The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Intimate Alliance

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The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Intimate Alliance
Chapter 1: Reunions

AN: The following is the second volume of the Erotic Phoenix Saga. If you haven’t read the first volume, I recommend you read that first because it helps set up this story. It’s going to have a different structure in that I’ll bounce around various parts of the Marvel Universe. I hope to use this volume as a way of having Cyclops and Jean Grey hook up and get intimate with other characters. That means much of the events in this story take place within the two-year time jump that Emma Frost experienced at the end of the first volume. I still have plans for her, though, so don’t worry. You haven’t seen the last of her.

‘These mean character thoughts or psychic communication.’

Disclaimer: I do not own X-men or any other Marvel characters. They are the property of Disney. I am making no money off of this. Please don’t sue.

This story contains graphic sexual content. If you are uncomfortable with this sort of content, I discourage you from reading it. As always, I encourage everyone to submit reviews and feedback. Email it to me directly or post it on the website. Thank you and enjoy!

Headquarters Of X-Corp (Under Construction) – New Mexico

“Every great dream starts as a bold idea. Within that bold idea are often many possible journeys. It’s up to us to choose the right journey for us.”

Professor Charles Xavier had said those powerful words during orientation at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. For Jean Grey-Summers, they resonated a great deal. She first heard that speech as a scared young mutant, unsure of her place in the world. Its impact only grew as she navigated her unique journey.

She embraced Charles Xavier’s dream of peace and understanding.

She became a member of the X-Men.

She became a superhero, saving a world full of people who hated and feared her kind.

She met and fell in love with Scott Summers.

She and her love became hosts for the Phoenix Force.

They survived the ordeal, gaining a new perspective on life, love, and the connections that bound everyone and everything.

Now, having married Scott and embraced their new perspective, she was ready to begin a new journey. She and Scott had chosen to leave the X-Men, entrusting Professor Xavier to continue pursuing his dream through the capable hands of a new team led by Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Banshee. However, they weren’t done using their gifts to create a better world for humans and mutants. Along with a new perspective came a new approach that required reconnecting with old friends.

“So this is the future headquarters of X-Corp?” said an unimpressed, but upbeat Bobby Drake. “Not bad, but this place will definitely need a little TLC.”

“We’re aware of its unflattering state, Bobby. We’re plenty equipped to handle it,” assured a confident Scott Summers.

“I hope that doesn’t just mean running up the balance on Warren’s credit card,” Bobby teased.

“Trust me. It doesn’t,” the former X-Leader assured. “Our plans for X-Corp go beyond fixing up an old research facility for Worthington Pharmaceuticals.”

“No need to convince me, Scott. I’ve been going over the particulars all weekend,” said Warren as he walked alongside his old friend. “You and Jean are doing some exciting stuff…the kind that spurs investment, opportunity, and everything else my dad obsesses over every fiscal quarter.”

“It’s more than exciting, my friend,” said the always-measured Hank McCoy. “You’re attempting a bold new strategy in aligning the interests of humans and mutants. Finding others in need, teaching them to control their talents, connecting them with lucrative opportunities that will surely change their lives…it’s a beautifully nuanced, yet wonderously pragmatic approach!”

“Glad to hear you’re so excited about it, Hank,” said Jean. “That’s why Scott and I have hired you as our research and education coordinator. In terms of turning strategy into results, you’ll be on the front lines.”

“Except, instead of teaching mutants to fight Sentinels, you’ll be teaching them to develop a more productive use for their powers,” Scott added. “I won’t lie to you, Hank. It’s going to be challenging, more so than anything you’ve done at the Brand Corporation.”

“Do not try to dissuade me, my friend. I wouldn’t have resigned from my position on the spot if I weren’t enamored with X-Corp’s vision. I can think of no better use for my talents than to research, teach, and guide young mutants into more productive fields.”

“And if the results you got with that Sally Blevins kid you found, you’ll have a steady stream of investments and gratitude from Worthington Industries,” added Warren.

“Among many others, I hope,” said Scott.

The spirits of her former teammates were high, even as she and Scott led them through the blighted facility that was set to become X-Corp’s main headquarters. Bobby was right to note its poor condition. It was one of the reasons why she and Scott were able to buy it so cheaply from Warren’s father. He was only too eager to get the old pharmaceutical facility off his hands. According to his lawyer, it had been gathering dust since its main researchers were reassigned. It left behind a building that had plenty of office space, some living quarters, and several mid-level laboratories. It just lacked personnel and investment.

Jean and Scott jumped at the chance to buy it. That came as somewhat a surprise to both Warren and his dad. It was located in a part of New Mexico that didn’t have many major landmarks and the nearest city, Albuquerque, was more than 30 miles away. They had no idea that it was also less than 10 miles away from that fateful site in the desert where they’d first arrived after their encounter with the Phoenix Force.

The memories were still so fresh, landing in the desert, completely naked, and impassioned with cosmic power and newfound perspective. The idea of having X-Corp based so close to that fateful site seemed fitting. It also ensured they could pay it a visit whenever they wanted.

‘Are we ever going to tell them how close we are to our special spot in the desert, Jean?’

‘You’re assuming Logan didn’t already tell them that whole story in vivid detail.’

‘I get the sense Warren knows we chose New Mexico as X-Corp’s base for a reason. I also sense he’s very curious about everything that’s happened to us…more so than most.’

‘I know. I sense it too. And don’t worry. I’ll clear the air. For now, let’s stick to our story. We’re picking this place because it’s cheap, it’s near a major city, and we love the scenery.’

Scott cast her a loving smile as he held her hand while she latched onto his shoulder, following their former teammates through the main foyer of the facility. There was already a small army of contractors hard at work, clearing out the old amenities to make way for the new that were on their way. Many of them came courtesy of Warren and his father, who’d made Worthington Industries one of X-Corp’s first investors.

Even Warren’s father, who had his share of reservations about mutants, had seen the lucrative benefits of X-Corp’s vision. Helping Sally “Skids” Belevins find a well-paying job as a hazardous materials specialist was just the beginning. There were countless other mutants like her in the world, overwhelmed by their powers and lost in the world. X-Corp wouldn’t just give them sanctuary and purpose. They would help them become contributors for a world in which humans and mutants alike prospered.

Providing that help would take resources, more than a single billionaire could provide. As they made their way through the heart of the building and into the central hub, parts of that vision were already taking shape.

“Make no mistake, guys. We’re putting every penny of those investments to good use,” said Scott. “We’ve already designated several floors as classrooms and training areas. We’ve set up a few others to be makeshift dormitories and living quarters. And Hank, you’ll have three whole floors and the basement to use for research and lab work.”

“I only needed the basement, but you just had to compound the temptation,” Hank replied as he looked over several schematics.

“Well, since X-Corp is a non-profit organization, we have to be creative in attracting quality personnel,” said Scott.

“Good thing we’ve become so adept at channeling temptation,” said Jean coyly.

That earned her a humored grin from her husband and a curious glance from Warren, but neither Hank nor Bobby noticed. They were too busy looking at all the space they had to work with, looking up into the heart of the building and all the potential it contained.

“We’ve got plans for a makeshift Danger Room, albeit one with less emphasis on real danger,” said Scott. “Jean has also been working with the Professor to install a smaller version of Cerebro. That way we can coordinate with the X-Men, should the need arise.”

“But don’t worry. We intend to leave the Sentinel-fighting heroics to them,” added Jean. “They’ll save the world. We’ll help it prosper.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining,” said Bobby. “I’ve spent time with the X-Men, the Champions, and the Defenders…all while getting my degree from UCLA. I’m ready for a little balance in my life.”

“You think accounting will help you find balance, Bobby?” said Warren.

“Last I checked, numbers on a spreadsheet don’t shoot lasers at you or hijack nuclear missile silos,” he said with a shrug. “Besides, I can still put my Iceman skills to good use every now and then. Hell, they’re probably more valuable here in the desert.”

“We’ll need skills of all kinds to make X-Corp work,” Scott went on. “While this place is coming together, Jean and I will have to do some recruiting. We’ll need investors, donors, sponsors…everything necessary to make this a successful non-profit.”

“All without an X-jet?” Bobby noted. “You guys have your work cut out for you. So much for an extended honeymoon.”

“Don’t be so sure about that, Bobby,” said Jean, hugging her husband’s arm a little tighter.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he replied with a raised eyebrow.

“More than your immature mind can handle, I’m afraid,” quipped Scott.

Bobby cast them a bemused glance while Warren and Beast grew more curious. Jean just blushed, her lack of subtlety finally catching up with her. Scott, to his credit, maintained a more professional poise. He had to in that fresh suit he’d borrowed from Warren. They were playing the part of X-Corp’s founders. They had to put on a professional demeanor. While it came naturally for Scott, Jean found it difficult.

