The Song of Agony

BY : Paralyzed_heart
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Loki looked through the broken dusty unclear window with his dull patched eyes as a thick drop of dirty water seeping through the ceiling fell on his lap, making an annoying pop sound. He winced at the sudden chill of the water as the drop hid hit right to his wound. Every part of his body was filled with wounds and bruises now. Covered with blood. He sighed and bent his head slightly though the more clearer side of the window. Loki's blood stained cheeks cracked into a small smile as he saw his two year old son playing happily at the woods alone. His son. His own one. The son he had birthed. The child of his body and soul. He smiled. His son was safe. His son was happy and so was he. He close his eyes as it hurted opening for too long, a smile still glowing in his face.


His fault they had said. Though he had faild to understand how it was his fault. Well he did not force Odin to accept his words.


A small tear fell, sliding down his cheeks as he remembered it. How did it all happen? It had happened so fast.


There was a need to fix the huge wall of Asgard. A man had come saying that he would build the whole wall but for exchange, needed Freya to be given in marriage.

The gods had hosted a meeting where many had refused for the man's proposal. Loki was the one who had said to give the man a chance with a condition that the wall should be built in a very short time and by only him. He had not said anyone to accept it. Just an opinion it had been. But Odin had accepted and offered it to the man. The man had surprisingly accepted the offer with only one request, that his horse should be permitted to help him to which Odin had given the permission.


Days rolled and the gods were surprised at the speed the man and its horse were doing their work. The man did his own work. Work of an average man. But his horse, a brave and strong stallion, Svadilfari, was performing the work of ninty nine men, making the work move in an impossibly fast rate.


That was when they had put the blame on him. The gods did not want to lose Freya, but they were sure they might want to give Freya to the man if their work moved on in the same speed.


They had blamed it on him as the idea of giving the man a very short time was Loki's idea. They said that if the situation comes, where the gods need to sacrifice Freya and give her in marriage to the man, then the peace of Vanaheim and Asgard will be broken, leading to the war, and before any of those happen, Loki would be punished. Loki would be killed if the man completed constructing the wall before the last day. Because it was his fault was what they had said. And yet he cannot realise how it was his. The gods, whoalways refuse to his words, had suddenly accepted to his words. Only to blame it back on him. He remember sighing and moving back to his room to think for an idea.


It was because of the stallion that the man was able to build teh walk so quickly. So, his target was the stallion. After some time of thinking, he had got it.

Male were always male. No matter a stallion or a man. And every male had desire. Loki had smirked.


All Loki had to do is seduce the stallion.

It was a full moon night when the man heard his horse making a strong noise and ripping off the bindings by which he was tied to the stable. He had woken up to see his horse behaving in a very different way and trying to escape the thick ropes, cutting them.

It took him some time to find why his so trusted horse wanted to leave him. A mare. Which was undoubtedly Loki.


There was a beautiful mare, as white as the moon itself. The milk moonlight falling on its smooth and neat mane, making it shine gorgeously at the to of the mountain from where the forest started.

The mare was indeed beautiful, no wonder why his horse was so awfully eager to have her. Indeed beautiful. The man had tried with all his might to stop his stallion and bring him back to the stable but, Svadilfari was stronger that him, and so had escaped his hands, following the mare into the deep woods.


After that, everyone in Asgard know what happened. The man failed to construct the wall had blamed on the gods that it was indeed thier tricks to send a mare and seduce his horse. Thor had banged his hammer, Mjolnir, into the man's head, killing him.


But what no one knew is what had happened after the Svadilfari had followed Loki into the woods.

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