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"Hey, I really appreciate you coming to pick me up at the hospital," Alfonso said to his little brother.


The eldest Mack had ended up in the hospital after taking a bullet to the shoulder. He was lucky enough that it went straight through his large deltoid, but he'd lost a good deal of blood and was in a considerable amount of pain. A night in the hospital, 10 stitches and a bottle of painkillers as well as antibiotics later, the massive man was ready to leave.


"It's no trouble. Actually, I thought it would give us some more time together," he replied.


After all, that was the whole point of Mack coming back to his family house on vacation from SHIELD. The vigilante group Watchdogs had ruined the family reunion between the two brothers, however Ruben still gained a wealth of respect for his older bro after seeing him in action and knowing that he was respected by his teammates.


"Any chance you know if Fitz and Daisy stuck around," Alfonso asked.


"Wait, who?"


"Oh, Daisy is Skye."


"Well as I matter of fact, I do. The nerdy white guy got a ride back with your balding boss but the hot girl volunteered to wait for you and bring you back," the younger Mackenzie boy explained.


"So much wrong with what you just said," Mack replied, shaking his head as he climbed into the passenger seat.


"Was it about objectifying Skye? Because I'd argue that was a solid observation," Ruben smiled as the engine fired up.


Well...right is right," he replied and the brothers shared a smile. "Let's go home bro."


* * *


"What to wear, what to wear," the SHIELD girl pondered.


Skye looked through her luggage and was frustrated to see that she hadn't the forethought to bring sexy lingerie with her. Normally after dangerous operations she got super horny and fucked anyone in sight, usually the agent she was with, but that generally didn't require seduction, hence the lack of revealing underwear.


So with that out of the equation, Skye opted for clothing that would be super tight rather than revealing. Instead of barely-there lingerie, the half-Asian pulled out the thinnest tights ever made, essentially the thickness of a second layer of skin. Pulling them one, she stood in front of the mirror and craned her neck to check her backside out.


"Damn...if this doesn't rev Mack's engine then he's probably gay," Skye mused, even slapping her own ass and watching it jiggle.


However, Skye's thoughts were interrupted as she heard a car pull up into the driveway. She looked out the upper floor guest room and saw the two black men walking up to their childhood house, Ruben ready to help the wounded agent if he required it. Knowing it was time for her plan to begin, Tremors (as Mack loved to call her) pulled on her equally form-fitting shirt and left the room.


By the time she left her room and went into the warm, sunny outdoors, the two Mackenzie's had just walked into the house. Ruben, who had been carrying his brother's bag, continued up the main staircase, followed by Mack. 


"Where we going," Mack asked. "You putting me to bed?"


"Of sorts," the younger man replied.


Rather than go straight ahead at the top of the stairs into his own childhood bedroom, or turn left where the guest room that Skye would most likely be found in, Ruben beaconed his brother towards his parent's room. Opening the double doors, Ruben put the bag down on the floor then led his brother to the balcony, where they found Skye waiting.


"Skye...whoa...what is going on here," the startled Alfonso asked.


"Well...Ruben here explained to me that you guys didn't get any quality time together," Skye started to explain. "And I figured, what better way to wish you get better and allow you and him to have a really memorable time with one another."




"Bro, Skye is here to play with us," Ruben explained, at which point the girl used her hands to shake her large ass. 


"Some new and fresh playing," Skye added with a big smile and sway of her hips.


Mack couldn't help but think back to his previous hook-ups with Skye. He knew he wasn't special in that regard, not amongst SHIELD agents. Daisy was constantly horny after a big case or operation and was down to fuck whoever was closest afterwards. Mack had been on the receiving end a number of times in the 18 months working with her, but they were mostly quickies in the field after the battle was cleared.


So getting to see the hot half-Asian out in daylight and actually seducing him was a change. His eye, as well as his brother's roamed over the fit girl. He was astonished every time about her figure, how she could have such a large ass and meaty legs despite her tiny waist. Her tits weren't huge, but were a good handful with the bright pink nipples capping each one.