It was no secret that they had changed a great deal since their encounter with the Phoenix. Bobby, Hank, and Warren had learned most of the details from Professor Xavier and their former teammates. However, the didn’t know all the details. They knew she and Scott had become more open with their passions. They just didn’t know how open.

Jean intended to change that. In fact, she and Scott had already made plans. If X-Corp was to be successful, then their friends and allies should share in their perspective.

‘I think we should stop dropping hints, Scott.’

‘I agree, Jean. I don’t want to hide our renewed perspective. It needs to be part of X-Corp.’

‘It will be. I’ll make sure of it.’

‘I take it that means you’re okay with skipping the full tour.’

‘Wasn’t planning on doing a half-tour. Go show Bobby and Hank the refurbished security system. They’ll have fun testing that while you pack for your flight this evening.’

‘And you’ll handle Warren?’

‘As only I can, my love.’

Her wonderful husband, his poise never faltering for a second, gave her an affectionate kiss before turning his attention to his former teammates. He could also tell that they were still intrigued by all the changes they’d seen in them. Sharing their perspective was sure to be a challenge, but Jean sensed some would embrace it more readily than others.

“Hank, you and Bobby come with me,” said Scott, finally parting from her grasp. “I want to show you the new proximity sensors we had installed the other day. Let’s see how much of your Danger Room training you’ve forgotten.”

“You really think you can change the subject that easily, Scott?” said Bobby.

“There’s an extra-large deep-dish pizza and chicken wings for lunch on the way. I told them to deliver right outside the security gate,” added Scott.

“Extra spicy?” asked Bobby, his demeanor quickly changing.

“The spiciest they had,” the former X-Leader affirmed.

Both Bobby and Hank’s demeanor shifted. If the growls from their stomachs were any indication, they’d skipped breakfast. That gave them an opportunity to handle some personal business.

Knowing the nature of that business, Scott gestured towards his former teammates as he started making his way back to the foyer. Naturally, Hank and Bobby began following their former leader. Jean lingered back with Warren, who was more curious than hungry. Given their personal history and his company’s role in funding X-Corp, she had every intention of indulging that curiosity.

“I hate how well you know me,” said Bobby begrudgingly as he followed Scott.

“I don’t mind in the slightest,” said Hank, “and if those proximity sensors are the Mark 15’s that Charles never bought, I’d love to test them.”

“I thought you would,” said Scott.

“That’ll give Jean time to resolve a business matter with Warren.”

“It will?” said a confused Warren.

“It will,” said Jean as she grabbed onto his arm and led him towards one of the elevators. “Come! As X-Corp’s first investor, you’re already in on the ground floor. I want to show you just how far Scott and I plan to take our vision!”

Madripoor – Former Hellfire Club Facility

Time and fate were like the handle and blade of a sword. One needed the other to function. One often defined the other as it manifested in a chaotic universe. Most people were only at the mercy of time. If they were bound by fate, it was only because they believed it to be so. Madelyne Pryor could not enjoy such caveats.

“So this is where people come to escape their fate or indulge in it,” the Goblin Queen mused to herself. “I can appreciate that…to a point.”

She’d just emerged through a portal from Limbo, still fuming after Emma Frost’s unexpected escape. She tried searching for her in the various holes between realms, but that proved futile. Belasco had led her through a juncture that didn’t just let her escape. It led her to slip through broken timestreams, ensuring she couldn’t go after her.

For all she knew, Emma wouldn’t re-appear for another century. She was a lost cause. There was no way she could help her fulfill her purpose. However, Madelyne intended that first failure to be her last. That effort led her right into the heart of Madirpoor, the vibrant, yet lawless city through which the Hellfire Club did plenty of business. With the Inner Circle gone, though, it was up for grabs and Madelyne made sure she seized it.

That included a facility located in the heart of the city’s financial district. According to the files she’d stolen from their New York City Headquarters, it was the second most critical facility for the Hellfire Club. In the event that things in New York got tenuous – or any other part of the world, for that matter – the first recourse was to relocate to Madripoor. Its rich history of accommodating criminals, pirates, and corrupt organization of all kinds made it ideal.

In addition, it was also part of the Inner Circle’s contingency plan. Sebastian Shaw’s personal files even revealed that if the Inner Circle were ever destroyed, in part or in whole, it would reconvene in Madripoor to retain control of its infrastructure. The facility had networks and hubs on standby, needing only proper authorization to re-establish the Hellfire Club and keep it working.

Luckily, Madelyne made sure she had that before she abducted Emma Frost. Thanks to Sinister’s resources and Belasco’s magic, she had everything she needed to make the Goblin Queen the only true power in the Hellfire Club.

“There’s so much this world has to offer…so many unmade choices and unexplored opportunities,” the Goblin Queen mused. “I can only venture so far from my fate, but I can still chart my path towards it. Thanks to the Hellfire Club, I’ve plenty of resources to do so.”

As she made her way into the opulent penthouse of high-rise building, the lights automatically turned on. Systems, including several computer hubs and network nodes, activated as well from motion sensors. Like the headquarters in New York, the spacious room had been decorated with elaborate Victorian décor. Madelyne planned to change that the first chance she got, but for the time being, she had more pressing matters.

Upon approaching the desk, several more portals to Limbo opened around her. The screeches of her goblin minions filled the room as legions of them poured in. Along with them came a contingent of her Goblin Studs, who had done plenty to prove themselves in their failed interrogation of Emma Frost. They would all have critical roles to play and not just in terms of fighting off rivals attempting to usurp the Hellfire Club’s prestige.

Her minions now filling the room, the Goblin Queen approached the main desk that overlooked the dense cityscape of Madripoor. It was early in the morning and the sun had illuminated the elaborate streetscape below. Even from afar, she could sense a city full of corruption and decadence. In terms of finding a befitting of her purpose, she couldn’t think of a better headquarters.

“The Hellfire Club, the Inner Circle, and this city need a queen,” Madelyne said as she took in the view, “one who can appreciate the appeal of subverting fate while also embrace it.”

With a devious grin and plenty of possibilities flowing through her mind, she turned towards the desk and inserted a special flash drive into the laptop. It belonged to Sebastian Shaw and wasn’t supposed to be accessible, even if he were dead. Thanks to some hardware she took from Sinister and a little magic she channeled from Limbo, it broke the encryption in seconds.

The screen turned on, briefly flashing the former emblems of the Hellfire Club. That emblem quickly transformed into something that Madelyne had designed herself. In the process, the networks and hubs throughout the room flickered, the lights on the hardware changing color, as if to reflect the will of a new owner. Both her goblin minions and her Goblin Studs grew excited. They could also sense the air of change around them.

“Fate or no fate, I will take control of what I need. Others won’t stand in my way. They won’t even want to,” Madelyne said as the systems rebooted in accord with her plans. “However, assets only go so far, even in places like Madripoor. To truly guide fate, I require personnel.”

After a few minutes, the systems finished loading. At that moment, Madelyne Pryor became the ultimate authority of the Hellfire Club and one of the most powerful figures in Madripoor. Every asset, resource, and bank account they controlled belonged to her.

However, money and connections weren’t among her chief concerns. Finding the right personnel was a higher priority. Now that the Hellfire Club’s network was hers to control, she used it to open a new set of files detailing some notable figures. Some of them were individuals that the Hellfire Club had been tracking. Others were individuals of interest that Sinister had monitored.

Not all of them would be useful in aiding her efforts. Some, however, had great interest.

“Daken Akihiro…Cletus Cassidy…Ophelia Sarkissian…Raven Darkholme,” the Goblin Queen said as she read over a list of names and profiles, “you’re all on your own path, thinking you know your destiny. That’s going to change. One way or another, my fate will be tied to yours…and so many others!”

X-Corp Headquarters – Penthouse

“Life, love, and connection. Perspective, persistence, and prosperity,” said Jean Grey-Summers proudly. “This is X-Corp’s main vision. Our efforts are the path we forge in pursuit.”

“It’s a hell of a vision, Jean,” said a skeptical, yet intrigued Warren Worthington III, “which is why I’m so concerned about this little caveat you’ve thrown in.”

“It’s not a caveat, Warren. This is me convincing you that you can be more than just an investor.”

“You sound awfully certain.”

“I like to think I’m confident. I also like to think I know you more intimately than most prospective partners.”

Warren cast her a bemused, but curious glance. Her coy undertone was not the same as the Jean he’d known when they were still X-Men. It wasn’t even the voice of the same woman he’d pursued romantically for a brief while. They’d both changed a great deal since they left the team, but she doubted Warren’s personal growth involved encounters with a cosmic force.

Sitting across from him at a small conference table located in the corner of the top-floor penthouse, Jean had made significant preparations. To her, Warren wasn’t just an old teammate, a dear friend, and a former love interest. He wasn’t just an investor with deep pockets, either.

