she set her clothes aside. “Some still do, even after I tell them I’m not divine.”

“Can you blame them?” Scott said. “Seeing you naked will get plenty of men to rethink their idea of divinity.”

“The same goes for women,” said Jean, “and that’s coming from someone who once wielded a cosmic force.”

“And someone who used to real antsy around naked people,” laughed Logan.

“Yeah, thanks for reminding me of that, Logan,” Jean said, rolling her eyes.

“Don’t act like we’ve forgotten, Jeannie.”

Scott and Ororo also laughed. None of them had forgotten those awkward times, with respect to Jean’s attitudes towards nudity. That incident years ago where she saw Ororo skinny dipping in the pool and reacted so strongly was still a source of embarrassment, as well as humor.

Jean could laugh about it now, but it didn’t change that she used to be so reserved. She got anxious undressing around other women. At lot had changed since then, including multiple deaths and resurrections. However, the formation of Krakoa had led to far greater changes, the least of which included new attitudes towards nudity.

She still remembered emerging from the resurrection protocols with her friends, covered in goop and completely naked. Pretty much everyone on Krakoa saw her naked that day. It was a significant part of a larger adjustment to how she, Scott, and her friends conducted themselves. Some extended to their private lives.

Still eying her naked friend, Jean remembered that there were still some shots on the table. Being reminded of how uptight she used to be also inspired her to raise the stakes even more.

“Well, you’ve run out of clothes to take off,” Jean said, “but the game’s not over.”

“So it would seem,” said Ororo, now leaning back on a nearby chair. “How do you propose we finish?”

“Well, seeing as how you’re naked and you’re all making fun of me for being so prude…”

Jean let her words trail off as she turned back to the table. Scott, seeing that mischievous glint in her eye once more, got out of her way. Logan just went back to sipping his bear, sensing the beautiful redhead already had a plan.

“Nine ball, side pocket,” said Jean, lining up a shot that required an extreme angle. “If I make this, you have to do something special for me.”

“By special, you mean…” said Ororo, picking up on her sensual undertone.

“I mean exactly what you’re already thinking…and then some,” Jean said cryptically, “but rather than get the boys too excited, I’ll just share it with your mind. Let me know if you’re game!”

She cast Ororo a wry look, followed by a quick telepathic message. Once Ororo got it, she reacted strongly. She blinked a few times in astonishment. Jean’s request had genuinely surprised her. For two women who knew each other so well, that was quite an accomplishment.

Once the shock wore off, Ororo cast her friend an equally telling grin. Now, this was much more than a friendly game of billiards.

“Oh. I see now,” Ororo said. “If you those are your stakes, I accept! Just be sure you can handle the results.”

“Don’t worry, Ororo. I know I can!” Jean said, her voice taking on a more lurid undertone.

Such vague words along with lurid undertones left the men frustrated, but intrigued.

“Damn! That’s just cruel,” Logan said, shaking his head. “You really gonna tease us like that?”

“Yep!” Jean said as she lined up her shot.

“And you’re going to make us watch and wait?” Scott added. “Even though the strength of your psy-shields gives it away?”

“Yep!” Jean repeated proudly.

The beautiful offered no further details as she focused on her shot. She looked even more focused than usual, as though the next shot was the most important shot of her life. The nine ball was at an extreme angle, relative to the pocket she called. The eight ball was also in the way and getting around it wouldn’t be easy, even for an expert shooter.

She took her time, more so than usual. It added new tension to the air. Ororo, as if to distract and entice her, stepped forth and leaned over the table. Her naked body was still in full view. Even for another woman, it was a serious distraction. Again, her friend refused to make it too easy for her.

‘Better wet your lips, Ororo. We all know how this will play out.’

In a quick, snappy motion, Jean hit the cue ball at a very specific angle. Basic physics did the rest. In the span of two seconds, it played out before their eyes.

The cue ball hit the nine ball.

The nine ball bounced off the opposing side.

The ball narrowly missed the eight ball on its path to the side pocket.

When it sank, Ororo let out a fake sigh of defeat while Jean stood in triumph.

“Another perfect shot. Another bet won!” Jean said proudly. “You know what that means.”

“Indeed I do,” said Ororo.

“You ain’t gonna tell us, aren’t you?” Logan said.

