Emma Frost, the Naughty Queen of the Mutants

BY : Victor2K
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Wolverine and the X-Men – Emma Frost, the Naughty Queen of the Mutants

By Victor2K



There was something in the air at the Xavier’s School for Gifted Children that day. Actually because it wasn’t an ordinary day there. And it wouldn’t be even an ordinary night for the ones attending there.


Several of the most powerful and known mutants around the globe were invited by one of the School’s teachers, Emma Frost, for a ‘meeting’ addressing several concerns over the possibility of the powerful entity known as Apocalypse would mean the end of the world for them and the rest of the people.


Actually, that was the reason that was sold to the world. But Emma had a more ‘perverse’ reason for the blonde psychic to make an invitation like that. That reason was more linked to her own desires to anything else concerning mutant welfare.


The one informally known as the White Queen had a wicked plan for all of them. Since being one of the stalwarts of Hellfire Club, Emma had a burning sexual desire that overcame even the sturdiness and rigidity of her mind powers. It wasn’t something who bothered her, actually being handy when she needed to use them for her own gain.


During the years, men and women weren’t hard to let her have them, but since moving to the school, she found out sometimes things were to be hard if she wanted to have sex. Immediately she set her eyes on Scott Summers, one of the most brilliant alumni from Xavier and known among the X-Men brethren as ‘Cyclops’. They lived some sort of on-off relationship mostly because of his hesitation to forget his feelings for his colleague Jean Grey.


Alternatives were, such as Logan, the Canadian enforcer with the alias of Wolverine and Ororo Munroe, which went by the alias of Storm. Emma hadn’t much to complain with the offer around, but she desired more. Her sexual drive needed to be filled 24/7 and the blonde mutant had a need to find somebody to make her pleased and feed her with sex.


But the things change. And Emma Frost was tired to see there wasn’t any progress to ‘cure’ the fire burning inside her. The White Queen decided to take a drastic measure to make sure she wouldn’t be any more with shortage of people to have. Then the orgy idea came. A risky idea, but that would kill two birds with one stone.


The ‘purpose’ of the meeting was to try to set an alliance between the various mutant factions to try to fight whoever was against the mutantdom, be Apocalypse, MRD or whatever else. The idea of an alliance was pitched many times in the past, but never past from even being planned. With the mutants fractioned between several camps and other’s loyalty switching as much as they could survive,  it was difficult to reunite, let’s see, the X-Men, Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil at the same place to fight against the ones who want to get rid of mutants.


It was a hard idea, but given the fact peril loomed their existence, there was need to take a stance. Nobody, however, wanted to suggest that without opening wounds that time didn’t heal within the mutant community.


Enter Emma Frost, the White Queen…


To her, mutant unity could suit her both needs. She could finally have their control and have all of them as ‘sexual pets’ and also become the leader of a rebellion against the ones who were to end their existence. At the beginning, she quite benefited from the issues among camps, but then she noticed that, mutants being apart, things were to get complicated in order to be alive. Therefore, she needed to keep them together but under her watch.


And how she needed to do it? What about non-stop sex between them?


Emma began to use her powers to plan the night who was about to change everything. She needed to find a way to, if not mind control them, make their minds ‘suggest’ to forget some ideas toward collaboration and replace with others who allowed them to team with each other without constraints. And what would better than sex to make things easier?


It was a risky plan, but the White Queen had every reason to pursue it. And that night was the perfect moment to see how much powerful she was to reunite mutants to her command.


“This is the day. Now they all will know who Emma Frost is! Nobody will challenge the White Queen anymore! I will be the Queen of the Mutants!”




Nine o’clock and the meeting room of Xavier’s School was completely packed. The room was filled with the who’s who of mutantdom, people who wouldn’t be together in the same room even if Professor X begged them to it. Now, they were all there, soon to be at the palm of the White Queen’s hands.


The X-Men where wholly represented there, besides the hostess Emma Frost. Cyclops, Storm, Jean Gray, Kitty ‘Shadowcat’ Pryde, Kurt ‘Nightcrawler’ Wagner, Hank ‘Beast’ McCoy, Anne-Marie aka Rogue and Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus. Magneto was there too, with his children the Maximoffs (Pietro ‘Quicksilver’ and Wanda ‘Scarlet Witch’ and also Lorna Dane, who went by the alias of Polaris). Forge and Iceman were also part of the meeting.


