Ghost-Spider, Interdimensional Slut

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I realize this story doesn’t fit into any timeline. This is actually based on an RP I did ages ago but never finished. Also, I guess it doesn’t need to actually make sense cause it’s smut. =P

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Gwen groaned as she moved faster and faster. Her fingers ached from the effort. She was so close, though! She could feel it. Just a bit further and—

She landed on the ledge of the next building, brow quirked as she scouted the area. This was definitely not the right place. The blonde sighed, her head tilting back as she audibly moaned in disbelief.

“How can the same city in two different universes be so similar and so different at the same time?” Gwen stood and walked along the building’s ledge in the direction she came from while pulling out her phone’s map. It was probably what she should have done to begin with instead of just assuming this was the right place.

“Closed?!” She groaned again, clicking her tongue against her teeth. “This is dumb. I’m…” she sighed, looking at her phone again, “I’m going home.”

Had she done so in the first place she would have certainly been able to drop by her favorite restaurant for take-out. She couldn’t believe her shitty luck. Not only were both versions of New York being royally fucked by the coronavirus, but she couldn’t even stop by her favorite corndog place. Sure, the convenience stores were still open but it just wasn’t the same. They were maybe more sanitary than this joint, but there was something about it that made it taste better…

With an obvious air of depression and defeat, Gwen headed toward the location of the portal back to her dimension. Clicking a few buttons on her watch, she simply jumped down toward it. She’d jumped through so many times that she had the timing memorized.

Jump, one-two, grab the wall, slide down, three-four, and then feet on the ground. Rhythm was everything to Gwen, between dancing and drums, and even fighting, she understood the importance of an accurate count.

She jumped, one-tw—CRASH!

“…the hell?” Gwen found herself in complete darkness, pushing up from the ground while avoiding the piles of books and papers she had smashed into. This was definitely not the alley. Still confused, she picked up some of the things and attempted to put them back on the shelf but felt like she was somehow making it worse as some of the books were backwards and upside down, not to mention obviously out of order.

“Well, sorry,” Holding her hands up in resignation, she shook her head. “I tried…! Now, to get out of this place.” She sighed again. Today had been a real headache. Glancing around the dimly lit room she soon noticed there were no windows. She’d have to exit the old-fashion way. Stepping out of the room, she arched a brow as she took in the scenery. The house was extremely nice. The arched ceiling had chandeliers and art hung on the walls of one side of the hallway. Shelves were recessed into the wall of the opposite side, all with various artifacts and accolades.

“Wow, fancy,” Gwen took her time as she walked down the hall, making sure to check out all the various expensive things. There were even some pictures of someone next to various heroes, although she didn’t recognize any of their outfits, further confirming she wasn’t on Earth-65.

She was just lucky no one had been home. The hope was that she could eventually get out of here without even having to explain dimensional travel—mainly because she knew she couldn’t do it very well.

Gwen’s eyes widened as her spider-sense went crazy. There was just enough time to spin around, only to see the hallway was still empty. Arching a brow, she casually glanced over her shoulder, still not seeing anything at all.



The wall exploded as two arms reached for her. Gwen dodged one, but found herself far too close to the other as it wrapped around her. Ultimately both hands gripped her before withdrawing from the holes they made… and bringing Gwen with them. Being dragged through the drywall was jarring, but the real discomfort was breaking through the stud between the two arms.

Gwen groaned as she tried to recover. The impact felt like being hit by a car, and it was only made worse by her assailant’s arms squeezing her in a firm bear hug. She struggled against her attacker, finally looking up to her green, growling face. Gwen blinked as she realized who was holding her, although the grip never seemed to weaken.

“Sh-she-Hulk?! Holy crap, you’re famous!” She blinked again, realizing this definitely wasn’t Earth-65. “I mean, I’m famous, too—in a good way! You can let me go… This is super-weird, right? And why’d you go all Kool-Aid Man on your wall…?”

Jennifer glared at the intruder, still holding her just as tight as ever. “You act like you know me but I have no fucking clue who you are. And judging by how much you talk I doubt we’d get along anyway. I don’t take kindly to people breaking into my house.”

“Oh, well, see,” Gwen winced, still unable to really move at all as she was held. She tried to think of the best way to explain the situation. “There was a portal and—”

She-Hulk gingerly tossed Gwen into the air, but before the girl could react she was grabbed by the waist and slammed through the nearby table, shattering the thing to bits and leaving her completely stunned.

