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Loki had always had a crush on the famous basketball leader, Thor.

He was handsome.

His hair was blond and he had a warm smile on his face. And not to mention of those abs. He had rough and a clear rigid six packs on his chest and was about a seven feet tall.

His hairs were messy and usually tied up to a simple pony, letting some of the hair escape the ribbon, hairs falling on his shoulder.

Thor was a very charming man. He was a social being with a wide smile and deep yet warm voice.

His deep blue vibrant eyes just as the colour of the deep sea. His sun kissed skin with some marks and cuts on it. Overall, Thor was handsome. The most handsome man Loki had ever seen.


Loki had been loving Thor since their school days. But either he was too shy to speak to Thor about his love. Or he would be insulted by Thor's best friend - Tony Stark.


And then he moved to the university and to his luck, Thor and his annoying savage best friend Tony had also joined to the same college.


The first time Loki saw Thor was in their language class. Thor was as handsome as always. Had grown up into a handsome man. Ofcourse even Loki was a man now.Both of them had adopted the same language - French. Tony was there too. Ah that arrogant!


Well now Loki was not as shy as he was before in his school days. He was cable to propose Thor and make him know about his love.

But they were not as close as they were before. They only met at the French class, and while leaving the college.

Well that was fine now that Tony would not be irritating him, but this made Loki proposing Thor a harder task. He tried to speak to him but Thor was always with his other friends and whenever saw Loki, he would just smile warmly at him. And so, he never would get a chance to propose Thor.


But after some days, Thor started giving attention to Loki. Not more, just light speaking while returning back to home and in the French classroom.. And that was all Loki needed.


He cannot propose Thor.

But now that he has the idea that Thor pays attention to him, he can do something. Yes.

He can seduce Thor.

He can make Thor jealous and make Thor himself come and take Loki. Possess Loki.


They had announced that there was a French fair in the university and that all the students are suppose to attend the fair compulsorily. Or else they are going to be expelled.

Loki hated it. He hated parties and fairs. People over there acted childish and teased him for being serious. He was not serious, it is just that his friends did not suit for him. Did not suit for his likings. He had a wierd sense of humour which none of his friends would catch. He did not want them to. So he would spend the whole party suiting alone in a corner with a glass of wine in his hand and walk away after the fair was over. Or maybe earlier. And that is the reason why he did not attend nost of the fairs. Unless compulsory.


But this was not like all the other fairs. This time it was a language fair. A more lenient fair.

And he would get a chance to meet Thor. To seduce and make Thor jealous.

Loki had planned everything in advance for the fair. He had to seduce Thor. Because if not now, then never.


It was a Saturday night party in not their university building but some other which looked like some huge house which had rooms arranged in order.

Good. Thor and Loki can make their love in those rooms.

All the men had arrived by the time Loki did. He had so many preperation to do ofcourse.

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