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“Agent Davis, may I speak with private,” asked Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, previously known as Skye.

“Of course, Agent Johnson,” the tall, blonde haired pilot replied.

Piper, the other SHIELD agent present took the hint and left the two higher ranking officers to have their private talk.  Daisy, who had since taking to space with Piper, Davis and Jemma Simmons in search of their fellow SHIELD member Leo Fitz, had made a few changes. While her body remained in its impeccable physical condition, the half-Asian 25 year old had dyed her long hair blonde. Though she was already attractive, the change in color did wonders for the already beautiful girl, making her skin somehow look even more perfect and tanned despite being travelling on a ship for 4 months.

“So what can I do for you, Agent Johnson,” Davis asked, standing up right to address his superior.

“Just Daisy,” the half-Asian woman replied. “This is a personal matter.”

“Well then shoot, boss,” the tall man replied.

“Listen, I’m just going to cut right to it. We’ve been in space, just the 4 of us for almost a third of the year. I’m a woman with needs and unless Piper has been warming your bed, which I’d find unlikely since she’s more into...feminine wiles, then I think your needs aren’t being met either.” Daisy explained, being her usual direct self.

“Wow!” Davis could only muster in response, dragging fingers through his hair.

“Listen, I know I’m kinda out of line here, but if I can speak frankly, I’m horny as hell dude and my fingers and vibrator aren’t scratching the itch anymore,” Daisy added. “But if you’re not interested then…”

“I’m interested,” Davis rushed to get out for fear that the offer would simply evaporate. “Very, very interested. “ just didn’t want to proposition you in case you weren’t into it and then it would have been awkward.”

“That was my fear for the past month,” Daisy said, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. “I was also a little nervous if you had said yes.”

“Really?” Davis asked before a second of thought gave him clarity. “Ah. Been awhile for you too?”

“The four months while we’ve been on ship and the proceeding 2 on Earth,” Daisy admitted while blushing.

“Ouch. 5 months total for me,” the pilot shared, feeling less ashamed now. “So maybe we have a drink or two in the mess tonight before we, um, you know.”

“Fuck each other’s brains out,” the straight-shooting Daisy finished the sentence.

“Well, yeah,” Davis said before adding in a more jovial tone in line with his exactly feelings. “Fuck yes!”

“Simmons hits the lab for 6 hours between 7 and 1am,” Daisy explained.

“Piper is in the workout room then therapy bay from 8 to 12pm,” Davis shared. “Mess hall at 7:45 tonight for some beers?”

“Perfect. But maybe we try those Kitsonian brews we picked up last month,” Daisy suggested, bringing a smile to both their faces.

“Tonight is gonna be a hell of a time.”
*    *    *

The starship’s cabin door crashed open with neither Daisy or Agent Davis caring about it. All they could be bothered with was their make out session, which had been going strong since roughly halfway through the dining hall’s room to Davis's apartment, and as they stumbled down the hallway to reach his door. What had started as some light rubbing of Daisy's meaty thigh had escalated quickly to a full tongue-fueled kissing adventure.

Even though hopped up on essentially a love potion, Daisy had enough wits to hook her foot on the edge of the door and used it to swing it shut behind her and her date. As the pair smacked their lips together and wrestled with the other's tongue, the alien beers caused Daisy's mind to focus only on pleasure, something that had been sorely lacking in her life while aboard the Zephyr. It also didn't hurt that Davis had all the physical characteristics she found super hot on men, being tall, physically fit and handsome.

"Are you sure...mhmmm...this isn't moving too fast," Davis asked between kisses. Even though he too was suffering from the unquenchable thirst of pleasure just like Daisy was, his manners and respect were hardwired into his DNA.

Goosebumps were popping all over Daisy's arms, not to mention her pussy getting so wet it made her panties feel 4 times as heavy. After all, Daisy hadn't had sex in well over 6 months. It was even hard to get in a good masturbation session. Her handy vibrator which got the attractive woman through many nights throughout her life, she worried about using on the tiny Zephyr for fear the rest of the crew would hear since they shared a wall which left only her fingers in the shower which was a lot of work.

