Burdens of Tomorrow

BY : Midnight2783
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(Based on Wolverine and the X-Men)

Chapter One: A New Beginning


Around six months have passed by relatively fast. Within that period of time a whole lot hasn't changed dramatically. Everything was as close to normal as it could ever get, given what all had occurred.

Professor Charles Xavier was there mentally, but not physically. Still it was enough for him to give his guidance. He was of immense help to the X-Men. He was very happy that they are all back together, well for the most part they were.

Piotr Rasputin hadn't returned yet. But he did keep in touch. His family was the most important thing to him for the time being. He did plan to come back to the team when everything was sorted out.

Logan was still in charge, which irritated Scott enormously. He argued for a while that he was quite capable of leading the X-Men as he had before. But he was second in command now. Only because Xavier didn't think that he should just jump back in to leadership. His head was usually in the right place. But if he'd lose Jean again, or if something else horrible happened, could he handle the pressure?

Logan was currently the leader that they all had to deal with. He felt much more better about it. Though at times he doubts his ability to do the job well enough. The whole mistake he made with Emma Frost never slipped his mind. In some ways things turned out great with that. He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that she actually sacrificed herself to save the X-Men and so many others. None of them could. There were many mixed feelings on that subject.

Jean and Scott were as close and in love as ever. Maybe more so now. They were almost inseparable. Shortly after she had came back her Scott were barely ever with anyone else. They went out a lot and when they were home they spent much of the time behind closed doors. It wasn't hard to tell what was taking place. Obviously, they had been apart for so long. Now they still go off to be alone, but not as frequently. And even when being with the others they always hold hands or something of the sort. The biggest thing that has changed between them is that they were engaged . . . finally.

Logan still made a handful of passes at Jean, to no avail. She kept telling him that they couldn't be anything more than good, close friends. He took that with a grain of salt. But he understood that she loved Scott, who loathed Logan at times. He hated that he got to stay leader and that he kept on making moves on his woman. Logan knew that they were engaged, but he just couldn't help himself. After all, she was a beautiful and attractive young woman.

Ororo was the same, beautiful and caring to everyone. She never got in the middle of things, unless she truly had no other option. She's even told Logan to back down on trying to seduce Jean. And to quit being so hard-headed, and sometimes even arrogant, about being leader. He loved to throw that Scott's face at any chance he could. Overall, Ororo wasn't hard to be around. Unless you got on her bad side.

Hank didn't seem to be much different. He often tried to see if there was any possible way that Charles could be brought back. But none of his theories proved to be certain. He didn't want to attempt at anything without knowing what the outcome would be. That was risky business. Of course he helped out with much of the scientific and technical things at the mansion. His expertise were well appreciated by everybody.

Kitty hadn't really changed a lot either. She's still the same happy girl. But she can get irritated if someone pushes her buttons too much. That's normal for her though. She basically is happy. Especially since the X-Men are nearly all together again.

Rogue had gained every last bit of trust back from Logan and the others. They all understood why she did what she did; Jean had to be filled in on all of that. Rogue was only pretending to be one of the Brotherhood. She didn't really join them. She was definitely good at being sly. Now she's quite close to everyone. But Logan still remains to be the one that she is highly close to.

Bobby is still the jokester of the team. He can find humor in mostly anything. And at times it can be annoying. But sure enough it does help throughout the bad times. He can usually get even a small laugh from Logan.

Kurt hadn't altered all that much. He keeps in touch with Wanda, who recently asked him if he could pay a visit to Genosha some time. He told her he'd try to. They were both looking forward to reuniting, even if it's only for a day or so. They haven't seen each other in person since Wanda became the leader of Genosha. She had placed Lorna as second in command. She thought that it fit for her. Kurt's and Wanda's friendship formed an alliance with the people of Genosha and the X-Men.

Forge was almost as much of a joker as Bobby. He was the same. He still complained at the way Logan loved to wreck the Danger Room. He felt like he'd get one project done, or repaired, and then he'd have to hurry off to another. Sometimes it drove him crazy trying to keep up with Logan's damages.

When it all comes down to it, things are the same. The X-Men have gotten stronger in ways. And lately they haven't had many battles. Of course, Magneto has been in hiding since he was banished from Genosha. That's an enormous reason to why they haven't had to fight much. But they didn't count on that lasting. It was only a matter of time until he made another move. Aside from Domino, they didn't know at all where any of his followers were. She took off on her own. He betrayed the Brotherhood from the way she saw it. For all the X-Men knew the rest of Magneto's crew could very well be laying low just as he was. And surely he'd be building his forces, too. That was more than likely the case.


