Paid in Blood

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Disclaimer: I do not own Wolverine and the X-Men, the X-Men universe, it's characters or anything from the Marvel universe. I do not own, nor do I profit from any character or element of this story. Again, I do not own anything& do not pr

Characters are based on Wolverine and the X-Men. 

The first chapter jumps right in to the main conflict and hits with a bang from the beginning.  Anything AFTER chapter one, however, is mostly plot and there is very little sexual content (aside from recalling the events of the first chapter) thereafter. 

Ergo, the first chapter is ALL sexual content – and very graphic at that.  Deals with rape – you have been warned.


Between the crude dog collar around her neck and the leather shackles binding her arms behind her, there was no way she could fight against the behemoth mutant.  She was well and truly caught and could see no solution to her grievous situation. 

“Here girlie, girlie, girlie,” Leviath called lecherously to her as he took a step closer.

Instead she backed away.  “Get the fuck away from me you pus-faced ogre!”

“Uh, uh, uh,” he chided as he snatched up the excess leash and yanked her to him.  The momentum threw Rogue off balance and she crashed to her knees in front of him.

The massive man guffawed as Gaspion chuckled from the side lines.  “My, my, aren’t we eager?” he asked, amused at the prisoner’s proximity to Leviath.  “We’ll just have to go ahead and oblige her, won’t we Mr. L?”

The giant chortled in response and nodded vigorously as he pulled on the leash once more to show his pleasure. 

“After all,” continued Gaspion, “it’s been so very long since Mr. L has been in the company of a lady.”

Without another word, Gaspion motioned to his massive minion, who promptly yanked Rogue up by the leash and flung her over his back.  She tried to kick and squirm, but with her hands tied at such an awkward angle, her meager strength was relatively useless. 

They entered through a steel door near the back of the warehouse and, though Rogue couldn’t see the contents thereof, she knew in her gut it couldn’t be good. 

Her suspicions were confirmed when she was unceremoniously dropped onto a large, musty-smelling mattress on the floor.   She landed hard and, before she could catch her breath, the gargantuan mutant was crawling after her with a lustful, giddy look. 

Rogue quickly lashed out with her boots and struck the man in the face, only to have him giggle and grab her ankles.  He then pulled her toward the end of the bed with only her feet hanging off, before he jumped up again. 

Instantly, Rogue tried to back away, but the ogre simply pounced upon her, trapping her under his weight. 

“No, no, no, girlie!” He admonished playfully, then reached back and yanked off one of her boots.  “Naughty, naughty, girlie.  Leviath punish naughty girlie,” he grinned.  As he pulled at the other boot, Rogue felt something in her ankle pop and crunch painfully and she had to bite her lip to keep from calling out.

Her feet were trapped beneath his weight and with her hands tied behind her back, she couldn’t even throw a measly punch.  The drug Gaspion had injected her with was inhibiting her powers, which - all in all - left her completely defenseless. 

“Get offa me!” she screamed, but instead Leviath frowned down at her and easily ripped away her shirt with his massive hands. 

He got off the bed and before Rogue had time to react, he grasped what was left of her tattered uniform and yanked it off her, throwing the entire thing onto the floor.

Laying there in just her underwear and bra, Rogue was still somehow in denial about what was happening.  She couldn’t have been captured more than an hour ago.  This was absolutely impossible - she was untouchable for Christ’s sake! 

Leviath grinned down at her lecherously and gripped Rogue’s thighs, pulling her toward him.  He then hooked his sausage-like fingers around the elastic waistband of her underwear and pulled.  The sheer strength in his hands was enough to lift Rogue completely off the bed, but he still succeeded in removing the garment as it slipped off her legs and she went crashing back to the hard, lumpy mattress. 

Momentarily dazed, she barely registered the sound of her bra straps being shredded before the cold air against her flesh brought her to her senses. 

Even without the use of her hands, Rogue propelled herself backwards against the wall, trying to gain some distance between herself and the monster before her. 

As the behemoth clamored toward her, she rolled off the mattress and landed painfully on her side.  Within seconds, however, she launched herself into a standing position, only to be halted by the leash which was still attached to the dog collar around her neck. 