Warren had a good heart. Even before he joined the X-Men, he had the spirit of a real hero. She’d seen him save lives and fight for others, in and out of his costume. He strived to be a guardian angel in a way befitting of his wings. However, he also had a tendency to separate his Angel persona from that of Warren Worthington III, heir to Worthington Industries and its vast wealth.

Others sensed it, but few pointed it out to him. Warren tried to be a hero in spite of his wealth and not because of it. As a result, he’d never truly channeled his wealth as part of those efforts. X-Corp could change that. That was why Jean had prepared a special file of documents that she and Scott had prepared through a lawyer with close ties to Charles Xavier. She also picked up a bottle of champagne and two glasses, which had been delivered earlier.

“Warren, I know you and I didn’t remain close after we broke up,” said Jean in a more serious tone.

“Did we really break up? That implies we were actually official at one point,” Warren retorted.

“Does it matter how official we were? There was interest. That, neither of us can deny. And that’s a shame because there was a lot we could’ve done to help each other. We both had our share of issues after leaving the X-Men. You know what happened to me when I got pulled back in. I know what happened to you too when you followed Bobby to Los Angeles.”

“Well, it’s not like Bobby could keep his mouth shut,” said Warren, rolling his eyes.

“He didn’t have to. In hindsight, we left the X-Men at the right time, but for the wrong reasons. We looked to forge our own path, but struggled to find one. We had the desire, but not the direction…or the perspective, for that matter.”

“I’m not disagreeing with anything you’re saying so far, Jean. At some point, you’re going to take this in a direction I won’t like. I don’t care how much money I’ve invested in X-Corp. You don’t have to butter me up.”

Jean paused for a moment, giving both her and Warren a moment to prepare for the choice that awaited them. She could only do so much to mitigate the impact of what she was about to propose. Rather than frame it as a formality between old friends, she decided to make it personal.

Skipping the rest of conversation she’d planned, Jean opened the file and moved it over to Warren. The documents it contained reflected the new path that she and Scott hoped to forge with X-Corp. It also put Warren in a position to follow that path in his own unique way.

“Jean, what am I looking at?” Warren asked her as he eyed the documents. “Keep in mind, my dad had me reviewing legal documents twice as thick when I was in grade school.”

“It’s both a contract and an offer…one that involves you acting as a chief mediator between X-Corp and its partners,” Jean said. “Part of that role, however, requires you reconnecting with Worthington Industries.”

“Something you know is a touchy subject for me,” the winged mutant pointed out.

“I know,” she conceded, “but I promise there’s a larger reason behind it.”

She gave Warren a brief moment to read over the document. She could already tell by his dour expression that he was not thrilled with the prospect. Things between him, his father, and his company had not been great since he joined the X-Men. His father had never been fond of his heroics. Having a mutant for a son was often framed as a problem, both for him and his family company.

Warren rightly resented his father’s attitude. It was a big reason why they grew distant. At times, things were downright hostile. The idea of returning to his father and re-establishing himself in the same company that pushed him away didn’t sit well. However, X-Corp gave him incentive beyond mending family ties.

“You said it yourself. X-Corp proved its approach can work,” Jean said to him. “One single mutant in one single instance helped Worthington Industries and its bottom line. The opportunity was there. The mutant in need was there. We needed only the connection. Now, there’s another opportunity, Warren…one that requires a much deeper connection.”

“And it also requires I deal with a company and a father that I’ve kept at arm’s length for a good reason,” he pointed out.

“Yes. It does,” said Jean, not hiding from that hard truth. “It’s a challenge…one I know is more personal to you than I can put into any document. But it’s one that can help a lot of people…mutants like Sally Blevins and ordinary humans who work for your father’s company.”

“You’re telling me things I already know, Jean,” said Warren more intently. “I know what the documents say. I know what spreadsheets say. I’m completely okay with offering money and access. Now, you’re asking me to run towards something I’ve been running away from since my wings formed. You really expect me to be okay with that?”

He was getting worked up. Jean didn’t blame him. She knew she was asking a lot of him, going back into a world he’d been avoiding for years. Jean hadn’t forgotten how much Warren resented his father for putting his company image over his winged son. The prospect of rebuilding his relationship with his father and his family’s company carried all sorts of baggage.

In an effort to ease the tension, Jean reached across the table and grasped his hand in hers. With her touch, she conveyed whatever hope and strength she could. She’d let so many issues go unresolved when they left the X-Men. She couldn’t put them off a moment longer.

“Warren,” Jean said, “I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing. X-Corp can work fine with you acting as nothing more than an investor. Bobby already crunched the numbers. We’ve got what we need.”

“So why are you looking at me like this is so important?” he asked intently.

“Because it is important…to you, to me, and to everything we’ve fought for,” she told him. “It’s not about X-Corp, Worthington Industries, or the X-Men. It’s about us using what we have to do what we can for something we believe in.”

“We do plenty of that with my wings and your mind,” Warren pointed out.

“And we can do more. I want to do more,” she said strongly. “That’s what the Phoenix showed me. In terms of my newfound perspective, it’s the second most important thing I learned from it.”

“Only the second?” he questioned.

“It’s still important because that perspective empowered me to take a chance and seek a new path. You have that chance too. What you do with it is up to you. Just know that Scott and I believe in you. The question is…how much do you believe in yourself?”

Jean let go of his hand. She also diverted her gaze, not looking to push him into making his choice. She remembered how much Warren resented pretty girls trying to guilt or tempt him into doing their bidding. She’d done it more than once when they were interested in one another and he’d told her that his ex-girlfriend, Candy Southerner, had gotten it down to a science.

It had to be his choice. The Phoenix Force had shown her – and in some very distressing ways, no less – how bad things could get when someone made critical choices for the wrong reasons. She couldn’t let that happen, especially to those she cared about.

Jean could still feel Warren’s gaze on her. She sensed him studying her demeanor, looking for reasons to second-guess whatever choice he ultimately made. He practically dared her to give him another incentive, one that would’ve made his choice easier, but not nearly as genuine. She didn’t take that chance. She trusted her winged friend to do the right thing.

Finally, after a long silence that lingered in the spacious penthouse, Warren smiled and retrieved the pen.

“You really have grown since your time as Marvel Girl,” he said to her. “I still can’t wrap my head around it, but I do know this…I like it. And I’d like to see where you and Scott are taking this.”

Then, with a pride and certainty befitting of an angel, Warren signed the dotted lines on the document. Jean gasped his hand again and gave him a beaming smile. Her trust in her friends had once again been rewarded.

“I hope you understand what I’m agreeing to here,” he told her as he put down the pen.

“Well, most importantly, you’re agreeing to be X-Corp’s chief corporate liaison,” Jean said curtly. “You get to rub shoulders with top investors, partners, and beneficiaries.”

“I’m also legally binding myself to this vision,” said Warren. “I can’t avoid dealing with my father, my family’s company, or anything else from that world I’ve tried to keep at arm’s length. I wouldn’t just be breaking this contract. I’d be failing you, Scott, and the Professor.”

“You won’t. You’re too good a man and you don’t fail your friends…even ex-girlfriends.”

“Especially, ex-girlfriends,” he added. “The fact you want me for this role proves I did something right with you.”

“You did, Warren…more than you know.”

Her former boyfriend’s commitment made it official. X-Corp hadn’t just secured a critical investor and gained an important ally with access to wealthy donors. It had reunited the original five X-Men. It also gave Jean a chance to reconnect with someone with whom she drifted apart.

She and Warren might not have had much chemistry during those formative years in the X-Men, but it had a significant impact on her…one that she had come to appreciate much more since her encounter with the Phoenix Force. Jean had hoped to resolve some of those issues by bringing Warren into X-Corp. In addition, there were a few other more personal issues she hoped to confront.

“Well, you got my signature. X-Corp officially has a well-connected corporate liaison with wings and a private jet,” Warren said as he closed the file and set it aside. “I take it this is where we celebrate with champagne and a handshake.”

“That sounds befitting of old friends forging a new business partnership,” said Jean as she used her telekinesis to retrieve the bottle and glasses. “For a couple of ex-flames, however…we need something more.”

“Like what? An awkward hug?” laughed the winged mutant.

“I was thinking something more intimate.”

Warren glanced at her with a raised eyebrow. Jean just kept smiling, her expression taking on a more mischievous undertone. She and Scott had previously discussed the need to resolve old personal issues that they had once been eager to ignore. Their new cosmic perspective had shown them the merits of confronting them directly. They also learned there was plenty of room to make those intimate connections more memorable.

With the winged mutants confused, yet curious glance on her, Jean let go of his hand, rose up from her seat, and moved the chair aside. Then, in another act that showed how much she’d changed from the woman he knew, she started taking off her clothes.

“Um…Jean?” said Warren in disbelief.

“It’s okay, Warren. I know what I’m doing,” Jean assured him as she unbuttoned her blouse.

