Defeat of the Sirens

BY : AgentGv01
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Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men Evolution or anything Marvel and I make no profit from this

Disclaimer: I don’t own X-Men Evolution or anything about Marvel or make a profit from this.


AN: (Important) This is a dark fic and should not be read by anyone under 18 years old. If rape offends you then DON’T read this story just ignore it, don’t complain about it to me either as I warned you about it. This is just an experimental fic I wanted to try and do a fic based on something like this just once. I had this up before but I decided to repost it as someone asked for it. I also edited it slightly.



Jean, Kitty, Rogue, Amara were in Lance’s jeep after it was ‘acquired’ and being driven by Tabitha. The girls had been doing their Siren thing for a while now and they all were feeling like nothing could touch them. Using their powers to take down criminals and other scum was making them feel like they were not only doing something worth while but it was a real rush too.

“Hey guys check it out!” Amara said to a group that looked like a gang busting up a window of a shop.

“Oh yeah it’s party time girls,” Tabitha grinned gunning the jeep to them.

The gang itself was named the Reavers, they were just a street gang mostly made up of hard cases. Most were runaways from foster homes or broken homes. They only had each other, and they were also mean and nasty. They made no excuses for what they did, they just figured if like was going to fuck them over then they would fuck it right back.

One of the members Davis a nineteen year old who ran off from his home two years back and he never looked back. The gang was his family now, he looked about average blonde hair and grey eyes although what no one knew, not even him was that he was a mutant. His powers were purely impassive and he didn’t even know about them either. He created a field around him that nullified mutant powers. And since no one knew what a mutant was then there was no way to know, or for the Sirens to know what they were going to get into.

They noticed a jeep coming at them and they jumped out of the way as five young women dressed to kill stepped out. “Okay you guys are like so totally going to get it now,” Kitty smiled jumping out of the jeep.

“Shit are they who I think they are?” One of the gang asked, he heard about some group known as the Sirens.

“Fuck it, down the alley fast!” Davis yelled and they ran, the Sirens ran after them.

What they didn’t know was that Davis had them run down there for a specific reason. When the Sirens caught up to them they soon found that the alleyway held more member of the gang much more. They were outnumbered but that wasn’t something they were worried about.

It was Jean that first noticed something was wrong, she couldn’t feel their minds and when she tried to use her powers to her shock nothing happened. “Guys something is wrong I can’t use my powers.”

Tabitha looked to her hands and nothing happened, no energy or anything. Amara tried next and soon enough they figured out something was terribly wrong. The gang members weren’t sure what was going on but they pressed on. The girls however decided to fight back, they weren’t going down easily and powers or no they would fight on.

Rogue met Davis and ducked a punch as he rammed a fist into his ribs, the floored him with a haymaker to his face but a sharp pain in the back of her head knocked her to the floor. The others fought on, they managed to hurt the gang, some fell but in the end they were just too many of them. And these were hardened fighters, people who lived on the streets and every day was a fight for survival.

In the end through their ruthlessness and sheer numbers they managed to beat the Sirens although it wasn’t an easy fight.

Davis wiped his bloody lip feeling the pain there as he looked down at the one that had hit him. His rib hurt and she was slowly getting up, but the last thing he liked was getting smacked around. He had enough of that with his parents and that’s why he left, he hated them and now this little bitch and her friends got into their business, tried to knock them around. Who the hell did they think they were?

Well he had enough of this, he was going to teach these bitches you don’t try and take down the Reavers, they all lived on their own because no one wanted them. They had to do what they had to, to survive and he wasn’t going to let this go unpunished.

He stepped up behind her and gripped her jacked and pulled it down to pain her arms, “Hold them down guys I’m going to show them what it means to mess with us.”

”What the fuck are you doing?” Rogue yelled out as he dragged her up and threw her over a garbage can. She tried to struggle and he punched her in the kidneys making her grunt in pain. But when she felt him reach for her belt her eyes widen in fear as she thought she knew what he had planned.

She started to struggle harder now, trying to kick him in the groin or something. The other girls tried to get up but the gang outnumbered them and held them down. Jean got to her feet trying to run at him but two of his friends grabbed her and punched her in the gut so hard the wind was knocked out of her as she doubled over in pain.

Rogue felt him grip the hem of her pants as he pulled them down, now she couldn’t kick but she still struggled. But the fear was on her heart, if her powers had been working she shouldn’t have to worry about this. It like some sick joke on her part the first time she touched someone in years and now she was going to be raped.

She had no illusions about any kind of save she knew what was coming, she wanted to cry at this but she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction she felt him rip away her panties.

“Leave her alone!” Kitty yelled out.

One of the two girls of the gang slapped her face, “Shut it bitch you’ll get yours soon enough!” Kitty didn’t say anything as that thought of her being raped with the others didn’t occur to her she had been thinking too much about Rogue.

Davis grinned as he looked at the pale ass as he pulled down his pants this chick had a nice body and he was already hard just thinking about taking her. He freed his erection and he could see that she was putting up a brave face, well he’d see about that. She jumped when he placed the head of his cock at her pussy and then gripping her hips he slammed into her.

Rogue screamed out in pain, it was worse then she thought it would be, she was totally dry and he was anything but gentle. He tore through her hymen and buried himself in one thrust. She felt tears in her eyes and tried her best not to cry, but it was hard. When he pulled out it felt like sandpaper against her skin.

”Oh shit I think this fucking bitch was a virgin.” Davis grinned seeing the blood coming out of her. “Well how do you like that?”

“Well then give it to her man, show her what it means to fuck with us.” One of the gang members said a few laughing at that. Davis started to thrust without mercy into her body, Rogue whimpered with each thrust it hurt so much. She closed her eyes as she bit her lip hard enough to draw blood.

