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Sharon Carter had been taught by the best. Whatever people thought or said about SHIELD she knew the truth, that while it was full of traitors it was also full of just as many men and women looking to make the world a better place. Of course, good or bad, they were the best spies in the business, regardless of what the amateurs in the CIA thought. After all, it was her SHIELD training which allowed her to immediately detect an intruder and in one swift movement turn on the lights and point a gun directly at them.

When she saw the intruder she immediately second-guessed herself. After all, her SHIELD training would have protected her against any other intruder, and it certainly gave her a fighting chance, but she suspected the only reason she detected The Black Widow's presence was because Natasha wanted her too. Ironically it was almost comforting to think if Natasha Romanoff truly wanted her dead there was nothing she could have done about it. On the other hand the prospect that The Black Widow wanted something from her was almost just as scary.

With a disarming smile Natasha called out, "You know, I think I may owe you an apology."

"How'd you figure that?" Sharon asked, proud of herself for putting on a reasonably brave face.

Relaxing back in the rather comfortable sofa Natasha shrugged, "I'm normally better at spotting homosexuals."

That did knock Sharon off her game momentarily, but then with only a slight annoyed tone replied, "You went through my things."

Natasha smiled, "What's the point of a break in if you don't look around."

"So what, you stuck around to apologise?" Sharon questioned sceptically.

"Oh God no. I need to apologise because I kept trying to push you and Steve together, when it turns out you're not each other's type." Natasha said, finally getting up and prowling towards Sharon like some kind of predator, "So... I'm sorry. I got... comfortable in SHIELD. If I spent as much time studying my allies as I did studying my enemies things would be very different."

"You can't blame yourself for what happened with SHIELD." Sharon murmured, although without conviction. She too couldn't escape the feeling she could have done more.

"Sure I can." Natasha replied somewhat petulantly, before quickly adding, "But I didn't come here to dwell on the past, I came here to talk about the future."

"Oh really?" Sharon said sceptically, finally lowering her gun.

"Really." Natasha confirmed, finally coming face to face with the blonde, "It seems you've landed on your feet since the fall of SHIELD, Miss CIA Agent. Some of us weren't so lucky."

"Some of us weren't what we seemed." Sharon rambled, "And some of us became Avengers. Must be fun to be a celebrity."

Quite enjoying this woman's sass Natasha rolled her eyes, "Please, it's a nightmare. I feel like a babysitter half the time, and now that every little detail about me is available on the Internet my skill set is limited."

"I'm sure you get by." Sharon quipped, before asking, "So, what was it you wanted exactly?"

Natasha smiled, "For you to be The Avengers' eyes and ears inside the CIA."

Sharon blinked a few times in disbelief, then asked, "You expect me to spy on the CIA? For a bunch of dangerous misfits the CIA is already keeping close tabs on?"

Natasha shrugged, "Everybody knows the world has changed. The CIA might be able to still handle your garden variety criminal, but WHEN they are about to get in over their heads you call us and give us any relevant information. Which I know is risky, but-"

"It's the right thing to do and in everyone's best interests." Sharon finished for her with a sigh, "Fine, I'll do it."

"Oh." Natasha frowned, "And here I was hoping I'd have to sleep with you."

Sharon blushed, "That won't be necessary."

"Are you sure?" Natasha grinned, slowly entering Sharon's personal space, "I promise you won't be disappointed."

Lowering her gaze but standing her ground Sharon mumbled, "I'm sure I wouldn't, but... this isn't exactly how I imagined this happening."

Natasha frowned for a few moments, then she said in disbelief, "You're a virgin."

"No!" Sharon exclaimed, looking up only to have the truth be forced out of her by the redhead's piercing stare, "I... I had a long term boyfriend from high school to SHIELD Academy. We kept telling each other we were waiting for the right time, but that's just because we didn't want to be honest about what we really wanted. We eventually went through with it, just to make absolutely sure we were both gay. Then, he became out and proud, and I..."

"Stayed in the closet." Natasha finished for her.

"Hey, it's not like relationships are easy in this line of work." Sharon protested, before letting out a deep sigh, "Besides, I have non-existent gaydar."

Natasha looked thoughtful for a few seconds and then offered, "I could help you."

Genuinely surprised Sharon blurted out, "What?"

