Rewarding Ruby

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One year later...

Daisy Johnson loved her job, overall. Becoming an Agent of SHIELD had given her purpose, allowing her to do a lot of good for the world in the process, and now she was in charge of the entire thing she never had to worry that they were going in the wrong direction, because she was making the decisions. And she had a little Phil Colson on her shoulder. Her mentor and father figure was gone, but he would always be with her, guiding her to do the right thing. But being in charge meant she was never really off the clock, and she worked extremely long hours, which made relationships extremely hard. Perhaps too hard. After all, this was supposed to be her anniversary, but she wouldn't be surprised if she returned home to find her lover had already left her.

Would Daisy do the same thing if the roles were reversed? Probably not, and for better or worse she truly believed that her girl wouldn't leave her. But it didn't help that they were supposed to be having a romantic meal tonight, and she had to cancel. To be fair, her girlfriend had been involved in that mission, which had run long, and Daisy was so proud of the Agent she had become. The hero. A far cry from the angry young woman she had met a year or so ago. Also extremely forgiving, thoughtful and sexy, as was proven by the fact that when Daisy finally opened her apartment door, she found rose petals leading to the bedroom, and once inside finding Ruby Hale waiting for her, wearing nothing except skimpy lingerie and a wicked smile on her face as she posed for her.

"Honey, you're home." Ruby quipped with a wicked grin.

"Yes I am." Daisy grinned, dumping her stuff on the floor and making her way to the bed, before quipping, "And what a sight to come home too."

"You approve?" Ruby grinned back.

"Oh God yes." Daisy said softly as she slowly crawled onto the bed, "You look beautiful. I mean, you always do, but... wow..."

"You too." Ruby said softly, the two women melting into a soft, and way too brief kiss. Then when Daisy gave her a look Ruby protested, "What? I love this whole dishevelled look on you. It's cute. And as I keep saying, I love being the neglected housewife to your overworked husband. Makes me feel all domestic and shit."

Daisy couldn't help laugh at that, and then pounce, "There you go, admitting you're my bottom again."

"Never!" Ruby protested, literally pouncing on her girlfriend and pinning her down, "I'll always be the top in this relationship, and you'll always be my bottom. Because, in case you hadn't notice, housewives are the ones bossing the husband's around, and almost never the other way around. At least these days. Oh God yes, you're my modern-day bitch husband, and I OWN you."

"Prove it." Daisy challenged.

"Gladly." Ruby grinned, leaning down for another kiss, this one heated and passionate right from the start.

That kiss wasn't brief at all. No, it went on for several long minutes, their hands quickly beginning to wonder over each other's bodies, barely even bothering to slide over backs, sides, etc, before targeting more fun areas, starting with Daisy fondling Ruby's bra covered breasts, and then Ruby reaching down to grab Daisy's ass. With the other girl distracted Quake then flipped their positions, and this time it was her, grabbing her girlfriend's ass, while the blonde reached for the brunette's tits. This process was then repeated over and over again, with plenty of pauses in between so hands could linger over boobs and butts, while tongues battle for dominance inside their mouths, like some really intimate form of sword play.

Of course, eventually the kiss was broken in Ruby purred, "You're over dressed, don't you think?"

"So what you gonna do about it?" Daisy challenged with a wicked smirk.

Only too happy to answer that challenge Ruby actually flipped them so that she was on her back, momentarily giving up the advantage, if it could be called that, in favour of removing Daisy's clothes. Something which of course, Daisy was only too happy to help with. In fact, she kind of wished she just quickly remove them herself, as it would've meant their bodies would be touching a lot sooner than they were. Then again, there was definitely something to be said for kissing while stripping. Although she had to make sure that Ruby didn't remove her underwear, as it was a surprise. Of course doing that caused Ruby to frown, and pull back suspiciously, at which point she found out Daisy's reasons for stopping her progress.

"What are you..." Ruby began with a frown, before her eyes lit up, and then she grinned wickedly, "Oh Daisy."

"What can I say? Great minds think alike." Daisy quipped, moving back so that she could get a look at the skimpy underwear she was wearing.

"You were wearing that all day?" Ruby questioned with a raised eyebrow, unable to hide how hopeful she was that the answer would be yes, "Like, when we were on mission, and you were bossing me around?"

"Where you?" Daisy through back in her face.

"I asked first." Ruby whined, and then when Daisy just gave her a look she pouted, "No."

"Me neither." Daisy admitted.

"Boring." Ruby sighed, before lightly hitting her lover's arm, "You've made me boring."

"It's not boring, it's practical." Daisy lectured, "We can't have any distractions while we're on a mission, and yes, I can feel myself transforming into Melinda May as I say this, but she has an annoying habit of being right. Thanks to all of her experience, and well, our lingerie disappearing up our butts during a mission is the last thing we need."

"But we both love it up the butt?" Ruby pointed out with a wicked grin.

"God, you're the worst." Daisy pouted, "I can't believe I'm dating you."

"Me neither." Ruby beamed, "I love you too."

"Not what I said, but okay." Daisy quipped.

"It's what you meant, and we both know it." Ruby pointed out, "Otherwise I might be upset right now."

"Awww, don't be upset, baby." Daisy cooed, kissing up and down Ruby's cheeks for a few long seconds, making her girlfriend giggle with delight. Then she whispered in her ear, "Let's get back to business, and you can close your eyes and pretend we were naughty little sluts, wearing lingerie under our stealth suits all day, before coming home at an unreasonable hour to fuck each other's brains out."

"That is one of my favourite fantasies." Ruby smirked, before adding with a moan, "Has been since before I made you my bitch."

"You mean before I made you mine?" Daisy countered, then digging her teeth into Ruby's neck for good measure.

"Ah fuck, mmmmmmmmm, I know what I said." Ruby gasped and moaned.

Ruby loved the banter back and forth she had with her girlfriend, and almost wanted to continue it at that moment, even as she was pleasured. The problem was she couldn't think of anything, and more importantly in that moment she felt incredibly weak, and Daisy was just worshiping her neck. Which should've been fine, but the mighty Quake wasn't just kissing and licking that area. No, she was biting down on it, just hard enough to leave a mark, without making her bleed, or even causing her that much pain. Or more accurately, she was redoing the mark which always seemed to be on her flesh, a little reminder that she belonged to Daisy Johnson. She always made sure to return the favour, but in that moment, she just felt like a total bottom.