The others couldn’t watch as their friend was raped, they heard him grunting and calling her vile things, the slap of his skin on her ass, her pain filled whimpers. Davis couldn’t believe how tight the bitch was, it was a bit easier going with her blood helping to lubricate her body but he knew it was hurting. But that’s the point of this anyway.

“Oh yeah feel it! Feel it you fucking whore! Yeah you like that bitch! You like having my cock rape that tight pussy of yours? Come on cry you cum slut, you’re my bitch now!” He cried out, Rogue wasn’t moving now every move made it hurt worse she just wanted it to be over with.

She wasn’t listening to him she just kept wanting it to be over with. He raped her for over five minutes and by the end Rogue had tears streaking her face but still she refused to give him the satisfaction of making her cry out or beg. The other girls tried yelling at them or for help but ended up only getting hurt, Amara had nearly her arm broken by one brute.

Rogue felt him speeding up and she knew he was close to climax and a part of her was thankful it was nearly over. There was another that wanted to tell him to pull out she didn’t want him to cum inside of her but that was mostly what he wanted.

“Argh-argh-fucking bitch-I’m cuming-argh-I’m going-to fucking-cum-oh yeah-right inside you!” Each word was punctuated by a hard thrust and then he finally he sped up and after several short thrust he held himself inside of her as his cock pumped out more and more cum. Rogue wanted the throw up at the feeling of his cum inside of her but at least it was over finally.

The other girls were glad as well it was hard to see one of their own brought down like that and they looked with hate at the gang if only they had their powers they would make them pay for this. Davis held himself in until he felt himself getting soft the girl was a nice lay even if she wasn’t into it.

He slapped her ass once as he pulled out seeing her try and expel his cum, it was leaking out along with her blood as he pulled his pants back up. “Well this is one hell of a nice fuck, I wonder what the others are like?”

“No!” Jean shouted out at them horrified that the rest of them would suffer Rogue’s fate. She hated seeing Rogue there trying not to show any weakness but her shaking body told that she was fighting her tears. “You can’t do this, haven’t you done enough?”

A large muscle man in leathers and tattoos gripped the back of her hair making her wince in pain, this was Duke the leader of the Reavers, “Listen bitch you and your friends came into our turf, started some shit you couldn’t finish and now we’re going to make examples out of all of you.”

He looked up at the rest of his gang, “Alright tie them up and get them ready. We’ll take them to out home and these girls are going to show us some hell of a time.”

“Fuck you, you freak!” Tabitha shouted out at him trying to pull free only getting a punch to her temple making her dizzy.

“I think we should gag them just on the safe side,” One of the women with blue dyed hair said. She had a few piercing on her face in various places. “Besides I’m getting annoyed with them bitching.”

They forced gags into their mouths from whatever they could find and marched them through the back alleys. Rogue was forced to walk with her pants down as she felt the blood and cum running down her legs. They were marched until they reached a dead end as one of the gang pulled up a large shutter.

The girls were forced inside where the gang made their home in the area. It was an old abandoned warehouse they had been converting. There were dirty old mattresses on the floor where they slept, they found that the pluming still worked and there was only one shower and a few toilets.

They managed to steel power and cable from a neighbouring building on the roof, no one noticed much of that. The place was home in a way to them, at least those that lived here they were trying to find a better place but this was it at the moment.

Each girl was thrust onto a dirty mattress each one knew what would happen to them. “Alright divide up boys,” Duke smiled at his gang, “Something tells me it will take a lot to take the fight out of them to help the others out.”

“Which one do you want lover?” Said the other female member of the gang, she went by Shiva, a punk rocker style with blood red hair dye in her hair. She was Duke’s girl and was actually bisexual she loved to help him out with new meet like this.

Duke looked them over and grinned, “I’ll take the red head you know I love them.” He grinned at her as they kissed and the warped couple made their way to Jean. By then the gang members took the gags out, no one would hear them here, and they fell upon them as they started to rip off clothing and get to work.

Duke had his girl Shiva held her arms down as he went to take her clothing off. Jean kept kicking at him as he tried to take her boots and jeans off. “Hold still you bitch and this will be a lot easier, you don’t want me mad.” Jean just glared back at him. It took some time to get her boots and leather jeans off leaving her in red panties.

He took it and just ripped it off of her, Jean wince at the material bit into her skin. He gripped her thighs as he pulled them aside. “Someone take her legs damn it!” Duke yelled and two men did just that.

Duke pulled her top up to expose her bra and he ripped that open, “Damn look on the tits in this one,” Shiva said licking her lips.

“Oh yeah she’s build for fucking alright,” Duke grinned as Jean knew it was going to happen now no matter what. Duke pulled off his pants and Jean’s eyes looked to the massive penis there he was hung large and long.

“Oh yeah he’s going to tare that pussy of yours apart with that thing, trust me on this one,” Shiva whispered into her as she licked her face. She pulled off the gag she wanted to hear her for this.

“Oh god please don’t do this,” Jean said softly her heart hammering in her chest already she heard the others screaming or crying or moaning as their rapes started. She couldn’t look she was busy herself. Duke rubbed his cock against her slit and Jean tried to fight him off.

Then it happened he thrust into her, “AHHH!” Jean cried out feeling like she was being split open. He thrust again reaching her hymen, “OW! Oh god please take it out! Stop!” Then he gripped her breasts painfully as he thrust in. Jean screamed out loudly, Duke savoured this moment and then he started to pound her.

Jean was in more pain then she had ever had, it felt like she was being ripped apart inside and his hands on her chests hurt as well. He went with hard powerful thrusts, “OW! OH GOD! PLEASE! ARRGH! UGH! OWWWW!” Tears were coming out of her eyes as he was slow and methodical with her. He reached down to bite into her breast, nearly breaking the skin, or feeling like he was trying to tare her nipple out.

