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BY : Redfields
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Jessica Walters lay propped up on her bed in the room assigned to her. The mission had ended for the night, but it was a bit too late to go home, so she’d decided to stay at the base. She was naked, in her she-hulk form, slowly stroking the massive green cock protruding from her groin. Her transformation definitely had some other benefits. Thoughts of her teammates, tight asses covered in spandex uniforms, drifted through her mind. Her hand clenched around her cock, but she kept her pace slow.


Outside her door, Kamala Khan crouched. The young teen peered through the crack the not-fully-closed door had left. It had been hard to concentrate on the mission with She-Hulk’s towering body and beauty right there with her. Now she was watching the green woman pleasure herself, and Kamala almost came from the sight. She jammed a hand down her pants, sliding her fingers into her wet pussy.


She nearly lost her balance, but recovered with the help of the door. Unfortunately, it swung wide open, giving Jessica a perfect view of who had been spying on her, and what she’d been up to.


They both froze for a moment, surprised and embarrassed about the predicament. “Keep going.” Kamala blurted out before a stricken expression etched itself on her face.


Jessica eyes narrowed and her lips twitched into a smile, but she didn’t obey the girl. “Come in and close the door.”


Kamala inched inside and closed the door. “What – what are you going to do to me?” Her voice was shaky.


“Nothing, if you don’t want. You can leave any time you want.” She-hulk replied. Kamala stayed stock still, and the green woman’s mouth quirked into a grin.


“Take off your clothes” Jessica instructed. With shaking hands and a shivering body, the young teen obeyed. She shed her hoodie, t-shirt, and bra that her budding breasts required. Next her socks, then her sweatpants. Finally, her panties were tossed aside.


She-hulk gazed at her, a sultry smiled on her face. Kamala held her hands in front of her, before quickly switching to putting them behind her back, nervous about how she should be acting.


The green woman held up a finger and indicated she should spin around. Kamala pivoted on her foot, almost losing her balance. When she faced She-hulk again, the green mutant was pointing her cock at the teen.


“Want a taste?” She asked.


Kamala gulped and nodded, inching forwards. There was plenty of room on the bed for her to crawl up on all fours until she was face to face with that lovely penis. It entranced her, pulling her in, until her lips rested on the tip. She gave it a gentle kiss.


“Give it a lick” the green mutant instructed, so Kamala obeyed, sticking out her tongue and finally getting a taste of the green dick. Just a quick lick at first, then longer, and more rapidly. Soon her mouth engulfed the green head, though she couldn’t get much farther than that.


She-Hulk guided one of the teen’s hands to her cock, showing her how to rub the parts she couldn’t fit in her mouth. This went on for a few minutes until She-hulk halted it. “Alright, time for you to get some. Climb up here and sit on my face.”


Kamala did as she was told, crawling up the bed and turning around before kneeling over the green mutant’s head. Large hands guided her into position, but instead of her eager pussy being invaded, she felt a warm tongue squirming into her tight butthole.


“Hey! That’s my -” she cut herself off, embarrassed. “My bum” She continued, mumbling.


“You mean your ass?” The tongue paused as She-hulk chuckled. “It’s such a fine ass, I had to get a taste. My cock’s gonna live there soon.”


Kamala’s eyes widened. Even if she embiggened her rear end, she doubted She-Hulk’s monster cock would fit inside.


“Not tonight, though.” The green futa reassured her. “Don’t worry, you’ll be begging for it soon enough.” With that, She-hulk went back to tonguing the teen’s tight ass.


Well, she was right about something. Kamala was really enjoying this new sensation. She snaked a hand down her body to rub her own moist pussy, dripping juices onto She-hulk’s throat. Her eyes focused on the gently swaying cock in front of her, and she stretched out to engulf the head in her mouth again.


It was about this time she felt something wet hit her back. Popping up, she looked around the room. Another stream a fluid directed her eyes to the upper corner of the room, where a very naked Spider-Gwen was perched, rubbing herself to the show below her.


Kamala squawked and fell off She-hulk, giving the green mutant a view of their voyeur. Gwen was remarkably unashamed at getting caught, though that may have just been the after-effects of a tremendous orgasm.


“For upcoming spies, you’re really bad at not being caught.” Jessica stated dryly. Kamala reddened, but Gwen merely shrugged.