Neena ‘Domino’ Thurman, a former member of the Brotherhood of Evil and now X-Men’s ally (and Rogue’s close friend), was there as well. Sebastian Shaw and Selene, Emma’s mates at the Hellfire Club, also attended the meeting, as other famous mutants that will be listed.


The mischevious shape shifter Mystique, Raven Darkholme’s alias, was there as well. Remy ‘Gambit’ LeBeau, Alisson ‘Dazzler’ Blaire, Clarice ‘Blink’ Ferguson, St. John ‘Pyro’ Allardyce, Sarah ‘Scanner’ Ryall, Sooraya ‘Dust’ Qadir, Elizabeth ‘Psylock’ Braddock, Tabitha ‘Boom Boom’ Smith, Warren ‘Angel’ Worthington III, Vertigo, Arclight and even Mister Sinister was attending the meeting as well!


Emma handpicked all these names because they were powerful enough to be a reckoning force to protect mutants from their enemies. But they were all most attractive men and women the White Queen found to be her ‘sex slaves’. A roster that surely made the blonde cream herself in expectation for what was to come.


While all these mutants were waiting for Emma to come, the Hellfire Club standout was at another room getting herself ready. With her white cape, top and pants, the psychic took a sip of a glass of wine with a grin while seeing her reflection at a mirror. She had everything ready to take over the reigns there.


“Finally, the day came… now it’s time to show who runs the things here”


When people began to make noises and question why it was getting too long to begin, from behind a curtain… there was the night’s hostess! Emma took her way to a podium, with that glass of wine at one of her hands. That glass was to be one of the ‘weapons’ to trick the minds of the attendees.


It was nonetheless a ‘show’, but Emma wasn’t there to be discrete. The apparent lavishness of the act was a ploy for what the blonde mutant really wanted, and who was less than ‘mutant unity’ than other issues.


“There you are!”, a completely annoyed Logan yelled when Emma took the stage. “Why are you trying to make your little show here, Frost?”


“Yeah!”, other mutant raised his voice. “Cut that shit!”


“Why you played this, Emma?”, was another voice to protest the entrance of the psychic woman.


Then one voice came out and the room’s environment got easily raucous. The blonde mutant quickly gained the edge on the audience before her plan was over on the spot.




Emma’s order resulted on a silent room, all eyes at the longhaired blonde, who oversaw the assembled mutant audience with reproving eyes to the bunch. It was time for her to take the center stage.


“Ahem… I would like to thank you all for being here today. It was a herculean job to summon you all here, because I know not every of you is friends to each other”, Emma began to speak. “But I do think that, in moments of dire, I think we all need to put our differences aside for our survival, my dear mutants”


She took a sip at the wine glass and the slightly rubbed the tip of her middle finger at the glass’ rim. It wasn’t a rub done only as cosmetic issue, but it was the first step of how she could bring mutants to her feet. Everything had to be done without showing her true colors to the corps. And then continued her speech.


“As you all know, we’ve been fighting each other a lot recently. I know, as all of you are aware, we’ve been through very dangerous times, from MRD’s hunt on us to enemies from the same blood like us who wants to wipe our entire race. I have to say that it’s time for us to take a stance on it. It came the time for us to take a stance and unite!”


“It’s ironic this comes from your mouth, Emma! Since you are behind some of our past ills”, Colossus was quick to make a reply about Emma’s supposed call to action.


“You? Emma Frost? Talking about unity? Gimme a break!”,, Domino was the next to contest it, followed by another raucous moment from the other mutants, trying to contest Emma, who did not flinch nor tried to act bully.


“I know I’ve been guilty to some of the issues that plague our race, our lifestyle. I am aware that not many of you would like to have my as an ally, and I will understand it. But since what happened with Professor X, we have a lack of leadership among mutants. Like it or not to some, he was the rock who kept the things together between us. And now he can’t be here to do that and guide us”, Emma stood firm on her speech, as she tried to work on the minds of the invitees using every trick she had on her bag. The glass rim rubbing, the posture, gestures, voice… everything was there to give her the edge.


