Little Pink Pills: Reconciliation Testing

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Little Pink Pills: Reconciliation Testing

AN: The following is a one-shot story that takes place after my previous two stories, Little Pink Pills and Little Pink Pills: Secondary Testing. In terms of the comics, this story takes place before the events of X Of Swords and before Cyclops sent a team into the Vault.

Also, Hellion’s hands have been regrown. They were shown to have been regrown in New Mutants during Dawn of X. This was not explained in the comics, so I’ll take a few liberties with this. Enjoy!

Pairings: X-23/Hellion

‘These mean character thoughts.’

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men or Marvel in any capacity. They are owned by Disney. I am making no money off this. Please don’t sue.

Krakoa – Secure Research Gardens

“Krakoan Research Journal Entry Number 3691, as telepathically dictated by Sage, Krakoa’s chief science archivist and lead researcher of this program. It has been three months since the approval of Human Drug Prototype V, colloquially known as the Little Pink Pills. Since my previous entry, global sales have more than doubled. The Hellfire Trading Company recently reported revenue in excess of $60 billion. That figure is likely to rise as Krakoa’s garden factories have quintupled production in order to meet demand.

Beyond the commercial success of the drug, there have been significant impacts, both in the human world and on Krakoa. These pills have proven quite popular as a means of intimate bonding, romantic coupling, and general recreation. Such widespread usage has coincided with greater levels of social cohesion, improved romantic relationships, and a greater comfort with nudity. While some have expressed concern about the marked increase in sexual promiscuity, all available data indicates that Human Drug Prototype V constitutes a net positive by most metrics.”

That last entry into one of Krakoa’s research journals gave Sage pause. She briefly considered amending it, uncertain of whether that reflected her opinion or the conclusions of the data. After briefly reviewing multiple data sets from previous tests, she chose to keep it. The science might not have been entirely objective, but the results were undeniable.

This drug had an immense impact that went beyond any data. Sage witnessed the benefits first-hand. Couples in committed relationships – such as Cyclops and Jean Grey, Rogue and Gambit, and Northstar and Kyle – made good use of those pills. It definitely showed in their mood, their demeanor, and their overall well-being. It became a running joke that better lovemaking made better love, in general.

It also showed among those who used the pills recreationally. Emma Frost had been known to host private parties that often turned into full-blown orgies. Wolverine had noted that these pills finally allowed the women he slept with to keep up with his healing factor. There was so much praise and enthusiasm for the pills that it was hard to discern fact from hyperbole.

It didn’t get any easier when it came to how the pills were used outside Krakoa. They had become so popular that Black Panther once remarked they were worth their weight in vibranium. Sage did not sense that he was kidding. Wild and decadent Pink Pill Parties, as they were called, had become very popular. More sexually satisfied humans had even resulted in fewer anti-mutant hate crimes, but that could have been just a correlation rather than a causation.

Sage was still tempted to extrapolate those positives. Ever since the development of Human Drug Prototype V, she made a conscious effort to remain objective. That was why Charles Xavier and Magneto selected her to lead the research instead of Hank McCoy, whose expertise in the actual science of the drug exceeded hers. As good as those net benefits were, there was still plenty to research to pursue.

“Through the data gathered by previous experiment, most of the preliminary issues surrounding Human Drug Prototype V have been addressed. After some experiments resulted in strenuous, as well as messy, effects among test subjects, the dosage and chemical concentrations have been refined. Overall safety has also improved by including limiting capsules to prevent users from facing such strain.

There are still some issues with respect to physical effects. The healing gardens have seen a significant uptick in the amount of rug burns and scratch marks that require treatment. However, some non-physical impacts warrant additional study.

The data on individuals in committed relationships is robust, as is the data on casual and antagonistic relationships. But to date, the data on more complex personal relationships is lacking. Finding suitable test subjects within such relationships has proven challenging.”

Sage turned her attention to the main console in the observation deck. It had been booting up since before she started her journal entry. The various sensors that connected to the research gardens below were activated, going through their usual start-up protocols. Previous experiments with these Little Pink Pills had revealed how extensive the data was within test subjects. Sage worked with Hank to make several adjustments so that subsequent experiments could handle it.

She could see the research area below from the one-way mirror. It was already well-lit, complete with a king-sized bed that Emma Frost had obtained from a five-star hotel in Los Angeles. It also included a table that had a pitcher of water and two flowers containing the famous pink pills. The only remaining parts of the experiment were the test subjects. While securing them had been difficult, Sage hypothesized they would provide a unique kind of data.

“Thankfully, after some assistance from Wolverine – who, for the record, I now owe a considerable favor – I have secured two individuals who fit the parameters for another test. These individuals have a complex romantic history that ended poorly and was never fully resolved. Given these circumstances, I am very much intrigued at how Human Drug Prototype V will impact such a relationship.”

