Sins of the Past

BY : LadyAlex
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Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men or anything X-Men related or any of the characters, and I do not make money from these writings.

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men or anything X-Men related or any of the characters, and I do not make money from these writings.

Pairings: Charles Xavier/Kurt Marko, Charles Xavier/Cain Marko (Juggernaut), Charles/Magneto, some Charles/Moira, some Charles/Gabrielle Haller some Charles/Amelia Voght, will eventually be Charles/Ororo (Way far down the line!!)

Warnings: AU, M/M, M/F, Minor, Anal, Rape, Oral, HJ, Bondage, Incest, MaleDominance, abuse, Language, Violence, angst, WIP

Summary: Charles Xavier has a dark past. He’s been hurt many times before, and now, when he’s found someone who loves him, will he allow her into his heart? Or will his past be too traumatizing for him to love again? In this story, we’ll uncover the secrets of the strongest telepath on Earth.

I’ve been wanting to do this story in forever, so I hope you like to read it as much as I liked to write it!!

This story is going to be dark and will have SLASH and RAPE! I will go through several pairings, Charles will eventually end up with Ororo, but it will take quite a while for that to happen!! In the past Charles will start out as a 13 year old, and he won’t have his telepathy to start with!!!

This is sort of a crossover between many universes. I will be using many ideas from what I’ve read online, from Ultimate X-Men, New X-Men, and from X-Men Evolution but it will take place in the older X-Men animated series. I don’t know which events I’ll be using, just know there will be spoilers for various universes, I’m mixing things from all of those universes and twisting them into my own!

This chapter will start out in the present, but will go into Charles’ memories of his past. I’ll put some scenes in the present, but a good chunk of this story is going to be in the past up to the point in the present. It’ll hopefully make sense when you start reading (just tell me if you get confused), I’ll tell you if it’s in the present or the past. This will also take place, for most of the story, in Charles’ POV, but we’ll get to see Storm’s POV as well, just not much to start with. I hope you enjoy the story!!

Another note!! Unless I mention differently, all the characters will be exactly the same as in X-Men the Animated series!!

Chapter 1-Broken Soul

*Charles’ POV-Present*

Ororo and I were sitting in my den reading, like we often did. I had moved out of my chair to sit on the couch with Storm on the other end. She had her legs pulled up to her chest and she was facing me. I could feel her eyes on me as I pretended to read. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. “Storm,” I said, turning to catch her staring at me. “What do you want?” I asked, seeing her faint blush in the light from the fireplace.

“Um...nothing.” She said, hiding her face behind her book. I sighed slightly, putting my book aside as I reached out to touch her foot. She jumped as my hand touched her.

“Ororo,” I said softly, hearing her soft intake of breath as I said her name. “I know you well enough to know something’s on your mind.”

“You could my mind.” She said evasively, I pulled my hand away and sat back against the leather couch.

“You know I won’t do that.” She set her book next to her and scooted closer to me.

“It would be...easier...if you did.” Ororo whispered, turning away from me.

“You can tell me anything...” I smiled, watching as she turned her head towards me.

“I...I love you...Charles...” She whispered softly, lips trembling slightly with suppressed emotions. My smile faltered, and my eyes widened with surprise. ‘She...loves me?!’ I felt my heart constrict painfully at those words. My head dropped into my hands, hiding my stricken expression from her. ‘IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou...’ That phrase kept repeating itself in my mind, bringing back painful memories for me.

“C-Charles?” Ororo questioned as she placed a hand on my shoulder. I flinched at her touch, raising my head to look at her. Her eyes flew wide at my expression, which I knew looked like a frightened child.

* * * * * * * *

*Storm’s POV-Present*

“What’s wrong?” I asked, looking at his fearful expression and the tears running down his face. “You’re crying...” I said softly. ‘Oh god!! Why did I have to tell him?!’ His hand reached up to touch his face, seeming surprised by the wetness he found there.

