Hand of Sorrow

BY : Undine
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The sun was high, the sky a brilliant blue broken only by occasional wisps of white pushed along by the gentle summer breeze. The world was warm and lush, off in the distance birds sang and soared through the sky, twirling and giving a beautiful display for their land ridden audience. Storm felt quite comfortable knelt on the thick green grass outside the mansion, in her large brim hat tending to the gardens she kept about the property. Each flower was blooming brilliantly after a full spring of pruning and loving attention the roses had come in gorgeously. It was a rainbow on the ground, shades of red, yellows, oranges even a brilliant violet. It was when she’d leaned forward to draw in a deep sniff of her pride and joy that she heard the clamored shout, chief of which she knew quite well.

“Stormy, watch out!!! Came that deep voice, laced with his even deeper accent. There was barely time enough to turn, her arms already outstretched as the winds were conjured barely above her own head, the whirlwinds capturing and holding the basketball that had flown in her direction from some bad pass made by her fellow comrades a few feet away on the court. The backlash of which caused her hat to fly from her head and her hair to wind about her face. Had she been but a second late the offending ball would have crushed her precious children.

“Good catch Stormy! Maybe next time you be on Remy’s team, non?” The Cajun slowed his pace. As he shouted he had been sprinting towards the weather goddess but now that the danger was gone there was no rush to retrieve the ball. He could consider it a break. The day was warm enough he had been playing in nothing but short and was still sweating, even his auburn hair was sticking to his back where he had it tied and the stray piece he has to keep pulling out of his eyes.

Storm looked up at her brother, a critical eye focused on his. With little effort the ball flew right into the thief’s unprotected stomach, a grunt escaping past his lips but as expected, his quick hands caught the ball non-the-less. “How many times must I ask you to stop calling me that.” When Remy gave her a cheesy little smirk and shrug, she gave a soft smile herself. She could not stay mad at the man for long. “Please do be more careful where your passes land. If I were not here this would have ended badly.” Her eyes narrowed and though the soft smile never faded the threat was clear to the Cajun and he nodded. Gathering her gardening tools back into her basket and retrieving her hat Storm headed back toward the mansion. A few steps away from her garden she heard family call with a smirk in his voice.

“Qui Stormy! Remy try ta be more careful next time!”

She sighed, shaking her head gently. From behind him she could hear the others yelling for him to hurry up. He of course responded with boast about how he was winning and they were only rushing their defeat. She chuckled lightly as she entered through a back door connected directly to the kitchen. The sun was hot today, and she figured she’d stop in for a cool drink. Placing her basket down on the counter top she managed to capture Jubilees attention. The teen had had her head down on the counter, sitting on a stool she had pulled up to the median in the middle of the large kitchen. Given the heat she’d discarded the coat that was her trademark opting out instead for shorts and a t-shirt. “Is something wrong, little one?”

“I’m bored!” She cried out. “Its been so long since we’ve seen any action!” She pouted, resting her chin in her crossed arms on the tiled top. “I mean we’re the x-men. Shouldn’t we be out beating up some baddie or something?”

The child’s anxiousness amused the goddess. She laughed softly as she turned to the fridge. “Don’t be so eager Jubilee. Being an X-men does mean being ready at any moment, but you must learn to take your time and smell the roses as well.” Storm turned from the fridge, two bottles in hand, placing one within reach of the her younger teammate. “I believe the heat is agitating you. Why not work out you aggression like the others. Gambit is playing a game of basketball, why not see if you can join the next game?” She suggested.

Jubilee played with the bottle in her hands for a few moments. Though the condensation made it slippery in her hands the cool plastic was somewhat refreshing. “Too hot out there…” She mumbled. For just a moment she though it sad how the bottle caught her attention. Was she really that bored? The one problem she found with being an X-man was that once you have that adrenaline rush, the excitement of mission, it became hard to unwind. Especially for her. She was a still a kid, so she lived for action long before joining the team.

Storm pursed her lips together for a moment cocking her head to the side, thinking. She drummed her fingers on the bottle cupped between them for a moment before looking straight back at the teen. “Perhaps you could try to calm yourself. I’m sure there’s something in the library that you could find interesting. It will calm your mind and spirit.” She offered.

With a sigh Jubilee pushed herself away from the counter. She knew Storm wouldn’t give up till she had found something for her to do. If she didn’t take something up soon she knew it’d lead to chores. Finding and reading some stuffy old book was far better than that around her. Besides she could always fake it and daydream while she stared blankly at the pages. “Maybe your right.” She grabbed the bottle off the counter as she turned on her heels, retreating through the doorway, leaving Storm behind to take a drink from her bottle with a gentle smile.

