Tony's New Toy

BY : ThroneofSouls
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Alex was twelve years old. He had run away from home for the fourth time. After the last time, when the cops brought him back no matter how much he begged and tried to explain why he'd run, he knew better than to be caught by them again.


Last time, his mom's boyfriend had beat him until he couldn't stand and then kicked him until he was pissing blood. He told him if it happened again, he'd kill him.


Alex believed him.


But still, he was only twelve. On his own. At 2am in the morning, on a New York street, huddled in a doorway to stay out of the freezing rain. It was too cold to sleep – and even if it wasn't, he'd be too scared to. He'd already been yelled at or attacked by three other homeless people who accused him of trying to steal their space or stuff.


He was hungry.


Before mom got her new boyfriend, Alex had been a pretty normal kid. He'd gone to school and his mom had been nice enough – if always seeing guys who were assholes for some reason – and bought him superhero action figures and posters and t-shirts same as all the other kids.


So when a fancy car pulled over and the window rolled down and Tony Stark aka Iron Man was there!!


Alex didn't think twice about it. Mr Stark beckoned and he was down the steps and in the car before he even thought once.


The car was nice. It was smaller than a limo but still had a separated section between the driver and Mr Stark. There was a selection of drinks and snacks built into the wall in front of him. The windows were dark and the sound of the rain outside was muffled.


Alex was suddenly abruptly aware that he was dripping all over a probably-expensive upholstery.


He opened his mouth to apologise but Mr Stark beat him to it.


“You okay?” The superhero asked, eyes dark and concerned. Mutely, Alex nodded. He was. His eye was still a little sore and so were his guts, but he was almost completely better.


“Then what are you doing on a doorstep at 2am in the bad part of town?” The superhero asked, a little curl to his mouth like he was expecting a funny story.


Suddenly terrified that Mr Stark would send him home like the police did, Alex told him everything. Everything. What his mom was like, all her terrible boyfriends, the latest boyfriend who hit him whenever he did anything he didn't like and pretended to hit him just to make him flinch. How his mom always gave in to those guys and never stopped them – cause they hurt her too. How he didn't want to go back, would do anything, would go anywhere, but not there. How the police had taken him back even though he told them what was going on, how they apologised but said those were the rules and all they could do was warn his mom's boyfriend not to do it again.


Mr Stark asked if he had any other family or friends he could go to. Alex shook his head. He didn't even know if he had any family on his mom's side and never knew who his dad was. He had some friends but he knew their parents didn't like him, he wasn't sure why.


Mr Stark hummed. Then;




Alex blinked down at the shiny, green metal box being held open for him. Green-and-white mints half-filled the container. He took one with an embarrassed thank-you, assuming his breath stank (it had been over a day since he'd brushed his teeth!) and Mr Stark was just too polite to say so directly.


He didn't notice as the very much not-a-mint took effect. It wasn't the kind of drug that knocked a person out. It just... made them open. Very open, to all kinds of things.


Many a business deal had been closed in this car.


This night, twelve year old Alex nodded agreeably as Mr Stark reminded him of how he was kicked out of his home because he was a cockslut, who kept trying to break his mom's relationships up by being too much of a slut for her boyfriends' dicks. How he'd sneak into bed with them when she was out, or their showers. How he loved getting on his knees for them, loved the feel of a thick cock choking him, the taste of it, the smell of it. How cum was the best-tasting thing in the world and he couldn't get enough of it, his begging and whining being the thing to drive half of them away and home-wrecked the other half. How his mom had come home to find him riding her latest boyfriend and how his mom had been the one to hit him and kick him until he bled. How he'd lied to the police and they knew it, because they knew he was a little cockslut, because he'd tried to get out of trouble by offering it. How one of them had fucked him in the back of a squad car and then sent him home to be beaten anyway, because nobody liked a shameless little whore. They were worthless, good for nothing but temporary pleasure, they were homewreckers, unable to help themselves from spreading their legs and opening their mouths and who could blame anyone who used what was so shamelessly offered?


