A Glorious Twist

BY : JamesRyder
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers, Marvel/MCU, or its characters. This is Fan Fiction and is written for fun, not profit.

Natasha Romanoff pulled the black leather jumpsuit up on to her shoulders and eased the tight material over her ample breasts. Her SHIELD uniform was tailored, and she had given the exact measurements for them to fit as perfectly as they do. She looked in the full-length mirror as she zipped up the suit and glanced around the empty locker room.

She had been trained as an assassin and a spy, so she understood the power of sexuality and knew she had the type of body that both men and women lusted after. However, while she had used that as a skill in her former life, SHIELD didn’t require use of that particular skill.

“Looking good Nat.” came a familiar voice from the entrance to the locker room.

Agent Maria Hill walked in wearing black leggings, a SHIELD logo tank top, and was carrying a towel. She was sweating hard and judging by the gloves had been hitting the weights.

“You too Commander.” Natasha didn’t mind Maria using her nickname but to her Agent Hill had always been Commander. “Been hitting the weights I see, your looking shredded.”

Agent Hill had her locker right by Natasha’s and as she walked over to it, she continued to towel off the sweat. “Yeah I went hard today, beat my personal best.”

“Good job Commander. It’s important to set goals and to beat them.” Natasha sat down on the bench as she chatted.

Agent Hill pulled out her fresh clothes out of her gym bag and pulled the sweaty tank top off over her head. She was wearing a sports bra, but Natasha had already gaged her every measurement. It was a skill she had learned. She could give someone their exact measurements with a glance.

“So, what’s with the gear? Are you going on a mission?” Agent Hill asked as she slid out of her leggings.

“No, I’m doing a little personal training overnight excursion.” Natasha watched Agent Hill pull her sports bra off freeing her large and perky breasts. Just as she was able to recognize her own sexuality, she was able to recognize it in others and the Commander had an amazingly attractive body. “You know keeping my skills sharp.”

Agent Hill pulled her panties off and flexed a little in the mirror turning her head a bit to the side catching Natasha’s stare. “Practice does make perfect.” Agent hill said nonchalantly as she grabbed a fresh towel from her bag and began to head toward the showers.

Natasha grabbed her gear bag out of her locker and was ready to leave as Agent Hill stopped and turned towards her. “Director Fury doesn’t need me for the next few days. Can I join you?” Agent Hill asked like she had been considering a vacation spot.

“Sure Commander, it’s always fun to have someone to talk to on these things.” Natasha answered feeling a rush of excitement.

“Great, I’ll shower up and meet you in the supply room so I can grab the same gear as you.” Agent Hill turned around again but right before disappearing into the showers she called back over her shoulder. “Maybe we can teach each other a thing or two.”

Natasha felt like there was a mischievous tone behind that last statement and felt her cheeks flush a little. “Well…” she said to herself as she remembered Agent Hills body “…I certainly wouldn’t object to that.”

The fire was smoldering, and the air was crisp. They had picked a secluded area in the Adirondack Mountains for their overnight training. Leaving behind all their electronics except for their communicators, in case of a SHIELD emergency, and had hiked the whole morning to the camp site using just a compass and a map. Natasha had referred to it as a “back to basics” trip.

After setting up the camp site they had spent the rest of the day tracking, and fishing. Agent Hill showed a natural skill to tracking animals that impressed Natasha. They had caught a few fish and headed back to the camp to start a fire to cook them on.

Once again Natasha was impressed when Agent Hill was able to start the fire faster than her using the two-stick method. She had always seen Agent Hill using technology with such ease that it never occurred to her that she was just as skilled without it.

They had eaten and changed into flannel pants and hoodies with the SHIELD logo. They let the fire start to die down a bit and just relaxed talking and staring into the sky. Natasha had always had respect for Agent Hill but today she had seen a real dominant take charge side to her. It had awoken a part of her she thought she had buried, a more subservient side.

“So, Commander how did you get so good with camping skills?” Natasha felt relaxed and wanted to make small talk.

Agent Hill moved closer and put her arm around Natasha’s shoulders. Agent hill was the taller of the two, so this just felt natural to Natasha. The firelight played across their faces as they stared off into the distance together.

“Well when I was young, I used to go camping with my family all the time.” Agent Hill laughed a little. “My Dad was a real outdoorsman. And, at least while we’re out here, call me Hill.

“Sorry.” Natasha blushed. “It’s just, I’ve always known you as Commander.”

“I know Nat, but Commander is so formal, and I had hoped to be a bit informal on this trip” Agent Hill smiled down at Natasha.

Natasha let out a small gasp Agent Hills hand slid off her shoulder and started to massage her left breast through the fabric of the hoodie.

“Okay, Hill it is.” Natasha moaned the name more than spoke it.

