Closet Hiding Spot

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"You the manager of this division," one of three burly security guards asked a man in a suit and tie.

"Yes I am," he said, his normal air of authority giving way to fear.

"Gwen Stacy, where," a mean looking man asked.

Typically when looking for someone, you try not to tip them off that you are searching for them. By saying the high school girl's name, they unwittingly did so, but these men were here for their brawn, not their brain. 

Hearing her name, the attractive blonde turned her head in that direction and found her supervisor talking with the guards. Of course Connor was in the middle of scouring the cubicles to point to exactly where she was, but Gwen had a quick enough brain to get into motion. A quick combination of keys on the board and she logged out as she got to her feet and headed the opposite direction of the three men.

"Miss Stacy! Wait!"

Gwen neither reacted to her name being called nor waited. She didn't break stride as she rounded the corner, opened the glass door then closed it behind her. Without breaking stride she was across the bridge and heading for the elevators at the end of the T hallway, but the long-legged men were gaining on her. 

"Stupid heels," she swore, her knee-high boots stopping her from accelerating as quickly.

She made it to the end of the hallway and turned the corner into the busier lobby which had a fair amount of people hustling about. The elevator had a line and the sign above said it was still 10 floors away and who knew how many more stops it needed to make before reaching this exit. She spun around to look for the security guards but tripped on the carpet and started falling.

"Easy does it," Peter Parker said, catching the falling girl by the arm and righting her.

"Peter! Hi," she said, overcome with emotion for her ex-boyfriend. 

"How's it going? I was just visiting Harry, not stalking you. I wouldn't do that. You know Harry right? Harry Osborn," the awkward teen stammered to his ex-girlfriend.

"Come here," she said, cutting him off.

Peter was happy that she stopped him from talking and was also pleasantly surprised to feel her take his hand and start leading him. She looked panicked, not herself. Searching the lobby, she caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye and went for it. Peter didn't know why his beautiful ex-girlfriend was dragging him into an electrical closet, but he was willing to go with it.

Before Peter could open his mouth again, Gwen silenced him with a finger placed against his lips. He luckily abided right in time for one of the searching guards to walk right by them. They were able to observe the action out in the lobby through several thin slats in the door, perfectly at eye level.

"You're in trouble," Peter said while the blonde looked through the narrow slits in the door.

She simply nodded before proceeding. "There was an accident in the Genomics Lab and their covering it up."

Peter loved that Gwen was so headstrong and had a moral compass that at all times pointed due North. What he didn't love was that she constantly put herself in danger due to it, much like the trouble she was in now. 

"And now guys are after you," Spider-man recapped. "And we're in the maintenance closet. Gwen, this is the most cliche hiding spot you could have picked."

"I'm sorry I didn't bring us to the Bahamas of hiding places," she retorted, dripping in sarcasm. 

Peter didn't know if it was the close quarters after so long away from her, or her needing him to be her knight in shining armor or just being in the presence of her dazzling wit. He couldn't control himself as he placed hands on the side of her head and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. 

Gwen wanted to moan into his mouth but instead crammed her tongue into it. It was quieter that way and just as erotic for her. She didn't know why after so long Peter was finally kissing her but she didn't care. This felt right and proper and she'd be damned if she was the one who stopped it. 

"You kissed me," the blonde stated as he pulled back from the makeout session.

"I did. How'd you like it," he asked.

"Felt rushed," Gwen replied, her eyes shifting to the figures constantly walking by their hiding location.

However, as if fate was working with them, the men got on the next elevator going down. One stayed behind but after another 30 seconds he stepped onto the next lift going down. Apparently they thought Gwen must have left the floor and gone to the next level. They're searching was apparently over. 

"So why have you been a terrible boyfriend lately. Like going ASAP during dinners, not showing up, you know, stuff like that," Gwen asked, knowing they had much more time now.

"'s just that...I made promises," Peter stammered awkwardly.

Suddenly everything made sense to the genius student. Why Peter had been avoiding her since the death of her father. And now the revelation about holding promises. The webslinger had obviously made a deal with her father, after Captain Stacy found out about Peter's secret identity. He made Peter agree to not see Gwen.

