In His Dreams

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Stephen was an arrogant man he didn’t know what drove him to bring that woman here. Perhaps it was her ability to wield The Force that interested him and yet she wanted to part from this world and forget about living. To have lived as long as her and seen what she had he could only dream of it; but yet he understood their was much pain, loss, and suffering she had earned in the 1000 years of her life. Her will to live had diminished with the loss of her last bit of living blood in the cosmos. Yet our destinies had been forged long ago; The former Ancient One had met with her. Even became friends and then when it was time he left her and made her suffer again until he saw visions of her and he brought her here. He had brought Samsara Rand here to help her on her path to her goal of achieving mortality.


However, after two years he found a way to do it and to do it would result in pain on a scale unlike anything you would never know and then there would be death and he would have no more time with her; so he lied to her about it. Yet often he had questioned himself; ‘Have I done the right thing’? He was a liar and manipulator even going as far as to make people forget about things with magic, but with her; he had to wear a mask since such tricks we’re not able to be done on her.


Then one night she had been drinking, he joined her and somehow he saw a side of her she never showed others. This strong woman who mourned the loss of her deceased husband even after all this time was afraid to move on despite his final blessing for her to find another. Why did she torture herself?


Why did he hurt people, why did he lie to them? He had no right to question her morals as he was an evil man at heart and yet there was no denying he wanted her. He no longer could remember quite clearly who made the first move, but he remembered the sound of glass shattering on the ground and he had the snowy haired woman on his lap. His lips upon hers kissing her deeply inhaling that scent of leather and sweat as he could tell she’d been working out again and had yet to clean up. He had not expected her to respond back but she did and he felt her hands shaking as they fisted into his tunics; was she scared to forget who she had loved for so long?


Was that man the only thing holding her sanity in-check?


His lips parted from hers and yet hovered inches from hers; “We can stop if you aren’t ready.” He secretly hoped she wouldn’t push him away as he kept his arms around her; even this close he could feel the beating of her heart and it was racing. Her eyes showed the signs of someone drinking and yet there was someone still in making conscious choices to not regret a night of drinking.


“I’m afraid if I do this I will get attached to you and then I won’t want to go through with my plans when you learn what to do to help me.” She confessed looking away her cheeks warming as she admitted a truth she’d been fighting with; “I’m also afraid I will lose you just like I have everyone else. I’m not met to be happy; it’s been my curse since the day I was born.” She laughed bitterly at the words she spoke and yet there were tears of hate in her eyes forming. “I have all this power and yet I cannot prevent death, I cannot stop the ageing of the lives; of those I care about. I could meditate, train, fight, protect others and yet at the end of the day; It still hurts knowing I’ll be alone. Time and time again and I feel like a stranger looking from a window at the outside world trapped in a cage because anything I love or cherish I will lose.” The tears fell at last. “I don’t want to lose you also Strange.” She admitted hanging her head as a curtain of white hair fell into her face.


He had not expected this; to see the mask she wore so tightly over her face cracking like this allowed him a glimpse into the woman and not the hero of The Old Republic he had brought here. When she admitted to him she did have feelings for him he felt his heart clench and a part of his mind told him he wasn’t worthy of these feelings she was relaying to him. He was lying to her after all about a way to give her what she wanted. He saw a woman who was on the verge of wanting to tear her own heart out just to not give into love ever again to be numb to the sensation of loving others; to love others is weakness and yet it is strength. He leaned forward and kissed her right cheek where the tears still fell. “Wipe the fear from your mind, I will not leave you. I might die in a fight, death could come at anytime to you or I; but why always linger on what ifs Sam?” He raised his right hand to wipe the tears away. “Let me remind you what it is like to feel loved.” He whispered as he cupped her chin to look at him and looked into those lavender orbs.


To feel his touch be so gentle made her look at him as he wiped the tears from her face she felt a flash in her mind to a time where she knew such a sensation; ‘One day I will be gone and I know you--you’ll be alone. The fact you can cry proves to me you are still only human. I know you will find another to love you. They will just need to be patient and when they see what is under that mask; they will never let you go.’ Therons words echoed in her mind from a talk long ago and as her eyes met Stephens her hands raised to cup both sides of his face. “Than remind me Stephen Strange.” She pulled him close and pushed her lips back over his and found he didn’t hesitate to return the exchange.


That night they reminded one another what it meant to be alive; the feel of lips in places that coaxed moans. Simple touches in places on the body that would make one tremble with pleasure; to know the body to bring heighted states of pleasure without resorting to full on sex is an interesting experiance. Than to collapse in each others arms covered in sweat, patches of skin bruised from over use of sucking to stimulate the body to a heightened state of pleasure until you can no longer think. In the end that night Stephen found he loved her and she loved him.


Yet; as he learned his lies came back to haunt him and he saw the betrayal in her eyes and after that she wanted space and wouldn’t let him touch her and it hurt when he saw those eyes look at him; ‘Why did you lie to me?’ and by the time she had come around to admit to him she no longer wanted death but wanted to be with him; someone stole my face and hurt her, lying as me that I only wanted her power; not that woman who had given herself to me and trusted me with her heart to love. Instead I held her corpse in the rain and screamed out in my own remorse I lost someone else.