Lately much has been quite calm, in the sense that there hasn't been any battles. Maybe just a few arguments or so amongst some of the X-Men. But that was about it. That could be outrageously boring at times. Of course after what they've all been through months ago, even fighting Magneto could seem boring.

At the moment everyone gathered in the living room. Ororo had just finished taking care of her plants. Hank returned to the main level from his lab. Logan got done visiting with Xavier. Forge completed the repairs to the Danger Room that needed attended to. Jean and Scott came back from lunch. Kurt spoke to Wanda a few hours ago and finally came out of his room. While Kitty, Bobby and Rogue pretty much lounged around.

As Logan entered the room Rogue asked, "Anything knew?"

He answered in a gruff tone. "Nope. Nothin' yet."

Bobby moaned out of boredom. "Man, it's getting so lame just sitting around."

"You can't be hoping for a fight, can you?" Kitty questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"No, but at least that would be something." He sighed.

Logan said gruffly, with a smirk, "If you're lookin' for a fight I can arrange that in the Danger Room, pronto."

Bobby and Forge both yelled, "No!" in unison. Logan grinned. Clearly Bobby didn't want to do more training with him than necessary. As for Forge, he didn't feel like having his repairs get all destroyed already.

"Chill out. It was just a suggestion." Logan said.

He looked over to where Jean and Scott were seated. "Perhaps Jean would like to train with me." His voice was husky and a tad flirtatious.

Scott glared at him. "Not without me."

Jean smiled. "Don't worry, Scott, I don't want to train now anyway."

Logan shrugged. "Guess I'll have to go at it alone then."

Forge groaned. "Just don't tear anything to shreds or break anything. That stuff is expensive and hard to fix. Especially when you total it."

"Easy, bub. I'll be gentle." Logan grinned and popped out his claws for a moment.

Forge shuttered. Logan loved to tease him about things like that. He then was about to leave the room when Rogue stood up.

"Hey, Logan." She called after him.

He turned around and looked at her. "Hey, what?"

"I wouldn't mind trainin' with ya." She said. She didn't love training with him, but she felt she still had some missed time to catch up on with him.

"Sure kid. If ya can keep up with me."

Everybody eyed her kind of funny. Many didn't volunteer to do sessions with him. "What?" She said.

Ororo said with a smile, "You're in for a good, hard work out."

"It doesn't bother me." Rogue said back smiling.

Hank had a bemused expression upon his face. "Well, you're not used to one-on-one sessions yet. Good luck."

That was true. She never had training with only Logan. It was always along with everyone else. She felt she could handle it though. After fighting alongside Logan before she was confident she'd manage.

"Thanks, but I'll be fine."

Her and Logan then left the room. The others watched them. Forge still looked nervous. Jean picked up on his thoughts because they were so loud. It was almost as if he were shouting them.

"Forge, perhaps Rogue will keep things in line." She told him.

He glanced at her. "I hope so."


The entire time the only one who hadn't said a word was Kurt. His mind was elsewhere. Jean hadn't tuned in to his thoughts since he was trying hard to keep them to himself. For now at least. He kept thinking about Wanda's invitation to Genosha. Nothing bad was happening, so why was he feeling so uneasy? He couldn't understand it. Maybe it was just the thought of seeing her again for this time it was only to see each other. What would they do? He was certain that this time would be less trying. He thought about having to leave the X-Men. What if something bad happened and he wasn't there?

As he was deep in thought Ororo, Hank and Forge exited the room. Ororo and Hank went outside, the weather was nice. They decided to take advantage of being outdoors. Forge went to the Danger Rooms' observation deck. He wanted to see firsthand what he may have to deal with later. Bobby just sat where he was and fidgeted with a piece of ice he had formed. Jean and Scott spoke quietly to each other. Kitty moved over to where Kurt was though. She obviously had no clue to what he was thinking, but she could tell he looked kind of out of it.

"Earth to Kurt." She said as she sat down near him.

He snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh, hi, Kitty."

"What's up?"

"Nothing really. Just have a lot on my mind." He said.

She replied, "Care to share it with me?"

He shook his head. "Not right now. In due time though."

She nodded. "Okay. I'll respect your wishes."

