Deke's VR World

BY : TheChemist
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“Hey man!” Jimmy yelled to one of his coworkers as they went rushing by him, nearly knocking the latte from his hand. “Where’s the fire?”

“Conference Room D. Deke is giving a test run of the VR’s sex fantasy module,” the rushing programmer called back over his shoulder.

“Shit. This I have to see.”

*    *    *

Deke Shaw looked like a regular guy. In fact, he looked like just another guy that would see in Silicon Valley as he had that crazy-eye, skinny, pale look due to spending most of his time working indoors on his tech project. However, there was much more to Deke Shaw, Chief Tech Officer of Shaw Tech, than meets the eye.

First, though he was Terrain, he was born as an indentured worker to the Kree in the year 2066. The Kree are a scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic race of mostly blue-skinned humanoids from the planet Hala. His actions of helping Phil Coulson’s special SHIELD team defeat the Kree slavers inadvertently led to him being sent back into 2018, where he continued aiding SHIELD while adapting to his new world. 

Once Shaw had assisted SHIELD with the battle against the Confederacy and Glenn Talbot, Shaw had decided he needed to find his own place in their world, away from the secret agency, as he wanted his chance to experience the world he had grown up only knowing as the planet destroyed by The Breaker Of Worlds.

In the year since he split from Coulson and his team, Shaw had built a life for himself, by ripping off many of SHIELD's tech and started a tech empire. Though he had only used the tech that had no military purpose, which he correctly assumed would let SHIELD ignore him for the most part. His latest release would be the most audacious one yet - a much-before-its-time VR gaming system, which he has dubbed ‘The Framework’.

“Am I too late,” Jimmy asked as he rushed into the conference room.

“Shhh. Look,” his co-work replied, pointing to one of the large monitors in the room.

On the screen, Deke was being quite the pistol-packing badass, skulking around gunmetal grey corridors to best and blast bad guys. As Deke easily took out a dozen blaster-packing aliens on screen, his legion of employees gawked at the realism of Deke’s VR system. The Framework was originally designed by Deke’s grandparents, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, as a training simulation for agents, where they could act out situations with no physical harm being done to them in the real world. While that was still a valuable use of Deke’s ‘borrowed’ product, what he was testing today was the, well, more gratifying application of the tech, for which Deke saw much more of a market for.

“Well good, that’s the last of the Kree bastards,” Deke’s VR persona said in a huskier tone than he was used to speaking at.

So far the audience was slightly confused. Deke had already created and beta-tested a Framework-based virtual reality video game called Remorath Rumble, in which the Framework users could fight against Remorath and Kree warriors. However, as Deke sauntered over to the last door in the hallway and slapped the open button, causing the door to slide open. Stepping out from the doorway came a very recognizable face since she was an actual superhero, Quake. However, no one had quite seen Daisy Johnson wearing her leather bodysuit open low enough to reveal a more-than-generous amount of cleavage, nor had they seen her act in such a come-hither way.

The Framework's Daisy Johnson was created as a sexually exaggerated version of the real Daisy Johnson by Deke Shaw. What made it so realistic was that he had over hundreds of contacts with the actual Quake, meaning his memories could reverse engineer his thoughts into this exact VR copy. Of course, Deke had tinkered with her internal settings to make the girl of his dreams much more persuasive to his advances, unlike the real Daisy.  

"What took you so long?" Daisy asked.

"Sorry sweetheart. Traffic was a bitch." Deke replied.

Everyone in the room couldn’t get over how real the special SHIELD agent they knew as Daisy Johnson looked. Many had gotten up their phones and searched a quick picture of her and found her to look exactly as she was in the VR. In Deke’s VR, she stood with her hand on her hip, looking sultry at the man while wearing her 2018 suit. In all leather, Daisy looked a vision. The tight leather pants did wonders in showing off her powerful thighs, wide hips and amazingly thick ass, which was far and away her best feature. Warring for her top physical asset was her tits though. With her leather jacket zipper worn low and fitting extremely snug, Daisy’s tits were made to look amazing, appearing to be bigger than the perky B cup they were, not that anyone watching minded their larger appearance due to the miracles of a push-up bra and uber-tight leather.