Agent Hill smiled as she said her name and reached down to lightly grab Natasha’s chin, lifting her face up. Their eyes met just before Agent Hill leaned in and gently kissed Natasha. Her lips were soft and warm just like Natasha had guessed they would be.

Agent Hill broke the kiss, but Natasha reached up and pulled her back in. This time she opened her mouth slightly inviting Agent Hills tongue to dance with hers. A soft moan escaping her lips as Agent Hill pulled their bodies closer together.

Natasha’s hands started to roam as their tongues danced. She felt Hills ass and gave it a hard squeeze as they made out and Agent Hill grabbed a firm hold of her hair. Natasha had never felt herself dominated like this.

This time it was Natasha who broke their simmering embrace looking into Agent Hill’s eyes. “I want more.”

“Good, because we are far from done.” Agent Hill’s voice brokered no argument. “Now let’s get this into the tent.” She whispered in Natasha’s ear as she helped her up and slapped her ass hard.

Natasha unzipped the tent and leaned down to get in. In one swift mothing Agent Hill grabbed the back of her flannel pants and yanked them down. Natasha was shocked by the aggressiveness of this move but was not arguing. She felt a light breeze on her already damp pussy and looked back over her shoulder to see Agent Hill zipping up the tent without taking her eyes off Natasha’s magnificent ass.

Agent Hill reached down and pulled her hoody over her head giving Natasha a perfect view of her perky tits. Agent Hills nipples were hard, and it had nothing to do with the temperature of the air. Natasha finished taking off her pants as Agent Hill leaned in.

“Oh god, Nat.” Agent Hill moaned as Natasha took one of her nipples into her mouth and started teasing it with her tongue. Natasha bit down gently and Agent Hill gasped.

Agent Hill pulled back reluctantly and grabbed Natasha’s hoodie. She was pulling it over Natasha’s head when it got stuck, leaving Natasha’s face covered and her arms trapped. Agent Hill wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation and voraciously attacked Natasha’s tits, switching between licking and pinching the nipples.

“Umm, yes.” Natasha moaned through the hoodie as she struggled to free herself.

Natasha just managed to get her head free and look down as Agent Hill looked up devilishly and began to kiss her way down Natasha’s torso. Agent Hill paused at her belly button and Natasha thought she was going to finally free her arms and relaxed a bit.

Natasha’s back arched and she gasped in air as Agent Hill’s tongue connected with her clit and it felt like an electric shock ran through her body. As Natasha writhed under Agent Hill’s skilled tongue, she felt a finger begin to probe her inviting hole.

Natasha’s wiggling and squirming raised the sweater up enough that she was finally able to free her arms. She reached down with one hand squeezing her own tits and the other running through Agent Hill’s hair. She grabbed harder with both hands each time Agent Hill’s finger slid into her warm silky hole.

Agent Hill moved her mouth from Natasha’s delicious pussy and moved back up her body to her lips. As they started making out again Natasha could taste her own juices on Agent Hill’s tongue, and it drove her wild.

Natasha moved her hands down Agent Hill’s body, using a combination of her hands and feet to take down Agent Hill’s pants.

“Go ahead. You know you want to.” Agent Hill whispered seductively into Natasha’s ear before she began to nibble on her earlobe.

Natasha needed no further prompting and reached down, starting to rub Agent Hill’s clit. Their bodies began to intertwine, and Natasha slipped a finger into Agent Hill’s pussy while she reached around with her other hand to squeeze the fleshy globes of her perfect ass.

Their legs were wrapped around each other and theirs tongues had gone back to dancing with each other as Agent Hill rolled Natasha onto her back. Agent Hill and Natasha were really starting to get into a rhythm with their mutual fingering and both were getting close to orgasm. Natasha’s free hand hadn’t stopped squeezing Agent Hill’s ass, Agent Hill was using her free hand to squeeze Natasha’s ample tits.

Natasha’s legs shook, her back arched, and her toes curled as she reached climax. She moaned and writhed under Agent Hill as she rode the waves of a mind-blowing orgasm. She collapsed as the feelings began to subside. Agent Hill raised herself onto her hands and knees above Natasha and looked down at her.

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to try.” Agent Hill cooed.

“Well tonight’s the night.” Natasha could barely whisper still recovering.

Agent Hill began to spin around in the tent until her pussy was right over Natasha’s face and leaned down to begin eating Natasha out. She inhaled the musky scent coming off Agent Hill’s dripping pussy.

“Oh god yes.” Natasha moaned and then buried her face in Agent Hill’s snatch licking and sucking her clit for all she was worth.

