Lesbian Lylla!

BY : Rocket's_wild_rides
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Lylla woke up in a dark room, she tried to move but was unable to move. She panicked a bit and struggled to move when she saw a figure in a latex body suit and mask dressed kinkily in front of her with her arms folded, Lylla mustered up some courage as decided to speek "Who are you?! Why am i here?! What do you want from me?!"

The Woman in front of her spoke "Oh Lylla, you have such a fiesty spirit. That's fitting for a new lesbian", she came closer and carassed her cheek as she groped her tits with her rubbery latex hands. Lylla blushed but struggled as this felt wrong to her! She was straight! "I'm not gay! I'm a straight woman! And i have a boyfriend!"

The woman got a bit aggitated as she clenched Lylla's cheeks with her hands making her struggle and moan "you HAD a boyfriend princess. HAD. Past tense!". Lylla teared up a bit before the lady released her grasp on her "what...do you want with me!" Lylla growled and the Lady again giggled "I want you Lylla! And i'll force you to fall for me, even if i have to break you". 

Now lylla had turned white, she started to shake as she saw a metal tray in the corner of her eye and trembled "N-no..please! Dont do this! Dont hurt me!"

"Hurt? Oh you misunderstand princess. This isn't a torture chamber, it's a pleasure camber" The lights came on and Lylla could see where she was being held in. It made her blush as it was a sex dungeon with pink padded flors and walls where various toys and gear lay. In front of her was a giant TV and on the try that worried her was actually a sort of resperaitor mask that covered the entire bottom half of someone's face. But then she noticed something odd and raised her eyebrows deciding to voice it out despite her current situation as she did find this a bit of a turn on "Where are all the dildos? I mean if this is a pleasure center then shouldn't there be dildos?" 

Seeing as Lylla was not taking instead of struggling the mistress answered "Observant, but that's the point of all this lylla. There will be no dildos for you. This is a whole thing entierly, remember what i told you. I'll make you mine wheather you like it or not. I'm going...to make you gay lylla. I'm changing your sexuality"

Lylla was blushing but she was also worried she wanted to find Rocket, this would just break that so she struggled "NO! I won't let you do this to me! I like how i am!! I'm straight!! I don't want to be turned gay! I don't want to be a lesbian!" she kept struggling and the mistress sighed as she took he mask from the table and filled it up with something as she came closer and undid the back part of it and opened it.

"No! I refuse! Get that thing away from me! Get that -". Having enough of her banter the mistress then fastens the mask on Lylla's face as she just moans as her fate is sealed. She then takes two ear phones and Lylla watches helplessly as she put them in her ears and locks them in place by connecting them to the back on the mask. The mistress then takes a helment with a visor and places it on her face, Lylla was crying as she moaned "Please! D-dont do this to me!"

But she didn't listen as she turned on the TV as the sound played itself directly in her ear, the tint on her visor swirled like a hypno disk and the sides of the mask glowed pink as Lylla started to breath in something that wasn't oxygen, she cast a nevrous glance to the mistress who simply said "Female hormoes. You'll be attracted to those sooner or later, but for now..." she took the remote and presed a button where lesbian hypno was then played "enjoy". Lylla was then forced to watch, inhale female hormones and listen to the corrupting words as she sat there bound and watched

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