“I think I may be able to forgive you,” Daisy replied in a sultry tone. 

“Well why don’t you step into my office,” Deke said, taking the gorgeous girl by the hand and leading her back through the door.

The couple walked into a hallway, passing several doors as they went. Each had names that many of the staff watching didn’t recognize until they passed one that said: ‘Daisy Johnson, Second in Command’. They passed that door before Deke swung open the door at the end of the hallway that denoted: ‘Deke Shaw, Commander’.

The office was beautiful inside, as apparently SHIELD had a nice budget to spend on their commander. 2 of the walls were floor-to-ceiling windows with a gorgeous view of a fairly large metropolis below. In terms of furniture the large office had a leather sofa against one of the walls and then a huge wooden desk near the back of the space with 2 chairs on one side and an office chair on the other.

“You must be tired after slaying 12 of those gross creatures,” Daisy said, sauntering over to the tech designer.

As Daisy came to stand directly in front of him, Deke let his eyes wander on her, with her pillowy tits being the first stop, naturally. His staff watched on the monitors as his view worked his way down her fantastically fit body all the way to her black knee-high boots then back up her matching black, leather-clad legs. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to sense his motives, especially as he walked around her body to now settle behind the gorgeous Inhuman.

Deke knew that a lot of people were likely watching his beta-testing but he blocked that information out. In reality, he had never gotten the chance to be this close to Daisy Johnson. However, in VR he was able to press his chest against her back and inhaled a deep breath through his nose to sniff the scent of her hair. He didn’t know how the real Daisy would respond to that, but this version of Daisy, who seemed damn real to him, softly cooed and wiggled her thick ass against his crotch. Taking that as the sign, his arms wrapped around her body and his hands instantly clutched her medium sized tits, squeezing them firmly.

"Wow...Mr. Shaw. This is super inappropriate," Daisy said in mock outrage. “We’re at work and you’re my boss."

"I am, indeed," he grinned.

Daisy let his one hand fall from her grip as he moved it to her flat stomach this time, however it didn't remain there for long. Pinching the zipper of her suit, the tech wizard pulled it downward until it stopped at the level of her crotch, which allowed Deke to slide his palm against her soft skin until his fingers found her mound through her panties. The crowd watching the TV couldn’t tell, but Deke certainly could that Daisy was already wet just from his touch seconds before and was instantly moaning as he rubbed the damp patch.

"And I don't care," he whispered in her ear while she felt his finger friction her slit.

Quake’s other hand had stopped pulling him away from her body so Deke once again took up his firm grip on her breast, but this time under her jacket. Still contained in her bra, Deke kneaded the fleshy globes and noted that while not the largest set in the world, they did fit Daisy perfectly both in terms of size and perkiness. Besides, the man from the future loved the combination of a thick ass and smaller tits on a woman. 

"But...this is..."

"You want me, don't you?"

"I do," Daisy said, her face going serious before his finger rubbed her clit once more.

"Then how could this be wrong," Deke asked while groping her boob. “Doesn’t this feel right?”

"Amazing," her face contorting in a mixture of shock and pleasure.

With her answer, Deke took his hand out from down her leather pants and off her tit in order to take a grip of her top. He smoothly tugged it back off her shoulders then down her arms, which allowed for it to descend her narrow waist before it bunched around her waist bunch around her feet. Before he started to pull the leather pants down her thick thighs, Daisy reached down and unzipped her knee-high boots, stepping out of them moments before Deke removed her suit from her legs. This time when his hands went back to her body it was on skin, sends jolts of electricity coursing through her excited nerves.

"Let me be your willing little whore," Daisy practically begged while he continued kneading her bra-clad breasts.

Those were the words Deke had always wanted to hear come from the gorgeous half-Asian special agent. This was why she said it, because The Framework was taking his wildest desires from his subconscious and making them a reality. Grabbing her firmly by her upper arm, Deke spun the thick-bottomed girl back around so her perky tits pressed against his solid chest. He tilted her head upwards before devouring her mouth with his lips, his tongue slicing into her immediately with the dark-haired girl giving up no resistance.

"Come on, up on the desk," Deke instructed, meaning his eager hands had to pull away from pawing her perfectly phat ass..