Well the idea of blankly staring at the pages was blown the minute she walked in. There in the expansive library was the large blue fur ball they knew as Beast. She loved the man to death, but in HIS quest for knowledge she would inevitable drag any poor unsuspecting victim in. If she dared to try that ‘fake read’ stuff here he would certainly notice. And though he meant well he would start asking her question like what she liked about the story or throwing in some random information about the author or the time period or something that would demand she actually pay attention. Before she could sneak back out she was caught by the furry man who had been hanging upside down by his feet which gripped the ladder that was attached to the wall and used to get books on the top shelves.

“Ah, young Jubilee!” What brings you here?” The man called to her, adjusting his glasses. “Come to expand your mind perhaps?” He sounded almost hopeful.

With an inward sigh Jubilee put on a large grin. “ I have a book report!” she lied, hoping the man wouldn’t be able to read her. It’s lucky that Hank didn’t appear to have that same ‘I can tell when your lying’ power Wolverine did. “Just stopped in to grab a book!” She was overdoing it, her voice was too quick and her pointing to the books only furthered the suspicion. Jubilees eyes scanned the endless shelves of book. Shed needed one that was small and sounded simple. She could just run up to her room and read it some time later, whenever she felt like it really. Just incase Hank decided to quiz her on it later. At least for a while she could just tell him she hadn’t finished it. Feeling the mans eyes on her she just grabbed the thinnest book she could find and turned back to him. “I left all my notebooks upstairs! I’ll just read this up in my room!” She gave one of those too big smile again as she backed out of the room.

Beast let out a chuckle, re adjusting his glasses before returning to his book.

Jubilee Sulked through the hallways. She had literally just given herself an ectra assignment she would never get credit for! That sure was a stupid move if ever there was one. This day wasn’t going anything like she thought it would! Well actually she hadn’t actually thought about the day really. She’d just hoped for something interesting. With each moment that passed the day got more boring. Certainly wasn’t what she thought would happen when she joined the team.

Over the shuffling of her feet she could hear a humming as she passed by a familiar door. The door was slightly ajar, just enough for her to see int. Familiar red hair fluttered across a delicate bare back. The slinky little black dress and heel that Jubilee couldn’t perceive as being comfortable in any form of the word dropped a large clue as to what Jean was preparing. With nothing else to occupy her time with Jubilee knocked on the door, clearing her throat softly to gain attention. It had to be better than mentally screaming her presence to the telepath.

The red head turned with a large smile. Her lips were painted red and her eyes were already lined, her lashed curled and combed and her cheeks rosy red. Jewelry that sparkled so bright they had to be hung from her ears and neck delicately, drawing the attention down towards her chest in the flowing, strapless dress. She practically beamed. She was quick however to wave Jubilee in, gesturing towards her bed that would serve as a couch for now.

“Big date, Huh?” Jubilee threw the book down on the bed, leaning back in a relaxed position. It’s not the first time her and Jean had shared girl talk, certainly wouldn’t be the last. Other than her teachers pet streak, Jean was the most normal here, personality wise anyway. It takes a while to be able to trust someone who could go into your mind and mess around. I mean she never really though she’d do it now that she knew it but when ya first get her, it’s hard to believe you wouldn’t mess with people like that when it was so easy to do.

“Scotts planned a big night on the town.” The smile reached her eyes. She sat delicately down on her vanity seat, which looked more like a glorified foot rest. Jean looked to the side catching a glimpse of the book Jubilee had cast aside. “catching up on your reading?” She questioned, quirking a brow.

“Between Storm and Beast I don’t have choice.” The teen sighed. “I’ve got to remind myself to write a sticky not never to announce my boredom in this house.” This earned a hearty laugh from the telepath. “Worst part is I don’t even get credit for it…” The laughter was renewed. Jubilee pouted, tossing a throw pillow from the head of the bed in Jeans direction which was stopped promptly in mid air. “No fair!” She whined.

“Since when has life been fair.” Jean chuckled out. The situation eventually caught up to Jubilee. She felt a tug pull at her lips and with Jeans continued laughter it was like a yawn. Seeing others make you want to do it too and before you can help yourself you’re doing it!

The laughter was cut short as a far to familiar presence entered their minds. It was an open link, calling to many in, out and all about the mansion. Jubilee had never really bothered to ask the others if it was the same for them but whenever the professor spoke to her in this manner should could always see his face. Did he do it to make seem less creepy that there was a disembodied voice in your head?

~X-men. We have a new missions. I will be waiting for you in the war room.~

And did he always have to be so blunt?

Her thoughts suddenly switched Jean. Where her face had been Beaming with joy only a minute ago, she now wore a solemn face. She did wasn’t quite upset. As sad as it was it wasn’t the first date that had been interrupted and it certainly wouldn’t be the last but duty called. Shuffling over to her closet she began to pull out that old familiar uniform. How many battles had it seen, how many close calls? How many more would it see before it was done?

“Why don’t you head down Jubilee, I’ll be there in a moment. With a warm smile Jubilee scooted to the edge of the bed. “How bout I wait for you outside and we go together?”

As tough as it was being an X-man, there were rewards. These friendships. This Family. This made it all worth it.

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