Alex agreed. Even as Mr Stark reminded him, he started to feel the craving. He found his gaze dropping to Mr Stark's pants. Felt his mouth water at the thought of being on his knees between Mr Stark's knees, of having a man's cock in his mouth.


He fisted his hands in his lap and desperately tried to think of anything else. He didn't want to cause problems for Mr Stark the way he had his mom and all her boyfriends. He was being so nice. He was famous, a hero! He deserved better than a greedy little slut like Alex.


A hand landed on his head, ruffled his damp-but-drying hair. Alex looked up.


Mr Stark smiled. It was a nice smile. Kind, and understanding.


“It's okay, kid.I don't have a relationship you can wreck and, I'll be honest, being a superhero is exhausting work. There's been a lot of times that I've come home from putting my life on the line and been too battered or too tired to go looking for someone to scratch that itch for me.”


Alex stilled. It wasn't... was he...? It couldn't be.


Alex had never been that lucky.


“What do you think?” Mr Stark invited. “You need a safe place to stay with someone who will treat you right. I need a reliable cockwarmer who'se trustworthy enough to follow the rules and not only doesn't mind but actively enjoys being cock-hungry whore.”


Alex blushed. He might be a slut but he feels like he's never really heard words like that before. But this.. this is too good to be true.


“You're sure?” He asked, desperately hopeful. He took another mint when it was offered, wondering if Mr Stark was going to kiss him to seal the deal. He couldn't remember ever kissing another person before. He supposed nobody usually wanted to kiss a whore.


“So long as you remember that you agreed to this.” Mr Stark said sternly. “You're always hungry for cock. You'll be staying at my place, wherever I put you. You get what I give you and go nowhere without my permission. You'll be safe, and ready for my any time I want. You never say no to me. You'll only ever want my cock, or those I bring home to use you. Right?”


“Right.” Alex agreed.


“And you don't tell anyone about this, ever.” Mr Stark said, so sternly that Alex felt like he needed to apologise in advance. “I know it's not your fault that you're a slut who needs to be fucked, but helping you out isn't socially acceptable. Just like how that cop fucked you and didn't keep you. Right?”


“Right.” Alex squeaked.


“And lastly,” Mr Stark relaxed a little, less stern, more humorous. “Since you're so experienced, you won't ever gag on my cock. Will you?”


“No sir.”


“You can choke on it, but you're used to it. You love it. You can't get enough of it. For you, the gag reflex just doesn't exist.”


“Yes sir.” Alex agreed, wondering how he knew.


“Your mouth is watering for it right now.” Mr Stark predicted, eyes glinting. Abruptly, Alex realised that it was. He flushed. Was he so obvious? No wonder everybody knew he was a cockslut.


“Do you want to suck me off right now?” Mr Stark asked.


Was he serious? “Isn't it obvious?” Alex asked miserably, ashamed. Mr Stark just laughed and waved him over. Alex slid gratefully to the floor of the car, slipping between Mr Stark's knees with relief. Mr Stark was so nice!


“Go on, then.” Mr Stark indulged him. “Show me what you got, little cockwarmer.”


Alex blushed again, but opened Mr Stark's pants. His fingers fumbled a little. Weird. You'd think they'd be used to this but he supposed it was normal to be nervous. He was about to suck off Iron Man!


Finally, he got the belt buckle undone, the button popped out, the sleek hidden zip down and the Y-fronts pushed aside to let a thick, dark red, musty cock to spring out. It glistened at the tip. It was intimidating.

Then the smell hit him and he wanted nothing more than to get it inside him.


He leaned down, mouth opening – watch the teeth, kid, remember to keep them covered or back – and sunk down. It felt thicker inside his mouth. The taste of it was... unexpected. But so good. He licked it, suckled at it, tried to taste it as much as he could. A hand fell gently to the back of his head and, as he bobbed and suckled, waited until the head was at the back of his mouth before pushing him down and forcing him to take it all. The head of it pushed past the back of his throat with a tight stretch of pain. He seized a little, but the hand kept pushing until his nose was buried in curly public hair and the cock pressed his tongue down, stretched his jaw and throat and cut off his air.


