Iron Man 2: Black Widow's Espionage

BY : TheChemist
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“Romanoff. Update,” Nick Fury’s voice spoke into his top agent’s earpiece.

“After being hired in Legal, I’ve been transferred to Tony Stark’s personal assistant,” Natasha said, giving her boss information he already knew. “However, he has general mistrust of everyone and he’s growing weary of me.”

“Fuck. Not good. We need you close to him,” Fury growled.

“No offense Fury, but you’re using me above all the other agents at SHIELD for a reason. Let me work without any restraints and I’ll finish the mission,” the woman also known as Black Widow asked.

“...Just get the job done. Fury, out.”

“Yes sir,” Natasha commented sarcastically as she clicked her nearly undetectable earpiece off.

“You know what she was inferring, right boss?” Agent Phil Coulson asked his superior.

“Aren’t you supposed to be headed to New Mexico?” Fury deflected his question.

“Was just checking in before leaving,” the balding agent asked.

“That’ll be all,” Fury replied. “And Natasha is our top spy. She knows her job and wouldn’t do anything she wasn’t comfortable with.”

“Okay. Report once I have anything,” Coulson replied before leaving.

*    *    *

Tonight was Tony Stark’s 40th birthday, and safe to say, it was his most miserable. He was no longer the CEO of the company his dad started and that he expanded more than anyone thought possible. True, he had given it freely to his long-time assistant, but that was so he could be Iron Man. However, now the very source that powered his Iron Man suits was poisoning him, and not slowly. In fact, due to the plutonium poisoning, this was almost certain to be his last birthday. Dying and not even with Pepper Potts loving him back. Nor his best friend James Rhodes present, mainly because Rhodey hated him now. All he had was his suits, good looks and his smoking hot personal assistant who just so happened to be entering his room.

“Do you know which watch you’d like to wear tonight, Mr Stark?” Natasha asked, entering his study.

“I’ll give them a look.” Tony replied, doing his best to sneak a view of her massive cleavage without the redhead overseeing him doing so. “I should cancel the party. ‘Cause it’s…

“Ill-timed.” Natasha finished for him.

“Right, sends the wrong message.” Tony added.

“Inappropriate,” the undercover SHIELD agent agreed.

“Can I ask you something personal? If this was the last birthday party you were going to have, what would you do?” Tony asked.

“I would do whatever I wanted to do, with whomever I wanted to do it with.” Natasha replied, stepping right in front of the billionaire to pass him a fresh scotch.

It was a poorly kept secret around, well, everywhere that Tony Stark was a playboy. In fact, he had a reputation that would make Hugh Hefner and Wilt Chamberlain blush. Therefore, being young, attractive to the point it was suggested she was created in a lab, Natasha always knew that she had a trump card in her pocket when it came to staying close to Tony. And it’s not like working from her back with her legs spread wasn’t a regular job occurrence for SHIELD’s top spy. In her business, you used whatever you had to your advantage. For Natasha, that was a gorgeous face, large perfect tits and equally amazing phat ass.

“I’m gonna be honest with you Natalie. I really can’t get a read on you,” Tony said as the woman he knew as Natalie Rushman went and poured herself a drink.

Natasha drank her cup in one long pull, feeling the familiar burn in the throat. Eyeing her boss and knowing what must be done to accomplish her mission she walked around to where the tech genius was on his sofa, undoing one of the buttons on her white blouse in the process. She undid a second then a third before needing to untuck the shirt to get the last one, leaving it open to reveal her large natural tits and toned, fit stomach.

"I really like my job as your assistant Mr Stark. And I want to keep it. And I also want to give you a birthday gift," Natasha explained as she continued stalking closer to her boss. "A very special gift."

" curiosity and attention are all yours, Ms. Rushman."

Natasha had to fight back a smile at the way the older man stuttered just a little bit, losing his normally perfect composure. She tested him once more by undoing the zipper on the back of her skirt before letting it slide off her strong legs to show off her stockings, garter and thong. She lost her blouse as well to give him the full effect of her lingerie before sitting on the sofa right beside him. She didn't say a single word as her hand massaged right over his groin, feeling his hardening cock strained against his dress pants. She undid his belt and pants, looking him dead in the eye as she did so before fishing out his manhood which was now fully erect. 

