Far From Home

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Betty Brant had her whole life planned out, and so far everything had been going according to the plan. She was a straight A student, who participated in several of the school activities, and despite being picked on as a nerd in middle school by idiots without an iota of potential, now she was in a school which celebrated her gifts, and because of it she was actually considered popular. That last thing wasn't actually on the plan, but it was a nice bonus. But this though, this was definitely on there. A vacation around Europe, and she wasn't even 17 yet. So in a way, life couldn't be going better for her right now. She just had one question, that being, what the hell was she doing in the bathroom of a plane with Michelle Jones?

The simple answer to that of course, was making out, which was far from an unpleasant experience. In fact Michelle was a very, very good kisser. It was just that, Betty wasn't gay. She definitely didn't have problems with people that were, it just wasn't for her. Hell, she hadn't even planned to experiment in college. And yet, there she was, and if she didn't stop it soon Betty was worried that she was about to join the mile-high club and have sex with a girl, all at once. Neither of which were on her plan, and she didn't know what that meant for it. Or anything really. This was all just happening so fast, and she just... she needed to think, okay?

So Betty pulled back and began, “Michelle-"

"MJ." MJ interrupted her, already going in for another kiss, only to notice the other girl smiling widely, "What?"

"Oh, it's just... you said your friends call you MJ, and I didn't know I qualified. But... that's not important." Betty blathered, before getting a grip on herself, "What is important, is that... I'm not gay."

"So?" MJ raised an eyebrow.

"So? What do you mean so?" Betty frowned.

"So, it's 2019. Why be so hung up on labels?" MJ shrugged.

"Because it's important!" Betty hissed, and then when MJ gave her a look she quickly added, "To me. Labels are important to me. If you don't like them, that's fine. Be whatever you want, and all that, but I like following the rules and doing what's expected of me. It makes me feel nice."

"And yet, you kissed me back." MJ pointed out with a smirk.

"Well, that doesn't count." Betty argued, scrunching up her nose as she thought it through, "Or, barely counts? The venue, I mean. Because honestly, fooling around in any bathroom is technically frowned upon, especially one on the plane, but everyone does it so that's fine. And homosexuality isn't a big deal, I'm just not into it."

There was a brief pause, then MJ pulled back and shrugged, "Okay."

"Okay? What do you mean, okay?" Betty frowned.

"No means no." MJ said, seeming for the first time actually a little awkward since they got into this bathroom, "I just... I thought you were flirting back, and-"

"You were flirting? With me?" Betty frowned.

"And it's a long flight, and I just, thought we could make it interesting." MJ finished her sentence anyway, feeling mortified, "But I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I was a little bored, and wanted to... you know, have some fun."

Which relieved Betty greatly. She wasn't looking for a serious romance with anyone, given she was still in high school, and high school romances almost never worked out, so why bother wasting time? Then again, that philosophy had led to a lot of lonely nights for her, and she constantly got complaints that she didn't know how to have any fun. So, would it really be so bad, just having some fun now to pass the time? Maybe even a European romance. She'd had admittedly daydreamed that, just not with one of her classmates, and certainly not with a girl. But... now she was thinking about it, it was slowly becoming appealing. As long as no one ever found out.

Then again maybe she could do with the 'Street Cred', and MJ was really quite attractive now she was giving her a second glance. Yes, Michelle Jones did a great job of hiding it, but she was incredibly beautiful, and could probably rule any school she was in if she just put slightly more effort into it. And she was especially cute now she was unsure of herself for once, and kissing her had felt really, really good. All of a sudden it seemed that MJ was done waiting around for Betty to make a decision, which, fair enough, and for her to leave, which was no longer acceptable to the blonde. So she cut off the brunette at the passed, MJ giving her a confused look, which Betty returned with another smile.

"On second thoughts, I could use a little fun." Betty smiled shyly.

MJ smiled softly, but checked, "You sure?"

"Uh-huh." Betty confirmed, stepping closer, "After all, why not spice things up a bit now we're far from home?"

That got a tiny chuckle out of the normally sardonic girl, and then she tried to hide it by grumbling, "Whatever, nerd."

Betty had no idea who MJ was calling a nerd, considering they went to the same private school, something she opened her mouth to point out, only to be silenced by another mouth. More accurately, another girl's mouth, and another girl's tongue. Oh God, MJ stuck her tongue pretty much straight into her mouth and began sliding it over the newly conquered territory. Because that's what Betty felt like her mouth was in that moment. Hell, that was how she felt, and to her shame, she kind of liked it. Of course, she couldn't allow anyone to get away with such actions, so after a few long seconds of being stunned into doing nothing she tried to fight back, only for MJ to continually get the upper hand.

Which in a way, solidified this was definitely something Betty was going to have to do? Because to forget about desire, and instead apply cold hard science, she was woefully inept when it came to doing this kind of thing, and she could really, really do with the practice. God, she'd always dismissed the whole practicing kissing with other girls thing as a male fantasy, but now she realized this is probably something everybody should do with their friends. Or better yet as in this case, someone you were friendly with, but not your best friend, as that would just make it awkward. Yes, better to make it someone like MJ, who she could practice with. So she could be more confident later when it came to the real thing.

