Training Rhaimy: The Lost Chapters

BY : Sabby
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Disclaimer: Really guys, if I owned X-Men, I wouldn't be writing this :P It'd be a graphic novel. Silly. As it stands, I may no money off of this writing and do not seek to.

This series is going to be focusing on characters in Training Rhaimy, whose stories would be out of place. Sexual content is not promised, but isn't out of the question :) If your just looking for porn, Training Rhaimy can stand alone, but if you'd like some new appreciation for characters like Satyr and Wolf Spider, then please enjoy.


Satyr, the Weapon, Part 1


It had been a while since Satyr had slept. She lay on her side on her strong but worn bed, staring at the wall, her goats legs curled up towards her body. Her eyes were open, face blank, her only movements the occasional twitch of her lion like tail. 

This had never been a problem for her. Why was sleep so elusive now? Closing her eyes for the umpteenth time that night, she took a deep breath and cleared her mind. Slowly, all consciousness was lost, and she found herself dreaming.

In a mist wreathed patch of hard soil, the wooden figures of guard towers rose up, black against the frosty backdrop of trees, a chain link fence barely visible, top crowned in coils of razor wire. Tents lined either side, all still and quiet, not even a breath of air ruffling the open flaps. She looked down at her own hands, which were no longer the triple jointed digits she knew, but human hands, and they were drenched in blood, a knife held in her right hand. It fell limply from her hands, which began to shake, the only sound her own harried breathing as she began to panic, heart slamming painfully in her chest.

The guard towers light came on, its harsh yellow beam so unforgivably bright in this ghostly landscape. It swiveled and came down on her, almost as if in accusation, blinding her. She threw her hands up to shield her eyes, and in the glare, she saw that her now black hands had become her familiar shape, three long clawed digits encased in metallic crust. When the sudden flash had passed and her eyes could make out her surroundings, she saw dozens of forms, black and featureless, surrounding her, eyes white.

"Monster!" they whispered. "Freak..." "You murdered us!" Killer, they chanted, raising weak arms to point accusing fingers at her. Killer! They cried, until the sound filled her skull, driving her mad. She grabbed her ears and tried to block it out, screwing her eyes shut, but then she felt their cold, icy hands on her, pulling her arms to her side, and she was powerless to resist. Screaming, she frantically tried to struggle free, and then one dead hand took her by her chin and forced her to look. When she opened her eyes, she saw the arms that held her had become chains, the crowd of accusing shadows now a firing squad. They took aim, and as the sounds of gunfire rang out, she screamed and arched up, claws sinking into her mattress.

Shooting up to sit in her bed, she panted, heart racing. She hurriedly inspected her hands, as if expecting, or maybe fearing, to see them coated in blood, but all she saw was cotton. Her bed had been destroyed, mattress shredded apart, the wall paper of her roof and walls sliced cleanly. Waiting for her heart rate to slow, she rolled her hands to inspect them, the familiar shape and sight somehow soothing. She watched as the full metal casing began to recede, the plates of shining armor melting back into her skin, until only the back of her hand and fingers remained. Feeling her palm with her fingers, she closed her eyes and hugged her legs, wrapping her tail about them. 

It was just a dream. Why was she shaking? Reaching to cup her stomach, she realized that that burning feeling from her dream had not been her heart, but something else. A black mark dominated her stomach area, like a burn from within. The pain was dull but constant. Looking at the mark, zeroing in on the pain, she gritted her teeth and thought. Was it finally time to see the Professor?

No... she could deal with this on her own.


The Next Day...


Professor Ceti's eyes were ringed with black, the armored plating on her shoulders, arms and back ruffling like scales, almost in an irritated manner. Usually, her students were wary of her, since she had the reputation of the Institute's drill Sergeant, but never had they been afraid of her. Today, however, no one seemed brave enough to so much as approach her.

Striding down the yard towards her afternoon class, she whipped her tail on the grass, which threw up some clumps of dirt, the sound grabbing her students attention. "On your feet class!" She bellowed, fangs showing as she regarded them. She noted how they tensed when she looked at them, the six assorted Mutants standing in a straight line. On any other day, it might have concerned her that they reacted this way, but she was even shorter on sympathy and patience then normal. She wanted this class over with already.

After she had spent enough time glaring holes in them, she crossed her arms, the metal palm sized scales that encased them clanking together. 

"Alright students, got a little exercise in the forest today. Your guna split up into two teams of three. Out there is a flag for each team. You'll only know where your own is. If you can get the other teams flag without losing yours, you've won"

She pointed to two students. "You and you, your team leaders. You pick the other leaders team mates. You both get 10 minutes to find your spot. Now go" She tossed the two coloured flags on the ground. The students didn't seem very happy with the instructions. The two leaders she had chosen had to be the least competent for that job, and letting them pick the other team would mean trying to handicap each other from the get go. This wasn't a simple game of capture the flag, she wanted to see how they would fare with a poorly constructed plan. A bad leader and unwanted team mates would drag any mission down.

Crossing her arms, she watched them go. she would wait a few minutes before following them. She intended to plague their every move with problems, sabotaging from the shadows, putting pressure on the teams, and mostly on their leaders skills. Even through her bad mood, she knew this might have been a bit harsh, but maybe seeing a team come out on top would help lift her spirits. Maybe one of the leaders would do the smart thing and relinquish control to someone better suited. Yeah, that kind of behavior was just what she needed to see.

Suddenly, her stomach began to burn, the pain crippling. Grunting, she grabbed her side and fell to one knee, snarling, her plating beginning to grow. It passed in a few seconds, however, the pain receding and her armor melting away back to its minimal form. Panting, she pushed back up to her feet, glad that no one had seen that, and set out to the forest, smelling for their scents.


One Hour Later


The 6 students came running from the trees, screaming for help. Two of them helped an injured girl hobble from the trees, while the sounds of crashing followed after, trees coming down. Something was after them, and it was strong enough to simply shove the forest aside in its pursuit.

At the commotion, a dozen more students and two of their Professors turned their attention to the students, who collapsed and scrambled behind the older Mutants. The Professors sighted the tree line, several of the students already priming their powers, as a third Professor rushed to the aid of the limping girl.

"Coney, what happened? Where's Professor Ceti?" The small girl, still shaking and holding her injured leg, could only point to the trees, as the crashing came closer. 

Pushing aside one of the trees, which splintered and crashed to the ground, came Satyr, stepping out into the light. Her entire body had become encased in layers upon layers of silver armor, the scale like plates larger then the others had seen them, glistening green and bronze in the sun. The helmet that had formed around her head was sleek and without a visor or any kind of opening for her to see from, two long horns curling back in an imitation of her pointed ears. No one had ever seen her this heavily armored before, and it was clear she was not in her right mind.

Her tail gave a casual lash, the bladed tip slicing easily through the bough of a tree, which toppled behind her. She regarded the students, sniffing the air and placing her armored hand to the ground, her sense of smell and touch compensating for her blindness. After a tense moment of nothing, she howled, like a demon, and sprinted towards them.



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