It hurt. It made his own dick throb and fill. He couldn't breathe. He kept trying to swallow around it. He gagged, but the reflex kept stalling.


It was the best thing he'd ever felt in his life. He wanted to pass out, suffocated on Mr Stark's dick. He wanted to be face-fucked while unconscious and wake up just in time to swallow his cum. He was nothing but a toy to be used, a fuck-puppet, a slut who wanted to be dirtied and filled with cum. He wanted to be used, wanted to be Mr Stark's toy to play with, wanted nothing more than to be a hole for him to fill whenever and whenever he wanted. Words at the edge of hearing told him that Mr Stark wanted that too – or maybe he just knew what Alex wanted, as he'd seemed to this whole time.


His vision darkened. He nearly got his wish, something in the back of his head panicking as he couldn't breathe-!


Then two hands around his head were dragging him up, the cock slipping out of his mouth as he coughed and gasped for air and tried to duck down for more.


Mr Stark chuckled.


“You want it?”


“Yes please.” Alex gasped, voice rough.




“Please, Mr Stark.” Alex begged. He couldn't take his eyes off the glistening, throbbing length of flesh. The thought that it had just been down his throat was enough to make him stiff and aching in his own pants.


“Call me Uncle Tony.” Came the idle response. “And I'm gonna need to tell me exactly what you want, kiddo.”


“Please fuck me.” Alex gasped. “Please-. Fuck my face, make me choke on it, make me swallow your cum, fuck every hole I have, just, please-! Uncle Tony!”


Uncle Tony chuckled.

“Well, if that's what you want.”


He pulled his head down again, shuffled a little for leverage and then fucked him, forcing Alex's head up and down even as his hips jerked forward and back. His cock forced its way in and out of his throat, sliding over his tongue and between his lips, hot and salty and sour. Alex struggled to swallow, to lick, to suck, to gasp for air whenever he could. It was messy, and loud, he could hear himself. Like Mr Stark said, he sounded like the slut he was, wet and hungry for it, slurping and choking and groaning and moaning.


He tried to wriggle a hand down to get himself off but Uncle Tony's hands tightened in his hair.


“Don't touch my stuff.” The man warned him sharply. “Keep your hands on the seat to either side of me. You belong to me, you're my toy now, that means you don't touch yourself without my permission.”


Alex couldn't speak, could only place his hands where told and tried to hum his understanding. His own erection was urgent but he could hardly feel it through the haze in his head and the hot cock in his mouth. He was being used, like a worthless whore, and he love it.


When Uncle Tony finally came, twitching in his mouth as he spilled down his throat before pulling back to flood his mouth with cum, Alex came in his own pants with a long moan. He swallowed and swallowed, wanting every drop, suckled and licked at the cock in his mouth until it was pulled away.


He whined at its loss, earning a chuckle from his new Uncle.

He blushed. Even though Uncle Tony didn't judge him, it was still embarrassing to be so shameless a cockslut. No wonder his mom had hated him.


“Good boy.” Uncle Tony praised him. He ducked his head, shyly. “But next time, I want you to keep your eyes on mine. Okay?” Alex looked up. “Any time I, or someone I allow you to suck off, is in your mouth, you make eye contact. You're a desperate whore begging for cock, and I don't want you to ever pretend otherwise. You will watch whoever is using you until they're done. Got it?”


“Got it.” Alex agreed, earning a pat to the head.


“Good boy. Now keep my cock warm until we arrive. Once we're home, I'll break your ass in a few times and put you to bed full of my cum. Sound good?”


Alex beamed at him. Uncle Tony pulled his head down before he could answer so he just opened his mouth instead, nudging and shuffling until the man's spent cock was nestled inside. He closed his lips and eyes, nose breathing in the man's sex smell as he unconsciously suckled the dick in his mouth.


It sounded great.



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