Which very much continued to be the case as Daisy kissed her way down to Ruby's bra covered tits, pushing the frilly fabric down just far enough so that she could slide her lips over one boob and take a nipple into her mouth. For a few long seconds Daisy sucked on that sensitive flesh, making Ruby throw her head back and let out a long, loud moan in the process. She then kissed her way down that breast and up the other, wrapping her lips around that nipple and giving it a suck. This process was then repeated over and over again, Daisy quickly beginning to swirl her tongue around those nipples, and even bite down on them, just hard enough to leave a mark, but again, not enough to do any serious damage. And again, marking her as the other girl's submissive little slut, at least in her mind.

She did that, especially the fact that it felt so good Ruby felt powerless to stop it. Which continued to be the case the next few minutes as her girlfriend continued going back and forth, soon adding the addition of cupping Ruby's tits into her mouth, and playing with which ever one wasn't her main focus. God, it was so amazing, even though she didn't know why Daisy bothered. Was it simply returning the favour? Because, no way were her tits anywhere near as big and beautiful as the mighty Quake's. Maybe, just maybe, Ruby had the better butt. Although even then, the difference was wafer thin, and depending on what kind of size ass was preferred. Whatever the case, Ruby knew she was hot, but in her biased opinion she didn't compared to Daisy Johnson.

Desperately wanting to prove that, and regain some of the control she lost, Ruby flip them over to return the favour, as soon as she thought she was able. Which was the point Daisy had left her tits in favour of kissing down her stomach, but as much is Ruby would love to just lay back and let her girlfriend eat her pussy, she wasn't done with the foreplay yet. Not by a long shot. No, she insisted on returning the favour, pulling Daisy's bra just below her tits so she could go back and forth between them. Thankfully Daisy did nothing to stop her, and seemed happy to lay back and let Ruby work. At which point the blonde decided to tease the brunette a little, and not just by licking, sucking and biting her nipples.

No, in between all that Ruby growled into Daisy's skin, "You like my tits? Huh? Do you? Answer me!"

"I, oh God, I thought that was obvious." Daisy quipped in between moans.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Ruby grinned around a nipple, before pulling away and looking Daisy directly in the eye, while taunting, "The question is, do you love them as much is Bobbi's?"

"Bobbi?" Daisy frowned in confusion, before rolling her eyes, "Oh God, not this again."

"Yes, this again." Ruby chuckled, before trying to sound serious while grabbing hold of both of Daisy's nipples and twisting them roughly, "She really has amazing boobs, doesn't she? No wonder you can't help staring at them during mission briefings. I do. And Jemma's. Mmmmmmmmm, Simmons has a exquisite pair of tits. Don't you want a threesome with one of them? Or better yet, a foursome? Think of all the fun we could have together. I know I certainly do, mmmmmmmmmmm, and you might not want to admit it, but you do. I've seen the way you stare at them. You want them. Need them. Think about how they'd be a better fit for you than me."

"No!" Daisy protested, although it was undermined by the moan she let out. She then as firmly as she could insisted, "They're my friends. I love them as friends. And I just want them to be my friends. Have I thought about them being more? Of course, we're gorgeous., But I'm with you. I only want you, oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I swear. I... I love you Ruby."

Daisy hated the fact that Ruby didn't say it back. She knew the young girl felt the same way, but somehow, her insecurities were getting the better of her, which she would never understand. Ruby Hale was otherworldly gorgeous. She was also smart, intuitive, resourceful, and even in her own way sweet. Admittedly she was a little dangerous, and very damaged, but that was practically a requirement of being a superhero, or an Agent of SHIELD for that matter. The point was, Ruby should have no reason to worry, and wished she could dismiss it as simple immaturity on Ruby's part, but there was some truth to her words, and they both knew it. Because Daisy tried her best not to add fuel to Ruby's insecurities, but there were times she couldn't help but look at other women, especially Bobbi Morse and Jemma Simmons.

At least in the case of most women it was just harmless attraction, something that she could shrug off as something everyone did, including Ruby. But she had a special connection with Bobbi Morse and especially Jemma Simmons. They had just been through so much together, and formed a deep and meaningful bond, only somewhat strained by the fact that Daisy had a crush on both of them right from the start, and they were both blissfully unaware of it. 'Straight girls', Daisy mentally grumbled, not for the first time. But now finally, she had found a girl who she had a connection with, who wanted her back, and Daisy wasn't going to let that slip through her fingers because of a couple of old crushes.

Unfortunately that meant literally doing nothing for a few long seconds, except deny any further accusations from the younger girl while Ruby continued having her fun with her tits, doing everything Daisy had done to her, except less gently. Which honestly, at this point was welcomed. It would just be a whole lot better if it was significantly shorter. Or Ruby slid a hand down to Daisy's needy little cunt. Although there was definitely something to be said for the seemingly endless 'torture' she was receiving now. Oh yes, it would make the pleasure she was about to receive so much more satisfying. And maybe, just as importantly, it would allow Daisy to be punished for her inconvenient crushes, and wondering eyes.

Then without warning Daisy flipped them over again, and slid her hands straight down to Ruby's pussy, which she cupped firmly, and then started rubbing. Which was enough to have Ruby fluttering her eyes closed, shooting her head back and letting out an adorable little cry of pleasure. God, Daisy would have loved to have made this former wannabe Big Bad into her Pillow Princess, if it meant she got more sounds like that. Of course, Ruby Hale wouldn't just settled for that, and very quickly, the blonde was not just returning the favour, but shoving a finger directly into the brunette's twat, causing Daisy to be the one fluttering her eyes closed, and shooting her head back and letting a loud pleasure filled cry escape her lips.

Ruby grinned with sadistic pride for getting that reaction out of her woman, before again the process was repeated. Which was pretty comical, but Ruby just couldn't help herself as a finger was pushed into her welcoming cunt. The two women then able to control themselves somewhat, at least as far as keeping their heads still as they continued attacking each other's twats with increasing enthusiasm. Sure, they constantly moaned, gasped, whimpered and cried out loudly, but that was unavoidable at this point. As in, Ruby was literally trying to stop herself, but she couldn't, and the only saving grace of it was that her competitive lover was in the same boat.

Of course, there was a very simple answer for this little problem they were having, but they seem to be having a game of chicken to see who did it first. And Ruby was determined that it wouldn't be her, as it felt an admission of weakness. Also, she just loved staring into Daisy's eyes while they fucked. And ultimately, she would succeed this time. Something that made Ruby smile around the lips which were now pressing against her own, but that soon faded as she became consumed by one of her favourite things in the world, kissing Daisy Johnson. Especially whenever they were fucking in the middle of it. And yet, it still wasn't enough. It never would be, but she was pretty sure they both knew an idea for making it better.