Gwen laid among the ruins of the table before a heavy green foot pressed against the middle of her chest. She immediately grabbed She-Hulk’s ankle, only to feel more weight press against her in response. The costumed blonde finally had a chance to look over her assailant, noting she was easily almost seven-feet tall. Judging by the ripped clothing she had been in her regular form until this encounter. The clothing was just enough to keep She-Hulk modest, although Gwen could easily see the green amazon’s chiseled muscles between the tatters of clothing. Despite her current situation, Gwen had to admit this was kind of turning her on. The idea of a stronger woman holding her down and interrogating her—it was a fetish she didn’t know she had until this moment.

“Now,” She-Hulk applied a bit more pressure, “no more rambling. What are you? Some kind of Spider-Man wannabe? Explain yourself, and if I don’t like your answers then I’ll start getting angry…”

The blonde groaned. She was definitely going to have to explain interdimensional travel—truly the worst of scenarios. And yet, the first thing out of her mouth was, “Ow, my ass… I really hope this is your house. You’re breaking a lot of stuff for no reason…—Ugh!” she squirmed about as She-Hulk pushed down even harder all of a sudden.

She took a deep breath while organizing her thoughts about portals, only for her eyes to trail down She-Hulk’s perfectly lickable abs. And then she noticed the thick bulge against She-Hulk’s tightly stretched boyshorts.

“Whoa! You have a—” Gwen gasped.

She-Hulk growled as she bent over, grabbing Gwen by the neck and lifting her into the air. “I’m starting to get angry…”

“Uh, r-right!” Gwen found herself gripping the amazon’s wrist while trying to still sneak a peak at that massive thing in her shorts. “S-so, I’m Spider-Woman! I’m a good guy… from another dimension!” And yet she could only wonder what might happen if she was a bad guy… if She-Hulk would punish her with that big dick of hers. She spaced out for a moment as she wondered if it was completely hard already. Maybe She-Hulk was into this as much as she was.

“You already made it clear that you’re a good guy. And that’s a stupid name.”

“Uh,” Gwen was mildly offended, “At least I’m not calling myself She-Hulk with something like that between my legs…”

Jennifer glared again, grabbing the bottom of Gwen’s mask and yanking it off, much to the blonde’s shock.

“My identity!” she gasped, staring in amazement. “I can’t believe you’d do that!”

She-Hulk sighed. “A stranger breaks into my home and I’m not supposed to unmask them? Are you stupid?”

“H-hey, where I’m from, the heroes have unspoken rules about secret identities.”

“If you’re telling the truth about being from another dimension then no one actually cares about it here.”

“That’s a fair point,” Gwen nibbled her bottom lip. “So, how about letting me go?”

She-Hulk smirked. “You said you’re a good guy. You’re assuming I’m good, too, since your dimension’s She-Hulk is good. What if I’m not?”

“Uh,” Gwen’s eyes widened as she tried to comprehend the situation, “you could let me go and I can try to figure this out on my own? Call it all a misunderstanding?”

“Again,” She-Hulk looked Gwen over, noting the slight rips in her costume that exposed her pale, creamy skin, “you talk too much. I can put your mouth to much better use.” Her free hand rose to Gwen’s face, gently caressing her cheek before rubbing her thick thumb over the blonde’s lips.

Gwen’s heart skipped a beat as the green amazon’s demeanor shifted. She was hesitant at first, but soon parted her lips, letting the digit press into her mouth as she lightly suckled the tip.

“Hm,” She-Hulk purred with a smirk, “Smart girl. Now, Let’s see what we’re working with…” She moved toward an undamaged wall and pushed Gwen against it, quickly setting her down and spinning her around to face it before pressing her body against the small woman. Her thick length rubbed against Gwen’s back while She-Hulk reached down, easily cupping the blonde’s bubbly, round ass and squeezing it in appraisal.

“Not bad for a wall-crawler. Most of the Spider-sluts I’ve encountered hardly have any cushion back here,” She-Hulk emphasized by really digging her fingers into the plush flesh, even going as far as letting a finger push between her crack to prod against her asshole.