"Jesus," Mack swore as she lowered her pants. "Such a round ass."


With her tights still bunched up at the bottom of her ass, squishing it up, Skye grabbed the colored pants and used them to bounce her thick ass. Everyone in SHIELD knew how large yet fit her booty was given the tight bodysuits that field agents wore, but seeing it literally in the flesh was quite a sight.


"God that is a tight body," Ruben said, biting his lip as the girl continued making her ass jiggle.


"I dunno, still able to handle a couple of dicks," Daisy Johnson stated. 


Knowing that Mack may need some extra motivation, especially since his kid brother was with him, Skye took matters into her own hands. Stepping between them, she faced Mack and pulled him in for a soft kiss. As their lips touched, it didn't take long until she opened her mouth and pushed his tongue into his, a gesture he was more than happy to return.


"You seem like a lot of trouble," Ruben commented, his hands sliding down her sides until he began kneading her ass. "Definitely a lot of trouble."


"You have no idea," Mack replied as Daisy smiled and kissed his neck.


"So what do we think...about this," she asked, pulling Mack in for another kiss.


Ruben knelt down behind the SHIELD agent so that he was now eye level with her impressive booty. His hands hadn't left the supple backside when he answered, "I think it's delicious...and hope there's enough for two."


"Oh, there is," Skye replied confidently.


After fondling her ass, Ruben got back to his feet just in time for Skye to turn around and find his mouth with her lips. The horny man countered with a kiss more aggressive in nature than his gentler brother, his tongue cramming into her mouth as she bent backwards under his pressure. Skye was equal to it and returned the passionate kiss while Mack started rubbing over her underrated tits.


Despite never having shared a girl before, the brothers had natural chemistry together. Never getting jealous over what the other had, Ruben and Mack took turns kissing the horny girl as she constantly rubbed who's ever cock she was facing at the time. It was only fair play, especially since she had their four hands roaming her fit body with her tits, ass and pussy being the targeted areas.


"How about we get out of this heat and make ourselves more comfortable," Skye suggested.


With a consenting nod, Skye turned to the door and walked back into the house. She made a meal out of it, taking long, slow strides and swaying her ass from side to side as the brothers trailed behind her and watched her performance. 


By the time the hot SHIELD agent crawled onto their parent's bed, the two men already had their shirts off. Ruben had pulled his effortlessly over his head while Mack undid the buttons and carefully peeled his off his body, popping another painkiller to help manage the situation. He had a feeling that he would really need it.


"Get those pants off boys," Skye urged, bouncing her ass to motivate them.


"You wanna suck this fat dick," Ruben asked, having rounded the bed to stand right in front of the horny girl. 


"Mhmm yes...that's what I'm here for," she retorted. "You too Mack."


They both continued watching as Skye wiggled around on the bed between them as they went about undoing their pants. By the time she had crawled into position closer to Ruben, he had undid his pants and slid them down his legs, standing naked now. With a look over her shoulder, Mack was naked now too as he knelt to join her on the bed. 


"That's a whole lot of cock," Skye said out loud, drawing smiles from both Mackenzie's.


Sizing them up, Skye looked on and couldn't help but salivate at the sight. Seeing the one in front of her which belonged to Ruben, it was a perfectly proportioned cock that was neither too short or long, too thin or thick. It was idle, measuring a good 8 inches of ebony meat that looked good enough to devour without thought. 


Mack meanwhile was a different beast. Much like his outward appearance, his cock was simply massive. At full mast he was nearing a foot long from base to tip but even more alarming was the thickness. Skye had been fucked by it before and knew all about him, remembering that that she couldn't even clasp her forefinger and thumb together when she tried gripping his pole.


"Look bro, she's speechless," the younger man bragged.


Realizing that she was just wide-mouthed staring back and forth between the massive black cocks about to ravage her, Skye snapped out of her worshipping state and into action. Reaching out, she grabbed ahold of Ruben's perfectly created cock and stroked him, allowing the friction between her hand and his shaft to excite him. 


"Mmhm...awwhh," he groaned.