"Want more?" Daisy asked breathlessly when she broke that kiss.

"Always." Ruby grinned mischievously, before admitting, "I want everything, all at once."

"You always want that too." Daisy teased, before pointing out, "Well, mmmmmmmmm, I'm not sure about everything, but we can both give and receive, if you want?"

"Ooooooooooh, a 69, huh?"  Ruby questioned, even though she knew the answer.

"Uh-huh." Daisy grinned.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Ruby grinned back.

That got the chuckle which Ruby had been hoping for from her girlfriend, then they both moved as one to turn themselves into the forementioned position. Of course, Ruby just had to take this opportunity to flip their positions, so that she was on top again. Which might actually be something that Daisy allowed her to do so that she could have the privilege of being the first one to lick pussy, but whatever. It was kind of hard to be upset when a talented tongue was sliding over her pussy, again Ruby shooting her head back and letting out a loud cry of pleasure at this latest wonderful act. She then pretty much kept her head there for a few long seconds, while she continued making those noises.

She also closed her eyes and just savoured the moment, because as much as she wanted to return the favour there was definitely something to be said for the sweet heaven that was sitting on Daisy Johnson's pretty little face. In fact, there was a lot to be said about that, and there had been plenty of previous times when Ruby would be giving running commentary on this, and hopefully there would be plenty of times in the future. She would also tease her a bit more when it actually came to returning the favour. But not this time. No, Ruby went straight from savouring this heaven, to diving her head downwards, sticking out her tongue and slowly sliding it over that tasty little treat in front of her. And oh, was she rewarded for it.

Daisy also cried out loudly in pleasure, except she didn't shoot her head back this time, and she made sure to let out a sound directly into Ruby's cunt. This in turn caused Ruby to let out a similar sound into Daisy's pussy, this process repeating over and over again, driving both women crazy, as the vibrations on their twats was truly exquisite. Of course they were both well practiced in this kind of thing, so it was not long before they double down on just the simple pussy licking, her lover even nice enough to follow her lead so that the two Agents of SHIELD settled into a slow and steady rhythm of pussy licking for like a wonderful eternity. One which Daisy wished would never end. And yet, at the same time, she was aching for more.

Which was true for any form of sex with Ruby Hale, as the younger woman proved to be an excellent lover, and Daisy had fallen embarrassingly hard for her. Also, right now had the added bonus that Ruby couldn't talk, which was always a plus. Well, it definitely was now. Oh yes, right now, Daisy was enjoying the peaceful quiet. If she didn't count the constant whimpers, cries and moans, of course. And even if she did, she liked getting those sounds out of Ruby. Oh yes, Ruby might be amusing at times, but Daisy definitely preferred it when her girlfriend used her mouth for more important things, like eating her cunt. Especially when she was doing the same in a 69.

It was truly blissful, both women becoming truly lost in the pleasure that they were giving and receiving, and the heavenly taste of each other. The taste of pussy, which both their little queer hearts seemed to crave 24/7. Naturally, they both had a craving for something else. Or more accurately, two more things. Oh yes, they both crave the taste of girl cum, and more importantly for each other's girl cum. But they also really, really wanted to cum themselves. And as with just about everything else, it came down to a battle of wills between the competitive secret agents. Oh yes, inevitably one of them would give in and give the other, and themselves, what they truly wanted. But until then the pussy licking continued.

They were even hesitant to do more when it came to that, because it was admitting they wanted more. Besides, as Daisy correctly predicted, it was only a matter of time before her inpatient lover slipped up, and sure enough, Ruby was the first to start lingering her tongue over Daisy's clit. Seizing the opportunity with the excuse that the blonde was the first to do this, the brunette took the other girl's clit into her mouth, and sucked on it. Admittedly, it wasn't very hard, but even so Daisy was a little surprised she didn't make Ruby cum in that moment, as it was so sudden. Oh well, she would have plenty more chances, especially because that was worn off, and the two women were doing everything they could think of to each other, in order to make that woman cum first.

Ruby was by her own admission, and inpatient little shit, but even she saw the benefit of taking her time eating pussy, especially while in the 69 position. Mostly for strategic reasons, so she could win this latest battle of wills between them, and hold it over Daisy's head. But also, because she too just loved to savour the heaven of getting to taste Daisy Johnson. Again, especially while in the 69 position. After all, this was her long time crush turned girlfriend, and they were lost in pleasuring each other. It was pretty much lesbian heaven, one she'd always hoped to end up in, but never thought she would. Just like real heaven. So why would she want it to end?

Of course, she was reminded of the answer to that, as her own body ached to cum. Or more accurately, it was doing that pretty much the entire time she was around this goddess, but in moments like this, that feeling slowly became unbearable, until ultimately, Ruby was forced to do something about it. Of course, she might pretend to be high and mighty, the height of maturity, but she had heard from reliable sources that Daisy was just as impatient as she was when she was her age. Maybe even worse. And there were times that impatience would shine through, giving Ruby a much-needed victory. Sadly, as the minutes ticked by, it became increasingly clear that this wouldn't be one of those times.

So, while cussing angrily, Ruby shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Daisy's cunt, at the same time she just grinded her own down onto the pretty face underneath her. Daisy then tried to screw her, both figuratively and actually, by flipping them over, and doing the same thing. But Ruby wouldn't allow it. No, the mighty Quake couldn't have it both ways. Either she was first to cum, or she was first to make Ruby cum. Wait, wasn't that ideal, because it meant she was doing the same thing? No, because Daisy would be the driving force behind both, and that was the difference. Although honestly, was kind of hard to tell in this delirious state, and it was very clear both women weren't exactly capable of thinking coherently right now, especially when they were on the edge of orgasm.

Thankfully after a couple of losses Ruby finally gain some ground, by making Daisy cum for her first. Or at least, she was pretty sure she did. It was kind of a photo finish, but maybe the most important thing, was that when it happened that first time, she was the one on top. Oh yes, at that point, they were constantly flipping each other over to gain the advantage, so it was hard to keep track who was in the 'dominant' position. But Ruby was like 99% sure it was her when first Daisy, and then she came so wonderfully hard. Then of course, both women wrapped their mouths firmly against each other's cunts, and swallowed everything they could possibly get, before repeating the process.