"I think you are making a hell of an impression for retaining your job," Tony groaned, tucking a loose strand of her blood red hair back behind her ear.

Natasha, or Black Widow as those in SHIELD knew her as, nodded her head as her hands began tugging down his dress pants, requiring Tony to hike his hips off the sofa so she could get them down around his ankles. Natasha couldn't stop herself from bulging her eyes at the sight of his cock, picking it up into her fist and pumping it gently yet firmly at the same time.

"You have a really big dick," she said with a tone of amazement and longing.

"So I’ve been told," Tony replied smugly. 

“Good. I’m something of a size queen,” Natasha retorted honestly.

With a wicked grin on her face, Natasha glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The MIT grad couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. Tony was embarrassingly close to losing control and popping his load in her mouth once she worked her bobbing to a blistering pace but he found his center and just enjoyed the performance. 

"Yes. Suck it babe," Tony moaned in delight towards the skilled redhead. “You can speak 8 languages and give hummers better than almost everyone. Jesus you’re special!”

"Mmmmm," Natasha moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick, all while more and more guests arrived for his party. 

Iron Man grunted and groaned as Black Widow’s warm mouth sucked on his sensitive member as she built momentum. It was clear she was a professional when on her knees, making him think of all the fun they could have if he continued to have her in her role as personal assistant. Sure, it would cause a lot of tension between himself and Pepper, but things only grew stronger under pressure. Like diamonds and quartz. His thoughts were paused suddenly as her free hand reached down to cup his balls before rolling them gently with her fingers.

"Yes! Fucking fuck! The half of the Ironettes I’ve slept with can’t hold a candle to that mouth you have. Fuck! Just those dick sucking lips alone are enough to get me to bust," the talkative billionaire encouraged, hand resting on the back of her head.

When it came to oral, Natasha's game was on point. Now to be fair, being educated as a Russian spy meant she had to excel in every form of sex, but her blowjobs were one of, if not her best skill. She had a few different styles she deployed so her vast amount of boyfriends, fuck buddies or marks over the 15 years she’d been a spy were always kept happy and never bored. 

After she stroked her lips onto his pole for several bobs, Natasha pulled her mouth off him altogether with an audible pop so she could lower her head further. The feel of her wet tongue sliding from his tight ball sack up the entire length of his cock felt great, which Natasha knew it would. She went back to her regular blowjob but would periodically lick the entirety of his manhood, hearing Tony grunt his appreciation when she did so.

"Do you like that, Mr. Stark," she asked with a cocky smile.

" might just get that job full time after all," he said, pulling her face towards his so he could embrace her in a wet, sloppy kiss. 

They didn't kiss for long as they both knew where they'd rather Natasha’s plump lips be. She wasted no time bending back down and taking half his meat spear into her mouth, bobbing repeatedly so his bulbous head poked the back of her throat. He could hear the extra spit pool onto his shaft when she did so, making the blowjob get noisier and allowing her hand stroking the lower portion of his dick move at near the speed of light.

"This big dick feels so good in my mouth," Natasha told him after another lengthy spill with her head in his lap.

"I bet it does," Stark hissed through gritted teeth, already steering her face back down. "Keep your head down there."

The sounds alone from the blowjob were erotic enough to keep him aroused, let alone how it felt. Wet slurping noises filled the small anteroom of his office as Natasha showed great energy to bob routinely on his dick. The busty secret agent would mix in the odd moan, which caused her tongue to vibrate on his cock, or gasp for air after holding him down her throat for a spell.

While normally Tony didn't condone a girl spitting, unless it was spitting his cum into her friend's mouth to share, he gave Natasha no ill will as she spat some of her drool unto his member. Her fist used it as lubricant, somehow going even faster now as it pumped along his entire length. Natasha hovered her mouth right above his tip though, using her tongue to lash out tenderly at his pee slit which made the news anchor toss back his head and moan.

"Oh God! Keep going," Tony bellowed.