Being no stranger to finding herself on her knees and in front of a pantless boy, all that changes this time was the number of guys. Skye opened her mouth and mimicked the action of French kissing someone except this time it was with the tip of a cock. Her lips were just able to completely engulf his dickhead while her tongue went about licking the entire surface of his sensitive skin.


Wanting to get more of his dick wet with her saliva, Skye freed his tip from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it's moistened surface down one side of his baseball bat-thick member until she reached his base. The thick bottomed girl was focusing solely on Ruben, though she felt Mack come to life and pull her pants down over her thick ass. With her hands and mouth working at the same time, she licked down and took turns open-mouth kissing Ruben's equally large nuts before returning to the base and licking up the other side of his member.


"Fuck you're good," Ruben grunted, reaching down to bundle up her shoulder-length hair.


Not just sitting on his hands as his brother got oral sex, Mack situated himself behind his fellow agent and wasted no time in getting re-acquainted with her pussy. Leaning forward with his feet still on the ground, the taller man dipped his head low and gave a long drag of his tongue threw her pink folds. Given the hunger she exhibited while choking down Ruben's cock, he wasn't surprised to find that she was already dripping wet.


"You taste so good," he commented before doing a deeper lick.


"Well thank you," she said before getting her lips wrapped back around the thick cock dangling in her face.


After a few more probes deep in her cunt, Mack was satisfied that she was more then wet enough for the fucking ahead. Instead, the black man let his tongue ride higher so that he was licking over her puckered asshole. Using his considerable strength, the SHIELD mechanic caused her backdoor to open slightly, wide enough for his pointed tongue to cram inside.


"Mhmm...awwhhh," Skye moaned as she continued blowing the other man despite the pleasurable rimjob.


"Bro, whatever you are doing, keep it up," Ruben encouraged as Skye bobbed on half his length. "The way you're making her hum is incredible."


Mack surfaced for air after another round of lapping along her inner anal walls. He didn't reply to his brother, instead he used the chance to run his hands over the smooth, rounded surface of her perfect ass. It was insanely large for such a skinny white girl to possess, not that he was complaining. Before diving back in to munch her booty, he took one last view to commit to his memory, that of her pink pussy and tightly puckered asshole flanked on either side by a heavy cheek.


Mack couldn't help himself and pillaged back into her pussy first. Despite the fact her snatch tasted sweet and flavorful on his probing, he only had eyes for one hole. Pressing his face deep into the crevice her awesome ass made, the SHIELD agent repeated lapped at the crinkled surface of her asshole.


"Alright Mack, I need to repay the favor," Skye said, pulling away from the younger man despite spit strings still connecting her lips to his manhood.


Neither Mackenzie had an issue with her request, especially since neither one had to move as all Skye did was turn herself around so that her mouth was at Mack's dick and her ass was pointed at Ruben. As the half-Asian woman wrapped her lips around her SHIELD co-worker, the younger brother stepped up behind the cock sucking girl and lined up his tip with her slit. After dragging his head through her slick folds he immediately stuffed half his substantial length inside her.


"Holy Lord," Skye moaned, letting the thickest cock she had ever been with slip from her mouth. "That's the stuff."


Her cunt had been no stranger to getting stuff since joining SHIELD so her hole widened for Ruben without problem. After two strokes he was able to go balls deep inside her, no small feat considering he was nearly 8 inches and she was pretty damn tight. She was also gushing wet so her own natural lubrication mixed with her spit from her earlier blowjob meant that he had ample lube to be driving into her tasty twat at neck breaking speed.


As the younger Mackenzie settled into a thumping rhythm that caused her insanely thick ass cheeks to ripple due to the force, Skye was still busy on her other end. The Inhuman girl had her mouth formed in a perfect O around the older brother's massive cock as he placed his hands on the back of her head to help her take more into her mouth since her attention was naturally distracted.


"Glllkkk....kkkhhhhhh...ggllllllll," Skye hummed with each bob on his tool.