When Jean finally opened her eyes she saw a new horror, there was someone walking around with a camera, they were video taping this. She felt more sick to her stomach and rage then she ever had in that moment but she was too busy with Duke pounding her flesh raw, calling her vile things as he raped her.

He raped her for over ten minutes but for Jean if felt a lot longer, then finally with his thrusting became rapid and finally he grunted and slammed his way into her. Jean could feel him pressing up against her cervix as he cam inside of her, his sperm invading her waiting womb. He pulled out panting and Jean got a small moment to relax finally, it didn’t last long. She whimpered as another man took his place and started to rape her as well she just hoped it would hurry and be finished quickly but that thought soured as she knew there would be more men.

"Oh god I can't wait," one of them said with his pants already off an a hard on showing as he straddled her chest. "I got to fuck these tities."

"Go for it man!" one of the men holding her arms down said.

He took her breasts and squeezed them together as he started to fuck her breasts. He groaned in pleasure as he used her soft breasts. "Shit guys her tits feel great around my cock."

For Jean she couldn't believe she was thinking it but at least it wasn't as bad as the man who was also currently raping her pussy at least her breasts weren't too painful but it was still humiliating as she tried to hold back the sobs and tough it out. She tried to focus on something else, anything else to take her mind away from this hell.

"Shit I'm going to cum."

A few of the others laughed, "A little quick on the draw huh?"

"Shut the fuck up!" he told them angrily. "I'm going to pain this bitch's face with my cum."

"Yeah do it, do it!"

Jean saw him speed up and closed her eyes and turned her head just in time as he stiffened and groaned. She felt the hot fluids against the side of her face, going into her long red hair, a little landed on her lips and one of her eyes.

"Yeah that's a good look for you slut," He told her getting off her chest as the other man continued to rape her. At that point Jean broke down and cried, she had been beaten, raped and now humiliated. All the strength went out of her as she just prayed for this night to end soon, to get away for someone to save them.

Kitty wasn’t doing much better, a man had her in a full nelson lock with her arm painfully behind her and every time she tried to move he would increase the pressure. But she had to fight back after seeing their plans for her and the others she didn’t want this to happen to her. She tried to kick them as they tried to take her pants off. “Like get the fuck away from me! You’re not touching me you animals!”

One of them had enough of this, he punched her hard in her stomach. She groaned out in pain and she loosened up a bit, but then he punched her again, then again, and again. He kept on punching her in the stomach so much she actually threw up after the fifth punch. Her legs had gone week and she felt the tears on her eyes. They had little trouble taking her pants off as others ripped off her top, as soon as they were done stripping her she was thrown onto one of the old mattresses.

 She tried to crawl away but the pain in her stomach was hard to ignore, she got onto her hands and knees and made for a small crawl but someone gripped her hips the next thing she knew pain exploded inside of her as she screamed out from someone ramming their dick into her once virgin body. Kitty wasn’t like the others she cried freely as she was taken.

“Oh yeah like that you little wore, like a big dick in you huh?” her rapist taunted her and she just cried. She never thought anything like this would happen to her.

She yelped when someone gripped her hair and pulled her head up seeing a man in front of her sporting an erection. “Open up.”

She considered keeping her mouth shut but then the man behind her slapped her ass hard making her cry out, it was silenced as she was gagged by the cock in her mouth, and he was pushing it further down to her throat. She tried to use a hand to push him off but he had a firm grip on her hair as he raped her mouth. She gagged, struggling for breath but he wasn’t satisfied. He thrust in deep cutting off her air supply, “You better start sucking me off bitch, using that tongue of yours or I swear you’ll die with a cock in your mouth.”

For a moment Kitty wanted to die, she was stripped, being raped and she hurt so much. But she didn’t want to die like this, she tried to suck and lick the organ with her tongue like he said but she had no idea what she was doing, drool came down her mouth and chin as she kept making gagging noises in time with the man raping her from behind. Kitty tried everything to get him to cum just so she could breath again, eventually she found a way and he held her face to his crotch as she felt the warm liquid shot down her throat. When he pulled free she started coughing up some of his cum that didn’t make it down.

Seeing this made the guy behind her speed his thrusts up, she knew what was coming but only sobbed knowing she couldn't stop it. Then she felt him shoot his load into her young body and she cringed feeling the vile warmth fill her pussy. He finally pulled out but by the looks of a few men around her they weren’t finished with her. She screamed as another one flipped her onto her back and took her pussy and it started all over again. He pounded into her this one leaned over and grabbed her breasts so hard it hurt.

"You don't got much in the tit department bitch but you're a tight one," He said cruelly to her as his cock continued its invasion of her abused cunt. She was more slick now thanks to the cum of her previous rapist and some of her own blood but she was still tight given her small size and once virgin body.

Amara had tried fighting back as several men took her and dragged her over to a mat. She swore and clawed at them. Two men grabbed her hands as one slapped her face hard, her vision swam as she saw stars. Then another as someone kicked her stomach, she would have fallen over they hadn’t been holding her up. She looked up and her eyes widen in fear as one came at her with a knife.

“Now don’t move unless you want to be cut girl,” He told her trailing the cold metal over her face. She watched in horror as he cut her clothing off, first her top exposing her breasts to the air, he trailed it lightly over them as she flinched in fear. Then he undid her pants and they helped to strip her. She was held up by her arms as two other took her legs.

Her deep breathing make her small but perky dark skinned breasts heave with every breath in an erotic display to them. Her dark brown nipples were exposed for the world to see as she looked on with panicked eyes as she prayed for any kind of deliverance.

They spread her pussy for them all to see her pink virgin flesh as she started to struggle again, “No stop this! I won’t be raped by the likes of you!” She tried her best to fight them off but they held down her arms as another grabbed one of her legs.

