Night Tremors

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The air pushed out of her body as she landed on the black matted floor. This was the third time in their very brief training session that Mack had tossed Daisy.

“Really, who taught you how to fight?” Daisy asked as she got herself off the ground.

Mack smiled, flashing his perfect white teeth. “I’ve had many trainers over the years, one of them being your teacher, May. So, a lot of the things you’re throwing out, I already know how to counter. I’m telling you if you want to get back out in the field you need to be more creative, Tremors.”

Mack was right, and Daisy hated that he was. Ever since her powers had overloaded her gauntlets she had been ordered off any operations until she was able to take on a high-level ranking team member in a sparring match—no powers allowed. Mack just so happened to be that high-ranking team member and he was literally pulling no punches with Daisy. All she had to do, according to Coulson and May was get Mack on the ground once, and she would prove herself worthy. With the lack of controls the gauntlet had once offered her, the team was worried that Daisy would again shatter the bones in her body trying to “save the day”.

They circled each other under the training room’s fluorescent lights. Mack stared in her eyes with a grin painted on his handsome face. Meanwhile, Daisy was looking for a weak point. She scanned his beautiful smiling face, down his tree-trunk of a torso, over the gigantic bulge in his pants— Daisy shook the image of Mack’s crotch from her mind and charged forward. She didn’t see a weak point but perhaps the element of surprise would be her best ally.

She landed a right cross on Mack’s square jaw, which he seemed to not even feel. She crouched down and sent elbows into the inside of his thighs making him hunch over. This is it, Daisy thought. I’m about to knock him down. Quickly, Daisy wrapped her legs around one of Mack’s larger, muscular legs, hoping to use a takedown move that Grant had showed her when he had been her Commanding Officer. As Daisy pushed Mack’s legs forward, leveraging all of her weight and strength, she felt something different than what she had expected. Countless times in the field, the end result of her using this move was always her opponent falling on their face, but instead Mack’s upper torso was leaning backward, so as the weight of Daisy’s move pushed his legs forward, he ended up performing a back somersault out of her hold.

Not possible! Daisy thought. She was impressed with every member of Shield she had ever encountered, but Mack was something else. He was two-hundred and sixty pounds of all muscle wrapped in milk chocolate skin and the way he moved seemed utterly impossible for a man of his size. Yet here he was in their base’s training room doing the impossible.

Mack landed on his feet. He turned and smiled at her and then pounced. Daisy tried to back away from him, opening her legs to gather up enough force to drive her backward but it was too late. Mack’s large frame was already falling on top of her.

He landed with a thud in between her legs, and narrowly missed crushing her small, one-hundred and thirty-five pound frame with his massive one. She did, however, feel a mass hit her between her legs; in her most delicate of places.

“Pinned’ya!” Mack playfully said.

Daisy stared into his eyes, feeling the heat rise in her body and the pressure from Mack’s and replied, “Yeah, you did.”

It wasn’t meant to be sexual or a come on, but Mack felt the energy shift between them and the blood immediately rush to his nether regions causing his penis to jump surprisingly with a new infusion of blood. A motion that was not unnoticed by Daisy who took a sharp intake of breath the moment she felt the bulge in Mack’s pants move.

Mack broke the silence. “I think we trained enough for the day, don’t you?”

“Yeah, we definitely have.”  Mack gently removed himself from on top of Daisy and then extended a hand to help her up.

“I think we can hit the showers, now.”

“Yeah,” Daisy said, “most definitely. Let’s go.”

Mack’s eyes grew big with embarrassment. “I didn’t mean toget—”

“—no! I didn’t either, Mack, oh, my god!”

“Tremors, I’m sorry. I just—”

“No, I totally get it. Look, let’s just go clean up and call it a night. The team should be back in the morning, and we can just pretend like none of this ever happened, deal?”

Mack rubbed his hand over his bald head and gave Daisy a shy smile that sent its own tremors down her to core. “Deal.” Mack said.

Mack and Daisy went into their separate parts of the sleeping quarters: The males had their side, the women had theirs, and then Coulson had his office. It had yet to be recorded that Coulson actually sleeps.

 Mack walked into the men’s bathroom room and turned on one of the shower stalls. He adjusted the water until it was almost too hot for him, but he knew that his muscles needed the release from the tension he had built up sparring with Daisy. She was an excellent fighter: spry and cunning, and was a match for someone even Mack’s size. Had they’ve sparred any longer she would have gotten the best of him. Or better yet she would have got the best of me—all ten inches, if she let me.