The pressure against her windpipe caused her to choke and gag, and gave the monstrous man enough leeway to pick her up once again.  Again, he tossed her over his shoulder with a laugh and held her with one hand while he used the other to loosen his belt – allowing his clothing to fall in a pool around his feet. 

Staring down along his back, Rogue observed that he was not wearing underwear, but her position did not allow her to see much else.  She felt him kneel on the bed and crawl to the middle, where he rolled onto his back.  He grabbed Rogue around the waist with both hands and held her in the air a moment before placing her in a sitting position on his chest. 

Grinning wildly, he brought his knees up to his chin and for a moment Rogue thought he meant to launch her against the wall.  However, she felt his massive feet slide between her chest and her tied hands to snake up behind her back. As he let his legs come down toward the mattress once more, Rogue was dragged along as well. 

Within seconds, she was trapped, lying along the giant’s legs, completely unable to detach herself from his hold. 

At that moment, Gaspion laughed from the corner.  “He may not be very sophisticated, but he is very creative. And flexible, too.”

He stepped closer to take a good look at Rogue’s nude form.  “He also has an eye for beautiful women.  However, you’ll have to forgive his crudeness – after all, he is a little different as you can tell.  He really is just a big, lascivious brute.”  Gaspion walked around the bed, inspecting the scene before him.  The way he seemed to be calculating the situation made Rogue’s stomach turn. 

Really, Leviath didn’t seem to be that much of a threat.  But the monster appeared to idolize Gaspion, and the other man’s presence was far more terrifying than Rogue’s current state of undress.  Before she had realized Gaspion was still in the room, she hadn’t felt the urgency or terror of her situation.  But now…  Now the realization of what could, and likely WOULD happen was making her stomach do back flips. 

“What the hell do you want with me?!?!” Rogue screamed as she tried to loosen her hands. 

Gaspion simply smiled.  “Oh my dear, it’s really not about what I want with you – it’s about what I’m going to get FROM you.”

Turning, he faced the wall as Leviath raised his feet, and Rogue by default, and placed them high up against the wall.  With her arms trapped between his feet, it caused Rogue to lie at an inclined angle against his legs. 

 “You see,” Gaspion continued, “I’m getting my revenge after such a very long time.  You needn’t trouble yourself with the details of who or what, but rest assured that you are serving a much higher purpose.  For me, this isn’t about pleasure.  It’s about power.”

He turned back to face Rogue, who hadn’t taken her eyes from him.  “For him, on the other hand,” he gestured to Leviath who laid there looking at Rogue with a happy, anticipatory grin, “it’s completely about pleasure…”

Gaspion’s eyes travelled down to the giant’s manhood and Rogue couldn’t stop herself from gasping at the size of him.  His penis was at least as thick and long as her forearm and she was suddenly VERY aware of her desperate situation. 

“No – NO!!”  She screamed, kicking back against the mattress and trying to distance herself from the man beneath her.  Despite the throbbing in her ankle, she lashed out with her heels, connecting hard against his groin, but the mutant simply laughed and let her continue assaulting his lower extremities. 

After a few moments of letting Rogue struggle in vain, Gaspion snapped his fingers and Leviath gripped Rogue’s legs tightly and pulled her closer to him, simultaneously tucking her feet under his massive buttocks. 

With clockwork precision he held Rogue’s knees, pressed tightly together in an attempt to shield herself, and spread them wide – opening her womanhood for both men to view. 

Once this was done, Gaspion pulled a small device from his pocket.  It was small, silver and cylindrical with a cord, and for a moment Rogue thought it might be a small taser or torture device.

Gaspion explained.  “My Frankensteinian friend here can be… a little much for most.  He’s not quite capable of insuring the … survival … of his playmates, so I’ve taken it upon myself to make them more comfortable. After all, revenge is much sweeter when it is a PERMENANT reminder.”

Walking over to the bed, he reached into his pocket and flipped a switch, which caused the small cylinder to vibrate. 

