Sex Ed

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Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men Evolution and I make no profit from this

Disclaimer: I don’t own X-Men Evolution or anything relating to it and I make no profit from this at all. Also with this reposting, I'm going to fix up the spelling a bit and add in more details here and there so it will take me time to get it all up again.

Title: Sex Ed
By: Agent-G
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jean and Scott decided to start ‘teaching’ about sex to the others. Various pairings. M/F, M/F/M, F/F, F/M/F, F/M+1, BDSM, DP, ORAL, and most likely other stuff.

This takes place about 2 years after the show all the X-Men members are in collage while the New Mutants are still in high school and the ages are. Scott & Jean (21) Rogue (20) Kurt, Kitty & Tabitha (19) Bobby, Ray, Amara (18) Jubilee, Roberto (17) Rahne (16) Jamie (15) Any other characters that might show up are also older too. This is just for fun so if anyone seems OOC then that’s okay since I’m not going for accuracy here.

Chapter 1

Jean was on her desk, pants pulled down as Scott was thrusting his manhood into her from behind. Her shirt was still on so she couldn’t fully feel the desk as her chest was rubbing against it with each thrust. But she could still feel enough of the pressure rubbing her breasts to make her feel good. Her hands gripped in the edge as moans were coming out of her mouth from the sexual act. Scott had just come in and had told her to bend over and she did feeling the emotions coming off him. So she did as he asked, first he moved her long hair away and kissed her neck as his hands went to work on her sexy body as he called it. She loved how his strong hands rubbed her breasts over her shirt, how his fingers dung into her pussy and played around with it. He made sure she was good and wet before he plunged into her with his member.

Ever since they started having sex they had started to explore various things and they both were pleased to find out that each other had no real hang-ups on sex as they went on.

Most would think them repressed, but in sex they finally found the true release they needed. They role-played, had sex in private and even public areas for a quick rush. She loved to be dominated by him though and sometimes she dominated him. Sometime they had sex, other times they made love but right now she was just being fucked. Every once and awhile one of them would go to the other to relief themselves of tension either sexual or just the frustrations of life.

At the moment she felt like Scott was trying fuck her into unconsciousness, and she was loving it. His dick was large enough that it stretched her walls just enough to give her the right amount of pleasure/pain and his length was long enough so his head kept going through her cervix entering her womb, he always felt so deep inside of her. First time that happened it hurt, but her body was used to such penetrations by now.

Scott was just getting out some frustrations with Jean, she always felt so tight and he loved it. He grunted with each thrust slamming into her rear end, he grabbed her lovely long silky hair and turned it into a rough ponytail while riding her. Jean’s head was forced back with it as he pulled on it. “OH-GOD-YES-UH-OH-DON’T STOP-ARG-FUCK-UGH!-ME-SCOTT!” She yelled out in passion through her own grunts of pleasure. Scott slapped her ass making her jump a bit. “MORE!” She begged and Scott grinned as he continued to slap her ass until it was red. He made sure it wasn’t hard enough to hurt her much.

Jean felt herself coming closer to a climax and could feel Scott’s member starting to throb as his thrusting lessened a little but became more forceful. “I…I’m going to cum!” Scott told her.

“Do it, fill me with your cum!” Jean cried out and felt him thrust one last time and felt his semen filling her womb. It was all she needed to orgasm and cried out his name as her inner walls clenched him, milking him for everything he had. They didn’t bother with condoms, if she did get pregnant they both agreed to be there for each other and raise the kid as their own. Even though they were still in collage they both wanted to get married one day. Besides she was also on the pill and kept track of her fertility cycle, and when it was high Scott wouldn’t cum in her pussy on those days. Plus Jean had learned this simple trick by using her powers to create a telekinetic bobble inside of her womb. She would capture all his semen and later force it out of her body.

He leaned over on her back both panting and sweating a bit. Jean felt her hair being moved and Scott lightly kissing her neck, she smiled at the contact. Even during moments like this he was a caring lover.

“I love you.” He told her and she knew it was true.

“I love you too.” She responded in kind as his hand roamed over her body. He straightened up and pulled out of her and Jean felt a little sense of loss at that. She stood up and turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close to a deep kiss. She felt a slight wetness at her crotch from Scott’s member, still all wet from their fucking.

