Rage and Serenity 

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Rage and Serenity 

Erik and Tyra

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Primal emotions can sometimes be brought to the surface when we least expect them to happen; it can be a simple touch, the words we speak. It could be the repressed longing we bury deep under emotions we are afraid to bring to the surface. The people we sometimes come to call friend, brother, sister we view as more and sometimes that control you have can be suppressed by the primal needs within you that have clawed to the surface at long last to taste the forbidden fruit of what you know you should not partake of; this was no different as a storm illuminated the skyline.

The sound of rain hitting the pavement with a vengeance showed no signs of giving up as two figures stumbled along in it trying to not get soaked. The idle sounds of carefree laughs that we’re often well masked because of who they were; the many drinks of fine whiskey and 1500 year old Asgard Ale had really done them in. A Norse accent and a german accent both so thick you could cut butter with them and yet there was no malice in them; amusement and jokes as the two made it to the safety of Eriks home.

“I blame you for this. You control the thunder and yet you make no move to stop it! What sort of Goddess are you!” 

A snort was heard as the soaked woman brushed her ginger mane from her face. “The War Goddess of Balance, I just control the thunder when I want!” Came a laugh as the blue eyes focused on the set of keys failing to go in the lock. “Oh by the All-Fathers last eye let me do that.” She waved her hand and made the door unlock with her magic.

Erik narrowed his eyes at her magic getting the door and looked at her. “That is cheating, we are doing this the normal way!” He slurred and made a gesture for her to go inside.

“Woops.” She hiccuped and moved inside his place. Her clothes were soaking wet like her hair. She couldn’t remember how long they had been going for when they were ushered out of their drinking place and into the downpour. Erik lived just on the outskirts of a small town and most people didn’t bother them. Not many people wanted to upset Thor and be mean to his sister considering all she had done but like clockwork she always came to meet him and he never missed these little sessions. Sometimes the kids joined them; other times he was trying to teach her the art of chess which she hated but she humored him by learning it. Shrugging off her jacket she placed it on a hook and removed her boots following Erik inside his home. It was simple, nothing modern; more rustic and free of metal objects from what she could see. He had a thing for log cabin like builds.

“You should get out of those clothes. I’ll see what I have for you.” He moved from the kitchen area to his room and looked for something to fit her. She was a few inches shorter than her brothers; but he was certain he had something that would work for her. As he fished through his closet he paused as he lifted a long shirt that looked like a night dress almost that once belonged to his late wife. He couldn’t remember the last time he actually slept with someone else. Let alone touched a woman that stirred sensations in him.

Yet as he turned to exit his room and go back into the kitchen area he saw a site that made him stop breathing almost as the thunder crackle illuminating the sky he saw the back of the woman he called his friend and yet sometimes he had thoughts that had crept into his mind of what she looked like without the clothes she wore; what she tasted like...Had the god he ignored since he lost his parents heard his forbidden thoughts of wanting to taste the sister of Loki and Thor. Standing there holding the garment in his hand he allowed his eyes to roam over the back of her body noticing the scars under the damp mane of ginger. Using his powers to not be detected he floated off the floor towards her. 

Ringing her clothes out she found herself watching the storm outside the window not bothered she was naked; it was something she had grown used to being Queen of Asgard in the other world; having someone dress you at times was not something you got used to right away. As her King told her she would shed all thoughts of shame from her mind and embrace who she was; it was their way and he was right. As the ale got to her; the magic needed to hide her blood red frost giant eyes came into existence and were the one thing she saw looking back at her. Yet as another crackle filled the sky and the power flickered and went out she noticed Erik behind her and before she could say anything she felt his hands on the scars that mared her back from where Lucifer sank his blades into her. Even his claws; “Erik, what are you doing?” She questioned not moving from her place as the blood red eyes looked at his reflection.

He didn’t answer her; she was not tense, she hadn’t sank a blade in his throat so he chose to explore more. Her skin where it was not ruined by scars was smooth and he found himself leaning into the crook of her neck inhaling her scent. The scent of spring blossoms was thick on her right side and yet the subtitle scent of death he could detect. His arm wrapped around her waist as his other hand moved to wrap gently around her throat turning her head so he could have better access to that soft skin and pressed his lips to the wet flesh in a kiss. “Tasting the forbidden fruit.” He whispered into her neck.

Feeling the fingers curl around her throat she did nothing curious to see in her own drunken state where this went. “Are you sure you want that?” Her lower lip she bit into to control the moan as his lips ghosted over her neck in a series of kisses as if looking to see where he could get her to give into him. The feel of his body pressing into her from behind told her clearly what he desired and a part of her wanted to taste him as well and when his fingers felt a strong pulse point he latched onto her neck suckeling the skin as he felt her throat vibrate as she was hiding her moans from him.