Back behind her, the shorter of the two men gave her ass a hearty slap on both sides, resulting in two red handprints forming on her sunkissed skin, not to mention the extra sensation of her tongue vibrating on the underbelly of Mack's meat pole. Hearing her moan as he spanked her filled him with even more lust, forcing him to grab her curvy hips and spike into her twat with even more urgency.


"Careful little bro, at that rate you'll be busting before long," Mack called out, at which point Skye grinned back at him as she looked over her shoulder.


Ruben blocked their words from his mind and continued his relentless hammering into the Inhuman's snug pussy. She was tight around his dick but loose enough to still take him at his top speed and for him to go as deep as he wanted, which was as much as possible. He loved the smacking noise of his skin on her ass and the way her booty clapped and bounced from the thudding. 


"How about we change things up a little," Skye spoke, her suggestion bringing nods from both. "Lay down Mack."


As good as Ruben's non-stop fucking was feeling for her as he plowed her like a dog, the ache forming in her jaw was more pressing. The man behind her agreed to her wishes and pulled out from her honey pot, which prompted Skye to straddle her injured teammate after he took his time laying flat on his back. 


Reaching back between her legs when she was perched up on her knees over his waist, Skye found his large cock and lined it up with her worn-in hole. Sitting back she felt his tip glide inside her as she let gravity do the work, getting the first 2 inches into her twat before reversing course.


"Tight white girl, isn't she," Ruben grinned at his brother as he watched the girl in question bounce on Mack's lap, taking more of his cock each time.


"Coulson didn't just hire her for her hacking skills," Mack agreed, reaching behind the half-Asian agent to roughly grope her huge ass.


Mack let the bouncing girl control the ride, allowing her to take her time getting stretched out by his surreally proportioned cock. Skye was a quick study and had most of his dick into her well-used cunt after a few minutes, even feeling comfortable enough to start riding him faster. It helped knowing that she had fucked him before so was safe in the knowledge he wasn't about to tear her in half.


"Holy crap! I can't believe it's all in," she still gasped as she sat straight up on his lap with his entire foot of cock wedged in her pink hole.


"Perfect. Now we can actually start fucking," the injured man grinned.


Leaning down and arching her back Skye did just as he suggested and started to thud her amazing ass onto his lap with greater force. Mack lifted up to capture one of her pokey nipples that were dangling right in his face as he simultaneously drove his hips upwards, spearing into her as she crashed down.


Ruben let the impressive girl get use to his brother's cock before he was going to climb on the bed and put her mouth to use, but seeing her rippling ass gave him inspiration. He disappeared from the bedroom altogether, not that either of the two people on the bed cared at all about his whereabouts.


"Yes...yess...God that's good," Skye screamed under the relentless assault.


Ruben returned and one thing was different...his cock was shining like never before. Finding an old bottle of lube from his childhood bedroom, he coated his ebony rod with the clear liquid until it was greased up. 


Skye vaguely considered that the mattress dipped back behind her as the younger Mackenzie climbed on top. In one fluid motion like they did it all the time, Ruben pressed his hand into her back and caused Skye to rest her jiggling tits on his brother's chest while Mack used his hands on her rump to pull her immense cheeks apart. With her asshole better revealed and even gaping under the strain, Ruben moved closer then pressed his tip against the center until it gave way.


"Ughh...Damn that stings every time," Skye groaned as the first 3 inches of his healthy-sized cock was buried in her anal canal.


"That's it. I'm not gonna move, you're just going to push back into me," Ruben instructed while Mack slowed his hip thrusts to crawl.


Skye listened to the man who was currently penetrating her bowels as she had reached back to grip his cock. Holding him steady while using her other hand to hold herself upright on Mack's chest, the hacker-turned-Inhuman took a minute to control her breathing before tensing her muscles and easing backwards. 


"Holy crap! There is literally two penises in me," Skye gasped, the realization of being double penetrated dawning on her finally.


The two brothers smiled as they worked in unison. Mack wasn't able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still able to push his entire length upwards. Ruben timed it that every time his brother pulled his huge dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass. 