“Why tell when you can show?” Jean said. “It’s more fun that way!”

“Right. Fun,” said Scott in bemusement.

Jean tossed her pool cue stick over to Scott, who caught it with ease. She then made her way around to the front of the table where Ororo stood. She was still leaning forward, still so casual about being completely naked in front of her friends. When Jean arrived, she stood extra-close. She was so close that Ororo could smell Jean’s perfume and Jean could sense Ororo’s body heat.

Within that closeness, the two women shared a friendly gesture of affection. Jean caressed the African woman’s face while Ororo sneakily trailed her fingers up Jean’s thigh. However, those gestures quickly became less friendly and more intimate.

“You’ve become so much more open, Jean,” Ororo said to her friend. “I like it. I think it’s been good for you.”

“It has,” Jean said. “I wish it hadn’t taken so long…all those years clinging to my insecurities and reservations.”

“You ain’t the only one, Red,” Logan said under his breath, which earned him a glare from Scott.

“I’d say better late than never,” Ororo said, “but I also know you wish to make up for lost time.”

“Indeed, I do,” said Jean, now caressing her friend’s face with both hands, “and this is part of that.”

Then, with the two men still watching intently with great interest, Jean pulled Ororo into a kiss. It wasn’t a friendly kiss, either. It was deep, intense, and prolonged. It even included a fair amount of tongue.

It was very sensual, radiating with an affection that went beyond basic female friendship. As their lips meshed, Jean trailed her gloved hands down Ororo’s naked skin. Ororo returned the favor by reaching further up her skirt, feeling around her inner thigh. When she grazed her panties with the tips of her fingers, she could already sense a growing arousal. It was already at a point where simple kissing and touching would be insufficient.

“Shall we, my friend?” Ororo said playfully.

“You ready my mind!” Jean quipped.

“That ain’t funny anymore,” said Logan.

“She’s not trying to be funny,” Scott said. “Trust me. Jean has no sense of humor when she’s horny.”

The two women remained locked on one another. Still embracing and gazing at each other lustfully, Jean got up on the pool table and sat down at the edge. With her legs now dangling over the side, she kicked off her boots and leaned back on her arms. Ororo then stood between her friend’s legs, already eying her inner thighs.

“Get down on your knees,” said Jean in a firm, yet affectionate tone.

The former weather goddess complied without question.

“You won the bet. You’re in charge, Jean,” said Ororo as she knelt down.

“Damn straight!” Jean said. “Now, take my panties off.”

She wasn’t too polite in making such a demand, but that didn’t stop Ororo from obliging. It also didn’t stop her from being playful and seductive in the process. She trailed her hands up Jean’s legs, slowly making her way towards her smooth skin, and pushed her thighs apart as she neared her pelvis.

As soon as she grasped the sides of Jean’s white panties, the beautiful redhead leaned back on her arms and elevated her hips. From there, Ororo slid the panties down her legs, exposing her bare pussy in the process. Even from her position, the African woman could see she was very aroused.

“Damn, that smell always gets me,” said Logan as he watched on. “In terms of the scents, Jeannie’s pussy is right up there with bacon and beer!”

“I appreciate your opinions about the smell of my wife’s genitalia, Logan,” Scott said with a half-grin.

“If only you knew how I felt about your tastes in aftershave you.”

The two women remained unfazed. Ororo narrowed her gaze on her friend’s inner thighs. She was close enough to pick up on that distinct scent that Logan had mentioned. Jean leaned back further, spreading her legs wider so that her female had plenty of room to work with. Ororo made good use of it, placing her palms on Jean’s inner thighs and clearing the path before her.

“Now, eat my pussy!” the redhead demanded. “Eat me out until I come!”

She was clear and direct. She was also serious. This was how Ororo was to pay up for having lost a bet. Never one to go back on her word, she went to work paying her debt.

In a focused, eager motion, Ororo buried her face in her best friend’s pussy. She started by smothering her outer folds with her lips, getting a good taste of her friend’s womanly flesh. She then flicked her tongue along her slit, licking up her female juices while stimulating those sensitive spots. Jean reacted with gleeful coos as hot ripples of pleasure coursed up her body.

“Oohhh yes!” she moaned out. “Winning a bet never felt so good!”