"Absolutely not," she rushed in reply.

Though he'd been with SHIELD for over 8 years, he’d spent very little time with Daisy until he volunteered to head to space to look for Fitz with her, Jemma and Piper. In order to not overthink what was happening, he leaned down and kissed Daisy's neck, sending a plethora of shivers down her back. His hands, which until now had been moving between running through her golden hair and along her back now slid up from the curve of her low back to her shoulders then front of her neckline where he dragged the zipper down her body until the deepest plunging neckline was formed. 

"Like what you see?” Daisy asked, referring to both her perky tits, which were practically spilling out of her leather bodysuit.

Not to be the only one getting undressed, Daisy's nimble fingers went to work on each of Davis's buttons until his shirt was wide open revealing his chest. His creamy white skin looked so good Daisy wanted to eat it, but before she could bend down and lick his pecs she found her arms being pushed back to allow Davis to remove the body suit over her shoulder and down her arms, completely rendering the half-Asian topless.

“God, those are great tits,” Davis commented as his hands gave the perfectly-sized boobs a gently squeeze before teasing her small pink nipples until they were hard. 

Though she didn't exactly have a big pair of tits, Daisy did manage a fairly perky set of boobs. What they lacked in size they made up for in their perkiness, capped off with an adorably small bright pink nipple that was already erect even before the tall man leaned down and took one into his mouth. Daisy moaned in response as he suckled at her breast before softly releasing his suction so he could do likewise to her matching boob.

It was as if the pair had exchanged words to coordinator their motion but in reality they both just wanted to be naked as fast as possible. After Davis gave her small but perky tits another squeeze, he untucked his shirt before pulling it off his arms. Daisy started moving as well, beginning the chore of sliding the tight-fitting bottom half of her leather catsuit off her thick thighs. By the time she had kicked them off and stood in nothing but a tiny thong, Davis was reduced to only boxer briefs as well.

"God, you're gorgeous," Agent Davis complimented going back in for another kiss while reaching around to squeeze her backside.

Even though he had a fondness for tits, Davis was much more of an ass man and luckily for him Daisy had that in spades. In fact, Davis would have been hard pressed to find a girl in possession of a better booty than Daisy Johnson. Which was why Davis didn't waste another minute on her perky boobs by spinning the half-Asian blonde around so that she was facing the wall with her wonderful ass towards him.

"Oh dear Lord," Davis cooed as his hands gripped the meaty cheeks again.

With great effort Davis removed his hands from squeezing the incredibly firm flesh of Daisy's ass as he reminded himself of the end game. He reached up and hooked the waistband of her thong before pulling it down her powerful thighs, rendering the blonde completely naked. All the while the tall pilot was planting kisses along her cheeks, always getting closer and closer to the midline of her titanic booty.

"Yes! Please eat my pussy," the horny woman begged her date.

Davis may have been a little rusty with women given his 5 month sabbatical, but he was more than eager to get back into the practice. Though he had the urge to dive right in and be swallowed up by Daisy's mighty ass, suffocating himself on the meaty flesh as he ate out her asshole, he instead tempered that urge and focused it towards her pussy as she begged. He was aided with Daisy arching her back and pushing her booty further back to give him better access to her pink slit.

"Ohh...mhmmm," Daisy moaned as Davis immediately rummaged his tongue through her folds.

Though Davis wasn't the type to jump right into something sexually, but with super strength Kitsonian beer flooding his brain he was a man on a mission. In this case he ate out her pussy with a hunger that Daisy had never experienced before, not even with Grant Ward who was a passionate and well versed lover. However, Davis was a man possessed as he constantly burrowed his tongue as deep into her cunt as possible, lapping up within her while his nose would constantly wiggle against her poop chute and draw further pleasure from her. 