Natasha shrugged, "SHIELD is gone, and from what I understand the CIA doesn't keep as close tabs on its employees. Not that being gay was a crime in SHIELD. The point is, I could teach you how to stay in the closet at work and with your family, and still seduce any woman you want."

There was a long silence, and then Sharon bit her lip, "Seduction's not really my thing."

"You really think I can't teach you?" Natasha questioned.

There was a long silence, and then against her better judgement Sharon asked, "What do you have in mind?"

Natasha smiled, "First, the basics. Kiss me."

Sharon laughed, "I knew you were just trying to get into my pants."

"Not at all." Natasha insisted, before admitting, "Well, maybe a little. There's no reason both of us can't get what we want out of this."

"Oh really?" Sharon raised an eyebrow.

"Really." Natasha confirmed, "Just think of it as practice. If you insist on saving something for your real first time, how about we stick to everything you gave up too your little gay boyfriend. Assuming you let him go down on you of course. Otherwise we need to work on a whole different set of rules."

Trying desperately not to blush, and failing, Sharon took a nervous half step forward and quipped, "We both tried oral, briefly. From what I hear you're highly skilled at both versions, amongst many other things."

"Some things were exaggerated." Natasha shrugged.

"How about the stories that you're a sexual predator?" Sharon asked.

"Only with the willing, and age-appropriate." Natasha smiled.

"Define age-appropriate." Sharon challenged.

"About 18 and up." Natasha smirked, "You certainly qualify in that area. But if you're not willing just say so, and I'll leave. After all, I've achieved my main objective."

The two women stared at each other from long moment, and then against her better judgement Sharon closed the tiny gap between their lips and kissed the infamous Black Widow. To her surprise the kiss didn't immediately turn frantic, The Avenger instead allowing her to set the pace, something Sharon was very grateful for. After all, she had a vague idea how to kiss but she had only ever done it with her ex-boyfriend and the few girls he had set her up with, so she felt extremely ill prepared for this. Luckily Agent Romanoff not only allowed her to spend at least a minute just gently pressing her lips against hers but when Sharon did work up the nerve to slide her tongue against the assassin's lips she was granted access to the other woman's mouth.

As she slowly pushed her tongue into Romanoff's mouth Sharon thought maybe this wouldn't be so bad. After all this was supposed to be a master of seduction, and surely that would mean she wouldn't go at a pace Sharon was uncomfortable with. Then again it seemed like a really bad idea to sleep with a woman with the code name Black Widow, especially after all the stories Sharon had heard of all the broken-hearted and thoroughly de-virgined men and women Natasha Romanoff had left in her wake. But she was tired of being a technical virgin, and she wasn't sure she could find another woman willing to sleep with her which was as gorgeous as the deadly Natasha Romanoff.

It took a lot for Natasha to allow things to remain so soft and gentle for so long. She could be patient when she needed to be, whether that was lying in wait with a sniper rifle for hours or allowing her latest conquest to get comfortable with things, but that didn't stop her from wanting to tear this inexperienced woman's clothes off and ravage her body. Still, Natasha knew she was walking on eggshells, so she allowed the young Agent Carter to set the pace for quite a while and when she did finally take control it was gentle, at least at first, her tongue just ever so slightly fighting back.

For a moment this seemed to make Miss Carter nervous, then Sharon forced herself to relax and Natasha chose to push her luck by kissing her harder and beginning to slide her hands over her body. Naturally she missed all the fun parts at first, but it wasn't that long before she started squeezing the blonde's well-toned little butt and strategically beginning to guide her backwards towards the bedroom, Natasha having practised her steps before Agent Carter had arrived. To her delight there was no protest and Ms Carter allowed her to guide her into her bedroom and eventually to the bed itself.

Once they reach their destination Natasha pushed Ms Carter gently but firmly backwards, causing the blonde to fall backwards onto her own bed with a cute little yelp. Obviously embarrassed by the sound Miss Carter recovered gracefully by shuffling to the centre of the bed, adopting a relaxed pose and looking at Natasha expectantly, proving that the SHIELD Academy had at least taught her something about the art of seduction. It made Natasha smile a little before she slowly took off her trademark costume, teasing the young Agent Carter with her curves by slowly revealing them to her.

