Meet Me On The Battlefield

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Across the cosmos more people prayed to the sister of Loki and Thor. Across Multiverses as a weaker version of her fell; the stronger ones heard echoes across the void between barriers to sometimes step in and help her. Like Thor had past, present, and future her own prays echoed beyond this world thanks to her training with Stephen in The Mystic Arts. However, love, romance, friends, and even family she was forced to abandon to save them from the hell she didn’t want them tangled in.

On Midgard a father with his children stood on either side of him. Magneto, The Scarlet Witch, and The Speedster watched the storm brewing in the distance that rumbled in the heavens.

“We should be helping her.” Wanda remarked.

“We will only put her in danger if we go.” Pietro remarked looking disgusted.

“She doesn’t want you on that battlefield. You will do her both more justice to pray to her as Thor asked.” Eric closed his eyes knowing his children weren’t alone. She’d given him a chance to have both children again even if it would be a short time before he knew he would have to return to the monster everyone knew him as.

“She’s going up against the devil himself, how does she stand a chance?” Wanda’s accent slipped out as her anger leaked out.

“If she doesn’t than she is admitting defeat, that woman came to me on a night and had a look in her eyes neither of you will understand. She lost both her son and daughter; do you think I just moved on?” Eric looked at her sharply. “I have seen her many sides, her reasons why she has sided with The Brotherhood at times. I do not foresee she will belly up and die so easily. She wants payback for the lives she cannot bring back from death's grip, she wants the human children she adopted in this room safe.” He looked at both his children. “I am willing to put my disbelief aside to help her. Or will you throw the lives away that you have she is fighting to protect?”

“What’s your relation with her anyway?” Pietro questioned looking at his father.

Eric found himself thinking back to those times the two of them met at places to sit down and talk, be it some beers, or food. It reminded him of the times; he and Charles once got along, but her reasons she liked him; she wanted the living order of balance to remain and sometimes he had been on her receiving end of her ire and she had one hell of a right hook. “A friend who I can confide in.” He didn’t stutter, his words were true and he looked towards the discolored clouds knowing if she didn’t win, nobody was safe and his Brotherhood was on standby to fight the devil and his minions of hell.

Standing in the New York Scantom Stephen stood looking up at the skies knowing that thunder was not Thor’s but Sam’s. His arms hung loosely at his side, gloved hands began to curl into fists as his body shook in anger as his mind flashed back to their last talk and his left hand raised to his face trying to fight back the waves of guilt, emotion he felt letting her go off alone.

“I need to fight alone. Where I go you cannot follow.”

“No! I will not let you go! You are all I have left of her!” He grabbed her upper shoulders shaking her; finding her immovable. “Please, don’t go alone. I’ll be your sword.” He begged.

A hand raised to cup his cheek a sad look in those lavender orbs as she understood his anger, his frustration; he had no idea how hard this was for her. “If we both fall Midgard has nobody to protect the Scantom and you have meddled with demons making you a liability.” She moved to rest her forehead on his. “I also know what is left of Rand wouldn’t want you to go into battle. Even on the darkest night, she would have wanted you to be the light for her to find her way back to; and that is what I need from you right now Stephen. Be my light outside the battlefield. If I should return…” Her fingers raised to brush over his lips and lowered her lips to hover over his. “I will no longer hide my feelings for you. So I beg you; do not follow. Be my light in the distance and embrace me when I’m done with this fight.” Tears fell from the corners of her eyes as her lips pressed to his as if saying goodbye.

“Dammit Samsara.” He muttered as he still felt the lingering sensation of her lips on his that bid him farewell that day. Closing his eyes he like others right now were praying to help her in this fight.

It was all they could do.

Across Multi verses Loki the King of Asgard paced outside a room and looked up as he heard the sound of a newborn childs wails. However the pained scream of his other wife echoed again as he wondered what was going on. Then a while later his ears heard another infant screaming followed by another from Sif. When the third child’s wail filled the room Loki looked up from his pacing as the nurse maids ushered him inside Sigyns chambers. Sigyn laid in bed exhausted, blood soaking the linens, but he didn’t move to his wife to check on her. What he looked at were the three newborn triplets his Queen had in secret with his other wife. He understood now why her and Sigyn had been close and why his Queen held off on her return. She’d made sure she left one piece of life left of her hidden in this world and Loki hung his head feeling the sensation of water forming behind his eyes and dropped to his knees relizeing his stubborn mare he loved was not coming back.

“Call the people to gather.” He ordered his guards.

“My King?”

“Tonight Asgaurd must pray for its Queen's safe return. She needs to return back to us...To me and these children.” He had seen the pale lavender eyes of them all He was no fool to know that genic trait stood out in any children she had.

“As you command my King!” The Guards left the room to go inform the others to have the people gather for a message from the King of Asgard.

“I cannot stay long here...I must return to my hiding.” Sigyn almost whispered still tired from having those three children.