“I don’t doubt that, but…what exactly is this?”

“It’s what you think it is…and maybe a little more than that.”

She spoke with an intensely seductive tone, one that must have seemed unthinkable for any man who’d dated her teenage self. Warren’s mouth hung open in awe as he watched her cast off the blouse of her overpriced female business attire, exposing the purple lace bra she’d worn underneath. His awe only grew when she unzipped her skirt, casually slid it down her thighs, and kicked off her heels, leaving her in just her matching lace underwear.

She didn’t stop there. Before Warren could admire her tastes in fancy underwear, she undid the clasp of her bra and slipped it off, allowing her breasts to come tumbling out. Warren had seen her in various stages of undress before, the most revealing being that time they went to the beach and she wore a bikini for the first time. However, he had never seen her naked, let alone had sex with her. Even at their most intimate, their relationship never made it that far.

“Champagne is a nice way to celebrate a successful deal. So is a handshake and a hug,” said Jean as she casually stood before Warren, still in just her panties. “For this particular occasion, I prefer sex.”

“You say it like it’s so…standard,” said Warren, still too shocked to react.

“It doesn’t have to be,” Jean said with a casual shrug. “This is personal. You and I had a thing once. The spark was there, but not much else. We didn’t take it that far. We didn’t much of an effort, either.”

“Are you saying that was a mistake?”

“A mistake? No. A missed opportunity? Definitely! And in the interest of celebrating this partnership, I’d like to rectify that.”

Still carrying herself with the seductive sex appeal that the Phoenix Force had awakened, Jean casually strode over to the well-dressed man with angel wings and deep pockets. She could feel his eyes eagerly scanning her exposed body, giving extra scrutiny to her breasts.

Sensing how much he admired her topless form, she made sure they were right in his face when she sat down on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and straddling his waist. To further belabor her point – and how horny she felt, for that matter – she roughly grinded her pelvis against his crotch, which got his blood flowing in all the right directions.

“Jean,” Warren said, gasping at the feeling of her semi-nude body in his grasp, “so those colorful rumors about you and Scott…”

“Are true…to a point,” Jean said playfully. “I figure Logan threw in some lurid details.”

“I still don’t believe it,” he said, already short of breath and clinging to the arms of his chair. “You and Scott…the most loving couple anyone has ever seen…are suddenly so open.”

“That’s one way of putting it.”

“I just…can’t wrap my head around it.”

He was still overwhelmed. What she did were not in line the actions of the younger, more reserved Jean Grey he’d briefly dated. Jean sensed him hesitating, but she also saw desire in his eyes. She felt it in his pants too in the form of a growing erection. She was the girl he never got far with, but had clearly thought about in his passing fantasies.

“Don’t get me wrong, Jean. You are beautiful,” he went on. “I did have those thoughts about you. Your tits alone are…”

“Stay focused, Warren,” she told him, now caressing his face. “This doesn’t have to be that complicated. I love Scott. We’re happily married. Our perspectives on love, sex, and intimacy have changed a great deal after our encounter with the Phoenix Force.”

“So that means…” the winged mutant said before letting his words trail off again.

“Yes,” Jean affirmed, “it means we’re less inclined to suppress our passion and more inclined to embrace them. That also means we have sex with other people for reasons that vary as much as any passion.”

“And in this case, it involves celebrating a deal and enjoying the company of an old crush…one you never slept with.”

“Now, you’re getting it!” said Jean.

His demeanor relaxed. He released his grip on the chair and traced them up her thighs, feeling her up in ways he’d only done sparingly when they were an item. Jean let out a purr of approval, grinding her hips against his crotch even harder. It left no ambiguity about what she wanted and why.

The way Jean saw it, her and Scott’s new perspective involved embracing untapped passions. It was part of the life, love, and connection mantra that the Phoenix Force had imparted to them. That also included passions that had faded, but still carried meaning.

“Okay, then,” said Warren after his hands settled on her butt. “So we’re really doing this. We’re going to have sex to celebrate this new partnership…to resolve old feelings…and to enjoy your sexually fluid marriage.”

“I’m also really horny. Don’t forget about that.”

“I can sense that,” he said, gulping somewhat as his member grew harder within his pants. “It’s…a new side of you, Jean.”

“And it’s a side I’ve come to appreciate,” she told him. “Scott was the first to enjoy it. Now, it’s your turn. And I promise you’ll enjoy it too!”

Warren opened his mouth to say something, but Jean’s desire overrode her patience. She kissed the winged mutant. It effectively silenced him, allowing basic lust to take over. Jean, already channeling the sexy spirit that the Phoenix Force helped her embrace, set the tone.

After acquainting her tongue with his, giving him a moment to taste her lips and feel around the exposed flesh he hadn’t touched when they were together, she slipped off his lap and dropped to her knees. Then, with skilled hands and the aid of her telekinesis, she undid his belt buckle and his pants. Once again, Warren had to cling to the chair as she worked her magic, pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles.

His manhood now free, Jean watched it grow before her eyes. In the same way he’d never seen her naked, she’d never seen him, either. At one point in her life, Warren Worthington III could’ve been the first man she slept with. She’d entertained such seamy thoughts on more than one occasions in her youth. Even though they’d never made it that far, the idea of turning those old feelings into something beautiful seemed fitting.

As part of that effort, she eagerly leaned in and grasped his manhood with both hands. Then, with a level of skill and eagerness that reflected that sexy side he’d never known, she began giving him oral sex.

“Damn, Jean!” gasped Warren as soon as he felt her lips on his cock. “Ooh fuck, I’m enjoying this already!”

‘It gets better, Angel…much better,’ Jean told him via telepathy.

True to her word, she went to work, sucking up and down the length of his dick, her soft lips gliding effortlessly along his many contours. She squeezed and stroked him off every step of the way, getting him harder and more aroused by the second. Such skills were not the mark of the sweet, yet reserved girl he’d known. They were proof that Jean Grey-Summers was a woman reborn.

On top of her intimate sucking, Warren grasped her head, running his fingers through her read hair. He was getting so hard. She could feel the burning desire throbbing in his veins. Then, in an unexpected display that caught even a powerful psychic off-guard, Warren let out a deep groan as his wings shot out, tearing through parts of his expensive Armani suit.

“Good heavens!” Jean said, briefly looking up from her kneeled position.

“Relax,” he said with a half-grin, “I’ll buy another.”

Like a man possessed, he rose up from his seat and tore off the rest of his shirt and blazer. He paid no mind to the ripped dress shirt or the wrinkled tie that came with it. Finally, he could let his wings unfurl completely. Between her couched position and the lighting of the penthouse, he looked more angelic than usual. It was enough to make Jean’s inner thighs heat up rapidly.

“My handsome, hung angel,” Jean said as she gazed up at him. “Take me!”

“Only you could make something so sweet sound so sexy, Jean,” he said to her.

He extended his hand, further adding to his angelic aura. Jean, having had her share of oral sex, accepted the gesture and returned to her feet. Warren then lifted her up in his arms, much to her delight, and set her down on the fancy mahogany table, right next to the file containing the documents he’d just signed. He still had plenty of strength from all that Danger Room training.

Working with divine urgency, Warren grasped the sides of her panties and removed them. Jean leaned back on her arms and lifted her hips so he could get them off, leaving her as naked as him. She half-expected him to take a moment to admire her nude form. That moment never came. As soon as he tossed her panties aside, he got between her legs, grabbed hold of her thighs, and guided his rigid cock to her moist entrance.

“We never got to do this,” the winged mutant said, his voice already dazed with lust, “to be together…to feel each other.”

“It just didn’t work between us, Warren,” Jean said, “and that’s okay. We can still enjoy this. I want to enjoy this.”

“Me too. God, I want it!”

“Then, do it. Have sex with me. Enjoy it!”

Still leaning back on her arms, she beckoned him with her seductive eyes. Warren responded with an eager grin and a hard thrust. In a single, fluid motion, he entered her pussy. In that moment, a lost feeling became real sensations.

“Ohhh fuck, that’s tight!” said Warren.

“Mmm…I feel it,” Jean purred, “so hard and deep!”

After taking in that hot feeling of her womanly flesh surrounding his manly member, the more active parts of sex took over. Warren began his heated humping motions, rhythmically working his flesh inside her. He quickly established a rapid pace, tightening his grip on her thighs and holding her legs apart. He rocked her body with every movement, causing her breasts to bounce and her butt to slide around on the polished wood.

It was so hot and raw. Jean had heard from Candy Southerner, Warren’s most recent ex-girlfriend, that he liked a fast and furious kind of sex. She even joked that his avian biology meant he had to more rapid with his sensual rhythms. Jean now knew that had been no joke. Warren definitely liked it rough. Moreover, he knew how to make it feel great.

“Yes! Yes! Ooh yes!” Jean moaned, encouraging him even more. “Like that, Warren! Do me…like that!”