Like so many before her Sharon seemed fascinated by Natasha's little striptease, although for once The Black Widow left her underwear on to make her inexperienced lover feel more comfortable. This gamble seem to pay off as with a raised eyebrow from the redhead Ms Carter scramble to remove her clothing, likewise leaving her underwear before relaxing on the bed in the same position as before, allowing Natasha to kiss her way up the blonde's legs, her stomach, the valley in between her tits, her neck and then finally to her lips. Then after a brief make out session where Natasha got to press her nearly naked body against Sharon's, the Russian move back down to the American's neck and then to the tits she had so hated to miss out on the first time round.

Sharon let out a soft cry as Romanoff's lips gently wrapped around her left nipple, the redhead's tongue swirling around it for a few seconds before Romanoff slowly kissed her way down Sharon's left boob and up her right so she could take her other nipple into her mouth and give that the same treatment. This process was repeated over and over again, Agent Romanoff gradually increasing both the force of the suction and how firmly her tongue circled and flicked her nipples. Her hands were also added to the mix, Romanoff cupping whatever breast she was working on more firmly into her mouth while her fingers played with the other breast.

It was certainly a lot better than the awkward fumbling of her first and only boyfriend or that one girl who had been bold enough to seriously grope her while they were making out, although that was to be expected. This was The Black Widow after all, the last thing Sharon had expected her to be was awkward. Of course she hadn't expected this would be a reality, but probably like every other former member of SHIELD who had even little sexual curiosity towards women Sharon had dreamt what it would be like to fuck Natasha Romanoff. Although becoming one of The Black Widow's conquests was a more accurate description of both what was happening to her and what she had fantasised about.

To that end it was almost nice not to be disappointed, Sharon feeling just as helpless as the proverbial fly caught in the spider’s web. Or in this case the unwitting mate lured to their doom by an irresistible female. These and other embarrassing thoughts echoed through Sharon's mind as The Widow constantly went from one boob to the other until she thought she would go crazy, her delirious mind only feeling more tortured when Agent Romanoff spent almost just as long covering her flat stomach, thighs and the area surrounding her needy sex in kisses. Even after Romanoff removed her underwear she continued to tease her, making Sharon feel that she would have to beg for the other woman to lick her pussy, something which made her flush just to think of it.

Thankfully Sharon was spared such embarrassment, for now, the blonde crying out in relief as the redhead's tongue slid across her pussy lips, and thus giving Sharon her first taste of homosexual oral sex. Lesbian oral sex! She was having lesbian oral sex! Finally! Finally another woman was licking her pussy, and it felt amazing, more so than Sharon had ever dreamed, the experience completely overwhelming for a few minutes as the infamous Natasha Romanoff settled into giving her a long drawn-out pussy licking, practically causing Sharon's mind to melt with the greatest pleasure she had ever known.

Natasha loved going down on her lovers. It was always thrilling to reduce them into incoherent messes just with her mouth and tongue, and while she loved variety if she absolutely had to choose between sucking cock and eating pussy 9 times out of 10 she would choose eating pussy. Of course, as with almost everything, there were a number of variables. In this case, between going out to find some random hook-up and seducing the ripe, succulent treat in front of her the choice was obvious. After all in Natasha's experience there was no greater thrill than introducing a girl to lesbian sex, and this may just be one of her favourite experiences.

After all, Sharon was the niece of one of the founders of SHIELD, so she would be quite the notch on Natasha's belt. Plus to find someone so inexperienced was a joy, Natasha's wicked mind already coming up with many things she could introduce this poor unsuspecting woman too. Most importantly of all, Sharon tasted good. Perhaps not the best ever, but maybe she could crack the top 10. She was certainly more responsive than many of the women Natasha had fucked recently, particularly compared to 'hard ass Hill'. Oh yes, compared to Maria Hill Sharon Carter was a downright chatter box.

"Lick me, oh lick me, mmmmmmmmm lick my pussy oooooooooh fuck!" Sharon cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh that feels good, that feel soooooooooo goooooooodddddddd ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Agent Romanoff!"

"Please, call me Natasha." Natasha insisted, grinning wickedly before she lowered her head to continue her work, "After all, Agent Romanoff is a little informal for the woman licking your pussy, don't you think?"