Sage ended her journal entry. She then shifted her computer-like mind to the task at hand. The test that had proven so difficult to set up was about to begin. After the first successful test of Human Drug Prototype V, it was not that difficult to find volunteers. Once word got out how much these pills enhanced sex in every form, the Quiet Council had to allocate significant resources just to process the eager participants.

The test subject currently waiting at the opposing entrances of the research gardens were not among those who show great enthusiasm for participating in such an intimate experiment. They still showed interest. The nature of that interest was about to be tested.

“Attention test subjects,” Sage announced through an intercom link in the observation deck, “you may now enter the testing area.”

The heavy doors on opposing sides of the research gardens opened. Two figures entered from opposing ends. They each recognized each other immediately. One was surprised, but the other was not.

“Laura?” gasped Julian “Hellion” Keller, taken aback as he entered the chamber.

“Hello, Julian,” greeted Laura “X-23” Kinney in her usual stoic tone. “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Given the circumstances, I’m not sure how to take that,” he replied. “And since you don’t seem too surprised, something tells me this isn’t an accident.”

The young man was immediately suspicious and understandably so. Julian knew as well as anyone on Krakoa that participating in any experiment involving the Little Pink Pills was akin to winning the lottery. Many signed up, knowing they wouldn’t get their chance unless Sage and the research team were after a very specific kind of data.

Him being selected for this experiment was a telling sign.

Seeing Laura was another.

They hadn’t interacted much since they parted ways on Utopia. The circumstances hadn’t been pleasant, but there were still plenty of unresolved feelings. That was exactly why they were chosen for that experiment. Julian was just the last one to realize that.

“I’d say this is awkward, but that’s a relative term these days,” Julian said after a brief silence, “especially in a place like this.”

“I know. I didn’t expect otherwise,” Laura said, her tone still measured.

“So, you did help set this up,” he surmised with folded arms. “You probably got help from Wolverine. I can only imagine how he reacted.”

“He wasn’t exactly thrilled, but he did understand. And he’s not good at saying no to me.”

“Must be nice having connections. It’s easier to get what you want. That way, you don’t have to do things the hard way…confronting things you’ve been avoiding for way too long.”

“I’m not the only one who’s avoiding it, Julian.”

“And that was working just fine for us. Now, here we are…test subjects…in an experiment that involves us having sex.”

With each word he said, Julian became more agitated. He stopped halfway between the chamber door and the bed, his demeanor becoming tense and uncertain. He began pacing briefly, contemplating whether or not he should just leave.

He’d signed up for the same reason as everyone else, hoping to partake in an experiment that involved hot sex and a free dose of those little pink pills. He was still a teenager and Krakoa had no shortage of cute girls. Laura Kinney was known to many. Between her exploits with X-Force and being Wolverine’s daughter, she had a reputation. Not all of it was good. Even the boys who found her attractive hesitated to show interest. Her being Wolverine’s daughter was a factor.

However, Julian had shown interest before. At one point, they had been very close. He hadn’t forgotten those moments and neither had Laura. She wouldn’t have set this up if those moments didn’t have such a lasting impact. Things between them ended on an unpleasant note, but there was only so much they could do to avoid it.

“I apologize for the lack of transparency, Mr. Keller,” Sage announced through the intercom. “Please understand that it was necessary for the experiment.”

“Right,” Julian said dryly, “because if you told me I’d been paired me with Laura, I wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to have sex for science.”

“Was she mistaken in assuming that?” Laura pointed out.

“No, but still…it’s a real dick move.”

He sounded upset, but not outraged. That had been a concern for Sage when Laura first came to her with this idea. Laura even warned her that Julian might storm out the moment he saw her. That was how complicated their relationship had been when it ended.

From the observation deck, Sage sensed that the young man was tempted. He kept looking towards Laura and back towards the chamber door. The fact he hadn’t stormed out implied he shared Laura’s desire to resolve those complications.

“Mr. Keller,” Sage continued from the observation deck, “you are certainly free to leave if you’re not comfortable with this. I’ve even been authorized to place you at the top of the waiting list for the next experiment.”

“Is that also necessary for the experiment?” Julian scoffed. “To tempt me with another experiment? Possibly with the cute girl of my choice?”

“No,” Laura said strongly. “It’s a show of good faith.”

“Good faith? Right,” he said skeptically.

“Call it whatever you want. This way, the choice is ultimately yours. You can walk away. I’ll understand…really, I will. But a lot happened between us and we never confronted it. We never even got a chance.”

“Well, this is a hell of a way to make up for it.”

“I don’t disagree,” Laura said, “but I’m willing to try it if you are.”

A rare emotional undertone echoed from her words. Laura was not one to get emotional outside a fight. Julian knew that better than most. With her eyes and her demeanor, which showed an equally rare vulnerability, she pleaded with Julian. Just getting him to this point had been a challenge. The choice to confront their unresolved feelings – as well as the integrity of the experiment – rested with him.