“Do not hide your pleasure from me. I want to hear it.” He ordered as his fingers moved from her neck down to her chest feeling the soft supple left mound fill his hand as he gave it a firm squeeze and heard the moan he wanted. “Don’t hold back.” His words vibrated on the place he had marked leaving a faint bruise which he noticed was healing and annoyed him slightly. Pinching her nipple which was wonderfully erect he felt something warm leak into his hand and forgot she had her own children at one point. His other hand slid down from her waist and felt the mound of course hair between her thighs and rubbed over the folds of her sex. His hand stroking the warming sex as he felt the heat comming from those folds that made his own cock throb knowing she wasn’t put off by the idea and as his lips latched batch onto her neck suckleing on the spot he slid his finger over her clit moving his finger in a circular pattern and heard the moan that left those lips.

It was rare she let people get this close to her, was it the mead she’d drank too much, the urge to feel his flesh on hers wondering at times what he was like. The feel of his hands touching her body made her cheeks warm as she offered her neck to him more her clit throbbed with delicious pleasure as he coaxed her arousal further from her. Then she felt his index finger slide inside of her making her mouth open as a moan came from her lips. Only King Loki and Stephen Strange had this rare pleasure to have heard her in these moments or had lived to touch her. “Erik.” She could see the glazed red eyes looking back at her as she felt his cock pressing into her from behind still confined in his pants she reached back to rub his cock through the fabric of his pants and heard his breath hitch as he released her neck that he had claimed.

Sucking hard on her neck he couldn’t help but use the iron in her blood to aide in bruising the area. When he felt that hand on his aching member he bucked into her hand, feeling how wet she was for him was driving him mad. “I want you.” He breathed into her neck his fingers slipping from her moist folds as he moved to do his pants he watched her turn around and leaned into him kissing him with a hunger he did not expect of her. Those fingers of her moving swiftly to remove the pants and free his erect cock. As their tongues dueled for dominance a low primal grown of pleasure left him as she stroked the length of his member. Without warning he turned her around and lifted her by her hips so she was now on the small island area of his kitchen. The thunder outside illuminating her body to him as he saw the marking of the frost giant in her pale skin. 

“Are you sure you want this.” He whispered to her as he felt the heat of her sex warming the head of his member.

“I wouldn’t have allowed you this far if I didn’t.”

Wrapping his left arm around her waist  he rubbed the head of his cock over her wet folds and without warning slammed himself inside of her and pulled her close to his chest groaning at how good she felt to be sheathed inside of. The warm velvet like folds encaseing him. As he felt her pull his wet shirt off his head he begin to move inside of her, thrusting in and out of the Norse Goddess folds. The feel of her body pressing into him as he dug his fingers into her flesh to hold onto her.

The sound of their primal love making filled the room as Erik held her close to him fucking her without  holding back her right leg curled around him to drawl him closer to her. The feel of his cock inside of her was good, in a sense almost forbidden but she knew her lovers wouldn’t care if she did this. Loki above all would understand as she too had learned the pleasure of having other partners. Feeling his cock stimulate her insides was causing her to drip down her thighs, her breasts bouncing with each thrust as he fucked her. When his lips latched onto her breasts she couldn’t help but mewl of him as he sucked like a greedy infant from her breasts pulling that sweet milk into his lips as he tasted what the Norse Goddess milk was like. 

His lips switching from each nipple leaving them both to drip from his feast as he pulled her off the island and withdrew his cock saturated in her love juices and spun her around bending her over so he could truly claim her insides. He didn’t know what possessed him to want her like this or to claim her in such a way that made him want to see and hear her under him. Slamming his cock back inside of her he felt her cervix greet him as he began moving his hips more urgently inside of her; his heavy load of cum inside his balls smacking her clit as he fucked her with raw passion her moans driving him mad as he was happy to know he was the cause of that pleasure he was pulling from inside of her.

Grabbing her arms he pulled her close to him her breasts bouncing with each thrust as he pounded her cervix. Her blood red eyes shining like rubies in the darkness as another bolt of lightning illuminated the sky casting their shadows on the wall. “I want to claim you as mine Tyra.” He grunted wanting to give her all of his load.

Panting she craned her neck as a blood red orb met with his own hungry lustful glaze. “Two have said that but failed to tame me.” She half joked challenged him around a moan of pleasure feeling her pussy being over stimulated by his cock rubbing over her g spot.

“I want every part of you and more from you if you will allow it.” He whispered with lust into her ear kissing it.

Smirking she knew what he was asking, and using her own strength broke his hold of her and moved forward freeing her pussy of his cock erect cock covered in her juices and knelt down before him and kissed the head of his cock. “Can you prove you are worthy of me being the one?” She wrapped her lips around his cock and bobbed her head up and down the shaft hearing him moan as his fingers fisted in her hair.