From the look on her face, both Deke and everyone watching in reality, Daisy had gotten lost in the kissing, ass kneading and body rubbing. Deke had cleared the wood surface with a swipe of the arm, sending the VR-generated binders and papers scattered on the floor, which allowed the near-naked Quake to climb onto the desk, getting onto her knees atop the sturdy desk. A hand between the shoulder blades with some pressure told her all she needed to know about what he wanted.

"Like the view," Daisy said coolly after glancing over her shoulder to see her boss staring at her ass once more.

Deke didn't answer right away instead he used the chance to run his hands over the smooth, rounded surface of her perfect ass. It was insanely large for such a skinny girl to possess, but there was still one, very small obstacle in his way. Peeling away her thong left him with the view he was after, that of her pink pussy and tightly puckered asshole flanked on either side by a heavy cheek.

"Ever since I met you in 2091, I guessed about how good your asshole must taste," he said as he parted her cheeks before leaning in and licking from her pussy, over her taint and finally on her ass. "And like always, I was right."

“Did he say 2091?” one of the employees asked.

“Shut up and just watch Quake get rimmed, okay,” a pissed off staff member retorted, mad that his experience was slightly ruined.

Despite the fact her snatch tasted sweet and flavorful on his first pass, he only had eyes for one hole. Pressing his face deep into the crevice her awesome ass made, the man from the future repeatedly lapped at the crinkled surface of her asshole. Deke didn’t know what it said about him that he loved eating out a woman’s asshole, nor did he care. All that mattered to the grandson of Fitz and Simmons was that he was finally with the girl of his dreams, even if it was only tossing her salad in a VR sim.

"Oh...sweet Lord, that's good," Daisy moaned in response to each of his tongue's lashings.

With the chance of being with Daisy finally here, Deke enjoyed the moment. Lick after lick was performed over her asshole. Sometimes he went fast, starting at the lowest point of her crinkled rosebud and swiping to the top, a journey lasting no more than an inch. Other times he went for long, slow licks that incorporated her pussy and ended halfway up her ass crack. Deke also changed his tactic after that, using his hands to pull apart Daisy’s mountainous ass so that a small gape was produced in her poop chute. Narrowing his tongue to a point, the tech wizard pushes his tongue as far as it would go inside Daisy.

“Oh yes, Deke! Eat my asshole,” Daisy screamed, reaching a hand back to hold his head from ever leaving her booty. 

Despite what many people thought until they actually rimmed someone, eating out a girl’s ass was as erotic as it got. It also helped that Deke was a big ass man and Daisy Johnson filled that criteria with some to spare, in fact. He also loved that the half-Asian agent loved having her asshole eaten out as she moaned louder the deeper or harder his tongue wiggled while buried in her backdoor. However, the boner raging against his pants was starting to get painful, thus for the first time in minutes, Deke finally surfaced and allowed both of them to catch their breath. The Simmons and Fitz’s grandson bit Daisy’s large cheeks playfully while the horny girl kept wiggling and pushing her ass back towards him to get more of his oral assault. 

She got just that as she felt his tongue press back against her asshole, but only for a moment. Continuing up, Deke licked up her crack and along her spine, moving over to her flanks to kiss her flesh there as she straightened up against him. With a hand on each of her hips he rolled her over, the dark-haired girl spinning under his lead until she was seated on the edge.

"Nice tits," he commented after Daisy flung the black bra aside.

Though she didn't exactly have the biggest pair of tits, Daisy did manage a full B cup of pillowy, bouncy boobs that she was proud of. What they lacked in size they made up for in their perkiness, capped off with an adorably small bright pink nipple that was already erect even before the nerdy man leaned down and took one into his mouth. Daisy moaned in response as he suckled at her breast before softly releasing his suction so he could do likewise to her matching boob.

Though he would have died a content man just getting to suck on her bouncy tits all day, he had more on his mind than just her great boobs. Pulling away from her chest and straightening up, he took her face into his hands and leaned in. Their lips found each other's once more with more of their electric chemistry before Deke broke away and bent back down. Her boobs were just too perfect and made to look sexy due to their size and cute due to each capped with a small pink nipple that stood at attention even before his lips closed around them.

"Mhmm...yes," the Inhuman girl screamed.