Julian kept glancing at the chamber doors, which were still open. Sage and Laura watched intently as the young man contemplated his choice. A lot had happened since he and Laura talked. They’d dated other people and joined other teams. Laura had just recently completed a mission with Cable and Kwannon. Their lives had changed so much since they parted ways that fateful day. Revising these old feelings only promised to open old wounds.

Julian had plenty of reasons to walk away. Laura had just as many to respect that. Sage could only wait until the conflict young man finally made his choice.

“Ah hell,” Julian groaned. “I am such a glutton for punishment.”

“When it comes to stuff like this, you have to be,” Laura pointed out.

“Speak for yourself,” he said with a half-grin. “You’re better at it than most. That’s a compliment, by the way.”

“Thanks. It’s not the worst one I’ve ever gotten.”

“I’ll bet it’s still close.”

The tension in the chamber shifted, but it didn’t vanish. With a resigned sigh, Julian turned away from the chamber door and joined Laura at the table next to the bed. His presence evoked a slight smile in the former living weapon. It wasn’t much, but for former Weapon X-23, it spoke volumes.

“Can I confirm, for the record, that you’re agreeing to this experiment?” Sage asked from the observation deck.

“Sure. Confirm it all you want,” said Julian, rolling his eyes. “I’ll be your test subject…with Laura Kinney…who broke my heart as hard as I broke hers.”

That comment raised the tension again. This time, Laura looked away briefly to hide her distress. Sage closed and locked the chamber door, but Julian’s confirmation did not end their lingering reservations.

Now standing right next to him, some of those old feelings that had led to broken hearts returned. It made things awkward, but neither Laura nor Julian were inclined to turn back.

“Thank you, Julian,” Laura told him. “Broken hearts aside, I’m glad we’re doing this.”

“You understand that doing this entails us having sex, right?”

“Yes. That detail is not lost on me,” she affirmed, her tone still very serious.

“Good. Just making sure,” he said dryly.

“My hope is that the physical intimacy will make other forms of intimacy easier. You and I tried to make a connection. But time and again, something or someone got in the way.”

“We could take that as a sign that we’re just not meant to be,” Julian stated.

“Except, I don’t believe that. I refuse to make such excuses.”

Laura then reached over and took Julian’s hand in hers. Thanks to Krakoa’s healing gardens and advanced medicine, they’d grown back. She hadn’t forgotten how much losing his hands during the battle against Bastion’s Nimrod Sentinels had affected him. He became a lot colder and more distant. That played a significant role when they parted ways.

As she gave his hand a squeeze, Julian shifted awkwardly. That distant coldness was still there, but not as much as Laura recalled. He didn’t pull away, nor did he divert his gaze from her. The same feelings that once drew them together were clashing with the forces that pushed them apart.

“Julian,” Laura continued, “I want to see if that connection is worth making. Even if it’s just physical, I want us to make the effort.”

“If you’re trying to tempt me, you’re doing it wrong,” Julian told her. “I think you’re supposed to wait until we take our pills, strip naked, and are too horny to overthink things.”

“That’s why I’m saying this now,” she replied, “with a clear head and full understanding of what awaits us. You and me…we had our moments. But those moments often coincided with other issues.”

Julian shifted again, but ended up giving Laura’s hand a firm squeeze. Suddenly, those feelings that drew them together got stronger.

“That…is so painfully true, I can’t get mad about it,” he conceded.

“And now, we can do something other than agonize over it,” Laura said. “Krakoa is all about new beginnings. Well, let’s make one here by making those moments mean something.”

“That, and have hot sex for science?” Julian added with a touch of humor.

“If that’s all that comes of this, then I’d be okay with that,” she said, mirroring his tone.

The former living weapon cracked another smile. It conveyed even more than before. Julian moved in closer, his presence gaining a more intimate undertone. Laura welcomed it, gazing at him with a mix of determination and desire. She clearly wanted to reconnect with those feelings they’d shared in the past. Julian, despite his initial reluctance, now shared that intent.

“Let the record show that both test subjects have affirmed their consent to the experiment,” Sage said, breaking the silence before it got awkward again. “Can you also confirm that you’re ready to proceed?”

“Yes, Sage. We’re ready,” said Julian, rolling his eyes.

“As am I,” said Laura, “although I question Mr. Keller’s enthusiasm. Most young men show more excitement at the prospect of hot sex.”

“I’m as excited as I need to be,” he told her. “I wouldn’t have signed up if I didn’t appreciate such prospects.”

Their attitudes were somewhat annoying. Sage attributed that to ongoing teenage melodrama. There was only so much she could do to factor that into the experiment. She expected it to become a less relevant issue once the test began.

After documenting the verbal consent of the two test subjects, Sage activated the first phase from the console. That triggered the mechanism in the table to open the two flower-like containers that housed the pink pills that had become so famous. That signaled to Laura and Julian that the time for talk and tension had passed.