“You mean…like this!” he said with a mischievous grin.

The winged mutant stepped up the pace of their sex, thrusting harder and pounding away, pumping his cock into her vagina like a well-oiled piston. He even lifted her legs up a little more, humping her at an angle that rocked her world even more. It was so intense that her arms could no longer support her.

Just as they collapsed, though, he used his majestic wings to catch her. Suddenly, Jean felt her naked body surrounded in a feathery embrace. It was a new, unusual feeling, but one she enjoyed immensely. It felt uniquely intimate for someone like Warren. It was enough to get her to the brink of orgasm.

“Yes! Like that, Warren! Just…like that!” Jean cooed. “Oohhh you’re going to make me come!”

It happened sooner than she’d expected, but Jean certainly didn’t mind. She just immersed herself in Warren’s feather embrace, fondling her bouncing breasts with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other to ger her to that edge.

She felt Warren’s gaze narrow on her, as though the sight of her having an orgasm was more meaningful than the actual sex. He must have fantasized about it more than once, even after they’d broken up and she’d gotten with Scott. Seeing that fantasy become a reality meant something to him. Having experienced his share of harsh realities since his wings sprouted, she understood why it mattered. It gave her a good reason to be exceedingly animated when she climaxed.

“Ohhh Warren!” Jean cried out.

The feeling hit and the fantasy became real. A hot ball of pleasure formed in her core and spread out in all directions, rippling through her nerves in blissful waves. She made it a point to squeeze her breasts, throw her head back, and curl her toes so that the winged mutant could see her in the throughs of ecstasy. It sent the right message.

“And they say I look angelic,” he said.

“Mmm…you going to just stare?” said Jean through her orgasmic daze.

“Only for a bit,” said Warren. “Don’t worry. I’m not done!”

Warren kept her in his feathery embrace until the ecstasy passed. While she was still catching her breath, the winged mutant shifted her body, withdrawing from her briefly so he could turn her over and pin her to the table. Both his wings and his arms made it an easy transition.

Now bent over, her breasts pressing up against the polished wood while she clung to the side, Warren re-positioned himself behind her and aligned his cock with her dripping-wet slit. Parts of her body still throbbed from her release, but she still ached for more sex. She even parted her legs slightly and shook her hips, inviting him back into her intimate warmth.

Warren accepted the invitation. He grabbed hold of her hips, drove his pelvis forward, and thrust his still-throbbing cock into her vagina, quickly re-establishing the heated rhythm. He went at it even harder than before. The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt filled the whole penthouse, along with his determined grunts.

“Jean…so sexy and fiery,” Warren said through determined grunted. “It feels…so good! Going to…make me come!”

“Yes, Warren! Yes!” Jean exclaimed. “Harder! Do it harder! I can take it!”

Heeding her cries, Warren hammered away, humping and pumping into her in pursuit of his peak. Jean did her part, supplementing his rapid movements by rocking her body and tensing her inner muscles. That hot, throbbing feeling around his manhood helped draw him down the same path of ecstasy from which she’d just ventured.

Like an angel ascending to the heavens, Jean sensed Warren getting closer. She could even hear his wings fluttering rapidly, the feathers grazing over her naked skin, adding more unique sensations to their sex. In the final push, he lifted one of her legs so he could thrust in at just the right angle. She held on for him, gripping the edge of the table as her naked skin grazed over it. When he crossed that heavenly threshold, his wings flapped loudly and he let out moan of euphoria.

“Oohhh yeah!”

The heated movements stopped. For a brief moment, only his dick and her pussy did the work. She felt his member tense in her folds as he released a thick load of cum into her vagina, mixing with the lingering juices she’d released from her own orgasm. As Warren soaked in the feeling, he leaned over, cupped her breasts from behind, and buried his face in her shoulder.

‘An angel can have a devilish side…just as cosmic forces can have a human side. You can’t have one without the other. Embracing both keep things in perspective.’

It was a powerful message and one Jean doubted he’d forget. Between the voice of a cosmic power and the heavenly bliss of great sex, she felt she’d made it memorable for all the right reasons. Warren seemed to agree as he settled into a post-coital afterglow.

“You’re really something, Jean,” he said as he caught his breath. “Scott is a lucky man…far luckier than I thought.”

“And I’m a lucky woman, having a husband who shares my perspective of life, love and connection,” said Jean.

“Well, I’d say we got the connection part down…officially and unofficially.”

They both laughed, sharing a friendly kiss before parting their bodies. Warren remained winded, needing to lean on the table for support. Jean just turned around and hopped back up onto it, sitting casually on the polished wood with her legs draped over the edge. As her winged friend processed the feeling and insights she’d they just shared, she used her telekinesis to retrieve the champagne and glasses.

“In that case, I think now’s the time to share a celebratory drink,” Jean said.

“Yeah…I could definitely use a drink,” he said with a humored grin.

“I’ll even make the toast,” she said as she popped the cork and poured the bubbly substance into the glasses. “To our first major benefactor, a reunion of old friends, and the future of X-Corp!”

“And to great sex between two old flames,” Warren added as he took the glass.

“That too,” she laughed.

They each tapped glasses before taking a drink. Somehow, champagne after a lucrative deal and satisfying sex tasted even better. Warren seemed to agree, not minding in the slightest that they were still naked and sweaty from their intimate activities.

She sensed none of the same skepticism he’d shown earlier. Afterglow aside, Warren Worthington III looked ready and eager to help X-Corp realize its vision. For an organization still working on its headquarters, it was a promising start.

“With incentives like this, X-Corp will be up and running in no time!” Warren said confidently. “The only challenge will be getting the right people in the right places.”

“I’m not too worried about that,” said Jean as she finished her glass. “Scott is already working on that.”

“Is he now?” Warren said with another curious eyebrow.

“He’s got a trip tonight,” she said, her voice not hiding the lurid subtext. “I trust his meeting will be every bit as productive as ours.”

“Trust me, Jean. If this is how you and Scott are going to do business, then X-Corp has a hell of a future!”

American West University – Geology Lab

Every family had its way of mending broken ties. Friends came and went. Lovers got together and broke up. Family was different. Family bonds were inescapable. They could either be a burden or a curse. At times, they had been both for Scott and Alex Summers.

They’d been torn apart by forces beyond their control, having spent a good chunk of their lives thinking the other was dead. Even when their paths crossed again, they didn’t realize their connection until after they’d rebuilt their lives and set out on divergent paths. They had more than a few chances to come together and be a family again. Being in the X-Men and helping one another in pursuit of Charles Xavier’s dream could’ve helped bridge the gap that began with a fateful plane crash.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out. Alex ultimately left the X-Men and Scott blamed himself for much of it. In hindsight, he didn’t make the effort to reconnect with his brother when he had the chance. Not knowing if he would get more chances, he was determined to make one final effort.

“I’m sorry, Scott. I’m still having a hard time with this,” said a restless and skeptical Alex Summers.

“What’s so hard about it?” Scott asked. “I’m not asking you or Lorna to throw away everything you’ve built. I’m not even asking you to give the X-Men another chance. I’m here because we have a real opportunity with X-Corp.”

“That’s not the part I’m struggling with. What gets me is you, coming out here and surprising us in the middle of a lab test. On top of that, you’re talking to me like I’m your brother and not some former teammate who left under less-than-ideal circumstances.”

“How is any of that a bad thing?”

“Did I say it was bad?” Alex quipped. “It’s just…unexpected.”

Scott didn’t blame Alex for feeling that way. He hadn’t warned his brother that he’d be visiting him and Lorna. However, there was a reason for that. He knew his brother well and he knew him too. Setting up a simple meeting was fraught with complications. Like him, Alex was stubborn. He wasn’t going to abide by someone else’s plan. Scott had tried that before and it always failed. That was why he decided to try a different approach.

It came with risks. He’d flown out to American West University shortly after Hank, Bobby, and Warren finalized their role in X-Corp. He didn’t contact Alex or his girlfriend, Lorna, ahead of time. He’d learned from Bobby, Lorna’s ex-boyfriend who’d somehow kept in touch with her, that she and Alex would be in the geology lab alone to finish their last assignment. They were set to graduate with degrees in geology in less than a month. That meant they had important decisions to make regarding the course of their future.

Scott, not knowing whether he’d get another chance, confronted them in the lab in the late hours of the afternoon. Most of the other students and professors had already left, leaving Alex and Lorna alone to work on their assignment. Near as he could tell, he confronted them just as they were finishing up. His presence genuinely surprised them, but not nearly as much as the offer he’d just made.

Scott hadn’t told them every detail about what happened with him, Jean, and the Phoenix Force. He tried to focus on X-Corp, how they could contribute towards its mission, and the benefits they could reap. Even someone as stubborn as Alex couldn’t cast it aside easily, but that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be complications. He sensed reservations from Lorna, as well.