"Thank you, Kitty." He said. He still looked somewhat dazed.

"But when you're ready to talk, I'm here." She smiled at him.

A small smile played on his lips. "I know. And I appreciate it."

She didn't say anything back. She figured she'd let it go at that. However, she stayed seated by him.

Jean and Scott both got up at the same time. Jean stretched while Scott just stood there. They laced their fingers together and began to head towards the exit.

"See you all later." Jean said. Scott only nodded at them.

"Yeah, later." Kitty said smiling.

Kurt looked up and said, "Sure."

Even though Jean hadn't been able to pick up on his thoughts she did have an idea that he had mixed up feelings. She was certain he didn't want to speak of it so she kept quiet.

Bobby gazed at them. "If you're going off to be 'alone', could you keep it down."

"If you don't want to hear it then plug your ears." Scott retorted. Everyone looked at him. He shrugged.

Jean blushed. "Um . . . we're going outside." She too responded to Bobby. Then he and Jean left.

"O-kaaay." Kitty said, dragging out the word.

Kurt didn't respond, his mind was still somewhere else. He stood up. "I'm going to go to my room for a bit. I need to contemplate a few things."

Kitty and Bobby both said they'd talk to him later. Kitty was a little worried about him. But she was sure that if whatever was bothering him go out of hand that he'd let them all know.

After Kurt left Bobby walked over and sat where he had been. He and Kitty talked. They did that a lot. If someone would see them out somewhere they may even get the idea that they were dating. Well if you subtract holding hands and kissing.


About an hour had passed and Logan and Rogue were done with the training session. Logan looked fine, but Rogue appeared to be completely worn out.

"Ya shoulda borrowed my powers." He told her as they headed in to the kitchen.

She grinned. "Yeah, I should've."

He grinned back. "After we eat, care to take another run?"

"Hell no. That might be the death of me." She laughed.

As they got something to eat most of the others joined them. It was about dinner time. They all decided to just make whatever that day. The only one who wasn't there was Kurt.

Rogue took notice first. "Where's Kurt?"

Kitty answered. "Probably still in his room."

"He's been spending a lot of time there lately." Forge said.

"I know." Bobby agreed.

Jean heard them and said, "Maybe I should talk to him."

Kitty replied, "I don't know. I tried to earlier and he said he would tell us what's going on when he's ready."

Jean nodded. "I picked up on some emotional stress earlier."
"Maybe you should go talk to him." Scott finally said.

Ororo wasn't in the conversation, but it wasn't hard to hear it. "I agree. He may not tell Kitty or even me, but he might tell you. Like Charles, you have a special touch on things like that."

Hank made his way towards them. "Yes. She sure does."
Logan was the last to respond. "Red, if somethin's really botherin' him then ya would be the best person to reach out to him."

It seemed like everyone thought that Jean definitely should talk to Kurt. She wanted to. But Kitty telling her that he didn't want to talk yet made her uneasy. She didn't want to pester him.

Jean looked at Kitty and Kitty said, "You could try, you know. You can do amazing things. I don't think he'll get upset with you. Not that he was with me."

"Alright. I'll go talk to him right now." Jean said.

Scott asked, "Aren't you going to eat first?"

"No. That can wait. Kurt is more important. Hopefully I can get him to come down to eat." Jean answered.

He nodded. Everyone else wished her good luck for it was clear that Kurt had been sort of distant the past week. He was just so deep in thought. But surely Jean could get him to talk. She did have a way with people. Most felt comfortable around her. Unless they were mutant haters who knew what she was.

The others talked amongst themselves while Jean left the kitchen and made her way upstairs. She hoped she'd be able to see what was on Kurt's mind, without probing it. She didn't really care to have to enter without permission.


Jean quietly paced outside of Kurt's room for a good five minutes, at least. She was pondering on what to say. She didn't want to word anything in a way that might discourage him to open up to her.

She sighed and then walked right up to his door. "It's now or never." She whispered to herself.

She knocked lightly on his door. At first there wasn't any sound at all. She thought that he may have sneaked out. But as she was about to knock again the door opened. Kurt still seemed to be dismal.

"Jean?" He said, his voice soft and quizzical.

She smiled at him. "Yeah. May I come in?"

His expression changed. "Oh no. You've picked up on my thoughts."

"Actually, I haven't. But I did pick up on your emotions. They're very intense." She told him.