"You okay with this? Us stretching out both your tight holes," Mack asked from underneath the big booty girl.


"Honestly I don't know why I haven't tried this sooner," Skye blurted out honestly.


She never had thought about the arrangement she had found herself in currently but now she would never not have it in her mind. Two men desiring her so much to share her body, fucking her at the same time was both mentally and physically arousing to the young SHIELD agent. So many times after field operations she would square off with one of her teammates, but after today, she could do the whole team.


"Ready for me to start fucking you," Ruben asked the girl, who until this point had been doing most of the work.


When the dark-haired girl gave a smile and a head nod, the younger Mackenzie took that as a good sign. Reaching to hold onto her shoulders, the smaller of the two men started to push his hips towards her thick butt with more vigor. Still not thrusting with his entire length, Ruben had managed to work 3/4 of his length inside her with his speed getting faster with each passing second.


"The second I saw you in those tights, I knew I had to get up inside your booty," Ruben told her.


"You can try to go deeper now. Like all the way if you want," Skye told him.


Ruben didn't hesitate, not for a second. Mack slowed down his thrusting once more as his younger brother slowed to a crawl and pushed with a steady force. Inch by inch the girl's ass ate up his cock until finally Ruben felt the familiar thick cheeks pressed against his abdominals. Spotting the chance to fill the small Inhuman completely with meat, Mack lifted his hips until he too was balls deep inside Skye.


With the sexy dark-haired woman now able to handle both their full lengths, the brothers held nothing back and Skye wanted it. With a near constant chorus of positive moans, the SHIELD Inhuman was rocked back and forth in bed as the man behind her plowed her ass while Mack poked up into her twat.


What made it all the better was Skye's willingness for more. With a hand on Mack's chest, careful to avoid his injured arm, and the other on the headboard, the phat ass girl used her arms to push back against Ruben while she rocked her hips to grind down on the bigger man's tool.


"Don't stop. You're gonna make me cum," Skye nearly screamed as the thudding of their body was echoed throughout the room.


"Do it," Ruben demanded.


Mack thought that his sexy half-Asian friend was faking how much enjoyment she was receiving from both their cocks, but they way she was moaning and the way her body movements became more jerky, he had no doubt now that she would cum. With her pitch getting louder and words more incoherent, the big man reached a hand under their stomachs and found her slit. Practically the second his finger brushed her clitoris, the girl erupted in her first orgasm while being fucked by two men simultaneously.


"OHHH....MYYYY....GGAAWWWDDD," Skye bellowed out as she reached her climax.


"Bro, let me fuck her ass now, it'll be the only chance with her being this relaxed," Mack explained as the exhausted girl rested on his chest, one of the few times he ever seemed pushy.


"Okay but first you're gonna suck our cocks," Ruben ordered while pulling out from her well used asshole.


Skye may have been spent but she was still receptive. Feeling her colon free of cock she swung her leg back over Mack and crawled back enough so that she could bend over and have both dicks in her hand. 


"Yes girl. The dirty one first," Ruben told her excitedly, his favorite kink being a girl taking his dick straight from her asshole.


Her lips were already wrapped around Ruben's tool when his comment sunk in. His manhood had seconds before been buried to the hilt in her asshole. And now she was sucking on it, her tongue gliding along the underbelly as her lips made a perfect O to completely wrap around. Banishing the thought for now, she bobbed a few times before pulling away and doing likewise to Mack's, tasting the sweet flavor of her cum on his shaft.


"Have any more of that lube," Mack asked his brother.


"Don't worry. Ruben loosened me up enough plus I've put more than enough spit on this cock," Skye explained. "It's ready for my ass."


Skye was sure to leave loads of spit all over his dick to make his passage into her anus as smooth and painless as physically possible. Straddling Mack once more only this time with her plump ass facing him, she rubbed his tip around her backdoor for a few rotations and was grateful that it retained some of its looseness from the assfucking she took by his brother. She finally positioned it right in the middle of her bumhole and slackened her knees so that gravity would pull her down and take him inside.