“You ain’t got no choice,” the man with the knife told her, he had his pants down and held her hips. She tried to move but she couldn’t she felt the tip of his cock at her virgin entrance and then he shoved it in. She cried out in pain and humility as she was violated she felt the tears running down her face as he painfully shoved himself into her younger and smaller body. It felt like she had a metal pole inside of her that was trying to rip her apart.

She screamed out as he started the thrust crudely with powerful thrusts.

"Ahhh-Ahhh-Ughh-Ahh!" Her rhythmic screaming matched with every thrust into her tight once virgin body.

"God she's so fucking tight boys!" He laughed as his hands covered her naked tits, they easily encompassed them as he painfully squeezed them making her cry out even more as she tried in vain to move. "Not much for tits though."

"Try one of the others, that red head, blonde and goth have got great tits." One of the men holding her arms commented looking over at the other rapes. "Can't wait to see what they feel like, been too long since we got to party with some new girls."

"Gods please stop! It hurts! It hurts!" Amara screamed out which only caused him to thrust even harder into her sore pussy her insides felt like they were on fire from the dryness.

"Of course it hurts you bitch! You thought you would push us around and not take any consequences?" Her rapist snarled at her. "You and your friends are going to learn you don't mess with us!"

He continued plowing her until he was at his limit, he threw his head back crying out in joy as he felt his release. Amara wailed in despair as she felt his hot cum flooding her body she went limp as the fight finally was out of her. He had finished and used her up, she felt like she had nothing left to fight for he had taken away her maidenhood and sullied her body. She barely noticed when a new man got between her legs until he entered her and a whole new pain was again upon her.

She sobbed to herself hoping that they would just finish with her quickly, she just wanted to curl up and die in that moment. She barely noticed when they played with her breasts, their hands molesting her, mouths on her nipples biting or sucking on the sensitive buds. After a moment her second rapist figured out she had stopped fighting back. He told the others to let go of her arms as he continued on Amara only whimpering as he continued to violate her young body.

He grew a bit bored and turned her onto her stomach as his hands groped her tight toned Brazilian ass before pulling her hips up and entering her again. Amara just hid her face under her long hair pressing her forehead into the ground below her hiding her shame and tears from them. Eventually she felt him thrusting harder and faster and knew he was going to cum in her. She didn't care anymore, she was already soiled and more didn't matter. He stiffened as he came filling her with more hot seed as he let her hips fall to the ground.

Amara was on her stomach now she had just been raped twice and her crotch leaked out cum and a little blood from her torn innocence as it stained the mattress. She couldn’t take it and started crying as she felt the mattress shift and whimpered knowing she was going to be raped again. ‘Gods please no, why have you abandoned me and my friends?’ She silently prayed to her gods based on the old Roman ones of the past.

The man looked at the young Brazilian girl and when he saw her he wanted to fuck her, especially when he saw that ass of hers, he always thought Brazilian girls had the best asses. He ran his dick over her slit getting a little lube he didn’t care for her comfort just wanted to get it in there. He pulled her ass apart and for a moment Amara wondered what he was doing.

When she felt the head resting on her rectum her eyes widened. “Oh gods no! Please not that! No-IIIEEEEEHHHHH!” She lifted her head to scream as her virgin ass was penetrated by the head of his cock. “NO! It’s too big! Stop! Please! OWWWW! UUGGHH! AWWWW! S-Stop it!” She cried out feeling him push deeper and deeper.

It felt like he was killing her and a part of her hoped she did die from this, at that moment she didn’t want to live. He started to pump her ass as she pegged him to stop as she cried and screamed out. He was in heaven her ass was just perfect, if he could he wondered if he could take her again later in the ass. “Oh yeah bitch here I cum baby, oh yeah!” He shouted in joy and Amara whimpered feeling her ass fill with his warm liquid.

It didn’t do anything to stop the burning pain in her ass but when he pulled out she started crying curing up into a ball. She just wanted to be left alone now, she didn't want them to touch her again not after that but she felt someone pulling on her hair.

"Suck it slut, I want to rape that red head and I need a pick me up or else when I'm hard I'll take it out on your ass." One of the gang members told her. Amara could see that his dick had already cum on it and some traces of blood. She didn't know which of her friends he had already raped but the thought of preparing him to rape Jean made her sick. But she didn't think she could handle another round and she wasn't sure if he meant he was just going to rape her pussy or literally take her ass.

Sniffling she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she felt the disgusting dick thrust into it. He held her head as he violently fucked her mouth like a sex toy making her gag and chock. It would only be a small reprieve as already others were lining up to use her body but with her eyes closed she tried not to think about where she was or what was happening to her.

Tabitha was on her knees gritting her teeth as a man held her arms painfully behind her back as he fucked her pussy from behind. Her legs had a small trail of blood coming out of her pussy as she felt the burning pain of his invasion.  “You bastard! I swear I’m going to fucking rip your dick off after this!” She shouted out at him calling him all kinds of names. Her arms hurt from how they were being pulled back by this point and she wasn't sure what hurt more her arms or her pussy.  Suddenly someone gripped her hair forcing her to look at someone’s erection.

“Get ready to suck me whore.” The one in front of her said.

“You put anything in there and you’ll lose it,” She hissed out trying to block out the pain she was already in. He didn’t think she would and forced her to open up and jammed his cock, but she wasn’t bluffing she bite down hard making him scream out as he pulled out and clutched his dick.

“God damn it, you asked for it, hold her down,” The one raping her told them as he stopped. Tabitha wasn’t sure what was going to happen she could deal with this raping she hoped but she got satisfaction from hurting at least one of them. Soon they held her down into a spread eagle as she saw the man come back with a belt and she got a nasty feeling in her gut.

“Time for you to learn your place,” He said and used the belt to whip her. First he struck her breast making a red welt on it, Tabitha cried out in pain calling him every vile thing she could, so he just kept whipping her.