Emboldened, Ororo elevated her oral efforts. She pushed her thighs further apart, drove her tongue deeper into Jean’s folds, and lapped up more of her juices. She was diligent and thorough at first, seeking out and thoroughly stimulating those special spots. Being a woman, and knowing her own intimate anatomy, she knew how to find those spots. Once she did, Jean’s delighted coos turned into something more intense.

“Ooh right there, Storm! That’s the spot!” Jean exclaimed. “Keep doing it…just like that!”

Jean’s body trembled under the escalating waves of bliss. Her expression became more sexually charged. As Ororo continued eating her out, she used her teeth to remove her yellow gloves. For the two men watching, it was a very erotic sight.

Once her hands were free, Jean pulled down the top part of her Marvel Girl uniform to free her breasts. She hadn’t been wearing a bra. Whether she’d planned for this before they even got together was an open question, but not one that concerned her or Ororo at that moment. Once her breasts were free, she began fondling her fleshy orbs with one hand while still leaning back on the other. The way she rubbed herself perfectly mirrored the vigor with which Ororo ate her out.

It was a perfectly complement to her African goddess’ skill. Ororo looked up and watched her friend delight in the pleasure, admiring her animated reaction. Both Scott and Logan had recounted how energetic Jean got during sex. They did not do justice to her spirit. Such a sight triggered her own growing arousal. She was tempted to start fondling herself to share in the pleasure, but kept her focus on the task before her.

Jean told her to eat her out until she came. That was what Ororo intended to do. Like a goddess answering a prayer, she licked and lapped her way around Jean’s pussy. With each successive stimulation, she pushed her friend closer to the edge. As Jean neared that peak, she fondled her breasts harder.

“Ohhh God, I’m close! I’m really…really close!” she said through labored breaths.

Her body trembled in anticipation. With her release approaching, Jean could no longer hold herself up. She laid back on the pool table and pushed her dress further down her body. She then began rubbing her breasts with both hands, pinching her erect nipples in just the right way to supplement the stimulation.

Ororo didn’t let up. She held onto Jean’s thighs, even as she bent her knees back and curled her toes. It took a few more skilled licks from her tongue, but she got the job done. She sent her dearest friend over the edge.

“Oohhh yes!” Jean exclaimed.

She was even more animated when she climaxed. In a lively display, Jean closed her eyes, arched her lower back, and filled the room with her orgasmic cries. Her whole body shuddered at the intense rush of pleasure, the hot waves of bliss rippling through her like gusts of ecstasy. Coming from someone like Ororo, it seemed so fitting.

With her face still buried between Jean’s legs, the African woman felt the inner muscles contract around her tongue. She also tasted the sudden secretions of feminine juices. It wasn’t as messy as it could’ve been, but it still left her face dripping with Jean’s fluids.

“I’d say that makes us even,” Ororo said proudly as she wiped her face.

“Mmm…very even,” said Jean, still swimming in the afterglow.

“If only all bets could be settled like that,” Scott sighed.

“If they were, the world wouldn’t need the X-Men, bub,” said Logan, “but what a world it would be!”

The two men laughed while Jean processed the breadth of her orgasm. It took her a moment to catch her breath. Even as her body settled, she never stopped beaming with joy.

In that content state, Ororo offered her hand to help Jean back up. She eagerly accepted. She even drew Ororo into an affectionate kiss, not caring at all that her lips still had traces of her juices. It nicely conveyed her appreciation, as well as her affection. It also revealed that Ororo had worked up a fair amount of arousal while making good on her bet. That was not lost on Jean or the two men who had watched such a sexy display so intently.

“You’re so caring and selfless, Ororo,” Jean said. “In everything you do, you go above and beyond…even when it comes to sex.”

“I hold myself to a high standard,” Ororo said proudly.

“And you raise the bar for others around you. That’s good for us. We should go the extra mile for people we care about. That’s why I’m going to make one last bet…but one that doesn’t involve billiards.”

She had that mischievous grin again. Ororo knew it well, as did Scott and Logan. Jean Grey-Summers also held herself to a high standard, especially when it came to making those close to her feel loved. Life on Krakoa had emboldened her to make the extra effort. Now that she didn’t have to worry about dying on anyone, she dared to be bolder.