“And you called us because of what exactly?” Rogue was another to scoff the White Queen.


“What I am proposing here my dear is that we leave behind all our issues with each other and unite together against our enemies. Mutant life was never so threatened as now, with Apocalypse doing a comeback to haunt us and other threats. We should make peace together and rally behind the mutant ideology. The pride of what we are, my fellows. And I am here to propose to guide you in this moment of coming hardship to all of us”


After Emma said that, the buzz began. There were laughter, rage, baffled people and everything else. The mutants did not believe on what they hard. Emma Frost telling she is the perfect leader to guide the mutants was, to some, a very unfunny joke.


“I understand you feel strange because this idea comes from me, but I am the most qualified here to take Professor X’s mantle”


“What the fuck are you talking about? Emma Frost leading us? Never!”, Logan protested


“Why you don’t want her to lead us, Wolverine?”, Selene replied the Canadian. “She was the one who wants us to be alive and she wants to sacrifice us for that!”


“Look who’s talking”, scoffed Angel.


“What do you want, kid?”. Sebastian stood up in threatening mood eyeing Warren.


Soon, one mutant and then the other took sides and the buzz became somehow a heated discussion between sides. There were the ones who violently disagree with the White Queen’s idea to be the leader. Others were less adamant on their opposition and there were even the others who wanted Emma to take the stance for their race. And it was a former rival from Ms. Frost who decided to defend her.


“Mutants, calm down, please!”, Jean Grey stood trying to cool off the arguments to no avail. Seeing that didn’t work, she used her powers to move a chair to the center of the room and threw her with the biggest strength her mind could find. The noise was enough for all parties to stop the arguments and the redhead to make her plea in Emma’s name.


“Now that I’ve got your attention, ladies and gentlemen… Well, everyone here knows that me and Emma and not the best of friends but we aren’t either enemies. I understand what you feel about her and sometimes your feelings about it is the same, but still I want you as well to understand her and give the support she deserves. Almost nobody here wants to guide us, everybody seems to argue and fight. Could you please listen to her?”, Jean said.


“Jean, are you sure it’s the correct choice?”, Scott questioned his girlfriend.


“Sorry, Scott. But I am here talking for all the mutants of this world, so as Emma. If she wants to put herself on the line to protect us, I don’t want to disagree with her”, the redhead said.


“If you she says what she means and she means it well, there is no reason for us to disagree”, Storm added her voice favoring her teammate.


“You should be crazy that I am going to follow you, Emma Frost, as my leader”, was Magneto’s view, being him quiet so far.


“I admit that I am not the one you expected to lead you people, but you don’t need to act like this. We are to be united, not separated!”, the blonde mutant argued again, seeing Jean’s plead fell to deaf ears.


“Easy for you to say”, pointed Wanda, other who seemed to not be all in the White Queen’s plan.


“I see… you are all doubting that I can be the best role model to lead you people to peace and prosperity”, the Hellfire Club standout said, feeling herself put off by not being welcomed with unanimous support. “But still I have a way to show you that I am capable to be the one who will lead you”


“How?”, argued Mystique. “How the almighty Emma Frost will win the opposition of most of the mutants to be their ‘queen’”


“I know a way, Raven”


“If that’s so, tell us what is this wicked damned way you have, Frost!”


“I will… beginning it right now”


After Emma said that, she remained in silence for about one, two or even three minutes, depending on how you could count the time she spent glancing a platitude of mutants who, in normal conditions would hate and kill each other, but the extraordinary situation they were brought them together.


Little they knew the silence was intentional by Miss Frost’s side. The time she spent looking at these mutants was to her to begin the work of quite ‘hypnotizing’ them. It was not quite mind control, but a way to make them acknowledge slowly that she was to be their leader and how she would make them fall at her feet.


“Are you going to remain silent or are you going to say something, Frost?”, protested Pietro.


“Actually I was thinking on how to convince you about my plans”


Once again she eyed the audience meeting in front of her, scouting a possible ‘guinea pig’ to demonstrate her leadership power. And, as if obvious at is seemed, the ‘victim’ the White Queen was a very well-known acquaintance of hers, Scott.


“Scott, I want you to come here to help me to convince you about my goodwill to help the entire mutantdom in this very dire moment”, the blonde said in very ‘soft demanding way’.


