Contest of whorines

BY : KnightmareKingUnlimited
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Starlight drifted around the citadel its endless sea of twinkling spheres a reminder of how big the universe was. Glaring at the screen in front of him the young prince couldn't help yawning in boredom. Not surprisingly his chosen gladiator was defeating the opponent with very little effort making it clear their species was far superior. Watching as the gladiator tore into his opponent with vicious claws the sound of ripping flesh was nothing short of barbaric and pointless.


“Enough of these paltry games isn't there anything more interesting?” Kovurius questioned as the wolfman's advisor scrambled looking for anything that might appease the prince. Grabbing the remote he clicked through endless stations each more boring than whatever he'd just passed. Suddenly the prince raised a claw making it clear the prince wanted it to remain on the channel which displayed something interesting for a change. Watching as the screen displayed what the sensors described as human women in tight yet colorful outfits the prince smiled at them fighting some kind of giant monster.


“Sire theirs is a backwater planet.” Kovu's advisor explained as the wolf merely growled at his comment. Watching as the blonde haired girl dressed in a tight red and blue outfit punched the creature and sent it flying he couldn't deny she was powerful. Next to her was a beautiful dark haired woman dressed in a red outfit casting what appeared to be some kind of magic spell. Gazing upon their forms he couldn't help feeling a twinge of excitement knowing it was mostly due to his animal instincts.


“Regardless watching those girls fight could be an interesting diversion which means capturing them is necessary.” Kovu replied as the advisor sighed before kneeling in front of his prince. Much as he wanted to simply bend the girl over and enjoy fucking her the prince knew it would be more fun to conquer her. Grabbing the screen in front of him the wolfman pushed a button making the image freeze on their battle. Nodding that it was perfect for the scenario he was imagining the young prince questioned the aide what options could be taken in order to capture said warriors.


“Considering their planets lack of anti-magic possibilities we could use a sleep art to make them fall asleep and then send your warriors to capture them.” Kovu's aide explained as the wolfman nodded that it was acceptable. Watching as the battle continued with the females knocking the giant monster onto the ground he couldn't help smiling. Realizing his people would enjoy watching these proud fighters battle in front of them it was just a matter of time before they were onboard his ship. After that it was just a short ride back to his planet where they'd be forced to compete in the area where he'd put an interesting rule on the battles.


“Seems a few of them possess intimidating abilities make sure the warriors bring power restricting collars.” Kovu explained as the aide nodded that he understood and would make sure the warriors took necessary precautions. Smiling as the battle ended with the females standing triumphant over the fallen monster he couldn't wait to see their beauty up close and personal. Deciding that he'd use whatever time remained before they were presented to him to freshen up he walked into his bathroom. Reaching for the water handles the young wolf sighed in pleasure as the hot water cascaded over his fur warming the prince.


Moments after the prince had left the aide summoned their best warriors and explained their new mission. Saluting with a raised claw that had become their people's greatest sign of devotion all of them reached for elctro spears just in case. Getting into the vehicle which they used for invading other planets the warriors knew it was just another mission for their prince. Reaching for the nearby microphone the aide debated if he really wanted to bother his prince's bath eventually realizing it was necessary.


“Sire we've got a list of candidates if you'd like to come and make your selection.” Kovu's aide explained as the prince shut off his water and began walking back to his captain's seat. Scrolling through the list of beautiful heroines that would serve his purpose the royal clicked most of them designating they were supposed to be capture. When he'd clicked the final box the aide sighed realizing the numbers reached well into the double digits which meant he'd need to put an entire planet under the mystic sleep arts. Grumbling something about it being more difficult then he'd like the aide pushed a button making several casters file into the room.


“Make sure they can't be woken up even if the warriors touch my new combatants.” Kovu explained as the casters nodded they understood before joining the aide in casting spells. Moments later their spell glowed a bright purple before it filled the entire room and moved towards whatever backwater planet those creatures named home. Gazing at the planet he watched as it was enveloped in the purple light and everyone fell into a deep sleep. Moments later the communicator built into his chair beeped making the prince rush over and click it waiting for the news of mission accomplished.


“Mission accomplished sir and if we can make the suggestion it might be worth bringing some normal girls back for the men.” One of the warriors explained before slinging the blonde he'd seen in the video over his shoulder. Nodding that it was acceptable he could hear the warriors cheering at the idea of getting some action that didn't involve combat. Grabbing the other candidates his warriors slung them over their shoulders making the young prince smile at their beautiful forms. Seconds later their vehicle had returned since it possessed teleportation abilities and the warriors began unloading the captured women into their proper cell indicated by the symbol above it.


“Assuming any of the girls aren't virgins restore their hymens before we arrive.” Kovu explained as the mages nodded they'd do as he requested before reaching their planet. Restoring their virginity would only make it even better when the prince stole it from the girls who lost in the coliseum. What made it even better was knowing that revealing it was their fellow heroines which had put them in his grasp would make the girls fall in line quicker. Making his way back towards his room the man smiled looking over the candidates before selecting brackets for the upcoming battles.


“Sire care to explain what this is really about sending our men to capture human women.” Kovu's aide questioned as the young prince sighed at his comment. Whenever he questioned the young prince it meant the aide had already contacted his father making it clear the prince was doing something new. Normally the prince would have been enraged at the aide going over the young royal's head but this time it was different. Making his way over to his nearest view screen he pushed the buttons watching as the video screen lit up revealing his father's gazing eyes.