Daisy knew they both tried their best, but it was no use, especially with them grinding into each other's faces. Oh yes, that no longer mattered, and more than once they ended up on their sides, but whatever the case they always hammering themselves against each other, even using their hands to grab the other's head so they could push those pretty faces deeper into those needy little fuck holes. But then, that just meant they were both baptized as what they were, pussy loving sluts, who were addicted to the taste of each other. And of course, they got to cum over and over again, and that was what was truly important in that wonderful, seemingly never-ending, moment.

Sadly no moment could be never-ending, and ultimately they had to roll away from each other, both gasping for breath as they lay flat on their backs, and just savoured the aftershocks they were experiencing. They then simultaneously moved into a slow, gentle kiss, which got increasingly heated as they were rejuvenated by tasting themselves on each other's lips and tongues, and inside each other's mouths, and then finally on each other's faces. Which made Daisy want to go right back to tongue fucking her girlfriend, or at least fingering each other a little. But no, they both knew what came next, and Daisy could wait. Well, she could, and she was having a lot of fun making out with her lover, but the entire time she was looking forward to the next part of their evening.

"Bend over and give me your cute little butt." Daisy ordered when she broke the kiss.

"Hey, who says you're going first?" Ruby countered.

"Technically, you're the one going first." Daisy teased with a grin, before pointing out, "And you were the first one to take it in the ass in this relationship, so it's appropriate."

"Surely that means you should go first now." Ruby countered, but then sighed after only a brief staring contest, "Fine, but when it's my turn, I'm going to fucking wreck your ass."

"Awww, that's so sweet of you." Daisy mocked, before smacking Ruby's cute little ass as soon as she got the opportunity, "Just remember to spread those cheeks. Mmmmmmmmm, spread those cheeks nice and wide. I want my little anal bitch to present me with my favourite little fuck hole. The hole I own."

This time Ruby's only response was a brief look, which was so cute that Daisy couldn't help chuckling. But that quickly faded away in favour of just a lustful stare as Ruby did as she was told, getting herself in the face down, ass up position, and then spreading her cheeks directly in front of Daisy's face. God, it was perfection, something which made Daisy literally drool as she slowly retrieved a strap-on, attaching it around her waist, and then covered it with lube. She then got down behind Ruby and grabbed onto the handle of the butt-plug her girl had been wearing throughout the day. Just like she had. Which had been incredibly distracting at first, but now they considered a butt-plug to be a secret part of their superhero costumes, and the last thing they removed during a night of fun, for obvious reasons.

It was really tempting to yank that thing out and immediately replace it with her dick. Which Ruby had done to her a few times, especially when they were in a public bathroom, storage closet, or something like that. But this wasn't a quickie, this was their anniversary, and Daisy hoped Ruby would do her the same courtesy of at least playing with her ass a little before fucking it. Either way Daisy was very happy to spend a few long minutes pulling that plug out to it's widest part, and then pushing it back in, making her little anal whore moan, gasp and whimper with pure pleasure. Then she got the same reaction when she finally pulled out the plug, and pushed it into her mouth. Which wasn't much of a top thing to do, but really, Ruby would get the chance to taste her own ass later. This was Daisy's turn, and it was something she savoured for a few long seconds, while pressing her dick to her target.

Ruby was disappointed that she had been denied the pleasure of sucking on that plug, but she wasn't surprised, as it had been pretty much 50-50 if she would get it. She just had to remember to be selfish later too, which honestly wouldn't be hard for her. Although for better or for worse, Daisy did immediately started pushing her strap-on into her ass. Which was good in the sense that Daisy did have a tendency to go overboard with a rim job, and Ruby was more than half expecting her girlfriend would spend like an hour with her face buried between her butt cheeks. Which would've been pleasurable, but it couldn't compared to the exquisite pleasure of getting her ass fucked. Even if Daisy insisted on doing it as slowly and as gently as possible.

Not that Ruby could really blame her, as she knew first-hand there was nothing quite as beautiful as watching her girlfriend's most private hole slowly stretching open for her, like her own was now. Because those plugs did a great job of keeping them loose back there, but they weren't big enough to allow the strap-on cocks to slide in too easily. Especially given the giant dildos they preferred to use to truly wreck each other's rectums. Which was just the way they liked it. Oh yes, they loved seeing those private holes slowly stretch for them. And if they were honest, they also loved the feeling of their own forbidden holes being stretched. Something which Ruby couldn't hide as she cried out in mostly pleasure, as she was stretched, and even violated.

Don't get her wrong, the moment her butt hole stretched wide enough for the head of the dildo to slide through it was incredibly painful, but Ruby had been ass fucked so much that at this point she got off on that kind of twisted pain. It was more or less the same thing during the initial stretching, and the stretching that followed, except for better or for worse, the pain wasn't so bad. In fact, at this point, it could be described as simple discomfort, caused by the sheer joy of doing something so twisted, and the thought of the incredible pleasure to come. Something she knew for a fact, given that Ruby had experienced it first hand. And best of all, she had experienced it with Daisy Johnson, her idol/rival turn so much more, who was once again being the one to do this to her.

She actually tried not to focus on that too much at this point, as Daisy was already taking it incredibly easy on her, and she paused after the initial anal penetration, and then slowly started to stuff her butt full of cock. Oh yes, Ruby didn't want distractions from this moment, as she wanted to maximize the pain she was feeling. Well, at least find a balance between completely ignoring it, and from it becoming unpleasant. Something which should have been easy, given all the practice she'd had, but it was hard not to think about the future in this moment. And not even just being able to cum like a bitch, with Quake's dick in her ass. No, she imagined herself returning the favour, something which put an evil smile on her face. Again.

Daisy was mindful that she'd be 'suffering' the same fate later, which motivated her even more to be as gentle as possible with her girl. Of course, even before Daisy had started giving up her butt to Ruby she wasn't too rough with the other girl's back hole out of a simple courtesy, at least during the early stages of an ass fucking, because the last thing she wanted was to push the well-trained Assassin away. And now? Now of course, Daisy was in love with the younger girl, so she was even more motivated to take it easy on her. But also, she just loved slowly sliding a dildo into a girl's back door, and always rejoiced in the chance to savour every single moment of it. Which was why any thoughts about the future was only in the back of her mind at this stage, especially as she was trying to focus on not hurting her lover.

Of course, even that first cry of pain, which came after the initial anal penetration was mixed in with pleasure. Daisy paused right after that, just in case, but sure enough, they were mostly sounds of pleasure from that point on, and that was even more the case when the butt stuffing was complete. It also probably helped that Daisy pause to savour the moment after that initial anal penetration, and right after her thighs came to rest against those cute little butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of her dick was buried deep within Ruby's bowels. Two of Daisy's favourite things in the whole wide world. And from the sounds of it, Ruby's too. Something which put a wide smile on both their faces.

