A Seerís Submission (Hail Hydra)

BY : TwistedMuffin
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Disclaimer: I do not own Captain America, nor the characters from it. I do not own Harry Potter, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Notes: This story is pure fantasy with little to no grounding in reality.  I do not condone rape or other similar things in this story being done to women or men in real life.  Also, if you feel I have missed a tag, feel free to tell me in a review and I'll change it as soon as I can.

This is under Captain America because most of the events are going to take place in that universe, even though we start with Harry Potter.

Harriet Potter had finally done it.

Voldemort was dead.  His minions were either dead, or captured, and of those captured, none would be capable of harming anyone ever again.  But what should have been a joyous occasion was instead sad.

Everyone she knew and loved had died.

Ron and Hermione had fallen early in the battle, being forced to duel against Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange.  Neville had fallen shortly after, killed by Voldemort after he had managed to kill Nagini and Bellatrix with the Sword of Gryffindor.  Ginny had been cut down before the battle had even started, by Draco Malfoy, who was cut down by the rest of the Wealsey family in revenge.  The other Weasleys had died when the Death Eaters separated them and put them in positions where they were outnumbered 15-1.

Harriet had only one friend left, and Luna Lovegood was dying.

“Luna, please don’t leave me,” Harriet said, tears streaming down her face.

“I, I’m sorry, please, it hurts too much,” Luna said.  “They won’t stop.  They won’t stop.  Forgive me, Harriet.”

Luna placed a hand on her cheek and the world turned upside down.  Visions of the past, the present, and the future began to swirl around her, drawing her into this event and that incident. Harriet hadn’t understood what Luna meant by ‘they won’t stop’ when she had said it, but now she did.  The visions constantly threw themselves at her trying to gain her attention.  No wonder Luna had been so spacy in life.

It was so hard to focus.  Harriet could barely see anything in front of her with the visions that kept coming at her.  Harriet wobbled and passed out from the overload on her senses.  No one else was around to hear Luna’s final words.

“Sorry, needed to,” Luna said.  “They’ll break you.  They broke me.  Now they’ll win.  Hail Hydra.”

Luna closed her eyes, never to wake again.

Two months later in Grimmauld Place, Harriet had gathered every piece of literature about Seers that was available and had read through them all twice.  If Hermione had still been alive, she would have been so proud of Harriet.

Apparently, Seers couldn’t ignore the visions themselves.  They relied on a connection to someone else to do it for them.  And the only way to truly get rid of the visions was to pass them to someone else.  Not even in death could a Seer find relief from them.

Harriet didn’t blame Luna for giving her the visions, just as Luna hadn’t blamed her mother for giving her the visions.  Luna’s father had been the one to help her mother to control the visions, and he had tried to do the same with Luna, but he had been too far gone in his grief to help much.

Harriet’s problem was that the connection had to be with someone the Seer felt emotionally close to, and all of Harriet’s friends had died.  She had a few acquaintances – Cho Chang, Dennis Creevey, and a few others – but none of them that she felt close enough with to be able to help with the visions.

“I want these to stop,” Harriet said, doing her best to ignore the visions that flew around her trying to get her attention.  “I can’t take it anymore.  How do I make them stop!?”

One of the visions rushed forward, forcing her to drop into it.

Master cupped Toy’s cheek and smiled at her, “You truly are my perfect toy, aren’t you?”

“Yes Master,” Toy replied happily.

“Good toy,” He said.  “Now, spread your legs.  Master wishes to fuck his toy again.”

Toy spread her legs wide, begging, “Please, please Master, fuck your Toy.  Your Toy needs Master’s cock in her stupid fuck-hole. Please – Ah!”

Master shoved his wondrous cock in His Toy’s cunt, and –

Harriet gasped as she came out of the visions.  She took several deep breaths and noticed that one of her hands was down her pants.  She pulled it out, finding her fingers covered in her own juices.  During the vision she had been fingering her vagina – fuck-hole – NO!

Harriet shook her head, trying to clear the vision from her thoughts.  She was not some asshole’s sex toy.  She was a person, her own person, and she wouldn’t give that up to anyone.  She got up and washed her hand, and then went back to her research on Seers, ignoring that her vagina – fuck-hole – was still wet from the vision.

It would be several hours before she realized what she had missed in the vision.