He struck her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, then he moved to her pussy and that made her scream. Especially when he hit her clit she made a very loud scream that burned her lugs. By the end she couldn’t muster the strength to curse him, she was in too much pain and everyone has a breaking point. After over ten minutes of whipping she had enough, she pegged to stop, tears running freely.

By then he did stop and he pulled her upright it was hard since her body hurt so much and she saw a dick in front of her she knew what he wanted. She put aside any pride she had left and opened her mouth and started to give him oral sex, even though she wasn’t sure if she hated them for it, or herself for doing it.

He gripped her head hard as he fucked her mouth with brutal thrusts chocking her each time. She kept making gagging noises as he raped her mouth she placed her hands on his abs pounding on him but he didn't stop. She was afraid she might actually chock to death this way, she had to get him off as the lack of air wasn't helping. She ran her tongue, actively sucked him as best she could hoping to get him off quickly. Thankfully her plan worked as he threw his head back with a groan as he forced her face into his crotch.

She felt the hot seed being shot into her mouth, it made her want to throw up but he held her there knowing he wanted her to swallow it. She did her best and thankfully he pulled out, she took in a huge gasp of air followed by her chocking from the sperm still in her mouth and throat. She was on her hands and knees coughing and spitting out the cum in her mouth onto the cold floor.

Tabitha was thrown onto her back as the next male impaled himself into her body making her hiss in pain. He started to thrust as Tabitha kept making mental plans on all the things she wanted to do to them when she got her powers back. Maybe make some bombs and stuff them up their asses to blow up brought a small smile to her eyes.

"Hey man flip her over." one of them said.

"Why?" Her current rapist asked not stopping.

"I think the blonde could use another dick in her." He grinned making the other catch on. He rolled them both over as now Tabitha was on top but she refused to move she wasn't going to give him the pleasure of her helping him rape her. She figured the guy was going to use her mouth and waited but he never came around in fact her eyes widened as he felt her pushing his cock up her ass.

She cried out as he started to slowly shove himself deeper, each thrust going in slightly more than the other.

"Man you should have seen her fucking face!" The one below her laughed.

Tabitha cried despite herself it was too much for her, having two dicks in her at the same time felt like they were going to split her in two.

"You mother fuckers!" Tabitha yelled at them feeling the burning sensation as he pushed further and further into her ass. "I'm going to fucking kill you!"

"Just shut the fuck up and take it like a slut," The one in her ass told her giving her ass a huge slap making her cry out in pain as a red welt started to show. It took some time but he finally managed to bury himself in her ass.

Tabitha cursed them out as they started to fuck her, tears coming down her face as she tried to be defiant but it just hurt so much. It was too much for her, she could feel them both almost against each other in her body as they roughly plowed her young body. When they finally came she actually felt relieved that it was over. They pulled out of her leaving her to lay there on the ground she could feel the cum leaking from both holes.

She could hear the cries, moans and screams around her, she felt like she was locked in a nightmare. Suddenly she was turned to her back as yet another male mounted her and shoved himself into her abused pussy. A man sat on her chest as he started to use her breasts to masturbate his dick. Tabitha closed her eyes as her teeth and fists clenched. If only she had her powers, she thought to herself.

Davis was already having his second go at Rogue, she had been stripped and now he was between her legs humping her hard and like an animal, he wanted this bitch to pay and he was going to do it. Rogue closed her eyes as grunts and whimpers were forced out of her body. Davis grinned as he gripped her nicely sized breasts he didn’t get to the first time and boy did she have a pair on her.

He leaned down to suck hard on the nipple, licking it and biting it as he pumped her body, she was still nice and tight. Rogue felt the pain and no matter the mixed blood and semen didn’t help easing this anymore. She couldn’t believe that she and the others were being raped, it just didn’t seem like something that would ever happen to them but it was.

She kept hoping this was some nightmare but she knew she wouldn’t wake up. She just wished that he would end soon, Davis stopped toying with her breasts and gripped her shoulders and he pounded her as hard as he could. He saw her wince and he wanted her to cry out for what she did, “Come on bitch scream like your friends, scream and I’ll cum and stop.”

Rogue wanted to he was hurting her badly but he kept on fucking her brutally. ‘Oh god please stop it! It hurts so much! I don’t know how much I can take! Please someone help us, someone end this!’ She screamed in her mind but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Davis got an idea and took hold of her nipples and twisted them very hard, he finally got his scream out of Rogue as she tried to move her arms but they were being pinned down.

Her chest moved side to side as she cried out in pain, “God please! Stop it! AGGGHHH!”

“Oh yeah that’s what I wanted, and here's my cum bitch!” He groaned as he filled her with more of his sperm, filling up her pussy as it shot into her womb to join his last shot. He climbed off her leaving her there panting in pain. He was replaced by another and once more she felt the pain of a dick entering her body. Thankfully he wasn't as big and the cum already in her made it slid but it didn't help with the humiliation of it all.

The boy thrust in with hard thrusts almost like he wanted to thrust all the way through her body, each one making her cry out a little. He didn't seem content with just her pussy as he leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth and bit down hard making her cry out in pain. Then he started suckling on it like he was trying to get milk out of it while his other hand went to her free breast. The palm gripped the flesh cruelly his fingers painfully pinching her nipple making blood flow to it.

Rogue just closed her eyes trying to think it was Scott fucking her like she had always wanted, she never thought of him as this rough but it helped a little as she tried to lose herself in her fantasy. She felt him thrusting quickly as he groaned and again she felt a man's cum filling her body. She felt someone grab her hair and forced her to her hands and knees. She saw the cock in front of her face and knew what he wanted.

"Suck it bitch," He told her.