The same effect was achieved as Daisy slowly pulled her hips back, causing inch after inch of the dildo to slide out of Ruby's ass hole, and then Quake suddenly reverse course, so that she returned each one of those inches to Ruby's rectum. She then repeated the process over and over again, officially starting to butt fuck Ruby Hale for the first time tonight. Something that she instantly had success with. Oh yes, proud little Big Bad wannabe Ruby Hale almost instantly started whimpering, gasping and crying out in mostly pleasure as Daisy started to sodomize her. And it even turned into moans of pure pleasure, as her slutty little ass got used to this kind of treatment. Something which Daisy just had to taunt her girlfriend about.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's it you little anal whore, moan for me! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, moan for me while I'm fucking your tight little ass." Daisy moaned and chuckled tauntingly, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, moan as I fuck your tight, slutty little whore ass! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, show me just how much of a anal slut you really are! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, my good little butt slut. Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, mmmmmmmmm, God Ruby, I don't know why you bother trying to be a switch, when you're such a perfect little bottom. Oh yeah, the perfect little bottom, taking it up her perfect little bottom. Oh fuck yeah, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Unsurprisingly Ruby didn't offer up a retort. Because really, what could she possibly say? Also, admittedly, Daisy really didn't give her a chance. She just couldn't help it, sodomizing Ruby just made her so hot. Of course, she would have stopped, or at least paused, if Ruby ever asked, but that had never happened before, and she would be very, very surprised if it happened now. Ruby was too stubborn for that. And more importantly, too much of a butt slut. Oh yes, they had been probably doing this for too long for Ruby to break completely, but that really was a shame, because Daisy meant what she said. Oh fuck yeah, Ruby Hale made the perfect little bottom, and the other girl was clearly meant to take it in her perfect little bottom.

Ruby tried not to give Daisy the satisfaction of hearing her moan so loudly in pleasure, especially so soon, but she just couldn't help it. After pretty much years worth of nearly non-stop anal pounding it didn't take much for her slutty little ass to relax to the point where she felt nothing but pure pleasure, and Daisy was on her A game, reminding Ruby why she could never resist giving the other woman her butt. And while it was so hard to resist becoming Daisy's perfect little bottom. Especially as there was no real shame in that. Not really. After all, this woman could kill her with a thought, or even move mountains, making the idea of submitting to her completely very appealing.

She'd pictured it many, many times. Wearing a cute little collar to signify her submission. Being the only one to wear a butt-plug. Maybe tattooing 'Property of Daisy Johnson', or 'Quake's Bitch' on her butt, her lower back, or even her forehead. Because she would want everyone to know, enjoy freaking them out, and hopefully leading to her opponents underestimating her. But at the same time, she'd also want it somewhere secret, that only the two of them would know about. Whatever the case, it would be something Mistress Daisy could look at while dominating her bitch, shoving Ruby's face in her cunt and ass, and butt fucking her whenever she wanted. Which wasn't that far off from what they had now, but it would be even more dominating and hot, as Ruby could no longer return the favour.

Of course, as tempting as all that was Ruby could never allow herself to miss out on fucking Daisy's juicy little booty, or the joy of sitting on her beautiful face, etc. So she remained strong, at least as far as breaking completely went. What she didn't remain so strong about was avoiding the urge to beg for more. After all, she'd always struggled with self-restraint, and despite the constant fear of Daisy breaking her completely Ruby just couldn't help think about it, especially on this wonderful occasion. Or think about what was to come. And as a result, she found herself racing towards climax. Something that of course, she'd have to beg for, and it wasn't long before she did just that.

"Harder." Ruby whined, "Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, fuck my ass harder! Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, pound my slutty little butt. Mmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, bang my back door and make me cum! Oh fuck, mmmmmmmmm, make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass. Your dick! Ooooooooooooh yessssssssss, fuck me in the ass with your big dick! Ass fuck me hard and deep and make me cum! Oh yes, oh please Daisy, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh, make me cum! Make me cum make me cum MAKE ME CUM OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Daisy teased.

"YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!" Ruby cried out at the top of her lungs.

"Well then..." Daisy said, before abruptly stopping and asking, "Will you be my bitch?"

"Yes." Ruby replied, taking her lover by surprise, until she turned her head and explained, "I'll always be your bitch, and you'll always be mine. Now shut up and fuck me hard."

"Fair enough." Daisy chuckled, before insisting, "But you have to thank me."

Ruby rolled her eyes, but barely hesitated to obey as she was just so desperate to cum at that point, "Thank you, oh thank you, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH THANKKKKKKKKKKKK YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

"Good girl." Daisy purred, as she obliged.

Not that Ruby really heard that, as she was too busy cumming like a bitch with a dick in her ass. And of course, it didn't take much. Oh yes, it only took a slight increase in the pace, and she was crashing over the edge of a monster orgasm. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as the tiny blonde started hammering herself back against now what had to be ass wrecking thrusts. And it wasn't long after that, that she lost the ability to think coherently, with her last coherent thought being that she loved Daisy Johnson. Loved being her little anal bitch. And hoped that Daisy would enjoy being hers just as much. Something that from experience, they both knew she would.

Daisy hadn't truly believed that this would be the moment that Ruby would finally break, but she felt she had to ask, just in case. Honestly, part of her would be disappointed if it was, as she was actually looking forward to taking it up the ass, but mostly she would find it hilarious that after all those battles of wills a change came just when they both seemingly made peace with the fact they were switches. Of course, it was still a possibility when it was her turn to be butt fucked. However, she wasn't focusing on that right now. No, of course, her main focus was pounding this perfect little bottom's perfect little bottom with pretty much everything she had, as seemingly Ruby used pretty much everything she had to hammer her cute little booty back at her. And considering they were both well-trained spies, that was a lot.

As a result, it was like the two women were working together to truly make this a rectum wrecking. If that was even possible at this point, as it was likely that especially Ruby's rectum had been ruined beyond repair long ago. Daisy certainly couldn't remember the last time Ruby hadn't winced when she sat down, her butt obviously sore from their previous activities. And she was probably thinking about what they had done, because Daisy was in the same boat. Which was another thing she had to not think about, as well as the fact this rapid thrusting was making her squeeze down on the butt-plug in her own ass. Also, there was only so long she could resist cumming, so she tried to make the most of what little times she had.