“Please take one pill from the container and swallow it with the water provided,” Sage instructed. “The dosage is standard. So, you should feel the effects quickly.”

“Good thing I wore loose pants today,” Julian commented.

The two test subjects complied eagerly. Laura took hers first, swallowing the pill whole before supplementing it with a drink of water. Julian did the same, gulping down extra water, as if to get the drug into his system faster.

From there, they made their way to the bed. They didn’t need detailed instructions to understand what came next. Standing right near the foot of the bed, Julian and Laura locked eyes, the mood between them becoming tense in a very different way than before.

“I confirm that both subjects have ingested their respective pill. The effects will take hold momentarily,” Sage reported. “In anticipation, please remove your clothing.”

Julian and Laura wordlessly complied, but not with the same enthusiasm as most teenagers preparing to have sex. The mood and setting wasn’t ideal, but that didn’t keep previous test subjects from display more energy. It hinted that the complexity of their relationship was greater than anticipated.

They still disrobed willingly in front of each other. Laura showed less hesitation, casually sliding her black halter top over her head. In doing, so she revealed that she hadn’t been wearing a bra. The sight of her bare breasts got Julian to undress faster, undoing his pants and kicking off his shoes. He fumbled a bit more than Laura, who slid out of her matching black pants with relative ease, leaving her in just a pair of black panties.

Seeing Laura almost completely naked got Julian to hesitate even more. He almost tore up his shirt as he slid it up over his head, leaving him in just a pair of white boxers. They were of the looser kind, which allowed his penis to become both erect and visible. It indicated the effects of both the drug and the sight of Laura’s naked body.

“Full-spectrum data scanning has commenced,” Sage noted. “Sensors indicate that the drug is taking effect. The male subject’s penis has become fully erect 54 percent faster than average.”

“Yeah, thanks for extra commentary, Sage,” Julian said dryly. “I know how these pills work. I can tell when my dick is in overdrive.”

“Is it uncomfortable?” Laura asked him, unable to avoid the sight of his rapidly growing manhood. “If it helps, we can go slow.”

“I’m fine, Laura,” he told her, “at least on the physical front. If we’re going to do this, let’s not overthink it.”

“That’s usually not a problem for me, but…” she said before her words trailed off.

“I know,” he said, able to fill in the blanks. “Believe me, I know.”

The mood remained somewhat tense as Julian shed his boxers, still fumbling a bit due to his throbbing erection. He claimed to know the effects of the drug, but clearly underestimated how quickly it took effect. Laura followed suit, sliding her panties down her legs. It might have been harder to notice, but she felt those effects too. There was already a hot, moist feeling forming between her legs.

Now, both she and Julian were fully nude. Tensions and moods aside, the mutual attraction was still there. Julian liked what he saw and Laura liked it too. His eyes drifted up and down her naked body, admiring her breasts, legs, butt, and pussy. Laura’s gaze narrowed as well, admiring his slim, yet masculine stature. She also couldn’t ignore his that rigid endowment between his legs. Between the visuals and the growing scents of sex, she felt a rush of powerful instincts take hold.

“You…look good naked,” Julian said, attempting to sound affectionate.

“So do you,” Laura replied.

It would’ve been funny if Sage hadn’t tempered her emotions for the sake of the experiment. These two were still clearly teenagers. They were also clearly conflicted, dealing with both unresolved feelings and the growing desire to just jump in the bed and have sex.

For the moment, teenage horniness proved dominant. They drifted closer, their naked bodies drawn together like gravity. When they met, Laura reached out and pawed his chest. Julian answered by placing his hands on her waist, where they quickly drifted down to her hips. That further intensified the moist heat between her thighs. It was clear from the lust in their eyes that they were holding back considerably.

“Julian…” Laura began, her voice taking on a very primal undertone.

“Laura, whatever you’re about to say…save it. It’s not going to come out right,” Julian said, his tone taking on a unique intensity.

“Right…I’m still overthinking.”

“Then, let’s just close our eyes and fuck! And we’ll take it from there.”

“Close our eyes and fuck…yeah, I can do that.”

Laura’s primal tone intensified. She had a glint in her eyes reminiscent of an animal in heat. It was not unlike the look Logan had shown when he became intensely aroused sexually. Julian, his hands shaking as he reached around for her butt, saw her eagerness for sex and followed his escalating lust.

He closed his eyes.

She closed hers.

In a moment of raging hormones and complicated feelings, Julian and Laura closed their eyes before coming together in a messy, chaotic kiss.

“Intimate physical activity has commenced,” Sage reported, “but in a manner atypical, even for inexperienced teenagers. This extent of this data could prove more challenging.”

Despite Sage’s remarks and the scrutiny of the scanners, the experiment unfolded. Laura and Julian had initiated sex. What that meant for the complicated nature of their relationship remained to be seen.