"Such an unbelievable ass," Davis commented with a wide smile as he surfaced momentarily for air. "And honestly the tasty snatch I've ever had."

"Not to brag but I get that a lot...awwwhhh," Daisy stated truthfully before a shiver of pleasure shot up her spine to her brain.

Grabbing the back of the SHIELD’s pilot's head, Daisy held the tall man in place, encouraging him to lick her even deeper. From her reclined standing position against the wall, the curvy blonde even began humping her date's face, such was her level of horniness. Daisy let out a mighty scream as Davis surprised her by combining his plunging tongue with his hands wrapping around her waist and holding onto her wide hips with a vice-like grip so he could assault her clitoris with small constant circles.

"Uh...yes Agent!" Daisy moaned out. 

Davis was too enthralled to even notice that she was using words, instead his focus was taken up by being on the receiving end as the horny blonde grinded her pussy onto his face, getting his lips, nose and cheeks wet in her juices. Daisy was rarely this pushy in the bedroom but the combination of a 6-month dry spell and the lust-heightening alien brew was affecting her in a sex-positive way. It also didn’t hurt that Davis was so motivated, but the tall pilot was showing he was far from a one trick pony as he would pull out and slowly lick up her slit to get his lips wrapped around her clit and suck while his fingers slipped into her pussy.

The constant shifting in Davis's techniques, one second poking deep in Daisy's cunt with his fingers then a moment later with his tongue, or sucking on her clit hood, or any combo of them had the blonde half-Asian pushing steadily towards her orgasm. Davis hadn't started dining on her pussy with that intent necessarily, but the chance to finally hook up with one of the hottest women he’d ever seen had him striving to finish the Inhuman known as Quake off quickly so they could get to more fun parts. 

"So close...need it...want it," Daisy screamed into the small cabin.

Davis loved that he just made the gorgeous blonde half-Asian literally beg him to get her off, which gave him a renewed sense of purpose. Making his tongue into a stiff point, the pilot used it to fuck the curvy blonde, spearing her wet hole repeatedly. Of course Daisy continued to 'help' him out by thrusting her mighty ass backwards, essentially humping his face. After a couple seconds Davis added in a finger into her twat, stretching out the Inhuman girl further while his other hand was rubbing against Daisy's clit.

"Oh God! Oh my God! Yes, yes, yesssssss," Daisy screamed as she came like a runaway train.

Even though the Inhuman had clearly reached climax Davis didn't stop, at least not all at once. Though he slowed he still continued to make laps with his tongue within her pussy, collecting more of her cream as a result. It tasted sweeter than normal and the tall man was eager for more, however he wouldn't get a chance for that, at least not right away.

"Take off your boxers," Daisy demanded only mere seconds after creaming.

Davis still had the presence of mind to obey his superior officer's instructions, though his tongue never stopped digging in her pussy. With eye sockets pressed against meaty flesh and nose poking unknowingly against her backdoor, Davis reached down and pulled off his last remaining garment before tossing them aside.

The next few moments were a bit of a blur for the pilot as he went from kneeling behind the blonde goddess to laying in bed facing up at the ceiling. To the best of his recollection he believes she pushed off the wall with her arms in order to make some separation so that she could walk towards his bed, pulling him by the arm along. However, the gently closing of a hand around his throbbing cock snapped him back to reality pretty damn quickly.

"Shit balls," this time it was Davis's turn to groan.

Instead of beating him off in a rapid motion, Daisy settled on a smooth glide along his slender but long cock. As his meat pulsed in her hand she lowered her fist to the midpoint in his shaft before lowering her head down. With his eyes closed tightly and soaking in everything through feel alone, Davis was suddenly aware a mouth closed over the head and sucked gently.

Daisy looked up and smiled at her date before speaking. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised about just how grateful I can be."