Those words combined with the feeling and the sound of her thighs smacking against those cute little cheeks, the screams of pleasure coming from her girlfriend as she brutally sodomized her, the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and even the feeling of the plug in her butt inevitably made Daisy cum so incredibly hard. But to her credit, she pushed herself through that amazing climax, and several more that followed it, so she could maximize the mutual pleasure they were feeling. Something which Daisy dearly wished could last forever. Oh yes, what they had planned next would be fun, and appropriate, given their relationship so far, but it couldn't compare to this.

Maybe especially when Ruby collapsed face down onto the bed sheets. She did this surprisingly early, suggesting that she was trying to save energy for returning the favour, but in her current mood Daisy was in no hurry to let her do that. So she just kept going, gleefully using the other girl's most private hole as a fuck hole. Hers to use for their pleasure. And in this moment, exclusively hers, to use for her pleasure. Oh yes, Daisy wanted to use every ounce of energy she had to truly destroy this perfect little fuck hole, and ensure that it would be the only one being used tonight. Unfortunately that was not to be, as being so laser focused on pounding ass left her vulnerable, and all of a sudden Ruby rolled forwards, almost causing Daisy to smack her head against the bedpost as a result.

This allowed Ruby to roll away, stagger over to the mirror on shaky legs, and then bend over, spread her cheeks and then looked over her shoulder to get a good look at Daisy's handiwork, "Wow, my shit hole is gaping sooooooooo wide. Here, take a look Daisy. Mmmmmmmm fuck! Take a look at how Quake, hero to all the little girls and boys, gaped my butt hole so fucking wide."

"I can see that." Daisy chuckled, "Mmmmmmmm, and I like it."

"You love it, you mean." Ruby cheeked.

"Yeah, that." Daisy agreed.

"Sooooooo... do I get a yummy treat now?" Ruby grinned wickedly.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Daisy raised an eyebrow.

"Huh?" Ruby frowned, before realization hit, and she grinned wickedly, "Oh."

Then when Ruby tried to move back towards her, Daisy firmly told her, "Stop. Mmmmmmmm, stay where you are and spread your cheeks. Oh yes, now... drop to your knees and suck my dick."

"Yes Ma'am." Ruby grinned mockingly, before dropping down to her knees, and taking that butt flavoured cock into her mouth.

Ruby of course moaned loudly and happily as she did so, as she loved the taste of her own butt, and could never get enough of it. Especially this part. Namely the deepest part of her bowels. Oh yes, Ruby just love to linger on the head of the strap-on which had just been used to hammer her rectum hard and deep. At least when it was attached to the superhero known as Quake, as she could never imagine letting anyone else fuck her cute little ass hole. No, that was Daisy Johnson's personal fuck hole, just like Daisy Johnson's butt hole was her personal fuck hole. Something she would remind her boss very soon, but for now she just concentrated on giving her a long, drawn-out blow job.

Although that involved lingering on the head of the dildo for several long minutes, which felt like much longer, Ruby inevitably bouncing her head up and down the shaft, quickly taking about half of it into her mouth, to the point of it teasing the entrance to her throat. Which she concentrated on for a few long minutes, mostly to tease her lover, before finally beginning to push the cock into her well trained throat, showing off by not stopping until every inch was inside her windpipe. To be fair she couldn't prevent herself from choking and gagging a little bit, but that didn't stop her from getting the entire length where it belonged. And more importantly, it didn't stop her from getting every drop of her own ass cream. Something she made sure of by lingering on the dick. Also, just to please her girlfriend.

It was kind of hard to do all this while continuing to spread her cheeks, but luckily her spy training had taught her the importance of balance, and Ruby was just about able to manage it. Besides, it was totally worth it, because it enhanced her feelings of being what she truly was, a total slut for Daisy Johnson. Quake's little anal slut. And right now, Quake's little ATM slut. Something which Ruby loved so much, it was very tempting just to beg her girlfriend to butt fuck her again. She was sure that Daisy would be very willing to do so, and her bitch hole was very much ready for it. And now, it was Ruby's turn to fuck some ass. So even while she continued sucking the cock, Ruby slid her hands upwards, undoing the harness, and then pulling it off the other woman's body.

She then stood up, finally took the dildo out of her mouth, and only then did Ruby order, "Bend over. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, it's time for you to get your ass stretched!"

"What's the magic word?" Daisy sing-songed playfully.

"Now!" Ruby snapped, slapping her boss's butt to emphasize the word.

"Owww!" Daisy almost sounded like she was protesting, before grinning, "Yes Ma'am."

The older woman/the superior officer then called onto the bed, got in the centre of it, and then even spread her cheeks, without needing to be told, exposing her butt-plug filled ass hole. Something that was so very hot that Ruby just had to savour it for a few long seconds, before getting on the bed behind her prey, grabbing hold of the handle to the butt-plug and slowly beginning to pull it out. Just like before she pushed it back in again, and then repeated the process, providing the preparation, the same one Daisy had given to her. Of course, it was not long before she pulled the plug completely out, popped it into her mouth, and then moaned happily, while taking aim at her target.

Daisy wasn't surprised that the preparation didn't last very long. Because this was Ruby Hale, and the girl wasn't exactly patient at the best of times, but especially now there was a cock strapped around her waist, just waiting to violate Daisy's butt hole. Especially as Ruby returned the favour, as was often the case whenever they did this, Daisy preferring to go first whenever there was a choice. Partly because it had been that way the first time they butt banged each other back to back, but also because even though she made great strides increasing her patience when she had too, during moments like this Daisy just couldn't help herself. So no, she couldn't blame Ruby, but that didn't stop her from crying out in pain when the time came.

Which of course, only caused Ruby to chuckled wickedly around the plug in her mouth. It was likely only because Ruby was busy sucking the butt cream from that toy that she didn't even think about anything else, which was almost a shame, as Daisy hated being taunted in this position, and loved it. More the latter, she was being honest with herself. And if she was really, really honest, she could do with all the help she could get when adjusting to getting her ass penetrated and stuff full of cock. Because while they were both obsessed with each other's butts, Daisy had got a head start when it came to destroying her girlfriend's ass, and she use to use any excuse not to have to bend over in return.

Although that was the last thing she wanted now. Oh yes, she wanted Ruby to give her everything she had, and although it took a while, eventually she got it. Because while the anal penetration itself was pretty quick on this occasion, Ruby then took her time pushing the rest of the dildo into Daisy's tailpipe. Which was likely more about Ruby savouring the moment, and honestly, it was the same reason that Daisy wanted to go slow, but the result was the same, namely that they helped out the girl taking it up the ass. Also while she wouldn't admitt it, Daisy very much enjoyed the chance to savour this precious moment, and the slow and gentle ass fucking, which came later.

