Spy On The Scarlet Witch

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Wanda Maximoff barely had a chance to settle into her new home before there was a knock at the door, which caused her to frown suspiciously. She could only sense one person outside, but there was nothing too suspicious about the things that person was thinking. But then, up until a few days ago, she had been an enemy of The Avengers, and labelled a terrorist. Captain Rogers had been nice enough to grant her request for time to think about joining his team, but it was doubtful his teammates were as forgiving of her actions. Or the authorities, for that matter. So she cautiously approached the door, half expecting to find an officer of the law, or an Avenger, waiting on the other side of it.

Instead she was greeted by the sight of a woman close to her age, height and weight. Except she was Asian, and had a disarming smile which made Wanda feel strange. Fuzzy. And there was no recollection in her eyes, no horror and discussed, or even fear. Wanda would've been a fool to trust this woman, given the timing, but part of her wanted to, for some reason. God, if only Natasha would look at her that way. Wait, what was she thinking? And why was she just staring? It wasn't exactly Wanda's job to break the tension between them, but she felt compelled too, even though she didn't know why. But she couldn't help it, or any of her other reactions, as this woman was just so beautiful.

"Can I help you?" Wanda asked finally.

"Hi, I'm Chloe." Chloe introduced herself, holding out her hand, "I live across the hall. You just moved in, right?"

"Right." Wanda confirmed cautiously, eyeing the hand suspiciously.

"I guess that makes us neighbours." Chloe said cheerily, before deflating somewhat as she pulled back her hand, "But if you want to be left alone, I understand."

Wanda frowned, "You are not afraid of me?"

"Why? Are you famous or something?" Chloe questioned, "Because I don't really keep up with that stuff. Or news in general. Hey, you're not a serial killer, are you?"

"I..." Wanda began, although she was startled and unsure what to say.

"That was a joke." Chloe quickly clarified, before nervously adding, "I actually keep track of serial killers. I know, morbid, right? But it's good to keep an eye out, and everyone's got to have a hobby, and no offense, but you don't look like you're a serial killer and... I'm rambling again, aren't I? Sorry, kind of pick that up from this English girl I'm crushing on. Not that I'm crushing on you. You're just really pretty, I get nervous when meeting new people, and I... I just wanted to see if you wanted a friend? If only to water your plants, or feed your cat, or whatever? Or do you just want me to go away? I didn't mean to harass you, I was just trying to be neighbourly..."

There was a long pause and then Wanda asked, "I, I could use a friend."

"It's settled then." Chloe beamed, "Friends."


Friends probably didn't imagine kissing each other, and Wanda tried not too, but she just couldn't help it. Right from the first time she saw her Wanda wanted to kiss her, and do many other things which some would consider scandalous. But Chloe just made it so easy. She wasn't even that much older than Wanda, but she talked about her attraction to both men and women with such effortless confidence that it was breath-taking. Really everything about her was breath-taking, and charming, and so disarming that Wanda almost didn't recognize that she was telling the stranger way too much. It took less than a week for her to confess her real name, the things she had done, and how it had cost her the last member of her family, her brother, and now she just wanted to make up for it.

The other woman listened to her with superhuman levels of understanding and grace that should've been a red flag, but Wanda was just so desperate to believe it. Believe that someone in this world, who wasn't an Avenger, could hear her side of the story, and sympathize with her. But eventually she was forced to face the truth, her new friend was hiding something. Everybody was. Even behind the nicest faces people thought unspeakable things, fantasizing about things that for better or for worse they would probably never do, but those thoughts were still there. Not Chloe though. No, she was always thinking nice, nonthreatening thoughts, to the point it seemed like she was trying too hard.


Daisy Johnson wasn't originally planning to seduce Wanda Maximoff. She'd simply decided that her undercover persona, Chloe Bennett, would be very open about herself, which would hopefully encourage Wanda to be open with her. And more importantly, not to look too deep in her mind, as a type of mental block would've been too suspicious. Also if she was being honest, Daisy just wanted someone to vent to about Jemma, and it wasn't like there was anyone else she could talk to outside of work, having fallen out of touch with anyone who wasn't an Agent of SHIELD. Which had been good for her, but also it had unexpected consequences. Namely Wanda been very obviously attracted to her.

If she hadn't met Wanda as part of a mission, Daisy would have probably seduced her by now, and while she probably missed the window she couldn't stop thinking about it. To be fair with someone like Wanda Maximoff she couldn't trust at her thoughts were her own, which was scary, but for the most part she thought it was true, and eventually she admitted the information to Colson. Part of her was hoping that he'd tell her not to risk it, but deep down she knew he would point out that she had to use every angle she could to get the job done. She also predicted he would be embarrassed, but he gave her the order she had been expecting. So now this was what this was, an order. And for better or for worse, she had to follow it.

"Wanda, hi!" Daisy beamed, hugging her target as soon as she opened the door.

Wanda wasn't really used to being hugged, but she welcomed it, especially as their bodies seem to fit together and all the right places, "Hello Chloe."

Pulling back just after it was appropriate Daisy insisted, "Come in, come in, everything is ready."

"It smells so good." Wanda smiled softly, flowing Daisy into the kitchen, "Can I help?"

"No, I got it. You just sit your cute butt down and wait while I dish up." Daisy insisted.

Thinking nothing of it, Wanda made her way to the dining table and then frowned, "What's the occasion?"

"What do you mean?" Daisy asked innocently, and then when she saw Wanda indicating to the bottle of wine she shrugged it off, "Oh please, it's not even a good bottle. I know you're new around here Wanda, but in America, it's weird if two adult friends don't drink. It's like the national pastime over here."

"Yes, I've heard that." Wanda smiled, admitting to herself she was probably being paranoid, before quipping, "And here I was thinking you were trying to get me drunk."

"Well, we can still do that." Daisy winked flirtatiously, "It'll just take more than that bottle. I hope."