Davis was now back and fully present. Laying on his back with his legs spread wide and the space filled with the kneeling figure of the beautiful blonde, the suddenness of their encounter from going from kinda friends and co-workers, and then back to his place for intense sex. However, Davis may not have the genius level intellect of a Jemma Simmons of Leopold Fitz, but he was smart enough to know not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

With a wicked grin on her face, Daisy licked her lips before guiding his cock back towards her face. Flicking her eyes up to hold his gaze she lowered the last inch, engulfing Davis's bulbous head between her lips once more. The tall pilot couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. 

"Yes. Suck it baby," he moaned in delight towards the equally horny half-Asian.

"Mmmmm," Daisy moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

To say that the blonde was a pro would have been extremely accurate to Davis. She was, in fact, a wizard with all the things she did, whether that was software programming, martial arts, super powers or sucking dick. But dear God, when it came to using her mouth and fist in union with each other, stimulating pleasure from every inch of his length cock, the girl was stunning. 

The small bedroom was filled with grunting noises, as well as the softer moaning as Daisy hummed against the cock in her mouth. Davis remembered looking down and making eye contact with the gorgeous girl who seemed to be in her natural environment on her knees with his healthy-sized dick between her lips. He pressed his head back into the pillows as the pleasure his date elicited from him seemed to create this sensory overload and then suddenly she was laughing at the warm, salty splash over her face and fingers.

"Oh God. Daisy...," Davis muttered apologetically.

"It's okay," Daisy replied lightheartedly. "We have all night stud."

Despite the fact that the tall man had just cum, his cock stayed rigid, which Daisy seized on. Having a good understanding of the male anatomy, she knew Davis would be good to go in a matter of minutes. Being used to multitasking in either a professional or sexual context, Daisy used her right hand to make gentle stroke along the pilot's shaft while her left hand spooned the cum from her face and into her mouth for her to devour.

"Told you we weren't done," Daisy commented eyeing his fully erect cock after a few minutes, cum fully transferred from her face to her stomach.

"Couldn't agree more," Davis concurred. "Now get up here."

The athletic pilot reached down and dragged Daisy up the bed to join him with their heads up in the pillows. As Daisy got to her knees and swung one of her powerful legs around his waist, Davis used his hands to reach out and take each of her boobs into his hands. Not happy with just holding, Davis kneaded them with just the right amount of force where she could feel his pressure but not be in any pain. Raising his head to the former hacker's chest and took one of her perfectly pink nipples into his mouth and began tracing it out with his tongue.

"Uhhh...mmhmm...yes," Daisy moaned.

Daisy realized even in the thralls of her passion that she was still hovering over Davis's cock, not that the suddenly boob-obsessed man noticed or cared. Wanting to remedy that situation, Quake put her hands on his chest to balance herself before lowering herself enough so that his tip comfortably slip back into her wetness. She felt the vibration of his grunt of approval on her sensitive nipple then amped it up even more by sinking down fully to take him as deep as she could.

"Ahhh! Yes Daisy," her date groaned.

Raising herself back up, the former hacker didn't even leave the crown in her pussy as she pulled a good inch off of his throbbing member altogether. She perched herself above him for just long enough to see the curiosity in Davis's face before she slammed herself down on his lap, taking his entire cock to the hilt in one shot. The result was a near window-shattering boom as her mighty ass thundered against his muscular thighs.

"OHHH YESS," they both hissed at the same time, both screwing their eyes shut in pure pleasure.

Daisy repeated this move a second time, then again and again until she made worked herself into a frenzied pace. Davis was no longer able to stay latched onto her tits with his mouth but it was a concession he was okay with. Laying flat back on the bed, he watched the athletic performer ride his dick like an expert bull rider and simply appreciated the view.

Realizing that he could do more than watch and thrust his hips up to meet her own crashing hips, Davis reached around the bouncing blonde and placed both of his strong hands on her amazingly thick ass. He couldn't believe how such a relatively small woman could rock such a perfect and huge booty, Davis squeezed the cheeks in his hand to fully appreciate them. He went from simply grasping them to rubbing her smooth skin and allowing his palm and fingertips to explore every inch of her incredible bottom.

