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Time passes quickly for a god; the attack on Asgard by Lucifer and his demons had been stopped, but it cost Asgard a Princess and a promising young Valkyrie to prove her worth to her parents and brother. 500 years later their son was taken from them and Asgards Queen closed herself off to her King and it’s people. It was suffocating seeing the empty rooms, the dust that clung to items. All of them containing memories for the monarchs of Asgard. Seeking out Sigyn Sam asked her to give Loki a chance at having more children; both women had lost lives and she...She could not afford to have anymore.

Not until this fight with Lucifer was done.

Learning what the power she held originated from made it clear as long as she lived and had it...Someone would hunt her down to have it and the devil was always watching, and he would be waiting for her. She had seen other worlds, other versions of herself. She was a daughter to Loki, another born from Freya and Odin, a child abandoned but none knew which gods she belonged to. Shit in one she found Ares had stolen her from Asgard and raised her.

“Are you sure you will leave here?” Loki’s voice came behind her as he saw those darkened violet orbs looking at the nearly completed Gateway powered by the Norn Stones. 1000 plus years it had taken to repair it.

“You have no need for a Queen who is closing herself off and will not give you another heir.”

Green eyes watched her silently and sighed, “Should I just declare you as good as dead? This is a fight; even you, cannot win my mare. You only live because our daughter acted to save you because of her gift.” He rarely spoke like this to her with such sharp words but he feared for her safety.

“Then what will you have me do? Hide? Lay on my back and pop more children out and risk more things I love dying? He made it clear that our son was just the beginning when the demon killed him.” She met his gaze. “Would you have your wives stand before the waters as we light our arrows to light the way for you to Valhalla?” She questioned him knowing of the threats.

“You weren’t supposed to find out.” He sighed hanging his head.

“You forgot...I am the sister of Loki, sister of Thor, and Hela...Their blood runs in me and like my other versions I am different from them because of how my Loki made me. I am the one across many universes Lucifer wants gone, the one whom he seeks to claim this cursed power from.” She raised her hand and a large pulsing orb that sounded like a heart appeared in her hand. “I exist because of this, my whole being was made by the blood of three, and ones desire for a sibling that would love him.” She sighed. “Now those people are all in danger. I HAVE to go back, or else more people will die and if I must perish so be it...However my will is my power is not passed on. It dies with me and that is the only trump card I have to use.” She revealed admitting she knew she walked a lonely path that would be dangerous and nobody to help her.

“Their will be no Valhalla though for you. We have seen the Runes and the many fates that await you if you venture alone. A Loki who will not be like anything you have ever seen. Lucifer will target anyone you care about even if they are across the cosmos. Peter, The Guardians...He will hurt you and in one he gives you a chance to serve him, but beyond that we were unable to see. Only Karnilla was able to part the veil between worlds and you killed her to save us.” He reminded her.

“I know and Hela cannot make her speak despite the many tortures she has done.” She moved towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “I have to go and the longer I remain...The longer Sigyn and the child growing in her is in danger. Asgard needs an heir and at least with her coming and going in secret maybe we have a chance to save that one when we failed both our children. She raised both her hands to cup his cheeks and learned her forehead on his. “Please have some faith in me my husband for the more voices that wish the Goddess of Balance luck the more power I draw. Please pray for my success.” She pleaded as a tear leaked from the corner of her left eye.

“I will make sure when I think of you my Queen and I will make sure our people do as well…” He raised his thumb to her left cheek and wiped away the tears. “I will call your name across galaxies wishing you success when it was you who showed OUR people I could not be the bastard Odin and Thor made me out to be. I never planned to grow attached to you,but your nature is what pulled me to you. I always hated when you left and even when I was Karnillas prisoner all I thought of was you to keep me sane. All of this Asgard will pray for its Queen’s return.” He leaned down and kissed her wrapping his arms around her tightly knowing this could be the last time he held her, but he would pray for her to come back to him.

She had to…

As the morning sun rouse Loki watched both his wives bidding goodbye to one another. Even as he began opening the Norn gateway he felt he shouldn’t let her go, but to trap her here was wrong. He had done all he could to prepare her, she had the memories of Samsara Rand, the lessons of Doctor Strange, her time as a Guardian, but would all those things help her to fight Lucifer? Eyelids slid closed as his fingers curled around the last rune tightly and a tear leaked free. ‘Please come back to me.’ He thought as he quickly rid himself of the evidence and soon the Norn gateway came to life that would return his Queen back to the timeline she left. “It is time my Queen, the doorway is open.” He looked at both women. “She must go Sigyn.” 

Sigyn curled her fingers tightly around Sams. “Are you sure?” 

Looking at the doorway to her friend she leaned down and kissed her cheek. “I’m sure. This is the only way and stick to the plan.” She whispered and drew away.

Looking at Loki she nodded to her husband knowing she might never return here. Casting her head back towards the city of Asgard as she glimmered over the rising sun she whispered goodbye to her people and turned around installing in herself she had to win to come back. Walking into the portal she traveled the gateway between realities and she could hear the voice of her brothers. As she exited the doorway she saw Thor and Loki standing there looking worried, to them it had only been hours, but for her it had been 1000 years.

“Sam? How are you back so quickly?” Thor moved towards his sister seeing the look in her eyes and how much darker those lavender eyes looked.

“It’s been 1000 years and took time to repair the Norn Gateway. I came back to fight Lucifer.” She revealed seeing both her siblings freeze hearing her say the name of the devil. 

“What did you lose?” Loki saw the darkened eyes that were trying to hide something painful.

“Both my children.” She walked closed to grab them both in a hug. “He tracked me across universes because this power was made by the one being he despises the most and as long as I have it he will keep coming. I plan to take the fight to him.” She looked up as her eyes showed a fierce fire growing in them.

“And I need help if I’m to win.” She looked at Thor, “You remember when you fought Gorr the God Butcher?” 

Thor nodded, “Yes but what---” He trailed off and remembered in that moment when all gods across time prayed to him. “You want to draw on that power?” He asked her.

“Correct and as you are All-Father now...Loki King of Jouten...Spread the word your sister needs those prayers.”


The runes spoke to her one thing; prei

Will you pray for the Norse Goddess of Balance to win?

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