The way they kissed implied little in terms of depth. It was sloppy, even for a couple of horny teenagers. Their lips wrestled erratically, not showing the usual affection of previous test subjects with a romantic history. That didn’t stop the Laura and Julian from eagerly following their lust for sex.

Their naked bodies came together as crudely as their lips. Laura’s breasts pressing against his chest and her leg hitched around his waist, his rigid manhood rubbing against her inner thighs. Neither one of them was overthinking anymore. They just craved sex.

Using agility honed by years of training, Laura practically pounced on Julian. She jumped up into his arms, forcing him to use his telekinesis to support their naked bodies. He still lost his balance, falling back onto the bed. From there, Laura crawled on top of him, buried her face between his neck, and hungrily kissed and pawed his naked skin.

“Damn, you’re horny!” Julian commented.

Laura replied with another predatory growl. She was already licking around his neck and chest, as if to gorge on his masculine scent. Given her enhanced senses, it seemed appropriate. She followed pure instinct, consistent with that of a healthy young woman in a state of intense sexual arousal. The way she touched and kissed him, drawing Julian into an unguided make-out session, revealed the extent of that arousal.

“The sensors confirm that Ms. Kinney has achieved a state of arousal similar to Mr. Keller’s, if not more so,” Sage noted. “I’m detecting significant engorgement in her genitals, along with heightened hormone activity. According to the readings, it’s 58 percent more intense than average. That has major implications for full sexual intercourse.”

Julian and Laura might have tuned her out, but they likely understood the implications. Their chaotic foreplay didn’t continue for much longer. Along the way, Laura managed to guide Julian to the center of the bed. From there, she pinned him on his back, mounted him with animalistic intensity, and aligned her pelvis with his.

“I want to fuck you know,” Laura said with raw lust.

“And I don’t want to stop you,” Julian replied.

She let go of his wrists, but he didn’t dare move more than necessary. Knowing Laura as well as he did, Julian knew it was never wise to get in her way when she was in such a primal state.

He watched as she dug her knees into the bed, elevated her hips, and grasped the base of his cock. She then aligned the tip with the entrance of her vagina, her folds very moist with arousal. Once in position, Laura eagerly grasped his waist with both hands and thrust her hips downward, driving his dick up into her pussy.

“Hrrr so hard!” she moaned as his flesh penetrated hers.

“Oh fuck, that’s tight!” Julian grunted.

Once again, raw instincts took over.

The former living weapon closed her eyes, tightened her grip on Julian’s waist, and began riding his cock in a succession of hard, thorough motions. She didn’t go too fast, favoring efficiency over speed, as if to mirror her training as a killer. It kept Julian from being too overwhelmed. It also gave him room to share in the sex.

Once Laura got a rhythm going, working the folds of her pussy along the length of his member, he also closed his eyes and let his own instincts guide him. He reached up and fondled her bounding breasts. He also shifted his legs, gaining some leverage so he could thrust upward every time Laura moved her hips. It rocked the bed, as well as their naked bodies.

Even for a couple of horny teenagers, it was a vigorous brand of sex. They weren’t overly elaborate with one another. It was just heated humping between a young man and a young woman. Little of their past feelings for one another showed. They just kept their eyes closed, focusing on the raw pleasures that came with sex. The pills were just a catalyst.

“Interesting,” Sage noted in the log. “Intercourse has commenced. Sensors indicate a measurable increase in overall pleasure, exertion, and stamina. It’s consistent with most readings from previous test subjects, but the activity in their limbic system is…unusual. It’s like they’re trying to have sex and not feel an emotional connection, but one is still forming…and quite strongly.”

Sage watched with greater intrigued. She double checked the sensors to ensure they were working properly. Near as she could tell, they functioned as well as they had with previous test subjects.

In those tests, she’d seen clear distinctions between couples who used sex to express love and those who used it as a means of recreational pleasure. That had been soundly proven in the first test between Scott and Jean Grey-Summers. There were often variations, contingent on the emotional bond between the lovers or lack thereof. However, she’d never seen variations like this.

Laura and Julian were going at it hard, making full use of the drug’s effects. It was still somewhat chaotic, their sexual inexperience showing in their rhythmic movements. Keeping their eyes closed the whole time didn’t help, in that respect. They were almost too focused on just enjoying the sex. Even when they neared their respective orgasms, the chaos didn’t cease.

“Already…close!” Laura grunted, her voice thick with primal lust.

“Me…too,” Hellion grunted, already panting heavily. “Should I…”

“No!” she barked, stopping him before he could say another word. “Just…keep…fucking me! Come with me! Fill me with your cum!”

Those words did not come with any forethought. Sage didn’t need telepathy to surmise that. They were a direct message from Laura’s instincts. She could not overthink or get around it. Her body and her passions did the talking.