From this closer to her, Peter didn't need his heightened senses to know what was going on in Gwen's mind. Her eyes were staring off into space while darting back and forth. Well, she knew the truth now, for better or worse. It felt good that she knew that he wasn't avoiding her because he wanted to, but because she would be a target when Spider-man's enemies learned he had a sweetheart.

"So you are protecting me. By not being with me," the striking blonde stated rather than asked.


" one saw us come in here. So we kinda have all the privacy in the world," Gwen said, making sure she was looking up into his eyes.

"Let me show you how sorry I am then," Peter smiled as he poured on the charm.

Peter met her large green eyes then snaked his arm around her, placing his hand on her back and pulling her towards him. Her firm, perky tits became pressed against the hard muscles of his abs, made enhanced from the radioactive spider bite, as his other hand was placed on her chin, turning it upwards. 

Gwen felt her heart threatening to beat completely out of her chest with the sensual touching and close contact they were sharing. The second he leaned his head down and softly kissed her on the lips again was everything she wanted since they broke up. And now that she knew why and that it was from a position of kindness...

"Mmmm," Gwen purred after he broke the kiss.

Gwen was practically like a fountain between her legs as Peter backed her up the extra foot of space they had in the tight closet and kissed her again. This time there was more passion then softness as they hungrily made out with each other, tongues massaging one another in the space created between their lips.

"Isn't making out in the maintenance closet also cliche," the blonde asked, throwing his argument from earlier back in his smug face.

"I'll allow it," Peter replied before silencing her with a tongue in her mouth.

Peter wasn't exactly sexually experienced, after all he was a high school student who had only had one girlfriend and thus only one sexual partner, but with Gwen he was much more confident. As the blonde was essentially puddy in his hands for him to shape and use as he wished, he let the hand that was on her back trail down the curve of her spine until it rested nicely on her pleasantly plump ass.

"Your ass has definitely gotten bigger," he couldn't help but comment as he squeezed the plump cheek. 

Peter had stared at her ass enough over the last two and a half years at high school to be able to draw a very detailed picture. But feeling it once again after stupidly breaking up with the beautiful blonde made him realize that it was different. It was bigger, rounder and more firm. Clearly the girl had blasted her booty during their time apart, somehow getting even hotter than before. 

"Post-breakup workouts. Get the ex jealous by getting into ass took the advise," Gwen commented, wiggling her behind in his hand.

When the intelligent blonde didn't have any objections to his kneading of her lovely backside, Peter smiled inwardly while they continued to kiss. He allowed her to get use to this for a few moments before moving his free hand down from her truly beautiful face until he was pawing one of her small yet perky boobs through her blouse.

Gwen had many impressive features, her large eyes, stunning good looks, curvy body and porcelain white skin, however, when describing or even thinking about Gwen Stacy a sneaky feature that was constantly overlooked was her rack. They weren't large, but they fit her small frame perfectly. They were firm, perfectly round and capped with a pink nipple that Peter enjoyed sucking one in the past. Any now Spider-man was finally groping them once more.

"Peter, wait," Gwen said.

Peter noted that though her words were saying one thing, her body was not backing her up. She made no move to push away either of his hands from her amazing body. He could somewhat see her reluctance, given they were at her workplace with a couple grunts hunting her down. But she was likely gonna have to leave her job today anyway plus if they were found by the guards then he'd take care of them.

"What's the matter," he asked, nuzzling his lips against the sensitive skin of her neck.

"Mmhmm...awhh," Gwen moaned before pushing his head closer against her.

Knowing she was hooked, Peter slid the hand kneading her thick ass down her short but meaty leg. Reaching the bottom of her skirt, he lifted her smooth leg up, resting it softly on the door handle as to not make any noise. His fingers gently caressed their way upwards along the soft flesh of her thigh, pushing her purple-dotted skirt up her leg as well.

"What about everyone outside," Gwen questioned.

Peter's hand was now at her panties and he could feel the warmth radiating from her sex. He was so close to closing the deal, he knew all he had to do was get the faintest of touches on her pussy and she would be his. 

"You mean the grunts who are getting on the lift out there? Plus if they don't, my spider sense will warn us," Peter reassured her. "So stop worrying about them and let's have some fun."