She smiled and knelt down on her knees. Scott grinned, at first Jean hadn’t been sure about oral sex but after he ate Jean out for the first time she wanted to return the favour and to both their enjoyments they found that they liked pleasing each other in that way too. She took his nearly limp member in her mouth and slowly started to suck and move her head back and forth. Using her tongue to clean up all the juices on it.

Scott groaned and placed a hand on her head guiding her rhythm. She always could do this so great. After his penis was hard again he led her over to the bed and placed himself down on it. She was about to take him again when he stopped her. “Why should I get all the pleasure?” Scott said with a grin and she got the message. Kicking off her pants and panties she placed herself over him only so her pussy was in his face and she began sucking him off again as he ate her pussy out.

Jean took him deep down her throat, it had taken time but she had learned how. Scott also learned what Jean liked him to do. He first ran his tongue over the slit and teased her clit, licking it and then biting it slightly. She moaned and Scott felt it in his member and caused a groan of pleasure from him too. He used his hands the part her folds rolling his tongue around her hot flesh.

Jean pressed her sex against his face more wanting him in her again, but Scott was dragging this out. She started to suck, and lick his dick with her long as it went into her mouth and down her throat. She rolled her tongue around his shaft and did all the things she knew he loved. Scott was now placing his tongue as deep as it would go inside of her licking her g-spot as a thumb caressed her clit, he also knew what she liked and soon Scott was thrusting his hips up and Jean hers down both getting off on the action.

One of the perks to dating a telepath was that through their link they could feel what the other was feeling and knew exactly what the other needed and wanted. The feeling of not only their pleasure but of their partner made this even more intimate and they felt closer in these moments than any other. Soon Jean felt his dick start to throb in her mouth and from Scott and knew he was about to come, she wasn’t far behind with Scott playing with her lower regions like he was.

Soon Jean came groaning with Scott’s dick still in her mouth and the sensation of her getting off carried through the link and Scott came too. Jean swallowed it all like every other time, it took some getting used to and some girls claimed it was an ‘acquired taste’ but Jean didn’t mind. She sucked him off making sure she got it all and nothing was left behind.

Both young adults were sweating a little now and panting as Jean pulled herself off Scott and laid down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Everyone knew not to bother them when they had the doors closed, in fact the first time they made love it had been so intense Jean had accidentally sent the pleasure they felt to everyone in the mansion. That was something she wish never happened or would happen again, and not exactly a great way for everyone to find out about them either.

After a moment of just blissful sleep they decided to put on their pants again and just as they were finishing up Xavier called out to them. ‘Jean, Scott. Can I see you two in my office?’

“Do you know what this is about?” Scott asked Jean who only shook her head. After a little cleaning themselves up and they entered the Professor’s study.

“Ah good, as you two know since mutants have been band for the extra credit courses and clubs we’ve had to make our own.” Everyone knew about that, mostly it had been because of the parents fearing for their kids. So Xavier came to an agreement with the schools that if his students had proper ones here it would go to their education. Of course they agreed mainly because it would get the mutants out faster.

“Anyway Beast and I need to leave for Muir Island and I was hoping that you would teach one of the extra classes.”

Both Jean and Scott had done this just before they got out of High School, Scott was going for a teaching degree and this would help him out, Jean who was studying genetics could add this to extra credit work.

“We’ll…we might need some help.” Jean said biting her lower lip. “I mean for starters we both have a lot more work now in collage.”

Xavier nodded his head in understanding. “Yes I know, so you can take a teaching assistance from the students to help you with the work.”

“Alright then…so…what will be teaching?”


“Sex Ed? Why that?!” Scott said again once they reached their room.

“Well…why not make the best of it?” Jean offered and Scott looked a bit confused until she told him what she had planned. He had to admit it was tempting to some degree and with the adults gone, not to mention Ororo and Logan were on their honeymoon, since they had FINALLY gotten married, it was just them.

“Okay…but who would be our ‘assistant?’ Scott asked.

-==An hour Later==-

Rogue was walking to her room. It was the study week in March so she had the week off not sure what to do. She was wearing her usual outfit minus the green see though top. It had been a few months since they had found a way to control her powers. It turned out to all be in her mind, that she had put up some kind of mental barrier after her powers manifested. Thanks to Xavier and Jean she was able to take that down and finally could touch. She still dressed as a goth, but lately she didn’t wear gloves anymore and liked to show more skin. Even though she was really happy with this, she still felt empty inside. All those wasted years gone, she could never get them back. Plus she couldn’t help but wonder how her life could have changed.