Julian, also in no position to overthink, just went with it. He planted his feet firmly on the bed, shifted his hands to her butt, and thrust his cock up into her harder every time she moved her hips. The hot smacking sound of their naked flesh filled the test area, supplementing their escalating moans and grunts. Laura rode him harder, holding onto his waist with one hand while stimulating her clit with the other.

She craved her release.

Julian craved it just as much.

Whether by shared effort or random fluke, they crossed that final threshold together. It wasn’t simultaneous, but it was so close that it didn’t matter. In that moment, their eyes shot open and a different kind of instinct took hold.

“Oohhh Julian!” Laura cried out.

“Laura!” Julian exclaimed with equal passion.

Hot orgasmic sensations followed. They were as hot and intense as any that had been achieved during these tests.

Julian came first, his muscles tensing and his face contorting as he released his seminal load into her pussy. His member throbbed inside her, her wet inner walls squeezing his flesh and milking him for every drop of cum. Laura climaxed shortly after, her toes curling as her vaginal muscles contracted hard in accord with her release. Inside her, their hot fluids mixed while the pleasure flowed through them. It fostered a feeling of greater intimacy, which in turn triggered more instincts and more revealing data.

“Fascinating,” Sage said as she watched it stream in on her monitor.

Before she could make sense of the data, Julian and Laura acted on it. While lost in this orgasmic daze, their naked bodies so intimately entwined, their eyes locked in a moment of impassioned intensity. Then, like a reflex born from old feelings, they embraced one another and kissed.

Laura just laid on top of him, grasping his shoulders while he wrapped his arms around her waist. Julian withdrew from her, allowing their naked bodies to simply mesh together atop the bed. It was a soft and tender gesture. It was not the kind of kissing often displayed in intimate foreplay or post-orgasmic afterglow. Both the data and their demeanor made that abundantly clear.

“Julian…I’m sorry,” said Laura, their eyes still locked when their lips parted.

“I’m sorry too, Laura,” Julian replied without hesitation.

They were vague statements, but still revealed plenty. Sage hadn’t been informed on the various reasons why their relationship was so complicated. She didn’t think they were relevant to the experiment. Now, as she continued processing the data, a new curiosity came over her.

“And just like that, the readings from the limbic system make some sense,” she noted, “but the implications are still uncertain.”

While Sage reviewed the data, Julian and Laura lingered in their embrace. It took a moment for their words to sink in. It took another to fully make sense of them. As their minds and bodies emerged from their post-coital daze, a different mood emerged between them.

“Suddenly, I feel like an ass and an idiot,” Julian said. “Is great sex supposed to make things this clear? Or is this another side-effect of the drugs?”

“I don’t know,” Laura replied, now caressing her face. “Does it matter?”

“No. It doesn’t.”

She smiled lightly and he smiled back. They kissed again, this time with more agency and coherence. Laura remained on top of him. The feeling of their naked bodies pressing together maintained an intimate mood. It also seemed so supplement that newfound clarity that Julian had mentioned.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes,” Laura said after the kiss.

“We both have,” Julian said.

“I still say mine are worse,” she quipped, “between my mother, my friends, Logan, and you…I’m still learning to live with them.”

“I’m not going to compare and contrast,” he said, “not when we’re both still naked.”

“I’m also still learning how to connect with people…in ways other than sex. I can handle being close to others. I can even handle being part of a team. But letting someone in…that, I’m not good at.”

“Me neither, but for much dumber reasons. I’ve been so arrogant and pig-headed…especially with you. But I’m ready to make an effort.”

“For yourself or for us?” Laura asked.

“Both,” Julian answered.

She smiled again. It was the most Laura had smiled in quite some time. She wasn’t known for showing much emotion to anyone outside her immediate family. It exposed the extent of the connection she’d made with Julian. Despite the many complications in the past, it seemed poised to blossom in the present.

In the context of the experiment, it exceeded any hypotheses that Sage could have made. She expected a measurable impact of the Little Pink Pills on the complexities of a relationship like this. Improved sex made that very likely. She did not expect an impact like this. A relationship that had gone so wrong before it even started was suddenly rekindled.

“It would seem the parameters were too narrow,” she noted for the record. “Most predictions were structured around finding closure within a complicated relationship. But instead, an emotional connection between two people – a connection that was not able to manifest, due to cofounding factors – has been reignited. Could this aid in couples therapy? Could it help those who struggle to express emotions? The potential for Human Drug Prototype V just gained a new dimension.”

That was sure to excite Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company. More uses for this drug was sure to expand sales. It might also be prudent to scale up production even more. If the effects on Julian and Laura were any indication, the benefits could only expand.

As Sage contemplated the logistics of such an effort, her two test subjects were still engrossed in those effects. They shared another kiss. This time, they didn’t try to avoid the emerging passion between them. It quickly evolved into a new round of foreplay. From there, a renewed desire for sex emerged.

“Laura,” Julian said, already short of breath, “I know there’s a lot to talk about. But I’m still too horny to talk seriously.”

