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Title: Work For It

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Thor/Loki

Commissioned by: SweetSeme

Part:  1/4

Word count: 1,433

An: Posting all these chapters now so I don’t have to deal with it later. Seriously. It’s way too early to be up.



Gazing into his mirror, Loki placed a long fingered hand against the smooth glass and closed his eyes, willing away the hurt as the door to his room closed behind Thor. Opening his black eyes once more, he stared at the come that was spread over his chest, bruises already rising on his hips as love bites started to darken. He could feel his now gone ex-lover’s passion leak out of his well used body and slide down his thigh, but he hardly cared about that. All he cared about was the pain that was welling up in his heart, making him feel as if he was bleeding from his very soul.

Turning away from the mirror, one hand smoothing the mussed locks down, he walked into his personal bath, ignoring the mussed up sheets and closed the door behind him. He flipped the shower on and let it heat until steam clouded the room around him before stepping under the heat rain to wash away the remnants of his last time with his lover. His brother...

Thor, God of thunder and wielder of the hammer Mjolnir.

Quickly shoving the memory of his brother out of his head for the moment, the young god washed his body, cleaning off the dried cum and the scent of his ex-lover. Once he was clean, he tipped his head back and moaned in pleasure at the heat that soaked into his body, warming him. His mind once more turned back to the man who had hurt him.

Thor...Thor was going back to Midgar, the place that the mortals called Earth, to solidify an alliance with a group called Echo. He had been forced to Earth once before to learn some humility and Loki had been all for it at the time. The sudden coolness that had come from Thor though hurt much more than the flimsy excuses of their father not liking their relationship and wanting Thor to marry Sif.

Both of them knew Thor could say ‘no’ and get away with it, but he wasn’t going to do that and it stabbed Loki in his heart.

Shaking his head fiercely, Loki slammed his fist into the wall before him, feeling the skin split and his blood flow, washed away by the water. Pulling his fist away, he flexed his fingers and watched as the wounds healed quickly and rinsed his hand free of the blood. Turning off the water, he stepped out of the shower and dried off, taking his time to make sure that every water droplet was off of his body, leaving him dry.

Leaving the bathroom to desteam, ignoring the mirror that showed flushed skin and dark marks, he pulled out a pair of pants made of soft leather dyed a rich midnight color and slid them over his legs. Lacing the front, he eyed his shirts before pulling out a matching, high collared shirt and slipped it on. The slinky fabric fell to his thighs, drawing a sigh from him. Smoothing the shirt down, he was quick to pull on a pair of boots, laying his pants legs over them.

Leaving the semi long locks free, he glared at the bed before gathering the books that he was done with and headed towards the family library, making a note to change bedrooms as soon as possible. The memories that the room held pounded down on him constantly.

He would move to another wing and get away from not only his memories but the possibility of listening to Thor bed Sif and make her make noises of pleasure. He couldn’t stand the thought of it and stopped a servant, giving him instructions to move his entire room, minus the furniture, to a room in the West Wing.

Once that was done, he continued on his way to the family library. He stepped inside of the large book filled room and closed the doors behind him, his feet moving through the shelves without any thought. Placing the books into their spots, he continued to browse the titles that the family had collected throughout the centuries. The mortals had thousands of books being created, and every one that was read ended up in the main archives. A small portion ended up in the family library though.

Loki often found himself just wandering around amongst the shelves, losing himself amongst the worlds that were created. Smiling sadly, he shook his head at the knowledge that Thor would never again come up behind him in some private corner and take him or make him pant and moan in need there, leaving him teased and ruffled. Those days were gone, destroyed with just a few words.

Pulling a book down from one shelf, he turned a corner and stopped in surprise at the sight of the All Father sitting in a large chair before the circular fireplace. The fire cast a glow on the man’s face, showing Loki that he had once looked quite a bit like his eldest child.

“Loki,” the god rumbled, looking at Loki with one eye. The younger God nodded as he tramped down the anger that flared up at the sight of the elder god. He knew that Thor had only used the man’s words for his own ends, but he didn’t know what their father’s reasons behind them were.

“Father,” he greeted in return, unsurprised when his father looked over him with an assessing eye.

“The last time you were in such an outfit was when the person you had been with left you for one of the younger Goddesses,” Odin rumbled. Loki tilted his head as he remembered that particular ending. It had lead to a long night of drinking and the first time he had slept with Thor.

“That was some time ago,” Loki said, moving to a seat and settling down into it, crossing his legs. “I have moved my bedroom to the west wing, away from my current one,” he stated, gazing at his father, getting furrowed eyebrows. “I have no urge to have the dagger in my back twisted by being forced to listen to Thor fucking his bride to be.”

“Then he did end his relationship with you.” The All Father’s voice was carefully neutral as he watched his youngest open his book and clench his jaw.

“Yes, right after the pity fuck that I was lucky enough to get,” Loki replied, barely keeping the bitterness out of his voice. “He used the rather flimsy excuse of your orders to marry Sif as a reason.” Looking up, he smirked, the look empty as he flicked a wrist. “We all know it was a flimsy excuse at best, a pathetic attempt at soothing battered egos at worse.”

“I am sorry, my child, that you are now hurting in such a way,” Odin said, standing with a groan, feeling his body protest at the fact that he had sat in such a chair for so long.

“I am used to being hurt, father,” Loki replied, looking away so as to hide the hurt shining in his eyes. “It happens often enough with the way everyone perceives me. You would think that the hurt that comes with it would stop doing so,” he said bitterly.

“I am also sorry that you have been hurt by the petty politics amongst our people,” Odin sighed, patting Loki’s shoulder. The younger god shrugged lightly and gazed up at his father.

“I shall live. I lived without Thor before and the pleasure of our liaisons, I can and will do so once more,” Loki stated, voice firming as he once more turned back to his book. Odin once more gazed down at the bowed dark head and felt his heart clench at the pain that was radiating from the younger man. Patting one slim shoulder again, he left the families library and thought as he walked down the halls. Soon, Thor would leave for Midgar and leave his beloved Loki behind.

Odin hadn’t thought that the two had been so deep into their emotions, otherwise he would have never told Thor to marry Sif. Instead he would have made it so that his two sons would have a solid marriage contract. For now though, he would break the current contract and allow Thor to find his own mate, hoping that he would go for Loki once more.

Odin could only hope that things would work out for them. Adopted or not, Loki was still his youngest child and deserved all of the happiness that the other Gods would try to deny him.

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