She got into her room and noticed Jean and Scott were waiting for her. “What’s going on?” She asked. They never normally both saw her at the same time and why were they in her room of all places?

“Well you know how the Professor is leaving with Hank to Muir Island for a little research there?” Jean asked her and Rogue nodded. “Well he wants Scott and me to teach a class again.” Rogue hated those extra credit classes but then again with the way mutants were treated in school he had got them to agree that these extra credit classes would count to some degree. Rogue just thought it was an excuse for them to get rid of the mutant students quicker in a more legal way.

“Well the next class he felt should be a Sex Ed course since those classes are extra in a few schools and he felt that everyone would talk to us more since we’re younger than the other adults here.” Scott went on.

“Well what are ya doin’ here then?” Rogue asked walking over to her bed sitting down.

“We need a teaching assistant to help out with all of this, since both Scott and I also need to use this week to finish up on a few projects for collage.” Jean explained.

Rogue laughed out loud and fell on her back. “You’re kiddin’? Right? I mean for starters I’ve never slept with a guy yet and why would I help out with this anyway?”

“Because you’ll get an automatic pass, you’ll learn something and…you get to fuck Scott if you do.” Jean told her and Rogue stopped laughing right there as her face was in pure shock not sure if she had heard right. “I know you’ve fantasized about him, and you know what…he’s though of you too in that way. If we’re going to teach this course we’re going need to be flexible in our relationship and we’re going to teach it our way and to make sure they learn everything there is to know about sex.” Jean closed the door with her TK and looked back to Rogue. “But first we need to give you an introduction course to the class.”

To Rogue this was getting freaky weird and looked to Scott to see a small grin on his face looking at her. She felt a flutter in her stomach with that look. How she had wished he had looked at her like that before. She still had a thing for him, even after all this time. “I-I-I don’t know about this, I mean-“

Scott placed a finger against her lips. “Don’t worry…you said you haven’t fucked a guy yet so why not now? I’ve always wanted you Rogue, I do love Jean but you’re a very attractive, and a sexy woman too and I can’t ignore that.” Rogue didn’t know what to say, sure she had dreams like this but she had accepted the fact that she would never have Scott and moved on years ago, but here she was with the chance to live out that fantasy.

She was about to say no, when she suddenly screamed out as her body was rocked by something. She fell to her knees since her legs had given out, when it was over she realized she just had an orgasm. She knew from what those were, she may be a virgin but that didn’t mean she didn’t masturbate from time to time. Hell when you’re a girl who can’t touch it’s the only way to get rid of all the sexual tension.

She looked over to Jean and saw a smile on her face. The girl had gone into her head and did something to trigger one. She cried out again as another hit her and was left panting. “You want more I know it.” Jean told her. “Trust us Rogue, you were cut off from all this pleasure for so long without just cause. I can promise you that you’ll make up for ALL the lost time…besides I know you want a cock in you right now, I can feel it, the heat between your legs. Just say yes and we can begin.”

Little did Rogue know that Jean was pressing all her sexual spots in her brain, keeping her sexually stimulated and horny like hell. Jean knew that Rogue would need a little push, and to be honest Rogue didn’t mind the idea anyway. Jean could feel how starved Rogue was for any kind of sexual release and not just from this moment. Years of pent up frustration lay in the girl.

Scott picker her up and placed her on her bed and was now on top of her inching closer to her face his warm breath she could feel now. “Just say it Rogue.” He whispered to her.

She blushed as she felt his body pressing against hers and she knew she wanted him, and despite herself…she wanted to give in. “Yes.” She whispered out.

“What was that?” Scott teased. “I didn’t hear that and yes what?”

“Fuck me! Do me now, please!” The words came out of her mouth on instinct without rational thought but it was what she wanted the empty aching feeling needed to be filled and this was a moment she had longed for so long.