He stared at her briefly and then said, "You might as well." He motioned for her to enter his room. He shut the door once she was inside.

He had an armchair in his room. And near that was a desk with a chair. Her gestured for her to take a seat in the armchair while he pulled the desk chair over and sat across from her.

For a while no one said anything. Jean still didn't know exactly how to go about with it. So she figured that she'd just start out as smoothly as possible. She gazed in to Kurt's eyes as if searching for an answer.

She took a deep breath and said, "You don't have to tell me anything. But I'm really worried about you. So are the others."
He gazed back. "I'm okay. I assure you. Tell them that."

"Yes. But something is really bothering you. If not for my powers I wouldn't have picked up on your profound feelings. I cannot just ignore it. Sorry." She stated. The previous smile had faltered in to a serious expression.

"If I tell you then everyone will know. And right now I haven't even made a decision. Plus when I'm ready I will inform you all." He explained.

She replied with, "I won't tell them. If you'd prefer that I didn't. I do however need to know what's been troubling you. Sometimes being a telepath can be very elaborate."

He took a moment to answer, considering what she had said. "Well, if you promise to tell them that I'm fine and allow me to explain myself when I feel I'm ready, then alright."

She smiled again. "I cross my heart." She made the little motion with her index finger over her heart.

He smiled back, but only halfheartedly. "See, you know how I've been communicating with Wanda, right?" She nodded. "The thing is, she asked me to pay a visit."

"You're all worked up about that? Why?" Jean was confused to how that could make him so perplexed. "Is she having a dilemma of some kind?"

He shook his head. "No, she just wants to see me. I don't know why I'm so troubled. I suppose it's because when she called me out other times it was for my help. Now it's only for us to reunite."

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Kurt, no offense, but that's sort of odd that you're so worked up when all she wants is your company."

"It is odd. I think that my biggest worry is that while I'm away something terrible will occur here. And I'll be miles away." He was depressed.

Jean reached over and took his hand in her, in a genial kind of way. "Don't fret over us. We'll be fine. I'm sure. Though if for any reason we'd need you it's not like we can't contact you. Wanda and Lorna are our allies, so perhaps they'd even lend a hand."

"After what happened in the past I can't completely rely on those words. And Wanda and Lorna are our allies, but they couldn't up and leave Genosha for us. Who would take charge in their absence? That would give Magneto the perfect chance to mess things up." He told her.

"I didn't think of that. They do have to remain there. But you could return, you know. Also, we may be able to manage even if you didn't come back right away." She replied.

He shook his head. "No, Jean. If the X-Men are in trouble there's no way I'm staying there. I'd have to come straight home and help. I was away from everyone long enough before."

"Yes, that's definitely true. Well, you could still pay her a visit. If we would need you then you can return. Wanda would understand entirely."

He looked at her. "You're right. So, you think I should give this a try?"

"I do. If we sit around and wait for something bad to happen we might as well just throw our lives away." She was still holding on to his hand. She gave it a friendly squeeze.

Finally Kurt's face lit up some. He smiled a true smile. "Thank you, Jean." He paused. "You're amazing."

Jean smiled and squeezed his hand again. Then she patted it with her other hand and released him from her gentle grip. "See, there's nothing for you to stress over."

"Yeah. I was being silly." He paused again and added, "Time to tell the others."

She said, "If you're ready."

He replied, "I am." They both stood up and then Kurt said, "May I?" He was referring to giving her a hug.

"Sure." She said. And they embraced for a few seconds.

"I'm so very glad that you're back. You have a way with people." He said when they parted.

"So I've been told." She sort of laughed.

He nodded. "Well, I'm quite hungry."

"Dinner's ready." She told him.

"Great. Let's go."

Jean smiled and Kurt smiled back. With that all said and done, they left his room. They made their way down to the kitchen where everyone was waiting patiently. No one had touched their food yet. Some hadn't even gotten anything. They were all awaiting for Jean to return. And hoping that she wasn't alone. That Kurt was with her.


An hour later everyone had finished eating. And Kurt told them all what was bothering him. While some thought it was understanding others found it silly for him to worry about.
Ororo, Kitty and Hank understood his issues. But they told him not to let his worries keep him from seeing Wanda. Forge and Rogue were sort of neutral in the sense that they understood both sides. Bobby, Scott and Logan were mostly saying it was silly. Logan the most though. He's lost a lot of ladies that he loved or cared about, one way or another. So of course he'd urge him to visit her.