Although it certainly felt real now, because while MJ had handled her with kid gloves during their first kiss as she wasn't sure she wanted it now the kiss was becoming increasingly passionate and needy, until Betty thought that the other girl was going to literally devour her. She also began pushing Betty backwards against the sink with increasing force, which probably would've hurt, if it wasn't for the fact that their bodies were also pressed firmly against each other, and God, they fit together like puzzle pieces. Betty probably shouldn't feel like that, but she did, and in that moment she didn't care. She was just so hyper aware of it, especially their boobs touching.

They weren't even that big, but their nipples were poking through their shirts and bras they were so hard. Wait, was MJ even wearing a bra? Oh God, she didn't think she was, and somehow that was hot. Especially at the same time that their thighs were rubbing against each other's crotches, and Betty couldn't stop thinking about how wet MJ was. Another girl was wet for her! She was turning on another girl, and not only could she feel it, but the other girl could feel Betty's arousal right back. Which was a good thing, because if it had only been the former or especially the latter, Betty would've been incredibly embarrassed. Instead she was just becoming so horny it was unbearable.

It helped a lot that MJ bought her hands into the equation, immediately grabbing Betty's butt and giving it a good squeeze, which of course caused the blonde to gasp into the brunette's mouth. Betty tried to get her revenge, but she just couldn't be that bold, so instead she just grabbed the other girl and pushed her closer to her. Which was apparently all the encouragement MJ needed to slide her hands upwards to cup her boobs. That was definitely enough to have Betty gasping, so much so that she actually broke the kiss and leaned her head back. Something which again, MJ took full advantage of by latching her lips onto her neck and began forcefully sucking on it, which would definitely leave a mark.

If it had been anyone else, like one of the handsy nerd boys which occupied the school, Betty would definitely put a stop to it right away, but with MJ... she just couldn't. Maybe because it felt so good, or maybe because she liked the idea of being marked as MJ's. That they would have to return to their seats with a visible sign of the fact that not only had she joined the mile-high club, but she had done it with a girl. Something which in that moment may Betty weirdly smug, especially considering how against this she had been in the beginning. Although that smugness didn't last, the look being wiped from her face entirely, as she felt one of MJ's hands slowly slid down her body, and then cup her crotch, causing her to cry out pitifully.

Sensing the other girl tensing up MJ gradually pulled her hand away from Betty's crotch and softly asked, "Do you want me to stop? Or do you want me to, you know? Cause, you look like you need to unwind, and nothing takes the edge off, like, you know..."

Betty blushed bright red, and then softly murmured, "No."

"No?" MJ questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"No, don't stop." Betty clarified with a gulp, "It's just a little overwhelming, you know?"

"I know." MJ admitted softly.

The two girls exchanged a soft smile, and then Betty pushed, "But please... touch me..."

Which of course had MJ smirking, "I am touching you."

Ass hole! God, Michelle Jones could be such an ass hole, Betty thought with annoyance. Of course, she wasn't one to use that kind of language, so she simply gave the other girl an unimpressed look. Or at least she tried, but shortly after speaking those last words MJ not only put her hand back in between her legs, but started to rub her through her pants, which meant the face that she actually pulled was probably embarrassing. It was kind of hard to care though, given just that simple action felt so good. Thankfully though MJ was able to capture her lips shortly afterwards and muffle anything to embarrassing which might have escaped. But only just, something that Betty would have to remember to be annoyed about later, but for that moment everything was good. Better than good, even. Things were amazing.

Especially as MJ didn't rush to the next stage, even though she probably should give exactly where they were. No, instead it felt like the other girl was kissing her for hours while gently rubbing her through her pants with one hand, while fondling her tits with the other. Which was not much, but it was further than Betty had been with anyone else, and for a while, she definitely thought she was going to cum from the simple action. Then she just wished MJ would get it over with, and fuck her so she could finally cum. And yet, at the same time she wished this could last forever. Oh yes, even though that was insanely impractical, Betty had never been happier than in that moment, suggesting that she really had been missing out by forgoing dating.

For better or for worse MJ eventually pushed her hand into her pants, but made sure her fingers slid down over the panties, which was obviously designed not to overwhelm Betty too much. Of course it was hard to tell whether this was successful, because while it would probably feel better if it was skin against skin it was hard to call this teasing or foreplay anymore, especially with another girl. After all, was this third-base for lesbians? Was oral going all the way? Or was that straight up finger fucking? Not that Betty was a lesbian. But she wasn't straight either, given the reaction of her traitorous body. Not that it really mattered, because the important thing in the moment was it felt good. It completely ruined her panties, and maybe her pants, but it was so, so worth it.