Natasha knew he was close but she didn't think merely wiggling her tongue along his tip would do it. She was banking on him being like most other guys who got off on watching as the girl took his balls into her mouth, sucking them one at a time while using their broad tongue to rub the curved surface. As she did so to Tony now, he proved that he too was like all her other conquests.

"Yes Natasha...I'm close...wanna...gonna cum on your pretty face.” Tony announced.

The curvy redhead was pleased that her ordeal was coming to a close and that her job being with the billionaire constantly, acting as his undercover protector would be hers right after taking his money shot onto her gorgeous face. She allowed him to move her, positioning her head on his stomach but letting her continue stroking his cock as that was pushing him over the edge of his orgasm.

"Yes, yes, it comes!"

At the last second he took his cock back from her and leaned it right against her nose as he lightly rubbed his shaft, finishing himself off. The thick and rather copious amount of cum shot out of his tip before arching downward, the first streak catching Natasha on her forehead before the second and third streaks welled in her left eye and against her nose. Finally he pressed his tip into her mouth, the remaining dribble collected on her tongue before Natasha played the good girl and swallowed it down.

"So did you like the birthday gift?," Nasked hopefully, the cum taste still on her tongue and her face still streaked in sticky jizz.

"Oh, most certainly," Tony answered with a shit-eating grin as he straightened up. “Shit though. Well, maybe not. I can work it.”

“Work what?” Natasha asked, getting to her feet.

“Pepper with this. I can explain away a blowjob. It’s only a blowjob,” Iron Man ranted.

“And facial,” the husky voiced spy added.

“Well a facial was due to the blowjob,” Tony rebuffed.

“I feel like when a woman lets you jizz all over her face then that counts as another sex act,” Natasha explained, cleaning said face from said jizz.

“Yeaahhhh you have a point. So I keep this a secret,” Tony reasoned. “Okay that’s fine. One more secret from her. What’s the big deal with that. “Now I need to go make an appearance but I want, nay, require you to be in my bedroom at the end of the night for our continued work relationship to continue.”

“Oh?” Natasha asked with a raise of one eyebrow. “This little display wasn’t enough earned good will for me to keep my job?”

“Let’s just say that you have other...assets that need evaluating before you get the position full time,” Tony explained, staring right at her ass while he said it.

“I assume you mean…”

“God! That ass is truly spectacular. You really could rest a tray on it, you know?” Tony joked. “Anyway, party then in the bedroom.”

“Maybe,” the spy countered.

“Maybe? Your job, which you clearly really want, is on the line. So I ask again, why maybe?” the rich man turned superhero asked.

“If you stay on good behavior then it’s a yes for anything you want,” Natasha replied, staring him dead in the eyes with her almost hypnotic gaze. “But no showing off pulse blasts, laser beams or any of the suit’s other weaponized displays. Understand?”

“Hmm. Well, some women say anything but what they really mean…”

“Anything. Everything. Whatever you want. Anywhere you want. That sum it up for you?” SHIELD’s top agent illuminated.

“Quite. Well that’s a lot to think about and I’m exceptionally late to my own party. See you tonight...or not,” Tony said before strapping on his wrist watch and leaving the room.

*    *    *

Tony’s birthday party was going just as Natasha and the rest of the higher ups at SHIELD knew it was likely going to go. Tony drank...heavily. Luckily he only chose alcohol and not mixed it with a plethora of other drugs at his disposal. That didn’t stop him from getting quite tipsy, which was made all the more worrisome considering he was dancing on the DJ’s stand with his Iron Man suit on. And that’s when things got bad.

Natasha watched the party from the outskirts, spending a lot of time with Pepper Potts, while she was there. The current Stark Tech CEO left shortly after Tony started blasting champagne bottles that were tossed up in the middle of the dance floor to impress a bunch of airhead blondes with tits far larger than their brains. Seeing Pepper storm out could have been a breaking point, and the pending arrival of James Rhodes in the gifted Iron Man suit would only antagonize things to a greater degree. Knowing it was now or never if she had any chance to drag Tony back from the ledge of self-destruction, Natasha waved her arms to get Tony’s attention. It took only a moment before he looked her way.