Turning to Scott and Logan, she saw that they had clearly enjoyed watching such a sexy show. The noticeable bulge in their pants made that abundantly clear. Still feeling lucky, she made a new wager.

“Logan, I have a bet for you,” she said.

“I’m listenin’,” Logan said attentively.

“I bet you can come over here, bend Ororo over the table, and fuck her puss so good that she’ll come as hard as I just did.”

“That a bet or a dare, Jeannie?”

“Does it matter? You feel lucky enough to give my dear friend here the pleasure she deserves?”

Logan only pretended to think about, as though he hadn’t already made his choice. Ororo was already grinning at her friend’s lurid bet. Being on Krakoa, opening herself and her passions like never before, had made her more adventurous. It also made her more creative when it came to showing how much she cared for her friends.

“I love this side of you, Jean,” said Ororo.

“And you know Logan will go the extra distance,” Jean said. “For me and for you.”

“Well, beautiful women who make sexy requests are his weakness,” Scott commented.

“That and watered-down beer,” said Logan, already loosening his pants. “But this is one weakness I don’t mind.”

“Does that mean you’ll accept the bet?”

“Come on, Jeannie. I’m the best there is at what I do. You don’t get that way without playing for high stakes!”

The former living weapon as already on his way to where the two women stood at the edge of the pool table. He had that wolfish grin as he eyed the still-naked Ororo. Like the former weather goddess, he was a man of his word and that extended to winning bets.

When he reached them, Ororo parted from Jean’s embrace and greeted Logan. She welcomed him into her arms, her naked skin pressing against his tight uniform. Her warm touch and heavenly presence made the bulge in his pants even larger.

“I trust you haven’t forgotten how I like it,” Ororo told him.

“How could I possibly forget?” Logan answered.

Sensing her arousal, as well as her excitement, Logan drew her into a hungry kiss. He also smothered her naked skin with his powerful hands, grasping her breasts and fondling the hot areas between her inner thighs. He vividly recalled how Ororo felt about foreplay. Even when she was undeniably horny, she refused to skip it.

While Logan prepared her for sex, Jean looked towards her husband. He seemed left out. He too had gotten noticeably aroused watching another woman go down on his wife. Scott didn’t hide how much he enjoyed it. Not done making bold bets, she gestured for him to come over and join them.

“Don’t be shy, babe. Come join the fun!” Jean said seductively. “I have a bet for you too.”

“Is it one I can do with my pants on?” he asked incredulously.

“Now, where’s the fun in that?”

The X-Leader snickered as he eagerly joined his wife at the other end of the pool table. While Logan and Ororo get ready for their romp, Jean slipped off the table and greeted her approaching husband. They met with an affectionate kiss. Shortly after, Jean whispered something into her husband’s ear, which evoked a strong reaction. She made sure Ororo saw it, but offered no hints as to what it was.

‘Patience, Storm,’ she told her telepathically. ‘Focus on enjoying a good ravaging by Wolverine. I promise it’ll pay off.’

‘I trust your word, Jean,’ Ororo replied, ‘although, I’m not quite sure of your ambition.’

‘Bold bets sometimes require extra investments. You’ll see!’

Still trusting her word, Ororo re-focused her attention on the very horny Wolverine, who was hungrily groping her naked flesh. He had since undid his pants and freed his bulging erection from its confines. As he shoved the pants down to his ankles, Ororo hungrily stroked it, ensuring maximum arousal. She knew how to tap into Logan’s most primal inclinations better than most. He didn’t need more motivation, but he certainly welcomed it.

“Ready, Ro?” he said in a deep, masculine voice.

“Yes! I’m very ready, Logan,” Ororo said intently.

He shot her one last wolfish grin before taking her by the hips, turning her around, and bending her over the pool stable so that he had a perfect view of her divine butt. He could still smell the arousal emanating from between her legs. He could even see traces of fluids dripping from her folds, a lingering byproduct of her sexy time with Jean.

Following his senses, as well as his desires, Logan stood behind her and aligned his cock with her moist entrance. As soon as he felt the tip graze the engorged outer folds, he grabbed her by the waist and thrust his hips forward.

“Ooh Goddess!” Ororo moaned in delight.

In a single motion full of primal lust, he entered Ororo’s depths. The penetration was so smooth, her inner folds stretching and engulfing his rigid flesh with ease. The feeling of such tight heat sent the former living weapon into a daze of drunken lust.