"You like what you found," Daisy commented with a wink without ever breaking stride.

"Very much so."

To accentuate his point, the Zephyr pilot pulled his right hand off her body then sent it crashing down with a flex of his wrist to smack her creamy white ass with a playful slap. Daisy simply smiled widely at his new tactic, which encouraged him to do it again, this time with his other hand. Throwing back her head, Daisy took his cock deep into her pussy and sat on it without any other movement.

With an ass like hers, this was far from the first time one of her dates or boyfriends wanted to spank her. In fact, Grant Ward would sometimes slap her ass so much that the flesh would turn a bright shade of red, then again he was an undercover HYDRA agent with rage issues. Of course Daisy didn't mind at the time, in fact, she would encourage the double agent just as she was doing to the horny pilot she had got drunk and seduced tonight.

"So deep," Davis said while exploring her ass still.

"God...your dick feels so good filling me out," Daisy moaned, resuming her bucking motion.

Opening his eyes as wide as he could, Davis imprinted that moment into his brain forever just in case this was a one-and-done situation. The blonde's naked skin seemed to glow in the scant light that dimly filled the room. Daisy's perky tits were bouncing in front of her with each ride downward, well until his large hands went back and corralled each, filling his palm perfectly. Her strong legs were propelling her intense riding, while the view in the mirror behind her afforded Davis the luxury of watching her thick meaty ass clap down onto his lap.

They were both fueled by lust and passion so taking it slow or easy never factored into their tryst. Davis understood why she had picked him to be the one to fuck her brains out tonight, but he didn’t want to be the reason that he was the only guy on the ship to be the only reason for future hook ups. Over and over Daisy used her seemingly endless energy to ride to the top of his pole only to collapse back down as soon as she got there. Davis helped feed more of his dick into her greedy pussy by thrusting up just as she got to the end of his pecker, driving deeper into the horny girl.

"God you feel so good," Davis groaned while biting his lip.

As Daisy continued to ride his full length she ran a hand through her golden locks, which flowed down between her shoulder blades. Though they hadn't ever hooked up previously, the pair had great chemistry which allowed the pilot to hit all the right spots. It was because of this that Daisy didn't mind doing all the work, especially since she was being pounded towards a second orgasm in only a dozen minutes. 

His large hands felt so good squeezing her small but perky tits, the sole of his hand feeling great as it rubbed her small erect nipples. To help push herself over the edge and cum for him again, Daisy took one of her hands that were being used to help propel herself up and down his rod and moved it between her legs. Her pubic hair was non-existent, freshly removed in the showers for tonight’s romp in the sack since she preferred the cleanly shaven look, but it was her clit that she was after. When she began rubbing her sensitive nub her riding slowed from the frantic, frenzied pace it once was, but the slower style suited them both. Davis's dick had more time to properly probe her twat, plus it insured he wouldn't cum before her.

"Keep fucking my tight pussy with your big cock," Daisy cooed. Davis bucked his hips wildly into her from beneath in response to her words. "Mmmm...yes...keep giving me that dick!"

With wilder bucking of his hips from the passion of their encounter, Davis drove his meat pole into her tight twat repeatedly. His hands moved from her tits in order to tweak both her nipples, a move that always seemed to help Daisy to cream herself in their past. The maneuver seemed to work again for the talented Inhuman as it drew more moans and screams from Daisy. Finally after a few more minutes of the intense fucking, Daisy earned her just rewards.

"Oh yes...I'm cumming...ughhh...awwhhhh...yes," Daisy screamed at the top of her lungs as she came, not caring anymore if Piper or Jemma overheard. "OH GOD! YES!"

To say that it was a massive orgasm to the point of triggering her Quake ability would have been downplaying how intense her brain was feeling. Whether it was the alien beer that enhanced pleasure or the length of time since she had sex or a combination, it made every bundle of nerves in her body shoot with electricity, making her muscles violently contract before the slowly began relaxing.