“Anything,” Natasha mouthed to the billionaire playboy.

Having backed into a hallway leading upstairs to be out of view of almost anyone else, Natasha lifted her short dress higher then turned to give Tony a side view of her profile. Making sure to lift the dress up onto her low back, she gripped one of her massive ass cheeks and pulled it away. Turning away from him, Natasha showed that not only had she not bothered putting on underwear under her little black dress, but she now gave Tony a view of all her goods. Tony immediately noticed her clean-shaven patch of skin around her bright pink pussy. Only an inch above that mouth-watering view was a smaller, darker hole that Natasha had essentially given Tony full access to. 

“Tony. Stand down,” Rhodes shouted to his best friend as he landed in the middle of the party.

“Okay. No problem,” Tony stated, his eyes still stuck on Natasha.

“What? Seriously? Just like that,” James replied. “I’ve known you for decades. You never give up when challenged that easily.”

“Year old, much wiser.” Tony said, stepping out of his Iron Man suit and clicking a button. “Enabled anti-theft mode.”

“How do I know you aren’t just doing this to placate me then gonna restart once I leave?” Rhodes asked.

“Here. Take the key then. Hell, I’ll even get JARVIS to lock me out of both opening up this suit or my lab for 12 hours. Comprehend JARVIS?” Stark replied, walking towards the bedroom Natasha had vanished.

“Yes, Mr Stark,” JARVIS confirmed.

“” James said, stunned. “That means everyone out.”

“Including yourself afterwards. I’ll call you first thing tomorrow,” Tony said to his friend.

“So when’s that? Like 11?”

“Better make it noon. Night Rhodey.” Tony commented from over his shoulder, leaving the party behind.

“You heard the man. Party’s over. Everyone out,” Rhodes shouted.

Though Natasha hadn’t been around for too long, she seemed to have a great deal of knowledge about the blueprint of Tony’s Malibu mansion. Navigating the hallway until arriving at what was Iron Man’s bedroom, the undercover spy waited leaning against the doorway until her mark came into view. As the superhero caught sight of the curvy redhead, he immediately noticed how Natasha had her already large chest heaved out, the curl in her low back highlighting the thickness of her heavenly ass as well.

Tony continued stalking towards his prey, excitement growing given the conversation they had at the beginning of the night. As he approached, rather than kiss her, Tony clutched her hand and with the other one keyed in the passcode so his door swung open. Natasha barely had time to register any details of Tony's bedroom as the second they were through the door he spun her around and crammed his tongue into her mouth. The billionaire didn’t know how the redhead had discarded her party dress and replaced it with lingerie in such a short time, but rather than spend time thinking about that mystery he instead pawed at her barely covered body.

"Won't be needing these," Tony said, removing his own clothes with Natasha helping before undoing her bra. "Good God woman."

Tony Stark had been with hundreds if not thousands of women so he felt like he was a good authority on the matter of their bodies. Not only did Natasha have a gorgeous face, but her body was literally otherworldly. He was impressed when she was only in a bra, but seeing what could only be described as her large breasts in the flash was a God-confirming sight. Symmetrically round, large and heavy and yet utterly sagless with the perfect nipple size, color and shape; she truly was created in a lab.

"Mhmm yes...lick my nipples," Natasha cooed as her hand reached down to stroke his hardening cock.

"You ready for me to fill your little pussy up," the older man asked, unable to wait any longer.

"Thought you’d never ask," the chesty woman replied, putting as much sultry into her tone as possible. “Please fuck me, Mr. Stark.”

"I bet that pussy is already wet for me," Tony continued his dirty talk as he laid his naked body down on his bed.

"Soaked," Natasha retorted, climbing overtop to straddle his waist. 

Tony didn’t know what to expect in terms of tightness. After all, a woman as hot as Natalie Rushman was sure to have a lineup of suitors wherever she went. However, as she sank her massive ass down into his lap, Natasha in only her garter belt and stockings was just as tight as Tony hoped for, the girl only in her garter belt and stockings. She sat on his cock and only managed to get less than half his 8 inch member into her pink hole on the first pass. However, Natasha was the determined sort so she let gravity do the work as she pressed her body weight downward until she felt her boss' thighs against her phat ass, which in this case was the feel of success.