Which made Wanda blush adorably, telling Daisy she was on the right track. They had been flirting a little before, as Daisy had decided that 'Chloe' would be just flirtatious with everyone, but for the first time she really went for it, and was encouraged that Wanda gave as good as she got. Admittedly with a little more blushing in between, but that just made her more endearing, and Daisy feel more guilty that she wasn't doing this simply because she wanted to. In fact Daisy really started to get second thoughts about seducing the other woman under these circumstances, but she was a professional, and did her best to focus on the task at hand. Especially as again she was dealing with a mind reader.

"Why would it be wrong to seduce me under these circumstances?" Wanda asked out of the blue with a frown.

Trying not to tense up Daisy asked, "What?"

There was a brief pause, then Wanda pointed out, "You just thought that."

Thinking on her feet Daisy smiled softly, and then pointed out, "Yes, but only because you've been through so much, and I know how much you could do with a friend. And I want to be that for you, not taking advantage of you in an emotionally vulnerable state."

Another pause, then Wanda softly questioned, "Are you sure you're not just hesitating because of Jemma?"

"Hesitating? Huh, that's an interesting choice of word. Does that mean that you want me to seduce you?" Daisy jumped on the advantage, and tried to change the subject, but it didn't work.

"Answer the question!" Wanda insisted.

Yet another long pause, then Daisy sighed, "I told you, Jemma is straight. She would never like me that way. And even if she did, I shouldn't ruin the friendship. There's too much at stake."

"But you'd risk our friendship?" Wanda questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, I thought you wouldn't mind." Daisy said softly, "I mean, I might be totally off base here, but I think you... you know."

"I do." Wanda admitted softly, "But I don't trust you."

"Wanda." Daisy began.

"I know, it's wrong. I know I shouldn't. But I can't turn my abilities off, and your thoughts are too nice. Too sweet. Too understanding. I want to believe them, I really do, but it's obvious you're hiding something." Wanda blurted out, before taking a deep breath and finally asking the question that she wanted to, "Are you an Avenger?"

"No." Daisy said, quickly.

"Don't lie to me!" Wanda snapped, standing up threateningly.

"I'm not." Daisy insisted, standing up slowly, trying to defuse the situation.

"But your something." Wanda said bitterly, and then when Daisy looked like she was trying to protest again she stopped her, her eyes and hands glowing red, "I can make you tell me, you know? Work my way deep into that deceitful little brain of yours, and if I don't like what I see, I can destroy you piece by piece, until you're nothing left but an empty, drooling husk!"

"I'm your friend." Daisy insisted, "But do what ya got to do."

There was a long pause, then Wanda called her bluff, pushing deeper into her mind and then letting out a heart-breaking cry of, "You're like me."

Against her better judgment Daisy took another risk by proving that to be true, as she used her powers to slowly lift Wanda's chair into the air, and then bringing it crashing down on her head. She made sure not to do it too hard, as she just wanted her stunned long enough to summon the power dampening cuffs and placed them around Wanda's wrists so they could have a conversation without the risk of her friend doing something that she would regret. Unfortunately the cuff stopped when they were just about to wrap around the other girl's wrists, and then Wanda looked at her with heart-breaking betrayal. It was enough of a distraction for the tables to almost be reversed, but Daisy managed to stop it in the nick of time, and then the two superpowered women were trapped in a stalemate.

One which Daisy tried to break by using a chair again, but it got caught by Wanda, who smirked, "That trick won't work twice."

"I wasn't expecting it too." Daisy revealed with a sad smile.

Wanda was able to summon a force field, something she had been working on, just in time before the chair exploded into a million pieces. Which really angered her, as it could've easily blinded her if her back had not been to it. Even then it was an incredible risk, one which did not pay off for Daisy, as thanks to the force field she was unable to use the cuffs on Wanda. Worse still for the lying spy, she fell for her own trick. Oh yes, it took a little back and forth, but eventually Wanda got the upper hand by distracting the Agent of SHIELD and taking advantage of that fact, And how? Why, by using her true love against her, which was even more enraging for The Scarlet Witch.

"More dirty tricks, Chloe?" Wanda spat angrily as Daisy tried to distract her again, putting emphasis on the false name in the process, "What would Jemma think?"

"She knows SHIELD needs to get the job done by any means necessary." Daisy pointed out, noticing too late the dinner plate heading straight for her head, "Oh no!"

As Daisy had shown her the same courtesy, Wanda made sure to break the plate over her rival's head in a way which wouldn't cost her the ability to see, but it was enough to stun. It was only for a few seconds, but that was all the more powerful woman needed to restrain the weaker woman. They then exchanged a look, in which Daisy's shoulders slumped, acknowledging she had lost. Meanwhile Wanda smiled with triumph, before shoving the table and anything else out of the way and then causing Daisy to hover in the center of the room, squirming and helpless. God, it would be so easy to tear the other girl limb from limb, and she could practically hear her former Hydra allies screaming at her to do it, but Wanda's anger was replaced by lust at the thought of having this girl under her control.

"I'm sorry Wanda, this isn't how I wanted things to go." Daisy apologized.

"I know." Wanda said coldly as she slowly circled the other woman, "You wanted to seduce me. Recruit me. Manipulate me."

"No!" Daisy protested, before quickly clarifying, "Well, yes to the first two, but a big fat no to the last one."

"Because, you would never do that to me? Huh? Because we're such good friends?" Wanda questioned bitterly.

"Yes!" Daisy insisted, quickly adding, "And I don't need too. You're a good person Wanda, and I'm sure when you hear what I have to say you'll let me go, and join SHIELD, or The Avengers, because it's the right thing to do. And that's what you want, the chance to do the right thing. To prove you're not what they say you are. That you're not a monster."

There was a brief pause, then Wanda drawled, "Perhaps, but when they learn who you are, what you can do, people will hate and fear you."