His mouth and hand worked in unison so while he sucked and smacked his lips on one of her boobs he was pawing at the other. Daisy would give a sharp cry every time he pinched her erect nipple, but he had the sense it was from surprise not pain. Finally he broke away from her perky twins and leaned her back down to the desk and spread her legs.

"Let's see how good you taste here," Deke said, staring into her brown eyes while swiping his tongue threw her puffy slit.

Daisy's head instantly started swimming as she laid on her tech billionaire’s desk as he ate her out with expert precision. Deke could do no wrong as each movement of his tongue, each trick he performed was met with a moan louder than the last. The best part was, it didn’t sound false, sounding as real as any of the lovers he had whether back in 2091 or in the past year here and now on Earth. 

Deke snapped out of his development mindset and back to the fact that he was munching on Daisy fucking Johnson’s twat. Whether it was in reality or VR, it didn’t matter since it was as life-like as it got. The way her slit felt velvety and wet as his tongue lapped deep within her hole. Or the feel of her clit, erect and proudly standing tall at the top of her pinkness, which made the half-Asian beauty scream wildly as he used his lips to form an air-tight seal around it. Or the taste, which was sweet with the barest hint of a tang.

Deke wanted to use every bit of experience he’d picked up over the years to please this version of Daisy Johnson. Wanting to throw a new variation at her, using two fingers in her twat, Deke blasted her pink hole while swiping her sensitive nub. As she got lost in the pleasure derived in his effort, Deke pulled her legs further apart and slid one of his pussy juice-lathered fingers and placed it against her well-licked asshole.

"Just relax okay," he told her. It wasn't a question but a statement to the Inhuman as he pushed his finger into her backdoor which yielded without much effort. 

“Wow! You naughty, naughty boy." Daisy said with a wide smile

“Dude! He’s fingering Quake’s butthole!” one of the many gathered employees cheered.

"Rub" Deke stated coolly as he placed her hand at her clit. 

The gathered crowd, which seemed to be growing by the minute, watched as Daisy heeded his suggestion and did as her boss told her. With practiced strokes like she was a regular at flicking her bean while masturbating, the girl formerly known as Skye rubbed her clit and began to moan once more. It worked perfect because the pleasure she was deriving from herself meant that Deke had no issue stroking his finger in and out of her suddenly looser asshole..

"I...keep going," Daisy begged.

She was probably confused when Deke slowed down his thrusting but it was for a reason. Pulling out so only his fingertip remained keeping her backdoor open, Deke pressed a second digit against the first then pushed forward. It wasn't as easy with two but they fit and she was soon moaning once more as his tongue dipped deep in her cunt.

"Oh God," Daisy surprised Deke and the hundreds watching on screen by screaming in pleasure.

"She's totally gonna cum," one of the women in attendance observed while Deke picked up the pace with his fingers, Daisy’s rather tight sphincter spreading wider to accommodate.

As if to confirm his suspicion, Deke looked up at Daisy and she flashed him her devilish grin that he had never seen her use before, other than hear in the Framework. He pulled his mouth away and watched her face as she continued moaning with her plump lips in a wide O. Daisy's hand kept up her rapid diddling of her clit while Deke was nearly matching her pace with his finger thrusting in her booty.

"I think...ohh...that I'm...awwhhh...cuuummmmiiinnngggg!"

Deke had made enough girls climax in his time to know that Daisy was about to even without her fragmented warning. Doing exactly what he was, his fingers continued to push and pull inside her as her own hand was a blur. Finally Deke felt her asshole clamp down on his fingers and he stopped blasting her backdoor to not cause her pain. VR or not, Deke wasn’t an asshole or sadist.

"Oh my guy or girl has ever done that before," Daisy told him as she basked in her post-orgasm bliss.

"And you obviously like it," he asked knowingly.

"Honestly...I've never felt an orgasm so strong before," the half-Asian answered. 

As soon as Daisy felt his two digits leave her butt she lifted herself off the desk to sit at the edge and bring him in for a kiss again. His passion was running strong as he dragged her off the desk by holding his hands on her head. The pair continued to kiss as Deke stepped backwards, bringing the Inhuman hero in step with him.