"Mhmm...oh," Natasha moaned as she was completely filled by Tony.

The first few times she rode him to the top and back down were slow, allowing her pussy to stretch to accommodate his decent girth and spread her juices. Though Natasha had been trained in the art of sex by the Russian secret service, it had still been two days since her last random hookup so she needed to ease into things if afforded the chance. As she got used to his size, Natasha started to ride a little faster, only working the upper half of his member and whipping the billionaire playboy into a frenzy in the process.

Natasha was a master of her craft. Not only had she perfected the art by sleeping with as many individuals as the great Tony Stark, but being taught how to seduce, pleasure and all sorts of other tricks by legends of the sexual arts in Russia. Therefore, as she rode Tony Stark in his bedroom, Natasha didn't want to do one thing for too long lest it become boring and predictable. After the rapid stroking she drove down fully onto his dick and sat there, grinding her hips back and forth. It worked as she felt his hands grope her large tight ass harder and suck the nipple between his lips more urgently as well.

"Feel that big cock stretching you pussy," Tony grunted as her snatch glided along his entire length.

"Yes...fill me...stretch me," Natasha cooed. "Fuck me just like that. Deep and slow."

Tony took back some control, using his strong arms to help hold her propped up on her knees so that he could drive his hips off the bed and into her. His cock completely left her pussy on the way down only to spread her velvety lips as his rounded head pushed back inside. They both felt his entire dick deep inside her snatch, the wetness lubricating her tight walls and driving them both mad with hormones.

Natasha wasn't oblivious to the fact his fingers kept grazing over her puckered asshole either. They never stayed on the spot for long, but the sheer number of times he touched her on the crinkled starfish was far from accidental. Not that the chesty redhead minded. After all, she had told him in no uncertain terms what holes he could fuck tonight. Plus, if anyone was well accustomed to have her asshole stretched, it was Natasha Romanov. The Soviet-trained spy couldn't count with all the fingers and toes of the guests downstairs the amount of times she'd been fucked in the ass, let alone the other times a guy, or girl for that matter, only stuck a finger into her brown eye.

"Oh yes! I love that hard fucking dick in my pussy," Natasha swore, her dirty mouth on full display.

"Good...because the forecast has lots more in your future," Tony grunted.

For the next several minutes they used each other, Natasha using her perfectly toned body to ride him up and down while Tony groped, sucked and thrusted. They had found their stride together and the sheer number and volume of their moaning was proof of that. Even when the tech genius got around to spanking her large ass, hard enough to leave a red mark on her porcelain skin, Natasha found herself smiling and hoping for more. She had been trained to handle any kink her target had, but she always personally enjoyed being on the receiving end of some harder, rougher treatment. Spanking, face slapping, choking or hair pulling. She loved it all.

"You're such a bad girl. Sleeping with the boss to get ahead. That deserves to be punished," Tony said, spanking her phat ass once more.

"Yes! Punish me," Natasha screamed, riding his cock even harder. 

The only noises able to be heard now were the more visceral grunts coming from the pair, but even those were muted compared to the sound of Tony's palm cracking the fleshy ass of Natasha. If listening close enough, you could make out the wet slapping noise of his cock pounding deep in her snatch as well, and the lighter thumping of his balls as they bounced up and smacked against Natasha’s puckered asshole.

"You love this, don't you," Tony exclaimed, bringing a finger to push into Natasha's mouth.

"Mmhmm," the spy known as Black Widow murmured her agreeance as she sucked the digit.

It became clear to Natasha why Tony had her suck his finger and coat it in her spit as he transferred it from her mouth and back behind her. This time his finger did more than graze against her crinkled orifice as she felt him rub around the outer ring until he rested right over the center. As always, the Russian’s asshole put up a little fight as he pushed against it, but a combination of her relaxation techniques and Stark’s determination meant that his finger disappeared up to the first knuckle a moment later. Tony didn't attempt to fuck her backdoor just yet with the digit, only letting it soak within the first few inches of her tight opening to let her get used to the feeling, and also to see if she would be angered with a little anal play, despite her promise of giving her ass to him earlier. 