"Which is why we have to prove we're better than they think we are." Daisy said firmly, before pointing out, "Look, I used to be just like you. Lost, alone, confused. I wasn't sure who to trust, and ended up trusting the wrong people, and doing some very bad things. But SHIELD took me in and gave me a purpose. It gave me the family I never had, and a chance to do some real good. Save the world. SHIELD could do that for you Wanda. Or perhaps, even The Avengers. Because you are powerful Wanda, and you could do a lot of good in The Avengers, working in the spotlight to change your name. But SHIELD takes care of each other better than The Avengers ever could. I promise you, if you join us, you'll never have to be alone again."

Another long pause, then Wanda questioned, "How can I trust anything you say after you lied to me?"

"I didn't lie." Daisy argued, "Most of what I told you was true. The best undercover stories are as close too reality as possible, so you don't have to lie. Not a lot, at least. Plus, you're a mind reader, so..."

"You had to be sneaky?" Wanda grumbled.

"I prefer to think of it as inventive." Daisy argued.

"Like avoiding my earlier question?" Wanda scoffed.

"That wasn't avoiding, it was pointing to the flaw in the argument." Daisy pointed out, quickly adding, "As for how can you trust me, sometimes you just have to take a risk. Like I did. By not telling you the truth right from the start, and I'm sorry for that, I really am. But honestly, would you have listened if I didn't piss you off first."

"Well, you are very pretty." Wanda quipped, "As for your offer, I shall think about it... on one condition."

"What?" Daisy asked before gasping as her dress, shoes and socks were torn off of her, leaving her in her underwear.

Yet another pause as Wanda waited for a complaint that never came, before she began gently sliding a hand over the other woman's back to her butt and squeezing it while thoughtfully revealing, "Well, you did have orders to seduce me, right? Whore yourself out for the good of the once mighty SHIELD? Huh? Well, maybe I should allow you to complete your assignment?"

The squeeze to her butt had Daisy gasping again, but she then smiled and revealed, "I'd like that."

"We'll see." Wanda said dismissively, using her magic to remove Daisy's underwear just the same as the dress.

For about a full minute after that Wanda simply admired her prize, slowly circling Daisy and squeezing her boobs and butt. To her credit, the Agent of SHIELD showed no fear, and even seemed a little amused at Wanda's antics. Which honestly pissed Wanda off, but that was okay, because she had a plan to knock that smug smirk off of that admittedly very pretty face. Something she put into action and she turned and slowly made her way to the bedroom, using her magic to float Daisy along behind her. Again, Daisy didn't protest to this, or when the witch turned her upside down and left her there for a few long seconds while taking a comfortable seat on her bed.

Then Wanda questioned, "So, Chloe Bennett... or is it simply Skye? Or Quake?"

At this point Daisy knew Wanda knew her true name, but she played along, "Daisy. My name is Daisy Johnson."

"Well, Daisy Johnson, have you ever been spanked?" Wanda asked, thoroughly enjoying the blush which crossed Daisy's face, "I'm guessing that's a no. Interesting. Perhaps you're in need of some parental discipline? Yes, I think that is a splendid way to make up for your lies."

Again Wanda paused, very much expecting Daisy to protest. If the roles had been reversed she probably would have. In fact, Wanda would've done just about anything to avoid such a humiliating fate, so it meant a lot that Daisy was going to put herself through such an unspeakable shame to earn her forgiveness. And she had to admit, Daisy looked really good when Wanda bent her over her knee. Oh yes, the mighty Quake look really good bending over Wanda's knee and exposing that cute little ass of hers. The cute little ass she was determined to punish, even though at first she just couldn't help reach down and grope it. Which to be fair, must have heightened the humiliation factor tenfold for the spy.

Daisy definitely found the position she was in to be humiliating, but if anything the groping was weirdly comforting. After all, it seemed to prove that no matter how angry Wanda was she was still very much attracted to Daisy, so maybe she could complete her original mission, and seduce The Scarlet Witch to being on her side. Or just not to be pushed away from her side, or at least not to do anything Wanda would probably regret. And honestly, after betraying the trust of this girl who just wanted a friend, Daisy felt like she was due some humiliation, and definitely some pain. Something which she definitely got, albeit after a few long minutes of having her butt groped.

Even after Wanda slowly raised her hand and bought it down upon Daisy's vulnerable little butt really hard she went right back to the groping, meaning that the secret agent cried out loudly, but then if anything whimpered in relief when the initial pain was massaged away. That process was then repeated over and over again, albeit with Wanda slowly building up the number of strikes, all of which featured a lot less force than the original blow. Daisy suspected that her now maybe former friend would cut loose eventually, and really show her what she had got, but for now she was very happy to take a gentle, playful spanking. Especially as it was almost something which could be mistaken for friendly. Like they were just messing around before having sex, which again, Daisy kind of hoped was the endgame here.

Perhaps inevitably the force of the spanking increased in intensity and perhaps more importantly, the pausing in between blows was eventually phased out entirely, at which point Daisy really, really missed the groping. Because while it had been a little humiliating, considering she was supposed to be a big tough superhero with unworldly powers, again it was kind of a turn on for her. Much more preferable to the constant pain she eventually received, even though admittedly it was nothing compared to what she received while being trained by Melinda May, and certainly not compared to what she had received while on missions. Or the emotional turmoil she'd been through during her life.

That didn't stop Daisy from crying out when the spanking really got rough, to the point that she could practically see May scowling angrily at her for her weakness. And she deserved it. She deserved to be punished. For this, and so much more. For the things she'd done before becoming an Agent of SHIELD, and even after it. The people she'd hurt. Like Wanda. So this was really cathartic. But then Daisy just how much she was enjoying it, and may cause her to blush, bright red with embarrassment. Especially as Wanda didn't need to be a mind reader to realize it, but the fact that she was sealed the deal. Oh God, she hoped that Wanda didn't tell anyone about this. Especially The Avengers, a team Daisy was hoping to join one day.