“I know…” Loki admitted and he would trust his Queens judgement and Sigyns. Getting to his feet he used his magic to transform the children looks at his mother had done for him. Hiding all traces of his Queen in them. However the female in the middle looked at him with eyes that made his emerald orbs look at her closely as if he remembered those eyes. As he lifted the girl from between her brothers he heard a sweet coo at him as tiny fingers raised towards him.

A smile crossed his lips as he moved to grasp one of those tiny fingers but he froze as a purple crystal floated towards those tiny hands and it was then Loki remembered a talk with the woman who once owned that body his Queen grew inside of. “Rand?” He looked at the infant who couldn’t respond only happily coo at him.

Suddenly...He had more hope in his heart now his Queen would come back to him.

Even on Asgard the world Samsara Odinoittior was born and created in the people of Asgard were whispering prayers to the Goddess of Balance. Loki and Thor stood side by side as they heard from Heimdall the fight had begun hours ago and their sister was fighting with everything in her, but would it be enough?

“I don’t like this. We should be with her.” Loki looked to Thor. “I didn’t make her so we could lose her.”

Looking at his brother with the only eye he had left he raised his golden arm to rest on his shoulder. “The one good thing in this world that you made to bring us closer to one another is something I can agree on. I gave her my hammer, I taught her what I could on how to control the storm in her. But this is a fight that only our sister can do and right now she needs whispers of encouragement to come home alive.” Thor looked from Loki to see even The Guardians were among their people.

They were family to their sister after all and they had every right to be here.

“I don’t like sitting still like this, we should be going in with her.” Quill was angry he hadn’t understood her last message that was a goodbye. It was only when Gamora pointed it out he hauled his ship towards Asgard pushing the engines to the max.

“She told us herself we stand no chance with those demons or that Devil. I remember that day on the ship quite clearly.” Rocket hung his head. “I want her to come back and travel with us, just as I’m sure others don’t want her to fall.”

“If we cannot meet her in person, our prayers will reach her on the battlefield.” Quill looked to the other Guardians. “Let’s make ours stand above the rest guys. I want her to know her other family are here urging her on to kick that devils ass.” Peter grinned.

On The Battlefield

Clawed fingers wrapped around the fallen Norse Goddess throat and lifted her off the ground dangling her like a rag doll. “Look at you, weak. Struggling to stay even on your feet to fight me. Admit defeat and serve me Samsara. Your power would flourish under my guiding hand.” Lucifer whispered.

“Go back to hell.” She spit in his face.

Unphased he raised his hand to wipe the spit with blood away from his face. “Submit and I will let them all live.”

“This power your father cast out into the world so long ago is not yours to control Lucifer. When I die, my soul will burn out and there will be nobody else cursed or burdened to wield this power. Hela and I saw to it.” She grinned as she heard him growl in anger at her words.

‘Sam...Come back to us.’ She heard all of them. Friends, Family, other heros...both Asgards. The Guardians...As her body was flung into a destroyed slab blood dribbled past her lips as she saw a large steel rod protruding from her stomach.

“Then I will make the last moments you live and breathe hell.” Lucifer warned and moved towards her, but he was unable to cross over the threshold when a large orb of power sent him flying across the ruined battlefield. Long silken white hair and icy blue eyes glowed as Samsara Rand stood their reborn in the flesh of one of the three infants Sigyn had brought into the world. The force flowed through her as she had not come alone.

“It is time you stop hiding behind the name I allowed you to have, my body. Reveal what slumbers under the surface of that old corpse sister of Thor and Loki.”


“Wake up Tyra Odinottir! This is not the place you will fall this day! Reveal to the devil what slumbers under the remains of that corpse you kept alive!” Samsara Rand shouted the name that had been lost to her since Loki whispered it in his prayers to make her.

As Rand’s voice carried across the battlefield her heart pulsed in her chest as memories long forgotten filled her mind. “I’ll call you Tyra...You will come to be fitting of that name in time.” Loki’s words echoed as her eyes opened revealing the blood red eyes of the frost giant. The sound of magic crackeling on that spelled corpse echoed as cracks formed on the body the iron rod flying past Lucifer as dust and debris filled the void where she had been. The sound of large wings spreading out moving towards the heavens were a pure snowy white. Long ginger hair smooth like silk, a helm that looked like one Thor once wore. This was the Goddess of Balance in her purest form; when Tyr passed in The War of The Realms the post he held was empty and now his blade rested in her hands. She was the War Goddess and Keeper of Justice that upheld balance, yet because of Thor’s blood she could wield the power of the storms.

This was why she was born; why this accused power of Lucifer's father ‘God’  choose her. As the prayers of everyone echoed for her to hear she knew now that their was no going back. The point of no return had been crossed.

She was not Samsara anymore...That person had come back as one of the children she impregnated Sigyn with. 

She was was Tyra and forgot the name because she had wanted to be more than just a Goddess; the time to hide was no longer needed and she could not fall here at least not yet as she closed her eyes she heard them all across time, this very moment.