Gwen gasped, finding herself blushing as she was molested like this. Despite the circumstances she couldn’t deny that it was turning her on. The way She-Hulk’s hardening cock pressed against her back was simply too good of an offer to pass. The blonde felt her wetness absorbing into the crotch of her costume and could only wonder if She-Hulk had noticed yet. But she was still a hero. She could never give in to such temptation.

She nibbled her bottom lip and swallowed hard before answering, “Go fuck yourself.”

“I was really hoping you’d say something like that,” She-Hulk smiled as she ground against Gwen’s back, her hardness radiating heat as it kept growing. Her other hand wrapped around Gwen and slid down her stomach, her thick fingers easing between her legs before curling upward. Jennifer was actually a bit surprised by just how wet the blonde was, but smirked as she kept moving her fingers in a circular motion.

She-Hulk moved the hand away from Gwen’s rear in order to free her thick length of cock from her underwear and rub it directly against the woman’s costume-clad ass. Gwen moaned as she arched her back, pushing herself up onto her tip-toes to allow the green amazon better access to her rear. Knowing their difference in height wouldn’t work, Jennifer hefted Gwen up, allowing her cock to finally slide between the blonde’s legs and rub against her dripping pussy.

Gwen gasped, loving the warm sensation of the thing, even though looking downward was surprising as she finally saw its completely erect size. She was certainly having second thoughts about this but was far too horny to back out now.

She-Hulk sensed the girl’s sudden hesitation and taunted. “Is the hero scared of a little dick?”

“No,” The blonde blushed, glad she was facing away from her assailant as she shook her head, “although I think your definition of ‘little’ is questionable…”

“Again, you ramble,” She-Hulk scoffed. “Show me how much of a hero you really are.” She let go of the girl and backed away, giving her plenty of space for once.

Gwen collected herself as she turned around, her eyes immediately drawn to She-Hulk’s incredibly massive cock. She continued to stare until Jennifer cleared her throat, signaling for Gwen to hurry up. The blonde wasn’t sure what was expected of her, but the desire to cum was too difficult to ignore. Gwen spun around with all the grace she could muster and bent over onto her hands and knees with her round, skin-tight suit hugging every inch of her bubbly ass.

“Such a heroic pose,” She-Hulk chided as she knelt down behind the woman. She placed both of her heavy hands on Gwen’s rear, easily covering both cheeks as she massaged and squeezed the soft mounds of flesh. Gwen couldn’t believe this was happening, especially as she felt Jennifer’s thick cock head rubbing against her costume-covered crotch. The blonde wondered if she should have taken off the suit first, but then felt the insistent prodding of She-Hulk’s cock pressing forward.

“Um,” Gwen whimpered as the suit stretched and wrapped around She-Hulk’s cock like a condom. The amazon’s cock was already practically too big to fit even without the suit having to be awkwardly shoved into her as well. Slowly but surely, She-Hulk’s cock slid forward with the help of the blonde’s copious wetness. The tightness of her suit became more uncomfortable with each thrust of the other woman’s hips. More of the thin, yet amazingly strong, material rubbed back and forth against her clit.

“Such a good girl,” She-Hulk moaned. “I guess you weren’t lying. You’re definitely one of the good guys. Most aren’t so quiet when I’m about to go balls-deep on them the first time.”

Gwen might have been in shock due to the length and width of She-Hulk’s cunt-stretching monster of a dick. It didn’t change that she was a normally quiet during sex and this was no exception. Moaning loudly wasn’t an option since she was a good girl. She would be quiet and demure, even as She-Hulk’s cock explored the depths of her pussy—along with her costume. Even if she was about to have the hardest climax of her life, she would still try to hold back her screams of ecstasy.

“I’ve broken sluts tougher than you,” She-Hulk grinned, bringing a heavy hand down upon Gwen’s backside and watching the costume-bound woman’s ass jiggle. Soon enough her hips pressed against the blonde’s ass and she made sure to thrust forward just a little more to drive home the point. “It just makes it more fun when I finally win.”

She-Hulk slowly pulled back. The entire length slid out of Gwen’s pussy, leaving her feeling an odd emptiness while her suit slowly began to stretch back to normal, only for Jennifer to ram herself back in with a single thrust. Gwen’s eyes widened and she bit her tongue in order to stay quiet. She-Hulk was already pulling back again, slamming herself into the blonde’s tight pussy over and over again. Each thrust was another step closer to climax and there was nothing Gwen could do to stop it.