Natasha almost missed Sharon blushing as she began sliding her tongue over the other woman's pussy again. Fortunately the second her tongue made contact with that yummy treat Natasha avoided the temptation to close her eyes and looked up to see the most adorable red tint cover her fellow former SHIELD Agent's face. Unfortunately she didn't get to enjoy it for long, Sharon closing her eyes and tilting her head back to let out a long moan of pleasure. On the bright side Natasha got a close her eyes and concentrate on the sweet flavour in front of her, The Black Widow licking Sharon's pussy a little more forcefully than before.

Perhaps more importantly Natasha started lingering on Sharon's clit, just by a couple of seconds at first, then she began flicking that sensitive bundle of nerves. That led Sharon to lift her hips up and cry out, the young Miss Carter literally pushing her cunt into Natasha's face. Oh Natasha loved that. So much so she rewarded her lover by taking her clit into her mouth and gently began to suck it, which in turn just made Sharon pushed her pussy upwards even more. Then, because she wanted this to last, Natasha eased off completely for a little while, strictly sticking to just licking Sharon's pussy lips before again teasing her clit.

Sharon found this maddening, but there was nothing she could do about it. Unless she wanted to do something crazy like pushing Natasha away and try and finish the job herself, or worse grab her gun and threatened the infamous Black Widow to make her cum or else, Sharon just had to lay there and be devoured by this sexual predator. Not that there wasn't a certain appeal to that. After all Sharon had been trained by her Aunt Peggy and others from a very young age to always maintain control of the situation, and now she was very much out of control, giving up completely to this more experienced woman.

She was also embracing desires she had denied herself for so long. Convinced herself she didn't need. That they were overrated. That they turned everyone around her into fools, willing to say or do anything just to get themselves off. Now, finally, Sharon understood. She finally, truly understood why so many men and women could fall apart and give up their secrets with just a few strategic touches, and she certainly understood why so many of them had surrendered to The Black Widow.

If it would have meant she could finally cum, under this skilled woman's touch no less, Sharon would have happily spilt her secrets. They were all on the tip of her tongue, just waiting to be released if Natasha asked for one or all of them. However Sharon hadn't been in the CIA long enough to gain access to any important information, certainly nothing that Natasha Romanoff didn't already know, and with their combined skills it was questionable whether the CIA could keep anything from The Avengers. Not that it was any real concern of Sharon's when she was feeling Natasha Romanoff's tongue expertly played with her cunt.

As Natasha began teasing her clit again with semi-hard licks and sucks, and a few lingering presses against her entrance, it became increasingly difficult for Sharon not to randomly blurt out a secret, or worse start begging the other woman to make her cum. If she thought it would actually get her what she wanted she do it in a heartbeat, but she was pretty sure Natasha would just continue teasing her and the idea of begging for anything was unacceptable. She was a Carter. A legacy. Someone with something to prove. So she wouldn't beg, Sharon telling herself to concentrate on her training over and over again as tears of need filled her eyes.

Sharon had been trained to withstand torture, had even held her ground not only in simulations but in the real thing, and yet all of that had been a nice sunny walk in the park compared to the pleasurable torture she was receiving now. Things only got worse as Natasha pinned her down and covered her entire pussy with her mouth, this goddess of a woman literally sucking the cream out of her cunt in between long thorough licks of her womanhood, and yet she still couldn't get her sweet release.

Finally it became all too much when she felt Natasha's tongue push halfway into her cunt, Sharon literally weeping pathetically, "Please, please, please, please, please fuck me! Make me cum! Please, I'll AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

With that Natasha slowly pushed her tongue the rest of the way inside her fellow former SHIELD Agent's cunt, somehow still not making Sharon cum in the process. However as she found herself quivering around that long tongue Sharon felt confident it was only a matter of time, a feeling that was quickly proven correct as Natasha slowly began pumping her tongue in and out of the poor inexperienced lesbian and then gradually kept picking up the pace until even someone with infinite amount of stamina would have probably struggled not to cum.

As that definitely didn't describe Sharon Carter the poor blonde found herself rushing toward something she'd never experienced before, but something she knew a few seconds before it happened that she was going to love. Yet when it happened, when her entire body felt like exploding and melting at the same time, oh Sharon was truly a changed woman. Oh yes, Sharon was changed, and probably not for the better, because she would do anything to feel this way again. Anything. She would do and say anything if it meant she could cum in Natasha Romanoff's mouth and all over her pretty face again.