He had not expected her to do that he had been ready to claim her wholly and then she surprised him and had to refrain from cumming inside of her mouth when those lips wrapped around his throbbing member. His hips moved as he held her firmly in place fucking her mouth and felt his eyes almost roll up in his head as she deep throated him reminding him that sex was no stranger to this woman. Feeling those skillful lips and tongue massage his cock was enough to make a little precum leak down her throat making him clench his mussles not wanting to waste his seed like that.

The lewd sound that came from her lips was enough to make any man want to shoot his load down her throat, but he managed to keep his mind together bucking into her mouth as his fingers wrapped in the damp silken mane of ginger hair. Erik looked down at her and saw those red eyes looking up at him mischeviously senseing his torture and could see how many said she took after Loki; she hid it well but that glimmer in those lustful eyes told him she was enjoying this and he couldn’t deny this was extocing tasteing the forbidden fruit of the Norse All-Fathers sister. Pulling her away from his cock he heard the breathless pant and using her hair drew her to her feet as he pressed his lips to hers again hungrily tasting himself and her juices on his lips as he lifted her back up onto the kitchen counter and thrusted back inside her wet folds. The beads of sweat that coated them both dripping down their heated bodies as he felt her lips break from his to moan in pleasure feeling him inside of her yet again.

The rain seemed to be coming down harder as if to mute their lustful encounter; Eriks face was between the valley of those breasts his lips brushing over the mounds to kiss them as his hips bucked with urgency needing to cum, to claim this woman in ways he had only thought about but avoided risking as he did not want to have Loki and Thor’s ire upon him knowing both brothers we’re protective of her despite the threat window had long since passed. The moans of pleasure we’re soon ended as Erik slammed inside of her one last time and unleashed his seed inside of her. His lips crushing over hers as their cries of pleasure were muffled by their kiss.

They remained like that for a few minutes Eriks cock still lodged inside of Tyras wet folds her juices soaking his groin from her intense climax as he panted and felt his now softened cock plop out of her, his cum leaking from her pussy as he reached up to stroke her hair. “You were wonderful.” He whispered as he kissed her cheek. “I forbid you from hiding your true self as long as you are here.” He ordered her as his fingers traced the markings of Loki’s frost giant self she’d inherited.

“It is second nature to use it as my brother did the same spell, Freya did to him.” She leaned into his touch as the audible plop filled the room she moaned at the loss of his cock from inside of her, but his hot seed was already at work inside of her.

“I don’t care, you should not hide it. As long as you are here with me I expect that form.” Lifting her up into his arms he kissed her forehead. “Let’s sleep, I’m sure you won’t protest to that.” He half chuckled.

“I never turn down sleep or food.” She smirked knowing he’d regret having her stay in the morning.

As Erik carried her off to sleep the storm had begun to lessen  and soon the thunder would cease till only it was the pitter-patter of rain striking the roof to lule any tired soul to sleep.

Meanwhile on Asgard

Loki looked at Thor annoyed with his brother. “She’s and adult by our customs brother she can do what she wants and will you cease your temper tantrum! You’ll flood Midgard at this rate you giant oaf!” Loki muttered annoyed.

“I don’t like the idea of our sister sleeping with that man.” Thor growled.

Loki looked at Thor clearly annoyed. “If you are worried about the runes saying she will give birth to a mutant child we have no room to meddle in what she is willing to do. The child will be a mutt brother with a shorter life span compared to us.” He pointed out trying to calm Thor's anger.

“That's not what worries me; it’s the fact the child will be raised by Magneto is.” Thor muttered.

“Again brother you worry too much. I’m sure our sister will not let her own be raised wrong. Even though she is the War Goddess…” Loki trailed off thinking about that more and frowned. “Perhaps keeping a close eye on the child won’t hurt…” He never thought he would hear himself say these words but here he was saying it. Since their sister had gained her place among the gods of Asgard properly nobody had seen her give birth to a child with her true form now and considering Erik was a strong Mutant the child would likely end up Mutant as well but the powers would be one they needed to watch over carefully.

Thor looked at Loki with his only good eye. “Then perhaps we have a talk with your counterpart in the other world.” He suggested.

“Uncles...are you ready to go for a trip?” Samsara appeared where the portal for the Norn gateway stood her pale blue eyes looking at both males as she had gotten an order from her father by Strange to return home, but she’d been eavesdropping on their conversation and was curious to know what her father would say about this matter pertaining to his Queen. As she activated the Norn gateway and left with both her Uncles she heard the Storm calm and knew this power was her mothers. 

“Hopefully this will be a trivial manner to not fret over.” She muttered as she slipped inside the Norn gateway to guide her uncles around. 

Yet on Midgard two figures lay in bed slumbering contently unaware of the fact that the fate of one not yet born was already being determined by others because of her post.


Please Note this is merely a One-Shot story I wrote in my bored'em. This is post: The War of The Realms Comics. Tyra is an OC of mine. 

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