Right now Kurt had already made up his mind, Jean's little talk helped him immensely. Before he came down to eat he was positive that he would go. Still he liked to hear everyone's point of view.

Logan said, gruffly, "Look, elf, ya don't need our opinion to go and do what ya want."

"But it's what I prefer to do." Kurt said.

Ororo came in with, "Kurt is on the right track. It's good to let us know."

"Definitely when it's more or less a trip than a quick errand." Rogue threw in with a hint of humor.

"Of course, someone who took off all the time would say it's okay to just leave." Scott said, bitterly, referring to Logan.

Jean narrowed her eyes at him. "Scott, stop it. You have no idea how messed up his life was, and still is."

Logan made a noise that sounded like a growl. "Hello, I'm still here."

"Sorry." Jean said with an innocent smile.

Scott muttered. "Just stating the facts."

Logan popped his claws out and was about to charge at him. As he did so he said, "I'm in charge now, Summers. So shut your damn trap, or I'll shut it for ya."

"Both of you. Stop!" Jean yelled.

Everyone was waiting to have to come between Logan and Scott.
Hank said, "We have enough problems already. Please control yourselves." He said it calmly.

Logan nodded. "Fine. Give me some room." He began to exit the room.

Rogue didn't like the sound of that. "I'm going with you."

"Not this time." He said.

"So, you're gonna just walk out - again." She said, emotion in her voice.

He turned and looked at her and then the others. "No. I just need to take a breather."

Kitty said, "If you're not back in at least two hours then we are looking for you."

"Deal." He said grinning.

Logan left the building. They all watched him. Then their eyes moved to Scott.

"What." He said.

Bobby said, "That wasn't cool."

"I know I shouldn't have said that. But I'm so sick of putting up with his shit." Scott said with irritation in his voice.

Kurt looked at him. "He didn't do anything wrong though."

Kitty said to Kurt, "This isn't new."

"I thought after all that's happened that they'd get along better." He said back.

Rogue said, "Nope."

"Because of me, mostly." Jean said depressingly.

Ororo placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's not your fault, Jean."

"It's not. Logan has to learn that he has no chance with you." Hank said, trying to sound kind about it.

"He does know that." Jean stated.

"And that's what pisses me off so much." Scott told them.

Kurt was there a while now, but he didn't know what all the bickering was about between Logan and Scott. He thought that they had moved on. He shook his head. "My inner conflict had nothing to do with Jean or anyone but myself. I only worried about not being here if something happened. This got blown way out of proportion."

Most of their eyes were on Scott again. "Hey, I am sorry. I'll try to keep my cool."

"I hope that when I get back that you and Logan hadn't tried to kill each other." Kurt said. It sounded like a joke, but there wasn't even a trace of humor in his tone.

"Logan would win that war." Bobby said.

Everyone stared at him. But Jean gasped, "Bobby."

He put his hands up in defense. "Just saying."

"I'm going to go contact Wanda so she knows the news." Kurt said.
He said goodbye, for now. And then he headed up to his room. Everyone else continued their discussion. Right now he didn't want to be in that conversation.


Once in his room he closed the door. He contacted Wanda using a hologram communication device. That's usually how the communicated.

In no time he got a hold of her. An image of her appeared before him.

"Kurt." She said, partially smiling, but kind of taken by surprise.

"Uh, yes." He said back, nervously.

"So, have you given my invitation any thought?" She asked.

"I have. And I've decided to take it up."

"Do the other X-Men know?" She questioned.

He replied, "Of course they do. I couldn't leave without telling them. I just need to ask you one question though."

She raised an eyebrow. "What would that be?"

"If they'd need me, would you mind if I left?"

"Not at all. They are your friends, and our allies. If something would come up, you are more than welcome to leave. I'm not asking you to turn your back on them." She responded, a little surprised at the question.

"I didn't think you would be upset. But since we haven't seen one another for a while, in person that is, I thought you'd be disappointed." He explained to her.

She said back, "I may be disappointed. But I'd understand and would not hold you back. It's not like you couldn't come back when things were better."

"Yes. Very true."

"Then, you are coming?" She questioned.

He nodded and said, "I am."


"Tomorrow, if it's not too soon."

She smiled. "Tomorrow is fine. But if there's any events there that would change that plan, I'll understand. Don't forget that. Just let me know."