The most Gwen let out was a little whimper as she endured it all. The suit rubbed back and forth against her clit while She-Hulk’s heavy balls slapped against her with every harsh shove into the girl’s needy cunt. And for some reason, the blonde believed she could outlast the gamma-enraged woman’s stamina. Every powerful plunge into her dripping pussy only served to whittle away at Gwen’s willpower, though, slowly stripping her of the ridiculous idea that she could ever resist this pleasure.

She-Hulk gripped the blonde’s hips as she continuously pounded her tight, little pussy again and again. The sound of her hips slapping against Gwen’s bubbly ass echoed through the room. The mammoth green dick stretching her pussy began to pulse with an imminent threat of eruption as She-Hulk moved quicker all of a sudden. Gwen was certain the fabric had to be at its breaking point soon. Jennifer’s flexing cock throbbed, sending gobs of cum against the costume. The blonde could only hope it acted as a barrier, although she wasn’t quite certain that would work since the wetness of her pussy had seeped through so easily. It just made She-Hulk’s climax that much more stressful as she approached her own. She hoped Jennifer would keep going but she was definitely slowing down, pumping only a few more times before she left her big dick inside her, savoring Gwen’s tightness around her.

She-Hulk pushed a little harder and all of Gwen’s worst fears came true in an instant. The crotch of her suit finally gave way, her pussy instantly coated in Jennifer’s hot, messy jizz while she adjusted to the wonderful sensation of flesh-to-flesh contact with the woman’s massive dick. It was almost enough to push her over the edge, but not quite enough.

“Oops,” She-Hulk said with obvious insincerity. With the green amazon finished and staying relatively still, Gwen pushed herself back only to have Jennifer’s hands stop her movement. “Don’t be a greedy slut. I tried to help you out but you didn’t finish.”

“Wh-what?” Gwen blushed, shocked by the indirect command. Determined to climax, she reached between her legs and started rubbing her middle and ring fingers back and forth over her clit. It wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge. The blonde felt her dripping wetness mixed with the already seeping seed. Her defiant actions didn’t last long before She-Hulk grabbed her by the arm, pulling it away from her crotch.

“Remember, slut. I’m the bad guy. Bad guys don’t give the good guys what they want.”

“You can’t be serious,” Gwen was stunned. She needed to cum. “You finished. Now do me. O-or let me finish it myself.”

“Oh,” She-Hulk chuckled, “that’s cute. You must be from a perfect world if everyone cums when they have sex. You have to earn it here. And you didn’t earn it.”

Gwen felt her spidey-sense tingle again. She already knew where the danger was coming from but not how to deal with it—especially since the danger was already balls-deep in her pussy. Jennifer moved her grip on the blonde’s arm, awkwardly aiming her hand upward and bending her wrist back. She feared the worst, since this She-Hulk was apparently evil, but then her web shooter shot toward the ceiling.

She was ready to fight back against whatever devious plan She-Hulk had for her until she felt the green amazon sliding her fat dick out of her pussy. She arched her back as she felt every vein rubbing against her clenching walls. Edging so close to her climax was enough of a distraction for She-Hulk to grab Gwen and lift her up, already using the strands of webbing to bind her wrists behind her back. By the time Jennifer was finished with the struggling blonde, Gwen’s calves were bound to her thighs, with her ankles linked to the bindings at her wrist. The rest was positioned in such a way that she hung from the ceiling by a single strand, swaying back and forth while slowly spinning.

“H-hey!” Gwen struggled against her own webs, glaring at She-Hulk as she hung there. The excess cum was already dripping from the blonde’s cunt while her legs were forced just a slight bit apart. A deep blush covered Gwen’s face, but she knew she’d be free in less than an hour when her webs would dissolve. Then she would mount her escape… after getting off, that is.

“I’ll leave you here to think about your position,” She-Hulk smiled as she slid her fingers under the waistband of her boyshorts, tugging them down and playfully kicking them up. “And I don’t want to hear about it, okay? In fact…” Jennifer took the underwear and balled it up before pressing it against Gwen’s lips. The blonde struggled for a moment but eventually She-Hulk’s fingers pushed in along with the garment. “And I better not find these on the floor when I get back.

“By the way, don’t get your hopes up, Spider-Slut,” She-Hulk chuckled. “I’ll be back before that wears off. But that’s okay. By the time you’re free you’ll be begging for my cock…”


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