“Now get down here, spider-slut.” She-hulk ordered. Gwen obeyed, landing lightly on the floor before clambering up on the bed. “Can you get this ready for me?” the green mutant asked, waving her cock at the young webslinger. Gwen nodded, swallowing the head easily before working the rest of it down her throat. Kamala’s eyes widened at the spectacle, but Jessica merely smiled. “Good girl.”


She turned to Kamala. “Could you get her ass ready? Just do everything I did to you, to her.” Kamala nodded, taking a moment to stare in lust at the blonde’s beautiful butt before diving into that ass with her tongue. Gwen moaned in approval around She-hulk’s massive cock.


Gwen backed off it to catch her breath before impaling her throat on it once again. She could feel it fill her, cutting off her air before coming to rest in her stomach. She didn’t think it was possible to cum again so soon, but deepthroating this dick might do it. And the enthusiastic tongue in her ass was speeding it along.


Reluctantly, Jessica pulled the eager teen of her cock. “Turn around, spider slut. Kamala, give ‘er something to feast on.” The brunette obediently lay back, spreading her legs so Gwen could lick her pussy. The blonde began licking enthusiastically, clearly not the first time she’d pleasured another girl.


For her part, Jessica lined up her massive cock with Gwen’s glistening butthole, and ploughed in. Spider-gwen squealed into Kamala’s dripping quim as she was filled completely from the other end. She-hulk wasted no time in giving the teen a proper pounding, rocking her entire body and pushing her face deeper into Kamala’s pussy.


Balls deep, in and out of Gwen’s gaping ass, blonde hair flying. Gwen could barely concentrate on licking out Kamala. Not that it mattered much; the teen was so close to cumming that Gwen merely stuck her tongue into her wet pussy and let She-hulk do the work.


Barely a minute after Gwen started tonguing her pussy, Kamala’s climax hit. Bliss flooded her small frame, exploding out from her pussy to fill her entire body. It felt like even if she grew to the size of the world, it still wouldn’t be enough to contain all the pleasure coursing through her. She let out a guttural scream, the only outlet for the immense feelings wracking her thin body. Her pussy even spurted juice into Gwen’s waiting mouth. Kamala would’ve been embarrassed, but she was in no position to think, her mind overwhelmed by her climax.


She was left gurgling in pleasure when her climax faded, eyes barely open, body completely exhausted from the bliss that had ravaged her.


With Kamala’s needs taken care of, She-hulked stepped up her game and furiously took it to Gwen’s ass. If she hadn’t been a mutant, poor Gwen would’ve had a shattered tailbone. Her ass was so fine, so pleasurable, that Jessica was barely able to tone down her world-destroying strength.


Gwen simply surrendered, unable and unwilling to do anything but take the green cock so deep inside her it ploughed straight through intestines and crashed into her stomach. She-hulk may not have superspeed, but it sure felt like it, with the relentless jackhammering she was giving Gwen’s entire body through her butthole.


With both of them so close to cumming already, it took but a few more thrusts before their climaxes hit. Jessica roared, slamming into Gwen one last time and staying hilted. Her massive balls began unloading, her cock jetting stream after stream of jism into Gwen’s stomach.


Gwen’s mouth opened in a silent scream, her eyes rolling up in her head as pleasure overwhelmed her. She collapsed, her upper body falling to the bed, her lower body supported by She-hulk’s erupting dick. Her stomach swelled, growing as it was filled with She-hulk’s cum, but the green cock showed no signs of slowing down.


Jessica’s eyes were closed tight, her face a rictus of pleasure. Her hands were gripping Spider-Gwen’s hips, holding the teen’s body in place as she unleashed her seed inside the blonde’s stomach.


Soon Gwen’s belly was stretched to the limit; and with a cum-spewing cock plugging one end, there was only one place for She-hulk’s semen to go. It rushed up her throat and poured out of her mouth, flooding the bed she’s collapsed onto. Gwen merely gurgled, her climax overwhelming even her gag reflex.


Jessica’s balls finally slowed their production, but not before unloading what seemed like Gwen’s entire weight in cum. Gwen recovered from her orgasm-induced stupor with her entire body filled with cum. She heaved and coughed, emptying out her throat and letting her finally breathe.


When Jessica eventually pulled her giant-but-softening cock from Spider-Gwen’s ass, a torrent of cum followed, pooling on the floor to match the flood on the bed. Both of them collapsed, joining Kamala in well-earned sexual exhaustion.

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