"Ever wonder why I had this sofa added to the private office," the tech billionaire asked her as they stood in front of it.

He kissed her before she could reply, this time it was Daisy’s tongue which entered his mouth first. He loved that the Framework Daisy was being aggressive since it was what he imagined her to be like in real life. However, as she pressed the advantage on the making out, Deke took her hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants. She took his hint squeezed around his cock through the fancy material, outlining it to be 7 inches long and of a respectable thickness as well. 

"I had a good idea," Daisy answered as she dropped to her knees. "You have quite the reputation around here."

"You were always the endgame," he grinned while Daisy continued to massage his hardening cock through his pants.

"This is so wrong," she said with a wry smile. “Fitz and Simmons would kill me if they knew."

"Don’t worry about them," he replied as she withdrew his cock from his pants.

"Wow! Like seriously. Wow," Daisy said,coming face to face with his cock again. “I had no idea you were packing such a good looking dick.”

Quake’s hand automatically picked up his above-average sized cock and began to stroke it gently as she observed it more closely. His smooth shaft was decorated with some small veins, while his cut manhood with exposed pink head looked so inviting to suck on. He was also both longer and thicker than she expected for a slim guy that he was, measuring 7 inches when at full size.

With a wicked grin on her face, Daisy licked her lips before guiding his cock towards her face. Showing absolutely no hesitation, the Inhuman opened her mouth before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Deke couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The tech wizard from the year 2091 was curious how the pleasure in VR would feel, and as Daisy Johnson constantly ran her lips up and down half his length, he could confirm that it felt as life like as any of the blowjobs he received in the real world. 

"Yes. Suck it," he moaned in delight towards the skilled cocksucker.

"Mmmmm," she moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

The Framework read his surface thoughts and instantly tweaked the blowjob that Daisy was giving him. Knowing now that he wanted more of a production, Framework Daisy slowed her bobbing down so that she moved at an easier pace. While her lips glided smoothly along the first 5 inches of his cock, her dark brown eyes looked up into his, maintaining eye contact as she moved his dick in and out of her mouth.

“God, fucking, damn!” Deke grunted, deriving extra pleasure from the visual of his long-time crush with his dick in her mouth.

"I’m here to please, big boy," Daisy bantered back as she licked the side of his pole.

Any worry that Deke had about cumming too soon with his first tryst with the beautiful special agent was instantly recognized by the Framework. Slowing down her oral assault in order for the slender man to recover some stamina, Daisy kept up her tongue work. Starting at the base of his cock, the gorgeous half-Asian licked up one side of his cock before popping his tip into her mouth and swirling the crown with her tongue while applying suction. With an audible pop to break the seal, Daisy did the same thing but from the opposite side, all while her fingers lightly rolled his balls in her palm.

Deke welcomed the break, mainly because it still felt good to be at the end of Daisy’s tongue lashing while helping to stymie any worries of prematurely cumming. Essentially by reading his mind, or at least the surface thoughts, Framework Daisy’s lips were wrapped back around his glistening cock, which was dripping wet in her copious amounts of saliva.

Daisy parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before, Deke moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head. Based on the moaning coming from her mouth, albeit muffled, and the look of glee in her eyes as they still maintained eye contacted, Deke could tell that the girl of his dreams was really enjoying sucking him off. However, the thick-bottomed girl broke her eye contact so she could shift all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. 

"Mhm...shit," the tech billionaire groaned.

“This Framework is lightyears ahead of anyone’s expectations,” one of the project managers observed.

Deke loved the fact the girl seemed to love giving head based off her very enthusiastic performance thus far. Of course, it was the Framework which had correctly assessed then gave instructions to Daisy based off what Deke wanted. The 2091 man didn’t know how well the VR system would work, but so far it was surpassing his expectations. After all, it was allowing him to experience Daisy Johnson’s divine oral skills whenever he wished.

Changing her tactics once more, Daisy pulled her mouth from his dick, which was now slick with her saliva, and used her hand to feverishly beat his pole. With her mouth free, she slowed her fist pumping a little and angled his dick up, which allowed her access to the twin globes beneath. Opening her mouth, Daisy used her tongue to gather one of his heavy nuts and bring it into her mouth. 