With those final words the much taller man extended his fingers and stroked her twat through her panties. Much like he had hoped, Peter discovered that they were dripping wet from excitement, being turned on so much by their close proximity and some quick kissing. It probably helped that they had only been 'friends' lately, not sexual at all so the anticipation from that aided their electric chemistry.

"Uh huh...okay," moaning at his touch.

"Thought you'd see it my way," the cocky high schooler said sensually.

With Oscorp unlikely to drop the search for the attractive intern altogether, Peter understood time was of the essence. It was unfortunate as he would have preferred to go slow like he thought he would the first time getting back with Gwen. Pushing the pace he slipped a finger under the band of her underwear, and noted how Gwen squirmed in order to allow him better access. 

The adorable blonde had had sex many times in the past, first with Flash and later with Peter, but never in such a public place. That alone had her mind being overloaded with the thought of getting caught at any moment. All her sexual zones were or are being stimulated by the costumed crime-fighter as well, feeling tingly under Peter's touch. Even more, what really fired her up was the feeling of his denim-covered hard-on pressing against her taut stomach.

"Oh God," she moaned.

It was in direct response to Peter working his finger under her panties, dragging his digit through her folds. Gwen purred like a content kitten while his mouth worked over her collarbone while his fingertip dipped into her honey pot she called a pussy. It was so wet and warm, and though he'd be entering it shortly with his sex organ, he couldn't help but pine for that time to come. 

Peter put his mouth around hers to stop everyone in the atrium of the lobby from hearing her increasingly noisy groans of pleasure. He also was required to hold her up as her legs turned to jelly, made easier with his enhanced strength. However, it allowed him to place both hands on her perfect ass so he pulled his finger from inside the panties and hooked them all in the waistband. He slid them down her meaty legs and over her shoe of her foot on the door handle to free them, allowing them to fall around the ankle of her standing leg.

"You're sure we're fine in here," she asked, holding his wrist as he brought it closer to her crotch again.

"100% Gwen," he replied. "Trust your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

Instantly the grip on his arm loosened, allowing him to move closer before easing his finger into her once again. This time he pushed in all the way, completely sinking his digit as deep into her pussy as possible. His best guess, which was true, was that the blonde hadn't been fucked since they had last done so the day of graduation so her soft folds hugged him oh so tightly.

As she moaned into his mouth as he worked his finger in and out of her twat, Peter used his free hand to undo his belt. Though this was his first time hooking up in such tight quarters he was deftly able to undo the belt, pants and zippers with only his weaker left hand, followed by pushing his boxer briefs down his long legs.

"Mhmm...This is amazing...Oh," Gwen moaned, surprised when she brushed her hand along his exposed dick.

Without thought, the intelligent girl closed her hand around his shaft and began to stroke his length. Gwen had been lost in the realm of pleasure that was being caused by Peter's lengthy finger sawing into her snatch that she was subconsciously giving the taller man a very good handjob, including tugging lightly on his nuts with her other hand.

Peter took a quick look outside, saw it was fairly deserted so decided now was the time to take the plunge. He continued fingering her neatly trimmed pussy as he moved his stroked cock lower, under her dress. She lost contact with his balls but he could live with that as his tool was closing in on her sex. Peter kissed his way back up her neck before placing his lips on her mouth, prepared to catch the inevitable scream when he penetrated her for the first time.

"Fuck me Peter," Gwen groaned after feeling his bulbous tip rub along her slit.

Gwen was feeling a vast array of emotions, and she figured nervousness would be at the forefront but she was pleased to know she was wrong. Being incorrect wasn't a common occurrence for Gwen Stacy, but with Peter cock ready to penetrate her she was more than able to move on from it. Her overriding emotion was excitement, followed by lust.

"I need to be inside you right now," Peter told her before kissing her again.

Gwen suppressed a squeal of happiness as the man she longed for told her that he couldn't wait any longer to have sex with her. She kissed him back even harder to let him know that she was ready for him then she felt the head of his penis rummage through her slit before he lined up with her hole.