"Okay. Will do." He then said, "If nothing happens I will be on my way tomorrow morning. Being an X-Man is so unpredictable."

She laughed slightly. "Yeah. I really hope you can make it though. Even if only for a day. I miss your company." He voice was soft.

"It's all the same for me." He said.

Now she nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow, unless there's a mishap. We can talk and get to know each other much better. But until then, stay safe."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to that. You stay safe, too."

They both said goodbye. Soon the hologram of Wanda flickered and was gone. Kurt stood alone. He so hoped that nothing would keep him from seeing her. But knowing how life for the X-Men was he couldn't be too certain. He'd just take it as it came. If he couldn't visit her he'd inform her right away. Or as soon as possible.


Evening arrived and everything had calmed down. Logan wasn't gone for too long. He merely needed to get away to cool down. If he hadn't things could have ended badly.

Currently, everyone was kind of scattered throughout the mansion. Some were in their rooms already. The ones who remained on the main level were Bobby, Ororo, Logan, Rogue, Jean and Scott.

All aside from Ororo and Logan were in the living room. No one was really doing a whole lot. After a while Bobby got up. "I'm going to get a snack. Anyone care to join me?" He said.

Rogue replied, "Sure. I'm not hungry, but I'm a bit thirsty. And ya probably wouldn't mind the company."

"Great." He said back. "See you all later." He said to everyone else.

Some only nodded. Jean said, "Yep. Later."

Rogue said, "See y'all." Then her and Bobby left for the kitchen.
Jean and Scott were now left in the room. They sat together on a love-seat and just as they got all comfy Logan strode into the room.

So far Scott basically kept quiet. Jean looked at him and by the way their attention was locked on one another it was clear to see that they were having a psychic conversation through their special bond. He slightly smirked at her and she giggled softly. And from the way they looked it wasn't hard to tell that their silent talk was intimate.

There was a growl from Logan because he could obviously tell and he found it inappropriate. They didn't seem to notice him and continued on talking mentally. Even though Logan couldn't hear the nonverbal conversation it still annoyed him.

Nearly five minutes later Jean and Scott stopped their secret conversation. Jean told Scott beforehand that she thought it was rude to ignore Logan. Scott wasn't bothered by it, but since she was he agreed to bring their conversation to a halt.

Logan had finally sat down while they were conversing. He glanced over at them and saw that they were finished. "Well, well, look who joined me." He said sarcastically.

Jean smiled and said, "Yeah. We weren't trying to be rude. We just needed to talk."

"Privately." Scott added.

Logan said back, "I understand. But ya could've went elsewhere."

Jean got up and walked over to Logan and said apologetically, "We should have."

Scott didn't like that she was over near Logan now. However, he held his tongue for he was positive that if he didn't he and Logan would be brawling again. Or worse.

Logan noticed Scott's irritation and deliberately tried to annoy him. "Why don't ya take a seat here." He said to Jean, patting his leg.

Jean said, "Logan. You know that I can't do that."

"I couldn't help but ask though." He looked over at Scott who was scowling intensely.

Odd enough though, Logan really didn't want to fight at that moment. As much as he loved a good fight he realized that he shouldn't do that. And he didn't want to upset or hurt Jean.
Being the leader was hard work and he had to make the right decisions. No matter how tough it was. Besides, lame altercations within the team were pointless. There could be much bigger problems to worry about. Still, he didn't see any problems with getting on Scott's nerves. He couldn't help but push his buttons.

Nearly half an hour later Ororo stepped back inside. She joined Jean, Scott and Logan in the living room. At that time Rogue and Bobby had gone up to their rooms for the night.

Logan looked at Ororo and said, "Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing. It's quite beautiful outside though." She replied with a smile.

Logan nodded. "Looks like it."

Then Ororo asked, "Where is everyone?"

Jean took the opportunity to answer. She said, "I'm certain that Kitty, Kurt and Bobby are in their rooms."

Logan cut in, "Forge is doin' whatever repairs I left for him." He grinned.

Ororo grinned back and shook her head, amused. Jean laughed. But Scott didn't respond at all.

Logan said to him, "Apparently, one-eye lost his sense of humor."

Scott spoke, finally. "No. I just don't think it's that funny."

Logan shrugged. Ororo was about to ask where Hank was, but Jean replied before she could. "And Hank is in his lab again. He's still trying to find a way to bring Professor Xavier back to the present."

Ororo said back, "As much as I'd like that, I think it's too complex."