Wanda was annoyed at first that Daisy didn't seem to mind the spanking. After all, this was supposed to be a humiliating punishment, and yet she didn't have to be a mind reader to know that the other woman wasn't absolutely hating it, like surely any sane person should. Sure, she cried out a little, especially when the spanking first began, but then her SHIELD training allowed her to more or less stay eerily silent, which was kind of unnerving, but mostly irritating. To be fair, Wanda didn't want to seriously hurt Daisy, but she also didn't want to let her off lightly for what she had done, which was why she eventually switched to the more rough spanking, despite enjoying the gentle stuff more. Especially as it meant less time to grope Daisy's cute little butt.

Since the first day they met Wanda had always thought that Daisy had a cute little butt and she would love to get her hands on it. This wasn't exactly what she had in mind back then, but it was still fun. Oh yes, Wanda really loved squeezing and fondling it, in between making it jiggle slightly for her with every blow. Of course it jiggled even more towards the end, and slowly begun to turn different colors, from bright pink, to red, and then eventually even kind of bruised in places. That was the point that those cheeks really started to shake, and Wanda really got carried away, using her magic to increase her strength and stamina tenfold, so she could give the mighty Quake a serious butt beating.

It was a far harsher punishment than Wanda originally intended on giving, but she kind of went a little crazy when she felt wetness against her thighs. Admittedly, in her current state of mind it took her a few long seconds to realize what that was, but when she realized that Daisy's pussy was likely, getting wet from this she just lost it. Especially as even as she began crying out, screaming and even whimpering from the force of the blows. Daisy just seemed to continue to enjoy it. Case in point, she never told Wanda to stop. Or tried to stop her. She could probably do so at this point, at least temporarily, but she didn't, meaning that she must want to get a real spanking, and at that point Wanda was happy to oblige.

Then just as abruptly as the vicious ass beating had begun Wanda stopped and admired the damage she had done. Admittedly, there was a sadistic part of her which was proud of it, but mostly she flinched at the sight of the damage she had done, and felt bad about it. Luckily there was an easy way to fix that, which involved her going right back to the gentle butt groping. Which probably anyone else would do in her position, as it was both fun for her and soothed some of the pain away from that person. Of course, Wanda wasn't just anybody, and therefore could use some of her magic to literally take the pain away. Which was exactly what she did, however as soon as she started to heal Daisy she was surprisingly told to stop.

"Wait!" Daisy protested.

"What?" Wanda frowned in confusion.

"I... I want it to hurt. Just a little." Daisy admitted with a blush, explaining, "I lied, and I want to make it up to you."

"Okay then." Wanda said softly, before pushing Daisy off of her, "Get in the centre of the bed, on your back. Then you can make it up to me."

Daisy cried out loudly, and pathetically, as she somehow landed directly on her now very sore butt. To be fair she had literally asked for it, but it was still a shock. Which was why she went through the same thing when she obeyed, this time thankfully being allowed to move under her own power. She was then treated to quite the show, as Wanda slowly removed her own clothes and then slowly crawled up Daisy's body, until she was hovering over Daisy's face, at which point Daisy realized she wasn't the only one who enjoyed the spanking. No, Wanda had clearly enjoyed herself, given how wet her pussy was, the sight of which made Daisy lick her lips hungrily.

"You want to make it up to me?" Wanda asked huskily, her accent coming out thicker now she was turned on "Then eat me. Eat my pussy you bitch!"

As she spoke those words Wanda slowly began lowering herself down, giving Daisy the chance to oblige. Which she did as quickly as possible, namely once Wanda was in range, at which point Daisy lifted her head, stuck out her tongue and slid it over the tasty treat in towards her. This caused two things to happen, namely Daisy to close her eyes and moaned softly at the taste, and for Wanda to do the exact same thing, except louder, drowning out the sound in the process. Not that Daisy cared. No, she was far too preoccupied with that long, slow lick. And so was the other girl, given the way that she paused lowering herself for a few long seconds, just to savour the sensation.

Then Wanda finished lowering herself down, pushing Daisy's head down surprisingly gently under the circumstances, which made the secret agent smile. It wasn't outright forgiveness, but it was maybe an important step in the right direction. That, and the fact that Wanda was allowing her to do this to her. Allowing Daisy the privilege of licking her tasty little pussy. Easily one of the tastiest she'd ever sampled, and maybe even the tastiest. So much so it was difficult not to go to crazy right from the start, just so that she could see what Wanda's cum would taste like, which given this flavour, was likely to be even better. Even if in that moment it didn't seem possible.

However Daisy was an experienced pussy pleaser, and there was no need to hurry. Besides, it was always better to savour a tasty treat like this, as it meant she'd be able to enjoy this for longer, and meant that the other girl's eventual orgasm would be much more powerful. And ideally, there would be more of them than one. Oh yes, Daisy wanted to give Wanda multiple orgasms to make up for all the lies. And too continued the slow, gentle licking for as long as Wanda would allow it, so she allowed herself to become lost in her whole world becoming Wanda Maximoff. Oh yes, all she could see, taste and smell was pure Wanda Maximoff, and it was glorious. And delicious.

Wanda had been dreaming of this ever since she first met Daisy, and unsurprisingly the reality was so much better. Perhaps more to the point, she'd imagined what it would be like to have another girl doing this to her, and the reality was so much better. Oh yes, all of the fantasies and borrowed experiences from other people via her mind reading ability couldn't do justice to this wonderful reality she now found herself in. Maybe especially because she was sitting on Daisy's face, meaning that in this precious moment she was in control, or at least it felt like it, as she was on top. Literally on top of the dangerous spy, her magic making it a reality, and the fact that Daisy felt obligated to do as she said made her word law.