“I’m not looking to rekindle any sibling tensions here, but even I’m surprised, Scott,” added Lorna. “It’s one thing to reach out to us after we’ve had time to cool off. It’s quite another to just show up making bold offers while claiming sudden insights.”

“If I’d called you, would you have picked up?” Scott asked with folded arms.

“Come on, Scott. That’s not fair,” said Alex.

“Maybe it isn’t, but it makes an important point. I could’ve made the same offer any number of ways. I could’ve sent you a detailed package that laid out every aspect of X-Corp’s mission. The strategy, the people, the risks, the rewards, and even the timing of it all…I could’ve shown you everything. It still wouldn’t convince you. Tell me I’m wrong.”

“I want to try, but we’re not good at lying to each other,” said Alex.

“And you’re a terrible liar, on top of that,” added Lorna, earning her a bemused glance from her lover.

“That’s why I had to show up like this…unexpected, unannounced, and without an elaborate plan,” Scott said. “This way, you know I’m serious. I believe in what Jean and I are doing…and I want you two to be part of it.”

Scott took a step closer to Alex and Lorna, who still looked at him with a mix of skepticism and curiosity. Wearing their lab coats and casual attire underneath, which was typical of a couple of college students eager to graduate, they didn’t seem inclined to make major, life-changing decisions. Scott had made those kinds of decisions regularly in the X-Men and expected too many to make similar decisions.

To convince his brother to choose the path he’d laid out with X-Corp, he needed to convince him of more than his sincerity. Thanks to the perspective and insights of the Phoenix Force, Scott was confident that he could get through to his estranged sibling.

“You guys did great things in the X-Men. You can’t deny that,” Scott went on.

“We never did,” said Alex, “but that didn’t mean we were going to stay.”

“I know that now. And yes, I realize I gave you both a hard time for choosing to leave when you did.”

“At least you weren’t as bitter as Bobby,” Lorna added. “That didn’t help things.”

“You did what you thought was best and the superhero life just wasn’t it for you. That’s okay. That’s not what X-Corp is all about. We want to keep fighting for Charles Xavier’s dream, but not just by saving the world and destroying Sentinels.”

“Not going to lie. I kind of enjoyed that part,” Lorna said with a half-grin.

“You would,” said Alex, rolling his eyes.

“The X-Men are still fighting those battles. X-Corp will fight on a different front…one that helps young mutants build meaningful that don’t involve hiding who they are. They can be part of a society that hates and fears them. They can actively contribute to it. Over time, and with enough contributions, people will have fewer reasons to cling to that hate and fear.”

“In a perfect scenario, maybe,” Alex said.

“That’s the beauty of it, Alex. It doesn’t have to be perfect,” said Scott. “We don’t have to win every battle. We just have to win enough to show the world that we can do our part. Just look at what you two are working on. You have all the proof you need right in front of you.”

Scott, determined to make his point, turned towards the large hunk of blackened rock that Alex and Lorna had been working on. It was sitting atop a small platform in the center of the table, surrounded by a mix of scanners and scales.

It definitely wasn’t an ordinary rock, even though it was no bigger than a penny. They wouldn’t have been studying it so intently if it were. It had already been cut, revealing a crystalline interior that sparkled under the bright lighting of the lab. Thanks to his connection with a cosmic force, Scott could sense its value.

“This rock came from a meteor,” Scott said. “It has elements and materials inside it that are rare and potentially valuable.”

“So you know the basics of our final exam,” said Alex, still not impressed, but still very curious. “Where are you going with this, Scott?”

“I don’t have to go far. You two can do plenty with your geology degree, studying and researching exotic rocks for whoever may be interested…be it the school or some mining company overseas. However, you also have skills that no other geologist has. If you want, you can blast your way to rocks that nobody else could get to. If they happen to contain metal, you can manipulate them in ways no one else could.”

“We’re aware of those advantages,” said Lorna. “We try not to rely on them too much.”

“I’m not saying you should,” said Scott. “Even without X-Corp, you two could make use of your powers and knowledge. You might even carve out a nice, stable living together…sharing simple lives where you would never cross paths with any X-Men or evil Brotherhood.”

“Are you going to tell me that’s a bad thing?” said Alex.

“Not at all,” said Scott. “I’m just saying that if you choose that path, you’ll be missing out. You can still have that life I mentioned. With X-Corp, though…it can be more rewarding.”

He had their full attention now. Scott could sense it. They still weren’t convinced, but they weren’t nearly as skeptical. He expected, as such. To really convince his brother and Magneto’s estranged daughter, he couldn’t just make promises. He had to prove himself.

With that in mind, Scott commenced the next part of his plan that Jean had helped him lay out. In an act that caught both Alex and Lorna by surprise, he removed his ruby-quartz glasses to reveal his glowing red eyes. That alone was striking. They knew as well as any former X-Men that he couldn’t control his optic blasts without the aid of his glasses. That wasn’t the only revelation he had in store for them.

“Whoa,” said Lorna.

“Scott…your eyes,” said Alex. “When did that happen?”

“Around the same time this happened,” said Scott.

At that moment, he summoned the power of the Phoenix Force, surrounding his body in its fiery, raptor-shaped halo. It filled the lab with its powerful, golden glow, causing lights to flicker and equipment to shake.

Initially, Alex and Lorna looked concerned. Scott quickly allayed those concerns when he channeled the cosmic power into the small meteor in his hand, causing it to glow brilliantly in a bright, pinkish hue.

“Okay, that’s new,” said Alex.

“Bobby told me you and Jean went through some kind of experience, but he never mentioned this,” said Lorna.

“I wish I had time to tell you everything…from the moment Jean and I encountered the Phoenix Force to the moment we realized the extent of its power,” said Scott. “But to really appreciate it and the perspective it gave us, I need to show you. Thankfully, the crystals in this rock have some cosmic resonance to them. That means it can store certain aspects of the Phoenix Force.”

“What kind of aspects?” asked Alex intently.

“Here…see for yourself,” said Scott with a knowing grin.

With his eyes still glowing and a light halo surrounding his body, he used the Phoenix Force to levitate the glowing rock in his hand. Then, he floated it over towards Alex and Lorna until it hovered between them.

Under its fiery light, they just looked at it in awe. It was like seeing a miniature star in all its glory. It wasn’t hot, but it was very warm. Like a beacon calling out to them, it drew them in.

“It’s beautiful,” said Lorna.

“It’s something else. That’s for sure,” said Alex. “Is it stable?”

“It’s safe. I promise,” assured Scott. “Go ahead and touch it. Just know that it’s likely to have certain effects.”

“What kind of effects?” asked Alex.

Before Scott could reply, Lorna took a step closer to the rock. She was already so enchanted, putting her hand up so that she could feel its pulsating energy.

“Honestly, I’d rather he not tell us,” said Lorna. “I want to…no, I need to see for myself.”

“Want and need…now there’s something that we’ve struggled with in the past.”

“Well, here’s your chance to bridge the gap,” said Scott. “That is…if you’re ready for it.”

Neither Alex nor Lorna said a word. They just approached the glowing rock, drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Already, it evoked something within them that had been conflicted and dormant. Scott expected that. What happened afterwards, however, depended entirely on whether his brother and his girlfriend could handle a new perspective.

They ultimately made their choice, exchanging brief glances to affirm their decision. Then, acting together, they reached out and touched the glowing rock together. Almost immediately, it had an impact.

“Oh my…” Lorna gasped.

“Wow!” Alex exclaimed.

In a flash, the glowing energy from the rock surrounded them. Like a conduit completing a circuit, the cosmic fire flowed into them. They each let out a gasp, which sounded almost like an orgasm, much to Scott’s amusement. He continued to watch as Alex and Lorna took in the energy, absorbing its effects and the perspective it offered.

“I see it now. It’s so…clear,” said Alex.

“I see it too, Alex,” said Lorna. “It makes me so…”

“Horny?” Scott offered as her words trailed off. “Yeah, that’s a common side-effect.”

“Really? Is it the only side-effect?” asked Alex.

“No, but I have a feeling you already knew that.”

Alex and Lorna laughed. Still touching the glowing rock together, they followed the effects of their new perspective to its logical conclusion.

It started with a kiss…a very hot kiss that quickly escalated into something much more intimate. It caused the glowing rock to spark. The lights throughout the lab flickered even more. It was like their passions had been ignited with a new and potent fuel, causing a surge of overwhelming desire that overshadowed any reservations. Scott knew that feeling well and was happy to guide his brother through it.

“Go on, you two,” he told them. “Enjoy it!”

Using the power of the Phoenix again, he retrieved the glowing stone and placed it back on the table. Its light continued illuminating the room, fueling the growing desires between Alex and his girlfriend.