She was about to tell him to fuck off but Tabitha's screaming got her attention as she saw the blonde girl being whipped by someone's belt. She swallowed knowing these bastards would do that and most likely worse to her. She opened her mouth closing her eyes as he thrust his cock in, she chocked on it as he roughly fucked her face. Then she felt someone behind her entering her body again, for the first time in her life she wished for her powers back. If only she had her powers than no one would touch her like this again, no one would hurt her again. She felt it was truly a cruel world when the only time she could touch was for this to happen to her.

Kitty wasn’t sure what was going on anymore she could barely think through the pain and humiliation. Her stomach felt sick from drinking down more semen then she ever wanted to. Her thighs were sticky from the cum leaking out of her vagina.  Someone picked her up and she only whimpered she didn’t have the strength to fight back. He sat down as he held her legs open as he vagina was wide and leaking out cum, “Well looks like you got pretty stuffed in there, how about we open up that other hole?”

Kitty only closed her eyes and wanted to cry she knew what was coming, she had seen Amara raped in the ass several times by this point, she looked to see Amara not moving as two men had her between them one in her pussy the other in her ass. She had passed out from the pain but still they raped her, Kitty envied that she wanted to do that to just pass out.

“URRRGGHH!” She grunted out as she felt him lowering her onto his member as it stretched out her ass. He slowly moved her down until she was halfway then letting her rest a bit before he slammed her down, Kitty’s head flew back in a scream. She thrashed around wanting to get the burning pain out of her ass as he held onto her. "STOP! STOP PLEASE!"

"Stop we just started," He grinned making her rid his prick only making her small body bounce up and down as Kitty couldn't stop screaming. She had never thought that she could feel so much pain, he felt like he was thrusting a pipe or something up her ass. She wasn't sure but she wouldn't be surprised if he was making rips in her bowls by forcing himself up there so violently. With her body weight working against her it was too easy for him to impale her on his dick.

She threw her head side to side screaming with every thrust, she had thought the rapes of them using her pussy were bad but this was even worse.

"Please stop!" She cried out her face was a twisted mask of pain as the tears were flowing like a river.

"You sorry that you bitches tried to fuck with us?" The man grunted as he held her hips forcing the slim girl up and down onto his cock.

"Yes! Yes I'm sorry so please stop!"

"Stop what?"

"Stop raping me and my friends! Please, we'll-we'll never come back there again!" Kitty just wanted to say anything that he would want to hear just to make the pain stop.  He kept thrusting up into her making her cry out with every thrust.  Her face covered in tears as she wailed away as she was anally raped by the young man behind her.

The girls went though their rapes each one slowly started to chip away at them. Jean was between two men one in her ass the other in her pussy as she was screaming out from the pain, soon a third man walked in front of her silencing her cries with his own manhood in her mouth. Still she cried out as her body protected the two invaders behind her working together.  Rogue on her hands and knees taking a cock in her pussy as she was sucking on two cocks. She felt like throwing up but one of them grabbed her short hair painfully knowing full well they could get rougher with her if they needed to.

 Tabitha was on her back with a man between her legs and another on her chest using her tits to fuck her. She kept cursing them out letting them know they could ravage her body but she still wasn't broken, although it was a hollow victory as on the inside she just wanted it all to end.  Amara woke up to more raping as she placed an arm over her eyes and cried as the new male inside of her abused vagina hammered into her young body without pity or remorse. Soon a man pulled her arm away and forced to her suck him off. She was too beaten to defy him at the moment and just limply did as she was told. Kitty was taking a brutally big cock that felt like it was damaging her insides, she had cried her voice nearly horse and just moaned out as the man used her like a sex object.

The camera operator filming all of this took it all in, he filmed himself getting a blow job by the goth, then banging the red head. “Hey guys how about we have a little lesbian action for the tape?”

“Now that is some thinking,” Duke said with having Kitty suck him off. He pulled out and ejaculated onto her face smiling at how she just took it. “Okay pair them up, girls you get the one left over.”

Shiva and Glory grinned they were already undressed like everyone else as they had been masturbating to it all. Now they picked the red head to fuck. Rogue was dragged over to Kitty as Amara was dragged to Tabitha. They forced the girls into a 69 position and the humiliation was just too great.

The girls didn’t want to do it, one of them sent a boot to Amara’s ass forcing Tabitha’s face into her crotch as someone took her hair and shoved her into Tabitha’s abused pussy. Rogue didn’t want to do this, but when someone took a belt to her ass she knew she had no choice. All the girls started to lick each other, tasting all the blood and cum, and they couldn’t help the moans that came out of their throats.

After so much abuse it was too much to actually feel some pleasure for once. Each girl didn’t think about what they were doing, they had never thought of another woman in that way and it was nearly too much for them but they had to do it. If only for a moment of pleasure. They started to get into it after awhile as they tuned out all the cheers and comments. They just needed some comfort and something to battle all the pain, eventually each one of them actually came to their shame but they didn’t stop, they knew stopping meant only pain. Despite the disgusting taste that filled their mouths of mixtures of various cum and some left over blood.

Tabitha did her best to console Amara who was silently trying not to break down and cry. Tabitha gently caressed the girl trying to let her know it would be okay. She felt the Brazilian teen's tongue lightly on her own abused pussy. It was something that took away the throbbing pain as she did her best to help Amara out.

Kitty had nearly thrown up in her own task, this was even more disgusting for her than the rapes but it wasn't as physically harmful. She just hoped that as she licked at Rogue's cunt they would let them rest after this. She closed her eyes as she tried to eat out her best friend and not think about what she was actually doing. She concentrated on what Rogue was doing, imagining it was a guy going down on her.

Jean was forced onto her back as Glory a blonde with a shaved pussy sat on her face, “Go on Red use that tongue of yours, oh yeah that’s it.” She grinned groping her breasts as she rode Jean’s face. Jean had no idea what she was doing only that she had to do this, she saw what happened when you fought them, it was just easier to give them what they wanted and hoped it would be over soon.

