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Draco kissed Harry one last time with a  small and quick kiss bafore leaving to the class.



Loki sighed and released his held breath, looking at the heavy rain as he looked into the fanfiction he had completed just now. He smiled. He loved writing fanfictions. He usually write it in the ao3 website. It was the only one he used. He had this username called as Smirk_trickster. He loved his username. Completely suited him.


He loved the way his fans would comment on him, the way they use to care and interact with him. Loki did not know who these people were who commented to his fanfiction, where they lived or which gender they were, but yet, they loved him so much, nd so he. He did not know if someone was commenting to his fanfiction right in his neighbourhood, or maybe a whole opposite part of the world. He loved his stories. It gave him a strange made his heart lighter.


Though he had not said this fact that he was writing fanfictions to anyone. Not a single soul. He was a small boy and he did not want anyone to know that he was dealing with any adult contents.


Only he and his brother Thor, lived in this house, and old and messy house. He had not said that he was writing fanfictions to Thor also. And that was for a reason. His stupid brother had thought Loki was still some small kid who needed to be taken care. True that Thor loved him, but he was sometimes overprotective. And if ever Loki said to Thor about the fanfictions, then he wouldn't be surprised if Thor slap him and yell at him. Thor would not tolerate the fact that his little brother was ruined. He thought Loki innocent and pure which he was not.


Loki spread his wrists, relaxing them. It had been a long time since he had been typing on his computer and his fingers ached. He looked through his window to see the heavy rain drops dropping on the slab of the window, making a thud sound.

He closed his computer and moved more closer to the window to peep through it, looking at the wet rainy streets.


It had been a very long while since Thor had left the house to play basketball with his friends. He had left the house the afternoon and it's was evening now, yet no calls or no messages. Loki sighed, shaking his head. Thor had always been like this. Careless and reckless. Never bother about his health. He had not even eaten a bread before running off to play like a small child.


Loki heard the door shut witha harsh thud, which made him wince as he while he was cooking something for the dinner.


Will Thor ever know to perform things carefully? The door will surely wreak in a few days if his brother uses it that harsh.


He heard sounds of so many people speaking as he went out to the balcony my to see Thor and his friends, soaked from head to toe, shivering.


He handed each one of them a towel to dry off and some clothes before moving to the kitchen to make some hot cofee.


Loki would actually have laughed looking at thier weird dresses if not Thor right in front of him. He had given them Thor's clothes and wearing his brother's clothes made them look like clones. Complete fools that they are.


Hogun had worn a black and white striped shirt which was almost double of his size. The shirt hung from his shoulders loosely, and it was long enough to touch his knees. He looked like a homeless man.


Loki choked on his cofee, looking at Volstagg, trying to supress his laugh. Volstagg had worn Thor's loose shirt, and yet it was so that for that pig. He looked like a fat woman trying hard to fit her clothes with the help of pins. Volstagg was a literal definition for a balloon.


Fandral had worn a crimson red shirt, only for him was that that Thor's clothes fitted perfectly. Well not that perfect but able to look at. The shirt and jeans were a bit loose but it looked good and correctly fitted.


Loki remembered of the Cinderella movie where one sister is too skinny, the other too fat amd the other, Cinderella, perfect.

He chuckled lightly, moving to the sink to keep the cofee cups they had drank.


Loki was speaking to Thor's freinds as Thor came after wearing some clothes, and kissed Loki gently on his cheeks. He smiled at his friend and his little brother as they all started a small conversation there.


The conversation changed from topic to topic, clueless topics to more genuine topics, as all the five of them sat on the couch and chilled.


"Um Thor, do you have a computer?" Fandral started abruptly in the middle of some conversation.


"Yes why?"


"I had some work to do and if you don't mind, I would have it done here itself. Would you min-"


"Oh completely not. You can use the computer. Go upstairs to Loki's room and there you'll find his computer. Password- 0000."




Fandral thanked Loki and Thor after he heard Thor's enthusiastic approval. Loki did not mind it actually, rather, concentrated about the talk that was going on.


All the four were still busy in talking and payed much attention as Fandral went upstairs to Loki's room to find a black dell laptop, and opened it, typing the password.


Fandral was a charming one. He was popular everywhere he go. But he also did have some secrets.


Fandral loved fanfictions. Especially the Harry Potter ships. He loathed for them. That was his guilty pleasure. He loved gay sex and romance. Well ofcourse no one knew it. It was not like he would go stupidly and say to everyone that he loved gay. Stupid.


Fandral smiled as he opened the browser and then the archive of our own website. This was the website he use to view fanfictions the most. And the website in which his favorite author - Smirk_trickster was.


His favourite author writes the best fanfictions and Fandral had read each and every one of them. The

Smirk_ trickster wrote Harry Potter fanfictions which was his favorite ones, and the way this person explained the story was what made it amazing. Smirk_trickster's stories were so sexy and not to mention that Fandral would always come undone just by reading the story. Whoever this Smirk_trickster was, if ever Fandral met, he would be so glad. This person made his life by such beautiful fanfictions.


He had been reading a sexy story written by his favorite author which was posted recently when Thor had dragged him to play. And now he cannot wait even a second to continue reading it. The story was so good...written by his favorite author ofcourse.

He smiled and chuckled at how childish he was acting. He could not even wait for a minute before going home and reading it. He's now in his friend's house, reading this sweet story in his brother's laptop.


His smile hung down, his mouth dropped and his eyes widened impossibility wide as he opened the page and saw what was written on the top margin of the laptop.


'Hi Smirk_trickster'

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