That was the only downside to all of this. Because they had been so close to getting here in a natural and loving way, only for Daisy to ruin it by confirming all of Wanda's worst and most paranoid fears that everyone was conspiring against her. Admittedly she could tell that Daisy believed that her motives were pure, but the result was the same, just another person trying to manipulate Wanda to do what they wanted her too, and so that they could use the other worldly power she had it her fingertips for them. Well, just like all the others that tried to use her Daisy had paid the price, and more importantly, she would do in the future. Oh yes, Daisy had enjoyed being spanked more than Wanda had thought possible, but it wasn't the only trick she had up her sleeve.

Admittedly, this was a bad example of punishing Daisy, at least at first, because she was clearly enjoying herself. Which just gave Wanda something she could take away from Daisy, while still finding a way to maximize her own pleasure. Because as much as Wanda would've loved to have Daisy worship her for hours, and she just might have to let her so-called friend do that to her at sometime in the future, because it felt amazing, for now she decided to 'punish' the superhero known as Quake by making herself cum that much faster. First by grinding down onto that pretty little face, and then ordering the other woman to make her cum. Even if it was to save face, because at that point Daisy was close to doing it herself, simply by sticking out her tongue and allowing Wanda to bash her clit against it.

So Wanda cried out rather angrily, "Make me cum you lying bitch! Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, make me cum. Fuck me! Yessssssssssssss, fuck me and make me cum! Tongue fuck me you filthy Americans spy! Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, serve your country by serving my cunt. Make me want to join SHIELD, or The Avengers, simply because of your pussy pleasing skills, you dyke slut! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, lick me just like that, mmmmmmmmm, good little dirty slut. Dirty, nasty, American lying whore slut! That's what you are! That's all you are, 'Daisy', so make me AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! OH DAISY! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

All of a sudden Daisy grabbed hold of Wanda's butt firmly, holding it in place long enough for her to shove her tongue as deep as it would go into the other girl's pussy. Wanda couldn't really be upset about Daisy taking control like this, as it pretty much instantly gave her the most powerful climax of her life. Besides, it wasn't long before she took back control without even trying, Wanda desperately trying to remain as conscious of her surroundings as possible so she didn't seriously hurt her friend. But it was just so hard, as Daisy was just making her feel so good, especially as the first powerful orgasm was followed by another, and another, and another, so that The Scarlet Witch's whole world became consumed by pleasure.

Daisy did her best to swallow every drop of that first initial orgasm, but she'd already committed to the idea of thrusting her tongue in and out of Wanda's cunt, and she just wasn't expecting the other girl to cum so quickly. Obviously she was glad she did, as it was an incredible stroke to her ego, but as she correctly guessed, Wanda's cum was heavenly, and Daisy was disappointed she didn't get all of it. Then again, the fact that it ended up covering her face was kind of hot, as it was like she was being marked as a pussy slut, and she still got to swallow plenty of girl cum along the way, which was another mark towards that title. Something she reminded herself of, over and over again as Wanda started rubbing her cunt into Daisy's face.

It started out slow and gentle as the overwhelmed Witch struggled to establish a rhythm, but once she did Wanda started fucking Daisy's face so forcefully it was a real struggle for the spy to breathe properly. Then again she trusted Wanda would pull away before she did any permanent damage, and she rather liked the idea of being fucked into unconsciousness by this tiny girl. So Daisy simply opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, concentrated on swallowing the girl cum which was pretty much shooting straight down her throat, and trying her best to hit Wanda's clit. And just when she was beginning to feel faint, Wanda either took pity on her, or ran out of steam. Either way she got off of Daisy's face, and then paused to gasp for breath for several long seconds.

Then Wanda's eyes and hands were glowing red again, summoning a strap-on to appear out of nowhere and attach itself around the waist of The Scarlet Witch. Which certainly wasn't what Daisy was expecting, but it was far from an welcomed, especially when she found herself on her knees in front of the powerful woman, who was now staring at her expectantly. But apparently she misread the signs, because before she could take the dildo into her mouth some liquid appeared from nowhere and slowly covered the shaft. Wanda didn't even use her own hand, as if she was jerking off the cock, which was surely half the fun? Which must have come across in her face, because this in turn caused Wanda to question her.

"Something wrong?" Wanda frowned with confusion, "I thought this was your kind of thing. Or was this another lie?"

"No, it's not that." Daisy reassured, and then when Wanda gave her an expectant look she continued, "I just thought you'd want me to suck it."

"You can suck it later." Wanda promised with a wicked grin, "For now, I just want you to see what will be going inside you."

"Okay." Daisy said dismissively, before asking, "But don't you think you're overdoing it with the lube? I mean, you know I'm plenty wet already."

"Your pussy? Yes, but... I have no intention of fucking your pussy." Wanda revealed with another evil smirk, enjoying the look on Daisy's face that she got from that, before adding, "What? You betrayed my trust, and now you expect to be rewarded? Typical American arrogance. No, I intend to find a way to punish you, that you won't enjoy. Then again, perhaps you'll enjoy even this. I know you're curious about it, although you haven't dared to admit it to anyone else. Yes you have, do not try and lie to me again! So, I may have to settle for simply humiliating you. Because I cannot imagine the humiliation you would feel to actually enjoy such a thing as being ass fucked."

Even though Daisy had known full well what Wanda was referring to it was pretty scary to hear the words at the end there. Ass fucked! That's what Wanda wanted to do to her. And she deserved it. Deserved it to hurt. Deserved it to be as humiliating and as painful as possible. Still, despite the fact that she truly was curious about it, Daisy very nearly begged for mercy to save herself from the shame of it. Which actually made Wanda soften her gaze, indicating she was about to give the woman who had wronged her an out, which just pushed Daisy to return the look with one of her own telling her to do it. This in turn caused Wanda to chuckle, and finally take what she wanted. Or more accurately, demanded it.

"Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, I think an ass fucking will be the perfect punishment for a slut like you." Wanda said to herself, getting them back on track, "Oh yes, bend over for me, Chloe. Or should I say, Daisy Johnson, Agent of SHIELD. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, I want the mighty Quake to bend over for me. Bend over and spread your cheeks. Give me your virgin ass hole."