Of course, the best part about it was it was such a sudden change of pace. That was pretty much always the case with Ruby, which might be just why they were perfect for each other. They challenged each other, and gave each other new experiences they weren't expecting. Like the incredible power and dominance she felt from pounding girl butt, to the incredible humiliation and submission she felt from getting her own ass violated. It was an exquisite mixture of horrifying, and wonderful, which Daisy couldn't possibly do justice to in words. And for better or for worse, because of this high, and the one she'd been on before, it wasn't long before she was craving more.

Ruby would never get tired of seeing Daisy's cute little butt hole stretching around her cock. Well, she loved watching it stretch for any other sex toy, or her fingers, and with the latter she had the bonus of feeling it, but her favourite was when it was a nice big dildo strapped around her waist. Because it was weird, but it truly felt like part of her. She wasn't so sure she would like that to be a reality, especially given the mental high was overwhelming enough, but either way, it was her invading the most private hole on the superhero's body. The body of the woman she looked up to more than anyone else. The woman who was now her boss. And her girlfriend. Oh yes, as far as Ruby was concerned these moments were perfect.

The initial anal penetration, the butt stuffing, and that wonderful moment her thighs came to rest against Daisy's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of her big dick had been buried in the other woman's bowels. Oh yes, it was all just perfect for her, and she could never, ever get enough of it. Especially when the official butt fucking started. Oh yes, Ruby started pumping her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Daisy's back door, meaning that she, Ruby Hale, was officially starting to butt fuck the mighty Quake. Something which made Ruby feel more powerful than defeating any bad guy, completing any mission, or anything like that. Just anything really. Oh yes, it was absolute perfection, and she loved every second of it.

As always she tried to listen out in case it became too much for her lover, but she became so lost in the sight of her cock sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of Daisy Johnson's butt hole that she barely heard anything. Especially as Daisy continued spreading her cheeks like a good little anal bitch. Then when she did become dully aware of the sounds her lover was making Ruby grinned around the now thoroughly cleaned plug, spat it out of her mouth, and provide some verbal encouragement for her woman. Why? Because any mild sounds of pain had quickly been replaced by pure pleasure, once again proving that Ruby had successfully turned the far more powerful woman into her anal slut.

"Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, that's it Daisy, moan for me. Moan while I fuck you up the ass." Ruby taunted gleefully, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, moan while I fuck you in the ass, and make you my anal bitch. Or better yet, remind you that you're my anal bitch. Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, you're my little anal addict, mmmmmmmm, my little ass whore, ohhhhhhhhhh, my butt sex loving bitch! And you know it! Yeahhhhhhhhhh, oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmm, Daisy Johnson is my anal slut! The superhero Quake loves it in the butt! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, the Director of SHIELD, my boss, is my bitch, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, my butt sex loving bitch oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Unsurprisingly, although a little disappointingly, Daisy offered up no response to these words. Then again, she didn't have too, as her moans, gasps, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure were speaking volumes. Oh yes, they were telling Ruby more than words ever could, and she loved every single one of them. She also craved more of them. But Daisy knew the rules, not until she begged for them. Of course, Ruby could give her a push in the right direction, namely, by pushing Daisy's hands away from her own cheeks so that Ruby could deliver a hard smack or two to them. Also, if she was being honest, so she could feel those cheeks jiggling against her thighs as she ever so slowly increased the pace.

Daisy knew she was on borrowed time at this point, especially as they were both exhausted from everything else they had done. Which probably means that she should be welcoming the chance to bring an end to this. Also, the sooner this was over, the sooner she would be no longer in risk of breaking completely. However, for better or for worse she wasn't ready for this to end. No, she was just loving the contrast between the submissive high she had now, to the dominant high that she had before. Also just the feeling of the woman she loved as deep inside her she could go, pounding her most intimate area, where she had allowed no one else to go. Although she tried not to think about that, as it only pushed her closer to orgasm.

At that point, it was hard not to think of things which pushed her closer to cumming, and ultimately she just had to try her best to block out everything. The feeling of those firm thighs smacking into her well-rounded ass, making the cheeks jiggle, the feeling of that long, thick cock pounding her most intimate area, the fact that she was now on all fours taking it like a little bitch, and of course, Ruby's constant dirty talk. Which wasn't easy, but for better or for worse, there had been enough tragedy in Daisy's life that she was able to keep herself from begging to cum too quickly. Or at least long enough that she didn't completely put herself to shame when it all became too much.

"Harder! Ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, harder, harder, harder, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me harder!" Daisy whimpered softly, becoming louder and more desperate with each word, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass, oooooooooooh, oh Ruby, ass fuck me Ruby! Pound me! Slam fuck my little shit hole! Oh God! Wreck my ass, mmmmmmmmm, fucking ruin it! Just make me cum! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooodddddddddddd, make me cum, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Ruby teased cruelly, slapping Daisy's butt to emphasize her words.

"Yessssssssssssssss!" Daisy cried out loudly and disparately.

"Then help me." Ruby pushed, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, push back at me! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, help make yourself cum! Help make yourself cum by bouncing that cute little butt back at me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, come on, bounce for me! Mmmmmmmm fuck, bounce for me bitch! Bounce that booty! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Not needing to be told twice Daisy lifted herself up onto all fours and started hammering herself back against those wonderfully hard thrusts, bringing herself to the edge of orgasm and what felt like seconds. Then, just before she could make herself cum, Ruby increased her pace ever so slightly, which at this point was all it took to make Daisy go crashing over the edge of a monster climax. Which of course, was followed by another, and another, and another, Daisy bombarded by orgasms to the point that she could no longer think coherently. Oh yes, everything just caught up with her, and she had maybe some of the best orgasms of her life, which was really saying something. Especially since she got together with Ruby.

While ironically, these weren't quite as satisfying the same way that pounding Ruby's perfect little bottom was, this was a whole different kind of satisfaction. It was likely that after this she would still prefer topping, just like her girlfriend did, meaning that they would still be locked in this battle of wills, which felt like it would go on forever. But in moments like this, Daisy never felt closer to breaking. Or she wanted to break. Because if her reward for doing so was feeling this way, then surely it would be worth it? But maybe, what made this so great was the switching? And besides, no matter what, she could never give up fucking Ruby's perfect little bottom. Which ironically was the last coherent thought Daisy had for quite a while.