"Oh good," Deke grunted, gripping her head tighter.

Daisy took turns taking each ball into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

"Thought you'd like that," Daisy grinned.

"Come here."

Daisy found herself helped off her knees with her mouth making an audible popping noise as her lips broke the tight seal around his cock. After giving her a deep kiss, Deke eased them down onto the sofa so his back was resting against the upright while Daisy's was pressed back against him. 

"Um...are you gonna put a condom on," she asked, feeling his head rubbing through her folds.

"Absolutely not," he answered as he thrust inside her.

"Mhmm...ohhh...kay," Daisy moaned as he started pumping inside her.

Given the realism of the Framework, Deke fucked her like he would have in real life, which was to say steadily but with an edge of gentleness since it was their first time together and she was remarkably tight for a 26 year old. Using half his length he pushed in and out of her gushing mound, feeling her pussy spreading and relenting with each passing thrust. Finally he felt his base get fully sheathed in her wetness with his abs pressed firmly against her amazingly huge ass.

Taking off the training wheels now, Deke held little back. Rearing back before spearing into her at full force, both of them moaned in delight. The self-made billionaire ran his top hand up from her smooth hips, over her flat tummy and finally to grab ahold of her bouncing tit while his mouth worked on kissing the nape of her neck. 

"Fuck! You have such a great body," Deke complimented as their sweaty bodies thudded against each other.

"Thanks boss," Daisy replied while moaning, the boob not held by the businessman jiggling about.

"Tell me. Tell me what you are," Deke demanded.

"Mhmm...I'm your personal little whore," Daisy screamed, her large ass rippling with every thrust. 

"Is my dirty girl gonna cum again for me," Deke asked, his free hand strumming over her clit now.

"Awwhh! Ffff....uccckkk yes," the Inhuman beauty answered, nearing her climax by the second.

"Squirt all over my cock like a good girl," he added, his thrusting and rubbing reaching a fever pitch.

"Oh my God," Daisy said, running a hand through her long, silky hair with her eyes squeezed shut and breathing more ragged. "I'm cumming. Don't stop. YYEESSSSSSS!"

Deke kept his pace going with both hips and hand until he was sure that the half-Asian girl had ridden out her second orgasm of the night. Just like the first time, she was a screamer and came hard, coating his cock in a thick layer of her juices in the process. He slowed his thrusting until he finally pulled free of her velvety grip, smoothly getting to his feet and rolling her onto her back.

After back to back orgasms, Deke was willing to bet Daisy wouldn't get in more relaxed mood then this, which would suit his next idea perfectly.Knowing exactly what he wanted to do to her, Deke positioned his crush on the sofa with her thick booty barely hanging over the edge and her legs spread wide. As he pushed them backwards, Daisy had the wherewithal to clutch them so he had full access to her completely bare sex. 

“Your booty looks so amazing, I really wanna have sex with it," Deke told the exhausted girl.

Deke and the rest of his science team had to give the Framework a ton of credit. Instead of being just some willing fuck doll, the VR version of Daisy had a questioning look spread across her face before she tried to remain calm. She didn’t reply just yet, so Deke proceeded to rub his tip along her crinkled entrance, the pussy juices and saliva making for a smooth glide.

"I’m not sure you'll fit back there," Daisy said with an edge of nervousness.

"Something tells me this big, beautiful ass can accommodate," he asked, his tip never leaving her crinkled surface.

"It's just that I haven't done...this...awhile," the half-Asian informed him.

"I’m sure it’s like riding a bike.” Deke suggested, drawing a nod from the gorgeous SHIELD agent. So now I want you to spread your ass for me," he demanded.

Daisy didn't use words, instead Quake responded to his demand with action. Deke liked how subservient she was becoming to him in only a short amount of time, obviously thanks to his sophisticated software. Lacing her arms through her spread legs, Daisy grabbed a handful of each of her large cheeks and pulled them apart, making her tight backdoor gape ever so slightly.

Deke didn't hesitate when the opportunity presented itself to him as he pushed forward firmly yet without malice. The combination of the wetness of his shaft, relaxed attitude of his beautiful crush and how he had loosened her with his fingers earlier had helped significantly. Daisy still grunted as his tip disappeared into her dirt road, but it was minimal with all things considered.