The thick booty blonde sank to the bottom of his cock and stayed there as she rode out the amazing orgasm. Clearly exhausted from the massive energy drain, Daisy tipped forward until her perky boobs were pressed against Davis's naked chest. Her flexibility allowed for her to stay so fully flexed while the man's cock remained buried in her dripping pussy.

Throughout Daisy's orgasm, Davis somehow managed to avoid popping his own load. Obviously it helped that he came earlier on so he was always going to go a lot longer until creaming again, but the way the blonde's pussy clamped down on his dick would have made many men need to blow their load into her womb.

Sparked by an idea and then having the gumption to give into it thanks to the Kitsonian brew, Davis pulled out of the beautiful girl's snatch once her orgasm was complete. It took some maneuvering but Davis got her to hoist her leg high enough to scoot out from under the phat ass half-Asian leaving her on hands and knees now. Already Daisy's muscles were loosening visibly as Davis crouched low, extended his tongue and dipped it deep into the hole his cock just vacated, wanting to taste more of her cum. Instantly the rich mixture of sweetness combined with saltiness flooded his brain as he ate out the stunningly beautiful Inhuman.

"Fuck! Eat me!" Daisy moaned, re-awakening after her intense climax.

Davis needed no encouragement in that department as his tongue greedily lapped up deep within her cunt for every trace amount of her cum. However, he was inspired with another idea by having his eye sockets pressed firmly against Daisy's gorgeous rump as he buried his tongue deep inside her. Going once more on his urges, the pilot used his hands to pull apart her insanely large cheeks then moved his tongue up a few inches so that he was now poking the dead center of her asshole.

The SHIELD pilot had always been into butts, which was one of the reasons he was so attracted to Daisy. While the blonde did have a pretty face and extremely fit body, it was her big booty that garnered every male's (and female's) attention, and rightfully so. And now Davis was doing something he had never done before on a first date - rimming a girl's asshole. However, based on the way her moaning amplified since he started to lick around the edges of her crinkled rosebud or pressed the tip of his tongue inside by half an inch, he knew it was the right call. Which made what he said next to be asked with certainty of the answer.

"Can I please have sex with this big, thick, beautiful ass?"

"You want to fuck my butt?" Daisy asked with a look over her shoulder, but she was already spreading her legs further to lower her hips a few more inches for better positioning. 

"More than anything," Davis replied, already pulling out a bottle of lube from his bedside table.

"Well I suppose." Daisy replied after mock consideration. "Oh wow that's cold," she commented a moment later as a generous squirt of lube was applied to the center of her asshole.

"I'm guessing you've done this before," he asked as he finished lubing up his cock.

"It’s been awhile but totally, yeah. A good many times, in fact," the Inhuman replied. "Wow that makes me sound super slutty."

"I'm not judging at all," Davis said as he knelt behind the half-Asian with the phat ass. "You ready?"

"Just do it," she instructed, focusing on staying calm.

Davis didn't hesitate further as he pushed forward firmly yet without malice. The combination of the wetness of his shaft, relaxed attitude of Daisy and how he had loosened her with his tongue had helped significantly. Daisy still grunted as his tip disappeared into her dirt road, but it was minimal pain that she had experienced literally hundreds of times with each and every time she was ass-fucked.

This not being his first time sodomizing someone, Davis knew the proper thing to do was wait for Daisy to make the next move, which happened in short order. No sooner had he penetrated her bowels was when the beautiful girl he was travelling through space with leaned her weight backwards to take the next few inches into her booty. 

"God damn tight," he grunted, surprised at just how much grip her sphincter was hugging him.

With Daisy having rocked forward and back a handful of time Davis was now used to the near crushing sensation. With her seal of approval achieved, Davis took control back. With two hands now holding onto her hips to still her motion, the tall pilot began making more progress into the depths of her anus. Though it was slow he didn't mind as his small strokes kept getting more of his lengthy cock inside her. 