“I...I’m sorry, Ororo.” He whispered, clenching his hands in his lap, keeping his eyes downcast. “Those words...bring back a lot of painful memories. There’s a lot you, and everyone else here, doesn’t know about my past. I don’t know if I can ever tell anyone, and I just...don’t think I could ever...l-love anyone...again...” He said softly, tears falling faster.

“I see...” I managed to say through the lump in my throat. ‘My’s breaking. I have to get out of here! I’m suffocating!!’ I stood up, holding back tears. “I’ll...just be going now.” I said, quickly hurrying towards the door.

“Ororo, wait!!” Charles called out as I opened the door.

“I’m sorry, Charles...” I said hoarsely. I heard his shuddering intake of breath as I shut the door behind me. I ran quickly down the hall to my room and cried myself to sleep.

* * * * * * * *

*Charles’ POV-Present*

I dropped my head into my hands and sobbed uncontrollably. ‘Oh god!! After all these years, I’ve finally found someone who loves me dearly, for I know it’s true, and I can’t love her back!! I want to!! I want to love her so badly, but I don’t think I can!! Not after what happened to me!! Every time I’ve loved someone, they’ve stabbed me in the back!! How do I know she won’t too?’ I cried and cried until I fell asleep on the couch. [1, found a perfect song for this scene!! Check it out at the bottom of the chapter!!]

* * * * * * * *

*Storm’s POV-Present*

I woke with a start as I fell off my bed, gasping as my head hit the floor, I blinked rapidly around the room. The room was shaking as I struggled to my feet. “Earthquake?” I muttered, making my way across the room to the door. Hurrying out I saw everyone else heading out of their rooms, everyone but Charles. “Where’s the Professor?” I asked, extremely worried. They shrugged and I took off towards his room.

Pushing the door open, I realized instantly he wasn’t in there. “Damn...” I muttered, turning quickly and running down the hallway, Logan and Scott hurrying after. I pushed the door to the Professor’s den open to find Charles sprawled on the floor, blood pooling under his head. My heart constricted at the sight and I ran over, feeling for a pulse. Logan knelt next to me, leaning down to listen to his heart.

“He’s still alive, but his pulse is very slow. We need to get him down to the infirmary quickly.” Logan muttered, carefully lifting Charles into his arms and hurrying out of the room. I followed after quickly. Everyone hurried after us as we headed to the safer underground part of the building.

* * * * * * * *

*Storm’s POV-Present*

Beast and Jean examined Charles once in safer territory. He was stable, but the blow to the head sent him into a coma. Jean hasn’t been able to contact him at all even though his brainwaves are very active. I hadn’t moved from his side for so long, I fell asleep in the chair next to his bed.

When I woke, I was in my own bed. ‘Damn it!’ I groused as I slid out of bed. ‘If I had wanted to leave his side I would have gone to my room to sleep!’ I made my way back down to the infirmary, ready to chew out whoever put my in my room. My anger was derailed as I caught sight of Charles lying on the bed. He was very pale and looked very vulnerable. I moved over and sat in the chair I’d fallen asleep in earlier and took his hand in both of mine, rubbing it between the two.

“Storm?” A voice said, I looked up to see Hank in the doorway. “You should go back to bed, I’ll inform you of any changes.” I shook my head firmly, I wasn’t going to leave his side right now.

“I’m fine.” Hank gave me a skeptical look. “Really, I’ve slept enough.” He sighed slightly and nodded. Hank then flitted around the room, checking to see that everything was in order.

“I’m going to sleep for a while. Jean will check on Charles in a while. Are you...alright Storm?” He questioned, concern thick in his voice.

“I’m fine.” I said firmly, Hank frowned slightly before leaving the room. Once I was sure he was far enough away, I lay my head on the bed and cried.

* * * * * * * *

*Charles’ POV-Past*

My father died several months ago, and now my mother has married my father’s former partner, Kurt. Him and his son Cain moved in a week ago. I didn’t like Kurt, there was something off about him. I just couldn’t place it. Cain seemed nice enough, though we didn’t do much together.