Within that state, he bent his knees slightly and hammered away, building up a fervent rhythm of sex. The sound of his pelvis smacking against Ororo’s shapely ass filled the room, his flesh and hers slithering together in a mesh of intimate ecstasy.

As the sights, sounds, and smells of sex filled the room, Scott and Jean watched on. Jean was still catching her breath, her body radiating from the aftermath her orgasm. Scott slipped his arms around her from behind, feeling up her hips and making his way towards her exposed breasts. He also kissed her neck, evoking a light purr from his wife.

Jean could sense the extent of his desire. She didn’t even need telepathy. The bulge in his pants, which now pressed against her thigh, made it very clear. With some lingering desire of her own, she tempted her husband even more.

“Enjoying the show, love?” Jean teased.

“It’s quite a spectacle,” Scott said. “You do know how to make a friendly game of pool interesting.”

“Which brings me to that bet, I mentioned,” she said seductively. “Open your mind to me. I’ll share the naughty details. I’ll leave it to you to accept.”

She turned her head and kissed his lips softly. At the same time, she shared the necessary details, which earned her another strong reaction. While Scott contemplated the scenario, Jean casually slid her now-disheveled green uniform down her body, wiggling her hips in a way that purposefully rubbed against the bulge in his pants.

Now as naked as Ororo, Jean stood in her husband’s arms while Logan kept going at it with Ororo. Knowing Scott’s competitive nature, especially whenever Logan was involved, she trusted him to make the right decision.

“Sure. I’ll take that bet,” Scott whispered into her ear.

“I thought you would,” Jean said.

“You know it’s not a bet I can win by being gentle, don’t you?” he added.

“I know. I trust you to be as focused as you need to be.”

“Whether it’s a game of pool or my beautiful wife, I can do no less!”

Being a man of his word, Scott captured her lips again to seal the deal. While their tongues twirled together, he slipped his hands from her breasts to her waist. From there, he bent her over the pool table just a few feet from where Ororo was getting reamed.

Then, as she remained in a similar position as her friend, Scott stood behind her and undid his pants. He swiftly pushed them down to his ankles, along with his boxers, to free his rigid cock from its confines. Once exposed and ready, he aligned his member with Jean’s pussy. She was still wet with sexual fluids, but the desire was still there. She wanted and craved more sex.

Mirroring the same motions as Logan had with Ororo, Scott grasps his wife’s hips and thrust into her with determined lust. He was usually gentle and steadier when they made love, but this was different. Making love wasn’t part of the stakes. Raw, hot sex was the name of the game. True to his determined nature, Scott began humping away, fucking her from behind with the same tenacity as Logan fucked Ororo.

“Ohhh yes!” Jean cooed. “That’s it, Scott! Give it to me…just like that!”

“Mmm…still raising the stakes, Jean?” Ororo commented, turning towards her friends.

“And then some!” she replied cryptically. “You’ll see…after Logan’s done fucking you!”

Jean cast her friend a wry glance, but offered no further clues. It gave her something more to look forward to, on top of hot sex. Ororo was in no position to speculate. Logan had already stepped up the pace of their sex. The presence of Scott and Jean having sex in such a similar manner only motivated him even more.

‘You’re playing us a bit too well, Jeannie,’ Logan told her via telepathy.

‘I’ll make it up to you later. I promise,’ she replied.

‘Did I say I minded? If you really wanna pit me against Cyke in a humpin’ contest, I’m game!’

Logan shot her a wolfish grin as he pumped his dick harder and faster into Ororo. He even grabbed on of her thighs and held it up slightly, allowing him to thrust in at just the right angle. He hadn’t forgotten the location of Ororo’s G-spot. He made sure to hit it with every movement, pushing his cock further into her depths for maximum stimulation.

The result was more divine moans from the former weather goddess. She gasped and squealed with delight, clinging harder to the edge of the pool table. The steady build-up of sensations drew her closer to orgasm. She could feel it coming fast. It was so intense that she could barely hold herself up.

“Goddess! Ohhh sweet goddess! I…I’m very close!” Ororo gasped, her breasts and face now pressed against the table.

“Hrrr…me too!” Logan grunted. “Gonna…let it out…soon!”