Her Aunt's legacy, her hopes and dreams, the promises she'd made, her word and the entire world itself was all secondary to receiving this ecstasy again, meaning that Natasha had done it. Once again Natasha Romanoff had successfully seduced her target, Sharon just another victim on a long list. She was just a notch on another woman's bedpost. A conquest Natasha would probably brag about to The Avengers just for kicks, the idea briefly bothering the CIA Agent. Then she received another orgasm, and either because it was stronger than the first or her body just hadn't recovered from her last climax everything that was Sharon Carter was melted away and all that was left was a screaming, writhing mess.

Natasha loved making another woman cum. It was so empowering. Men were often too easy. All it took was a little strategic teasing and they were already about to pop. Women were more of a challenge, especially when they were up-tight like the young Miss Carter here, Natasha getting such a thrill out of making the niece of Peggy Carter just another notch on her belt. For a brief moment Natasha considered sending Peggy Carter a letter describing how good her niece tasted, along with maybe Sharon's ruined panties, but then Natasha recalled what had become of the legendary agent and quickly decided against anything so cruel.

Of course those were Natasha's thoughts just before she made Sharon cum. Afterwards she didn't have time to reflect on old friends, or the difference between her male and female conquests, or even her own sexual prowess. No, she could only concentrate on swallowing as much of the rich honey pouring out of Sharon's body as possible, Natasha holding the less experienced spy firmly in place and gluing her mouth to her cunt so she could make sure at least the majority of that precious liquid poured directly down her throat. Although truth be told she let some escape, just because she loved having a face covered in cum.

After Sharon's first orgasm Natasha returned to tongue fucking the other woman, the redhead easily making the blonde cum again as Sharon's body had been revved up and was now ready for the type of incredible pleasure Natasha could give it. And oh did Natasha give it, The Black Widow making the lucky Agent 13 receive multiple orgasms before she was finally through with her, most of those climaxes Natasha swallowing hungrily, although she did have to miss out on a few once she inserted a couple of fingers into Sharon's cunt and started using her mouth and tongue on the blonde's clit.

The sacrifice would prove worth it if it bought Sharon's loyalty, and Natasha did have to admit there was a certain appeal to making the other girl's cunt quiver and clench around her fingers during the thrusting, especially when Sharon came. However Natasha was getting restless. She appreciated this was Sharon's first-time, but her own cunt was aching for attention, so Natasha avoided the temptation to fuck the younger woman into unconsciousness and slowly brought her down from her high after who knows how many climaxes. She then kissed her way up Sharon's body, then had a more of a lingering kiss on the lips before breaking away and grinning at her latest conquest.

"So, are you ready to return the favour?" Natasha grinned.

For a few seconds Sharon just stared in disbelief at the other woman, thinking over and over again surely she couldn't be serious, could she? Agent Romanoff actually couldn't expect her to return the favour when she could barely move a muscle, her body so relaxed it felt like she would go drift off to sleep any second now. However then she imagined having to face this arrogant bitch again after the redhead made her cum so hard she was unable to even try to return the favour, and just imagining the smirk she'd have to deal with then combined with the grin staring at her now was enough to fill her with rage.

That rage was enough to fuel Sharon to grab hold of Romanoff, flip their positions and violently kiss the assassin. That assassin actually had the audacity to chuckle during and after the flip, Sharon really pleased with herself that she managed to shut the older woman up by almost literally shoving her tongue down her throat. Of course she only took and maintained control of Natasha Romanoff because that was what the infuriating redhead wanted, Sharon doing her best to punish her for it by briefly groping Agent Romanoff's big tits with both hands before moving one of them down to rub The Avenger's pussy.

Sharon knew that it was ridiculous to think of that as punishment, especially considering how much Romanoff moaned, but she wasn't exactly thinking clearly. Besides, she was running on pure adrenaline this point, her body still quivering, tingling and even aching from the force of her orgasms, so she needed to make Agent Romanoff moan. She needed the unique thrill of having THE Natasha Romanoff, the legendary superspy who now spent her time saving the world with a God, a billionaire, a war hero and the freaking Hulk, fucking this goddess of a woman... of making her moan for her just with her mouth, tongue and fingers.