"Ah Fuck...Oh my God," Natasha moaned, her orgasm building quite nicely.

"Harder! Faster," Tony demanded, using his free hand to spank her ass once more. As he felt her pick up the speed to a frenzied level he smiled up at her for following directions so well. "Good girl...that's it baby."

If the finger in her ass, which Natasha had always loved when a guy did as they were fucking her, was the start of her building climax then the harder ride was the push it needed to get even stronger. He had pushed the digit in even further which was the exact thing she wanted when she started rocking backwards on his dick every time she descended down. Getting double penetrated with each hole getting fucked, albeit much less in her asshole, combined with the ass spanking was the perfect combo to give the Russian spy an orgasm at the hands (and dick) of Tony Stark.

"Oh...I'm gonna cum," she announced. "Oh God!"

Though Tony was all but promised anal sex, his narcisistic personality trait was set on making the chesty assistant cum first. It didn’t change the way he thrust up with all the energy and power he could muster, keeping the same thumping rhythm even though it was rather exhausting and bordered on feeling too good for himself. After all, he still had a lot planned with Natalie Rushman. 

"Yes, yes, yes...just like that," Natasha said, her eyes closed tightly as she felt her orgasm within reach.

“Gonna cum for me? Make my dick a slip and slide with all your juices?” Tony growled, slapping her thick ass in tune with every word spoken.

"OH! Keep fucking me like that! I'm gonna cum," Black Widow announced, each word shouted louder than the last. "I'm cumming!"

Natasha felt the familiar overwhelming feeling of tingles shooting throughout her curvy but powerful body. She became light-headed, her vision went blurry as it felt like instant lightness spread through her body...except for her clit which just felt like a series of fireworks being lit off. She had to fight from blacking out, instead collapsing down on top of Tony, unable to think, move or speak for a few moments.

"Good girl," Tony said as he lightly thrust up into her through the last of her orgasmic bliss.

“God, I needed that,” Natasha cooed, dragging her fingers through her wavy red hair.

“Speaking of needing things,” Tony commented.

Natasha came back to full awareness after allowing herself those blissful couple of seconds. She was well aware of the offer she made the billionaire, that if he behaved at the party then he got her ass. And though he had skirted that line pretty closely, Tony hadn’t caused a scene, hadn’t fought Rhodey or endangered any of the guests. Therefore, Natasha recognized a deal was a deal. Rather than back out of their arrangement, the undercover agent swung her strong thighs from around his body and knelt next to his lap, her head hanging over his cock.

The curvy redhead didn't say a word to Tony as she bent down to hover over his groin before taking his extremely wet manhood in her hand and guiding it into her mouth. She moaned as she tasted herself on his erect pole, forming a tight seal around him with her lips and bobbing up and down. She took him as deep as possible, sticking her tongue out further as well to collect more of her cum as she could.

"Tastes good to lick my cum from your cock," Natasha said with a big smile. "Now I want you to put that dick in my ass. Deals a deal, right?"

"Hard to argue with that," Tony replied with a shit-eating grin.

“Figured you’d see it that way,” Natasha grinned.

Natasha was already in motion after giving him a quick kiss, turning her back to him as she straddled his lap once more. She decided she’d go for another ride, as she knew men like Tony, especially in this state of drunkenness. While not hammered to the point of not being able to get his dick hard, his mind was muddled enough that he’d go too fast too soon and bust his nut far too fast. Thus, though she didn't want to call herself a pro when it came to sex since that made her sound like a prostitute, she took pride in her ability. 

His cock was drenched from her cumming on him and the added spit she applied, so as she sank her body weight onto his member she felt her sphincter give way. Inch by inch he pushed into her bowels, the superhero smart enough to know that Natasha was in complete control in this initial phase. Which was wise, because in her first descent she took him all the way into her anal opening.

"Awh...yeah," Natasha moaned.

