Hive Mind

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"You guys feel that," Mack said, proposing the question to the group.

"Feel what," Fitz asked the large black man.

"Earthquake," Simmons answered, already grabbing her boyfriend and ducking for the nearest table.

"Not earthquake...Tremors," Mack replied, using Daisy Johnson aka Skye's nickname.


Without a seconds thought, Coulson sprinted out of his office towards the direction of the epicenter of the tremors. He knew she was using her Inhuman power, the ability to make earthquakes with her hands. However, by the time he got to the hangar doors, he found them locked from the inside.

"Don't do this Skye," Coulson yelled, looking at the girl he thought of as a daughter. "Please! We can help you!"

Of course the genius computer hacker turned field agent couldn't hear her boss. And even if she could, she wouldn't stop the destruction of the hangar, where all of SHIELD's jets were stored. With that destroyed, they wouldn't be able to follow her as she fly back to Hive, the Inhuman alien who had used his mind control powers on her, making her his instrument to use however he wanted.

As debris fell overtop Coulson, Skye climbed into the last Quinjet on the platform with still access to the outside. As her jet peeled away and she headed to meet up with her Inhuman master, a smile crossed her face knowing how much she had just pleased Hive.

* * *

Several Hours Later - SHIELD Med Bay

"Okay, let me see if I have this right," Agent Melinda May said to the group. "The Inhuman that Hive infected was Daisy, not Lincoln."

"Correct," Coulson confirmed as the doctors worked on his injured leg.

"And Daisy ruined the Quinjets and hangar so we can't chase after her," May continued.

"That's right, though my people have one jet with possibly enough clearance to go within the hour," Mack updated the group.

"And before she left she killed Malick, presumably on Hive's orders, so that he couldn't reveal any more secrets about him," the agent finished up.

"Yes. Then blew him up to cover her tracks. Giving her enough time to steal the Terrigen crystals and that Kree sphere artifact for Hive," Simmons added.

"And do we know where she'll go," May asked.

"I have a strong feeling on that matter," Lincoln, the accused traitor, spoke up as he entered Coulson's room. "To get more Inhumans. And I know for a fact she knows the whereabouts of Alisha."


"Alisha Whitley. Leggy redhead who can make multiple copies of herself," Coulson answered for Mack.

"She can clone herself? Dear Lord," the big black man groaned.

"It does seem logical. This way Hive can expand his growing Inhuman army," Fitz concluded.

"Lincoln's right. Mack, get your men working double time to get that plane ready. May, go get ready..."

"I'm coming with you. If this becomes a firefight, you'll want me," Lincoln said, more a statement then asking for permission.

"Fine, go. Wheels up ASAP people," Coulson concluded.

* * *

"Is this suicide vest really needed," Lincoln said, pulling at the collar of the C4-lined battle vest.

"It's not a suicide vest, it's a murder vest. Suicide refers to you having control of the switch. And yes, it's needed. With your offensive power, if we run into Hive and he takes control of you then we are in huge trouble. Thus, if you get infected, you go boom. And like I said, it's the only way I'd allow you to come," Coulson re-told him.

"Landing sequence starting," May called to her two teammates.

With some fancy piloting skills, May was able to squeeze the small Quinjet out of the hangar through a hole in the ceiling. It saved them time, but it still meant Skye had a 4 hour head start on them, so stealth as they approached Alisha's apartment would be paramount in case they were right and Skye led Hive here.

With the jet cloaked and parked in an empty field as close as they could get, it still took them 15 minutes for the trio to cross the mile distance to Alisha's apartment complex. Rather than using the front door, May and Lincoln went inside via the parking garage while Coulson ran surveillance. As luck would have it, they only had to wait another 10 minutes before the person of interest came walking out.

"Alisha," Lincoln announced, stepping out from his hiding spot.

"Lincoln," the tall redhead said, acting surprised at his sudden appearance. "What are you doing here?"

"There is an Inhuman threat," the hotheaded doctor answered. "A big bad, the first of our kind. Has Daisy been here?"

"The hot half-Asian chick you were shacking up with back at Afterlife," Alisha replied, a wide smile crossing her face as she remembered Lincoln's girlfriend. "Not since your SHIELD friends destroyed our home."