 As quickly as the thought came, Mack dismissed it. This was not the relationship that he and Daisy shared. She was his partner, nothing more. He attributed his lustful thoughts to his loneliness. He had not been with a woman for some time, and ever since joining SHIELD he hadn’t the time to find anyone.  Finally escaping his thoughts, Mack noticed that steam had overtaken the bathroom completely. He removed his training clothes which were practically stuck on his body. As he lowered his briefs his plump manhood fell out, heavily bumping into his left leg. The head was thick and purple, as thoughts of Daisy kept creeping past his conscious blocks and making blood flow to his penis. Again, Mack shook his head free from the thoughts of Daisy and got into the shower.

The hot water felt good to his muscles, and as the water fell down his body to the head of his cock he couldn’t help but let his mind again float to Daisy. He wondered if her warmth would match the water that was currently running over his penis. He looked down and saw his cock jump with excitement. He was now fully aroused and his organ was begging for relief. He wanted to do it; to masturbate but he had found that not masturbating had caused his focus to become almost super-human, and that was an edge that he did not want to lose. Mack found his resolve, and decided against pleasing himself. He thought of other things to get his mind off Daisy, and soon he felt the blood leave his groin returning his manhood back to flaccid.

Mack quickly cleaned himself and exited the shower. He dried himself in the bathroom, and then decided to forgo his towel and walk back to his private sleeping quarters. Mack had no issue walking to his room naked. The rest of the team was out on recovery mission after something big went down in Hell’s Kitchen; supposedly there was a deadly group of ninja assassins that SHIELD could now add to the list of enemies to keep them up at night.

Illuminated by the star-blue shine of the flood lights in the sleeping quarters Mack pressed in his code to his room. He sighed in relief when the black air-lock hatch hissed open, revealing his bed. He lay down on his bed and wrapped his naked body in the cool sheets as he drifted off to sleep.

Daisy had walked back to her side of the sleeping quarters with an ache between her legs that she had not felt since Grant. It was the horniness that a good sparring session could always bring out but this time it was amplified. Mack had always seemed like forbidden fruit to Daisy. Although he was older, he had just seemed too pure for someone like her—for anyone really. He was as big as an ox, but as wholesome as apple pie and had a smile that could light up the night, while she was a criminal hacker and an Inhuman.

And horny! She was extremely horny right now.

When May had suggested that Mack stay behind to help Daisy with her training she had thought nothing of it, but it seemed like every time she was grabbed by Mack’s large hands and effortlessly thrown to the ground her arousal would only increase. He was strong, practically supernatural, but somehow never bruised an inch of her body. He was a gentle giant and it was turning her on. Luckily, they were able to get away from each other after the training session. In truth, had Mack taken Daisy up on her suggestion to shower together she would have gladly done it. The feel of Mack on top of her had turned something on inside her that she hadn’t known was there, and she wasn’t so sure she wanted to turn it back off.

Daisy walked into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror above the sink.

She slapped her face with tiny smacks, “Stop it, Daisy. Just stop. Take a shower and go to bed.” 

She turned on the shower, removed her clothes and stepped in. As the water went over her body, she tried to imagine Mack’s weight on top of her again, and the feel of his massive bulge pressing at her center. Daisy reached between her legs and began to rub her sex, thinking about what could be in Mack’s pants. Maybe he is just as big down there, too, she thought. Without intentionally meaning to do so, Daisy’s powers started to send small vibrations out her hands and over her sex.

“Oh, my god,” Daisy yelled as her body released an orgasm.

Daisy fell into the white tile of the shower wall as she tried to recover. She had never even thought to use her powers in such a way, and it had felt really good.

I have no fucking need for a vibrator ever again. She thought.

Daisy brought her hands up to her face and studied them. She felt no ill effects in her bones from using her powers at such a low frequency. She placed her hands under the water and concentrated. She could see the water bouncing on her palm as the vibrations rolled out of them. She concentrated more to bring the vibrations inward, toward her center.

She again yelped as the vibration was focused within the walls of her vagina; they quivered with pleasure.
This was a new power set that would benefit her when she became lonely, and a part of her wondered what it would do to someone else’s body. A smile crossed her lips as she thought of who the best candidate would be to test her new skills on. She quickly cleaned herself and got out of the shower. She dried herself and went to her bedroom to throw on some clothes, but instead decided to just wear her black leather jacket and nothing else. With the entire team gone, and with the intentions that she had in mind, she didn’t feel the need to be shy.