Ruby was glad that Daisy didn't seem like she was going to break, as she too had pretty much made peace with the idea of them being switches. However, that didn't mean she wasn't still going to try. After all, trying was what made it fun. So when she increased her speed enough to make Daisy cum she didn't stop there. No, she kept increasing her speed and strength, until she was using every ounce of both to destroy the older woman's butt hole. Maybe literally at this rate. Which of course, just made the mighty Quake cum harder and more frequently, to the point her cum was actually squirting out of her cunt, her body was shaking, and her screams became deafening. Something which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt Daisy Johnson might be a great butt fucker, but she was an even better anal slut.

More importantly in that moment she was Ruby's little anal slut. Oh yes, Daisy Johnson, The Director of SHIELD, the superhero Quake, and maybe most importantly her boss was her little anal slut. No! No, most importantly of all, her girlfriend was her little anal slut. Something which Ruby made crystal clear with every powerful thrust of her hips slapping against those well-rounded butt cheeks, causing them to jiggle, and the sound to echo throughout the room, through Daisy's screams of ecstasy. She also smacked that ass, and pulled on those dark locks, and of course provided the usual running commentary while fucking this perfect ass. Except, maybe it was a little more loving this time.


Of course, those words combined with fucking Daisy Johnson in the ass, and everything else that came with it, and before it, caused Ruby to cum too. She was, of course, a professional at this and therefore was able to push herself through that climax, and the several more that followed it, but it was the beginning of the end, so it seemed only right to make sure they went out in style. Oh yes, Ruby Hale was out to prove that she was a professional butt fucker. More to the point, she was a professional when it came to fucking Daisy Johnson up the butt. Which was something Ruby gleefully proved by sodomizing the other woman through orgasm after orgasm, to the point that neither one of them could really think coherently, and eventually they became like wild animals just using each other to get off.

Honestly, the next thing Ruby was really aware of was the mighty Quake collapsing face down into the bed sheets, the only thing keeping her lower half in the air being the vice-like grip which the blonde now had on the brunette's hips. If she hadn't heard anymore sounds of pleasure coming from Daisy's mouth she would have assumed she was unconscious, and would've stopped. Probably. But she continued hearing whimpers of joy, so Ruby continued on for a few more long minutes, literally using the most private hole on her boss's body, Daisy Johnson's shit hole, as nothing but a fuck hole for her pleasure. Then she collapsed with exhaustion down on to the body beneath her, the two of them then laying in a sweaty heap for a few long minutes.

Ruby then softly asked, "So, are you my bitch now?"

"Yes..." Daisy grinned, then looked over her shoulder and added before Ruby could get any ideas, "And you're mine."

"I am." Ruby said softly, the two girls then sharing a weirdly loving look, given the subject matter. Then she quickly added firmly, while lifting herself off of her bitch and smacking that ass, "Now, spread those cheeks! Mmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, show me that pretty little gaping bitch hole of yours, bitch. Oh yes, let's see just how much damage I've done."

"Ah fuck!" Daisy swore, because of the slap to her incredibly sore ass, and because this move caused the strap-on to pop out of her butt hole. She then groaned, "Yes Ma'am."

Unsurprisingly it took a few long seconds for Daisy to move, and when she did, she followed Ruby's lead of checking out the handiwork herself first. Namely, by walking awkwardly over to the full length mirror, bending over, and looked over her shoulder, and then she reached back and spread her cheeks. Then she whistled, before finally turning her butt to show Ruby. Not that she needed to at that point. No, Ruby had seen perfectly well while Daisy walked to the mirror, as she needed to turn her back to do so, and that was certainly long enough that Ruby got plenty of chances to admire it. God, it was so wide and deep, that she almost felt guilty. Almost. But then she just had to remember how hard she had made her girl cum for her, and see how widely Daisy was currently grinning.

"Do you mind if I take a souvenir?" Ruby quipped, grabbing her phone.

"Not at all." Daisy grinned wickedly, "As long as we take a little selfie together afterwards."

"I think that's a great idea." Ruby grinned wickedly back, taking a quick shot or two, before jumping up to join her lover.

"I'm glad you agree." Daisy smirked, giving Ruby a quick kiss, before they did as she planned.

Namely by sticking out their asses side-by-side and taking a few pictures, Daisy grabbing her own phone so she would have a copy too. They even made sure to look over their shoulders and smile for the camera, shameless in their debauchery. That included spreading each other's cheeks, and their own, and even kissing along the way. It was so very twisted, and so very fun. Especially as Ruby didn't need to waste her energy pushing the back of the harness aside, as there was no back to it. Plus, this meant she could show off the strap-on, they had just used to brutalize their butts. The strap-on that now needed cleaning, and while Ruby was tempted to do it herself, it was only fair that it was Daisy's turn now.

"So, what now?" Ruby questioned, as if she didn't know, although she wasn't very convincing.

"Well, I can get us some drinks, and we can snuggle. Maybe see what's on TV?" Daisy teased.

"I have a better idea." Ruby smirked, grabbing hold of Daisy's hair and forcefully yanking her downwards, "You could suck my cock. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, clean it of every single drop of your butt cream, you nasty little ATM bitch! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, be my little ass to mouth cock sucker. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!"

"I suppose I could do that." Daisy quipped, even as Ruby continued providing commentary.

Honestly, Ruby wasn't really sure what she was even saying, she was just excited to watch the mighty Quake suck a butt flavoured dick like the dirty little ass to mouth whore she secretly was. And she certainly got her wish, the superhero wrapping her pretty little mouth around the dildo which had just been deep inside her rectum, and moaning happily at the taste. Then after a few long minutes of savouring the flavour she began bobbing her head up and down the shaft, taking more and more each time until eventually she was deep throating the entire length. Oh God yes, her boss Daisy Johnson settled into giving her a long, drawn-out blow job, and it was glorious.

As much as Ruby wanted this to last forever she was also very glad when the other woman stopped in favour of kissing her, allowing Ruby to taste Daisy Johnson's ass on Daisy Johnson's lips and tongue, and then in her mouth. And maybe even they tasted each other's asses, making this even more special. Oh God, how did she get so lucky? She definitely didn't deserve it, not after the things she had done, but Ruby was determined to spend the rest of her life earning this, and making up for her past mistakes. It wouldn't be easy, but she trusted Quake, her Daisy, would be there every step of the way, giving her wonderful rewards, which she would only be too happy to return.

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