“Good!” Jean said. “That means you both win the bet!”

They barely heard Jean, who quickly descended into her own sexual daze. Scott had her naked body rocking to the rhythm of his thrusts, his pelvis smacking against her butt every time he thrust his cock into her pussy. Never one to fall behind, especially to Logan, he made the extra effort.

He kept one hand on her hips while using the other to rub her clit. That got the sensations flowing through her once more. Scott knew her body well enough to know how to get her back to the brink of orgasm. However, Logan and Ororo had gotten a head start. They were poised to reach their destination first.

“Oohhh Goddess, yes!” Ororo exclaimed as she crossed that magical threshold.

A sharp gust of wind swept through the room. That was not unusual for Ororo, whose connection with nature often had noticeable effects during intimate moments. When she climaxed, nature took notice. It was truly a divine sight.

Ororo, still holding onto the side of the table, arched her back and closed her eyes as the intense release washed over her. Her naked body shuddered as inner muscles contracted, squeezing Logan’s cock with her moist heat as he delivered more targeted thrusts. That extra bit of tightness got him to the brink and beyond, as well. He let out a feral howl as he achieved his release.

“Errr…Ro!” Logan grunted.

The intense movements steadied. The former living weapon’s grip on her hips and thigh tightened. His feral growls mixed with content moans as his member throbbed inside her, sending a stream of thick seminal fluid up into her womb. Her tight folds milked him for every drop, their fluids mixing in a beautiful manifestation of sex.

While they soaked in that feeling, Jean was nearing another release, courtesy of her husband’s efforts. She remained bent over the table, holding on tight while her body rocked to Scott’s rhythmic thrusts. As she neared her peak, she shot up and arched her back in accord with the rush of feelings.

“Ooh yes! Again…I’m coming again!” Jean exclaimed.

Ororo and Logan remained oblivious, still swimming in their own sea of ecstasy. That didn’t make Jean’s release less enjoyable. She let out another loud moan as her inner muscles contracted around her husband’s dick, coating him in a fresh layer of her feminine juices. Scott steadied his thrusting so she could enjoy it, still holding onto her hips while she enjoyed it.

However, as Jean indulged in her latest dose of ecstasy, she leaned in and whispered into her husband’s ear.

“You know what to do,” she said under her breath.

Scott replied with a knowing grin. He then turned towards Ororo, who was still catching her breath in a euphoric daze. Logan let out content grunt as he pulled out, but not before showing his appreciation by giving the former weather goddess one last kiss on the neck. Ororo offered a light moan to show her appreciation.

She remained bent over the pool table, her legs still weak from the ecstasy. Once Logan pulled away, he pulled up his pants and sat back on a nearby chair, looking very content with his part in Jean’s bet. Ororo was about to do the same, but then she saw pull out from Jean. His cock, which now dripped with Jean’s juices, remained fully erect. Having not gotten his release yet, he eyed the African woman’s nude figure.

“For all you’ve done…all the bets you’ve honored…you deserve a bonus, Ororo,” Scott told her.

The X-Leader quickly positioned himself behind her, standing in the same spot Logan had stood moments ago. Stepping out of his pants, he planted his feet firmly and aligned his cock with her pelvis. However, instead of her pussy, he aimed the tip at her ass. Even in her post-orgasmic state, Ororo pieced together the last part of Jean’s bet.

“My ass,” she said, “is that how you reward everyone foolish enough to play billiards with you?”

“If you want, I can offer other incentives,” Jean teased, still standing next to her at the table.

“No need, my friend,” Ororo said quickly. “Just make damn sure your husband gets the job done.”

“He will! He always does,” Jean said confidently.

She cast her husband an affirming nod to signal it was time. He nodded back, shooting her a half-grin. It let her know that he took the bet just as seriously.

‘I love how you motivate people, Jean,’ he told her telepathically.

‘It helps you’re an easy man to motivate…especially with incentives like this.’

Scott Summers was as motivated as ever as he prepared to finish what Jean started with a single bet. With both hands now firmly on Ororo’s hips, he carefully inserted his penis into her ass. She was so tight, but Jean’s feminine juices provided just enough lubrication. As he inched his way into her, Ororo tensed and gasped to the feeling.

“Ohhh it’s in!” she exclaimed. “I feel it…in my ass.”