"It wasn't like that and you know it," Lincoln argued, his temper bubbling to the surface. 

All while the two Inhumans chatted, May stayed out of sight, hiding between cars. However, her combat training kicked in like it always did when it was needed. Though the clones footprints were light, the experienced SHIELD agent still heard her coming. Just as clone Alisha got into view for a clear kill shot, May executed a perfect back kick and sent the firearm flying out of her hand.

"Good, a challenge," the cloned redhead smiled.

Lincoln broke off his speech and got caught up in the action of watching Alisha and May circle each other. Of course, his attention was soon diverted by the version of Alisha he was talking to previously. Obviously done with speaking, the leggy redhead came sprinting directly at him, Lincoln only barely managing to roll to the side to avoid her flying knee.

Alisha was a very well trained fighter, as evident by the fact that she was still engaged with May despite the Asian's own prowess in combat.The redhead was good, more than holding her own against her, however, her clone fighting Lincoln wasn't doing as well. His electricity manipulating powers made him too formidable for her.

"Tell me where she went," Lincoln screamed. When no answer was forthcoming, he increased the wattage of his shock.

"Uugghhhhhh! I'm not telling you anything," Alisha cried.

The blonde Inhuman thought briefly of stopping the torture and taking her into SHIELD, where they could do more interrogation, but he needed to find Daisy sooner rather than later. The thought of his love with the disgusting Inhuman God made his skin crawl. Therefore, he made Alisha's whole body tingle, increasing his electrical output once more.

So wrapped up in his own world, trying to force Alisha to talk via torture, that Lincoln was unaware of May's situation. Finally having gained the upper hand, the SHIELD agent stepped back and slipped in an oil slick, going ass over tea kettle and stunning herself on the pavement. Her clone enemy didn't hesitate, withdrawing a knife from her pants and prepared to drive it into the Asian's heart.


The sound of gunshots got Lincoln's attention quickly, as he shorted out his electricity and took in the scene before him. He got his eyes around to the other Alisha to see a patch of red erupt from her chest, a second hole in the middle of her forehead as she fell backwards, knife clattering to the ground. 

"Phil...thank you," May said to her boss, the man who still held his gun up.

"Lincoln, stop torturing the girl. Alisha, simmer down, you are coming with us," Coulson ordered.

"I'm not telling you a damn thing," the redhead replied.

Lincoln felt the leggy Inhuman break his hold, but between his electricity, May's fighting ability and Coulson's gun, she wasn't going anywhere. However, that was no longer her intention. Pulling out her own knife, Alisha's eyes flashed to all three SHIELD members but she already knew what she was going to do. Acting before Lincoln could stun her, the attractive redhead thrust the hunting knife deep into her own chest.


It was too late, even for a man with as much medical knowledge as Lincoln possessed. The clone delivered a killing blow, puncturing her own clone heart with the massive blade, all so she wouldn't give them any details on Hive and his plans.

"It doesn't make sense. Alisha would never sacrifice one of her selves. She loves them," Lincoln shared, anger and confusion swelling in him.

"And now we are back to square one," Coulson groaned, frustrated that his best and only lead just died in front of his eyes.

"Let's hope Mack, Fitz and Simmons are having more luck than us," May spoke before the trio headed back to the Quinjet.

* * *

One Hour Earlier

"Very smart idea Skye," Hive complimented the Inhuman. "Recruiting another Inhuman then choosing to leave behind a few clones as a kill squad for your former team."

Due to his innate Inhuman ability to know where his infected subjects were, Hive had brought Malick's jet to meet her just outside Alisha's apartment. Unlike her former SHIELD team, Daisy reached her first, where she kept her occupied until her master arrived. Using his millions of tiny parasites, Hive infected Alisha just like he had done with Daisy and Giyera, making the redhead with the cloning ability his latest Inhuman under his influence.

"Thank you," she replied with sincerity. "But it's Daisy now."

"Oh, my mistake," Hive apologized. "When...Grant Ward knew you, it was as Skye. He had no knowledge of this name change."