“Yes. I can tell,” Laura said with a half-grin, already feeling his penis rub against her thighs.

“And you still sound like an animal in heat,” he noted. “You think more sex will make things clearer?”

“Not really,” she said, “but as long as we’re this horny, we might as well be certain.”

“Certain…right,” Julian said jokingly.

That was indirect confirmation that they agreed to more sex. Like previous test subjects, the pills significantly reduced the need for recovery between orgasms. They also significantly increased both the desire and the ability to pursue more sex. Laura and Julian took full advantage of it.

Julian’s member was already half-erect erect. Laura’s pussy was still dripping with sexual fluids from earlier, but a fresh arousal quickly came over her. More kissing, followed by more intimate touching, helped accelerate that process. They rolled around on the bed a bit, ruffling the sheets and exploring one another’s bodies with less restraint than before. Before long, they were ready for another sex act.

Once again, Laura made the first move, following her heightened instincts. She laid Julian on his side and she laid next to him, but shifted her body so that they were in a 69 position. Then, without hesitation, she grasped the base of his still-dripping cock and enveloped it between her lips. Channeling both instinct and lust, she began working her lips and tongue along the length of his shaft.

“Ohhh fuck, yeah!” Julian grunted. “Laura…you give great head!”

“Mmf!” she grunted in response, sucking harder as his cock continued to stiffen.

“Don’t worry. I’ll return the favor!”

Licking his lips, eager to make good on his word, Julian buried his face between Laura’s thighs. With little technique or tac, he began eating her pussy out, lapping his tongue over her outer folds and tasting her tender flesh within. He was still sloppy, but Laura didn’t mind. She was just as sloppy with him, sucking him off harder with each bit of pleasure he evoked.

For a couple of inexperienced teenagers, it was still chaotic. Laura gagged a few times and Julian struggled to find her sensitive spots. That didn’t make it any less effective. Following their muffled moans, they guided one another back to a state of full arousal. Unlike before, there was no awkwardness or reservation. They were still horny and they were eager to indulge together.

“This data is more familiar,” Sage noted. “Both test subjects are aroused again. Despite their lack of sexual proficiency, they’re still able to achieve a mutual level of desire. The activity in their limbic system has since settled, but the readings are still unique. Will more sex change this?”

Sage was more curious than her test subjects. At this point, Julian and Laura forgot they were test subjects. They were just a couple of horny teenagers ready for more sex. Julian was already fully erect. Laura was tempted to keep sucking until he came, but she opted for a different approach to pursuing ecstasy.

“Julian…fuck me again,” Laura said after giving his cock one last lick.

In a move that differed considerably from her previous approach, the former living weapon parted from Julian’s embrace and got on all fours. She glanced back at Julian seductively, shaking her perky ass to invite him back into her sex. With primal instincts of his own, he obliged.

“You want me to fuck you like an animal?” he said teasingly.

“Fuck me however you want! Just fuck me!” she replied.

Julian didn’t wait for further urgings. Upon positioning himself behind Laura, propped on his knees while grasping her hips with both hands, he guided his cock towards her wet opening. He was not careful or gentle in his approach. As soon as the tip of his dick touched her outer folds, he thrust it in and their sex officially resumed.

“Yes!” Laura howled. “This…I want this, Julian! I want…you!”

Her tone carried more meaning than the words. Whether or not Julian grasped that meaning was unclear. He let his actions do the talking, coupled with various grunts and gasps. While he could not match Laura’s feral physicality, he still displayed plenty of effort.

Back and forth, he worked his hips, pumping his cock within the wet folds of her pussy. His flesh slithered smoothly inside her, their naked bodies rocking hard. The sound of grunts and moans echoed alongside the wet slapping sound of their skin. Laura squeezed the sheets of the bed, tearing through the fabric in the process. She and Julian had that same dazed look as before, drunk on lust and the hot sensations born of their sex.

This time, however, their eyes remained open. They dared to display a level of affection and joy in this act. It even showed in the data.

“Impressive and revealing,” Sage commented. “Typically, the overall sensory and mental pleasure tapers during the second round of intercourse. With these two, I’m seeing the opposite. The cumulative pleasure is greater, even if the tactile and biological levels are not. It seems the act of re-connecting has expanded their capacity for sexual intimacy.”

There was a lot of data to interpret. Even her computer-like brain could not crunch all the numbers at that moment. If the level of blissful joy that Julian and Laura displayed were any indication, they had already grasped the implications.

Their chaotic, impassioned sex continued playing out. Julian hammered away with reckless lust, tightening his grip on Laura’s hips as he pumped his cock inside her. The bed rocked and her blissful howls intensified. At one point, she reached between her legs and fondled her clit to supplement each surge of sensations. That resulted in her achieving another orgasm.

She didn’t say anything or let Julian know. It proved unnecessary. When she threw her head back, bucked her hips, and let out an orgasmic howl, it was clear for anyone with working senses. It still provided valuable data.