My Queen you will not fall…Loki King of Asgard

If you don’t come back I’ll lose another friend...Eric

You better not lose, who will have food contests with me!? Piedro that brat…

I don’t want to lose another mother...Wanda

I know you can hear me. Please come back. I’m keeping the light on for you. Can you see it?...Stephen

The people of both Asgard cheering for it’s Queen/Princess.

You know I don’t do this praying this but you better win or I’ll have nobody to share drinks with. -Arthur Curry

The Guardians own words we’re the loudest telling her to kick his ass.

Tyra you have learned everything we can teach you. You are the greatest thing that came into our life. Show Lucifer what it means to be a Norse God!! -Loki and Thor...her brothers.

Opening her eyes the blood red orbs of the frost giant in her roared with a fierce fire in them as she allowed the prayers of everyone to gather into her sword causing the blade to glow as it echoed with all of their thoughts, the people all across the cosmos she had aided. Holding her hand up the thunder roared overhead as Mjolnir returned to her hands.

Even on the darkest night of this battlefield her shield was Mjolnir and with it Thor's protection; and this sword her weapon that would allow her to perhaps turn the tide. Her mind sharpened like a fine tool by Loki and Stephen. Her quirks she learned from Rand and The Guardians. She was also not fighting to keep her life and her friends alive, but she was making sure Midgard did not burn.

To her right she saw Samsara now standing beside her dressed more like a Guardian then a child of Asgard. “Are you sure you want to throw your new life away like this?” She questioned.

“I learned how to cheat death, Sigyn was more likely to survive having me in her womb compared to a human and I can take blows harder compared to mortal flesh.” She admitted looking up at Tyra. “I also brought help.” She grinned snapping her fingers as Mystic portals opened to reveal two other incarnations of Tyra that were of the small handful that managed to live across Multiverses.

“Just because you have help doesn’t mean I will let you live.” Lucifer sneered as he watched the four women standing their and used his own power to summon more of his demon princes. “I will kill all of you and when I’m done I will find your friends, family, and lovers and make them know what hell is like.” His eyes flashed with anger.

“None of us will fall here.” Tyra felt the thunder roaring in her veins. “I will banish you back to hell and trap you their so you cannot crawl out of it as long as I exist the sister of Loki and Thor will stop you.” She vowed.

“While you guys play with the lord of hell...I’m going to have a bit of my own fun.” Samsara winked as she moved away from them to take on some demons.

That was the longest night many on Asgard will remember. In the end the war blade was plunged into Lucifer as Tyra used every bit of power inside of her to to banish Lucifer back into the depths of hell. As the morning sun rouse Tyra was almost certain she saw Stephen and everyone as her vision blurred and her wings faded from her someone caught her and that was the All-Father Thor.

“You did well sister...Now you can recover and rest.” He whispered into her ear as he bent down to grab his hammer and looked to the three women still standing. “Come! Asgard will celebrate all of your victories tonight fore the devil has been pushed back where he belongs.”

“I’m afraid I need to return us all to our appointed times. On this day I was born and events transpired differently. I came to correct that error.” Samsara smiled at Thor and bowed to him. “Please look after your sister. My Asgard will celebrate our Queens victory.” 

 As Thor watched them leave he looked to the skies and moved to call to Heimdall, but stopped as he saw Mystic portals forming to reveal the people his sister had risked her life to protect and grinned at them all. “Come! When my sister awakens I’m sure she will be happy to see you all. That’s an order as All-Father.”

“I don’t take orders from gods.” Eric muttered as he moved towards Thor.

“Actually  you did.” Piedro joked.

“Heimdall! Send down the bifrost!” Thor shouted.

Soon the large group left Midgard to return to Asgard to celebrate the victory of Thor’s sister. Across time to a Multiverse Samsara could feel the fatigue setting in as she walked through the Norn gateway. As she began to fall a set of hands caught her and she looked up to see Tyra and Loki waiting for her. “I’m home.” She wrapped her arms around Tyra struggling to stay awake.

“Thank you for returning to flesh to help me. Now it is time you rest, daughter.” She urged her.

“Vacation...I like the sound of that more. Va-ca-tion. Has a nice ring to it.” She muttered.

“I think I know where that sass came from.” Loki smirked as he went to his Queen and scooped their daughter up carefully to carry her to the healers to be looked over.

Watching Loki take their daughter away she looked out over Asgard. She missed the shell at times she had, but as Loki confirmed she held onto it subconsciously to hide what lay under it. She had to use magic to hide the frost giant blood red orbs. However she hid behind blue eyes now. She knew a day might come again when she had to face Lucifer again; but this day was not it.

For now she had managed to live for 100 years without problem, and her powers slowly grew as Thor informed her they would. Tonight Asgard celebrated her daughters return from the past;to correct what had happened on that night.

Echoes of the night still danced across her mind; the battlefield where she remembered deep down in her heat why she had been fighting. To avenge her children's death; to protect her friends and family. Her loved ones; but most importantly...She kept Midgard from being laid to waste.

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