"It's fine, really," the brunette told him as they sat with Alisha on Malick's private jet.

Knowing that time was of the essence, the Inhuman trio left the apartment in the jet, leaving the stolen SHIELD Quinjet behind. Daisy was a tech genius but even she couldn't be sure that there wasn't a tracer on the SHIELD plane. However, she preferred it this way instead, getting to spend more time with her Inhuman master in the luxury of the expensive aircraft.

"Well Daisy, how about I make it up to you, and reward you for your stellar work in adding to our numbers," the ancient Inhuman offered. "Alisha, why don't you...and say one more, show Daisy how grateful I am for her service today."

"Gladly," the redhead said, knowing exactly what her master had in mind.

"Actually, Daisy has been a really good subject today. How about we reward her doubly," Hive corrected himself.

Curious as to what the Inhuma using her ex-boyfriend as a puppet meant, Daisy turned her attention over to the newest member of their group. Blinking her eyes in disbelief, Daisy saw a second Alisha stepped out from behind the main version of the redhead, wearing the same outfit and knowing smile.

"Well that was pretty cool to actually see," Daisy couldn't help but comment.

The two versions of Alisha gave their fellow Inhuman a half smile before they turned their attention to each other. If Daisy thought seeing the redhead divide into two was interesting, then seeing the twin images rubbing their hands through each other's hair and along their face heightened that.

Without further delay, Alisha Prime gave Daisy one last look to make sure she had her attention before she leaned in towards her copy and kissed her lightly on the mouth. Daisy's mouth slacked open, essentially at the same time both redhead's did the same, though Daisy did so out of shock well they did it to use their tongues one one another.

"Forgot how good of a kisser I am," Alisha Prime commented before kissing her clone seductively once more.

With their little teasing performance wrapped up, both copies of Alisha walked the short distance to the sofa. Daisy wasn't even aware that Hive had left her side and planted himself in a solo chair right across from the action, perfectly situated to watched the scene he had designed in his Inhuman mind. 

The main and clone version of the redhead unhooked their fingers from one another so that they could each sit beside Daisy. With the former SHIELD the obvious focal point of the threesome, first the left Alisha leant in and kissed her deeply on the lips while the right side version planted soft kisses on her exposed neck.

"Mhmmm," Daisy moaned as the Alishas switched roles, her head now tilted to the right.

The brunette girl wasn't sure which version of Alisha she was currently sharing her first lesbian encounter with, but it didn't really matter. In short order, Daisy took turns with each of the clones as they were opening their mouths and slipping their tongues against each other. The other girls kissing was soft but with purpose, delicately exploring Daisy's mouth while getting across how much she desired the former SHIELD agent.

As they continued to make out in the private jet, Daisy felt hands begin to roam her tight body. Starting at her neck, she felt them run down the smooth material of her shirt and over her medium-sized yet very perky tits, giving them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the brunette so they were given another hearty squeeze before moving down to her stomach.

"Won't need this anymore," the Alisha to her left side, peeling Skye's shirt up over her head.

Of course Daisy didn't fight her undressing, instead she lifted her arms straight up to allow Alisha to disrobe her. With well-trained timing from doing this scenario more than once, the other Alisha already had her fingers on the clasp of Daisy's bra, unhooking it before peeling it away from her body to bring her perfectly sized, olive-skinned tits into view.

Both identical girls stilled themselves and soaked in the sight of the naked Daisy from the waist up. Tight stomach gave way to perfectly formed tits, neither to large or small but ideal suited to her athletic, curvy form. At the same time, both redheads descended on Daisy's boobs, cupping the tender flesh as they honed in on her erect nipple and took it into their mouths.

"Oh! Mhmm! Yes," Daisy groaned in pleasure.

Proving that one mind controlling two bodies was best, the Alishas continued sucking on each breast for another spell longer, all while their Inhuman overlord watched from the other side of the private jet. Not wanting to waste another second fantasizing about how good Daisy must taste, Alisha Prime went about investigating.

Daisy felt the lips around her left nipple break their suction before quick kisses trailed their way down her fit stomach. Busy hands had her jeans undone in no time as Alisha hooked her fingers into the waistband to drag the tight fitting pants and her underwear off in one motion. With a shaved pink pussy glistening in front of her, Alisha gave into her desire and swiped her tongue through the other girl's folds.