“Unfortunately, Levi here hasn’t completely grasped the concept of lubrication or pleasure – both of which are easily remedied with this small, simple tool.”

As Rogue’s eyes went wide and she began to struggle with renewed vigor, Gaspion knelt on the mattress facing her and let the device fall against her clitoris.

The stimulation to such a sensitive, untouched part of her body caused Rogue’s hips to buck wildly as she tried desperately to get loose. 

Gaspion simply let the vibrator dangle against the ball of nerves, grinning salaciously at Rogue’s futile attempts to free herself.  After a few moments of bucking, he reached down with his free hand and spread her labia, nestled the vibrator firmly against her clitoris, then placed her folds over it.  With a snap of Gaspion’s fingers, Leviath released one of Rogue’s knees and put his hand over the quivering device to hold it in place.

Rogue continued squirming against the sensation as Gaspion looked on, studying the scenario.  When Rogue finally stopped bucking around and concentrated on fighting the sensations, Gaspion clucked his tongue.

“Mr. L – how do we ensure that orgasm is reached?”

The brute looked confused for a moment then, with a wide smile, he removed one of his fat fingers from the device and guided it up inside Rogue. 

The girl panicked at the sensation of his large digit entering her and tried to buck him off again.  However, the jerking movements only made the vibrations against her clitoris more intense and she quickly froze again. 

Rogue shut her eyes and tried to focus on anything but the pulsating object.  Her efforts proved futile, however, when Gaspion turned up the intensity on the device, causing Rogue to yelp and jump.

Within moments, Rogue’s entire body began to tense up and though she tried to fight off its reaction, she failed as a powerful orgasm washed over her.

As tears fell from her eyes, she felt her muscles clamp down against the giant’s finger and Leviath giggled in response.  Instead of releasing her after the climax, however, the men continued to let the device torment her. 

Leviath quickly inserted another finger inside her, filling Rogue’s virgin womanhood with his massive digits. 

The sensation of the vibrator continuing to assault her clitoris was nearly unbearable, and despite her best efforts to maintain some decorum over her body, Rogue began to buck and jump wildly, trying to dislodge the device. 

As she squirmed, the monstrous mutant below her slowly forced in a third finger and Rogue could feel her insides stretching painfully as something inside threatened to tear apart.  The agony of it all was nearly unbearable when, just as she thought she might scream, it stopped; Gaspion yanked the small device away from her oversensitive extremities as Leviath removed his thick fingers. 

The combination of sweat and tears glued her auburn hair to her face, neck and back.   She was almost grateful for the shock white bangs that clung to her cheeks and stung her eyes.  At least the bastards wouldn’t see the tears running down her face. 

Her breathing was erratic – barely contained, panting sobs made her chest heavy and her lungs burn.  As Rogue tried to calm herself, tried to think of some way of escape, Leviath suddenly released her feet and brought his knees (and Rogue with them) up toward his chest.   His legs were spread slightly, forcing Rogue’s arms up along her back, nearly breaking them.

The disproportionate height between them left Rogue’s head near the middle of the giant brute’s abdomen.  She was sandwiched between his legs and chest, and her stomach flopped as she turned her head to find his gigantic member pulsating next to her cheek.

Disgusted, she turned the other way only to see Gaspion removing his clothing. 

“Please,” her brain and body were begging for mercy before her pride had a chance to stop them.  “Please, don’t.  No more.  Please.”  Her voice was small and pitiful and almost unrecognizable to her own ears.  Internally, Rogue cursed her body for breaking so easily, but she couldn’t stop her chin from quivering as more tears rushed from her eyes.

Gaspion only chuckled.  “Oh my dear,” he whispered as he disappeared behind her view.  “We’ve only just begun.” 

He was behind her now and she realized that while the new positioning left her lower extremities off limits to the giant, she was completely accessible to his boss.  She tensed as she felt his cold, bony fingers grab her hips.  The sensation of the hot, throbbing tip of his organ pressing against her previously untouched vagina made her cry out in desperation. 

“Please!” Her cries echoed through the darkened room as she tried to maneuver her lower body away from him. “STOP!  NO!!”