Their hands now free, they began tearing off each other’s clothes. Alex let his lab coat fall off before unbuttoning his dress shirt. Lorna did the same so she could loosen her skirt and kick off her sandals, revealing the black lace panties she had on underneath. Their lips never parting, they undressed one another with intense urgency. Once Alex’s shirt came off, Lorna undid his pants, using her powers to throw his belt across the room. Now in just his briefs, he finally broke the kiss, removed her shirt along with her bra, and caressed her face with burning lust.

“Do me, Alex!” Lorna said. “Do me right here…in this lab…in front of your brother.”

“That…is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard you say,” said Alex intently.

“I’m honored,” said Scott with a humored grin. “I was worried you were going to make me wait outside.”

“Don’t you dare!” said Lorna. “You showed us this. It’s only fair you see it through.”

“I don’t understand it, but I want…no, I need to experience this,” said Alex.

“That’s the power of perspective,” said Scott. “You see what you want, what you need, and how it all comes together.”

It must have sunk in faster than expected because Alex and Lorna resumed their foreplay, kissing and groping one another’s exposed flesh. They even stepped it up.

Alex lifted her up off the floor and sat her down on the table. Lorna grabbed onto his shoulders, hungrily grinding her pelvis against his waist while kissing him with her tongue. A bulge in his briefs quickly formed. Alex, their lips still intimately entwined, grabbed the sides of her panties and tore them off. He then removed his boxers, finally freeing his growing member.

The somewhat aggressive nature of their foreplay surprised Scott, but it also made sense. Like him, his brother had been so measured with his passions, only channeling them when he had to and not because he chose to. It must have been liberating. It also seemed to be a major turn-on for Lorna, seeing her lover focus his desires on her so intently.

“I take it you haven’t done it like this in a while…or ever, for that matter,” Scott commented. “The Phoenix has a way of bringing that out in people and making it feel good.”

He wasn’t certain that they’d heard him. They didn’t seem to care. Alex and Lorna were already pushing their passions to utmost.

Like a man on a mission – a common trait among men in the Summers family – Alex broke the kiss with Lorna and gazed into her eyes briefly, as if to wordlessly communicate his plan. Lorna, short of breath, didn’t say a word. She just released her hold on Alex’s shoulders and leaned back on her arms. Almost immediately, Alex dropped to his knees, grabbed her by the thighs, and pushed her legs apart to clear a path to her pussy.

He followed that path without hesitation, burying his face between her legs and gorging on the tender flesh of her womanhood. Lorna’s reaction filled the lab with gleeful moans. Alex must have really known her body well. After just a few rounds of oral stimulation, he had her hot with arousal.

“Oohhh yes!” she exclaimed. “Like that, Alex! Just like that! Ooh I love it!”

“More than you’ve articulated, I imagine,” added Scott, both amused and aroused by such a sight.

Alex kept at it, moaning and grunting as he ate her out, using his fingers to part her folds and his tongue to stimulate her clit. Scott could see how aroused she’d gotten in such a short time. He wasn’t sure if that was due to the Phoenix Force or just due to sheer excitement. It further proved how much they needed a new perspective.

“Lorna,” said Alex, sounding drunk with lust as he looked up from her inner thighs, “I’m going to fuck you now…and I’m going to fuck you hard.”

“That’s what you want. That’s what you need,” Lorna said, her voice dazed from the effects of oral teasing. “Please, my love…do it to me!”

Like soldier responding to a direct order, Alex shot up from the floor and positioned himself between her legs. He maintained a firm grip on her thighs, pulling her closer and aligning her body with his. As soon as his member was at her wet entrance, he thrust forward and entered her.

“Ohhh fuck, Lorna!” Alex moaned.

“Alex!” she cried out.

The glowing rock on the table flickered, reacting strongly to their passionate outburst. They reacted as well. Their intimate flesh now entwined, Alex moved his hips and worked his body, establishing a fervent sexual rhythm that rocked the table, as well as his lover’s breasts.

It was heated, but not rough.

It was fast, but not chaotic.

It was hard, but not forceful.

Alex was so focused on her and Lorna was so focused on him. Even as their naked bodies bounced and clashed, the focus never wavered. She clung to his neck and just gazed into his eyes, as if to urge him on with every motion. It was a unique exchange that gave Scott a new appreciation for their relationship. He didn’t doubt that Alex loved Lorna, but now he the breadth of that love.

“It’s so intense,” Scott said under his breath. “It was always there, bubbling beneath the surface. Now, you let it out and this is how it manifests. It’s…uncanny.”

He continued admiring the intimate spectacle, watching Alex and Lorna’s intense lovemaking play out. The gasps and grunts became louder. The movement of their naked bodies became more vigorous. They were each close to climaxing. Scott could see it in their faces. Lorna was almost there did little to hide it.

“You’re…close,” Alex said to her.

“Yes…I am,” was all she said in response.

Alex didn’t need any further incentive. He just kept humping away, taking his lover to the brink and beyond. When she entered that magical domain, Lorna wildly grabbed onto Alex’s already-messy hair and threw her head back in an orgasmic outcry. It was so intense that her legs shuddered and her toes curled. It appeared to affect her powers too because everything metal in the lab shook.

“I don’t know if that’s normal, but I doubt either of you care,” said Scott with a beaming grin.

There was little chance they heard her over Lorna’s moans. Alex was understandably distracted because he climaxed shortly after. The extra throbbing of his lover’s pussy sent him over the edge as well. When he climaxed, he buried his face in her shoulder and let out a muffled grunt as he got his release. Even while in state of ecstasy, he never lost focus. It was yet another mark of a disciplined Summers.

Scott was impressed. He didn’t think his brother was capable of that kind of focus and discipline. He didn’t think it would be such a turn-on for Lorna, either. Suddenly, the nature of their relationship made a lot more sense. In addition, they showed that they could handle the perspective of the Phoenix Force, X-Corp, and the path he and Jean had forged.

“This is the power of cosmic perspective,” Scott said, even as the two lovers soaked in the afterglow. “You see things for what they are and what they can be. You also feel what you didn’t think you could feel. And when it feels so right…well, I doubt you need me to belabor it.”

Alex and Lorna let out a light laugh, even as they caught their breath from their shared peak. Scott gave them a minute to process it all. The stone on the table continued to glow, radiating with the cosmic energy Scott had imparted. It made the whole lab feel so warm and inviting. It also made the suit he was wearing feel quite itchy. It didn’t help that seeing Lorna and Alex have such heated sex was quite a spectacle…one that made his pants feel considerably tighter.

He must have done a bad job of hiding it because when Lorna looked back towards him, still quite intoxicated from her orgasm, she clearly noticed. At that moment, the glowing stone flickered again. Scott felt it as much as Alex and Lorna. He knew as well as them that its effects were still not complete.

“You’ve made your point, Scott…in a very memorable way,” said Lorna.

“I’ll say,” said Alex. “I think we’re sold on X-Corp…among other things.”

“Glad to hear it,” said Scott. “Jean and I will help get things going after you graduate.”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” said Lorna. “You may have made your point, but…I don’t think we’ve made ours.”

“We haven’t?” asked Alex, still in a dazed state.

“Of course not,” she affirmed. “You gave us a taste of this perspective. I’d like to see more. And that means being a little bolder.”

“Bolder, huh?” said Alex. “When you say it like that, it sounds sexy.”

“Then, we’re on the same page, my love. That’ll make what I have planned next easier.”

With a mischievous grin that Alex quickly shared, Lorna rose up off his cock and made her way over to Scott. Still completely naked and with a mix of sexual juices flowing down her inner thighs, she cast a lecherous gaze towards him. Scott didn’t have Jean’s telepathy, but he could still sense when a naked woman was thinking dirty thoughts.

“Take off your pants,” Lorna told him. “I want to suck your dick.”

“Okay, but you do know my younger brother is still right behind you,” Scott pointed out with a humored grin.

“I know. I need him here too because I want him to fuck my ass while I suck you,” she said.

“You do?” said Alex, who seemed only partially-surprised by his girlfriend’s request. “Lorna, babe, this is either a new kink or that glowing rock is doing something to you.”

“Speak for yourself,” she said, looking back towards him briefly. “Your dick is still hard.”

“I noticed that too,” he said, looking down at his still-erect manhood, “and while I’m usually inclined to get really uptight about my girlfriend sucking another man’s dick, for some reason this feels…well, more than bold.”

“So you don’t want to do it?” Scott asked.

“I didn’t say that,” his brother replied coyly, “but I’m just saying that this…well, this is more than bold.”

“That’s exactly why it feels so right,” said Lorna. “Now, are you going to overthink this? Or are you going to get that handsome ass of yours over here so you can fuck mine?”

She bent over slightly and shook that heart-shaped butt of hers at him, as if to further tempt him. Alex, still very aroused and very focused, didn’t need that kind of temptation. He quickly shook off whatever fatigue he’d gained during their first round of sex and made his way over, positioning himself behind her so.

