The Memory Remains

BY : Original-Sin
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Disclaimer: I don't own Avengers or the Marvel 'Verse. That pleasure belongs to Stan Lee. No infringements intended. I make no profit now or ever for this work of fiction.


**************** ***********Maggie POV****************************************

I'm standing by my grandmother's grave. Surrounded by everyone who knew Margaret “Peggy” Carter are standing around me for the graveside service. For such a sad occasion, it's a beautiful sunny March day. Standing opposite me, but away from the rest of the crowd is her unrequited love. She'd loved him every day since 1945. For over 60 years she had loved and mourned Captain America himself. Unconsciously brought my hand to my throat and toyed with the necklace I had put around my neck the night Gran died and kept around my neck everyday since. Before going to the nursing home, she had made me promise to give it to him along with the letter currently burning a hole in my jacket pocket in the event of her death.


**************** ***********Steve POV****************************************

There are people everywhere. I meet the eyes of a young girl who appears to be studying me. She very strongly resembles a young Peggy. For a moment I almost lose my composure. She looks away blushing, and is now avoiding my gaze while seemingly in an unconscious gesture is toying with a necklace that looks vaguely familiar, but I am too far away for me to be sure of what it looks like. As the service draws to a close, she takes a deep breath and approaches me.

“Captain Rogers? My name is Maggie Carter” she says, sticking her hand out for me to shake. Deja vu threatens to overwhelm me. “My grandmother had something for me to return to you”, she says handing me the letter clenched tightly in her fist. I can see Peggy's beautiful handwriting.

**************** ***********Maggie POV****************************************

As I'm focusing my attention on the coffin, I'm steeling my nerves to approach Captain Rogers. My father hated the fact that Gran give me the necklace and letter for safe-keeping. He was of the opinion that I should burn the letter and hock the necklace to give him money to hold off his cocaine dealer. I told him to get fucked. “Gran trusted me to do this for her, Dad! I am not going to disrespect her dying wish to feed your fucking cocaine habit!” I was so pissed off that he had thought of stealing from his own mother's estate to support his need for cocaine.

While I'd been remembering the fight, the service had finished. Now it was time for my mission. It was time to return Steve's property to him.

“Captain Rogers? My name is Maggie Carter” I say holding out my hand for him to shake. “My grandmother had something for me to return to you” I hold out the letter to him, waiting for him to take it. “Also, there's this” I say, reaching up to remove the necklace from around my neck. “Ifelt the necklace would be safer if I wore it until I could return it to you” I explain awkwardly, seeing the tears gathered in his bright blue eyes. He clears his throat and gains his composure quickly, looking me in the eye. “Thank you ma'am. I appreciate you respecting your grandmother's wish. I-”

“MARGARET ELIZABETH CARTER!” My father's shout interrupts Steve's sentence. “Get over here NOW!”

“Just a moment, Dad” I call back. A really ugly fight is brewing. I can sense it the way a dog senses a storm.

**************** ***********Steve POV****************************************

I didn't get to finish my conversation with Peggy's granddaughter. A man's voice had barked out Maggie's name and both of us turned to see a man glaring at us. He was a tall man at least six feet two inches, with oily slicked back dark hair and blue eyes filled with loathing.

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