Logan responded with, "Yeah. Plus, Chuck has been, and still is, a great help in informing us on what the future holds."

"That I have to agree with." Scott said. "If not for him the world would have been in tremendous turmoil."

"There may not even be a world left." Jean added to his comment.

They all went silent for a bit, just thinking about everything. Xavier being with them as he was before everything went bad would be wonderful. But him being in the future may be of use to them as it has been already. No matter how different they were at times, they all had much that they agreed on. And that was an example.

Logan cut into the silence. "Maybe the Prof. bein' in the future is the best for us."

"Yes. It's not like we can not speak with him at all." Ororo stated.

"Very true. When we need him he's still there. And we're here waiting for any news he would have for us." Jean said.

Scott nodded. "Speaking of that. Doesn't anyone find it odd that he hasn't informed us of anything?"

Logan replied, "It is odd. But so far there isn't anything."

Jean spoke. "Logan's right. We've all communicated separately and together with him. All is well, so far."

"It would be nice if it stayed that way." Ororo told her friends.

"Sure enough, this is only the calm before the storm." Logan said.

They couldn't find any more to say. All was said on that subject. Ororo then yawned.

Jean smiled and said, "Tired."


"You should go to sleep then." Jean suggested.

"I will, soon." Ororo smiled.

Jean nodded and looked at Scott. "I know what I want to do."
"What's that?"

"Go out and enjoy this gorgeous night." She said.

Scott glanced at her. "Maybe we should."

She and Scott moved so that they stood beside each other and they laced their fingers together. "I suppose we'll see you all later." She said.

Ororo replied, "Well, you'll see me in the morning. I'm calling it a night."

"Okay, goodnight." Jean said to her.

"Yes. Goodnight to you both."

There was a short pause and then Logan said, "You'll most likely see me later. Ya know I can't sleep well."

Jean smiled and told him, "Yeah."

Scott sort of glared. But before anything could take place Jean pulled Scott towards the door and they went outside.


Jean and Scott didn't go very far, just out on the steps. It was dark and getting late so they figured they'd stay close. When they sat down Scott sat behind Jean a step above her. She sat in between his legs. When he wrapped his arms around her and rested them loosely around her neck she reached up and placed her hands over his arms. They sat just like that for a while. They didn't talk for so long. It was so great to be with one another that sometimes words weren't even needed.

Scott rested his cheek on Jean's head. "I love you so much." He finally broke through the silence.

Jean smiled. "I know. And you know that I love you more than anything, too."

They shifted positions slightly so that she was able to gaze at him. He eventually just decided to move down beside her. They then stared at each other. She wished so badly that she could see into his eyes. But that didn't matter too much for she knew that he was staring into her eyes. She could feel it.

As their eyes remained locked Scott scooped Jean up in his arms and placed her on his lap. At first she was sitting sideways, but she moved so that she was straddling him. And before they knew it their lips met, ever so gently. His hands snaked around her waist and her arms locked behind his neck. Now and then she'd rake her fingers through his hair.

Nothing got too heated. But they nearly lost track of time and forgot that they were indeed sitting right outside of the mansion. When they were finished making out they realized just how long they have been there. All together they've spent at least an hour and a half outdoors.

Jean said, "I believe we should head back in."

Scott nodded and replied with, "Yeah, we should."

She had a playful grin on her face. "And we can continue this upstairs."

He grinned back. "We sure can."

He picked her up off the ground, surprising her, and carried her inside bridal style. Logan was the only one still downstairs. He saw them and growled to himself. He wished it was he who was going to spend the night with Jean. But he said nothing. He watched them disappear and he went to the kitchen. He thought that he'd have some coffee. Caffeine didn't affect him. But he was thirsty and he really wasn't in the mood to ride off to a bar for a beer. So coffee would have to do.

There was still some coffee left so he poured a cup. He didn't put any cream or sugar in it, he just drank it black. And it didn't take him long to empty the mug. He cleaned the cup and put it back. Just when he was about to head upstairs to try to call it a night himself there was a frantic sounding knock on the front double doors.

"Now, who the hell could that be?" He mumbled gruffly.

As he made his way to the door he picked up a smell. One he recognized. But he couldn't pin point who it belonged to. It was familiar yet altered some. He figured that the only way to find out was to open the door. If there was going to be trouble he was prepared.

He opened the door and gasped, "Emma Frost!"


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