Shiva stared to lick Jean’s pussy making the girl shudder, she wanted to clean the red head out and her tongue went to work. If she knew one thing it was how to eat pussy, it wouldn’t take her long to make Jean actually have a climax. When Jean moaned out into Glory’s cunt it sent the other girl into orgasm covering Jean’s face in her juices. “Oh yeah that’s it bitch keep it up.”

Shiva meanwhile got out one of her toys it was a very large strap on, it was ribbed but it was hard plastic meaning that it wasn't pleasant to have it inside of you. Shiva got it from a special S&M store that had plenty of painful toys she liked to use. Seeing this Glory turned around so now she was facing the other way knowing what was to come and got ready. After Shiva strapped it on she got between the red head’s legs and hammered it in. Jean’s body stiffened and twisted at the painful entry, the ribs although not tearing the sensitive flesh sure felt that way to her. She screamed out in pain as she found the energy to thrash about.

"You ain't going anywhere until you get me off Red," Glory told her getting a hold of Jean's hands and pinning them over Jean's head using her body weight to keep the leverage as she felt Jean's screaming mouth on her pussy.  Shiva quickly grabbed hold of Jean's waist as she held it up and started to fuck the red head as Jean's legs kicks wildly in the air behind her.

Jean screamed into Glory’s cunt as the blond cried out in ecstasy, she loved pain being her own or someone else’s and she knew Shiva's toys were the best for giving pain without damaging the body. She rode the red head's face forcing the girl to eat her out, not easy when the girl was screaming and crying but she didn't care about that, this bitch and her friends tried fucking with her and the boys and now they were the ones who were getting fucked.

The other girls were already eating each other out with a passion as they tried to escape the pain but it didn’t last. A couple of the members eventually got bored and then started to rape the asses of the girl on top. Making them cry out in pain into the cunt of the one under them. When they were finished they would turn them around and then the other girl would get it.

It went on like that for awhile, the girls couldn’t fight back anymore they were just too tired and too abused. Glory and Shiva after they were done with Jean who was then had another man start to rape her again, went around to the other girls. They would make them suck their pussies, or fuck them with dildos. They even fisted the girls, Kitty took one of the fists deep and hard, she passed out screaming after about five minutes.

After three hours of torment the gang had finally had enough. All the girls were aching, tired, and humiliated. Some found it just too hard to move or just didn’t want to. Kitty had a blank look on her face as she had retreated into her mind, Tabitha and Rogue had passed out although they had been raped so many times they had passed out to just get some rest. Amara was curled up into a ball shivering and Jean was nearly passed out on her stomach having used up all her tears and strength hours ago.

Duke picked himself up looking them over, “Well I think we should get a few drinks, and a break. These whores could really take it.”

“Yeah think we can keep them big man?” One of them asked putting on his pants.

“Yeah we can make a sequel to our little movie as well,” The guy with the camera was looking at the play back of the gang rape movie. He already was thinking of putting it up on the web, they could make some nice money off of them. “Maybe we can set up a few cameras, we can make a whole movie one of each bitch.”

“Oh hell yeah how much you think we can get off them?” Davis asked putting on his shirt. They could live off them at this rate but first they would need some supplies and other things.

“Well let’s think of that later,” Shiva stretched out thinking of getting a few new toys for them to use for next time. “But let’s leave a few behind just to make sure they don’t crawl out of here,” She laughed at the site of them. All of them had cum leaking out of their pussies, asses, some stained in blood, bruises all over their bodies. Most of their faces were okay except for the cum over it, in their hair, some had it on their breasts and back.

Duke left a few of them behind to look after the Sirens, and said if they were up to it to bang any that gave any trouble. After five minutes with Davis out of range that was when the girls started to feel something, Jean was first to notice. She could hear the thoughts suddenly, she could feel the pain of every one of her friends.

‘My powers…They’re…They’re back,’ She thought, Jean wanted to cry for having them back and cursing for not having them again. She started to get up and a few of the gang walked over to them.

“Ready for more Red?” One of them sneered at her.

Jean’s eyes turned to them in rage, pain and hate. She took all their pain, all of it and jammed it right into the minds of all the gang members. They were all screaming on the floor clutching their heads, screaming in pain. Some of them started to cry as well and she took satisfaction in that.

This roused the other girls as they slowly got up, all the remaining gangs were on the floor twitching as they had to deal with all the pain and suffering they caused. In a way it was perfect justice to feel everything they had gone through, it would be hours before they came out of it and none of them would forget it.

The girls slowly helped each other up and put on what clothing they could, they sometimes took time to kick or punch some of them, just to get in their own revenge. They slowly made their way back to the jeep, none of them talked they just wanted to get home.

It was late by the time they got home, Tabitha made her way to the brotherhood, like the others they would go directly to the showers and just cry as they tried to wash themselves clean but never really feeling clean again. None of them wanted to talk about it, or for anyone else to know what had happened. Most of their injuries could be hidden under clothing.

Jean put in mental shields to hide their pain, she knew Xavier would sense it and they all agreed they didn’t want anyone to know. First off because what happened to them was horrible and they didn’t want the pity, and secondly because of how it happened. Because they were the Sirens, at least they were after last night they put it away. They had thought it all a game and they had paid a heavy price for it, too high a price to them but they just couldn't deal with everyone knowing. It was hard enough for them to deal with it just by themselves.

They tried to live their lives but it wasn’t easy. Kitty had a bruise on her face and when the others asked she quickly covered it up saying that she got it in dodge ball in gym and couldn’t phase with all those people. Several of the girls backed it up for her. Others hide anything with makeup or something else.