“Damn!” Scott grunted. “It’s…so tight!”

They lingered in place for a brief moment, allowing their bodies to adjust. Then, entranced by the extra-tight feeling around his member, Scott began moving his hips. He went slower than Logan when doing her pussy. Ororo loved anal, but even she understood the importance of easing into it.

Her body adjusted quickly. Once her rectal muscles stretched to accommodate his size, Scott stepped up the pace. He still didn’t go as fast as Logan, opting for a more balanced sexual rhythm. The end result was the same. Ororo was once again bent over the pool table, moaning and writhing in ecstasy. The discomfort passed and a new pleasure took hold, one that escalated quickly.

“Yes! Yes! Oohhh Goddess, yes!” Ororo exclaimed. “Do it like that, Scott! Do my ass…just like that!”

Scott answered with a deep grunt, never once losing focus. He kept thrusting away, his pelvis smacking against her butt in conjunction with her gasps. He supplemented the feeling by reaching around with one hand and fingering Ororo’s still moist vagina. That got her moaning even louder.

In her sexual daze, Ororo began bucking her hips. She even stood up on her toes to elevate her butt so that he fucked her from just the right angle. More gusts of wind swept through the room, the escalation of sensations affecting the nature around her. She was already on her way to another climax. Scott, being so disciplined and dedicated, made every effort to make sure she got it.

Jean, still fully naked and in no hurry to get dressed, just casually leaned against the pool table while watching her husband fuck her bust friend. As she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the lurid spectacle, Logan retrieved another beer from a nearby cooler and popped it open with his claws.

“Grace like a goddess. Fucks like…well, a goddess,” Logan said as he took a sip.

“Indeed,” said Jean. “Makes me wonder why people stopped worshipping her.”

“You saying good sex doesn’t count as worship?”

“Point taken,” she laughed.

They continued watching and encouraging the sexy spectacle. Scott kept up the steady pace of humping, working his cock in her tight ass while stimulating her pussy. That extra tightness got him close to coming as well. He held back, focusing on getting the weather goddess to her destination. As she drew nearer, her body shifted in anticipation.

“I’m so close!” Ororo gasped. “I’m going…to come…again! Oohhh Goddess!”

“Me too, Ororo,” Scott grunted, “but you know me. Ladies…and goddesses…first!”

With a few more targeted thrusts, as well as some extra stimulation to her G-spot, Scott did it. He sent the former weather goddess over the edge and into a frenzy of more orgasmic bliss.

Ororo was just as animated as before. This time, she propped herself up on her arms, threw her head back, and let out another orgasmic cry of ecstasy. Her lower body trembled, inner muscles contracting hard in conjunction with her release. More sharp gusts of wind swept through the room as the sensations rippled through her body. Such a strong rection assured Scott he could stop holding back and enjoy his own release.

“Ohhh fuck!” was all he got out.

Scott’s grunts were easily muted by Ororo, but he didn’t care. He just grabbed hold of her hips, bent his knees slightly, and held on as his overdue release washed over him. Inside Ororo’s ass, his manhood throbbed as it filled her insides with a thick stream of seminal fluid. It was so hot and tight, the sensations reverberating in all directions. It left both their bodies shuddering with ecstasy. It was a fitting culmination of all the bold bets they had made.

“I’d say…this game…is over, now,” said Ororo breathlessly.

“Yeah…definitely over,” said Scott through labored grunts.

“And we won again!” Jean said in a humored tone.

“I’d say we all won, darlin’,” said Logan.

“That’s just loser talk,” Jean retorted.

They all shared a good laugh. Scott and Ororo took a brief moment to catch their breath. As the feeling passed, Scott pulled out and Ororo turned around. She showed her appreciation and affection by giving the X-Leader a friendly kiss. He returned the gesture, casting her a post-coital grin.

Like Jean, Ororo was in no hurry to get dressed. Scott still put his pants back on, but didn’t bother with underwear. As a mood of general relaxation and contentment came over them, he retrieved a fresh beer from Logan. What started as a friendly game of pool and a discussion of relevant issues had taken quite a turn. Krakoa had brought with it many changes, some more unexpected than others. This was just one they welcomed gladly.

“So…” Jean said in a mischievous tone, “who’s up for another game?”


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