“Stupid vision,” Harriet grumbled, fluffing her pillows as she got ready for bed.  Why would they show her becoming some guy’s sex toy?  She wanted a way to get rid of the visions, not a way to – the visions!

“There were no visions,” she realized.  “I wasn’t being bombarded by visions of everything, but how?  How does that work?”

There was only one way to find out.  Harriet climbed into bed and pulled the covers up, before calling forth a vision from the same future path, falling into it willingly.

“Who am I?” He asked.

“You are my Master,” Toy answered.

“Who are you?”

“I am Master’s Toy.”

“What is your purpose?”

“To please Master in whatever way he desires.”

Master grinned and asked one last question, “What is your greatest desire?”

“To have Master’s cock deep inside His Toy.”

“Good, against the wall.”

Toy waked over to the wall, and bent over, spreading her legs and holding onto the wall for support.  Her fuck-hole began drooling as soon as Master began approaching her.  Toy squeaked as Master smacked her ass several times, turning the spot He was smacking as red as a cherry.

“I don’t hear any begging for my cock,” Master said, giving her ass a particularly hard slap.

“I’m sorry Master.  I’ll do better,” Toy answered.  “Please Master, fuck your Toy.  Use whichever hole you prefer Master, just put your incredible cock deep inside your Toy.  Make Toy belong to Master forever!”

“Who am I to deny suck a lovely little toy her greatest wish?” Master said, chuckling, before suddenly pushing into Toy’s cunt.

“Ah, yes, please Master,” Toy said.  Master began rocking His hips back and forth, fucking her slowly.  “Need more, please.”

“More of my cock, huh?” Perhaps if you started calling it your fuck-hole, I would.”  Master kept the same slow pace.

“Please, please, please Master,” Toy chanted.  “Use Toy’s fuck-hole.  Toy needs Master’s cock fucking her fuck-hole.  Please Master.”

“Do you want me to go faster, my sweet little toy?”

“Yes, please Master.  Pound your Toy’s fuck-hole.  All Toy’s fuck-hole is good for is being used by Master’s cock!  Oooooh!”

Master began ramming His cock into His Toy’s fuck hole.  Toy lost all ability to think coherent, her world reduced to her Master’s cock fucking her like the Toy she was.

Harriet awoke with a scream, orgasming at the same time as her vision-self, with her fingers buried deep inside her fuck-hole, soaking the sheets like a good Toy.

“So good, Master, so good, need more, please,” she begged, before she realized what she was doing.  Feeling disgusted with herself for allowing herself to fall prey to the vision’s depravity she went to take a shower.  Kreacher would change the bedding for her.

“There still weren’t any visions,” she muttered.  “And I still don’t know why.”  For some reason, Master’s Toy didn’t get assaulted with visions of everything, every second of the day like she did.  If Harriet could just figure out how her vision-self did it, without allowing herself to fall prey to the visions again, she could have a relatively normal life.

Harriet did her best to prevent the visions from taking her the rest of the day, and though she still Saw several things, she successfully avoided Seeing anymore of Master’s Toy.  She returned to bed later that night, with the lack of visions on her mind.

“Alright, let’s try this again,” Harriet said, calling forth the next vision.  “And this time, I won’t fall for the –“

“– visions depraved actions.  Oh, my.”

Harriet found herself outside her vision-self’s body, assuming of course the woman tied to the chair was her.  There was some sort of device over her head, leaving only room for a dildo attached to another machine to go into her mouth.  The machine also had arms connected to what were likely also dildo’s underneath the chair.

One for Toy’s cunt fuck-hole and one for Toy’s ass fuck-hole.

Harriet shook her head to get rid of the thought.  This wasn’t her.  She wasn’t a toy.  She didn’t belong to anyone, much less a man – Master, so good, so kind to His Toy – that saw her as nothing more than a sex object – Being Master’s Toy is wonderful.

“No,” Harriet whispered, not noticing as she fingered herself while watching the machine fuck Master’s Toy.

Yes, why else would Toy’s fingers be fucking her cunt fuck-hole.  Toy knows how good it is to belong to Master.  Toy loves Master.

Master is good to His Toy,” Harriet said.  Suddenly she was pulled towards her vision-self, unable to resist as she fell into being Master’s Toy once more.

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