Captain Marvel - A Marvel-ous reunion

BY : Redfields
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A Marvel-ous Reunion


“Momma?” Monica Rambeau asked as she opened the door to her mother’s room. She’d heard something weird that evening and had gone to investigate. Her eyes widened at what she saw. Her mother was on her stomach on the bed, exhausted. Aunt Carol was also in the bed, faceup and grinning at the 11-year old.


“Hey kid.” Carol said warmly, if a bit sleepy.


“What’re you up to?” Monica asked, puzzled. Why was Aunt Carol in bed with her mom?


“Well, I just dumped a load of cum in your mom’s thick ass. Wanna see?”


“Uh …” Monica really had no idea what those words meant. Carol showed her anyway, pulling aside the covers on the bed to reveal what lay underneath. Just like Carol had said, white cum was leaking out of Maria’s butthole and dribbling down her buttcrack. Carol’s body, meanwhile, sported a large but softening cock.


“Hmm … feel like cleaning up my mess? Just lick your momma’s ass clean. It’ll drive her wild.” Carol instructed.


Monica, liking the look of her mom’s brown booty, nodded. She crawled up on the bed, spreading her mom’s legs to give her better access, then bent low to begin licking. She found the white cum tasty, licking up and down the brown crack to clean it all up, then driving her tongue into her mom’s loose butthole to get more.


If Maria had figured out sooner that it was her daughter so enthusiastically tonguing her ass, she would’ve put a stop to it. But by the time her mind recovered from the overwhelming orgasm Carol had just given her before Monica walked in, she was too enthralled with her daughter’s work to stop her. She just moaned in pleasure, spreading her legs wider for her daughter’s raunchy act.


Carol was not idle. The sight of Monica licking out her mother’s ass hardened her cock right up, getting it ready for another round. She knelt in front of Maria, resting her cock on her friend’s lips, who parted them instinctively. Taking hold of Maria’s head, Carol easily slid her giant cock down her friend’s throat, until it disappeared entirely in Maria’s gullet. Monica’s eyes widened at the sight, comprehending even at this young age how incredibly slutty the act was. The blonde grinned at her.


Carol hammered her cock down Maria’s willing throat a few times before letting her friend breath, then filled her vacant mouth once more. The pattern repeated several times, Carol spending longer and longer down Maria’s throat. Then the black MILF started twitching as her orgasm washed over her. Her hips bucked, and her daughter struggled to keep her butthole filled with tongue, eventually giving up as pleasure wracked and wrecked her mother.


Carol pulled her cock from Maria’s mouth as her friend recovered from yet another climax. She was still hard, and eyed Monica suggestively, but Maria interrupted her.


“Okay, baby, ditch the clothes and sit on my face.” She instructed her daughter as she rolled over. Monica obeyed, stripping out of her clothing before climbing up on the bed. She knelt over her mother’s face and gradually lowered her cooch to Maria’s waiting lips. The MILF took a few licks, sending shivers of pleasure through the young girl. Then she changed targets, shifting her daughter forwards and driving her tongue into that cute little butthole. Monica squealed, half in surprise, half in delight.


Carol stood behind the girl, then directed her to bend over backwards. She felt like she would have lost her balance, but Aunt Carol held her up. The blonde’s cock filled her vision.


“You wanna suck it?” Carol asked. Maria nodded, upside down, and opened her mouth. The cockhead filled it, and Maria did her best to lick it, but it was getting hard to think with her mother’s tongue in her ass.


“It’s gonna be a bit uncomfortable, but I’m going to push it down your throat, okay?” Carol asked the young girl.


“Mmm. Mmhmm.” Maria thought about it briefly, then agreed. She felt the cockhead go deeper, then her whole body heaved as she gagged. Her mother kept her in place, even as her hands instinctively went to push Aunt Carol away.


“That was the hardest part. Just ignore it and think about your butthole. Your taking it so good.” The blonde reassured her.


Maria, tongue busy in the tight ass of her daughter, looked up past her young but moist pussy, past her flat chest with hard nipples poking out, to her daughter’s throat. She marvelled as it bulged out around her friend’s cock. Her daughter, so new to this, was taking it like a champ. It spurred her tongue on, helping to distract her daughter.


Carol withdrew her cock from the young girl’s mouth, who coughed and sputtered, drooling all over face. “Mm, you look good like that. Ready to go again?”


Monica took a deep breath and nodded. Carol plunged her cock down the preteen’s throat again, this time leaving it in there for a spell, then began working it in and out a few times before giving her another chance to breath. Maria gasped for breath again, but seemed eager to continue, opening her mouth wide for Aunt Carol to violate it again. Her eyes unfocused a bit as her mother’s tongue continued pleasuring her ass.


The futa kept leaving her cock down Monica’s throat longer and longer, until the lack of oxygen was starting to affect her mind. Or it was fogging over from the pleasure in her ass, driving her towards her first orgasm. It would not be long now.


Carol was so very close as well. She let the girl have one last breath, then jammed her cock down her abused throat one hast time and unloaded the torrent of cum her balls had been busy producing.


The feeling of cum filling her belly, along with the lack of air and her mother’s anal ministrations were too much for young Monica. She came for the first time in her life, a tidal wave of pleasure crashing into her to match the tsunami of cum Aunt Carol was filling her with.


Maria kept her tongue wiggling in the ass of her quivering daughter, keeping the young girl in place on her face, ensuring her first orgasm was an incredibly mind-blowing one as well.


It was for Carol as well. Despite having dumped a tremendous load of cum in Maria’s beautiful butt mere minutes before, Monica’s tight but eager throat was up to the task of making her erupt again. Shot after shot of cum filled the girl’s stomach as her body shook in climax.


Monica’s mind started to fade from a lack of air and an ass full of pleasure. It was too much to take, and she passed out as Carol finally finished filling her with cum. Carol quickly took her softening cock from the girl’s throat and checked on her. She was breathing, slow but steady. Fine, just unconscious, too much pleasure for her young body to handle. The blonde gently laid her next to her mother, before collapsing beside them. She slowly stroked Monica’s smooth rear end.


“Her ass is so cute.” She said, softly.


“Mm, and tight.” Maria responded.


“I can’t wait to stretch it out.” Carol replied, a gleam in her eyes.


“Well, that’s gonna take a while. In the meantime, you’ll just have to settle for this.” Maria slapped her ass, a lewd invitation to her friend.


“Can’t say no to that.” Carol said, her cock hardening once again.

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