“Seems the worm already told you about capturing the human women?” Kovu questioned as the king nodded that he'd done exactly that before his son called him. Watching as the king stood in front of the massive statue of himself the prince silently grumbled that it wasn't very accurate. Sure his father was a powerful warrior and had during his own time conquered a few worlds but time aged everyone including those of royal blood. After what seemed like an eternity the king finally sat upon his throne watching as the gladiators fighting made his people cheer.


“I only have one question are you going to do something with these girls or just watch as they fight.” Anarius questioned as the prince sighed before reaching over to his own data pad. Clicking several buttons he pulled up the info witch showed the girls in question were fertile and capable of bearing their children. Making his way through each girl's profile the king's eyes lit up realizing what it meant for the prince. Seconds after he'd closed the last profile the king burst out laughing as the prince blushed at the king's reaction.


“Seems there's a part of you that knows exactly what these girls represent.” Kovu explained as the king nodded that he could do exactly what he'd planned before their call. Watching as the view screen returned to a blank screen the prince looked over at the royal sorcerer making it clear he'd deal with him later. Clicking a few more buttons the prince smiled as the view switched to reveal his captive girls all with power restricting collars around their beautiful necks. Grinning with the knowledge that soon he'd be reducing those sexy outfits to something a little more easy to get into the prince couldn't help laughing.


“Sire the men want to know if we'll be returning home.” Kovu's aide questioned as the prince nodded they'd be doing just as he'd said. Giving the order for his ship to bypass any regulations since they were inside their own species territory he ordered they skip into light speed. Nodding that his engines were primed and ready for the journey the prince smiled clicking the button and watching as minutes later his ship arrived at their home world. Waiting until the final docking procedures were complete the prince was instantly grabbed by his mother who pulled him into a hug.


“My little boy is growing up and it won't be long before there are grand kids running around the palace.” Kovu's mother squeaked out as the young wolf smiled at her. Considering the woman had been captured by his father many years ago she knew exactly what he planned on doing with their sexy asses. Watching as the blue furred fox girl turned around with enough grace to make dancers jealous she realized the prince was looking at the girls being unloaded from his ship. Much as it pained her to admit it the girls were quite beautiful and if the king's reports were anything to go by incredibly fertile.


“Should you really be moving around like that in your current state?” Kovu questioned as the fox girl looked at him making it clear she didn't need any lip from him. Despite being five months pregnant with their king's second child there was nothing that kept her from being able to embarrass her son if need be. Watching as the final girl was unloaded from his ship and secured in a cell within their arena the prince couldn't help laughing. Rolling her eyes she knew that despite being a little more interested in magic than his father both men were still creatures with needs.


“Alright that's enough chatting we need to get ready for our son's first tournament and with it comes his first slave.” Anarius explained making the young prince blush as his parents led him towards they royal viewing box. Making it clear they were expecting great things from his battles the young man was a little embarrassed they were making such a big deal over it all. Sure this was his first tournament but it wasn't like it was the most important thing in his people's history. Nodding that he was ready for the battles to get started the mages began casting the spells needed to awaken his girls from their slumber before opening the gates.


“My prince the girls are ready for your battles.” Several guards explained as the young prince smiled watching as the girls stumbled into the arena. Clearly they were still under the effects of their first spell because most of them looked as if they weren't even ready for bedding. After what seemed like an eternity the girls awakened and realized the collars around their necks pulling at them doing whatever they could to remove it. Smiling as they realized none of them were coming off the prince knew it was just a matter of time before his first slave was riding his dick.


“Welcome heroines as you can see those collars aren't going to be removed any time soon. Considering that your powers are subject to me letting you use them all of you are going to compete in my tournament.” Kovu explained as some of the girls rushed to each other looking for any kind of comfort. After giving them a few minutes to compose themselves he rang another bell making it clear he wasn't going to wait all day. Moments later the blonde haired girl which had picked his curiosity in the first place was glaring at him with enough rage that if looks could kill his pelt would've been roasting this very second.


“No way are you getting away with this in fact what's to keep us for refusing to participate in your little tournament?” Blondie questioned as the wolf sighed before pushing a button on the podium next to him. Watching as the collar zapped the girl with enough strength to make it clear he wasn't messing around but not enough to cause her any real harm the prince glared at her. Returning his glare with one of her own she was just waiting for the moment his fuzzy ass slipped up. Making sure none of the other girls were in the mood of interrupting him the prince smiled noticing more than just her were glaring at him with defiance.


“I assure you competing in the tournament is your only chance at freedom although whenever you are eliminated it will be your great honor to become my sex slave.” Kovu explained as the women gasped at his comment some of them even crying. Watching as the guards ushered them back into their cells he was smiling at the idea of finding out which of the sexy heroines would be the first to become his sexy little pet. Nodding at the guards he clicked another button making a large screen located in the center of the arena begin flashing through countless names. Realizing that it was going to be the first two competitors each girl silently hoped it wouldn't be their name but when the names finally appeared the girls in question knew if they were defeated it would mean their days as heroines were over and their days of being a wolf's plaything had just begun.

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