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Options | Scott/Rogue | light R | 1,200 words | a/n: My very first posted X-Men fic. Just a short exploration of Scott’s thoughts, followed by some fantasies.

“It must be nice,” Kurt said to him one day, as they made their way through the mansion towards the danger, “to have all zhose girls after you.”

“I… wha… huh?” Scott Summers -who’d only been half listening anyway- replied. “What do you mean?”

“C’mon man. Every hot girl you know seems to like you. Like Jean.” Scott fidgeted uncomfortably. He and Jean Grey had known each other for a long time. They were fond of each other sure, but they also remembered each other as kids which was a sure stumbling block for anything more happening between them.

“And Taryn.” Kurt continued obliviously. Scott winced. Taryn was nice, and definitely did have a thing for him; she also tried to flirt with him by taking away his ruby-quartz sunglasses. A girlfriend who didn’t know he could accidently blast her with laser beam from eyes was just out of the question.

“And then there’s Rogue of course”

Scott stopped dead. Kurt continued for a couple of steps before turning back.

“Don’t be an idiot. Rogue doesn’t like me that way.” He said purely by reflex. “Anyway, don’t complain to me, Kurt, you’re always telling me how chicks dig ‘the fuzzy dude’”

Kurt scowled back at him, his tail lashing angrily.

“You know what really bugs the heck out of me? That you don’t even know how lucky you are!” He snapped and disappeared with a BAMF! leaving Scott coughing up  brimstone and feeling rather shocked.

Then late for his training session with Logan, Scott hurried on his way, trying to put his thoughts of Rogue out of his mind. It was ridiculous anyway, Rogue couldn’t like him. Not like him, like him. They were friend sure but then he was friends with Jean, it was totally possible to be friends with some and not be romantically interested in them and no sexual tension either. Like say with Kitty, his brain added as an at last honest, afterthought.

Logan growled at him as he walked late into the practise session but he barely noticed. He stumbled distractedly through the Danger Room exercise, earning himself only a few new bruises from the room’s traps for his carelessness. Rogue was there of course, and of course now that Kurt had called attention to her, he could help but watch her more closely, that was all. It was really Kurt’s fault that he was noticing her and realising just how tight the X-Men costumes really were. Whose idea had it been to dress Rogue in a black body suit? And who had decided her bust should be highlighted in green?

He was just considering the important issue of Rogue’s breasts when a flying disc clipped the side of his head and Wolverine angrily yelled that he was out of the session and to get off the Danger Room floor.

After that Scott just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep for the rest of the day, but the sun was barely up and he still had a full day of High School ahead of him. The Joy, he thought. He drove there as usual but today he and Kurt sat in stonily silence as Kitty chattered on in the backseat at both of them, completely oblivious to the frosty air between them.

Scott still couldn’t get Rogue out of his head for most of the morning. The picture of her in her uniform seemed burned into her eyes. She looked good, suddenly he could just imagine him holding her, in her arms, her curvy body pressed against his but no. No matter how well she filled out a uniform it didn’t mean she liked him. Okay, they were friends. They’d been friends even before she joined the X-Men, when she was still part of the Brotherhood. But that was just… shared experiences, they were both mutants that was all and she got on with him because he’d been friendly with her back then, when the others had been suspicious. It didn’t mean anything more than that, he tried to tell himself, it didn’t stop thoughts though because what if in the off chance, Kurt was right? It was a nice idea anyway, that someone did like him that way.

He was still having mixed thoughts when he caught sight of Rogue in the corridors, and she looked like she was having about a trouble free day as she was. Her face was set in a dark grumpy expression.  

Scott stared. It was like he hadn’t seen her before. He certainly had never really noticed just how transparent that green top was. And the black halter beneath it clung tight to her curves and bared hr midriff.  And that skirt. Before Rogue’s Goth outfit had just been her look to him, now it suddenly seemed like a siren’s call; an irresistible lure of sexiness. Scott swallowed, his throat suddenly parched.

“Hey Scott!” Rogue said, having caught sight of him. Scott forced himself to concentrate on her face again.  She smiled at him, brushing one of the striking white highlights in her hair. She wasn’t putting it on either, her grey eyes sparkled and danced with pleasure as if seeing him had changed her whole day for the better.

It was all the confirmation that Scott’s teenaged libido needed and his fantasies went into overdrive. It seemed impossible not to picture himself making out with Rogue, of his hands cupping those magnificent breasts but as good as her body was he suddenly was transfixed by the beauty of her face. As he watched the tip of her tongue brushed seemingly unconsciously across her full lips, covered in glossy purple lipstick that captured Scott’s attention entirely.

He wondered if those grey eyes would have the same excited light dancing in them if she was on her knees in front of them. Wondered what those purple tiers would feel like wrapped around his cock, how the brown and white locks of her hair would twine around his fingers…

“Ah you ok, sugar?” Rogue asked, and Scott’s eyes snapped back to her face, just in time to see that her eyes had wandered as well, “you’ve been actin’ all worked up all day.”

“Yeah. Fine, thanks,” said Scott, fighting a flush and desperately ignoring the unaccountable tightness of his boxers, “hey Rogue? Do you ever get the feeling we’re thinking about exactly the same thing?”

Rogue gazed back at him with wide eyes, her tongue making another quick pass over her lips that she seemed obviously to. A pinkness rising to her pale cheeks. She shot a scared look behind Scott and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jean Grey approaching them from the other end of the corridor.

“Aww Gawd, I hope not.” Rogue said and suddenly fled back the way she came.

It was only as he watched her go that Scott remembered that if they did anything he’d just thought about, if he kissed her or laid just a fingertip on her bare skin, then he’d be rendered unconscious for hours.   He sighed heavily and decided she was perfect for him because he was sure that right now they were thinking exactly the same thing.

Sometimes, being a mutant totally sucks,


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