That night I had found a relic for her to use as she had been learning the Mystic Arts; I was never able to give it to her and even when Thor and Loki saved her soul from Hades she still hated me despite knowing I wasn’t the one to kill her, but the fear had taken root and Thor assured me that in time his new sibling might come around.




In the end she did, but Samsara Rand had finally been granted peace and moved on to finally rest; but Balance---She had gained the emotions her former host had for him and in the end she told him what Samsara wanted to tell him that night of her death. For a moment I found myself actually shed a tear but in the end Balance admitted she wanted something with me and while I still saw Samsara’s face looking at me this was something else. This was Thor and Loki’s sister. The relic I had found for Samsara I remember landed beside us that night and I saw it react to her. I knew at that moment Samsara had moved on to rest but she left her humanity in that newborn goddess to make her less of a threat to this world-- she had come to grow up on and for a short time; he shared that with her.


Balance was wild, but he loved her; in the end she accepted him and he learned again to not lie with her; otherwise the next time he truly lied he would lose her for good and it seemed Thor was happy he had gotten the woman he loved back; even if she was different. To see those lavender eyes looking up at him lost in passion because of him made him want all the more to never let that wild mare go. Yet that mare was no longer white haired but a fierce ginger with a mouth on her.


When he awoke he awaited for his jailers to come and start over on him again; he wondered if she would get worried and come looking for him.


After he got away with Kanna a few days later he resumed his hunt with her in hopes to restore his lost power and for half a year he couldn’t believe what the depths of space had to offer him. In the end it took a Dwarf to help him really see he let his ego get the better of him, but after saving Earth he ran into someone pretending to be him. It took some time but in the end he was able to defeat the one controlling Casey but she couldn’t be saved; even when Samsara appeared to him she confirmed that their was no soul to save and as a god it was her duty to punish that soul and she was forced to Escort that broken thing to Hel for torture. When she came back to him he learned from Wong, when he didn’t return and nobody could reach him-- she had been called to Earth to assume his place. Though she protested saying she had a better chance of finding him in space Thor had ordered her to remain since Midgard had been suffering with the lack of the Mystic Supreme at the helm to keep mythical creatures and other things at bay.


“I had a dream about you while I was a prisoner.” He admitted lying in bed with her.


She rested her head on his chest; “Me or Sam?” Balance questioned.


“Both of you, but I realized how my lies hurt her. I don’t feel like I ever got closure with her.” He admitted.


“You both were able to bid goodbye before the snap took place. Her destiny was to die Stephen; The former Mystic Supreme knew I would come out of her and you both had to suffer for it to happen. You think you hurt her but she never really gave up on you. Before she left that day and this body became mine, she wanted me to love you because I’d gotten attached to you. Part of her still lives on in me. Sadly that day was met to happen.” She rolled over more as her lavender eyes looked into his. “Stop blaming yourself for the past; nothing good ever comes out of doing that.” She admitted leaning in to press her lips to his in a kiss.


His lips moved with hers as he curled an arm protectively around her waist not wanting her to leave him as he broke the kiss his fingers ran through the ginger hair and looked at her slightly annoyed when he felt how oily her hair was. “When was the last time you bathed?” He often felt like a parent scolding her to bathe. “You have picked up one too many bad habits from The Guardians and proper hygiene is one of those.” He clicked his tongue in slight annoyance.


Raising her brow she raised her finger and flicked Stephen on the nose as if she were scolding a bad dog. “You know I was going to have some fun with you but...I think I’ll just a duplicate of myself with a cock to get my own pleasure and not let you watch. For someone who claims to have dreamed about me and missed me you jump right away to my lack of desire to bathe.” 


As she moved to stand up but he grabbed her so she couldn’t get away and growled in his throat. “Samsara Odinson, you will not be pleasuring yourself while I’m around.” He looked her dead in the eye and used a spell to bind her hands behind her back and cupped her face with both his hands. “You forgot my little wild mare; I enjoy teasing you to see how fast you like to try and trot away and there will be no escape for you once I begin.” He vowed to her and sat up pulling her body close to his as his lips went to her neck kissing it drawing a moan from her lips.


“So what's the safe word tonight? Pizza?” She joked.


A chuckle came from the crook of her neck. “You won’t be able to form any words tonight other than wither in pleasure and you aren’t getting anymore bad food. I saw all the ramen remains you ate; you gulton.”


“Hey! You leave the high sodium goodness out of this.”


He was glad to be back home beside those he cared about; even if they had bad hygiene and ate bad things for them. He’d fix that maybe in 500 more years; but for now he was happy to have Samsara back beside him and he would have it no other way; for that dream was the one thing that kept him going in the months that followed knowing in the end he would end up beside her again and she would protect his world in his place till he pulled his head out of his ass.


She was his Goddess.

He was the first man she gave her heart to in over 1000 years and trusted him to not break it.


The End


This Story is for my two Stephens;

Master of Mystics




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