It wasn’t long to notice that the girls were also acting strange, they would flinch when anyone touched them, especially male. Amara flipped out in school when a few boys and accidentally crowded her into a corner. It was like this for a while, Jean was distant with Duncan and when he tried to force her to talk she pushed him away. When he grabbed her arm when she was leaving she punched him. After that her relationship with him was pretty much over as well as a suspension from school.

It went on like this for two weeks that is until something new came on, that was when both Amara and Rogue started to throw up in the mornings. When Hank checked them out he found them pregnant. Both girls didn’t know what to say, Amara could have come up with a lie but what could Rogue say given her powers? They had to confess to that night with Xavier in his office with the other adults. 

It wasn’t easy and of course there was a lot of yelling with Logan as he threatened to hunt them down and cut them to pieces.  After that Xavier figured to start them on counselling. Something like this needed to be done and so they all were together talking with him and trying to work through it all.

It wasn't like they could have gone to the police, although that option had been talked about. If they did it would come out that girls were the Sirens which would lead to the police looking at them for their vigilante activities. Then it would most likely lead into the school and trying to keep mutants from the world would have been impossible. The girls would have had even more attention on them and in the end they didn't want any more attention then they got.

It was a long and hard healing process for them all, Tabitha later rejoined the mansion. Being stuck in a house with just boys had been a bit too much for her and the girls had been talking her into therapy as well. Rogue and Amara both decided to keep their babies, they just couldn’t get rid of them and Rogue figured this would be the only way to have children of her own.

It was something that lasted for years for them. Rogue and Amara had to take the last few months off from school to deliver their children. Rogue ended up with a girl that she named Irene, and she loved the baby to death. After her pregnancy it turned out her child could touch her without being affected so Rogue held her child whenever she could. After high school she stayed at Xavier’s as a full time mom, Kurt being the uncle was always there to help out.

Years later she would find a way to touch everyone. She later married Remy after several years and even though Irene wasn’t his child he loved her. They had one child together but then one day Irene had to ask who her real father was. It was a day that Rogue dreaded and in the end she told the truth. She knew that the father had to have been that first rapist.

When Irene learned of this it only made her more determined to join the X-Men later on and help put an end to injustice like this. Rogue stood by her choice and also helped to train her and the other students that came to the mansion to make sure none of them would ever be a victim.

For Amara she gave birth to twins, a boy and girl. She named them Adora and Adam, she stayed until the end of high school but in the end went home to Nova Roma. She had a lot of work to do and when she became Queen she started to reform her country into a more modern society. She never took a man to her bed after that night, she couldn’t stand to be touched by them.

One day she met a noble woman and soon she found herself a lover and later her mate in life.

Jean spent her last year in high school single and she didn’t mind, thankfully Scott her best friend was always by her side. She wasn’t sure that she could have gotten trough that last year without him. After that he asked her out and soon they started to date but it took Jean nearly two years to be intimate with Scott, every time they tried she pulled away. She hated it, she wanted to love the man she was in love with but her experiences kept her from crossing the line.

But he waited for her and on the day Jean was finally ready to have sex for the first time she enjoyed it. At first it was good but over time and the years she got more used to it. They eventually married after she got her degree, she was a counsellor at Xavier’s  as helping children with problems helped her deal with her own issues. Eventually she and Scott had children when she was ready, a girl a first that took after her and a boy that was the spitting image of Scott. She loved them both to death and in her later years in life finally felt a peace again.

For Tabitha she changed a lot after that night, she was still energetic but wasn’t the party girl she used to be. In fact she later turned to drinking  a lot of the time trying to drown her pain. She nearly destroyed herself but then Sam found her one day and he helped her out of it. He stayed by her side through her battle with both her past and her drinking.

Tabitha eventually fell in love with Sam, he was her rock that kept her stable. They married and moved back to his home town where he worked with his family, Tabitha was welcomed into the large family and she was loved more then at any point in her life. Sam and her had four kids of their own, she loved her children and being a mom apparently. She loved having Sam’s babies and she was thinking of having a fifth.  Although some nights she couldn't stand to be alone and some days she felt the need for a drink but thanks to Sam and her children she found the strength not to give in.

Kitty grew up in a way, the whole valley girl persona slowly left her soon after that night. She grew up more in the later years, she broke up with Lance because he just couldn’t understand her or what she went through. She no longer wore pink or cute clothing, and let her hair down. After high school she studied in England with Kurt as they started up a new team. Kitty finally managed to let something happen romantically with an older man named Pete Wisdom.

They had fun but still that problem of not being able to understand and all his drinking and smoking she couldn’t stand. Later on she actually dated Piotr the former Acolyte and they did fine but eventually they just moved apart. Then when she and Kurt were back together in the X-Men they would hang out and talk about old times. One night something happened and one thing led to another and they slept together.

After a lot of talking they decided to maybe give it a try, they dated for three years before they married. Kitty has three children all her own that she loves now and teaches as Xavier's for the next generation.

After all the years the former Sirens would either keep in contact with each other, or even have get together it was rare when they were all together. Tabitha and Amara had busy lives but they made the trips now and then. On one of these days Rogue found a news article about the Reavers gang.

Apparently there had been some major incident with a vigilante called The Punisher that was on the news these days. Apparently the Reavers had gone from street gang to kidnapping and raping women for illegal videos. That had gotten the attention of the Punisher so he had shut them down with extreme prejudice and killed them all. It was strange for the women to finally get some closure after all these years, none of them felt sorry for what had happened to that gang. Some of them even wished they would have watched secretly although none voiced such thoughts. In the end they all felt that that gang had gotten what they deserved.

That night totally changed their lives, it had been a long hard journey, they still carried the emotional scars from that night and they still had nightmares now and then. But they lived on, and they all had lives they loved and no one would be able to take that from them. In the end they were stronger because they refused to let them win to have them control their lives. Yes it was hard sometimes but they had each other and the support of their loved ones. Life was never easy but they struggled to move on and live their lives as best as they could.


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