Daisy walked out of the women’s quarters into the common area toward the men’s side. The blue flood lights made the water on her tan skin shine. Briefly, she thought that she should turn back and go to bed. Daisy wanted to believe that what she had felt during their training session was just all in her mind, but the memory of Mack’s weight on top of her urged her forward.

 She slowly opened the door, expecting for Mack to already be in the bed. She gasped in surprise as a very naked, and a very much hung Mack walked past her view into his bedroom. Daisy sighed in relief that she was not seen and then sighed again as the mental image of Mack’s muscular body replayed in her mind, smashing away any thoughts of turning back.

She closed the door to the men’s quarters behind her, and stood there in silence thinking about what she would say to Mack.

I felt something while we were training. No. I’ve always felt something between us, but it was only today that I think you felt it, too. Nothing to her seemed like the right thing to say to Mack. She paced back and forth in the common area thinking of what she would say to Mack. Twenty minutes had passed before she whispered out, “Fuck it!” She walked over to the air lock and typed in the code that Mack had openly given everyone. He said that he always has an ‘open door policy’ with the team—his family.

Daisy had planned on walking in to a still woke Mack and asking him to fuck her, but when the door hissed open she was greeted to Mack’s large chocolate frame asleep in his bed. The white sheets hung loosely off his hips. His right arm was raised above his head, while the over hand laid gently on his chest.

Daisy’s breath hitched. Mack was even more beautiful in his peaceful sleep. She scanned his body, from his bald head, down his broad chest, over his chiseled abs and to the deep creases of his hips. Without commanding so, she felt her powers begin to tingle through her fingertips. Every part of her wanted Mack, including the Inhuman part. She slowly walked toward Mack, careful not to wake him. She raised her hands slowly and moved them up Mack’s enormous calves to his even bigger thighs.

Mack moaned at the sensations he was feeling; a deep massage in his legs. He had no idea what it was but he could feel it pushing him deeper into a peaceful night’s rest, and he didn’t want it to ever stop. The pressure moved farther up his body, and he faintly heard himself moan in pleasure.

Daisy stopped moving up his body when he moaned and kept the tremors focused right on the inside of his thighs. Mack seemed to be pleased by the sensation. Soon Daisy saw movement under the white sheet—a quick, but very large jump at Mack’s center.

Oh, my God, Daisy thought. She hungrily licked her lips when she decided to increase the power of her tremors. She could feel the vibrational frequency of Mack’s body. His vibes were stronger than average-sized men, probably to accommodate for his large body size and personality—and that big cock of his; how could she forget about his big cock. She tweaked her vibes to push a little harder. Deeper than just muscle manipulation, but not enough to cause him harm; no, she wanted to manipulate the fluid in Mack’s body.

 Specifically, his blood; Daisy focused, and then pushed.

Mack had suddenly become more lucid in his dream. He had gone from doing simple inventory of the base to now being dragged by the hand by Daisy into the training room. He didn’t want to practice more but the wanton look in her eyes made him decide against protesting. Also, with the pressure he was feeling in his legs he either had to work out by sparring or something else even more strenuous— and fun.

“You want to practice again, Little Tremors?” Mack asked.

Daisy turned to him as they crossed the threshold of the training room. “Yeah, I do. This time, I’m gonna end up on top.”

Mack’s penis twitched with excitement. She didn’t mean it that way Big Guy, calm down.

“Yeah, okay, we’ll see, Tremors.” Daisy released his hand and walked to the other side of the room, removing her jacket.

“C’mon, remove your clothes.”

“Huh,” Mack asked.

Daisy removed her pants and her shirt, standing in front of Mack in sky blue underwear.

“Tremors, what are you—”

Daisy closed the distance between them. “I said, remove your clothes.” Daisy ended her sentence by grabbing Mack’s cock through his pants. Mack felt warmth—no, vibrations—from Daisy’s hands making his cock go from flaccid to rock hard.

“Daisy!” Mack screamed out as he woke from his dream to see the real Daisy in front of him in between his legs. Her hands were on his thighs, and he could feel the vibrations from Daisy going straight into him toward his cock that was now standing at attention in all of its full ten-inch glory.

Daisy wasn’t startled when Mack woke. Her eyes were too fixated on the monster that had risen from Mack’s groin. She smiled as pre-cum glistened on the top of his cock’s large purple head.

She asked seductively, “Did I wake you?”

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