She might not feel that way later, but for that moment she totally did, especially when MJ broke the kiss and then with a strange expression on her face pushed the ruined underwear aside and started rubbing bare flesh to bare flesh. As a result Betty's lips parted slightly in the thankfully silent cry, or at least silent cry, and she actually thought that she was going to embarrass herself by immediately cumming. Instead MJ continued rubbing her sensitive area like that for a few long minutes, before finally pushing a finger into her. Into her pussy! Another girl! Another girl's finger was sliding inside her. Filling her! An invading object inside her pussy for the very first time, which wasn't her own finger, and it was from another girl. Oh God!

"Oh God!" Betty swore as she automatically broke the kiss.

Which of course made the ass hole known as Michelle Jones chuckle wickedly, and actually grin. Betty wanted to be catty and taunt she wasn't even sure MJ's face could do that, but she was too busy trying to muffle a moan, which proved that she could in no way trust there wouldn't be something embarrassing coming out of her mouth right now. Which really, really made her want to go back to kissing. She liked kissing, especially kissing girls, apparently. Or at the very least, she really liked kissing MJ, because she was really good at it, and her lips were really soft, and most of all it was great way to keep herself reasonably quiet while she was being fingered in a public place. Unfortunately MJ had other ideas.

At first, that just meant staring at her with that infuriating grin on her face, which Betty definitely wouldn't have put up with if she was in a better state of mind. To make matters worse, the other girl was looking at her with shameless desire, which was incredibly flattering, but also really overwhelming. Because of course, Betty had got the occasional glance, but to be stared at in this way... God, she really would hate this under other circumstances, but... Betty liked it. God help her, she liked it a lot. Especially because it was MJ. Or maybe just because it was another girl? Both? Whatever. The point was, she liked it way too much, especially as it prevented her from keeping quiet.

Just when she didn't think it could get any worse MJ moved her lips to Betty's neck, bringing her crashing down to the reality of what was happening. She was getting fucked like a slut in an airplane bathroom, her sounds of enjoyment echoing throughout the room. Something she tried to silence by covering her mouth, and eventually biting down on her own hand, but it was just no use. Everything that was happening to her just felt so good, and all it took was in addition of another finger, and a slight increase in the pace, to bring her to the edge of orgasm. Something that she would have gladly begged for in that moment, if she could take her hand away from her face without letting out a sound which would echo throughout the plane. Then, somehow, it once again got even worse, and yet more pleasurable.

"You like that baby? You like me fingering your hot little cunt?" MJ wasn't able to resist taunting directly into Betty's ear, and then when the other girl's pussy tightened and then gushed around her fingers she continued, "Mmmmmmmmm yeah you do, yeah you do. You like it. You love it! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you loved being fucked by a girl. God, and people like you used to call ME a dyke. Well, look at you now, Little Ms Perfect. About to cum all over my fingers, oooooooooooh, to cover them with your fucking cum, like a good girl. And you do want to be a good girl for me, don't you Betty? Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, cum! Cum for me! Cum like a good girl! Yes, that's it... that's it! Oh fuck!"

While Betty hadn't actually called anyone a dyke, she had done nothing when that kind of abuse had been thrown around, and she had never felt more guilty for that. Especially as her 'punishment' was to have the most incredible orgasm of her life when Michelle Jones combined those last words with rubbing her clit with her thumb and biting down on her neck, marking her territory. Marking Betty as hers forever. Which was ridiculous, but it felt like the gospel truth is Betty realized she'd never had a real orgasm before. That this was an orgasm. One so powerful, that she didn't care who heard her. She still tried to muffle the screams, but there was no way she was able to do it completely, and at that moment she didn't care, just as long as the ecstasy continued.

For better or for worse, it did, MJ dropping to her knees before her, pushing down her pants and panties, and beginning to attack Betty's poor little clit with her tongue. Another girl was licking her clit while finger fucking her, and it was Michelle Jones who was doing it, and Betty was just done. She became a writhing mess of flesh, completely unable to think, just feel. And she had no idea how long she stayed like that. It felt like both an eternity, and not nearly long enough. And when it was over, MJ slowly pulling her fingers out of Betty's pussy and standing up, the poor blonde slumped back against the sink, which was uncomfortable, but she literally had nothing left in her to stop. The brunette had literally wrecked her, and she wasn't sure she would ever recover.

Poor Betty could only watch helplessly as MJ pressed her lips to hers, making her taste herself. Then when Betty didn't respond the little ass hole pulled back, and grinned wickedly, then took the fingers which had just been inside Betty into her mouth, and then slowly but seductively suck them clean. Oh God, another girl was tasting her. MJ was tasting Betty's pussy, and it made the poor blonde want to cum again. Hell, she was way too tired for it, but she really, really wanted to grab the brunette's head and shove it between her legs in that moment. Or maybe give MJ that treat, as it really did feel like she owed her. She just needed like a million years to recover first.

"You ever want someone to make you cum like that again, just ask." MJ offered smugly, before heading back to her seat, giving her poor classmate some much-needed time to recover, unaware that they were both really hoping this wouldn't be the last time they had some fun together while far from home.

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