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chapter 6

Lance grit his teeth and yanked down his prisoner’s pants and underwear, exposing his rear.
There were some things about Lance’s duties that made him cringe with revulsion after he was done. This was one of them…
Mainly because he liked it while it was happening.

”Tell me about your bases defenses. Where’s the weakspot?”

Pietro grit his teeth, his body shaking in anticipation. He'd always liked it rough... but none of his partners ever went quite rough... enough for him. This was so fucking exciting...

"I won't tell you! N-no matter what you do!!" His voice cracked with hopeful excitement... he just hoped his captor took it for fear...

Lance’s brow furrowed. Something was off about his prisoners tone…It was different from the usual fear, somehow…
He shook his head, trying to dispel the thought. If he showed any hesitation during this, then it was much less likely to work.

He sheathed the knife he’d been holding, making both of his hands free.
He grabbed Pietro’s untied leg, shifting his knee so it wasn’t holding down the speedsters limb anymore, then forced the speedster’s leg to spread a bit, trying to scare the mutant into spilling the information.

”Tell me.”

"N-no!!! FUCK YOU!!" Pietro was almost giddy with anticipation, he was just glad Lance couldn't see how hard he was. He closed his eyes and willed himself to not be turned on, he could really wreck this all if his captor knew... Then he might decide to take his legs instead...

Pietro couldn't help the small smile on his lips. There's no way this human, even knowing all he did about Pietro, could have ever figured out he was the slut of the mutant encampment... No one loved attention more than he did... and he'd take it from just about anyone...

And this guy thought it'd be torture...

Lance held back a sigh of frustration.
He hated it when this happened. The first rule of interrogation, always follow through on your threats. But he’d done this before, and no matter how much he enjoyed the actual…’sex’, or how much he believed that mutants were monsters, he still hated the look on their face after it was over…

Lance undid his own pants, and moved his eyes up and down his prisoner as he began to stroke himself into arousal.
….It was a good thing he was bi.

He gripped Pietro’s leg a bit tighter, and spread it even further.

"Tell me."

Pietro tried to shift, ass quivering in the cool, damp air of the shed. He wished this guy would fucking do him already! Shit... maybe a little provocation was necessary...

"N-no, you f-f... effing monster! I don't care who you are... this is... this is freaking sick, man! N-no way you'd actually.... Do you know who I am?! You can't just--"

Lance moved his hand away from his member, and grabbed Pietro’s other leg, spreading it too.
He was aroused enough now to do what he had to....

”…I’ve done a lot worse.”

He thrust his erection into Pietro’s asshole, and bit his lip to hold back the groan of pleasure that wanted to come out.

Pietro cried out, more of relief from the waiting than of pain. At the mutant camp, they didn't have many luxuries, like condoms... or lube... so he was pretty used to this sensation....

But fuck did it feel good. His captor was so much harsher, his bonds were so much tighter... even the way his leg was tied, his knee forced up against his chest... this was so much more intense than any guy had ever given it to him.

Lance gritted his teeth, and began thrusting harshly in and out of the mutant he was using.
He had to try and make this painful, to be as rough as he could. He had to, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

”Tell me!”

Pietro's eyes rolled back into his head. This felt... amazing... better than any 'rough' sex he'd ever had... this was the real... thing... So much harder, so much deeper... so much faster than any other partner had ever given him... In the back of his mind, he heard the man say something. He could hardly think, much less formulate an answer...

"I W-W... OH! I WON'T T-TELL YOU ANYTHI...ANYTHING!" He moaned, hoping it passed for a groan of pain rather than an expression of the intense pleasure passing through him in waves.

Lance’s brow furrowed in confusion, his dark eyes becoming uncertain for once.
The way Pietro was crying out…It was different than anything he’d felt or heard before… Yes, there were those words of defiance that the strongest prisoners always gave, but there was something else too…something that he couldn’t pick out…

Something that was making him enjoy this far more than normal.

He rammed into the speedster as hard as he could, growling in pleasure as he picked up the speed.


Pietro gave another loud groan of pleasure.He tried to keep his head, already foggy with lust, somewhat focused on keeping up his cover... He could taste blood in his mouth... He couldn't open his right eye because of it... Maybe lust wasn't the only thing that was clouding his head. Nevertheless, he had to respond...

"N-NO!! N-No.. ohh!! Y-you stupid... human!! NO!" Pietro knew he was getting close to cumming... he was always pretty fast... but then again... those times had been nothing like this...

Lance couldn’t help but let out a low groan.
It felt so good, so fucking good. It shouldn’t be affecting him this much. It shouldn’t be so different from the rest of the people he’d done this to.

He…He was getting nowhere…and he was almost losing himself in this pleasure…He had to get the info out of the prisoner…and quick…

He let go of one of Pietro’s legs, and reached forward as far as he could, not interrupting the rhythm of his thrusts while he did so.
He grabbed the speedster’s hair, and yanked back, forcing his prisoners head off the ground, though he still couldn’t see his face.

Pietro let out a peal of high, piercing laughter. He was so... close!! He was almost there, and these feelings were so intense... He just needed something to push him over the edge--

"L-Lance!! Fuck me... harder!!!" He couldn't stop himself, he was almost there--

The human’s eyes widened in shock.
…Pietro…Wanted this…

Something about that fact, and the way his prisoner made it known, mixed with his already intense pleasure. Amplifying it, bringing what he felt to such a level that he couldn’t think anymore.

He wasn’t in control right now, he’d lost it, his prisoner was enjoying it and he was enjoying it and he was about to…About to…

Lance’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he gave a strangled yell. He came violently inside of the speedster, his whole body shaking with ecstasy.