Beside his girlfriend Jean, the one known as Cyclops looked at her at the same time the redhead looked at him and the entire audience, knowing about the past flings between them. And his attitude towards Emma’s call was not to just stare at her while sitting down.


“Scott? I asked you a favor. I want you to help me to convince those who don’t believe in me about intentions”, once again the longhaired blond tried to summon her former lover to the stage.


“Uh… Emma.. I…”, the shorthaired redhead man wanted to dismiss him from doing that, because Jean was looking not quite good to him because of that, but Emma once again was emphatic on her call.


“Scott! I am giving you an order!”, Emma now directed her eyes saying those words in a very dominant way over Mr. Summers


“You do not give orders to him, Emma! He is not your slave”, Jean Grey protested.


“Shut up, Jean!”


As the beginning of a possible argument was to break something weird happened. Scott stood up, speechless and eyed to Emma Frost, before walking slowly to the stage there the Hellfire Club member gave her speech. The slow walk finished when getting closer to Emma, and nobody knew that was a part of the plan.


“I am very thankful for you to come, Scott. Now you know that I have to show them that I am a worthy leader for the mutant cause”

“Yes, Emma”


Every mutant there eyed to the blonde and the redhead there, Cyclops and the White Queen being whole attention of the audience. What they were to watch would change their lives forever.


“Scott, darling, do you allow me to show you how I want the mutants to know that I should lead them to victory?”, the blonde asked with quite a naughty look, much to Jean’s chagrin.


“H-How do you will show?”


Right after the questioned Emma Frost, she gave him a very passionate kiss. No one could believe in what they were watching there. Not even Jean, Scott’s girlfriend, who was shocked to watch her man be kissed for the one he had an affair back in the days.


“What the fuck is going on?”, Wolverine asked as he watched the kiss.


“Emma, what the fuck are you thinking you are doing?”, questioned Rogue.


“Just what I think we should be doing instead of waging war against each other, people”, Emma said after breaking the kiss and before once again their mouths and tongues met, now Scott at her full control and answering the kiss.


“Scott! No!”


The redhead mutant girl tried to go against, but Storm, sitting behind her, held her to her seat. She whispered in her ear that she should let it go, and there was more to come.


Every mutant now paid attention to when Emma’s hand began to unzip Cyclops’ hands and began to touch his dick. Suddenly everybody there didn’t have words, just eyes to see the bold act from the White Queen, not strange to such kinkiness. Her hands stroke his cock while they kissed, showing some burning passion.


Jean was speechless as well and even if she wanted, perhaps the setting Emma Frost made for that kept her static as she saw the blonde knee in front of her man and begin to suck his dick, stunning the entire audience with that.


“What in the fuck she is doing?”


“I don’t know, but I think I am getting hard…”


Her plan showed promise as she sucked Scott’s dick, him standing there watching and moaning as the blonde seductress gave him a blowjob. As soon as what the blonde wanted him to do, he placed his hand on her head and slowly guided with it her sucking,


“Ohhh… Emmma”


“I missed your cock so much Scott”


Meanwhile, a chain reaction began to built, as it was another part of Emma’s tricks to bring the entire mutantdom to her powers. One began to masturbate himself by seeing that scene, then other began to it and soon, even the women touched themselves. Jean, even if she didn’t understood a lot, cave in to that.


*Perfect* Emma grinned as she deepthroated Scott and saw the people touching themselves while she did it. It was all part of the plan and there was the need to step into the next part of her mission.


“My children, rejoice yourselves into the mansion of pleasures. The only way to get us together is through uniting our bodies together!”, the blonde cried out to the other mutants, who answered by eyeing each other and beginning to kiss and stuff.


Storm caught Jean and kissed the redhead without asking or saying a word, as virtually everybody there. Men with men, women with women, men with men, nobody asked why they were doing it, just wanted and went for it. All what Emma wished to happen.


“Now, my children, time to surrender to the carnal pleasures! Let’s unite together and save the world!”


“Yes, Queen Emma!”


It was some sort of hypnosis, but it was all what they wanted to speak. Hearing them calling her ‘queen’ delighted the blonde. Now, she was to show that sex could bring mutants together in every way possible…

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