Now in position, Peter wasn't going to wait any longer. He started to push forwards by extending his hips out while beginning to stand up from his squat position. He savored in the feeling of his unsheathed cock head spread the lips of her pussy around himself. He wished he could watch as her bright eyes widened with the initial penetration but he had to have his mouth pressed tight to hers to catch the inevitable scream that would surely bring the entire gang of Oscorp grunts to their closet.

"Oh my God," her moan muffled into his mouth.

Gwen was far from a virgin but not having had sex in over a month had tightened her teen twat so much that she may as well have been. Despite the fact that her pussy was gushing from excitement, it was still the thickest cock she'd ever been with slicing into her box. 

However, the early discomfort only lasted a few seconds, aided in large part to her ex-boyfriend that she was clinging to. He too realized that Gwen would have a tough time taking him inside her so once his head was poked into her he began making short shallow thrusts into her. The hope was to get her as stimulated as possible without stretching her out too much by forcing more of his lengthy tool inside her. 

"You're so tight," he groaned before resuming kissing her.

Peter allowed another half-minute of this before he heard Gwen's breath become shallower and moans more frequent. Feeling the muscles in his strong thighs begin to flex, the high school boy pushed further inside her tight snatch and managed to get half his dick into her. Peter still couldn't see her face but he knew she was fully engrossed in their tryst as her gasps were now deeper moans of pleasure.

"Forgot how are," she moaned, kissing him back.

He may have been stretching her pussy, but Gwen couldn't get enough of it. She was effectively being Peter's fuck toy for the following few minutes, standing on one leg as the taller man stroked his entire length into her tight snatch. That was until Peter grabbed her meaty leg that was resting on the door handle and placed it around his hip. 

The pretty girl with the thick ass loved the feel of the new angle that Peter's cock was driving into her stretched cunt. Out of instinct, once her leg was around his powerful hip she pressed her boot-clad heel against his firm backside, encouraging him to fuck her harder and deeper.

"So stupid to break up with you," Peter scuffed, not knowing if she heard him but more to chide himself.

Peter couldn't help but smile at the little blonde getting hyped by the occasion, actually trying to make him fuck her harder. Of course, the costumed crimefighter was a man of the people so he gave Gwen exactly what she wanted. He pulled back against her resistance, building up more potential energy then he drilled deeper into her than he or she could have expected.

"Mmhmmm...awhhh," she moaned into his mouth once again. "Yes you were."

Today was proving to be a very productive day for Spider-Man. On the way he had foiled a bank robbery, but that paled in comparison to now. Not only was he back with Gwen, he was also accomplishing a few firsts. One was fucking the gorgeous brainiac in public, which was as exciting as he had hoped. The other was that he was doing so without a condom, something Gwen hadn't let him do in the past.

While a quickie in the closet of her place of work while she was being hunted for what she shouldn't have known wasn't exactly the way Gwen imagined getting back with Peter, she wasn't going to complain about them finally getting together again. Especially since the way it had gone so far, with Peter fucking her tenderly yet firmly. 

"You like it just like that," Peter asked, though her body language spoke loud and clear.

With each thrust up into her waiting and slippery twat, Peter looked down and watched as her perky tits bounced up within her low-cut dress. He was pleased that the intelligent girl eventually realized what Peter was doing and clued in that she needed to be quiet, allowing the spider-enhanced man to roam her neck with his lips.

"Uh...huh," Gwen quietly moaned her answer.

In a move that almost caught Peter by surprise, Gwen lifted her other leg to settle around his powerful waist. The superhero realized in time as he supported all of her modest weight as he felt her hands lock behind his neck. Peter knew that she wasn't very heavy, plus he had radioactive spider strength, and that they were both getting close to their orgasm, despite only 5 minutes of fucking, but he leaned forward to use the wall to share the load.

The close quarters and added weight equaled Peter pressing his muscular chest firmly against hers with her back pressed against the wall. Her round boobs felt like heaven as they compressed against him, allowing him to even feel her pokey nipples through the thin material of her blouse. 

"I can't go much longer," Peter claimed, realizing that today couldn't be more than a quickie in the utility closet.