Wanda could've easily used her magic to force the issue, but she wanted Daisy to make the choice, and to her delight that was exactly what happened. Admittedly, unlike when she used her magic to bring Daisy down to her knees a few seconds ago there was some understandable hesitation, but eventually the mighty Quake crawled onto the bed, and then when she was in the centre of it she pressed her face to the bed sheets, reached back and spread her cheeks, offering Wanda her most private hole. Offering it as a sacrifice to be fucked. This superhero with amazing powers was offering up her back hole to be used as a fuck hole, some version of that echoing through Wanda's mind as for a few long seconds she just stared at the prize before her.

Eventually she did get on the bed behind her prey, at which point Wanda was very, very tempted to shove the entire length of her strap-on up Daisy's butt. Which would be hot, but despite wanting not too, she still like this girl, and worried that she was being too harsh by forcing her into this. Or at least she would've done, if she hadn't been able to read Daisy's mind, letting her know that she was into this way too much. Still, her friend needed a little more preparation, so that's exactly what Wanda gave her by leaning forward and spitting onto the virgin hole she was about to violate. She even rubbed it in with her tongue a little. Well, it was supposed to be a little, but then she got carried away.

She just really enjoyed the twisted act, and of course, that it made Daisy first gasp with surprise, then coo and even moan with happiness. So she repeated the process over and over again, pulling back and spitting onto that little target, and then rubbing it in with her tongue. Which was easy thanks to Daisy, continuing to hold herself open, giving Wanda all the access she could possibly need. That continued to be the case when she eventually replaced her tongue with her index finger. Wanda had made sure her fingers were covered in lube first of course, before slowly pushing one into the other girl's virgin butt hole, causing her to cry out joyfully at the tightness which greeted her. And Daisy cried out too, although not quite as pleasurably.

Which Wanda felt guilty about, especially as she couldn't resist taunting, "Mmmmmmmm, tight. This really will be fun... for me."

Unsurprisingly this caused Daisy to whimper, but somewhat surprisingly she didn't offer up any other form of complaint. It was also debatable whether this counted as a complaint or not, especially considering after a cry of pain, and whimper of humiliation, Daisy continued letting out those sounds, but they sound like they were more out of pleasure than of pain, which was incredibly encouraging, given what they were about to do. Which certainly made Wanda grinning excitedly, or more accurately more so, as about the same time she bought that index finger all the way inside of Daisy's butt, and then began to thrust it in and out. Then she added a second finger, stretching that forbidden hole even more, before silently going for what she really wanted.

Daisy had been just getting used to the rim job, when the fingers had been added to the equation, and likewise she was just getting used to the anal fingering when she felt Wanda's cock knocking on her back door. The main difference was that she had experienced the other things before, at least sort of. Those other times there had been fingers in her cunt, which had been her main focus, and she told herself that was the only reason she had liked it. But deep down she knew that wasn't the case, and Wanda effortlessly proved it, which was both encouraging considering what was about to happen, and terrifying. Because she didn't want to hate it, but Daisy also didn't know whether she could stand being the kind of slut who actually liked back door.

For a few long seconds, it didn't feel like she would have to worry about that, as her virgin ass hole started slowly stretching, and stretching, and stretching for Wanda's big cock. One of the reasons she'd been so hesitant about this was that the strap-on had looked big, but it felt even bigger now it was trying to enter her most private hole, Daisy beginning to worry about being truly ruined back there. It certainly felt like it when her butt hole finally stretched wide enough for the head of the big dick slid through it and into her bowels, causing the supposedly mighty superhero to cry out pathetically as she was anally violated. Which might have been the worst pain she felt, but again, she could take comfort in the fact that she deserved it.

Thankfully Wanda took pity on her by giving her a few long minutes to recover from the anal violation, and when she did start pushing forwards she did it nice and slowly, minimizing the pain. So much so it paled in comparison to the other things Daisy had experienced while on the job, which probably would've been the case if Wanda had tried doing this quickly. And to her shame, there was something to be said for the humiliation of feeling something sliding into her forbidden hole, as like the spanking before it, it felt weirdly cathartic. Not just for what she had done to Wanda, but her other sins. Also, this was the sluttyist think she'd ever done, which added to the experience.

Above all else, the fact that it was sweet little Wanda doing this to her made it easier for Daisy to come. That she, that she was destroying her anal virginity. Another girl was robbing her of her butt cherry. Wanda Maximoff was taking her ass and making it hers. All hers! Forever! That no matter what, in this moment, the mighty Quake was The Scarlet Witch's anal bitch. Some form of those words echoed through Daisy's mind for the next few long minutes, making even the initial butt stuffing that much more bearable. And once the sodomy really got underway she was surprised by just how much she liked it, to the point that it wasn't long before she couldn't hide it. Not that there was hiding anything from a mind reader.

Wanda was more or less thinking the same things as Daisy was, and because of those thoughts and that she was just blown away by what she was doing she didn't really recognize that Daisy was even enjoying it at first. It was difficult enough for her to focus on her friend enough to know that she wasn't in too much pain, at least apart from the initial anal penetration, which was certainly her goal, and the main reason she was going so slowly. But she'd be lying if she claimed she wasn't doing it for her own benefit too. That she found the sight in front of her weirdly erotic, which was the main reason that she wanted to try this. Oh yes, she'd seen this sight in the heads of a few males, and experiencing it herself was so much better than seeing it in their heads.

Admittedly her cock wasn't real, meaning she couldn't feel it in the same way they had, but just the memory of it, and feeling what Daisy was feeling, meant that the moment was so intense. And oh, to actually see it, to see her cock sliding into Daisy's most private hole, which was on perfect display thanks to the superhero continuing to spread her cheeks, oh God, it was perfection. Something she could never, ever get enough of, even though she'd have to settle for something else, if that was the right word for it. After all, eventually her thighs came to rest against those cheeks, announcing every inch of the dildo was fully embedded inside Daisy's ass. Her cock! Her cock was buried all the way inside Daisy's butt. Oh God!