Tonight was pretty boring, mother had gone off to a book club meeting she never missed, and Cain was at a sleepover, leaving me and Kurt (I refused to call him any form of father!!), alone in the house. It was Friday, so there wasn’t much to do. I decided to finish my homework and then found myself reading once done.

Kurt came into the room me and Cain shared, and I could tell by the way he was swaying that he was drunk. I found myself immediately wary as he came to stand behind my chair. “ about...we play a game!!” He muttered, his putrid breath blowing on my face. I flinched from him, not knowing what to think.

“W-what kind of game?” I asked hesitantly.

“The kind where ya don’ tell no one!!” He yelled, grabbing my by the back of my neck. I was dragged and thrown onto my bed. I gasped as Kurt pushed me into the bed and wrenched my arms behind my back. He leaned down to lick the rim of my ear. “Now...let’s have some fun!!” He held my wrists in one of his hands while he fumbled around. I whimpered, knowing what was going to happen. I tried to struggle against him, but he was too strong. “Now now, son!” He said, putting emphasis on son. “We don’t wanna leave any more marks than necessary!!” He said, laughing as he tugged my shorts and boxers off.

“Please!! Don’t!!” I cried out, tears welling in my eyes. He slapped the back of my head. I gasped, reeling from the sharp pain.

“Shut up!! I didn’t give you permission to speak!!” Kurt growled, tugging my hips up with his free hand. I screamed into the pillow as he penetrated me. He groaned with pleasure at the feeling. He began thrusting quickly. All I could do was cry from the burning pain. I tasted blood as I bit my tongue. ‘Why!! Why is he doing this?’ I asked myself, sobbing into the pillow. I heard an awful squelching sound, and knew it was blood from my torn insides.

Kurt groaned deeply, thrusting faster, pushing painfully on my arms. My shoulders felt like they were going to pop from their sockets. He growled and grunted as he orgasmed. His seed seared my insides, and I sobbed harder at the agony. He pulled out, groaning softly. Kurt pulled his clothes on quickly, then leaned down to whisper softly in my ear. “I love you Charles, you know that right?” I didn’t answer, crying into the bed. “Remember, don’t tell anyone, or you’ll be punished worse than this!!” He left me alone then and I found myself running into the bathroom to throw up. I couldn’t find the energy to move. I fell asleep on the bathroom floor, curled into a ball.

I was still in the same place when I woke the next morning. Mother didn’t look for me, I figured Kurt had told her something to keep her away from my room. I threw up again and stayed half-naked in the bathroom, not caring about anything. Cain found me there. He’d just gotten home from his sleep-over. “Charles!!” He gasped, hurrying to where I was lying down. “What happened?” He asked me. I didn’t tell him anything, just that he couldn’t tell mother...and definitely not Kurt. He hesitantly agreed and helped me into a warm bath.

Cain’s eyes were dark with anger, and I knew he figured out what had happened. And who had done it. But he said nothing as he helped me clean the blood off. While I soaked in the heat, he cleaned the floor and hurried to change the sheets on the bed. I slid out of the bath a short time later, quickly changing into pajamas and towel dried my short blonde hair. I slid into the bedroom, heading to my bed I sat down and stared at the floor. Cain hurried over and wrapped me in his arms, holding me closely as I cried.


So...first part of Charles’ horrible past, and an insight into why he can’t love!! What do you think? Yeah, Cain is nice now, but we all know he’s a bastard at heart!! Please let me know what you think of it!! Just don’t be a total jerk about it!! I’ve given plenty of warnings about this fic!! Thanks!

[1] This song is ‘Sinking’ by the Crüxshadows.

Stranger the darkness a hint of perfume
rising from your lips towards the window
the sunlight is twisting lines in my eyes
leaving me far too dizzy to see

what am I supposed to do
when I feel nothing but I want to?
what am I supposed to say?
no one ever listens anyway

I want to forgive and I want to forget
but I can't seem to break out of this yet
as I'm haunted by heart ache and visions of things
that widens the gulf between us

what am I supposed to do
when I feel nothing, but I want to?
what am I supposed to say?
no one ever listens anyway

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