For a brief moment, the warmth left, but as she started to sigh in relief, Gaspion slammed into her as fast and forcefully as he could.

Rogue could not stop the scream that escaped her lips. 

Over and over he pounded into her, faster and harder with every thrust.  She bit her lip to keep from crying and she could feel blood pooling in her mouth just as it flowed from her shattered virginity. 

With a one final, forceful plunge, Gaspion grunted and pulled out.  As he did so, he laughed – a harsh, low chuckle of surprise.  “Well, well, well,” the gangly, dark haired mutant observed, “I suppose we’ve made your first encounter … memorable, then?”

An agonized sob was her only reply. 

“Speechless, are we?”  Gaspion’s voice was moving through the room, but Rogue’s tattered mind no longer heeded his presence.  He said something else, but it was like Latin to her.  Her body was going into shock and she wasn’t able to process anything.

…Until Leviath pointed his legs toward the ceiling, causing Rogue to sit upright again. 

She could no longer control herself and wept quietly while the large mutant groped and manhandled her breasts.  Shaking her head back and forth as if to wake herself from a nightmare, Rogue prayed that the X-Men would arrive soon so Wolverine could heal her ragged body and Jean could force this horrific experience out of her head. 

As she was fantasizing about Wolverine cutting them up into pieces, Leviath slowly raised Rogue higher along his legs as he rested his feet against the wall.  She didn’t process that anything was even happening until a large piece of cloth was shoved in her mouth.  Eyes wide, she tried to spit it out, but another strip of fabric tied it in place around her head. 

“Some of our guests tend to get a little too… vocal… about now and Leviath has very sensitive hearing.”  Gaspion explained as he pulled the knot tighter around Rogue’s mouth.  “So if you feel the need to vomit, I would recommend stifling it.”

Confused and terrified, Rogue tried to make sense of what was going on when she saw herself being held above Leviath’s eagerly awaiting genitals. 

Instantly she tried to scream, but the gag in her mouth muffled the sound.  She tried to squirm, kick, wiggle away, but it was useless.  She could feel the tip of his member, even larger than her vagina, pushing at her labia as it tried to force its way inside.

She bucked with all her might and felt both her shoulders dislocate.  From behind the gag she screamed again, but still struggled, futilely kicking at the mutant and the mattress.  As the giant began pushing his huge organ into her vagina, she thrashed around wildly, knocking her head into his legs so hard that she nearly blacked out.

Sadly, she was still conscious, but as Leviath forced himself inside her inch by inch, the blessed blackness encroached on her vision.   By the time he was completely buried within her battered walls, she could hardly tell if she was even awake. 

Rogue felt like she was some sort of spirit, rising out of her body without seeing or hearing anything going on around her.  She couldn’t feel her arms flopping uselessly or register the blood oozing out from between her legs.

The sensation of a second foreign body entering her from behind was barely enough to cause her eyes to flit open before her head lolled forward again. 

She didn’t know how long she had been floating there in the absence of time and space, but a splash of frigid water eventually ripped her out of the peaceful blackness. 

As her eyes cracked open, Rogue slowly recognized that she was still lying naked on the mattress.  She didn’t try to move – didn’t even know if she could – but Gaspion must have known she was conscious again because he was suddenly in front of her, yanking her up by the hair to meet his gaze.

He stared at her a moment with frightening intensity, then grinned. 

“Tell Logan we’re even.  I hope she was worth it,” and he forced his lips against hers.  For a brief moment, Rogue could feel a slight pull of her powers and she wished they would suck the very life out of him.  Her power was becoming stronger as it tugged at Gaspion’s essence until she felt another sharp jab in the back of her neck, followed by a sensation of liquid fire coursing through her blood.

Her lips were still crushed against Gaspion’s and she moaned as the fire raged inside and her powers suddenly cut short again.

With a muttered chuckle, Gaspion dropped her back on the mattress and Rogue watched in a haze as he and Leviath exited the room, leaving her in the darkness. 


Please let me know what you think.  I know it's twisted, but sometimes you just gotta let the beast out, yes?


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