Baked Alive

BY : Paralyzed_heart
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Disclaimer: I do not own Thor or any of the characters nor do I make any profit. Warnings: rape/non-con, graphic depiction of violence, underage and major character death.

"Hello brother"


"Loki oh my god is that you?"Thor asked as he heard his baby brother's voice on the other line. How many days had it been? How many years had it been since he had not listened to his brother's voice? Loki's voice was completely changed.


"Head to toe completely and surely your annoying brother Thor." He was as savage as ever wasn't he?


"How are you Loki?"


"I heard that you are leaving for some buisness?"


"Oh yes brother! I am."


"Yes, and you are so arrogant that you don't even say that to your brother huh blabbering mouth?"


"Sorry brother I've been busy."


"Okay. I'm comming home, keep the house clean, tell father and don't forget to buy me a dozen of strawberries and some puddings."


"Loki how ar-"


Thor sighed, as Loki cut the phone abruptly. His brother was always like this, impatient yet patient. Kind yet sharp.


Thor did nit believe what he had heard. Was Loki comming back? Could taht be possible? He felt tears buckle up in his eyes. Tears of pure joy. How many years had it been since Loki had not seen him? Seen all if them?


Even when their mother was dead, Loki did not get a proper flight to come here and to say her a last goodbye. Loki was always her favourite son. Just like how he was his father's. Thor did not know what to do. A river of happiness flooded through his chest even in the sadness. For a moment, he felt his world go blank and saw noone but Loki. The small Loki whom he had known and seen while he had left their house. How many days of darkness had he spent? How many days of sadness had he been through missing his brother?


Loki was changed now. Well he had not seen his brother, but his voice said it. The last time he called was when their mother, Frigga had died. That's it. He had called to say that he can not come and that the flight has been cancelled.

And from then till now, he had not heard his brother's beautiful voice. It had changed. Loki's voice was not soft, dignified, and sharp. Like a voice of an angel and yet so rigid and firm with his words. Loki had always been like that. He was a one with both sides. Both dark and light. He used to make chaos and even unite people with his soft words. He was soft and rough. Was strong and weak both. He was caring and arrogant both at once. Thor smiled to himself, thinking about his little brother's unique behaviour. He had always been different. From all of them. Unique in his own ways.

A tear fell on his lap as he remembered Loki leaving them.

It was when Loki was seven years old that he had left thier house and family for his education.

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