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Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers or any of te characters nor do make any profit. Warnings: Rape/non con, Graphic depiction of violence. Lot of Rape, you have been warned. Relationship: Loki/everyone.

It was a hot day in Asgard. Sun was blazing in the afternoon. The grass stood proud in the palace gardens facing towards the sun. And the moment Thor had waited for so long had finnally come. He was going to propose his love to his beloved one - the great warrior Sif. Oh how many days had he imagined of this..

Her eyes shining in the sun, her sharp and brave features,her red lips...

He was yanked by his thoughts by Sif


" Hey! Are you going to say something or just stare at me for hours?"


Well he had to admit she was always like that and convincing her to come to the palace gardens with him was a task.


"I um...yes...I'm gonna..u yeah.."


Never once in his life had he been this nervous.Ok.

Take a deep breath.ya


"Sif I'd been admiring you for many years. Your black silky hair...your red lips...that brave features of a warrior.. you are a beauty and a warrior at once."

Here we go

" So Sif what I'm giving you now is pure.." he picked a rose from the garden which was as red as her lips, kneeled in front of her and held the rose at her face..

" Sif I lo.."


Then something happened...


something felt like leaving his body. His clothes....his clothes were turned into dust.


And he was kneeling there. with no clothes. like an idiot with a rose in his hand held in front of Sif.


Gods how stupid must he looking..


"Well what you showed me is truly and utterly pure!!"

she laughed and went back to the palace.


His face was blushed by the insult.


And he stood there...


The prince of Asgard....


The heir to te throne....


The mighty Thor God of Thunder....


Naked in front of the whole Asgard as if for a show.


He was naked!






And he knew who did it....damn you brother..




Up in the palace he grinned.

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