"Oh God. It's so big," she grimaced.

This not being his first time sodomizing someone, Deke knew the proper thing to do was wait for Daisy to make the next move, which happened in short order. No sooner had he penetrated her bowels was when the gorgeous Inhuman born almost a century before him rocked her fit body side to side in a gesture for him to take the reins.

With her seal of approval achieved, the tech genius took control back. With two hands now holding onto her hips to still her motion, Deke began making more progress into the depths of her anus. Though it was slow he didn't mind as his small strokes kept getting more of his eager cock inside her. 

"So tight," he grunted.

Always thinking of more, Deke started to push more inside and go faster almost at the same time. This caused the curvy half-Asian to groan more and he noted the tendons of the back of her hands tighten. He figured that it may be too much too soon so he slowed his thrusting down but kept it so that it was three-quarters of his length sliding in and out of her ass.

"This how you like it in your bum," he asked confidently.

"Yeah...just like that," she replied in a soft tone. "I like that."

"You like my big cock in your tiny asshole," he asked, testing the water by going faster once more.

"I really do," Daisy answered, surprising them both with the honesty. 

Even with 6 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, the former hacker turned special agent continued to voice her satisfaction which became muffled when she began biting her lower lip. Over and over again, her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate his eager probing. The smile on Daisy’s face and the way she looked up at him while he drilled into her only helped to elevate the lust he felt for the gorgeous Inhuman.

If she was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, Deke could never have known it. With each time the full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she moaned. In fact, when she wasn't biting her lip the half-Asian SHIELD agent demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass.

As he held steadfast onto the curves of her hips where her narrow waist bellowed out to create her perfect hourglass figure, Daisy Johnson wiggled her booty enticingly for him. He took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum without fail. Being able to go hilt-deep on the girl he’d been fantasizing about for almost 2 years was incredible, so much so that Deke forgot about the fact this was only happening within his brain.

"Holy crap! You are so wet," Deke said as he reached down to rub her snatch.

"I really love this," she replied while moaning.

"Roll over. I need to see that big ass shaking," Deke stated.

The Inhuman known as Quake only smiled as he withdrew from her well-used asshole. He was far from the first man obsessed with her mighty ass, nor would he be the last. It defied logic how large it was given her petite frame, yet was extremely firm instead of flabby, making it the idle booty for anyone's tastes.

As Daisy flipped over and rose up onto her hands and knees, Deke was compelled to raise his hand then crash it down hard against her phat ass, watching the thick muscles ripple and redden. He didn't get too slap happy as the way her booty was presented to him made him need to get back inside her.

"Ffuucckkkk," the newly minted billionaire hissed as he pushed back into her ass.

This time Deke didn't need to start slow since they had already loosened her up from their first round. Picking it back up where they left off, Deke was stroking his entire length into her boundless ass within seconds. Over and over her ass rippled as his hips smacked against the curvy muscle, pitching the former hacker forward only for her arms against the backrest to rear her back simultaneously.

"Yes Deke. Go for you," she implored, her asshole being used for his pleasure. “Cum for me.”

"Gonna...cum...soon," Deke warned between thrusts, each one stronger and feeling more penetrative than the last.

"Mhmm...oh...cum right on my ass," Daisy begged, feeling him becoming more erratic which signalled his imminent orgasm.

" your ass," he groaned, not able to withstand any more of her vice-like booty.

Rearing back one last time Deke plunged as deep into her rectum as he possibly could. Holding himself pressed inside her, the man from 2091 released his seed, pumping his thick cum against the deepest walls of her bowels. It felt like a long time coming for Deke, having wanted to do this for the past 2 years, therefore he savored the feel of his pulsing cock buried in Daisy’s ass as her sphincter hugged him snugly.

"Wow," Daisy moaned as Deke pulled his deflating cock from her ass for the last time.

"Right back at you," Deke replied, returning a smile at her.

*    *    *

“Okay everyone, let’s go,” the vice-president of the company shouted out. “Demo’s over and now we give Mr. Shaw some privacy.”

“I guess no one likes waking up in a room full of people with a boner and pant-load of cum,” Jimmy mentioned to his buddy.

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