"Awhhh...Sweet mother of mercy," she swore as his enormous tip penetrated her ass. 


To her amazement she could feel each inch pass inside her without a great deal of discomfort. Ruben had been a very effective warm up for the main event as she found herself sinking further and further down as she rode the big man. By the time she felt Mack paw at her to rest more on his chest and give him control, he was stroking 6 inches of his massive manhood into her backdoor with relative ease.


"This girl is special," Ruben said, watching the proceeding and allowing his brother some one-on-one time.


"Plus now you know you can use one of Bobbi's battle batons as a butt plug," Mack grinned as he started thrusting harder inside her as she rubbed her pussy.


Ruben had enough time watching from the sidelines at this point so he climbed back up on the mattress and readied himself. Deciding to press both of Skye's juicy legs together, he held them against his chest as he pressed inside her pussy. It was looser then her asshole, already stretched to it's limit by his brother, but her legs together made it snug him tightly.


"Yes...this feels so good," Skye groaned as her body was savagely used by the two bodyguards.


Skye had lost track of time as she received the ragdoll treatment from the Mackenzie brothers, though both men would have eased up if she asked. Instead, they took turns pulling out and inserting themselves in their respective holes. The dark-haired Inhuman remembered vaguely cumming again, and it was this event that started the cascade for the brothers as well.


"Can't hold out any longer," Mack grunted from underneath the trio.


"Me neither," Ruben added through gritted teeth.


"Cum in my mouth," she ordered, taking command.


The two men were never going to argue with that request. They each did a few last bounces of the skinny girl's body down onto their poles before they hoisted her skyward until both cocks flopped free of her holes. Ruben moved out from between her thighs allowing Skye to promptly roll of the bed and rest on her knees. 


Nearly the second she was kneeling on the bedroom floor, the dark-haired Inhuman was flanked by both dark-skinned men. Not knowing where to go first, Skye felt Ruben's hand twist in her hair and pull her towards him. With the decision made for her she opened her mouth up to his cock, which he was currently stroking fervently and took his pussy juice-coated cock back into her mouth for the umpteenth time that afternoon. 


"Oh Lord," Ruben grunted as he felt his balls empty.


His organ hadn't been inside her for more than a few seconds until erupted in her. She loved the feel of his dick twitching between her lips as his massive wad poured out coating her tongue and occasionally blasting against the back of her throat. Based on her sexual prowess thus far, Ruben wasn't surprised in the least to see Skye drain every ounce down her throat, all while donning a huge smile.


"," Mack grunted.


The SHIELD mechanic been stroking his length watching as the curvy girl drank down his brother's cum but now he was ready to explode. Ruben was still holding her head steady as he drained in load into her mouth so Skye wasn't able to spin around to face him. He didn't want to cum on the back of her head and get it all in her hair, but the idea of cumming on her face greatly aroused him. Moving around to her side quickly, Mack got there just in time to erupt a typhoon of cum right onto her supermodel-like face. 


Skye took the first streak to the side of her face, painting her forehead, eyelid and cheekbone with his white goo. This got her attention and she fought her mouth free of Ruben's spent cock and faced Mack head-on, right in time for his second streak to fire from his slit. The Inhuman didn't have time to catch it with her mouth and instead it landed on her nose, lips and chin. 


Mack wasn't done yet, still having a reserve of much more cum, Skye was finally able to get her bearings and caught the rest of the blasts of jizz on her tongue, promptly swallowing it down before she wrapped her lips around his tip and literally sucked the last remains of cum from him. 


"Damn, that was intense," Mack announced, his hand absentmindedly rubbing his gunshot wound.


All three were now completely exhausted and covered in sweat due to the vigorous activity. Skye had dropped down into a deep kneel while absent-mindedly scooping the cum on her face into her mouth to swallow down. 


"So good," Skye added, leaning back to rest against the foot of the bed. 


"Seconded," Ruben added, still panting from the lengthy fuck session. "Now seriously, how the hell do I join SHIELD? And specifically work with you all the time!"

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