Scott grinned and kissed her deeply placing his tongue in her mouth, and then ran his hands up the side of her body and then gently caressed one of her impressive breasts. She moaned in his mouth at the touch. They were almost as large as Jean’s but they were firmer as he could tell. She ran her hands though his hair and down his back. Scott started to trace light kisses down her chin and then her neck. She moved her head to allow him better access to it and moaned out from the wet feeling of his lips on her skin.

After ten minutes of kissing and running their hands over each other, Scott pulled off her top leaving her black bra exposed. She pulled of his shirt and marvelled at his body. All those years of training really did their work on him. She kissed his chest and down his abdomen. She unzipped his pants and pulled them off and grinned at the white boxers he had on, and then eyed the large bulge in them.

Scott then moved them to have her lay on her back. He started to place kisses down her neck right down the center of her body like she had done with him. He placed kisses on her breasts, she moaned at the contact and arced her back up to him for more. He also ran his hands over her well formed body, gliding them over her exposed skin and she never thought anything felt so wonderful. He made a trail of kisses down to the stomach and pulled off the black leather skirt. She felt so hot even though she had nothing on but her bra, panties and stockings at this point, especially between her legs were she was aching to be filled.

Scott saw that her panties were already wet from the two orgasms. Scott took off her bra and marvelled at her great set of tits and the nipples on them. The nipples were larger then Jean’s and already they were hard. He gently took one of them in his mouth sucking on it. Rogue gasped and then moaned and grabbed his head in her hands. It felt better than anything she had imagined. Scott teased the nipple with his tongue and with his other hand started on Rogue’s other nipple, rolling it and pinching it until it was hard.

Jean watched as her boyfriend and lover was getting Rogue all hot, she hadn’t been sure about this at first but this was really turning her on. She took a chair and started to strip off her own clothing. She sat down and watched as Scott continued his foreplay and felt herself getting hot so she started to pinch her own nipples and pull on them slightly. This was really getting good, there was something really erotic about seeing Scott about to fuck one of her friends, and it was Rogue’s first time too.

Scott bit her nipple a bit and she jumped at that but it wasn’t hard and as soon as he was finished with getting her nipples he then moved his mouth to the other breast as his hand moved down her stomach and then under her panties. She felt his fingers brush past her slightly shaved hair, she just kept a small patch there and when his fingers started to rub over the slit, she gasped and jumped a bit once more.

“Oh god.” She moaned out as she started to nipple of his earlobe. She felt his fingers then enter her two at a time gently propping her snatch like she had so many times. So many times she had fingered herself in the shower or bathtub thinking of someone like Scott fucking her and here he was. His thumb then went to her clit and she started to work her hips against his finger. “Scott…please…I…I need you…now.” She pleaded with him, she was so hot and panting now.

“As you wish.” He said as he pulled his mouth off her breast and withdrew his fingers wet with her juices. He traced them up her front and then positioned them to her mouth. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to but she opened her mouth as he placed them in and she tasted her own juices for the first time. It was kind of erotic and another turn on for the both of them.

Scott positioned himself between her legs and pulled off her panties but leaving on the fishnet stockings. He then pulled off his boxers and Rogue’s eyed her first cock, and it was larger than she thought it had been. A bit more than seven inches at least and thick too, she wasn’t sure if it would fit in her since the vibrator she used was slender so it wouldn’t break her hymen.

He then looked for his pants and pulled out a condom, he saw her looking at it as the opened it and started to place it on. “Wouldn’t do for you to get pregnant on your first time would it?”

“N-no.” She simply said but truth was at that moment she didn’t care, in fact she wanted to feel his seed enter her and have nothing in the way, after years of nothing she didn’t want something to get in the way but this was WAY better than nothing. He positioned himself over her and placed the head of his cock at her entrance.

“You ready?” She nodded her head at his question and he slowly entered her. “Oh god Jean…she’s really tight.” He said as he moaned while entering her. She moaned as well feeling herself being stretched for the first time. It was kind of painful but in a strange good way.

He slowly eased his way into her until he felt her barrier. “Get ready, this is going to hurt but I’ll stop after and let you get used to it. Just tell me when you’re ready again and I’ll start moving.” She nodded her head and held her breath knowing what was to come.

He pushed past her barrier and she cried out from the sudden pain. He stopped as she laid there breathing deeply and after a few second the pain was gone and she nodded her head. He slowly began to continue. She whimpered a bit until he hit her cervix gently as he buried himself up to the hilt in her. “Oh god Scott…you’re so deep in me.” Rogue said at the feeling of being so filled.