As much as he could have liked to spend the rest of the afternoon in the tight confines of the closet with Gwen, his cock gliding in and out of her warm furnace, he knew that wasn't an option. They had to make this quick, hence why they fucked at such a blistering pace that left his in-shape legs starting to fatigue.

"Keep going," Gwen begged of him. 

Gwen had been on cloud nine from the first time their lips had touched that day, not to mention when they started to fuck. She would have been pleased just getting back together with Pete, but she was nearing her orgasm and it would make her life to know that the man she was pining for the past month had made her cum during a quickie in the closet again.

"So demanding," Peter joked, though his concentration was on making himself last long enough.

Peter gritted his teeth and put his tiring legs out of his mind as best he could. He pressed his lips tight against hers and felt her icy calm melt as she moaned as they kissed, knowing it would be muffled. His cock continued to pierce her twat, too much of their delight. Though he wasn't the most sexually experienced person, Peter took great pride in almost always making Gwen climax during their lovemaking.

Needing a distraction, Peter took the hand from in her silky hair and dragged it down her slim but curvy body. He went all the way down to under her dress before migrating back up, over her taut stomach to the cup of her bra. He pushed underneath it and closed his hand on the parts of her bare flesh of her tit that he could grasp with his hand. Her nipple poked the center of his palm, making him look forward to the next time they hooked up where he could see her naked.

"Peter I'm close," Gwen said, her voice getting a little loud.

Peter felt the gorgeous blonde press tighter against him, making him piston his cock up into her pussy even harder. He gently yet firmly squeezed the soft flesh of her tit again then rotated his free hand to find her clit from between her soft thighs. It put his wrist at a terrible angle, but with great power came greater responsibility. 

With pressure now on her clit and a stiff cock drilling her pussy, the combination was a perfect effect. Gwen's breathing became more ragged then it already was, Peter even noting that her body was beginning to stiffen. He knew that she was probably undergoing her orgasm, given the shouting that she was doing in his mouth, but he diddled her clit for another 30 seconds to make absolutely certain.

"MMpphhhfff...aawwww....ahhhhh," she moaned while climaxing, echoing around his mouth and reverberating to his ears. 

Once certain that she was done cumming, Peter pushed her up and off his throbbing cock and let her settle straddling back on her feet. The webslinger knew she was on the pill last time they hooked up, but there was no chance Peter would risk cumming inside her since he wasn't sure if she was still taking it and wasn't going to risk knocking her up, despite much they loved each other.

His cock settled between her legs, naturally slipping in the crack of her ass. Peter wasn't able to grab his cock but he was already in the process of cumming. With Gwen still shaking and trembling from her intense orgasm, her meaty booty engulfed around his tool and provided the only stimulation the high school senior needed, with her great ass sliding along his shaft enough to maintain his own completion.

"Huh...yes," he groaned.

With another loud grunt and fingers now digging into the soft flesh of her perkiest asset, he came. They could both feel his cock pulsing as jet after jet of cum erupted out of his tip and splashed against her big booty, with the odd streak extending all the way up to land on her back between her shoulder blades.

Gwen still didn't trust her legs to stand on yet so she leaned back against the wall of the tiny utility closet. She felt the cool glaze of his cum smear against her ass and back with her skirt and blouse, then realized she wore a sweater so that the rest of Oscorp wouldn't see the marks on her clothing.

"Was it good for you," Peter asked after kissing her again, this time much softer.

"Amazing," Gwen replied, still in shock.

They smiled and chuckled lightly as they straightened out one another clothing and stealing the odd kiss. Gwen still felt jittery, a combination between her orgasm and finally getting back together with her true lover Peter Parker. She felt so hyped up that she'd completely forgotten about the fact Oscorp security guards were looking all over for her.

"Okay, here's the plan. We wait for the elevator door to open, I'll create a diversion if those grunts are around and you get on the lift. Get the hell out of the building on the double and I'll meet you at 56th and Main as soon as possible," Peter stated.

Though both of them would have rather stayed in the closet with the other, they both knew that it couldn't happen. Peter reached down to give the blonde one last kiss and found she was already on her way up to do likewise. They shared the smooch before opening the closet quietly and smoothly as the elevator door opened with Gwen riding it downward seconds later.

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