Tony was absolutely shocked and filled with amazement at the same time as he watched and felt the sultry personal assistant ride his cock from tip to base at a slow yet steady pace. After all, she was taking him balls deep in her rectum without flinching, wincing or only just fucking his tip. For Natasha, she found that she was just a flat-out fan of anal sex. Learning how to derive pleasure from every sexual position and style was all part of her training since she was rather young, but it was effective. Therefore, taking a stiff cock up the ass felt more intense, activated more pleasure centers in her brain and orgasmed more often. However, that could all be dampened significantly by an over-pompous partner but luckily Tony didn't appear to be that.

With her arms reaching behind her to hold herself up against Tony's chest, Natasha used her well-toned legs to drive her up and down his very slippery cock. She could feel every inch of him sliding in and out, keeping her anal sphincter stretched to its max, which simply couldn't be felt with vaginal sex. She could even feel his balls slap against her pussy as she went all the to his base

"Fuck me Tony," she told him, sitting down fully in his lap.

With that comment, it was clear that Natasha was verbally passing the baton for Tony to take over control, which he gladly did. He made Natasha recline further against his chest, relaxing her so that he could push his hips upwards, plowing into her ass. He started off at roughly the same slow speeds she was going, but increasingly got faster with each thrust.

"Oh shit," he groaned, as Natasha wasn't the only one thriving in the more intense sex.

"Yes. Fuck my ass just like that," she urged through a series of moans.

Though Tony typically didn’t do well taking orders, this time he made an exception and did as his bust assistant asked. He placed his hands on her stocking-covered hamstrings to hold her legs up and out to give him better access to her tight backdoor. This tilted body position allowed him to thrust as hard as he wanted into her relaxed backdoor. Tony kept his stride smooth, allowing both for his continued stroking without feeling like his payload would come too swiftly. For a normal woman this was required as well in order to keep her relaxed, though Natasha was no normal woman. Instead, she was using one of her free hands to reach between her thighs so she could coupled the anal sex with stimulating her clit, not to distract from pain like others normally did, but rather to heighten her own pleasure.

"Oh my're stretching my ass so much," Natasha told him.

"Holy Moses! You really do enjoy a dick in your ass," Tony commented, his hips continuing to thrust up and spear her asshole.

"Yes! Keep fucking my ass," she continued to encourage.

A few things happened all at once to Natasha. First she felt her boss start fucking her even harder, which was expected. After all, everything was going smoothly and she was proving she could handle herself well. But his hand came around to replace hers between her thighs, first rubbing her clit like she had been doing but then actually cramming two fingers into her well-used pussy. Natasha felt like blacking out from the sheer intensity of the pleasure being elicited in her brain. To have both her sensitive holes filled and stretched out at the same time, all while his palm rubbed her clitoris was like a high better than any drug she’d experienced. 

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yyeessssss!” Natasha screamed as she came for a second time that evening, this time with his cock thrusting vigorously up into her ass.

As she came hard, she noticed that Tony slowed his thrusting. She knew it wasn’t on her behalf that he did this, but rather because her asshole clenched down tightly around his shaft, making it feel like a super tight vice grip. 

"I want you to taste your fucking asshole," Tony demanded, knowing it would allow his stamina to improve as well.

"I did promise you I was in for anything and everything," Natasha answered without delay, swinging from his lap in the process.

She knew that for some reason a good number of men found this act to be so kinky and arousing that Natasha had sucked on a cock numerous times after it was fresh from her ass. As it turned out, the notorious playboy was no different and she wanted to put on a little show for her boss considering so much was riding on staying as his personal assistant. Instead of beating his cock and removing a lot of the initial taste of her ass, she instead only lightly gripped him at the base to hold him upright then started sucking on his dick, really swirling her head and making audible sucking noises for his benefit. In truth, though the act of sucking a dick straight from your asshole was supposed to be degrading, Natasha always got a perverse thrill from the act. The taste was slightly off putting, but nothing you couldn’t handle. After making a show of hard sucking the first several inches of his cock, Natasha pulled those super fat lips from him in order to extend her tongue and lick him from tip to base.  Using her tongue to rub his shaft all while transferring more spit to his surface and tasting the lower parts of his shaft she hadn’t reached before. He hadn't cum yet and she was certain he'd want to continue back in her backdoor.