"Awwhh...ohhh," she cried as Alisha's mouth found her pussy.

However, after having her initial taste, Alisha Prime decided to slow things down. With each of Daisy's sculpted legs on her shoulders, the redhead kissed along the former SHIELD agent's inner thigh until reaching the pink mound between her legs. She planted a long open mouth kiss right on Daisy's wet folds, being sure to use lots of her skilled tongue before pulling away. She repeated the action again to the other leg, but really taking her time travelling along her thigh until reaching her target.

"You tease," the topless woman told her while the clone sucked on her tits.

"Don't worry, I'm worth the wait," Alisha told her.

Alisha Prime scooted her perky ass backwards to lower down even more. From his position, the Inhuman moved her head firmly between Daisy's muscular thighs so her face was buried in her pussy. With the handbrake off, Daisy tossed her head back over the headrest of the private jet's sofa and enjoyed the attention that her fellow brainwashed girl was providing her.

Alisha was more lesbian than straight, and had honed her unparalleled rug-munching skills on herself, going down on her cloned copies to perfect the craft. However, getting to showcase them on someone new was always exciting and now she was really finding her stride. Already having wiggled her tongue up and down her entire pink slit many times, making sure to focus on the exposed clit, the bi-sexual redhead changed tactics. As her clone continued taking turns swapping on nipple between her lips for the other, Alisha Prime used her hands to pull apart Daisy's pink lips, which allowed her to plunge her tongue deep into the other girl's hole.

"Yes," the former SHIELD agent screamed again, this time loudest since they began.

To her satisfaction, the redhead was correct in her assessment of Daisy tasting great as she repeated used her tongue to collect the half-Asians juices. It was sweet, with almost a taste of honey, the horny girl couldn't stop herself from burrowing her tongue as deep into brunette as possible and licking every wall she could reach. She could feel Daisy's thrashing her naked body around above her, making her happy to have such a continuing effect on her new lover.

"Holy crap you are really good at that," the brunette complimented as she thrashed in pleasure.

Alisha was pleased that her efforts were not going to waste. With her clone having moved up to kiss the fellow Inhuman, the Alisha on her knees used both hands to reach up and rub each of Daisy's sensitive nipples. Not forgetting her oral duties, Alisha Prime sank her tongue as deep into the SHIELd girl's pussy as she could and started to whip it around inside. The redhead realized that her nose was squashed against the sexy brunette's pink folds, she shook her head in short, quick movements, using her face to rub against her clit.

"So fucking great," she breathed heavily. "Gonna cum soon."

"Give me your sweet girl juices," Alisha pleaded.

"OH!! I'M CUMMING!!! UUGGHHHH," she screamed while her sweet cum gushed out onto the eager redhead's tongue.

The Inhuman happily gobbled up all of what Daisy had to offer before greedily searching inside her pussy for more of the tasty treat. Once she was satisfied that she hadn't missed a drop, the leggy redhead pushed the brunette's legs off her shoulders and and stretched her back before she was joined on the ground.

"Let me have a taste too," Alisha's identical clone begged.

The Prime version, knowing her job was successfully completed, rocked back on her heels far enough for her copy to get down between Daisy's thighs as well. However, that Alisha had a slightly different plan in mind so she used her surprisingly strong arms to roll the recently orgasmed girl over so that now Daisy's tits were resting on the back of the sofa and her ass was lifted up in the air.

Rather then leap in mouth-first, like her other self did, the cloned version started with her fingers, running them through the bare patch of skin above her slit before hitting her pussy. Confirming her suspicions, Daisy was like a swimming pool as her fingers combed through her pink folds, making the brunette moan even louder.

"Fuck me," Daisy all but begged.

Doing exactly what her new lesbian lover asked, Alisha pressed her middle and ring finger together and targeted her creamed pussy. Finding the entrance with ease, the Inhuman redhead dipped her digits into the other woman, having no problems as they slide into her wanting twat with ease.

"You seem to have things under control down here for awhile," Alisha Prime said, cum still slathered on her lips.