Then, the earth started shaking with him.

Pietro let out a loud cry of ecstacy, his whole body shaking as he climaxed. As he did, he could have sworn he felt the earth move... the ground shifting.... everything shaking about... No, this was real!

And familiar.

He had felt things move like this before! Another mutant in the camp had almost the same power...

Another... mutant...

As he came down from his climax, he couldn't stop laughing. The best sex of his life, combined with a fantastic realization.

"Hahaha... haha... hahahaha--You're a fucking--haha--mutant, you... haha.... idiot!!" Pietro laughed breathlessly as he felt Lance pull out.

Lance’s head was clearing, and with the haze of lust gone, the horror of what had just happened filled him.

He’d…He’d felt the earth move…Not felt it like normal people would. He’d –felt- it. Like it was a part of him.
He…he was a mutant.

His looked back to the other mutant in front of him, and his eyes narrowed.
This person…His PRISONER, was laughing at him! Not only that, but he’d tricked him, made Lance give him exactly what he wanted. He’d CAUSED all this to happen, it was all his fault!

Lance grit his teeth in anger.
If this stupid mutant had just told him what he’d needed to know, if he’d just hated it like everyone else, then he’d still be normal. None of this would have happened. This was…

Lance grabbed the knife he’d sheathed only moments ago, his eyes burning with rage.
”This was all your fault.”

He grabbed Pietro’s untied leg, unsheathed his knife, and thrust it straight into the side of the mutant’s thigh.

Lance held the limb down as the mutant spasmed with pain, and hissed out in a voice dripping with malice.
”Tell me where the fucking weak point is, or I twist the fucking knife.”

Pietro screamed in pain, face crashing back to the floor. His whole mind was a blur of pain--he didn't want anything else to happen to his leg it hurt so much--

"I-I'll take you there!! I'll fucking... take you to our camp, okay!? You're a mutant now, so it doesn't even... AUGHHH!! Matter, okay?! The human's won't take you back... You... you might as well just come with me!!"

Lance glared at the mutant, pure hate shining in his eyes.

He wasn’t one of them. He’d never be one of them. Not after what they’d done to his family, not after what they’d done to his sister. He should just twist this knife and be done with it. Just ruin this mutant who’d ruined it all for him.

…But….This man was offering to take him right to the mutant headquarters…And…If he really was the cause of that earthquake…

Lance concentrated again, trying to repeat the sensation he’d had before.
He felt something move, and he concentrated harder, his eyes rolling back into his head.
The earth shook again, matching the intensity of his concentration.

Lance stopped, and the earth stopped.
He smiled. He could go further, he knew he could….
He could feel it.

…He knew what he had to do now.

The knife slid out of Pietro’s leg, not twisting, not doing anything to harm the speedster further.

Lance leaned down, and growled in his prisoner’s ear.

Lance used the knife to slice off all the ropes that held the speedster captive, then stood, removing all contact from his prisoner, and walked over into some unknown area of the darkness.

There was a click, and a normal light bulb set on the ceiling suddenly flickered to life, illuminating the small shed and the two men in it.

Lance redid his pants, and wiped the side of his bloody blade on the side of them, cleaning the blade.
His dark eyes were set on Pietro, hatred still burning bright inside them.
”…Congrats. You’ll be one of the first to get out of this shed while still breathing.”

Pietro laughed, and crawled shakily over to the wall. He grabbed onto it, and lifted himself to his feet as best he could. His leg still hurt like hell, and he could feel blood dripping down the back of his leg, soaking his shredded pants. He turned to his captor, still laughing nervously.

"You... haha... you know.... you're really hot when you're angry..." He smiled snarkily at the older man, completely unafraid. He was valuable to this guy now... Practically invincible.

"Now, do you have an extra pair of pants..? Because if I walk into the camp with assless pants and cumstains everywhere, you're gonna look pretty fucking gay..."

Lance paused, looking the speedster over with a hint of disgust.

”…Wait here. We drove you here after I knocked you out, we’re at least twenty miles from the edge of the forest. So I need to steal a jeep anyway, I’ll grab… -something- to replace your clothes while I do that. Just be ready to move in a few minutes, we gotta get out of here before everyone else figures out something’s up.”

Lance walked over to the door, and paused as he put his hand on the doorknob.

”…Don’t expect an apology.”

Pietro laughed, and winked.

"Naw, man, it's cool. Though next time, buy me dinner first, okay?" His face was open, and smiling; only a hint of the pain he was feeling showing in his slightly snide grin.

One side of Lance’s mouth quirked upward slightly, and opened the door, leaving without saying another word.

As the new mutant walked through the human camp, which was under a bit of a panic due to the two earthquakes that had just happened, he thought through his plan.

It was so simple. He’d use Pietro to get into the mutant camp, then get to the center of it. Once he was there, he’d use his powers, and bring the whole place down from the inside.
He’d bring down the mutant menace, himself included.

Then, he’d finally have vengeance for what they’d done to his sister.

The moment Lance left, Pietro groaned, falling to the ground again. He was losing so much blood, from open wounds on his face, chest, and the very deep cut on his leg... He felt at it with his fingers. Shit... there was muscle damage. Not too severe, but he would need Josh's help to fix it...

At the same time, behind all the pain was an almost... comforting sort of ache, a satisfying ache that comes after hard, satisfying work... Kind of pain that comes from really good sex... he couldn't help but smile. Now that he'd converted this new guy to the mutant side... obviously a skilled soldier, and someone the humans would hate to lose...

His father would be proud...

And... he grinned, standing and limping as best he could over to a right-side-up chair. Who knew...?

Maybe he'd even get a new lover out of this ordeal....

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