As good as it was feeling, Davis decided the blonde was ready for more so he started to push further inside and go faster almost at the same time. This caused the equally drunk half-Asian to groan more and Davis also noted the pillars of muscle running up her spine tighten. He figured that it may be too much too soon so he slowed his thrusting down but kept it so that it was three-quarters of his length sliding in and out of Daisy's ass.

"This how you like it in your ass," he asked confidently, another side effect of the alien beer.

"Yeah...just like that," Daisy replied in a soft tone. "I like that."

"You like my big cock in your tiny asshole," Davis asked, his hand running through her hair.

"I really do," Daisy smiled. "You wanna go faster now? Ohh...yeah. Fast feels good now."

Even with 5 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, Daisy continued to voice her satisfaction which morphed into muffled moans when she began biting the blanket beneath her. Over and over again her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate his eager probing, something that hadn't been done since Lincoln had that honor a few years ago. The smile on Daisy's face and the way she looked up at her date while he drilled into her only helped to elevate the lust Davis felt for the suddenly submissive girl.

If the blonde was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, Davis would never have known it. With each time the full length of his 6.5-inch cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she moaned. In fact, as Daisy bit the flannel blanket on top of the bed, the Inhuman demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass without words by wiggling her gigantic ass against his pelvis. Davis gladly took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum without fail.

"Holy crap! You are so wet," Davis said as he rubbed her snatch.

"I really needed this," the former hacker replied while moaning.

It happened quickly, but to be honest Davis impressed himself enough by lasting so long with his dick constantly being sheathed inside her extremely tight but comfortable asshole. Of course it helped that he already came once at the beginning of their hook-up and was able to rally so effectively. But his second orgasm could only be delayed for so longer and based on the waves of pleasure bombarding his brain, the pilot knew his time was imminent. 

"Ugh! Oh Lord! Need to cum," Davis grunted, orgasm seconds away.

"Mhmm...yes...cum in my ass," Daisy practically begged, her response barely heard over the noise of their sweat covered bodies slamming into each other.

Thankful for the seal of approval, Davis tightly clench the gorgeous woman's hips and quickly stroked his cock into her asshole for the last few seconds. After an impressive half dozen thrusts in a mere couple of seconds Davis tossed his head back and felt every muscle in his body shudder at the same time. With one final action Davis buried himself in Daisy's ass for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum, filling up the cavity with his seed. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his dick had emptied completely and he collapsed backwards onto his bed.

"My God," Davis huffed exhaustedly.

Though their bodies still had the Kitsonian alcohol flowing through them, they were finally to exhausted to do anything about it. Or at least Davis was. Daisy didn't have much left in the tank after 3 orgasms but she was desperate to taste more of Davis's cum as the alien beer was mixing with her normal preference of tasting cum to make her crave it at an intense level.

Davis saw motion out of the side of his eye and turned to face Daisy just in time. The gorgeous blonde still had that thick ass up in the air but was now resting her chest and face on the mattress so her hands were free. Propping himself up on his elbows for a better view Davis watched as the half-Asian's butthole made a repeated winking motion as he realized she was trying unsuccessfully to push his cum from her bowels. However when the girl he first knew as Skye reached back and slid a finger right into her well-used ass, as she withdrew it and pushed a healthy gush of his semen. Her other hand was waiting beneath so once the cum came rushing down over her snatch it dripped into her palm which brought his deep salty seed into her mouth.

"Damn that's so tasty," Daisy groaned after savoring a second load of his cum. "I've missed that taste."

Davis damn near came again at the sight of Daisy pushing his creampie from the deepest recesses of her ass before swallowing it down...and loving it. However, the beer had been fueling him for so long that his energy stores were now on empty. In fact, he was practically asleep by the time the naked woman rolled out of bed and began gathering up her clothes. The showers were only the next room over so the still buzzing blonde decided to risk the brief exposure knowing her two other crew members were on the opposite end of the ship. Davis didn’t know if Quake was caught leaving his room because he was out cold shortly after seeing her naked body head to the exit. 

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