“It’s official. Multiple orgasms have been achieved,” Sage noted. “That was expected, given the results of previous tests. But the extent and impact of such improved sexual function on these test subjects…that remains to be seen.”

The data kept coming in and the sex kept playing out. It remained chaotic and uncoordinated compared to previous test subjects, but that didn’t stop Laura and Julian from maximizing the experience.

After that second orgasm, the pace shifted. Laura pulled Julian into another messy kiss. He returned the gesture, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her back on top so they could keep the sex going. They were less rough with each other, but still enjoyed a fairly vigorous pace of sex. It fit into a very primal approach to this intimate act, which Julian and Laura seemed to prefer.

Through this approach, they went at it in a multitude of positions. They weren’t very creative, compared to other test subjects. They alternated between one being on top, doggy style, or spooning. Their lack of experience and coordination made that unavoidable, but that didn’t stop either of them from achieving more orgasms. Laura got into quite a rhythm, achieving multiple peaks with brief respites in between. Julian managed to achieve other releases as well. Whenever he needed help getting erect again, Laura eagerly assisted by giving him oral sex.

At times, it felt like they were venting more than just pent-up lust. Feelings and emotions they never confronted seemed to come out through their sex. They couldn’t put it into words, but these intimate, physical acts seemed to get the point across. Their relationship had been overwhelming and complicated, but the emotional connection they’d made was very real.

“Laura…so beautiful,” Julian said through his sex-fueled daze.

“Julian…hold me,” Laura replied.

That emotional sentiment, which was so clearly reflected in the data, became more overt as they neared the end of their sexual venting. Once again, instincts guided them to just the right position.

Laura was on her back, her legs spread wide while Julian was on top of her. She clung to his neck while he held onto her hips, working his body along hers in a final push for ecstasy. It might have looked like simple, missionary style sex between two sweaty teenagers on their last gasp of desire. As that final rush of ecstasy came over them, a far greater feeling took hold.

“I’m ready, Laura,” Julian gasped.

“Me too,” Laura moaned.

They might have been directly referring to their respective orgasms, but those words carried much more weight, even as the pleasure consumed them. Their final peak wasn’t quite as loud or as chaotic as others before it, but it was definitely the most intimate.

When Laura came, she leaned her forehead against his, curled her toes, and bent her legs back as she let out a blissful moan. As her inner muscles contracted in accord with her release, Julian delivered several more desperate thrusts to send him over the edge. His eyes remained wide open, his hands finding their way to her face. Their gaze remained locked as his achieved his orgasm release, his masculine fluids once again filling her womanly depths.

Then, as they relished the onslaught of pleasure that followed, they shared a soft kiss. It was so gentle and affectionate, a significant contrast from the primal chaos that had dominated their sex. It conveyed a different feeling between Julian and Laura. Their lust spent, but their bodies still intimately entwined, all that remained was the connection they’d made. It might have faltered before, but it had been effectively rekindled.

“Laura…I’m still in love with you,” Julian said in his impassioned state.

“I never stopped loving you, Julian,” Laura replied. “I really thought I was over us. I was wrong.”

“That’s not just the afterglow talking, is it?”

“No. It isn’t.”

They shared an affectionate smile. Their intimate flesh parted, their bodies now covered in a light layer of sweat. Julian rolled off to the side and laid down next to her. Laura still kept him in her embrace, now resting head near his chest.

So many old and new feelings were sinking in. They seemed to forget they had been part of an experiment. Sage, still going over the data in the observation deck, turned her emotions on briefly so that she could appreciate the results. It wasn’t just reflected in the data. The sight of two conflicted teenagers coming together was also a worthy achievement.

“Thank you. The test is now complete,” Sage announced. “I can confirm that your efforts produced valuable data for those in troubled romantic entanglements.”

“You’re welcome…I guess,” Laura said, already resting her eyes.

“Not gonna lie,” Julian said, “I kind of forgot Sage was recording all this.”

“Do not worry, Mr. Keller. I’ll be sure to remove some of the more personal details from the record,” Sage said. “What matters is that Human Drug Prototype V provided a tangible benefit for you and Ms. Kinney. You were able to confront, address, and even rekindle a troubled relationship. By every metrics of the experiment, this test was successful.”

“Good to know,” Laura said, “success today bodes well for the future.”

“For Krakoa? Us? Or these incredible Little Pink Pills?” Julian inquired.

“All of the above!”

Julian laughed to himself, as did Laura. In their content state, they did not have the energy to grasp the full weight of what they just did. The idea that them reconnecting, emotionally and sexually, was part of a successful experiment involving potent aphrodisiac pills left them uniquely satisfied. They also didn’t look the least bit inclined to leave the bed for a while.

Sensing this, Sage smiled at the young couple through the observation deck. She also powered down the sensors and dimmed the lights. These two unique test subjects had earned some personal, non-experimental time together.

The End

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