"I want some more," Natasha told him after cleaning off his dirty cock.

"Oh, you getting more ass fucking was never up for debate," Tony agreed readily.

As if they had read each other's minds, while Tony was getting up onto his knees Natasha was rolling over and propping herself up onto hands and knees with her tight ass pointed back at him. Now kneeling directly behind the stunning woman, Tony leant down and spat directly into the center of her still gaping asshole. Natasha didn't mind being spat on since lubrication was the secret for great anal sex, and now with her hole and his shaft slick in saliva, they were ready.

"Oh my God...yes," Natasha hissed as he entered her bowels once again.

This time she was loose right from the start so Tony didn't have to go nearly as gingerly. Going balls deep right from the start, he pulled back and started slamming into her asshole with speeds already faster than when she was on top. Judging by her constant stream of moans and screams, Tony felt confident in thinking she was enjoying the hard ass fucking as much as he was.

"Oh fuck! So deep in your ass," the older man grunted.

As he held steadfast onto the curves of her hips where her narrow waist bellowed out to create her perfect hourglass curves, Natasha wiggled her booty enticingly for him. The combination of her words and now the side-to-side grinding made the billionaire want to blow his load right then and there, but he held that at bay. Instead he took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum time and time again without fail.

"I love that I can feel your balls slapping against my pussy," Natasha cooed.

She continued her steady chorus of telling Tony to fuck her ass, taking her deeper and harder, which he was more than willing to comply with. He was proud of his vast sexual experience and even though he had cum on her face an hour ago, he couldn't help but feel the familiar pressure building again deep in his loins.

"Such a dirty girl...wanting it in the ass to get ahead at work," Tony hissed in her ear, his thrusting growing harder but more erratic.

"Oh my God that feels so good," Natasha groaned, loving the intense penetration.

Natasha’s asshole felt better than words could describe on his dick. A large part of that was due to the fact he could slam as hard and as fast into her brown eye as he wanted and she was up to the challenge. More than up for it in fact as it seemed the more intense he fucked her, the more she moaned and enjoyed it. His observations of her were extremely accurate as Natasha was under him and loving every passing second of the sodomy. Though his thrusts were getting harder, they were not painful to her, especially with her hand rubbing her clit as furiously as she was doing.

"Fuck, shit, fuck," Tony said under his breath.

He knew he was going to cum soon but he'd use every trick in his belt to delay it. He drove and deeply then slowly pulled all the way out, kneeling tall above her and looking down at her gape. He did that again and again, each time slower than the last and holding himself out of her backdoor until she started to close up then dove back in.

"Is my asshole gaping wide open for you?" Natasha asked in her sluttiest tone, leaning her body weight on one elbow so she could look back at his sweaty face.

Tony went back in and stayed inside her this time but kept going at a slow, almost painfully slow pace. Even that wasn't working though. He had come too far to stop the avalanche that was his pending orgasm and the only thing he could do was embrace it. Which is what he did, ramping back up to thumping his throbbing member back into her ass, forcing her to take him balls deep.

"Oh God! Keep fucking me," Natasha demanded, sensing how close he was to cumming. “You’ll have ample opportunity to fuck my ass as much as you want if you keep me on as your assistant.

"Fair point. Permanent position is yours. Awh fuck! Here it comes...UUGGGHHHHH," Tony grunted as he came deep into Natasha's asshole, coating her anus with his spunk.

Natasha could feel his dick jerking inside her ass as he held himself balls deep. He made odd howling noises as his jizz painted her inner walls until finally he was spent. He stayed inside her until he started softening, at which point he backed all the way out and flopped onto the bed. Knowing that this wasn’t the type of encounter to end with cuddling, Natasha got dressed again, only feeling the cum starting to trickle down her leg before sliding her thong back on to hold it contained until she left.

"I look forward to seeing you around the office Natasha," Tony said, holding the bedroom door open for her, a clear sign for her to see herself out. 

"I guess I'll see HR in the morning to sign the papers," Natasha said, before leaving.

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