New Love

BY : Paralyzed_heart
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"So you're fucking leaving the job huh?!?"


Tony's brows knitted and his lips twitched in fury as he dragged Loki to his office and shut the door behind.


Tony's face was red with anger, his hands forming tight fists and face looking as if he was cursed. A whole different person from the flirty savage boss Loki knew.


Loki felt Tony drag him and held him up by the collar, his legs flying in the air. Tony yanked him by force and threw him on the couch which was near.


Loki winced as his head hit the rough surface of the couch and whimpered by the harshness. What had happened? He had just resigned the job and his boss had dragged him to his office and thew him on the couch?


"You're leaving is that what I hear from that fucking mouth?!"


Loki let a tired moan and winced at the high yelling voice, burning and ringing in his ears.


"Fine then. This suit you're wearing. This.-" Tony placed his dominating finger, pressing and digging into Loki's chest as Loki looked in confused eyes.


"I gave you this suit and now that you're not in my company, then this also does not belong to you. Give it back.!"


Loki looked in wide horror eyes as Tony stalked towards him, taking off his own coat, next going to Loki's coat, tearing Loki's black suit coatand ripped off the button of Loki's shirt, which made Loki arch his back by the force.


"Give it back!!"


Tony's nose wrinkled and his face twisted as he spoke his words in pure anger upon Loki, while Loki looked in confusion as to why his boss was acting such wierd.




The sudden horror shot out to Loki's spine when Tony placed his large palm on his chest and started undoing Loki's pants. Loki shook his head and tried to push Tony's hand back, only to be slapped as Tony moved his hand from his chest to his hands to pin those delicate thin wrists.


"Boss pleas-please what are you doing sir? Wha-what is happening?"


"Shut up bitch!"


Loki squirmed and struggled as Tony took of his pants, to reveal his milky lean long snow white legs.


Tony looked with dark eyes as his prize lay in front of him on the couch, moon pale skin shining with the room light, long lean fingers struggling with his strong grip and those sexy long legs desperately trying to shut close. What a sight was it.


All was right except... except for the underwear. His boy was all naked except for his underwear. Well now what's the fun with that on?


Tony's hot beath brushed on Loki's clean shaved chin, as he felt the breath moving down. All of a sudden a hot mouth came to nibble his throat and a hand twisting and tugging at his nipples, maing Loki whimper. This was not pleasure. This was by don't like it. But how mch ever Loki forced himself to not like the treatment, whenever the most talented finger rubbed his tender nipples up and down and when a hot toungue placed on his hard nipple, he could nit surpress the moan which came from him.

Loki felt his boss' breath going even more down, to his abs, his torso, and then down and down s he felt the teasing breath right at his waistband of his underwear.


Loki shivered as a large finger slipped inside his underwear to pull it down, exposing his most intimate region. The cold air blowing right on his genital made his cock twitch and a shiver rooted Loki's spine.


Loki gulped as he saw Tony undoing his pants to reveal the obvious erection. His heart was thumping inside him as if it would rip off his skin and escape out.


This was happening...


Loki spoke out as his voice shivered just like his body.

"Boss..,sir- mister.. please y-you do n-ot want to do this.. ples-pl-please boss"


"Oh Loki, oh you have no idea how much I want this darling.. I've waited all long. And you- you just plan to leave me and resign!?? This time no excuses.!"


A small tear escaped Loki as he spotted the unknown anger again stood out proud in his boss' face as he lined his cock and with one swift go, he put the damn whole thing inside Loki.


Loki screamed out in agony, arching his back and trying to move back as he hit the hand of the couch and tried to shut his legs, but Tony stood in between as he thrusted once more.


"You want to leave the job huh? You'll not even have the strength to leave this room before I finish hear it you slut!!?"


Tony's thrusts became erratic and fast as he shove into the tight hole gain and agin, his hips slapping Loki's butt with force, as he spoke his words in dark and anger voice, slapping Loki.


Tears started flowing in streams from Loki's eyes, he sobbed helplessly as Tony pouned into him mercilessly. He cried and sobbed, trying to sqiuim away as his body uncontrollably, his hole desperately trying to expel off the huge thing.


Tony took a moment to watch at his beaty as the realisation hit him harder than anything in his life. His heart coiled and broke into a hundred pieces as he looked wide eyes. What had he done?


He had hurted his love. The person he loved the most in the entire world. The person he was suppose to showe his love and look after in pure care and concern. He had loved Loki. But was always a coward to say it. And now, today, just that he cannot tolerate that his love was leaving him, he had tried to take him....calim him by force? He had dreamd every night of how to make Loki happy. And is this how it all ended up in? His stomach crumbled into a tight ball as he felt like throwing up. What in the world had he done?

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