“You heard the lady, big brother,” said Alex. “Ditch the pants. The pretty lady wants to suck your dick and you’re not exactly hiding that tent you pitched.”

“Well, she did ask nicely,” said Scott as he loosened his belt buckle, “and you know me, Alex. I’m a boy scout. I’m not going to refuse my brother’s girl.”

It almost sounded like good manners, obliging his brother’s love when she wanted to give him oral sex. It had less to do with the effects of the glowing stone and more to do with playful kink, but Scott wasn’t inclined to scrutinize it. The way he saw it, such intimate activities were an effective way of sealing the deal to bring Alex and Lorna into X-Corp.

While Alex aligned his pelvis with his lover’s butt, Scott undid his belt buckle and pants. Once loose, Lorna did the rest, grabbing the sides and giving them a firm tug. They neatly-pressed slacks fell to his ankles along with his boxers, freeing his semi-hard member in the process. As soon as Lorna saw it, she licked her lips eagerly and grasped it in both hands.

“Hmm…guess that’s another endowment that runs in the Summers family,” Lorna commented.

“I’m still a better pilot,” Scott teased.

“I’m still a better swimmer,” Alex quipped.

“Let’s not start another sibling rivalry, boys,” said Lorna. “Show me that you two can cooperate.”

“By fucking you from both ends?” said Alex with a raised eyebrow.

“And not making it about ego? Yes!” she said strongly. “If you can work together on that, then just think of what else we can accomplish!”

That might have been the horniness talking. The energy from the rock could have that effect. Jean warned him about that ahead of time. However, Scott sensed a more serious undertone with Lorna.

He and his brother had been at each other’s throats ever since they reconnected. In all that time, they only looked for excuses to push each other away. They never embraced an opportunity to work together and be the brothers they once were. Now, they had an opportunity. It just happened to involve double-teaming Lorna with oral and anal sex.

Kinkiness aside, Scott exchanged glances with Alex. He was still determined. He had just as much to prove and, true to their family’s greatest strengths, he wasn’t going to back down from a challenge.

“I think this is something we can accomplish together, bro,” said Alex.

“So do I, Alex,” said Scott with a grin. “I’m ready when your girlfriend is ready.”

“And I’ve been ready!” said Lorna intently. “Now, show me what a couple of Summer brothers can do!”

The green-haired woman made the first move, enveloping Scott’s cock with those soft, moist lips of hers. He let out a sharp grunt, leaning back on the nearby table as she began giving him oral sex, sucking and slurping along his length with an intensity that perfectly matched the energy she’d shown earlier.

Just as she got a taste for Scott’s cock, Alex made the next move. He grasped his lover’s hip with one hand and guided the tip of his dick to her anus with the other. Once in position, Lorna adjusted her hips to align their bodies perfectly. Then, he slowly entered her, pushing his cock into her ass and filling her depths once more.

“Mmf!” Lorna exclaimed, her moans muffled by the presence of a dick in her mouth.

“Fuck, that’s tight!” Alex grunted.

“She…really likes anal,” Scott commented upon seeing her expression.

“Yeah…she does.”

They had clearly done it before. Given how Lorna kept on sucking him off, Scott figured they had done it often. It actually made sense, Lorna having a more deviant side. Given who her father was, it almost made too much sense.

Scott tried not to dwell on that aspect of Lorna’s persona. He just leaned back more against the nearby table, placing one hand on the young woman’s head as it bobbed up and down in accord with her oral sex. It felt good, triggering a steady stream of sensual sensations. Lorna knew how to give good head, showing tact and care with the way she used her tongue. Him having a similar endowment to his brother probably helped. It helped even more when Alex started doing his part.

As she re-established that intense rhythm from earlier, Alex caught up. After giving Lorna’s body to adjust, he began moving his hips, working his cock within the extra-tight confines of her ass. He didn’t go too fast, too quickly. He built up towards it, following Lorna’s muffled moans every step of the way.

It still took some coordination on their part. He and Alex had to work together to establish a perfectly balanced pace of sex, one that allowed Lorna to effectively suck his cock while enjoying the anal play her lover gave her. They couldn’t be too selfish or selfless, for that matter. They had to cooperate to effectively double team the beautiful woman between them.

As a result, they all enjoyed the feeling. Scott could enjoy her soft, slithering lips along his shaft. Alex could enjoy the tight depths of her ass around his dick. Lorna could enjoy the feeling of getting sex from both ends by two well-endowed brothers.

“Wow!” Scott gasped as the sensations intensified. “Alex…your girlfriend…is amazing.”

“Yeah…she is,” said Alex through labored pants.

“So let’s…make her feel amazing!”

“Fuck yeah!”

It might have been the most united he and Alex had been in their adult lives, giving Lorna the satisfying sex that she deserved. They continued coordinating, supplementing one another’s efforts as best they could. When Alex thrust into her, Scott guided her head along his cock accordingly. Lorna’s blissful moans intensified, showing that their efforts made a difference.

Together, the three of them moved and humped in a three-way heat of ecstasy. It got so intense that Scott had to remove his dress shirt and tie. Like his brother, he remained intensely focused, never diverting his gaze from Lorna as her naked body rocked between him and Alex. At one point, her legs got so weak that she could barely stand. He and Alex helped her stay upright, which helped further add to the heat.

Through all the heated grunts and moans, they guided one another towards a fresh ecstasy. When Scott felt his peak coming, he tightened his hold on Lorna’s head and bent his knees in anticipation. He sensed Lorna getting closer too, her oral sex becoming more rigorous and rapid.

“Mmf!” she gasped. “Alex…Scott…I’m close!”

“Me too!” said Scott.

“Me…three!” grunted Alex.

“Please…fill me from both ends!” Lorna urged. “I want it all!”

She devoured his cock again, squeezing the base and fondling his balls, drawing him into that special domain where he could no longer hold back. He was ready to blow his load. Just as he was about to release, Alex quickened his trusts and caught up just in time.

“Lorna…I’m coming!” Alex exclaimed.

“So am I!” Scott gasped.

In a powerful act born from two brothers finally cooperating, he and Alex released their manly loads inside the eager woman between them. Scott was first, his penis throbbing as he shot a thick load of his cum right down Lorna’s throat. Alex followed close behind, releasing a load of his own into Lorna’s depths.

The presence of their hot, manly fluids filling her from both ends seemed to help Lorna get hers as well. Scott could feel her body shudder as another orgasm washed over her. Again, he and Alex supported her, holding her in their powerful arms so that she could enjoy the ecstasy that they’d all worked so hard to share.

“Mmhmm!” was all Lorna could get out, but it was still plenty loud enough to fill the lab.

For a moment, they all just soaked it in. The lab fell silent and the glowing rock on the table finally began to fade. The feeling, and the perspective that came with it, had manifested in some unexpected ways, but there was no denying the impact.

As the moment sunk in and the orgasmic feelings subsided, they each let out content sighs and allowed their bodies to part. Lorna released Scott’s member from her lips, but not before licking up the last remnants of his cum. Alex withdrew his member from her ass, but remained close so they could share in the intimacy of what they’d just done. The rock on the table finally stopped glowing, the passionate energy having finally been exhausted.

The three of them ended up sitting down on the cold floor, leaning back against the table. She remained between him and Alex, looking very relaxed with two naked men so close to her. Alex draped his arm around her and kissed the side of her head. She even laughed to herself as they all reflected on what they’d just done.

“So that’s what it’s like to get double-teamed by two handsome brothers,” said Lorna. “I got to say…it exceeded my expectations.”

“Well, we Summers boys like to set a high bar,” said Alex proudly.

“That, we do,” said Scott. “I almost forgot how much we could accomplish when we weren’t fighting together.”

“Me too,” he said with a laugh. “Maybe…maybe that Phoenix Force helped remind you. Now, it reminded me too.”

“And all it took was a cosmic force,” Lorna pointed out.

“It’s true. We can be that stubborn,” Alex went on. “We can also be pretty damn awesome when the situation is right. And X-Corp…well, that’s a hell of a situation.”

“And I look forward to seeing what we make of it,” said Scott.

“Me too, bro. Me too.”

He and Alex exchanged confident grins. It all came together in a beautiful culmination, literally and figuratively. He, Alex, and Lorna shared in the blissful feeling, soaking in the hot waves of pleasure that rippled through them. It was like a celebration of a major turning point in their lives. They had each been heading down a particular path that seemed destined to push them away from one another. Now, they were on a new path and one they could share together.

“Just so you know…once Jean find out about this, she’s going to want something similar,” Scott told Alex and Lorna.

“Like what? A Summers brother sandwich of her own? Is she into that?” asked Alex.

“Trust me. She won’t need much convincing,” said Scott with a curt grin.

“Good!” said Lorna with another playful laugh. “Just be damn sure I’m there to watch!”

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