It was only then that Wanda became aware of the things that were going through Daisy's mind, which gave her twisted sense of satisfaction. Which she also experienced as she slowly pulled the strap-on out of Daisy's butt and then slowly pushed it back in again. Although when she did that, she felt the discomfort she had been expecting on Daisy's end, but there was something else. Something which felt, almost good? Maybe? She of course repeated the process, eventually establishing a steady rhythm, and thus officially beginning to give the mighty superhero known as Quake her first ever butt fucking... and she continued to feel it. And she continued on feeling it, until Daisy had to stifle a moan of pleasure.

That made Wanda grin widely, and triumphantly. She had done it! Already! Oh yes, she'd already made Daisy enjoy anal sex, which as she predicted was devastatingly humiliating for the other girl, and probably the best revenge she could hope for under the circumstances. Because despite how angry she was, she didn't want to seriously hurt this girl, but she really, really enjoyed fucking her in this incredibly perverted way. Oh God yes, Wanda was loving every second of this, and not just because she was getting some sweet revenge. Oh yes, she was loving this because she was getting to fulfil her fantasy. A number of them, in fact, with the only way it could possibly be better was that this wasn't a one time thing.

Daisy was hoping that she would be able to eat Wanda's sweet pussy again, and there were other things she was eager to do again, but she wasn't so sure this would be one of them. Or at least, she hoped it wouldn't be, as it was almost unbearably humiliating. Mostly because of how good it felt right now. Because she felt she deserved some punishment, but this was almost too much, and she almost asked Wanda to stop. Hell, she probably would have, if it wasn't a mind reader she was dealing with, and therefore someone who knew exactly how much she was enjoying this, which was very clear by the way Wanda was smirking wickedly. Which of course, made it that much more humiliating.

"You want to cum, yes?" Wanda taunted, driving that last point home, "Well, you have to ask nicely for it."

Initially Daisy just whimpered in response, mostly because she knew it was probably only a matter of time before she did exactly that. She didn't want to, because that would be even more humiliating, but her body was craving it, and at least it would be an end to the seemingly endless humiliation. But maybe, just maybe if she waited a little longer Wanda would do it without needing to be asked? After all, her friend could be impatient. Sadly that wasn't the case, Wanda showing more patience than ever before, much to Daisy's frustration. That desperation had her starting to bounce herself back and forth, trying to increase the pace of the butt fucking, only for Wanda to stop her, by pushing her hands away from her ass just so she could smack it.

"No!" Wanda said sternly during that smack, then quickly followed up with, "You beg to cum, or you don't cum."

Daisy whimpered pathetically, then desperately begged, "Make me cum, oh please, oh my God, please Wanda, mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, make me cum! I need to cum. I need it! Please give it to me, oooooooooooh shit, oh please... fuck my ass. Fuck it hard and make me cum! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, fuck me, fuck me in the ass. Ass fuck me! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddddd! I, mmmmmmmm, I can't believe I'm saying this, but please, fuck me up the butt. Butt fuck me like an anal whore! Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck my butt, oh Wanda! Wanda! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum, ah fuck, please?"

"You wanna cum?" Wanda teased.

"YES!" Daisy screeched desperately, "YES, YES YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"

"Then you do it." Wanda pushed, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, get up on all fours like the anal loving little bitch you are, and bounce back against me. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, fucking bounce. Bounce that booty you little slut! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, that's so hot. So fucking hot, oh fuck!"

Only too happy to oblige Daisy pushed herself up onto all fours and then started frantically thrusting herself back and forth. It took a few long seconds to establish a steady rhythm, one she tried to increase even more when she was stopped by some unforeseen force. This caused Daisy to whimper loudly, because she didn't need to look behind her to know that the Witch's eyes and hands were glowing red, a clear sign that she was doing this. Wanda also stopped her thrusts altogether, meaning that for a few long minutes the pace continued to what it had been before, and Daisy was too overwhelmed with need to complain about it. Then when she finally opened her mouth to do so, all she could do was scream in ecstasy she finally got what she wanted.

Because finally Wanda started fucking her ass again, which was all it took to send Daisy over the edge of an incredible orgasm. Wanda then released her from whatever spell she had cast, allowing Daisy to hammer her own butt hole on the dildo. Admittedly that wasn't easy in her current state, but she had pushed through pain to fight on before, so this was just a much more pleasurable version of that. Especially as Wanda finally increased her pace, to the point she had to be using every ounce of not only her physical strength, but her magic as well, making the butt fucking truly brutal, and Daisy violently came over and over again until she lost the ability to think and was just lost in seemingly endless pleasure.

Wanda had never felt more powerful than this moment she was making Quake's cum violently shoot out of her cunt because she was fucking her ass so good. Obviously that was really saying something, because ever since the Hydra experiments she had felt an overwhelming amount of power inside of her, but she had never truly felt like she had full control over that power, ironically making her feel powerless. But now she felt in complete control of the situation, and more importantly, the other woman. Oh yes, in that moment she was powerful, dominant, and in control, and more than anything else that overwhelmingly wonderful feeling made her cum too. Especially when combined with everything else.

After all, Daisy Johnson was incredibly beautiful, but she had never looked better than this. Bent over in front of Wanda, slamming her cute little butt back against her, making sure her own butt hole was pounded as hard and as deep as possible. Screaming in pleasure and pretty much cumming the entire time. Wanda was doing that to another woman. And not just any woman, but a superhero. Oh God, she was sodomizing a female superhero, and that female superhero was absolutely loving it. So much so she was cumming like a total anal slut. Like her anal slut. Oh yes, no matter what happened after this, in this wonderful moment the mighty Quake was nothing but Wanda's little anal slut.

