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Title: Spiritual Lover

Fandom: Avengers/Bleach

Chapter: 1

Characters: Byakuya, Ichigo

Word Count:

Warnings: Nothing

For: CutsyCat

AN: I am fine. I promise. I went to the hospital early Saturday morning (about 4) due to issues with a new pain killer that I had been prescribed. It was supposed to be a nice medium between my lightest pain killer and my heavy hitter, but instead it sent me to the hospital with a reaction.

I now have an anti-nausea and unhappy gut muscles. I'm doing better though. I was dehydrated because I couldn't drink anything without setting my stomach off, so I did have an IV hooked up to me. Where as it should take about two hours if they're not pushing it, it took me about an hour to get the drip into my system.

That tells ya something. But I promise I am FINE now and that I hope you enjoy this new story. Hugs and cookies to all!


“I’m still kinda surprised that you came around here,” Ichigo drawled, flopping onto his recliner. He watched as Byakuya took his own seat on the dark couch that had come with the recliner and the coffee table.

“I’m still surprised that you thought to move to New York for your college career,” Byakuya drawled, taking the tea cup with a nod of his head. Ichigo shrugged and picked up his own cup.

“I wanted to get away for a while. I spent three years without an ounce of power, unable to see the creatures and souls around me. Then I have to deal with an insane fucker of an ex-substitute Shinigami while regaining my damn powers. I’m tired,” he sighed, rubbing at his face with a frown.

Byakuya tilted his head to the side, smiling slightly at the young male before him. Indeed, Ichigo looked tired, but freer. Happier. It looked as if Ichigo had found some freedom in the last four months since he had left Karakura Town to arrive in New York. He had arrived just as they had finished up the major reconstruction from the alien invasion that the world had heard about, finding a rather nice apartment that his trust fund that had come from his mother and Ryuuken could pay for.

His bank account from the Seireitei also helped to cover his costs of living.

“I’m glad that you have found a place to rest and relax,” Byakuya stated, Ichigo smiling and nodding his head. “Have you seen anything since you’ve arrived?” he asked, pulling out a sliding keyboard phone, a design that Mayuri had created after looking over the types of phones from the Living World.

“Souls that are being sent over to their rest occasionally, but no hollows so far, which is surprising for a city this big,” Ichigo mused, watching as his friend type in the information into his phone. “I’ve talked with a few of the souls running around and was told that Hollows don’t like the taste of the city. To much pollution in the spiritual fabric or something like that,” he continued, shrugging one shoulder.

“I’ll get readings of the city when I call in next,” Byakuya promised, Ichigo nodding his head and standing up. “Do you have any current reports?” he asked, looking up as the younger male moved to the small computer desk that sat near the windows.

Ichigo hummed in a thought and nodded his head, using the mouse pad to print out the information that he had gathered in the last few weeks since his last check in with Seireitei. “Here. Not a whole lot considering that I’m so damn busy with school, but enough, I think, to get a start on things,” he said, Byakuya nodding his head and taking the papers.

Shifting through them, one black eyebrow raised as he looked up at Ichigo, the male sitting down with a huff. “Who are these Avengers?” he asked, pointing at the summary of the Avengers.

“Super hero group. You have the super soldier, Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. Frozen in the ice since the early 1940’s, and was defrosted about a year or so ago. I think. I can’t pinpoint the exact date. Then there’s Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. He’s a genius billionaire, owns various Stark companies and used to make weapons,” Ichigo hummed. “At least up until he was caught in Afghanistan by a terrorist cell and escaped in some way or another. There’s hints of a very large suit. He’s doing work with clean energy now.”

“I remember hearing about that. We do get important news in the Seireitei,” Byakuya stated when he got a curious look from Ichigo. “Tell me about the others. There are six total correct?”

“Yes. Along side Rogers and Stark, there is Bruce Banner, who had a particularly nasty run in with gamma radiation and turns into a giant, green rage machine. As one spirit said,” Ichigo snorted. “The Hulk is quite powerful but scary strong. Then we have Thor, Prince of Asgard and God of Thunder, along with a few other things that escape my memory. He and the Hulk apparently have a very...violent friendship going on. Think me and Kenpachi in the same room.”

Byakuya shuddered at that thought and shook his head. “I do not want to think of that, thank you very much. The last time you two were in the same room, you destroyed it and three buildings,” he stated, getting a smirk from the other man.

“Yes, well these two will destroy New York city again if they were allowed to do it,” Ichigo snorted. “The last two are S.H.I.E.L.D. assassins, code names Black Widow and Hawkeye. I can’t find shit on them but that’s not surprising,” he drawled. “Though, you remember that soul that kept flickering on and off of the lists of need to collects? I found out that he’s getting better every day and is now working as the Avengers handler,” he continued, smirking at Byakuya.

“Interesting.” Looking over the summary once more, Byakuya sighed and rubbed at his nose. “So, they are what stopped the invasion and are still together?” he asked.

“Yep,” Ichigo hummed, brushing his hands through his hair, the longish locks falling around his face. “I see them getting around sometimes. I’ve even met Thor in the supermarket. The guy has a serious thing for poptarts,” he snorted, crossing his legs and putting his feet up onto the coffee table and nearly melting into the recliner with a huff. “And I mean a clean off the shelves thing. I was able to get a box off of him though since it was the last week of the month and I was out of food for breakfast.”

“Sounds like he is a good man. I have heard of the family that Thor comes from. It has been many a century since they have been to Earth,” Byakuya stated, tapping his bottom lip. “I will be here for a while so perhaps I can get information on them, see what Yamamoto-soutaicho wishes for me to do.”

“You need a place to crash?” Ichigo asked, wondering just where the noble was staying. There weren’t too many places that he could stay that were good enough for him, or so it seemed.

Byakuya shook his head. “No, I have a penthouse in a high class hotel that affords me privacy and a place to keep my gigai if things need to be taken cared of,” he stated, Ichigo eyeing the gigai before smirking.

“Isn’t that the new one from Urahara? Like the ones that the Vizards use, right?” he asked, Byakuya nodding his head. “Nice. So, want to stay for dinner? I was thinking of making some soup since it’s so damn cold out there.”

“What kind of soup?” Byakuya asked as Ichigo stood once more, following after him to the kitchen.

“Miso or maybe some ton-jiru. Haven’t decided yet,” Ichigo chuckled, smiling at his friend, glad that the other was so comfortable with him and so very open to a friendship. Especially the way they used to be at one time. It was such a nice change.

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