Bon appetite

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"Special order, jambalaya for three customers."

The voice echoed through the whole Guesteau's kitchen which was now filled with many people.


Thor sighed as he stood up from his chair and moved to the kitchen. It had just been a minute since he had left the kitchen to take a minute rest at the counter.


Today was a busy day. Very busy day. It was a weekend

in France and there was this new dish in trend which was being given to the customers in an offer today. So many things going and too many things to cook. Thor was not a main chef, ofcourse not. And he did not usually have this much heavy work daily. But today, the main chef had dragged every chef as there were too many orders to prepare.


Thor growled being irritated at the heavy work as he saw the orders and wore his white apron, pulling out from the bottom cupboard. His footsteps were muffled by many people speaking as he went to the kitchen counter and prepared all the dish he was to do. Jambalaya.


He pulled out a pan from the desk and placed it on the counter. Here we go. He went to the next counter where another dish was being prepared to borrow a pack of olive oil. He tossed the cap of it and poured some amount on the pan. This was boring. Well it was too boring today. Pulling out the cut pieces of chicken, he tossed them into the cooling pan.


He pulled out the knife and started chopping the sausages in round large circles with his large, experienced fingers. He groaned, ignoring the noise outside and concentrated on the slic music of the knife which was chopping the sausages. He pushed the chopped circle sausages into the pan as he went for the another pan and set this one at the stove with a minimum flame. As the baking of chicken and sausages were done on the stove, he pulled the pan towards his side and went out to bring the vegetables. Thor pushed all the garbage which was fallen on the ground, making a way for himself to walk as he bought a bag of needed vegetables.


And now the chopping work. Thor loved cutting and chopping vegetables. He admired it. The way the smooth blade would slice the soft vegetables, the was the vegetables would engulf around the sharp blade. He loved the way the vegetables used to be sliced in an absolute perfection. He loved sharp and swift way the knife whold cut things in one chop. He loved knives and knife works.


Thor smiled as he picked up the green capcicum or bell pepper at what they call and stated chopping them in long thin slices.


One other hand, he stirred the chicken and the sausages as he was not to let them be burnt, as he poured some amount of olive oil on the new pan on which the chopped vegetables would be soon placed.


He did not have a problem in doing multiple works at a time. Cooking was an incredibly helpful art. And you need to do multiple tasks at once in many dishes. Like now, if he just concentrated on chopping, then the chicken would be burnt and the sausages would be too much brown, ruining the taste. He had two hands ofcourse the God has given him, to do so many works.


He picked up the knife to slice the leftover green bell pepper into long slices before pulling out a different colour of bell pepper and chopping it.


Jambalaya was a beautiful dish filled with different variety of vegetables of different colours. And it was also a French dish, and hence called a special dish in this hotel.


He looked at the chicken once to see if they were baked and brown, and pulled out the pan turning off the flame after the chicken was baked properly and the sausages being oak brown.


He had chopped three different colour of bell pepper. Green, yellow and red. Nice right? That's why this dish looked beautiful.

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