Leaving her clone to go to town on Daisy, the other redhead rocked back up to her feet before settling on the sofa next to the opened mouthed, moaning girl. Taking the chance to put the gaping hole to use, Alisha tilted the former SHIELD agent's face towards her and crammed her tongue deep into her mouth.

As Daisy got into the aggressive kiss, returning it with her own tongue barrage, the clone behind her didn't ease up whatsoever. In fact, she added a new tactic by using her tongue to lick Daisy's now exposed asshole, the crinkled starfish too tempting to not do something about. As soon as her tongue pressed against the tight hole, it winked in response so Alisha followed up her initial lick with several more, getting more of her taste on her buds.

"You like having your adorable ass eaten out," cloned Alisha asked between swipes of her tongue against the constricted hole.

Daisy responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts into the exact replica of the girl giving her the best rimjob of her life. Completely lost in the embrace of both sexy redheads, Daisy allowed the clones to use her however they wished. Of course, the Alisha eating out her asshole was still using her skilled fingers to drive inwards to find the blonde's G-spot, knowing she hit her mark by the sharp cries of bliss. Repeated, Alisha plunged back into her pink depths, hitting the spot all while twirling her tongue in tight circles over the sealed rosebud.

" good...awwhh," Daisy grunted in satisfaction, in between kisses from the other Alisha.

If Daisy thought she was in bliss before then she was positively transcendent at this point with two girls working over all her most sensitive zones. With the Alisha on the sofa with her tweaking her nipples and kissing her neck, combined with the wonderful work the Alisha on the ground was doing finger-fucking her pussy and munching on her apparently-receptive asshole. 

As Alisha Prime angled her head to the side for more erotic kissing, the clone had gotten right into her ass, using her tongue to wag at her entrance before using strong hands to separate her cheeks and cram inside. Daisy was going absolutely wild at the thought of how much she enjoyed the other girl cleaning her asshole, with her wet tongue gliding skillful over the smooth lining of her dirty hole.

" have such an anal fetish," Alisha Prime said to her clone between kisses.

"Well I'm you, and you're me also have a thing for butts," the clone responded, slapping each of Daisy's cheeks to end her statement.

"Haha, good point," the redhead responded, going back to sucking at the half-Asian's nipples.

"Don't stop! Don't ever stop," Daisy screamed her encouragement.

Both Alisha's assumed it was them and re-doubled their efforts, determined to get the former hacker off. As the Prime version continued tweaking her sensitive nipples and kissing her deeply, the one behind Daisy pressed her face even harder into her exquisite ass to drive her tongue in even deeper, the sensation of having her eye sockets filled with her ass equally arousing for Alisha.

"Sir...we will be arriving in Montana shortly," the pilot's voice crackled over the intercom.

"Finish her off swiftly Alisha," Hive instructed his female minions.

"Want me to make you cum again," Alisha said, her arm a blur as she finger-banged the girl's twat.

"So badly," she moaned.

Clone copy of Alisha smiled with glee now that it was her turn to finish off the beautiful SHIELD agent. Somehow finding the energy to use her fingers inside Daisy to work even harder, the effect was obvious with the brunette moaning even louder. With her thick ass still in front of her face, she made a point with her tongue and buried it as deep as possible into the gorgeous girl.

"Oh Goodddd.....I'm cumming," Daisy screamed.

Alisha slowed but didn't stop herself as Daisy was rocked by her second powerful orgasm in the past 30 minutes. She rode out her cumming until she was satisfied she was done, accentuated by the fact that she was so spent that she rolled over onto her side, into a naked ball of human flesh.

"Why Montana again," the delirious Daisy asked, still reeling from her back-to-back orgasms.

"Visiting this James individual you got the Kree sphere from," Hive explain, but before he could speak more, a blood-curdling scream erupted from the girl beside Daisy.

"UGGHHH," main Alisha screamed in mental pain.

"Alisha," Daisy cried in concern. Turning, she addressed Hive. "What's wrong with her?"

"Her clones, they have perished," he said in his calm tone.

"Those assholes will pay for this," Daisy sneered with rage towards her former friends.

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