The combination of those thoughts, and the beautiful sight before her, combined with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, made Wanda cum so hard she had to stop for a few long seconds. Luckily, Daisy didn't who make sure the butt sex continued for those few long seconds. Then Wanda redoubled her efforts, even using her magic to perhaps truly ruin Daisy's poor little ass hole. In fact, that was exactly what Wanda was trying to do. After all, she could heal the other woman later. What was more important right now was squeezing as much pleasure out of this moment as possible. As much pleasure for both of them as possible, which was exactly what Wanda did, and she even felt weirdly proud of herself for it.

It helped that she had been able to look inside the heads of truly dominant women, like Maria Hill and Pepper Potts, but this also felt unnatural to her. Like more than ever before. Something she wanted to do over and over again, and ideally in that moment with Daisy. Maybe Daisy wouldn't feel the same way after a few hours, or more likely a few weeks, of not being able to sit down properly, but in that moment Wanda wanted to literally turn Daisy Johnson into her personal anal slut. A thought which made her cum so hard she collapsed in exhaustion onto the equally exhausted body beneath her. The two girls then laid there like that for several long seconds, before Wanda abruptly pulled her cock out of the other woman's ass, smacked it and then gave her an order which echoed through out the mostly silent room.

"Spread your cheeks bitch! Show me my handiwork!" Wanda ordered sternly, before becoming lost in staring into Daisy's gaping ass hole.

Daisy let out a loud cry as Wanda pulled her cock out of her butt hole, leaving her feeling like something had been amputated. Which was kind of embarrassing, along with a weird sensation of emptiness which she was now feeling in her ass, but she had been given an order, and she felt compelled more than ever before to obey it. Even if that meant pushing her sore bottom back in the air and then reaching back to spread her cheeks again, this time exposing her gaping back hole. Which was incredibly embarrassing, but it was worth it to see the smile on Wanda's face. On the face of her Mistress, Daisy thought with a blush. Although she had to admit, it had a nice ring to it.

"Wow, good girl, mmmmmmm, that's a very good girl." Wanda murmured, as stared deep into Daisy's bowels via the gaping crater which was now her ass hole, and then pushing, "Now clean up your mess."

Daisy gulped, "You mean?"

"Yes." Wanda said firmly, "You know exactly what I mean."

There was a brief pause, then Daisy whispered pleadingly, "Say it."

"What?" Wanda grinned.

"Please!" Daisy insisted softly, knowing that Wanda heard her.

Another brief pause, then Wanda ordered, "Suck your ass off of my cock. Oh yes, you were a great little anal slut for me, but now I want more. No, I want you to be an ass to mouth slut for me. Can you do that, Daisy, huh? Can you be so slutty that you can take a cock straight from your formally virgin ass and put it into your mouth? To suck it clean? To be an ATM slut? Well, can you?"

Daisy let go of her cheeks, lifted herself up, looked over her shoulder and softly replied, "Yes Mistress."

The two women stared into each other's eyes for a few long seconds, Wanda looking surprised, and then delighted. Especially since Daisy broke the staring contest in favour of turning around and kneeling in front of the now standing Scarlet Witch, her lips inches away from the dildo which had taken her anal cherry. Which admittedly had her second-guessing what she intended to do, but eventually she just closed her eyes and did it. Opened her mouth and then wrapped it around the strap-on, and thus tasting her own ass. Deep inside of it, at that. And honestly, it wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it would be. Not necessarily great, but bearable, especially as it very much pleased the other woman.

"Oh yes, suck it! Suck my cock." Wanda encouraged with delight, "Oooooooooh yesssssssssss Daisy, suck it good. Soooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd, mmmmmmmmm fuck! I love it. I love watching you suck my cock after it's been in your ass. And you know what else I love? You calling me Mistress. Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, in fact, I really want you to call me that from now on. Oh fuck yeah, I want you to have to call me Mistress at all times, even when we're in public. That way you can explain to your friends at your precious SHIELD that I am your owner, and you are my ass to mouth loving anal bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, suck it slut! Oh fuck!"

Which should have been a horrifying and terrifying thought, but honestly, it really turned Daisy on. Mostly because she was fairly certain that Wanda wouldn't actually follow through forcing her to do that. At least, not in front of everyone. But maybe it could be fun if one of the girls saw her this way? Or heard that this was what had become of her? That could be kind of hot, especially if it led to her joining them. Especially if it was Jemma. But that could never happen, Daisy scolding herself for thinking it, before redoubling her efforts, which included trying to push the dildo into her throat. The cock was much bigger than the ones she was used too, so she didn't get very far, but she did her best to lick the lower half to make it up to her Mistress.

"Okay, that should be enough." Wanda said, waving her hand to make the dildo disappear, then grinning as this caused Daisy to whimper in disappointment.

There was a long pause and then Daisy asked, "So, what now?"

"I guess... I could consider joining SHIELD, or The Avengers." Wanda teased after a brief pause, before quickly adding, "IF, you did everything I say for a week."

"Done." Daisy said quickly.

"Whatever I want?" Wanda pushed.

"As long as it doesn't put anyone in danger." Daisy amended, before quickly adding, "But I don't believe you'd do that. Your quarrel was with Tony Stark, not the world. You're a good person Wanda. You just need a chance to show it."

"Perhaps." Wanda preened at the encouragement, and then forcefully ordered, "But let's put your word to the test... kiss my feet. And remember to address me properly."

"Yes Mistress." Daisy obliged.

Bending her head forward Daisy pressed her lips to Wanda's right foot, lingering it there for a few long seconds, before moving over to the left. She then went back and forth for a few long minutes, something she could never imagine doing for one of her previous lovers, but it felt so right to do this for this super powerful Witch. And not just because it felt like she owed her. No, it felt good. Wow, Daisy might be enjoying this more than she originally thought she would. Which might be a bad sign, then again hopefully this new arrangement with The Scarlet Witch would be a very good thing. Allow her to achieve her original goal, and get some enjoyable sex out of it. Although in that moment, Daisy had no idea what exactly she was in for...

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