It was her fingers that were doing the lion share of the work at the moment, but even that was just rubbing some extremely wet pussy lips and playing with still incredibly full breasts, so Sharon was still getting a hell of an ego boost for getting this kind of reaction from the infamous Black Widow. Not that she was able to resist the temptation of slipping a finger into the other woman's pussy, Sharon forced to break the kiss as she was overwhelmed for a few seconds by being inside another woman for the first time in her life. She was inside the most beautiful, and the most deadly, woman she had ever met. The Black Widow! She was inside The Black Widow! Her finger was inside Natasha Romanoff, and it felt good.

Becoming impatient by the pause Natasha softly demanded in a mildly threatening tone, "Fuck me. Fuck me now!"

Sharon almost did as she was told out of fear, but then she found herself mumbling, "What's the magic word?"

"Now!" Natasha growled, then when that didn't work sighed, "Please fuck me! Mmmmmmmmm, please Sharon, fuck me and make me cum!"

Suddenly feeling more powerful than she ever had Sharon demanded, "That's not my name, say my name."

Natasha glared for a moment, and then replied, "Please fuck me Agent Carter, ooooooooooh finger fuck me and make me cum."

"Guess again." Sharon demanded.

Again Natasha had to think about it, then she smirked, "Please fuck me Agent 13, ohhhhhhhhhh finger me and make me oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

Finally the girl began thrusting inside her, Natasha bucking her hips to increase the friction as her body hurtled towards climax. Which was a little embarrassing, but Natasha was sure that Sharon Carter was smart enough to realise she was this close to cumming so soon because of all the build-up, including Natasha eating Sharon's pussy so good that Agent 13 was still quivering from it. Which was another reason why the inexperienced blonde was doing so well, Sharon's finger randomly trembling and jerking as it hammered in and out of Natasha's cunt, causing the redhead to cry out in pure pleasure.

To be fair, it wasn't like Sharon wasn't trying her best. On the contrary, like every other first timer Natasha had been with, and there had been many, what Sharon lacked in experience she mostly made up for in enthusiasm. The eagerness in her eyes alone was intoxicating, and she was smart enough to increase the speed of her thrusts slowly, but not too slowly, even adding a second finger at the perfect time. She also gained points by remembering to rub Natasha's clit. It may have been a bit early, and she never used quite as much pressure as Natasha would have liked, but it still made the redhead cum hard.

Natasha was most impressed by Sharon curling her fingers upwards and hitting her G-spot perfectly, which might have been a fluke but still, and continuing to fuck her through her orgasm and onto another, then another, and another and so on, Agent 13 using her training well as she continued to finger her former superior officer through multiple climaxes. The kiss which coincided with it was nice, although if Sharon thought she could silence Natasha's screams enough to keep the truth from her neighbours she was fooling herself as not only was the redhead still loud Natasha was proud of the fact that she had probably made the blonde scream loud enough for the other Avengers to hear right across the city.

After who knows how many orgasms Sharon slowly brought Natasha down from her high, removed her fingers and just knelt there awkwardly, clearly unsure what to do next. Natasha found this adorable, so she just enjoyed the site for a few seconds. Then she grabbed hold of Sharon's hand, brought it up to her face and slowly sucked the fingers which had just been inside her cunt into her mouth, keeping her eyes locked with lucky little Agent 13 the entire time. She even moaned, although that was less about impressing her lover and more about her simply enjoying her own flavour. Then in one swift movement she rolled Sharon off of her, jumped out of bed and started collecting her clothes.

"You're not going to stay?" Sharon asked, immediately regretting the question.

Briefly turning to the other woman Natasha raised an eyebrow, "Did you think I would?"

"I, I... I..." Sharon stammered, before blushing, "I thought you'd want to stick around for morning sex."

Natasha smiled, turned away and began to dress herself as she casually explained, "Steve is expecting me to report back, and while I could simply call I worry about those boys. Without me around to be the voice of reason everything just might fall apart, and that would be a shame as I'm really starting to like them."

"Oh." Sharon mumbled, and then nodded "I understand."

"Of course..." Natasha began when she was dressed, turning to her latest conquest, "We could do this again sometime... if you'd be willing to be our inside woman."

"I already told you I would." Sharon pointed out, trying not to blush.

"So you did." Natasha grinned, strolling towards the window, opening it and making her exit, "I guess that means we'll have more fun. How... lucky."

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