“Just wait the good stuff is coming.” He said as he pulled out a quarter of the way before sliding back into her.

“Uh.” She grunted out as he felt him come back in. It hurt a bit but she felt her body was slowly starting to get used to it. She was so wet that she was nearly flooding, with Jean putting pressure on the pleasure centers of her brain, and what Scott was doing, her body wanted this. He pulled out and in and started a rhythm she moved her own hips as her body started to feel pleasure in a way she had never thought possible before. Then he pulled out halfway and then their movements picked up and soon he was pulling out most of the way and slamming into her.

“Uh-uh-god Rogue-uh-you’re-uh-so-fucking-uh-good!” Scott said out between grunts as he worked her moving his hips to try and find her g-spot.

“Oh-uh-yes-uh-oh god!” She was grunting back as he started to really fuck her now. Then she heard other moaning and both turned to see Jean fingering herself with three fingers deep inside her as her hips moved with them.

Rogue then noticed that while Scott was fucking her he was looking at Jean who was looking back at her. ‘Damn it, he’s thinking of fucking her while he’s fucking me!’ She thought angrily, this was HER first time and she was going to give Scott a fuck he wouldn’t forget. She grabbed his head and turned it to her and forced a nice deep kiss as she started fucking him back with as much energy as she could.

“Come on Summers, show me what you got, fuck me so I can’t walk!” She said as she tried to clench her inner walls around his dick. It had the desired effect as he groaned and then looked into her eyes and he fucked her to the best of his abilities putting all his weight and force into it.

Rogue started to scream out in ecstasy and pain as he did, she felt like he was going to tear her in half but she was loving it. She bucked back lifting her ass off the bed as she continued to fuck him. She started tossing her head side to side from it all still crying out she felt herself building up until it happened. She came. Her eyes popped open and she gasped right before shouted out as her back arched and she clamped down on Scott’s dick her body trying to milk it for what it’s worth.

The sudden tightness was too much and Scott came into her thrusting one last time. She could feel the pulsing of his penis inside of her and wished she could feel his hot liquid enter her but she was too lost in her orgasm to care. After a few tiny thrusts with his hips he collapsed on top of her both of them were covered in sweet from the episode and he pulled out of her and then rolled onto his back.

“Damn…that was good Rogue.” He said as he pulled off the condom careful not to spill the contents and trying not to get her virgin blood on his fingers. Jean had came too when they had finished and was wiping down her snatch with a few tissues from a box and handed a few to Scott as she then cleaned up Rogue’s vagina cleaning up a little blood coming out of it. It was only a little end remembered how she too had done so her first time with Scott.

She also saw Rogue’s pussy slightly red from it and that her pussy hair also had a slight white strip on it. She grinned to herself as she had never seen that part of her before and had kind of wondered as did a lot of the boys as she picked up if she also had white hair down there.

Rogue was panting and let out a moan at the tough not sure who it was since her eyes were closed. “So…how was it Rogue?” Jean asked her.

“It was…fantastic.” She managed to say.

“You know…I’ve had a fantasy too I’ve been wanting to try out.” Jean said as she put the tissue box away and crawled over Rogue. “What do you say of a little ‘experimentation?”

Rogue opened her eyes wide as she felt Jean’s naked body against hers. She didn’t know what to say, she had never thought of a girl in that way before but before she could say anything Jean kissed her and lightly caressed her and soon Rogue found Jean’s tongue in her mouth as she moaned. Rogue was surprised by herself she didn’t consider herself gay but here she was enjoying frenching a naked Jean.

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with two people exploring their sexuality and besides I think Scott could use the rest…and a nice show.” She grinned over her shoulder at Scott who was watching the scene with great interest. Then she turned back to Rogue, “Besides…I say we still need to explore more of your sexuality and if we’re going to help teach the others about sex we might as well get some first hand experience about certain things.”

Jean kissed her again and then felt Rogue start to get into it and started to caress her back and then grab her ass. Scott meanwhile was grinning at the sight and hoped that when he was ready he would join in later. Seeing as this was another fantasy of his he wanted to try out.


Up next Jean/Rogue and then Jean/Scott/Rogue and the class begins.

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