The two Agents of SHIELD continued to 69 as Agent Hill brought her hand over and slipped three fingers into Natasha’s hot wet hole as she lightly nibbled on her clit. Natasha let out a load moan at the welcome invasion and brought her head up and stuck her tongue into Agent Hill’s hole swirling and flicking her tongue around the walls. She was rewarded with Agent Hill’s pussy clenching as she came just as hard as Natasha.

Agent Hill recovered and pulled her fingers from Natasha’s wet hole. She turned around and fed them to Natasha’s waiting mouth. As Natasha licked her own juices off the fingers Agent hill went back to rubbing her clit and sucking on Natasha’s rock-hard nipples.

Natasha was being absolutely dominated and she was loving every second of it. In life she always had to be in charge, and it felt amazing to give up that control even if it was just for the night.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I brought some gear that’s not… standard issue.” Agent Hill whispered into Natasha’s ear.

She got up and sauntered over her bag, seductively bending over, showing off her ass. She reached into her bag and pulled out a ten inch long, 3 inch thick strap on dildo. Natasha stared with barely controlled lust as Agent Hill slid the straps up her legs.

“Is that weapon even legal.” Natasha said as she bit her lip a bit and started to rub her tits hungerly.

Natasha got to her knees and opened her mouth as Agent Hill finished fastening the straps. Agent Hill walked slowly over to Natasha and began to feed her the dildo inch by inch. Natasha relaxed her throat as Agent Hill put her hands on the back of her head and started to take control again.

Natasha was really working on the dildo, getting it as slobbered up as possible, knowing what was going to come next. While letting Agent Hill picked up speed Natasha reached down and played with her pussy with one hand and her nipples with the other.

Agent Hill abruptly pulled Natasha off the dildo and pushed her onto her back as she planted a deep, passionate kiss on her lips. Natasha wrapped her legs around Agent Hill’s waist as the tip of the dildo brushed her clit.

“Don’t hold back.” Natasha nearly begged she was so overtaken by her lust.

“I was never planning on it.” Agent Hill growled as she began to push the dildo deep into Natasha’s silky hole.

Natasha was soaked and so lustful that it took only two strokes for Agent Hill to be bottoming out in her. The trusts were coming so fast and hard that Natasha lost track of how long they had been fucking, just losing herself in the moment. She was screaming in submissive ecstasy as she felt Agent Hill’s hands push down on her shoulders restraining her and giving more leverage for her almost savage thrusts.

“Deeper, deeper.” Natasha panted.

“You mortals truly are easy to fool.” Agent Hill chuckled as she shimmered and transformed into Loki, trickster god of Asgard. He was still holding her down expecting a struggle.

“Not as easily as you may thing.” Natasha replied slyly with a strength in her voice that hadn’t been there seconds ago.

Loki’s look of shock was delicious to her. She locked her legs and used her arms and strength to perform a judo like flip to put Loki on his back as she raised up and slammed back down on Loki’s cock. She began to ride him almost as hard and savagely as he had been riding her seconds ago.

“You see…” Natasha said between moans, “I always wanted… to add a god… to my body count… and well… blondes aren’t my type.”

Loki couldn’t believe it. He had been outsmarted by a mortal again. This woman was far more devious and intelligent than he could ever hope to be. Defeated he resigned himself to the situation.

“Oh Loki, I’m almost there.” Natasha had reassumed her dominate demeanor. “You better fucking cum with me.”

Her tone left no argument and Loki focused on complying. Her every thrust was all about her pleasure but watching this mortal’s incredible body bounce up and down on his manhood finally pushed him over the edge as well and he emptied his balls deep into her gripping, pulsing, pussy.

Natasha screamed in ecstasy and collapsed onto Loki’s rock-hard chest and abs. She rolled herself off him letting his softening cock slide from her. Grabbing a towel from Loki’s bag and began to clean herself up a bit. Loki just lay there, spent and defeated.

“Now why don’t you make yourself useful and go check on the fire.” Natasha said as she pulled out a bottle of water.

Loki got up and pulled on pants, not bothering with a shirt, and began to unzip the tent to do as he was instructed.

“And maybe I’ll have use for you again, after I’ve rehydrated.” Natasha said with a perfect mix of command and seductive tone in her voice.

Loki stepped outside the tent. His mind was still reeling. He, Loki of Asgard, a god amongst these mortals, had been played like a fiddle. He had no idea how long she had known or even how she had seen through him so easily. The fire had died down to embers and he poked at it reflecting on the turn of events.

There was a rustle of branches as a familiar figure stepped from the shadows and into the meager light thrown off by the slowly dying fire. He looked up and his shoulder sank further. He had thought this couldn’t get any worse but wasn’t surprised it had.

“Loki, I’d like to talk with you about The Avengers Initiative.” Director Nick Fury stared him down with his one uncovered eye.

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